Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow
Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow

Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow ($8.25 for 0.07 oz.) is described as a “brilliant lime green … vibrant green and gold shimmer top a lush green base.” It’s a vibrant lime green with a golden pearl shimmer-sheen finish that’s part metallic, part frost. Sephora Apple Mojito is more matte and chartreuse. Sugarpill Acidberry is lighter, more matte. Illamasqua Pivot is matte. MAC Lucky Green is yellower, while MAC Swimming is a bit darker. Make Up For Ever #304 is much yellower–more of a chartreuse hue.

I applied it dry as well as layered over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy; when applied in either fashion, the results are mostly opaque with full opacity occurring when it was applied over Pixie Epoxy. It also holds together and smooths out better over Pixie Epoxy. The eyeshadow is very, very soft; I recommend using a light touch when picking up the product, because a little goes along way. It has a pressed texture, but it acts and almost feels like a loose eyeshadow that’s just been barely solidified. I tested it both over Pixie Epoxy as well as over bare lids, and both resulted in eight hours of wear without creasing or fading. My experience with Pixie Epoxy is it tends to prolong wear only just slightly but as it is not a primer (which is stated on Fyrinnae’s website), I would recommend applying your favorite primer, then Pixie Epoxy on top, if you have oilier lids.

If you prefer your eyeshadows loose, this shade began its life as one, and you can purchase it in loose form as well. The pressed eyeshadows should be restocked soon, per Fyrinnae’s website.

The Glossover


Bitey Tyrannosaur


It's a vibrant, perfect-for-summer kind of color that shimmers and reflects a golden warmth that's very pretty in person.











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Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow
Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow

Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow
Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow

Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow
Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow

Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow
Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow

Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow
Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow

Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow
Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow

Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow
Fyrinnae Jade Ghost, Bitey Tyrannosaur, Sleepy Hollow Eyeshadows

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Fyrinnae, $8.25.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Sephora Apple Mojito is more matte and chartreuse. Sugarpill Acidberry is lighter, more matte. Illamasqua Pivot is matte. MAC Lucky Green is yellower, while MAC Swimming is a bit darker. Make Up For Ever #304 is much yellower--more of a chartreuse hue.

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49 thoughts on “Fyrinnae Bitey Tyrannosaur Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. LOL I love the name! I wonder if this is similar to MAC Juxt? I used to have that shade – I only just realised it’s been discontinued!

  2. stacey

    You finally bought a Fyrinnae? How do you like the Pixy Epoxy? I think it brings the color out.
    You really like those greens, huh?

    • I bought Fyrinnae 2-3 years ago – like 100+ shades – but I could never review because every time I thought about it, their site would be down. They seemed to have resolved that issue over the past year or so! (Nothing seems more fly-by-night than when a whole site is *gone*! And in the indie world, it has unfortunately happened.) When they came out with pressed, I figured I’d try again!

      • Jacqui

        I would love it if you would review some of the other shades you own now that their site is a little more trustworthy! They have so many colors…

      • Jaz

        I had the same problem with their site about 2 years ago. I spent several hours looking through their products and when I finally started checkout the site crashed. I sent them an email about the problem and got a very rude response, with no apology or any sign that I was valued as a customer. Their eyeshadows may be nice, but I’m not inclined to support a company that doesn’t respect customers.

      • From what I heard, their site was down that much last year due to personal reasons (funerals, to name one) and them updating the website. That shouldn’t be an issue this year anymore. Their Chemist have repeatedly stated that they never close the website to catch up on orders.

        • It seems like it’s been better – I purchased my first order 2-3 years ago… possibly 3 at this time. Half of what I purchased is discontinued and set aside to donate, lol!

          • Yeah, they did a major shade overhaul a while back due to manufacturer ingredients being discontinued. I actually think they’ve been WAY more active this year and last compared to how they were 2-3 years back. (The number of staff working may have something to do with it)

          • Brianne

            You can donate to me!

            My cart was full, then their website went down as soon as I went to order. I guess it’s a sign I shouldn’t try to order makeup I don’t need.

  3. I’m drooling over this one, I have to have this! Thank you for your awesome posts, they really get me inspired!

  4. Gladys L.

    Lovely to see your opinion over some less mainstream makeup brands, especially when it is famous to non-US residents also.

    Why do you choose this brand over the others? Is this the more famous of the bunch?

  5. Cinthia

    very pretty christine!!!

  6. I’M IN LOVE! This eye shadow is so beautiful. I want to be best friends with it.

  7. Jacqui

    Thank you so much for reviewing this!! I love the full eye look as well.

  8. I have not bought from Fyrinnae in over a year but I have like 60+ of their eyeshadows. lol It’s nice to see how nice their pressed eyeshadows are. I’m also a fan of Sleepy Hollow. 😉

  9. Cat G

    You are reviewing Fryinnae eyeshadows!! This makes my day!!

  10. Belinda

    Oh, I NEED this! Gorgeous! But the website says it’s not available at this time. :(

    • Belinda

      Never mind, you’ve already addressed that! Oops.

      • Yeah, based on what they said, it seems like maybe early April or so for restocking SO I figured maybe I’d review shortly prior in hopes that they are, rather than when they are… in case they quickly sell out again, lol!

  11. I love the look you created. This shade is right up my alley :-) I love greens, and you are right, this is the perfect summer shade.

  12. Kathleen

    Yeah!! Indie reviews!! I hope you’ll be doing more of these. Sounds like a great color, I may swing by and pick up some products I’ve been wanting!

  13. Amy

    PRESSED Fyrinnae shadows? There goes my money!

  14. Min

    Been a long time since I dug out sleepy hollow! Think I might have to dig it out..I forgot how gorgeous it was. I haven’t checked out the pressed eye shadows as I figured I could press my own but.. maybe I should.

  15. Auzin

    Ahh! Just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more, you start reviewing Fyrinnae! I’m so happy 😀

  16. Leah Williams

    I love these colors! Where are they available to buy?

  17. Amber

    I want every eyeshadow I own to have dinosaur themed names now.

  18. Monica

    Ben Nye’s Chartreuse is a good dupe for this.

  19. Meg

    I love all my Fyrinnae shadows! Glad you’re reviewing them!

  20. Hannah

    I had a little fangirling moment right now! Love love love Fyrinnae. Have you tried their Lip Lustres? I’m not very fond of the scent, but it’s a great long-wearing and very pigmented lip product.

  21. I bought a bunch of Fyrinnae loose shadows and haven’t been able to master the application – would love to hear how you get them to work!

    • Em

      I’ve been using close to 100% loose eyeshadows for over two years now. I find the key things for making them work include:
      1) Synthetic brushes – these hold the powder better and apply it smoothly with less ending up on the rest of your face.
      2) Pushing the powder into the brush first – I pick up the powder with the brush, but unlike pressed where you would swipe the eyeshadow and then maybe brush it on the eyelid with another swipe, I take the brush and rub it in the top or a bowl so the powder is “in the brush” rather than sitting “on the brush” or on the tips. This = less fallout.
      3) Gentle tapping or pushing for application, especially of a lot of shadow – Instead of brushing it on, I find it useful to tap or push in the colour. I see this tip from MAs for pressed eyeshadow as well, but find it even more important for loose.
      4) Several layers give you more intensity and better lasting power.
      5) Use primer/a sticking agent/water/eyedrops, etc. – For soft looks requiring minimal density, application with no primer (other than a bit of powder foundation as a base) works. I find it lasts well. For intense looks, or if you have dry skin, experiment with primer, etc. I find eyedrops are really nice for sensitivity-safe application of powder liner or solid blocks of colour. Wet the brush and apply the powder wet. Primers make the look last only marginally longer, but sticking agents (like Silk Naturals’ Stick Em) give you a more intense look with less mess.
      6) Several brushes – Since you get the colour into the brush, it takes some effort to get it all out. You get a better look by using several brushes than by ‘wiping off’ the brush of colour and reusing it. Also, I feel I waste less powder if using the same colour for several days in a row I can use the same already saturated brush for a few days before washing.
      Good luck!

  22. AnnMarie

    I am so excited to see you reviewed them! I’ve been wanting to buy for awhile, I really trust your opinions, thank you thank you!

  23. ZG


  24. Marcela

    Yay! Fyrinnae reviews! I’m waiting for my first order to arrive, I can’t wait! This one’s gorgeous but I’m not a huge fan of bright colours.

  25. Mariella

    The colour’s not my cup of tea but I just love that name!

  26. Ellie

    I’d buy it just for the adorable name. (I just looked at their site and also see a lipgloss named “Narwhal Nuzzles.” Where has this brand been?!)

  27. Ah, Fyrinnae, my ultimate kryptonite… I haven’t actually tried any of their pressed eyeshadows (don’t really have space for that at the moment, but planning a haul in the future).

    Thank you for the review, Christine! You have NO idea how excited I am by the idea of you swatching and reviewing Fyrinnae. 😀

  28. .F. K. S.

    Christine, please review more indie brands. I am really lemming over Lime-crime’s velveteens, but would like to know how they compare with NYX’s soft matte lip-cremes before I buy. Do you or any one this board have any information?

  29. Mel

    Gorgeous color and cute name! I wanted to order Pixie Epoxy a couple years ago and they had website issues at the time. I decided to try again a few months ago. It shipped very quickly and I got a free loose shadow sample with it. I really love the product for holding down loose shadows and glitter.

  30. AyJay

    I am in love with Fyrinnae loose shadows. I just received my first order of around 15 + colours and am amazed at how beautiful they are. I haven’t tried Bitey tyrannosaur yet but think I might have to now! I also got a couple of lip lustres and am a huge fan. I don’t often wear lipstick but these are great I apply in the morning and use a clear lip balm for the rest of the day. Highly recommend!! Thank you so much for reviewing keep them coming!!

  31. Lauren

    I have this in loose form and it’s one of my favourites! Can’t wait for summer so I can wear it more!

  32. Trudy

    Beautiful!! Is this brand available at Sephora?

  33. Amber

    This looks extremely similar to MAC’s Bio-Green. I wonder if I could justify owning both, along with Swimming and Lucky Green. Hate being a green hoarder sometimes!