Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Fusion Beauty Infatuation

Fusion Beauty LipFusion Infatuation ($29.00 for 0.19 oz.) is supposed to be a liquid lip color that also plumps up lips with Fusion Beauty’s Amplifat™ technology.

In the past, Fusion’s LipFusion has always been my go-to if I ever want a lip plumper, just because I found their original LipFusion line to be incredibly non-irritating — no burning, stinging, tingling, or in other words, pain, when using it. I tried DuWop Lip Venom, and I thought my lips were going to fall off! I’m personally not into lip plumpers myself, because I do like my natural lip size (and sometimes feel they’re too big!), so I don’t often seek out anything that’ll fatten them up.

What Fusion Beauty says are key ingredients…

  • Amplifat™: concentrate (derived from a perennial sea fern) works with the skin’s own triggers to help naturally increase two key proteins that occur naturally in the skin (ADFP and FABP5). These two key proteins help induce diffusion and storage of fatty acids.
  • Lip Vantage: is a dual-encapsulated plumping and highly hydrating ingredient that delivers incredible moisture and promotes lip renewal for more youthful looking lips
  • Peptides: enhance collagen synthesis for naturally enhanced, lush, youthful, healthy lips.

But naturally, I was curious about Fusion Beauty’s new Infatuation line-up, and I’m all about more color in a lipgloss! I tried three shades…

  • In the Flesh is a semi-opaque darkened peach with light pink-peach shimmer and lots of glossy shine.
  • Sugar Rush looks like a light peachy-pink when I swatched it, but on my lips, it looks much more like a sheer milky pink with silver-pink shimmer.
  • Pucker Up is a semi-opaque medium pink with a little bit of brightness, but I wouldn’t call it a full-on hot pink. I felt like this one had the least amount of noticeable shimmer and looked more like a creamy gloss (but it did seem to have a touch of shimmer).

None of the three shades I tried really grabbed me by color. They didn’t apply too evenly on their own, and the color had a tendency to settle into lip lines. If you layer it over a lipstick, you’ll get a more even application, but then you’ll lose a lot of the lip plumping effect (since it’s no longer directly on your lips), so it’s kind of a wash. The gloss smells like grapefruit to me, but at the very least, it has a slightly sweet scent with a kick.

The tingling action was so-so — it felt like a bit more than LipFusion, but it was still something I could endure (and I have a low threshold for tingling on my lips). The result was just slightly bigger lips, but the effect could have easily been from how glossy the formula was rather than any actual fattening on a more scientific level. The gloss itself was thick enough that it felt like a creamy lip gloss, but it was still non-sticky. The wear time felt a little less than average, as it seemed to fade and wear off after just two or three hours when I tested it out.

This lip plumping gloss goes for about $152.63/oz. as compared to Fusion Beauty’s Color Shine (which contains 0.29 oz.) at $131.03/oz. — but each Color Shine retails for $38, which is a bit of a steep investment to make into a single lip product. $29 puts it around the level of Chanel, Dior, and Guerlain lip glosses but with a plumping effect.

Bottom line: As a gloss, not overly impressive, and there are numerous other high-end glosses at $29 a pop I’d opt for over these (Chanel Glossimers and Guerlain KissKiss Gloss, just to name two). As a lip plumper, it makes lips look fuller, but it’s not enough plumping for me to shell out $29 to get it. I think, as well, since the gloss itself isn’t outstanding, I’d rather go for their clear formula and use another gloss for color.

  • Product: 20/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 3/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation:  For those who prefer a lip plumper that doesn’t pain them, LipFusion might work out for you.  These glosses are more pigmented than their Color Shine formula, but your mileage will vary by the shade.

Availability: Sephora

See more photos and swatches

Fusion Beauty Infatuation
In the Flesh, Sugar Rush, Pucker Up

Fusion Beauty Infatuation
In the Flesh, Sugar Rush, Pucker Up

Fusion Beauty Infatuation
In the Flesh

Fusion Beauty Infatuation
In the Flesh

Fusion Beauty Infatuation
Sugar Rush

Fusion Beauty Infatuation
Sugar Rush

Fusion Beauty Infatuation
Pucker Up

Fusion Beauty Infatuation
Pucker Up

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15 thoughts on “Fusion Beauty LipFusion Infatuation Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Almost black.

    I like only the last one, but I don’t like how to color brings out those lip lines. :/

  2. oh wow, im glad you reviewed these lipfusions cus sephora are/were selling them half off!
    now i dont need to rush out and get em. thanks!

  3. amy

    Lip plumpers never work for me and I never notice any difference but I did buy I clear Lip Fusion plumper a while back ago because it was 50% off. Oddly enough sometimes I wear it because I like the tingly and slightly froze feeling and when I need a clear gloss. However, I probably won’t pick up another Lip Fusion product unless I like the colour of the gloss.

  4. Luisafer

    everything you wrote it’s true… so… no thanx

  5. These don’t draw me in. I don’t really care for plumpers much since I’m happy with the size of my lips. Maybe I’d consider these if they didn’t bleed so much. I’ll stick to my Duwop lip venom since my boyfriend likes the taste of it. (Crazy, yea?)

  6. Ruthless

    I must be one of the only people that love these (not the price tag) I find they really fill out my lips. My Shoppers just got these in this year, maybe they’ve revamped the formula as I found them to be extremely viscous and they didn’t settle into lip lines at all for me.

    • Jade

      I’m totally with you. I love these lipglosses. I’m surprised at the low rating but maybe it is a new formula or something.

  7. Anna

    Thanks for the photos and clear review. Very helpful and appreciated. I appreciate the before and after photos!

  8. cindy

    sephora is discontinuing this product, in stores it is 75% off. I bought two, the first onei really liked. The second one, made my lips swell up. I don’t reccomend this product at all