Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

How to play: Create color names, descriptions, and even texture/finishes for the four colors shown in the quad to the left!

What I’d call it:

Romantic Peachy-pink with gold undertones (Frost)

Midsummer Toned down yellow gold (Veluxe Pearl)

Ever So Lovely Cool, intense bue-pink (Frost)

Determined Warm, brown with copper shimmer (Frost)

Now, it’s your turn!

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with! You’re always so creative!

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38 thoughts on “Fun & Games: Name Game #005

  1. Pat

    I would call the whole thing “Banana Split Dreams” with the breakout:

    Velvet Chocolate
    Ripe Banana
    Sweet Strawberry
    Oh So Hot Fudge

    All it needs is a white eyeliner to make the whipped cream/vanilla :)

  2. Ashley H

    Terracotta – Darkened peach with gold shimmer (frost)
    Medallion – True gold with yellow reflects (frost)
    Petunia – intense mid-tone pink with violet duochrom e(veluxe pearl)
    Cacao – Deep warm chocolate brown (matte2)

  3. jesstooimpress

    simply innocent = the light pink
    brazilian goddess = the goldish yellow
    rockin out rebel = the brighter pinkish purple
    dareing devil = the brown

  4. Vee

    Dance, Dance Palette

    Whimsical – True peach with gold shimmer (Veluxe Pearl)
    Dance, Dance – Midtone 14kt yellow gold (Satin)
    Morning Waltz – Truly warmed bright pink (Veluxe Pearl)
    Spin Me ‘Round – Muted reddish brown (Matte2)

  5. Ariele

    Peaches & Cream – Peach with pink & white-gold duochrome (Frost)
    Love Nectar – Soft tangerine with gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
    Candy Heart – Frosty bubble gum pink (Frost)
    Semi-Sweet – Dark chocolate brown with bronze shimmer (Frost)

  6. S.


    “Parisian Peach”: creamy soft peach with champagne pearl (VP)
    “Versailles”: Brilliant Gold with light pewter shimmer (Frost)
    “Ooh-la-lilac”: Vibrant pinky-purple (M2)
    “Chocolat”: Deep earthy brown with subtle burgundy and green pearl (satin)

  7. peaches’n’cream – Peachy-pink with gold undertones (Frost)
    dirty blonde – Toned down yellow gold (Veluxe Pearl)
    polished nails – Cool, intense bue-pink (Frost)
    devils food – Warm, brown with copper shimmer (Frost)

  8. Kate

    Palette Name: Kalahari

    Dune – Peachy beige w/gold shimmer (Frost)
    Saffron – Pale mustard (Satin)
    Oasis – Clean blue-pink (Veluxe Pearl)
    Sand Storm – Rust-brown (Matte)

  9. ashley

    the goddess quad:

    demeter (goddess of the harvest):
    sunrise peach with rich golden pearl (vp)

    helia (goddess of the sun):
    bright rays of golden sunshine w/ coppery shimmer (f)

    persephone (goddess of spring/underworld):
    the brilliant pink of new spring blossoms (vp)

    gaia (mother earth herself):
    a warm earthy sienna brown (m2)

  10. Oh again!!

    1.Beautiful Sunset-Peach with goldmine undertones
    2.Darkened yellow fellow-Yellow with grey undertones
    3.Love me-Pink with black undertones
    4.Warm stem-Dark brown with velvet undertones


  11. Nicole

    Name of the quad: Tastiness

    Strawberryice – pinkish orange with gold glitter
    Vanillayoghurt – dirty yellow
    Raspberrycreme – bright pinkish rose with frosty shimmer
    Schokoloko – cacoa brown with no shimmer.

  12. DaniMae

    Hmmm…[I love this game]

    Peachy Keen
    High Noon
    Foxy Brown

  13. S.

    Sweet Salmon–Peachy-pink with gold undertones (Frost)

    Cool Mango– Toned down yellow gold (Veluxe Pearl)

    Strawberry Milk– intense bue-pink (Frost)

    Hot CoCo– brown with copper shimmer (Frost)

  14. katie

    dark chocolate

  15. First Kiss
    Lemonade Stand
    Ballet Recital
    Summer Barbeque

  16. Ceci

    I would call this palette Paradiso.

    Florence: Warm peach with pink and silver pearl (Veluxe Pearl)

    Lucca: Soft gold with white shimmer (Frost)

    Rome: Striking baby pink with blue and red pearl (Veluxe Pearl)

    Naples: Bold brown with toffee and gold shimmer(Frost)

    • Hi Ceci,

      I love this! So pretty. I want to go Italy, sigh!

      • Ceci

        You should. It’s really beautiful over there. I went over there as part of a study-abroad program. It was fun.

        Those colors remind me of the terrain (and the glam!) over there. I miss it a lot (sigh).

  17. sidra

    shy girl – Peachy beige
    sun day – Pale mustard
    rosey, pink beauty. Clean pink
    coffie candy – Rust-brown