Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

How to play: Create color names, descriptions, and even texture/finishes for the four colors shown in the quad to the left!

What I’d call it:

Sea Breeze Soft pale blue with silver pearl (Veluxe Pearl)

High Flying Intense yellow-green with shimmer (Frost)

More Melon Warm cantaloupe orange (Satin)

Summer Rain Charcoal gray (Frost)

Now, it’s your turn!

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with! You’re always so creative!

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65 thoughts on “Fun & Games: Name Game #004

  1. Ariele

    Blues n Berries – Solid matte sky blue (Matte2)
    Limon – Bright yellow-green with subtle sheen (Satin)
    Peachy Keen – Soft orange with white-gold shimmer (Frost)
    Blackberry – Dark grey with burgandy pearl (Veluxe Pearl) <– I altered this one slightly to fit with my quad :)

  2. Vee

    Gentle Joy – Clear sky blue (Veluxe Pearl)
    Jealousy – Lime green (Matte)
    Giddy – Vivid peach with gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
    Brooding – Deep, dark slate grey (Satin)

  3. Theresa

    Not a Blue Monday – Pool blue with gold reflects (Veluxe Pearl)

    Lime-y Have It! – Fresh kiwi with yellow-gold sparklies (Veluxe Pearl)

    Mandarin Orange – Sunset Orange (Frost)

    Gunmetal – Deep gray with subtle silver pearl (Satin)

  4. Kate

    Hi Christine. Oh, I love these Name Games, what fun!

    The name of this quad is Hopscotch

    Star Sapphire – Bright Blue w/silver shimmer (Veluxe Pearl)

    Bitter – Lemon/Lime Yellow (Matte)

    Meringue – Shimmery Peach (Frost)

    Gravel – Dark Grey (Velvet)

  5. pepe

    Pocahontas – earthy matte taupe
    Snow White – dreamy white shimmer
    Cinderella – ashy gray with silver speckles
    Beauty sans beast – soft peachy pink

  6. Hey Cristine,I luv ur names!

    Heres mine,

    ‘Earthy Pallette’
    1.New sky
    2.Im Popping!!
    3.Im neww.
    4.Clean road.


  7. Nell

    Blu-Ray – sky blue matte (Matte2)
    Toxic – bright lime green w yellow pearl(F)
    Florange – peachy orange (Veluxe)
    Grey Matter – soft dark grey w black pearl (VP)

  8. Nicole

    name of te quad: Zodiac

    Pisces: light and stong blue, where fishes life
    Gemini: shiny sunny yellow, bright like birthday party in summer
    Virgo: bright salmon, looks like the perfect yield
    Sagittarius: smokey dark grey, bears winter nights in mind

  9. Wen

    Blue-tiful Bloo: sky blue matte
    OMG! Shock Me : green yellow
    Sunny Side of Melons: peachy orangeish
    Scaredy Cat: blackish gray..

    Wow that was fun; although i’m terrible at describing the colors!

  10. SDawn

    Quad Name: Twisted Elements

    New Earth – Bold lime green with silver pearl(VP)

    Hot Air – Bright blue with pale green shimmer(F)

    Calm Fire – Pale orange with pale pink pearl(VP)

    Dark Water – Deep navy blue with light gold sparkles(Velvet)

  11. HoTpiNk ButteRfLy

    Argentina-a soft blue with a touch of pearly whites too sexy to tango! (argentinian flag)
    Frozen Margarita-Greenish yellow perfect combination, just like tequila and lime
    Peaches and creams-Peachy, melon soft color that makes your eyes crave it
    Dark side-dark gray, to bring up your dark side

  12. Kristina

    Summer Fun

    -Sky Light – Bright sky blue (Velvet)
    -Lime Turquoise – Vivid yellowish green (Frost)
    -Mellow Melon – Soft peach (Satin)
    -Fingerprint – Dark charcoal grey (Veluxe Pearl)

  13. S.

    Quad Name: Greatest Show on Earth

    “Big Top Blue”: Cornflower Blue with pink shimmer (Frost)
    “Get In Lime”: Neon yellow-green with white pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
    “Circus Peanut”: Creamy Peach (Matte Squared)
    “Ringmaster”: Dark grey with mauve shimmer (Frost)

    I particularly like “circus peanut”…the shadow is the exact same shade as the candy by the same name :)

  14. KyaLyn

    The quad name would be “Fruit Salad”

    Blueberry (matte)
    Honeydew Melon (frost)
    Orange Slice (frost)
    Black Grape (veluxe pearl)

  15. Leslie

    the “Moods Quad”
    teary – pale blue w/icy shimmer (f)
    cheery – key lime green (matte2)
    mellow – pure peach w/irridescent pearl (vp)
    gloomy – charcoal gray w/silver reflects (vp)

  16. Tanya

    the ‘hide ‘n’ seek’ quad

    peek-a-blu – bright matte powder blue (matte squared)

    on the prowl – frosty chartreuse green with silver sheen (frost)

    gotcha – pale papaya with firery red duocrome (veluxe pearl)

    slink – rich velvety black with navy pearl (veluxe pearl)

  17. Christine

    The Quad Name: Addiction

    Be Sea-n (Baby blue with silver pearl) VP
    Sun Rays (Bright yellow with intense shimmer)F
    Melontini (pale melon)s
    Coalie(charcoal silver with gold reflects)vp

  18. M1st4eva

    Midnight in Paradise Sky blue (Satin)
    Lemons and Limes Fusion of neon yellow and green (Satin)
    Dreamsicle Faded orange with gold pearl (Frost)
    Backstage Deep Gray (Matte)

    That was fun!

  19. It’s a Boy: Soft pale blue with silver pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
    Science Class: Intense yellow-green with shimmer (Frost)
    Orange Popsicle: Warm cantaloupe orange (Satin)
    Problem Child: Charcoal gray (Frost)

  20. Aziajs

    Rayleigh – Sparkling cornflower blue (Lustre – but the good kind)
    Chloro-Feel – Yellow Green with violet duochrome (Frost)
    Calendula – Rich, creamy yellow-orange (Satin)
    Organic Matter – Deep metallic black (Veluxe Pearl)

  21. Ceci

    The “Crushing” Collection

    Tuesday Afternoon: Sky blue with silver pearl (Lustre)

    Electric: Vivid yellow-green with blue pearl (Frost)

    Lazy Loving: Soft warm peach (Lustre)

    Saturday Night: Gunmetal gray (Frost)

    • Very interesting quad name!

      • Ceci

        “Crushing” in this situation means “being infatuated.” Kinda like that phrase, “I’m crushing on that guy.” (Pretty retro, I know.) Tuesday Afternoon and Saturday Night allude to different times when I’ve had some of my best dates. Electric and Lazy Loving…well, you know 😉

        Anyway, that’s what I meant by naming the “palette” such. It’s in reference to having a crush.

  22. Sounf Of Vision

    Baby Boy Blanket (blue)
    Energizer (yellow-green)
    Mellow (melon)
    Carbonisation (charcoal grey)

  23. ashley

    this is the galaxy quad:

    solar flare: melty hot melon (f)
    this side of the moon: charcoal w/ starry silver shimmer (vp)
    earth’s atmosphere: ocean blue w/ white cloudy pearl (l)
    acid rain: totally eco-friendly acid green (m2)

  24. Deep Sky: deep sky blue [veluxe]
    Limeade Tablets: bright green [lustre]
    Naked Barbie: bright beige [matte]
    90s Dance Music: mid black [veluxe pearl]