Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Guess Who, Vol. 001

Can you figure out which three beauty products are shown above? Leave a comment with your guesses!  I’ll update this post in 24 hours with the answer! :)

Click HERE for the answer!

This is a new type of post, so let me know if it’s too hard, easy, need more clues, less clues… ADDED MORE CLUES!

Need some clues?  Thought you might…


  • There is one product by Benefit, two products by NARS
  • No product costs over $35 but all each costs over $22
  • All products have been reviewed on this site
  • None of them have been reviewed in the past 3 months (aka one is NOT NARS Sex Appeal, aha!)
  • All products are permanent
  • Two products are eyeshadows, one product is a blush
  • These are three different shades

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149 thoughts on “Fun & Games: Guess Who, Vol. 001

  1. Karen

    1- NARS sex appeal blush

  2. Jazz

    1) blush – NARS orgasm
    2)& 3) no clue

  3. Lulee

    1- nars sex appeal
    2- nars tzarine duo (the darker side)
    3- i have no idea but i wanted to guess estee lauder but it doesnt have the E imprint and then i wanted to guess hourglass gypsy but that is over 35 bucks…. sooooooo ill go with some bobbi brown eyeshadow!

  4. Ally

    this is really hard.

  5. Laura

    2 looks like it may be Urban Decay Gunmetal eyeshadow…and 3 might be UD Sin or Sellout. I’ll go with NARS sex appeal blush for the first too.

  6. Brooke

    3. mac marcel powder?

  7. Yvette J.

    the blush is Nars Sin

    the other two..I have no idea
    well the grey is naw, I have no clue

  8. Emma

    this is gonna be totally wrong but I’m going for it anyway…

    1. Nars Oasis
    2. Nars Nightflight
    3. Nars Nymphea

    I know that’s only one brand but I couldn’t think what the 1st one could be otherwise…

  9. I have no idea, but I do like no. 2 a lot!

  10. Tomi

    1)Nars Sex Apeal Blush.
    2)Nars Tzarine *darker side*
    3)Stila Kitten Eyeshadow.
    ^ i have no idea.
    can you give more hints next time?

  11. vivian

    1 nars sex appeal.
    2 nars tzarine
    3 thebalm mary loumanizer

  12. AshleyD

    Could you tell us if these are ones that you have swatched for us before? that would help a lot, to know if it is new products or ones we have seen :)

  13. Karin

    2) MAC showstopper from the Burmese Beauty quad?

  14. Alyssa

    1. Nars Sex Appeal blush
    2. No idea? Urban Decay?
    3. Stila Kitten?

  15. AshleyD

    1) Benefit Georgia 2) and 3) I don’t know!

  16. Andrea

    1. would’ve guessed nars sex appeal but that’s more peachy.
    2. nars tzarine

  17. Andrea

    I would’ve said 3 was femme-fi but it’s not permanent. arghhh

  18. Nicole

    What a great idea! Love this concept/game! 😀

  19. Céline

    ok for my eyes which are really bad :
    1 Nars Oasis blush
    2 Nars tzarine eyeshadow duo

  20. Tiffany

    nars tzarine for two and three…idk bout first one

  21. Hiromi

    1- nars sex appeal
    2 – urban decay naked: CREEP
    3 – not a clue

  22. Karen

    1. Nars Sex Appeal
    2. Urban decay gunmetal
    3. Urban decay sin

  23. gaby

    1. nars sex appeal blush
    2. from the Dior five golds eyeshadow quint
    3. from the chanel stupendous eyeshadow quad

  24. carolineeee

    1. NARS sex appeal
    2. Some NARS e/s, I’ve definitely seen it before
    3. Not sure :(

  25. Mayra

    OK i think i got it!!!

    1) Nars Sex Appeal
    2) Bobby Brown Velvet Bronze
    3) Bobby Brown Black Plum

  26. Emily

    1- NARS Sex Appeal
    2- NARS Tzarine
    3- No idea

  27. Michal

    1. don’t know
    2. MAC club eyeshadow
    3. MAC expensive pink eyeshadow

  28. eleni

    1 ???
    2: dark side of Underworld (nars)
    3: lighter side of All about eve (nars)

  29. NARS Tzrain Eyeshadow Duo and Sex Appeal Blush

  30. K.A

    1- nars blush 2-3- bobbi brown eyeshadows

  31. Sandra

    So this is just my feedback that was asked for:
    I think this is slightly too hard as there’s just literally hundreds of possibilities so to make it more guessable maybe you should state the brand of each product for next time? Love the idea btw, very thought provoking 😛

  32. JEN

    I think I have it!

    1. NARS Super Orgasm Blush?
    2. NARS Nightflight?
    3. Benefit Dandelion Blush?

    I bet I’m so far off…but it’s my best guess.

  33. Lulee

    people, people, people! did half of you read the clues??!?!?!? it can’t be 3 brands and it cant be mac and UD shadows cuz they are less than 20 bucks.

    i have new guesses
    1- benefit dandelion (100% sure on this)
    2- nars tzarine duo (the darker side- 99 % sure on this)
    3- nars silk road the left side.

    i think i might have gotten it!

  34. Julia

    1 looks like MAC personal style beauty powder, my favorite cheek product! No clue on the other two.

  35. Leea

    is number one one of the Benefit boxed powders? :)

  36. 1. NARS sex appeal blush
    2. The darker side of the NARS Cleo duo
    3. Benefit velvet shadow in Leggy

  37. 1) Nars Oasis blush
    2 and 3) are part of an eyeshadow duo that I don’t remember the name :-(

  38. Karen

    #1 Georgia Peach
    #2 & #3 Tzarine E/S Duo

  39. anne

    1. benefit georgia
    2. darker side of nars tzarine
    3. nars edie single

  40. Victoria

    this is still hard but easier with the hints
    1 — Benefit Georgia
    2 — NARS Tzarine duo — darker shade
    3 — NARS ??

  41. Glo

    1 – Georgia from Benefit
    2 & 3 – Both come from the Nars Tzarine Eyeshadow Duo

  42. Jess

    2 has to be nars rajasthan

  43. Megan

    1- Nars deep throat blush
    2- Benefit navy e/s
    3- Nars nepal e/s

  44. eleni

    It’s a great idea to add a couple more clues! Especially the brand!
    Actually the whole game is an awesome idea! lol
    As soon as you reveal the answer everybody will be like “aww, how could I not get it?!”

  45. Maddy

    people really arent reading the descriptions
    two products by nars and one by benefits. ITS NOT ANYTHING ELSE

  46. Nini

    2 is rajasthan!!! no TZARINE!! (I guess)

  47. Rae

    Hrrrrmmm. I’m guessing 1. Benefit Georgia, 2. the green half of NARS Tzarine? and 3. NARS… tbh, I have no idea!

    P.S. Not sure if I mentioned this or not, but “AHH I moved to a new url AHHH!” 😛

  48. Grace

    Benefit Georgia, Nars Tzarine, Nars Edie?

  49. Melissa

    1. Benefit Georgia
    2. Nars Tzarine.
    3. Nars All about Eve?

  50. Melissa

    1. Benefit Georgia
    2. Nars Tzarine
    3. Nars All about eve?

  51. clementine

    1. Benefit Georgia
    2. NARS Brumes Duo
    3. NARS Silk Road Duo

  52. Janine

    #3 looks like Stila’s Kitten eyeshadow

  53. Wild guess: Benefit Coralista, NARS Sex Appeal. No clue about the dark one.

  54. t_zwiggy

    1. Benefit Georgia
    2. Dark side of Nars Rajasthan duo (or maybe Tzarine, but looks a bit too dark for that)
    3. Light side of Nars Tzarine?

  55. 1. benefit georgia
    2. nars tzarine duo (grey side)
    3. nars tzarine duo (light side)

  56. Heather Salls

    My guess is:
    ONE: Dallas by Benefit
    TWO & THREE: Tzarine Eyeshadow Duo by Nars

  57. I’m pretty sure that the first one is Benefit Georgia Peach but I don’t pay much attention to NARS so I’m mostly lost…

  58. Miranda

    1.nars blush in “sin”
    2. Nars eyeshadow in “Night Porter”
    3. “benefit eyeshadow in “fawn over me”

  59. Gen

    1. Benefit Georgia
    2. NARS Underworld duo (darker side)
    3. NARS All About Eve duo (lighter side) or NARS Abyssina single

  60. Vijaya

    Georgia by Benefit?

    Brousse by NARS?

    All About Eve by NARS?

  61. April

    1. Benefit’s Georgia Face Powder
    2. Nars Right Side of Tzarine
    3. Nars Left Side of Tzarine

  62. Donna

    I’d have to say #2 is Thunderball, and #1 is Benefit Dallas? #3 could be Nars Voyager, but not really sure.

  63. Marta M.

    1 benefit throb
    2 NARS night flight
    3 NARS cyprus

  64. LU

    Number one looks like it might be dandelion!

  65. ameliab

    I think the first one is BeneFit Thrrrob – it looks a bit neutral to be Georgia?

  66. Somhrita

    benefit’s coralista
    and nars tzarine

  67. Adriana

    1 – Benefit georgia
    2 – maybe the NARS tzarine duo (second one)
    3 – Benefit nice melon

  68. 1) Dallas luminizer by benefit
    2)&3) Tzarine eyeshadow duo by nars

  69. Julie

    1. NARS Silvana blush
    2. NARS Underworld (grey side)
    3. Benefit Pink Satin

  70. Olívia

    1 – Benefit Georgia
    2 – NARS tzarine duo (second one)
    3 – Abyssinia

  71. MARGO


  72. Andrea

    1. Benefit Georgia!

  73. Maggie

    1. Benefit Georgia
    2. Nars Tzarine duo. thee darker shade
    3. Nars All About Eve duo, the lightest shade

  74. Heather

    1. MAC soft brown eyeshadow
    2. MAC Club Eyeshadow
    3. MAC Shroom Eyeshadow

  75. Alex

    What font are the numbers on the bottom of the swatches?
    And I think it’d be helpful if you gave us the brand! :)
    Oh, and I love love LOVE your site, Christine.

  76. Linda

    #1 Benefit Dandelion
    #2 & #3 Rajathan eye shadow

  77. Dahlia

    1. Benefit Georgia
    2. nars eyeshadow tzarine grey side
    3. nars all about eve eyeshadow

  78. Maya

    1 – This is the toughest for me…not sure
    2 – NARS Night Porter?
    3 – NARS Tzarine light side? Or NARS Nico?
    This is tough!

  79. Jaclyn

    1) Benefit Georgia Peach
    2) Nars Rajasthan duo (dark shade)
    3) Nars Edie??

  80. Samantha

    1) Georgia Peach blush by Benefit
    2) & 3) are Tzarine Eyeshadow Duo by Nars

  81. 2) NARS night flight
    1) Benefit Georgia

    3) NARS Nepal

  82. Ashley D.

    1 – Benefit Georgia Blush
    2 – NARS Tzarine (darker one)
    3 – NARS Tzarine (light one)

  83. Nicole

    Hahaha, this game is hilarious. So many people said #1 was Nars Sex Appeal at first, and I was sitting back at my computer thinking, “Noooooooo, stop saying that!!! Sex Appeal is matte!” But I have no clue what it is.

    I don’t know #3 either – but I’m excited for the reveal, because whatever it is – I kind of WANT IT! LOL.

  84. Jennifer

    Okay, I think one is Georgia blush from Benefit and two and three are the Tzarine eyeshadow duo from Nars.

  85. Sara

    1-Benefit Georgian Peach
    2&3- Nars Tzarine eyeshadow duo

  86. Mari

    1. Benefit Georgia Face Powder, and 2 & 3 are the Nars Tzarine Eyeshadow duo (2 is the dark shade of the duo and 3 the lighter shade)

  87. Jennifer

    3) Benefit Bikini Line

  88. Jami

    1. Georgia peach???

    Others I duno. But this is a fun idea!!!

  89. Lala

    1. Benefit georgia peach
    2 and 3. Nars tzarine

  90. Samantha

    #2 is definitely Nars “Night Porter” eye shadow!

  91. Janet

    Nars Oasis? Or Benefit Dallas
    Nars Rajasthan or Underworld
    IDK about the third….

    I’m just randomly guessing here…. I have no clue!

    • Janet

      I really wanted to say the last two were either NARS Rajasthan or Tzaine… but IDK if those are limited edition or permanent….

  92. Grace

    1. Benefit Georgia Face Powder
    2. NARS Brumes Eyeshadow Duo (right side)
    3. NARS Silk Road Eyeshadow Duo (left side)

    i’m 99% sure 1 and 2 are right :)

  93. 1) Benefit Georgia blush
    2 & 3) NARS Tzarine e/s duo

  94. Sara

    1. Nico Blush from nars
    2. Night Flght from nars
    3. Leggy from Benefit.

  95. Sara

    1. Benefit Goregia
    2. Nars Night Flight
    3. Nars Biarittz

  96. nicci

    does anyone even read the clues?? She clearly states “None of them have been reviewed in the past 3 months (aka one is NOT NARS Sex Appeal, aha!” but so many are putting that as an answer…kind of funny.

  97. elaina

    2. knight devine from m.a.c???
    3. mac’s shroom eye shadow???

  98. Lisa

    i’m thinking one is benefit’s georgia face powder

    two & three are nars shadows?
    maybe night breed &edie

  99. 53

    2&3 are NARS duo eyeshadow? maharaja..something? :X not sure