Saturday, February 2nd, 2008


While shopping at Longs Drugs recently I came across a product that would change my life. It’s not often that any of us can boast life changing affirmations over a beauty product. I found that product, in a little white box called Frownies. Boasting itself as one of Hollywood’s beauty secrets I was overcome with curiosity and knowing how good Longs return policy is I gladly paid the asking price of 16.95$. That night I applied my first Frownie not expecting the miracle I would see the following morning. I awoke, rinsed my faced as directed to remove my Frownies and low and behold my arch nemesis the frown forehead wrinkle has greatly diminished.

What are Frownies you might ask? It’s actually quite simple. It’s a paper product that has been soaked in some type of adhesive. It’s actually very similar to the Biore strips for pulling out nose blackheads. You wet the Frownie and stick in anywhere on your face, I bought the “Forehead and Between the Eyes” set. After moistening the Frownie you apply it to your chosen wrinkle”then off to sweet dreams. The following morning you splash your face with water getting the Frownie nice and moist to insure an easy release from the face (and also so not to pull on the skin while peeling off).

I saw results after my first application of a Frownie to my forehead wrinkle.

According to the Frownies website they work by gently re-educating the facial muscles allowing for a younger more relaxed-looking skin.

I paid 16.95$ for my Frownies but see them listed on their website for 19.95$ which includes shipping which of course mine did not as I bought them at a local store. The box holds 144 patches, which will last me 144 days as I only use one patch nightly. You can use more than one patch depending on where you want to prevent wrinkles. The website is aptly named

— Review by Tanya

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9 thoughts on “Frownies the Botox Alternative

  1. grace

    if only they had them in my country.. :S

    • Tanya

      that is a shame Grace, they really are a great product :) well worth the search if you could find them in your homeland.

  2. I love frownies and wrote about how they are a Botox alternative on my site too! The only reason I don’t wear them more often is because they are sooo hard to get off for some reason. If you have any tricks for getting them off, let me know. They stay super-glued to my forehead, and no matter how much I wet them, it hurts so much to take them off.

    • Tanya

      Jeni :) I am using Frownies daily and I would suggest taking a wash cloth and soaking it in warm/hot water…then apply the wash cloth over the Frownies and just kinda warm it up for a min or two…that should really help them peel of nice and easy. Also if you take a shower in the morning…wear your Frownies into the shower and they should peel off nice and easy from the steam.

  3. I want to ask anyone who is using this,how long are the effects, i mean how long the result stay,plz do tell me days or weeks???,i want to try on my mother as she has wrinkles on her beautiful face and im really worried bout them,i have applied lot of things but they seems to come back,i really want her face to look wrinkle free,do help me out guys.And if anybody there whose in Pakistan then plz lemme know the store from where i can get this.


    • Tanya

      Zainy, I have been using my Frownies for a week or so and I think they help long term. My forehead wrinkle has vastly diminished. Ok, so its not a total miracle…but I really feel like its helping. I would totally have considered Botox until I found out that they test each batch on animals so I find Frownies a really good alternative. Combined with microdermabration, I think your Mom could really benifit from this. I would also suggest wearing one Frownie during the day, because it will help your mom figure out what funny facial expressions she is making that is causing the wrinkle (the Frownies will crinkle up when she makes a certain facial expression). Once she figures out that maybe she squints at the TV or while reading she can try to stop this behavior.

      If you can’t find a store that stocks them I have found if you start a conversation with a local store and show them the website and have people go in and ask for the product ( get family and friends to do this for you) the store will order the product to stock.

      Good luck!!

  4. claudine

    im on my fourth botox injection and im 28 (i know not that old) but i got that wrinkle between my eyes since im really skinny its really noticable i heard about the animal testing of each batch so i kind of feel bad i might try to get the frownies but oh well when youre used to botox i dont know if anything can come close to it except a filler like restylane

  5. Laura


    I have found frownies pretty good on the whole. My problem is that they come off too easily. After i apply them i wait for the them to dry and then l touch them to make sure they are glued onto my skin properly. I can feel air bubbles; they are dry, but don’t seem to be totally stuck to my forehead. I was wondering how “stuck” to your skin they should be?