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My mother thinks I have too much, my friends describe me as ”the girl who’s really good with makeup” and my sister thinks it’s novelty. I stopped caring about the latter a long time ago and I’m really happy with my stash.

My parents definitely don’t get it. They think I’m crazy for buying so many products just to try them. But it’s fun! It’s something I’m good at, and I can be creative with it. I like to tell people that makeup is like art, but for my face. I’m terrible at drawing and painting, but when it comes to makeup, I’m never discouraged when something doesn’t work. I just want to try again or try something new!

They think that its okay because I usually have the “no makeup look” and they know if I don’t use it I would give it to them.

My friends think it’s perfectly fine (most of them are just as beauty obsessed as I am), but my family seems to think it’s a bit too much even though I don’t buy cosmetics too often, just when I do, it tends to be semi-luxury products that some could consider an investment. My mother has always been the kind to spend as little as possible on make-up even though she loves wearing it, so I think she just finds my attitude a waste of money 😀 As to my husband, he believes I look best without any make-up on, so he can’t understand my love for it, but he’s not against me buying it if it makes me happy!

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My father is a very conservative spender and refuses to purchase anything more than the bare essentials until he has $2 million in his and my mother’s retirement account and he thinks that I, at the ripe old age of 19, should either invest or put into a retirement account 100% of my earnings and life savings and not buy anything. So, he’s not very understanding whatsoever and is actually quite against me getting makeup as gifts or even me using my own money to buy makeup. My mother is much more understanding and enjoys going to Sephora or Ulta with me!
Audrey Recently Posted: College Makeup Collection/Setup

Everyone thinks it’s a bit excessive, I think if I ever started blogging like my mother and manager keep telling me, they’d be more understanding. My stash is a little overwhelming if you aren’t incredibly into make up, which I understand.

Hmm this a is good question. My boyfriend says I do need to stop buying makeup since I really buy a lot of it. Although I’m sure he really doesn’t mind, he knows it makes me really happy and he ‘s fine to buy whatever he wants so it works out well for both of us. I’m sure there are worse things I could be spending my money on.

As my husband is a photographer so he’s super supportive. I think he likes the fact that he never has to book a MUA! 😉 He even gave me the Naked palette as a wedding present and was disappointed that I bought Naked 3 already. 😀
Some of my friends are also MUAs or at least make up crazy so they understand but some (mostly guys!) don’t understand. I just heard yesterday: ‘But you’ll never be able to use all this up, will you?’ Not the point, guys!

I’ve been a lurker for ever so long! However, here goes: I didn’t grow up wearing make up either and believe me when I say that make up is pretty much taboo in my family given that my mom doesn’t wear a stitch of it because of the notion that make up somehow makes you lose your innocence. Anywho, I’m 23 and I started about 3 years ago. I have a pretty decent collection given that a) I’m a student b) My make up splurge money still comes from my Dad-he doesn’t seem to mind so much- and c) I’m a doctor, in India…In a government hospital where we treat the poorest of the poor and even moisturiser seems like a luxury, let alone make up! Also given that I rarely have ANY occasions to wear make up, my SO and sister (also a doctor) kind of can’t understand me…..but its my joy and that orange lipstick that never gets worn lights up my gloomier days so they all tolerate it 🙂

I have to say that I am very lucky in that area. My husband is really supportive. He knows it’s something that makes me happy and it has nothing to do with being vain or trying to be pretty for other people. It’s more of my creative outlet. My kids just kinda roll there eyes about it lol.

My friends all wear makeup, so it’s not a big deal, but my family is mixed on the issue. Besides my sister and myself, no one else in my family really indulges in makeup. My mother is surprisingly supportive of my makeup hobby, even though she doesn’t wear any makeup herself. She even buys me makeup as gifts because she knows I love it so much. I guess she just understands that I’m a girly girl, and makeup comes with the territory. It took my husband some getting used to, but now he is also supportive of my makeup hobby. At one time, he hated that I bought and wore makeup, but once I explained to him that my love of makeup was no different than his love and investment in video games, suddenly the world made sense to him. He hasn’t complained about it since. He now buys me makeup for gifts as well and makes it known when I wear a makeup combo that he likes. Now, the rest of my family is a different story. They aren’t crazy about my love of makeup at all (particularly my bold lip colors). Anytime I wear “visible” makeup (as in anything colorful) to a family gathering, I usually get a comment or two from a family member about wearing too much makeup. Honestly, any makeup that is more than a MLBB lipgloss is “too much makeup” in my family’s eyes. But I can honestly say it doesn’t bother me. I buy and wear makeup because I love it, and no one’s opinion can change my mind about it.

Supportive. My family see it as a nice hobby. Friends love it – are happy to discuss new products etc. and even ask me for recommendations! I haven’t had a negative reaction yet.

My first beauty obsession was nail polish. My mom was nosy and opened my helmer once and threw a fit. Sad thing was I hadn’t put much of my collection in it yet! I now have almost two full helmers, so I’m guessing I have close to 900+ bottles. After that it was perfume, I have over 150 bottles, some unopened. Now its make-up. As with every new “hobby” I’ve amassed quite a collection. I bought an antique vanity and it’s stuffed full. No one knows about the perfume or make-up. I have a whole bedroom devoted to it. Sometimes it makes me happy, other times I’m overwhelmed…

My mom loves borrowing my lip products. My boyfriend says I’ve been getting really good at it lately and shoots me compliments at every opportunity (I’ve been trying out new products and techniques).

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Mine are fine with it, they don’t understand my taste for high-end makeup and skincare, but they don’t judge! It only gets weird when I don’t want to leave the house without makeup, then friends start rolling their eyes

Those who know about it are really supportive! I don’t have any friends in real life who are into makeup (which is one of the reasons why I started a blog), so when I first got into it I wasn’t sure how they’d react. Took me a couple of months to “come clean,” but they’ve been very supportive! I can tell they don’t understand what I’m talking about at all when I talk about it, but they listen LOL The fiance wasn’t too sure what it was in the beginning, but he never expressed much of an opinion. A while ago we went out for dinner with some friends, and they asked how he felt about the amount of makeup I have. He said:” oh it’s OK. It’s more or less contained in one place now.” I find that hilarious 😉

I think that my parents don’t really understand this passion about make up but, at the same time, they’re OK with it as long as it makes me happy. My boyfriend is not that supportive, though, and mocks me about it every now and then (in a loving friendly way of course). Despite all this, I found in make up a hobby that makes me feel good and I really don’t care much about what other people think of it. 🙂

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My husband has nightmares about how much I send on makeup. He thinks that its money that could have been put to better use. He’s a good sport about it, though. Whatever makes his wife happy. My sisters love it. They raid my makeup stash for stuff they like. My home is their free makeup store.

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