Friday, April 26th, 2013

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: MAC Art of the Eye Collection
  • Weekend plans:  Catch-up on the blog! I’m so, so behind!!
  • Happiest place on earth?:  Wherever my family is! Cheesy but absolutely true for me.

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo/video…

“Is there something in my eye?”

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52 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #181

  1. Icequeen81

    awwww so cute

  2. Awwww hehe Mellan looks a little wrapped up… :-)

    Haul: a Covergirl mascara

    Weekend plans: Just some household work, some beauty blogging and some relaxing.

    Happiest place on earth?: The top of a mountain in the Alps :-)

  3. Precious

    Haul: China Glaze Nail Lacquers in Bend Over Backwards, Keep Calm Paint On, Unplugged, and Water You Waiting For; Clinique Clarifying Lotion and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (combination oily to oily); Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks in Forbidden Kiss, Fuchsia Fever, and Hot Copper; MAC Mineralize Lipsticks in Smart & Sweet and Style Surge, Powder Eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive, Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

    Weekend plans: Visit the plant sanctuary to check out and buy new flowers/plants for the garden.

    Happiest place on earth: I agree with what you said, Christine. There’s no place I’d rather be as well. Cliche, but true. :)

    • Precious

      By the way, it looks like Mellan’s getting ready to have some fun with you. So adorable! :)

      • Oh, yeah – he just got that toy yesterday and went totally nuts with it for about twenty minutes! We have a much longer tug rope (we have two, actually, one double the size and one triple the size), because he re-grips ALL the time, and the size in the photo is too short for MY comfort, LOL!

        • Precious

          He kinda looks like he wants you to get off your computer/desk and just play with him for a little while. 😀

    • Oooh, I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way. I know it’s corny but truly how I feel!

      • Precious

        Yeah, especially when everyone gets along pretty well. I’m an only child so having lots of cousins is definitely a bonus. :)

  4. Haul: Nada

    Weekend plans: Wig styling

    Happiest place on earth?: Disney World when you a kid. lol

    • Wig styling sounds fun :)

      • It is! I enjoy it most of the time and most styling can be don in one to 2 evening. I’m do a FauxHawk in neon raspberry with lime green streaks. Which takes a bit longer to do. 😉

        The only thing I struggle with is high ponytails take weeks to do it properly on synthetic wigs have you have to allow the glue to dry each layer.

  5. Anne

    Haul: Nothing! But aaah, I’d like to splurge on a couple of Nars product, or a Mac brush.

    Weekend plans: Rest! I might start working again a bit, if I feel I’ve enough energy.

    Happiest place on earth?: the terrace of the house, facing the garden in spring, with my cat on the laps and my family around!

  6. LOL Mellan 😉 He looks like a happy puppy here!

    Haul: Dior Coral Glow. Took me a while to decide between Pink Glow and Coral Glow, but I think the texture of Coral Glow is a smidgen better and let’s face it: anything that has “coral” in the name beats everything else for me!

    Weekend plans: Kicking back and working a bit on the blog!

    Happiest place on earth?: Somewhere nice, warm, sunny with my cats and loved ones. Preferably with some mango and watermelon too but that’s optional haha

  7. Emma Castillo

    Haul: Nail polishes! I got a few bright colors for summer. Didn’t buy any make up this time I’m trying to be good since the temperature rising event is on may 14 and I’m expecting to like some of those..

    Weekend plans: I’m going off roading with my jeep club!! I’m one of the few jeep Chics in the club and gotta represent!! Shout to my family!!
    Happiest place on earth?: not a place but a state of mind: no stress, if you cant fix it why worry? And when things fluidly resolving itselves.. Gotta find happiness in the little things

  8. Cat G

    Haul: No time for a haul!
    Weekend plans: Start and finish a paper by Saturday night, then start on another final project
    Happiest place on earth?: Wherever I am in great company and feel safe and comfortable

  9. hahaha hillarious picture of Mellan! ≧◠◡◠≦

    Haul: TF summer collection: Didn’t wait for reviews, couldn’t resist and didn’t want to miss out on a number of the LE items.

    Weekend Plans: nothing special unless you consider spreading manure on the fields something to brag about. Hardly! We’re organic and it is the world’s best fertilizer. It’s that time of year, and fortunately both our tractors have cabs and air. We’re not expecting any guests this weekend ◔◡◔

    Happiest Place on Earth: Here! We’ve carved out our own little piece of heaven. We are sitting on top of the Niagara escarpment and the house looks out over views of 50 miles and greater on a clear day. I never tire of it…Ever!!

    • It was so hard to get one that was *slightly* in focus, because he whips that thing around like a crazy dog!

      I’m still waiting to receive TF but here’s hoping it’s soon!

  10. Mariella

    Haul: 2 bottles of Lumene Overnight Retinol “something or other” (I’ve only used it for maybe 5 nights and I am going to start combing other branches of this discount store to find more because it is so good); Real Techniques Core Brush Collection; I’m sure I purchased something else this week but for the life of me, I cannot recall what (pretty bad sign, either that I am overloaded with makeup, I’m getting old or more likely, BOTH).

    Weekend plans: A sweet 16 party tonight (“formal”, no less!) A yoga fun-raiser for breast cancer tomorrow and, hopefully, a nice, do nothing time in between (though we do have a freezer in the basement to purge!)

    Happiest place on earth: In a Muskoka chair on the deck with hubby and kids around me.

  11. xamyx

    Haul: Kat von D True Romance Ladybird palette; Real Techniques Expert Face Brush; Sinful Colors polishes in Nude, Genteel, Social Ladder, & Vacation Time.

    Plans: Packing for Disneyland; I like to pack early, because I always end up repacking at least 3 times… I also have the regular “to-do” list, LOL.

    Happiest place?: Happiness begins within each of us, and while there are situations we find irritating, sad, frustrating, etc, those are only temporary feelings (for most people), and as long as we make the most out of every one, we can find happiness everywhere we go.

  12. cassie

    Haul: One of the last UD Lucky 24/7 eyeliners left in the display at Sephora and a Naked Basics palette. Got home to see obvious swatches in the eyeshadow wells. Very sad :(.

    Plans: Going to a festival with the family this weekend.

    Happiest place: I also think its wherever my family is.

  13. Haul:
    Stocked up on some Mother’s Day gifts at The Body Shop’s BOGO Free sale. Mud masks and fancy lotion for my sister. My mom is getting fancy scented oils for the house.

    For me I got Chanel’s summer mascara in the crazy colors. Yellow mascara?! Colors are awesome and don’t smudge?! MADE BY CHANEL?! Yeah, had to. Also picked up my first MAC Paint Pot in Eclair. It was that “just right” brown I needed to line my eyes for my day look. Warm enough and not too dark.

    Weekend plans:
    My nephew is turning (terrible) two and is having a birthday party. Let’s see if Auntie can sneak into the bounce house unnoticed.

    Happiest place on earth?:
    Disneyland? But seriously I had a strange sense of peace when I was in Hawaii. Since I can’t afford to travel there

  14. Aida

    Haul: two items from Chanel’s L’Ete Papillon collection: “Metamorphose” quad (it showed up yesterday and the colors are really pretty. It’s my first experience with baked e/s in general and Chanel e/s in particular, so I’ll have to play with them and see how I like them) and “Moon River” stylo e/s stick (I also want to get “Blue Bay” and “Jade Shore”, but not anytime soon).

    Weekend plans: No definite plans, but hopefully go hiking :).

    Happiest place on earth? Right here at home with my husband, whom I adore and my beloved animals :)

  15. Yellowlantern

    Haul: 7 polishes from Zoya’s sale. OPI Eurso Euro. I already love it so much. It’s a lovely color in its own right and it looks amazing with my skin tone when most dark blues don’t compliment my hands at all. Another L’Oreal glossy stain in Pink Rebellion.

    Weekend Plans: Nothing planned yet.

    Happiest place on Earth? Any place you happen to be having a good time.

  16. Barbie

    awwwwww he looks so happy!!

    haul; inglot and some indie stuff i also ordered from mac and it should be coming on monday eee

    weekend plans; study because i have finals next week :(

    Happiest place on earth; with my family and my doggies!

  17. Nicole

    Haul: Nothing, and I feel good.
    Weekend plans: Nothing outdoors. It will be raining all weekend.
    Happiest place on earth?: Home.

  18. KEG

    haul-Guerlain lip -Red Pow (Gotta love the names they picked)
    weekend plans-nice weather?-boating, not nice weather? catching up on chores
    happiest place on earth-I have to agree about family-while some of them drive me crazy-I’m very close to my mom and my daughters. When we go on an outing, it’s a 1000 times better when I am in their company! So, my answer is….a tranquil, peaceful, natural island (I actually live quite close to a place like this)..with my family in tow.

  19. A. Mar

    Haul: MAC Lady Danger and NARS Mascate
    Weekend plans: Writing, sorting through my daughter’s overflowing toy basket, and likely a bit of gaming!
    Happiest place on earth?: My grandmother’s garden. It’s elegant, colorful, and the most familiar place in the world to me. I visited every summer and used to spend hours in the backyard garden just playing with the neighbor’s cat.

  20. Deb

    Mellan is better looking than any product ever posted on this site! Seriously, that dog cannot take a bad picture.

  21. Tigress

    Haul: A Wet n’ Wild lipstick

    Weekend plans: Work :(

    Happiest place on earth: Monterey Bay Aquarium. I wish I could live there.

  22. KaseyCannuck

    Haul: All 6 Color Club holographic polishes. The worst part about that is deciding which one to wear first, they are A-MA-ZING!! Ten fingers and 6 polishes…could be an interesting look when I’m done 😉

    Weekend plans: A kids birthday party. Multi-colored nails might be just the thing…

  23. Anna

    Haul: Nars tinted moisturizer in Finland, Nars Isola Bella lip pencil and the Puerto Vallarta multiple.

    Weekend plans: Sleep and possible work some as well and maybe buy a new dress.

    Happiest place on earth: Okay I am going to sound insane but it is at my work. I am in love with my job.

  24. Haul: No haul. Hopefully over the weekend!!
    Weekend plans: Window Shopping, Parks, Just hanging out with family!
    Happiest place on earth?: Ulta? LOL

  25. Sabriel

    Oh my gosh! What a goofball!! I love your Mellan pictures!

    The dog pinboard on your pinterest is also basically the best thing ever, just so you know.

    Haul: A lot! So much that I’m going to have to go on my first ever no-buy. Last night I took advantage of the urban decay flash sale and got both the feminine palette and the dangerous palette, and I also got the afterglow blush in fetish and greedy. I also stopped by Ulta this week and got Orly “Bonder” basecoat. I also got my Sephora order from the 15% off sale, and for that, I got Tarte’s “discover the amazon bundle” and BB tinted primer treatment.

    I’m worried now because I’m afraid that “fair” might be too fair for me after all. It seemed like the best match in the store, but now I wonder if I shouldn’t have erred on the side of tan/warm rather than light/pink. Especially since we’re going into summer. *sigh*

    Weekend Plans: The main thing that I must not forget is that I have to take a bunch of boxes to the post office.

    Happiest Place on Earth: I like your answer! Not to be unoriginal, but I don’t think I can improve upon it. A runner up would be laughing with friends.

  26. blueraccoon

    Haul: Bobbi Brown corrector and creamy concealer. Dior Addict Princess and Addict Extreme Princess, Sephora brush #57 (airbrush concealer), UD De-Slick powder. The last two Color Tattoos and all six Milani Shadow Eyez LE pencils. Oh, and Sephora’s Sculptor sponge.

    Weekend plans: Seeing out of town friends tomorrow and getting to game late. Sunday I’m working and then I need to find a dress to wear to a wedding in a week.

    Favorite place on earth: Right now, it’s my beautiful big house that still needs a lot of unpacking. I love it so much, I’m so happy we bought it.

  27. Lacey J.

    Haul: stuff I needed for the new apartment. I also special ordered some furniture. Makeup wise: nothing but that might change. I may be hitting up walgreens. We didn’t have one where I lived before so I want to see what they have for makeup and tolietries.

    Weekend plans: nothing much. Still worn out from the move. Will probably go clothes shopping for my new job before Monday though.

    Happiest place on earth: anywhere really. But preferably with my family. Sis is coming down next week!

  28. Leticia

    Haul: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Setting Brush, a set of French manicure guides, a set of small flower stickers for nails and two Revlon Star Attraction nail enamels (the brownish shade and the green)! I know these Star Attraction nail enamels are old news (I think they were released last Fall in the US!), but it was until a few days ago that I found them here in Mexico and I had to try them!

    Weekend plans: Hopefully rest! I’ve had some difficult days at work these last few weeks!

    Happiest place on earth: I agree with Christine – any place where my loved ones are :)

    I looooove this week’s picture of Mellan!! He looks so happy!! I hope he enjoys his new toy a lot :)!!

  29. Haul: Estee Lauder Pure Color Five Color E/S palette in Batik Sun, Chanel Peridot (yay!!!!!) and Kleancolors Mini Holo set.

    Weekend plans: Nothing but homework and work for this busy gal. Also, a photo shoot.

    Happiest place on Earth?: Washington Square Park on a Sunday, with a good book, listening to the jazz musicians play.

  30. LOL what an adorable pic of Mellon this week! 😀

    haul: uh, too much. A Burberry Brit Sheer gift set and Nars primer from Sephora for the sale, Dior’s new Coral Glow and Gaia Jelly Lip Pen, Armani’s Summer 2013 Face & Eye Palette and Maestro foundation, Essie’s Resort 2013 collection, nail polish remover, Seche Vite top coat, La Mer Lip Balm, Neutrogena Color Sticks, and Estee Lauder ANR serum. Phew! No more buying anything for a loong while! (except of course Guerlain’s Terra Nerolia bronzer!! :P)
    weekend plans: work on the blog, sun myself at the pool, hang out with my dog :)
    happiest place on earth? I completely agree with you! I was going to say: home is where the heart is :)

  31. Jessica

    I have had a rough week at work, so I decided to indulge in some retail therapy.
    Haul: Mac Parrot and Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Bumble and bumble curl creme, Bobbi Brown High Shimmer lip gloss in Bare Sparkle, Cle de Peau lipgloss in 2, Guerlain Maxi Shine Gloss d’Enfer in 463, Le Metier de Beaute lip creme in Papaya Creme, Maybelline Color Tattoos in Blue Paradise and Precious Pearl. For some reason, I went lip gloss crazy!
    Weekend Plans: My never-ending work week continues tomorrow.
    Happiest Place: Having dinner with my mom and sister at our favorite restaurant.

  32. Veronica

    Haul: MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 foundation in NC15. Sort of had to since my skin decided to tan very early this year and kick me out of the NC10 range. But hey, at least foundation shopping is easier now!

    Weekends Plans: Busy all day with friends Saturday, busy working all of Sunday.

    Happiest place on Earth: Any place that offers a touch of respite from the buzz of civilization.

  33. Christina J.

    Haul: Too Faced Bronzed and Poreless Bronzing Powder, Covergirl Lash Blast, Covergirl Professional Super Thick mascara, Ben Nye Banana Powder(still waiting on it to arrive), Urban Decay single in Zephyr, Urban Decay empty Glinda palette and UD glinda singles bought seperately on eBay two Auras (couldn’t resist-SO pretty), Magic, and Tornado, VK Flowerbomb perfume, and exchanged Givenchy’s Mat Radiance for Dior Nude(didn’t have my shade)..
    Weekend plans: Taking my 3 year old son to the circus with my husband, going to get a YMCA family membership, and signing my daughter up for dance classes. Also, taking my daughter to skating and picking her up(EVERY friday!)My kids have me running around constantly. I miss the days when I could hang around the house and do…nothing!
    Happiest place on Earth: Key West! I would love to go back in time for the wonderful memories I have with someone I loved very much. It is too beautiful of a place to try to put into words.
    Awww Christine he is so cute! I am SUCH a dog person. I have a golden retriever lab mix and a greyhound. He has the most soulful, sweetest eyes :)

  34. t_zwiggy

    Haul: Nothing this week! I have been good and stuck to my no-buy after my extreme haul last week.

    Weekend plans: Visiting my mom

    Happiest place on earth?: Haven’t found it yet. Guess I’ll have to say home because it’s the only place I feel completely safe :/