Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: I was still good… no haul :)
  • Weekend plans:  Brunch at home on Sunday (I love Sunday brunch!), take Mellan to the park, and work on the blog :)
  • What’s your perfect temperature?:  78 degrees!

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This week’s Mellan photo/video…

Fancy Mellan is fancy!

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116 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #176

  1. For the first time in ages, I was good and didn’t buy anything. Although I did receive an order I placed a while back from Illamasqua.

  2. Icequeen81

    hardly working : he doesn’t need to do allot to make an amazing picture.

    hardly at work: He is posing and standing anyway and wearing that ribbon so he works 😀

  3. As always (it seems) I bought some drugstore things. I (finally!) found the new Wet n Wild palettes, so I bought them; NYC has a new collection out, so I bought some of it; plus I picked up some Pure Ice polishes.

    I was sick two weeks ago, and my fiancee was sick last week, so we haven’t done much for the last two weeks – we’re finally both feeling better at the same time so hopefully this weekend will be nice, though probably fairly low key.

    I prefer cool weather – maybe 65ish?

  4. GUSnail

    What a handsome Mellan!

    Haul: Nothing
    Weekend plans: Cleaning house, and a bday party for my brother in law on Sunday.
    What’s your perfect temperature?: I’m with you Christine, a toasty 78 degrees sounds great right now-it closer to 35 here today :(

  5. mirian

    haul: sigh…none. I bought some embryolisse products last week on hautelook, but I’m still waiting.

    weekend plans: one of my good friends moved a couple of years ago and she’s coming back this weekend so we have brunch plans!

    perfect temperature?: 85! i like to sweat, but not too much

  6. Yellowlantern

    Haul: Some OPI liquid sand polishes. I’m wearing Stay the Night right now and I’m liking the matte yet sparkling effect more than I thought. Close up in photos LS looks unappealing to me, but from a distance the effect is neat. It took a couple days for me to get used to the sensation of having rough nails though.

    Weekend Plans: Run.

    Perfect temp: I don’t have one…it really depends. Am I at home? Outside? Is it humid? What am I doing in the temp? Like am I sitting/standing around or am I running?

    Home: 70-80 is good. Outside just standing around: 55-90 (depending on humidity and altitude 55 feels great in Seattle and 90 feels great in Arizona). Outside running: 55 or lower, higher than 68 and I head to the treadmill.

    • How is the wear going with Liquid Sand?

    • I really enjoy the liquid sands as well~ They are surprisingly elegant on the nails, but you’re right, they do not photograph as well as they look in person. I also quite like the comparable Zoya pixie dust product. I found I got all OCD with the gritty texture almost compulsively was rubbing the tops of my nails with my finger tips, but got over it after a few wears.

      • Yellowlantern

        The colors of the Zoya Pixie dusts look amazing to me. Totally want them all, but because I’d have to buy online if I want to get Zoya I’ve been holding myself back. I have *way* better control over my spending when I buy online vs. in a store (…where I got those OPIs and I wasn’t even planing on getting them till I saw the display in the grocery store).

        I’m on day three of this polish and I’m still finding myself rubbing my nails. At first I was just so weirded out by it since it feels so unnatural to have rough nails…now I’m rubbing them just because it feels cool. LOL

  7. Haul: no haul either, saving for MAC Extra Dimension and baked beauties. Ordering some of my custom design fabrics I made on Spoonflower and maybe some wigs from Arda.

    Weekend plans: Don’t know yet.

    What’s your perfect temperature?: 20C or 68F. Of course ours summer go up to 32C which just makes me miserable with a 80% humidex on top of that. lol

  8. Stacey

    Classy pic.

  9. Haul:
    Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush
    Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 52
    Dr. Jart+ Regenerating BB Cream
    MUA Undress Me Too Palette
    S&G What’s Nude Palette
    Eco Tools Retractable Foundation Brush
    Manuka Dr. Apiclear Introduction Kit

    Weekend Plans: Survive this weather! Haha. Nothing specific – maybe some work, maybe some packing, probably a blog update.

    Perfect Temperature: 15 degrees celsius, no wind.

  10. amber j

    OMGosh, look at his bow tie! Too adorable! I want a dog!

    Haul: WnW Black Sparkle Liquid Liner, Maybelline ColorSensational Fuschia Flash, WnW Pinkerbell (I’ve been looking for this FOREVER), Ardell 110 lashes, Maybelline polish in Impeccable Greys, ELF eyebrow kit in medium, ELF Color Correcting Powder, Sally Hansen clear polish, Elmer’s Glue (for my polish…that’s a considered a beauty buy, right?) I think that’s it. I may run to Sephora after work…
    Weekend plans: It’s supposed to snow quite a bit tomorrow, so I think I will make strombolis with the kids and watch LOTS of basketball. I have to catch up on the Jodi Arias case too (don’t judge me)

    What’s your perfect temperature?: 78 degrees! <==this!

    • xamyx

      The case has definitely been picking up again this week, LOL!

      • Amber J

        That prosecutor is SO ANNOYING. Oh my gosh. Ma’am, I didn’t ASK you if you did such and such, I ASKED you if did this or that RIGHT?

        I haven’t been able to keep up with it this week. I am ready for it to wrap up.

        • xamyx

          I actually like him, LOL. I find her more annoying when she tries to outwit him, and ends up contradicting herself, and looking really stupid. But yeah, I’m ready for it to wrap.

        • Gena

          I think the prosecutor is AWESOME. He’s doing a fabulous job! She’s trying to avoid answering questions directly, and he’s not letting her get away with it. He made an absolute FOOL out of Mr. (can’t remember his first name) Samuels, the psychologist that assessed her mental state–at $250 dollars an hour, no less!–for the defense team.

          I’m ready for it to end, too, in a CONVICTION and her lifetime imprisonment. She’s a murdering, sociopathic attention whore.

  11. Gena

    He’s adorable and cuddly, too!

  12. Jessica

    haul: Givenchy blush in Vogue Orange
    Clinique blush in Cupid and also in Precious Posy

    plans: Today spend time with the boyfriend after he gets outs of work. Other than that I have no other plans lol

  13. Precious

    Aww. That tie looks good on Mellan, like he’s gonna attend a fancy dinner or something. So adorable! 😀

    Haul: China Glaze Nail Lacquers in Def Defying and Pelican Gray; Color Club Nail Lacquers in Ms. Socialite, Revvvolution, Wild Abandon, and Wild and Willing; Guerlain Eyeshadow Palette in Coup de Foudre, Rouge Automatique in Ballade; MAC Brushes in 187 and 188, Powder Blush in Full of Joy

    Weekend plans: might invite friends over for dinner and a few drinks

    What’s your perfect temperature? 17C! My country has warm, humid weather so I appreciate airconditioning. 😀

  14. KaseyCannuck

    Haul: I’m (supposed to be) on a no-buy…but…I stumbled across a WnW Comfort Zone palette and couldn’t pass it up…they are usually nowhere to be found. Same trip, also snagged a Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded. I’ve been waiting for the Metals to hit the shelves!! I fell off the wagon for less than $20, so no guilt!!

    Weekend plans: None!!

    What’s your perfect temperature?: 20 – 22 degrees celsius. Warm enough for shorts and sandals but still somewhat bearable if the humidity gets high.

  15. Mellan is such a dapper dude~

    Haul: A number of items, but my key product which has impressed me all to hell is the Bobbi Brown corrector in light peach. I always believed yellow based concealers were best for correcting dark undereye discoloration, but apparently peach works much better for me. Great product and BBrown has helpful info on-line for recommendations based on your foundation shade. I’m 2.0 – 2.5 sand/warm sand and the light peach shade is perfect.

    Weekend Plans: A trip to look a herd of dairy goats. No joke! We are planning an expansion for our farming business to include goat milk production. Maaaaaahhhhh

    Perfect Temperature: My body does not enjoy either extreme, so 72-78 would be optimal for me.

    Have a good weekend~

  16. Elle Jaye

    ■Haul: No haul for me! Saving for all the MAC releases.
    ■Weekend plans: Girls night with my besties. Movies, snacks, and wine slushies.
    ■What’s your perfect temperature?: I live in Mississippi so anything between 75-85 degrees is great.

  17. MELLAN!!! So fancy! Love that beauty mark on his ear!

    Haul: LMdB crease brush and powder brush, and bareminerals pencil eyeliner (the black one. I think it’s called Midnight). Still waiting for them to arrive!

    Weekend plans: A wedding tomorrow and brunch with a friend on Sunday! In other words, a very social one :)

    What’s your perfect temperature?: 25 degrees Celsius, which is 78 degrees Fahrenheit! I’m not being picky at the moment though. I’d be grateful to anything above 20/68!

  18. xamyx

    Haul: NYX Highlight & Contour Powder-it’s a split-pan, with the contour being a bit too dark, but when I swirl both sides together, *perfection*. This may very well be HG. I also picked up Sally Hansen CSM in Angel Bite, and 3 Sinful Colors polishes, because I “needed” to make a round, even number.

    Plans: Easter Bunny pictures, and *hopefully* pick up NARS Thunderball (and maybe China Blue and/or Himalayas). My “local” Nordstrom doesn’t carry it, so I have to trudge to a mall that’s actually quite far.

    Temperature: I’m the rare Californian who actually enjoys colder, wet, gloomy weather… I don’t have a specific number in mind, though.

  19. TLC

    Haul: Brace yourselves ladies, my husband went make-up shopping for me when he was in Asia. He didn’t know where to go (LOL!!!), and finally ended up in an Anna Sui boutique. He purchased a palette and chose three colours of eyeshadow: #900 (lime green), #205 (raspberry purple) and #101 (a true blue). I also picked up 2 Maybelline Vivid lipsticks: Vivid Rose and On Fire Red –> both were gorgeous to wear this past week.

    Weekend Plans: We were suppose to see friends, but one child is sick. Probably will have to purchase a new washing machine :(

    Perfect Temperature: Around 80

  20. What a gorgeous dog!!! absolutely stunning.Gives me idea to do something special for my doggy!

  21. Haul:
    Estee Lauder Mad Men See-Thru Blush in Light Show
    Maybelline Electric Collection Blush in Coral Burst 210
    Maybelline Electric Collection Lipstick in Pop of Cherry
    Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Shocking Coral
    Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Vibrant Mandarin

    Wow I haven’t bought a new blush since the last Estee Lauder Mad Men set. Looks like I have more reason to use my tiny collection!

    Weekend plans:
    Niece and nephew coming over to play tonight. Hide all of the electronics!
    Visiting college friends tomorrow night.
    Likely sleep in and work out Sunday.

    What’s your perfect temperature?:
    82 degrees. I need some swimming pool/tanning weather.

  22. Nikki

    Haul: OPI Don’t Touch my Tutu on $4 clearance (woo!), a bottle of Rejuvacote, Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliners in Brown and Deep Blue. Love the colors not particularly the formula. I may go get the UD Foxy Four Way Ulta eyeliner set.

    Weekend Plans: Clean house. Yay.

    Perfect temp: Im happy in any temp as long as its not too extreme.

  23. Haul: John Frieda hair care products and a Maybelline mascara.

    Weekend plans: Gonna go skiing tomorrow, woohoo 😀

    What’s your perfect temperature?: 25 to 28 degrees celsius, and not too much humidity please.

  24. Cat G

    Haul: I don’t think anything… but I might pick up some eyeliners today!
    Weekend plans: Homework
    What’s your perfect temperature?: 76 degrees.

  25. Deb

    You got the best haul of all…..Mellan! I swear that dog is too cute for his own good.

  26. Joyce

    Awwe!!! I love doggie Dorito ears!! (when they’re very triangular :D)

    Haul: the opposite — sent my friend away with a bunch of makeup and her daughter with lots of nail polish!
    Weekend plans: Celebrating my husband’s birthday weekend, dinner with friends tomorrow night, church and spending time with family on Sunday.
    What’s your perfect temperature?: Hmm probably 68-72 with zero humidity :)

  27. kEG

    Mellan looks so dashing!
    haul-nothing this weekend
    weekend plans-being lazy and getting caught up on cleaning
    fave temp- 85/air,80 water-so i can get in a good swim!

    • I’m totally weird but in water, I need it to be warmer than 80! I get so cold!

      • kEG

        I agree-it’s a little chilly, but I keep moving so I warm up pretty fast. If it gets too warm-as in July ,Aug, and Sept. the Gulf can feel like a big bathtub-and not a refreshing one!!

  28. Haul: ELF products: blushes in Blushing Rose, Peachy Keen, Tickled Pink, Mellow Mauve, Undereye Setting Powder, Daily Brush Cleaner, Defining Mascara in Black and Maximum Coverage Concealer in Tan.
    Weekend plans: On Saturday morning I’ll be working at a photo shoot, and later in the evening a friend is coming to NY and I’ll be having dinner with her.

    What’s your perfect temperature?: 80 degrees.

  29. Anne

    Haul: Guerlain Perles d’Azur and Guerlain Capri (the quad from the Pucci collection. I was so surprised to find them both! But the Sephora where I found them was full of LE products sold out everywhere else. It was a bit of a wonderland). I also bought Nars new concealer in Honey.

    Weekend Plans: WORK! WORK! WORK!

    Perfect temperature: It depends on the season, really. But never too warm: I’m a creature of the cold.

  30. Haul: UDPP in Original and All Nighter Setting Spray from Nordstrom Rack. So much cheaper! They had a lot of old UD palettes too. (Old Ammo, Deluxe, Mariposa…)

    Weekend plans: Homework and practicing driving! Scary. =P And going shopping with my grandma and sister.

    Perfect temperature: 118. I’m literally ALWAYS freezing. I’ve stayed with family in the Mojave desert for the past two summers, where the temp can sometimes hit 125. I loved it because I actually wasn’t freezing, and I could wear a tank top and shorts without a hoodie! =P

  31. CMG

    Haul: none

    Weekend plans: attending a professional conference and networking. Celebrating an anniversary with the bf when I return.

    Perfect temp: 88 degrees!

  32. Leticia

    Haul: Lancome Teint Idole Foundation and Corail in Love Nail Polish
    Weekend plans: Try to get some extra sleep and hopefully a movie!
    What’s your perfect temperature: 78 to 80 °F!

    Mellan is a heartthrob with that tie!! Oooh, I want to hug him!!

  33. Mariella

    Haul: The new Nars Pressed finishing powder (I forget the whole full name but all y’all know what I mean), Bare Escentuals Moss mineral eye-shadow (the loose powder). I think that’s all but I also got a sample of MAC’s BB cream.

    Weekend plans: a friend is coming to stay; we’re going shopping and lunching and probably yoga-ing at some point; also going out to buy a dress for an event next month (I hope the store still has the one I tried on and liked a few weeks ago – BEFORE I knew about this even). Christine, I also LOVE brunch and I always feel like I’m on vacation when we go out for brunch and it’s also one of my favourite ways to entertain friends – have them over for brunch!

    Perfect temperature: I live where everything’s in Celsius now and I don’t recall the equivalent but I love it at 20 degrees C. Not too hot; not too cold; just right!

  34. Haul: The Aerin Lauder core collection of cosmetics – foundation, bronzer, lip/cheek cream and lip conditioner :/ Also picked up a new bottle of EL Double Wear foundation to see if the formula IS, in fact, different (some people insist it is, some say it isn’t). Jay was looking at Tom Ford’s Oud Wood while we were shopping (I knew he’d love it and I LOOOVE it). Nothing for me though, they tried to turn me on to Tuscan Leather once I mentioned I preferred “natural smells” LOL! I was told Tuscan Leather is supposed to smell like cocaine and men’s crotch. No dice.

    Weekend plans: Catching up on videos and house work.

    What’s your perfect temperature?: Mid to high 70’s. I like warm but not hot. Though, living in western Washington I’ll take our week of 90 degree weather and soak it up. Everyone else bitches I say, “just shut up and stop trying to move so fast… when it’s hot you just sloooooow dooooown.” :)

  35. Sarah

    Mellan is such a fancy boy!

    Body Shop – 12 shower gels and two lip balms with BOGO free!
    Hourglass – #3 All-over shadow brush! Like super soft kitten ears.
    Dior – Dior Addict Lip Glow. Meh. Doesn’t really change my lip color, but it feels nice going on. A fun one-time splurge.
    Nars – Light Reflecting Loose Powder.
    Laura Mercier – Velour Puff to use with the Nars powder.
    Butter London – Horse Power, Hardware and Nail Foundation.
    Burberry – Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench 1. I have to use 1/2 pump with my face lotion, because 1 pump alone is a little to dark and heavy feeling for my oily skin. It took some experimenting, but this way is fantastic as I don’t require much coverage just a little evening out. I love this product!

    Weekend Plans:
    A couple games of Catan Jr with my daughter. Cleaning. Some exercising. Watching some Doctor Who with my husband tonight, before he goes back to work.

    My Perfect Temperature:
    I love overcast days with a smell of rain in the air with a gentle breeze. Late night thunderstorms would be ideal. I prefer slightly cooler weather, like 60s, where a nice cardigan or hoodie is not required but feels wonderful to have on.

    • What a lovely haul, Sarah!

    • Veronica

      I own the Dior Lip Glow, and while I do see a change when I put it on, I think that’s because I have very fair skin with a very pink mouth. Anybody with a more pigmented lips (red, brown, etc.) is going to find it pretty much useless.

      • Sarah

        That’s why I got the Dior Lip Glow, because I have very fair skin and not very pigmented lips (light pink), like yourself. I saw a lot of nice lip pictures of beauty bloggers wearing it looking like a nice brightened pink-raspberry. I did one lip with the balm and one without and, like I said, it was barely noticeable; slightly pinker. It still feels lovely on (I’ve applied it a few times throughout the day, because it is so nice), but not a product I’d feel compelled to repurchase.

        • Veronica

          That’s sort of my feeling on it. I like to wear it because it makes a nice “nude”-ish pink shade for me, but it’s something I wouldn’t purchase personally. I was a tad luckier in that a friend gifted it to me one year for Christmas.

          (I can get a bit of a rasberry look by layering it over and over again until it stains my lips, but why pay Dior prices for a balm to do that when I can just get a more pigmented product? :P)

  36. Aida

    I got another Dior quint (gosh, I’m being really bad), Rosy Tan.
    We’re traveling on business this weekend.
    My ideal temperature is somewhere between 65-70F… I can’t stand being too hot. I’d take cold over heat anytime.

  37. amanda

    Haul: Just the Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational that you reviewed recently. Love it thus far. I mostly bought it for an on location fashion/beauty shoot though.

    Weekend Plans: Volunteering tomorrow for a while and then doing said photoshoot. Should be pretty fun.

    Perfect Temp: I tend to like it around 65 degrees

  38. t_zwiggy

    Haul: No makeup, but 4 pairs of jeans (which I already have too many of)

    Weekend plans : Staying at home watching tv. Super relaxing weekend :)

    Perfect temperature : I can’t handle high temperatures at all. Anything over 70 is too hot and uncomfortable. I prefer about 65 in the summer and 5 – 10 in the winter. I’m used to -20 in the winter, charming, but a bit cold if you have to be outside more than an hour. (All temperatures in Fahrenheit in case anyone is wondering)

  39. Veronica

    Mellan looks like a 007 dog. Going to charm his way into Soviet HQ by way an officer’s lady dog.

    Haul: Bare Escentuals Renew and Repair eye cream (why did I wait so long to try eye cream…ahhh, so smooth), Benefit Lemon Aid eye brightener. Hopefully this will help replace the effect of my shattered Bobbi Brown corrector. :(

    Weekend Plans: Still working on taxes, studying for upcoming exams, helping my sister prep for her big move, and getting an estimation for my car. None of that sounds fun to me. 9_9

    What’s your perfect temperature: 70. Not too hot, not too cold, and usually not sunny enough to give me sunburn within twenty minutes of walking outside. 😛

  40. VickyM

    Haul: a gorgeous strapless top, color pink, basically the same color as that Illamasqua polish with the black glitter, really pretty and another more sporty top in a deep pink shade this time.

    Weekend plans: study for exams, assist to my official graduation group photo :) .

    Temperature: 20 Celsius

  41. blueraccoon

    Haul: A couple of the Maybelline Vivid lipsticks (Shocking Coral and Brazen Berry), Pixi eyeliner in Copperglow, Laura Geller Balance n Brighten foundation, IT Cosmetics powder foundation and brush, two of the IT Cosmetics Vitality Anti-Aging lip flush things (whatever the name is). Everything was on Easy Pay and…*sigh*

    Weekend plans: PACK! Also I have some errands to run tomorrow and a nail appointment, and work Sunday morning.

    Fave temp: I love the cold. Anything above about 72 is too hot for me, and really I’m happy in the low 60s or even the 50s. Jeans, t-shirt and light sweater is perfect weather for me.

  42. Haul: After a few weeks off, I had a busy week – Dior polishes in Crystal, Pastique, and the Gel Coat; Chanel Emprise, Taboo; Laura Mercier Lipgloss in Gilded Veil. It’s a triple-point weekend at Nordstrom, so I’m sure there will be more before the sun sets on Sunday…

    Weekend plans: NCAA tournament action! I’m a UCLA fan, so will be watching them tonight and if/when they advance. Also volunteering at a film festival tomorrow, then a lazy Sunday brunch. Busy, but all fun things!

    What’s your perfect temperature?: 83-85 degrees. I love laying out by the pool, and at that temp it’s hot so you know it’s summer, but not so hot you can’t cool down. :)

  43. Miss J

    Haul: I just bought a new top coat and a couple of polishes. I plan on picking up maybe one or two new NARS blushes this weekend, though; I’m debating between Angelika, Torrid, Liberte, and Seduction. I suppose it doesn’t matter since I’m essentially trying to complete my collection, and they’ll all be mine at some point or another, lol.

    Weekend plans: Errands and cleaning, as per the usual. :) I also need to redo my mani at some point.

    What’s your perfect temperature?: I’m usually good anywhere between 65-85 degrees; I don’t like extreme cold or heat, but I’m better at tolerating colder weather than hotter weather. I also don’t like too much humidity.

  44. Sabriel

    Haul: Nothing! But I’m eying the Too Faced “Summer Eyes” palette, Tarte Blush in “Awakening,” and the new Revlon lip butters. Someday. Someday.

    Weekend Plans: I feel like I always say this, but cleaning. It’s about time to start winter wrap-up, even though we still have a four foot tall pile of snow in the parking lot.

    Perfect temperature: Hmmmm! It depends! I like taking a walk on a crisp fall day, when the temperature is maybe 55. I also kind of love it when it’s in the high 80s, though. It’s very sensual. I grew up in the South and actually loved the summer, even when it was 100 degrees in the shade.

  45. Kelly

    Haul: maybelline age rewind concealer I love it and maybe tomorrow mac lipstick, and eye makeup remover from Sephora.

    Weekend plans: Tomorrow go to the mall and Sunday work =(

    Temperature: Oh I love the heat. 90F is perfect to me. =)

  46. I’ve been buying one of Loral’s Colour Riche nail polishes a week for about the past month and a half now. They last for 4-5 days which is terrific on me.

    Just bought some makeup though, after lurking here for several weeks: first makeup purchases in years. Stopped wearing it for any number of reasons, now making some mid-life changes.

    Inglot 9, 397 and 610 eyeshadows and 236 lipstick. I’ve long wanted to wear a bright-rich true green and now I can. I Really like the site: it’s very helpful. As was my SA at Inglot (in Tel Aviv).

    • Yay! Happy to hear they polishes are wearing well for you, Erin! :)


      • Thanks–sorry for the typo. Your dog types better than I, even though I proof!

        I’ve gone in and out of wearing makeup off and on over my life and your site has been very useful for helping me figure out what I want and like and what I don’t. (Perfume, now, is a straight-on love affair.)

  47. Nicole

    Haul: Nothing this week.
    Weekend plans: Theater show on Friday night, appointment with my tailor on Saturday, lunch with the family on Sunday and meeting a friend on Sunday afternoon / evening.
    What’s your perfect temperature?: Room teperature about 22°C or outside about 25 °C.

  48. Haul: A MAC and Bobbi Brown haul! MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Select Coverup, Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (Loose), Brow Set in Beguile, and Liquidlast Liner in Point Black. Bobbi Brown – THREE High Shimmer Lipglosses! Plus a gift with purchase fullsize lipgloss! Now I have to wait for it all to be delivered…!

    Weekend plans: Watch the rugby, hang out, relax 😀

    What’s your perfect temperature?: In Australia, about 26-28 degrees Celsius. In New Zealand, 18-20 is stunning. In saying that, I love it when it’s cold and you can rug up in coats!

  49. Cecilia

    I was bummed to learn that Ulta was placing restrictions on what brands you are allowed to use their coupons and promotions. Even beautydotcom, this week they had a 20% off promo but I could not use it towards the high end brands. So I guess that’s just a sign that I really need to stop hauling and start finishing up some of my stash! 😛