Friday, March 8th, 2013

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: I have been insanely busy this week, so I managed not to buy anything!
  • Weekend plans:  I have a mile-long to do list, both blog-related and not, that I have to get through or else! I am determined!  No fun this weekend, none at all :)
  • What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?:  I love The Holiday and The Proposal. I always smile 90% of the time I’m watching either!

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This week’s Mellan photo/video…

I love when he furrows his brow! I wish I knew what he was thinking!

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44 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #174

  1. haul: mostly repurchases like WEN, dr Dennis Gross serum. I did order the Hourglass primer that gives you a tan. weekend plans, getting head shots done if this snow stops. if it doesn’t, will hit the slopes. I don’t have a specific movie I watch to cheer me up but maybe I should find one

  2. Elle Jaye

    ■Haul: I picked up the new Iman BB creme. I hope it lives up to the hype :) Its supposedly supposed to help with hyperpigmentation. I ordered the Ben Nye powder in Sienna to set my face after the BB creme. Hopefully this will be my summer look (no foundation). I also picked up one of the Maybelline Vivids, Vivid Rose. I got some things from MAC: Creme Cup lipstick and Shell Colour Base. I got a Bobbi Brown Corrector in Deep Bisque and a blush that I plan to use as a contour from Fashion Fair, Chocolate Chip. I am waiting on the Clinique GWP from Dillards this weekend to get a few skin care essentials and use the samples to restock my travel bag.

    ■Weekend plans: Play around with all my makeup goodies and watch my DVR. I have a lot of stuff recorded!

    ■What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: Hmmm, I love Just Wright, Love Jones, and The Ugly Truth.

  3. mirian

    haul: NADA. trying to save

    weekend plans: gym gym gym and maybe some retail therapy

    favorite movie to cheer myself up: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE <3

  4. kEG

    haul-nars lip pencil in Jardin de Plantes and Yu
    weekend plans- flying up north to see my parents
    favorite happy movie- honestly, just being at the movies or watching a good movie at home, makes me happy. I am definitely not fussy about relaxing!

  5. Deja

    I hauled some Wet N’ Wild lippies from since its the last day of the 20% off.

    My counter is in gift so I’m pretty much gonna be exhausted this weekend. Gonna try and get out with some friends at least once.

    Any movie with Audrey Hepburn cheers me up. :)

  6. Haha Mellan looks so philosophical with his brow furrowed! Looks like he’s got some kind of major existential debate going on in his head 😉

    Haul: Tom Ford True Coral! I’m back in full-on coral mode and I’ll probably be picking up more coral lipsticks in the months to come!

    Weekend plans: Ha, this is funny. Yesterday people were replacing the gas/electricity meters in my apartment building when they found a pipe in the basement that had been leaking a bit of gas for God knows how long. While I’m really grateful for the fact that they found it before the whole building could be blown up, the pipe won’t be replaced till Monday. This weekend I’ll probably pack up and be a shower refugee at some friends’ house nearby!

    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: I’m going to go ahead and say Monsters, Inc. Can’t stop thinking about Monsters University that’s coming out this summer!

  7. Icequeen81

    hahahah cute when mine rise his brow when I’m talking to him I really wonder what he is thinking. Sometimes it seem he is like yeah yeah keep on talking

  8. I love the Holiday too <3 Jude law is so handsome!

  9. Joyce

    Haul: a lot of groceries!
    Weekend plans: Homework, visiting family, and church!
    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: Facing the Giants, The Parent Trap, or Fast Five.

  10. Haul: Lorac Pro palette came in the mail and My Sugarpill order from the 14th came in (love the Toxic False Eyelashes!). Also my Sephora Jasmine order is at the PO to pick up tonight.

    Weekend plans: Buying artist supplies!

    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: I don’t know really… I don’t think I have one as I’m always watching new stuff. By I watch a lot of comedy. 😉

  11. Jen

    Haul: I purchased some MAC pigments, some new eyeshadow pans, lip pencil and a select sheer loose powder. Also I purchased my first Sugarpill eyeshadow in Poison Plum.

    Wknd Plans: Work a little Saturday morning and relax with my honey the rest of the weekend.

    Favorite movie that cheers me up: 100% Trading Places with Eddie Murphy!

  12. Adele

    Haul: MUFE Smoky Lash, Benefit Sun Beam, BareMinerals eyeshadow quad in The Happy Place
    Weekend Plans: Work, and homework.
    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: Devil wears Prada. Makes me feel better about my job. And Meryl is hilarious in it.

  13. Let

    Haul: Illamasqua Fragile — I managed to track one down at a nearby Sephora

    Weekend Plans: study for finals, write paper

    Fav. Movie to Cheer Self up: none, to be honest. I don’t really have the intention to watch a movie more than once…

  14. Anne

    “To bark or not to bark, that is the question.”

    Good luck with all the work you have, Christine! You sound so determined!

    Haul: I didn’t buy anything: since I’ve come back home for the holidays, I’ve found a bunch of stuff I ordered this past couple of months and had shipped to the family house waiting for me. Including Chanel Dragon (a good deal on ebay!)! I’m wearing it right now and boy. I am so, so, SO glad I listened to you Christine, because you were absolutely right: it’s that amazing!

    Weekend plans: a lot of work AND a lot of fun -my sister and I are going to the restaurant with our father tonight, with our mother tomorrow, and I have friends coming over sunday night. A busy weekend it will be.

    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: it’s a tie between A shop around the corner (a Lubitsch) and A wonderful like (a Capra), with a slight preference for the former. Why yes, I love James Stewart. (Seriously though, for anyone who has not seen them yet, they are fantastic movies. They usually make me in such a good mood for at least a full week)

  15. Haul:
    Sephora’s new Pantone Emerald collection came out and I went a little crazy. The color is very cool-toned yet so flattering on everyone. So far I grabbed the emerald liquid liners, eyeshadow, nail polish, mascara, and the lip gloss quad in the neat clear packaging. I’m still hunting down the liquid liner trio. I may just break down and buy it online.

    Weekend plans:
    My sister in law is treating me out to dinner tonight. Finally a reason to break out the night club outfits and makeup again =D

    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?:
    Drunken Master. Comedy and ridiculous kung fu action? Yes please.

  16. AnGeLwInGz

    Awww, look at that face. If I had a Mellan I’d never stop hugging him!
    Haul: Nothing this week, but I’m putting together a shopping list for my next paycheck.
    Weekend plans: Work on invitations for my very delayed wedding reception.
    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up? Step Brothers.

  17. Haul: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair, and a couple of samples with Cosmo and Glamour
    Weekend plans: I’m housesitting, so a load of chores. But hopefully a little time to go out to town and shop. *A*
    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: I’m not a *massive* movie person, but if I am in the mood it’s either a comedy (The Producers, Dogma, In The Loop), or the HP films haha.

  18. Mellan is suchs a cutesie pie!

    Haul: e.l.f. goodies! Some shimmer products ans a brow palette.

    Weekend plans: My boyfriend insists on taking me shopping tomorrow. How can you refuse an offer like that?? :-)

    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: I love Wedding Crashers :-) But really any good comedy will do.

  19. Janelle

    Haul: My Clarisonic went to heaven so I have to get a new one. I am sick and leaving work early, but know that I have to get a new Clarisonic otherwise I am wasting my serum I purchased last week.

    Weekend Plans: To nurse myself back to health. It is actually good I am sick as I have some paperwork I need to complete for an audit on Monday at work.

    What Movie do you watch to cheer yourself up?: I like to watch anything funny or where a female kicks serious butt. I think there are too many movies that depict women and week and needing a man to save them…

  20. Smidge

    Mellan ponders the deep mysteries of canine existence… “Which toy should I eat today?”

  21. omg i love the holiday, too! it’s the cutest. i also enjoy the wedding planner and head over heels. terrible i know but they always make me feel better.

  22. Mariella

    Haul: Nars Cordura eyeshadow duo, Nars loose setting powder (because they were out of the pressed one and I was itching to try it), another tube of Sephora’s moisturizer and the Annabelle CC cream that I saw in one of Christine’s “link love” videos. Oh, and another Revlon Cherry Tart lip butter to keep in my school bag.

    Weekend plans: yoga (lots), cooking (I think my brood is getting a bit tired of me not making dinners) and some sewing. March Break just began for me at 2:51 this afternoon, so I’ve the whole week ahead to enjoy!

    Movie to cheer myself up: Oh gosh – Waking Ned Devine or The Matchmaker (with Jeanine Garofalo) or Monty Python’s Holy Grail or the first Ghostbusters movie.

  23. xamyx

    Haul: NARS Brumes & Violetta (long time lemmings); Soho Blush & Duo-fiber brushes; Palladio Herbal Mosaic Powder Sun Kissed; 9-10 Sinful Colors polishes; Aveeno BB Cream (it’s everything I hoped the TM would be).

    Plans: Mom stuff (bank, grocery store, laundry, cleaning, etc).

    Movie: I’m really not into comedies, so the sort of films I watch aren’t really conducive for lifting my spirits. I’d rather just listen to music.

  24. n.

    I hauled the NYX eyeshadow primer. Figured I would see how it holds up against UDPP.

  25. Alley Cat

    Haul: I *just* ordered theBalm’s Bahama Mama a few hours ago. I was looking for a new contour powder, and it was a tossup between Bahama Mama and Mac Pro Sculpting Powder in Shadowy. I had the chance to try Shadowy, and it looked dirty on me. Even if I use a very light hand, it just looks like I have a super thin film of dirt on my face. I guess it’s because I have a very warm, brown skin? I think something a bit lighter than Shadowy but a bit darker than Sculpt would’ve worked for me. Anyway, I chose to get Bahama Mama in the end, because it’s super brown with a yellowish tint – sort of my skin but a few shades darker.

    Weekend Plans: I’m playing video games and baking salted caramel brownies for the whole family on Sunday!

    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: Hmmm. A Series of Unfortunate Events, for some reason, always makes me happy.

  26. londonhermit

    This weeks haul: 3 MAC shadows and a 188 brush. I went to Sephora and brought two of there brand eyeshadow and I received a palette for free. I also brought a Nook which I’m exicited about. So now I have 5 Kindles and a NOOk.
    Weekend Plans: hit the gym
    My favorite movie that cheers me up is Disney’s A Christmas Carol.

  27. Sabriel

    Haul: I picked up some nail polish on sale at Marshalls: Orly Primetime and $OPI Club Scene Queen. Club Scene Queen is pretty cool; it’s very sheer, but also very bright, so it’ll be a good layering shade.

    I also got a gel eyeliner (L’Oreal Infallible in Navy) and a liquid eyeliner (Wet n’ Wild in Black) and I’ve been practicing my cat-eye.

    Weekend Plans: I’m a Role-Playing Game geek (like Dungeons and Dragons) and I have a new game starting up this weekend. I’m excited, but I also need to build a character before tomorrow and I am not feeling very creative.

    Movie: It’s probably just the picture of Mellan, but the first thing that came to mind was “Homeward Bound,” which was my absolute *favorite* movie as a kid. I haven’t seen it in years, but I’m sure watching it would cheer me up!

    Other than that, just any comedy! The more absurd, the better. Maybe “Clue” or the original “Death at a Funeral,” which sounds depressing, but it’s not.

  28. blueraccoon

    Haul: Two of the new Too Faced La Creme lipsticks (Teddy Berry and Bumbleberry), Tarte blush in Peaceful, and Tarte cream eyeshadow. That’s it for me for a while; I’m on a no-buy until after we move!

    Weekend plans: Tomorrow is Bring a Friend day at Ikea so I’m heading there with a friend. Should be fun, if crazy.

    Favorite movie: Star Wars (original trilogy only thanks) or my all-time favorite movie Casablanca. The Maltese Falcon is also good for cheering up because it’s just fun.

  29. Barbie

    awwwwwwwwww omg that’s adorable!

    haul; real techniques travel essential set, and silicone kitchen glove because i got inspired by sigma’s new brush cleaning glove it was 10 dollars. they are crazy for making that glove 40 dollars lmao, waiting for nyx order to come in as well eeee

    weekend plans; possibly hanging out w/ my friend on sunday we’ll see

    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: any comedy movie that i like (mean girls, tommy boy ect ect) i love to watch things that make me laugh.

    • Miss J

      Ditto on the Sigma glove! $40 for a silicone kitchen glove with some texture on it, nope, not for me!

      • Barbie

        it’s mindboggling to me. if it was like 15-20 dollars yeah cool whatever but 40 dollars plus shipping no way

  30. Leticia

    Haul: MAC Mall Madness Lipglass!
    Weekend plans: My Lab Kasumi turned one year old last Tuesday, so tomorrow is her pampering day :D! She’ll get a bath and a new toy to destroy, I mean, play with!
    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up? I like quite a few, but every time I have a chance to watch Back to the Future, I do!

    Oh, Mellan…..he seems to be eyeing a toy to jump at!

  31. Miss J

    Haul: OPI OPI…Eurso Euro (bright, but still deep blue cream almost blurple) and OPI Stay The Night (liquid sand texture, matte charcoal/black with pinky-red glints). I really did not expect to like the liquid sand polish, but I actually am kind of gaga over this particular one. After the Beauty First stop, I headed over to the JCP Sephora here with my mom to match her to a NARS TM shade, so ended up purchasing that for her. I, finally, got to swatch Seduction Blush in person. GORGEOUS! I will probably end up ordering it tonight, lol. I put it back after picking it up in store because my mom was starting to cause a scene over it. It’s so embarrassing to have a mom that talks to her adult child like…uh…a child, LOL. It’s like…hey, Mom, I’m YOUR kid, but I’m not *A* KID! Really not fun when people in a store start staring, and I’m just thinking no, people, I’m not 7…I am 27. Ok, rant over, lol.

    Weekend plans: The usual chores and errands plus visiting with family. Weather permitting, going to visit my nephew.

    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: I don’t think I have a specific movie I watch to cheer myself up, but there are definitely movies I will watch over and over because they always put me in a good mood. The Proposal is definitely one of them! Also, Clueless is one from when I was a kid that my friends and I were OBSESSED with watching, so it always brings back good memories from that time. I also love watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club. Oh, and A Christmas Story! I think most of the movies that cheer me up are the ones from the 80s/90s that I watched growing up.

  32. Mimi

    It’s an oldie but “What’s Up Doc?” with Ryan O’Neal and Barbara Streisand is hilarious. It also has Madeline Kahn who is brilliant as always. Very funny with lots of sight gags and funny dialog. Try to find it at the library, maybe.

  33. Erica

    Haul: As a “made it through the work week and overnight snow storm” treat, I bought 2 drugstore lippies. Revlon Nude Attitude lipstick and Revlon Peach Petal lipgloss.

    Weekend plans: MUFE is doing free 30 min. makeovers by appointment on Saturday in NYC. Reserved it a few weeks ago. Caveat: They use what’s in your makeup bag. I am dragging EVERYTHING: eyeshadow palette, blush palette and concealer palettes, lippies, etc. (lol). Hope they give out free but good stuff.

    Favorite movie to cheer me up? I take it old school: Animal House, Uptown Saturday Night (Sidney Poitier & Bill Cosby) and Which Way Is Up – My MAN Richard Pryor!!!!

  34. Haul: If last weekend counts as this week, I bought several items at The Makeup Show LA. During the week I just got a couple nail polishes on clearance – so hard to resist!

    I have a terrible cold right now, so I’m planning to spend this weekend attempting to breathe through my nose, and probably failing :/

  35. Erin

    Haul: NotYourMother’s Beach Babe texture cream, Maybelline Vivids lipstick in Pink Pop, Nars Coconut Grove eyeshadow, Lavanila Vanilla Coconut rollerball perfume, Coral My World mini set by Benefit, lots of nice little samples from Ulta and Sephora.

    Weekend Plans: Downton Abbey marathon and coffee with friends.

    Cheer-me-up Movies: anything Nora Ephron, Clueless. Cheesy.

  36. What a precious puppers! 😀 Good luck getting through your to-do lists this weekend! I hope you do and you have some time for R&R. I LOVE The Holiday, too! Such an uplifting, happy movie and I love Queen Latifah.

    Haul: Nothing this weekend – gottta catch up on everything I have in queue to be photographed/tested/reviewed. Although I can’t sotp thinking about Butter London’s Trout Pout.

    Favorite Cheer-up Movie: Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion always makes me laugh and feel happy b/c it’s so goofy and fun!

    Weekend Plans: Help my mom paint her place tomorrow, catch up on blog-related work, finish watching season 2 of Homeland! We only have 3 left and it’s heating up to crazy levels!

  37. Haul: I bought a few things at the drugstore and online from Ulta this week. 2 L’Oreal Lift cream blushes,Peach Gold and Berry Lift, a CoverGirl Jumbo Balm from the Queen range, a NYX Buttergloss (Tiramisu), an NYX eyeshadow trio (I think it’s called Cha Cha in Rio?) and the Urban Decay Oz palette in Glinda :)

    Weekend plans: nothing really planned yet!

    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: I used to watch the same movies over and over again when I was in my teens, but now I don’t really do that anymore. If I need to cheer up I look for a comedy I haven’t seen yet.

  38. Aida

    Today I got another Dior quint, 970 Stylish Move and I love it!
    We’re going hiking tomorrow on a new hiking trail and I’m super excited about it, especially because its supposed to be in the 60F’s!
    Pretty much any Woody Allen movie :).

  39. CC

    Haul: Nars lipstick in Jungle Red, FAB Anti Redness Serum, Rimmel lip pencil in Indian Pink, Essence Match2Cover cream concealer, Rimmel Glam Eyes Trio Eye Shadow in Orion, Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss in Pink Afterglow, and a bunch of cotton pads.

    Weekend plans: Go to work and on Sunday go volunteer at La Quinta Arts Festival! So excited!

    Movie: I don’t know, really, the only one that comes to mind is Mean Girls, but I also love Pixar’s Up!

  40. Deb

    Haul: Different Dimension neon holo polishes, clothes from Uniclo, and some Zoya polishes. I’m not buying anything next week!

    Weekend plans: Finish translation homework, party at my sister’s, maybe some baking.

    Cheer up movie: You’ve Got Mail, Runaway Bride, any number of Disney animated movies…

  41. Nicole

    Haul: I bought a red Rouge d’Armani and 101 Beige Rouge d’Armani lipsticks and Essis A list and Sugar Daddy nail polish. The red ones are a bithday present for my mum the natural ones are for myself.

    Weekend plans: I decided spontanious to go to the theatre tonight.

    What’s your favorite movie to cheer yourself up?: Legally Blonde, Because I said so and How to loose a guy in ten days.