Friday, February 8th, 2013

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: Burberry spring products
  • Weekend plans:  Celebrate the Vietnamese New Year
  • What’s your favorite color right now?:  Jade green

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This week’s Mellan photo/video…

Showers, showers, showers.

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139 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #170

  1. Joyce

    Oh my goodness! Wet Mellan looks SO different from dry Mellan! 😛

  2. Nadia

    Mellan always looks adorable!

    Haul: Lancome blush in love in Pommettes D’Amour, le crayon kohl in deepwater blue, lip maestro in 501 from giorgio armani (absolutely love this!! thanks for the reviews) and a gel liner from ysl in bronze black.

    Weekend plans: I have a class on saturday and a lunch with a friend who is travelling for a whole year!

    What’s your favorite color right now?: I love both lilac and pink :)

    Enjoy the celebrations Christine!

  3. Elle Jaye

    Haul: MAC Archie girls, Loreal Caresse lip stains, so far. I plan to haul more this weekend with my gift money. I have my eye on some Clarins products!

    Weekend plans: Today is my 30th bday so I have a weekend of fun planned by my best friend!

    What’s your favorite color right now?: Rose Gold! and Teal. Actually wearing that combo today!
    They look amazing together :)

  4. Aww Mellan looks so much smaller when he’s wet! Also, now come to think of it I knew the Vietnamese celebrate the lunar new year, I just never looked into what are the common practices (I’m guessing a lot of food will be involved though)!

    Haul: Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss and LMdB eyeshadow brush! Zuneta’s having a 20% off sale so… 😉

    Weekend plans: Celebrating the Chinese New Year! That and the usual humdrum (cleaning, blogging, oh and I need to trim the kitty cats’ nails).

    What’s your favorite color right now?: Huh that’s a hard one. I’m going to cheat and pick taupe and coral!

  5. Nicoco Chanel

    – palmer’s cocoa butter eye cream
    – rimmel apocalips in celestial
    – 4 face masks
    – barrym gelly nail polish in watermelon
    – maybelline the rocket volume express (because I needed a third mascara in two weeks…)

    Weekend plans: nothing in particular at the moment! If the wind stays down I might drag the bf out if there’s not too much work.

    Favourite colour at the moment: greeeeeeey. Blue toned grey.

    Have a good new year! X

  6. mirian

    Yay mellan!!

    haul: got my glossybox, which was incredibly lame and one thing leaked all over the box so i’m waiting for them to ship a new one. all my archies girls deliver (YAY!!) and i’m waiting for a diptyque shipment from hautelook :). other than that…no buy for now.

    weekend plans: depends on how bad the snow storm will be

    favorite color right now: pastel peach pink :) feeling girly.

  7. Veronica

    Haul: Sinful Colors nail polish in Nail Junkie, Queen of Beauty, and Frenzy. Basically, lots of glitter that my roommate is sure to filch at some point or another. 😀 I’m also going to temporarily break my cosmetic hiatus to grab Viva Glam Nicki 2 tomorrow, but I figure the charity makes it all right. Not going to be able to wear it until summer, anyway, since I dye my hair too dark in the winter to allow for pastel-y shades. I’d be one corpsey corpse in pastels right now. 😛

    Weekend Plans: Paying off and signing the title of my sister’s car over to me, plus some overtime that I’m questioning again why I agreed to work it.

    What’s your favorite color right now? Red! In winter, I dye my hair brown-black purposely to contrast my ivory skin tone. Then I wear as much red, wine, and burgundy lipcolor as possible to retro glam it up. 😀

    • What’s your favorite burgundy lip color, Veronica?

      • Veronica

        I am quite fond of Covergirl’s Eurphoria. I wear Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Bordeaux over it when I really want it to pop. Revlon’s Raspberry Bite is also stunning. I’m pretty sure anyone could wear that shade and look good!

  8. Icequeen81

    He is so adorable :)

  9. Kate

    So sweet!

    Quick question for you (wasn’t sure if this was the right venue, but figured it can’t hurt!) do you have plans to review the Chanel Collection Maquillage Croisiere products? Just got an email about it and I’m intrigued, but its a lot of $ to drop without a Temptalia endorsement! Sorry if this has already been asked/if this is the wrong place for product questions!

    • I don’t have anything to review for it, and I haven’t bought anything – so at this time, I don’t think so! If I order, it usually takes 7-10 days to arrive and didn’t think it would stay available that long :(

  10. Haul: Seems that Styli-Style is being removed from Rexall for I pick up 3 waterproof eyeliner and 2 waterproof lip liners from a local store. I want to get more if I can but the display is severely picked over so I’ll have to find another store.
    Their all $1.99 each right now.

    Weekend plans: Merry snow storm dig out! (Random note I can’t believe it’s suppose to rain on Monday after this! >_<)

    What’s your favorite color right now?: Deep teal.

  11. Abbey W.

    Haul: A few things from the Urban Decay sale. I wanted some brightly colored shadows to switch things up.
    Weekend plans: I’ll more than likely be snowed in, so I’m planning to spend the weekend cuddling with my husband before he leaves for a week.
    What’s your favorite color right now?: Emerald green or eggplant purple

  12. Deb

    Haul: MAC Archie’s Girls products (Veronica’s Blush, Cream Soda, and Daddy’s Little Girl) and Urban Decay Deluxe Shadows on clearance.

    Plans: My sister in law is having a party so I’m going to try out my new MAC stuff!

    Favorite color: I’m loving purples right now!

  13. Haul:
    OPI Black Spotted is coming to me in the mail! I got lucky when a forum I frequent had a lady that was looking to sell her bottle. I nabbed it as soon as I read her post. Home made jaguar/leopard/cheetah print and oil slick nails here I come =D

    Weekend plans:
    Saturday is meeting with friends. My husband and I are planning to walk or hike somewhere on Sunday when he gets off of his morning shift.

    What’s your favorite color right now?:
    Really on a neutral kick. My eyes today are from Benefit’s Most Glamorous Nudes Ever. My lips are those crazy hologram Inglog lip glosses that go on a pretty sheer color. My nails have OPI ‘DS Classic’ with OPI ‘The World is Not Enough’ and a tiny bit of OPI ‘What Wizardry is This?’ on top.

  14. Jill

    Mellan is so cute!

  15. Laura

    Haul: MAC lipsticks in Firm Form and Strong Woman.

    Weekend plans: Going to a 1940s/50s party tomorrow night :)

    What’s your favorite color right now?: Black, purple and red. Doesn’t change much!

  16. GUSnail

    Mellan cracks me up!

    Haul: I bought two Revlon glosses. They were buy 1 get 50% off the second!
    Weekend plans: I’m getting my hair done.
    What’s your favorite color right now?: Navy blue and purple.

  17. Aditi

    Are you Vietnamese Christine ?

  18. Haul: Some drugstore items, including a couple Rimmel Scandal Eyes liners – I am totally loving them, new favorites!

    Weekend plans: Go to a movie w/ my fiancee, just hang out.

    What’s your favorite color right now?: Cobalt blue, I think.

  19. Tuva

    Two Real Techniques brushes
    Eight lipglosses from Maybeline (there was a sale and I couldn’t resist)
    Weekend plans: Family visit, dog obedience competition, relaxation.
    What’s your favorite color right now?: Half baked from urban decay

    • Oh, what gloss formula by Maybelline?

      • Tuva

        The MNY line. It seems like it was discontinued by the store, so I decided to grab eight shades. :) I really like the ones I’ve tried so far.

        • Tuva

          Oh, I forgot… 😛 I also caved in and bought a multi-coloured caviar nail set. I messed it up on the first try (reading instructions first is a good idea), but I’ve still got several compliments for them. :) Only did one nail on each hand just to try.

  20. Anne

    Oooh, you have Vietnamese origins, Christine? I feel silly I have no idea what the Vietnamese New Year consists in.

    Haul: off ebay, from two different sellers: Chanel Rouge Coco Ballet Russe (I’ve been lusting after it for over a year, only to find out it was discontinued. I’m glad I could find one!) and Chanel Morning Rose nailpolish, as a backup for the one I already own (it’s my HG polish!)

    Weekend Plans: lots of work to do, as always.

    Favourite Colour right now: errrm, not sure… Perhaps the dark grey of my beloved coat? (Well, that sounds dramatic!)

    • I’m half Vietnamese :) I can’t say I know the full of it, only what we do to celebrate: usually involving eating a lot of food, playing mahjong (game), red envelopes (but I’ve been told that once you get married, those days are over), and taking a shower before midnight… oh! and being the first one to cross your threshold in the new year.

  21. Cat

    Haul: I don’t have any of it yet but a bunch of stuff from Tarina Tarantino (hyperliners, blush, conditioning lip sheens) and a few items from the Archie’s Girls Collection (blush, pigment, lipsticks)
    Weekend plans: Go out for Chinese and working on school projects.
    What’s your favorite color right now?: Fuschia

  22. Ruby

    Yep! Excited about Chinese New Year’s! Our lanterns are up :-) and dumpling galore!

  23. fireinthehead - Bunny

    Haul: MAC Year of the Snake & Archie’s Girls.

    Weekend Plans: Shoveling snow and shoveling snow. Actually, it should be done tomorrow, but that’s when the plow will come… ugh!

    What’s your favourite colour right now?: I can tell you it’s not white… that’s for sure!

    And since I’m a total nerd, here’s a cool picture of the storm from GOES-13 satellite on NASA Goddard’s instagram!

    I asked them if the GOES satellite would shovel my driveway but they said they didn’t think so LOL

  24. Nicole

    Haul: I wanted to buy a new lipstick but I bought a bridesmaid wedding outfit.
    Weekend plans: Do nothing but sleeping, eating and breathing. Oh and I want to watch 2 DVDs and the 4th season of the Big Bang Theory on DVD.
    What’s your favorite color right now?: Medium grey

  25. AnGeLwInGz

    Happy Vietnamese New Year Christine! Best wishes to you and your family!
    Haul: nothing cosmetic related. A few pairs of shoes.
    Weekend plans: try to relax before my wedding on Wednesday.
    What’s your favorite color right now?: I like any kind of green. It’s the color I wear most whether it’s clothing, makeup, or nail polish.

  26. Lisa

    Haul: I spent a bit more money than I wanted to at Ulta but only got three things: UD Theodora Palette, Physician’s Formula Eye Booster eyeliner, and AG Renew clarifying shampoo.

    Weekend Plans: I’m going to re-dye my hair, wash makeup brushes, and probably spend some quality time with Netflix.

    What’s your favorite color right now?: Hm. I’m not sure. I want to say gold because I’ve been wanting to wear a lot of gold eyeshadow lately.

  27. Michelle Dao

    Haul: New dress for incoming cousin’s wedding. In search for a light orange blush to wear on that day, any suggestions?
    Weekend plans: Celebrate the Vietnamese New Year too. Chúc mừng năm mới, Christine! :)
    Favourite color right now: Turquoise, I coveted dark turquoise highlights for my hair but the hairstylist failed :(

  28. Deb

    More Mellan!! Less MAC

  29. Amalia

    Haul: MAC Year of the Snake (Aztec Gold e/s, Plumful lipstick). They were having a huge Chinese New Year celebration at my mall yesterday, and the MAC Pro store was giving out special cloth bags w/ the collection’s snake print on them!

    Weekend Plans: Hoping to finally get to see Zero Dark Thirty on Saturday.

    Favorite Color Now: Even though we’re moving into the spring months, I’m still obsessed with Oxblood.

  30. S

    Haul: Guerlain meteorites
    Plans: Celebrate Chinese New Year
    Color: Navy blue

  31. CMG

    Haul: MAC Archie’s Girl Veronica lip products and Betty’s Oh Oh Oh
    Weekend Plans: Two restaurant week reservations, watching the Grammy Awards, and viewing Side Effects.
    Favorite Color Right Now: Bubblegum Pink!

  32. Haul: Just some skincare: Clarins and Vichy.

    Weekend plans: Take care of a whole bunch of things on our to do list!

    What’s your favorite color right now?: Green, always :-) And maybe orange.

  33. Haul: Lime Crime lipstick, Chinchilla, Carousel Gloss in Hollygram.
    3 pairs of circle lenses (beauty accessory, right?)
    Flower BB cream
    Jordana Glitter liners
    Weekend plans: Emilie Autumn concert
    Fave color of the moment: baby blue

  34. karen

    MAC archies girls and clarisonic mia <3

    Love ur reviews!!

  35. Pamela

    Haul: *sigh* I was very bad this week! I picked up the UD Oz palettes, my favorites of the Archie Girls collection and took advantage of the Cult Nails sale!

    Weekend plans: Finally seeing The Hobbit in IMAX.

    Favorite color right now: blue-gray (like Cult Nails Disciplined)

    Have a great weekend, Christine!

  36. Haul: From the MAC Archie’s Girls collection: Betty Bright, Daddy’s Little Girl & Ronnie Red lipsticks. Veronica’s Blush and Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powders. Cream Soda blush. I also picked up 3 things from the Chane Spring collection! The highlighter and Captivante lipstick. Oh and I found an Asia-exclusive MAC lipstick in Well-Loved at the Cosmetics Company Outlet!! :)

    Weekend Plans: packing for a big move on Monday! My hubby got orders so off we go!

    Favorite Color right now: orange! I want an orange beach cruiser!

  37. I totally meant Chanel*** of course haha! And the third thing I got from that collection was the Raffinement quad! 😀

  38. Lizzy

    Haul: Wet N Wild’s I’m Feeling Retro eyeshadow trio, a couple lipglosses and a dotting tool from Rite-Aid when I stopped in
    Weekend plans: Celebrating my brother’s birthday and then packing to move!
    What’s your favorite color right now?: I’ve been fancying red a lot lately

  39. San

    How is Mellan so calm about getting baths?

  40. Lauren

    HAUL: I got my prize from a contest (thanks!), the Tarte Journey to Natural Beauty QVC TSV set, and a Revlon Balm Stain in Honey. Loving everything but the Balm Stain. It’s kind of drying and doesn’t go on smoothly.
    WEEKEND PLANS: Going to finally see Zero Dark Thirty

  41. blueraccoon

    Haul: A HOUSE! Oh, and some beauty stuff – Hourglass brush #2, Jane Iredale BB cream and primer, and…some other stuff I can’t remember right now. But. HOUSE!

    Weekend plans: Meet with the mortgage broker hopefully tomorrow to deal with paperwork, then go looking at appliances (we need to buy a fridge and a washer/dryer) and maybe furniture (we need so much). And work on Sunday, bleh.

    Fave color: I think at the moment I’m into red; I just bought a sheer red lipstick that I’m loving.

  42. Haul: My recent hauls have been the Nars “God created women” palette and Makeup Forever’s spring palette.
    My friday haul is MAC Pro products such as lip palettes and their natural pro highlighters.
    Weekend plans: Stay in and hide from the snow.
    Favorite color right now: Navy blue, I even dyed my hair navy blue.

  43. Sarah

    New Haul: 3 Beautiful lipsticks with Limited Edition cases from Paul and Joe.

    Speaking of Paul and Joe: Christian, have you even bought any of there cosmetics? The lipsticks are amazing and many of their collections come in cute packaging.

    • I’ve only tried a few products but nothing that’s made me want to buy sight unseen!

      • Sarah

        I know, I wish more stores carried them. They are amazing though. They glide on very smooth and don’t bleed. I got Rough (a true red), Merry-Go-Round (looks like MAC Vegas Volt), and La Vie in Rose (Looks like MAC Daddy’s Little Girl). The ones I got, the tube color looked exactly like the color on my lips.

  44. Angelina

    Haul: Betty bright lipstick, Ronnie red lipstick, Daddy’s little girl lipstick, cream soda blush, prom princess blush, flatter me pearlmatte, Veronica’s blush pearlmatte, ud oz theodora palette, ud oz glinda palette
    Weekend plans: shopping for baby stuff for the nursery
    What’s your favorite color right now?: Mint green

  45. CC

    Haul: Two new shades of the revlon lip butters, a Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eye Liner in Nude, Urban Decay Make up Mist, Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry, Nivea Lip Balm in Honey

    Weekend plans: clean my room, go to work, do math homework, and maybe go see a movie

    Favorite color: always and forever red :)

  46. Erica

    Happy New Year Christine!

    Haul: on a self imposed restriction but couldnt resist a drugstore deal – buy 1 get 1/2 off 2nd Revlon products. Bought 4 of the new Revlon Colorstay Nude nail polishes (Sandy Nude – rave hit with my co workers, Porcelain, Cool beige, and Nude beige). Also went to Sephora and finally bought Nars Albatross blush (OMG love it) and a Anastasia brow wiz pencil in Brunette. Did I mention I bought all this stuff this morning in the beginning of a NYC nor’easter? On my way to work?

    Weekend plans: post nor’easter clean up (sigh).

    Favorite color right now: I am feeling nude colors for my NC 55 nutmeg brown skin. I’ve been wearing MAC fresh brew and freckle tone lipsticks, Revlon mink lipstick with Mac chestnut or cork lip liners or my NYX brown lip liners. My go to nail polish this week is OPI San Tantonio, UD Naked. E/s is the Naked I palette this week (naked, buck and smog with some Mac colors thrown in). Blush: addicted to my Nars Taj Mahal and Mac Raizin all week. Since next week is Valentines Day I intend to use “warm” colors next week!

  47. ms

    nars and god created woman, I truly hope that the quality of the eyeshadows hasn’t taken a beating just bcos they are in a palette in stead of the singles.

    lip maestro 400, it’s nice, i like the textures. i m losing interest in red lipsticks. i have a lot. are you planning to review the god created woman palette?


  48. VickyM

    Haul: jeans, a blouse, Ysl Sheer Candy Volupte 5, on me this is not sheer at all I really, really love it 😀 .

    Weekend: study and go out.

    Favorite colour: emerald green, dark purple, dark pink, gold.

  49. Katie

    Lol. I hope he didn’t do a little shake shake after that!

  50. amanda

    Haul: Mac lipstick in Viva Glam Nicki (1) and Dubonnet. Both are amazing, and dubonnet is the perfect red for my skin tone! 😛
    Weekend plans: Relaxing, taking a break from editing photos for the mag I work for.
    Favorite color right now: I’m really liking deep wine and forest green colors right now

  51. Jennifer

    Haul: MAC Veronica’s Blush Pearlmatte face powder, Daddy’s Little Girl lipstick, Betty Bright lipstick, Strawberry Malt lipglass, Summer Sweetheart lipglass, Caramel Sundae palette, and prolongwear eyeliner in NightTrain
    Weekend Plans:shopping, studying, and cleaning
    Favorite Color at the Moment: Mint Green

  52. You know I only do these when I want attention, right? LOL

    Haul: Laxatives :(

    Weekend plans: Recovering from my first colonoscopy :/

    What’s your favorite color right now?: I always love chartreuse but I look awful in it. Fuchsia on the other hand, I rock! Cool tones FTW! LOL!

    Side note: I always thought it would be fun to see a makeup line devoted to cool toned folks. We get the short hand of the stick when it comes to the AMOUNT of products available to us… but we pull off the BESTEST colors 😉 Muahaha!

    • Awww! I hope you are feeling a bit better :)

    • Veronica

      I am a cool-toned lady, and I am behind your sentiment 100%. 😀 To date, Too Faced is the only cosmetic line I’ve come across that regularly leans cool in its eyeshadow shades, and even then, most of their face palettes lean warm.

      And don’t even get me started on what a pain foundation can be to match! Even sheer foundation can pull sallow on me if it has too yellow in it. 😛

  53. BooBooNinja

    My patience paid off and I ordered some Paula’s Choice skin care on sale. I ordered two of the Super Antioxidant Serums after going without for almost a month. Being out of skin care staples plain stinks so I also got backups of the SPF 30 physical sunscreen and the 5% AHA treatment. I’m also out of moisturizer, and ordered something more hydrating to try. I’ll pick it up tomorrow. My skin is going to be so happy!

  54. Michelle

    Haul: Two books and Revlon Colorburst Lip gloss in Rosegold :)
    Weekend plans: meet friends at Starbucks on Sunday.
    Favorite color: dark reddish berry.

  55. Jade

    LOL LOL LOL Mellan eating the water!! He is so cute hahaha 😀

    I snagged Pink Pigeon. So SO ridiculously happy with it! I love the colour, it lasts FOREVER, and I don’t find it at all drying either. I want 6 more lol. I think I’ll settle for trying to get Party Parrot tomorrow, or another matte formula lippy – I want more!!

    Working all weekend, not that I mind too much! Extra pay haha!

    Ummm… it’s actually pink or purple! Which is VERY odd considering for years my favourite colours were orange and green (yellow green, not chartreuse, more that gold-green).

    Happy Vietnamese new year Christine 😀

  56. lodnonhermit

    I’m in Massachusetts and with the storm and my uncle funeral on Friday I couldn’t haul. However I did buy Nars blush in Sangria on Tuesday.

  57. This is my favorite video! 😀 😀

    My weekend plans: Sleep, eat, sleep, eat..and then some more of the same 😀 No on a shopping ban after MAC Archie’s haul..and color right now has to be pink – lipsticks and nail color.

  58. Jennifer

    I hauled this week:

    Glinda palette
    Too faced lashgasm(may be going back)
    A cake beauty dry shampoo duo too good to pass up!
    Maybelline colour tattoo in inked in pink

  59. Maribeth

    It was my birthday week, so I treated myself to Nars “And God Created the Woman” palette, Nars Spring 2013 lippie “Dressed to Kill” & Laura Mercier Caviar Stick “Sandglow”. I am very satisfied with all my haul. “Dressed to Kill” is a beautiful fushcia rose with gold sparkles, awesome lipstick but less creamy due to the gold shimmer, the palette has the very best neutral Nars shadows & a full size brush too. The “Sandglow” caviar stick is also lovely & shimmery. Next purchase for me will be one of the new Hourglass highlighters, they weren’t at my Sephora yet.

    • Maribeth

      I too forgot to answer your questions; Haul, as listed above; weekend plans-get organized for taxes, favorite color (this week) Navy Blue.

  60. lodnonhermit

    I hauled after all. The storm let up so on Sunday I picked up two perfumes I’d wanted for a while Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche and Womanity. I went to Sephora and brought a make up brush, a Clarosinic Mia2 and blush by Tarte. I then brought 4 polishes from OPI’s spring collection. One of my last stops was to MAC to get the caramel sundae quad. I rounded it out with clothes and a pair of shoes from Forever 21. Oh and a Kindle Paperwhite 3g version.
    My plans for the remaining weekend get ready for work on Monday.
    I don’t have a favorite color I just wear what ever.