Friday, December 28th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: MAC Apres Chic/Strength/The Stylish Brow/Pressed Pigment collections, some Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeshadow palettes/lipsticks, Maybelline Color Tattoos, Maybelline Lipsticks
  • Weekend plans:  Clean! We need to get the house back in order.
  • What’s your favorite morning drink?:  Coffee!! We’ve been making our morning cup of coffee at home – so I use the Starbucks Verissimo machine and add four pumps of Pumpkin Spice to it, plus a whole lotta milk, LOL!

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This week’s Mellan photo/video…

Where’s Mellan?

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85 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #164

  1. Icequeen81

    Im amazed that his toys are whole, If I give a stuffed animal to mine I don’t know If i would see a whole one.

    Mellan looks so cute that way he has sooo many toys :) and is so loved lucky him :)

    • Most toys last a fair length of time for him. I actually find that stuffed toys are better for him than “tough” ones! I think because he’ll chew on a “tough” toy for longer, and with the stuffed ones, he just throws them around and shakes them a lot.

      • Icequeen81

        Maybe is a good idea to give mine stuffed animals , Pi ( my dog) has 2 balls a dog ball with a bell tha he barely plays with and a tennis ball I give him , that one he likes more. he also like plastic bottles. he just let roll down he likes that.

  2. Mirian

    I think you used questions from last week!

    Haul: major christmas haul. Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip treatment. Diptyque Le Ombre Dan L’eau EDP, their Revitalizing body wash, and a candle in Figuier. Guerlain Rouge G Gracy and a Meteorites Brush. Bare Minerals the star treatment palette. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and Concealer Brush. Chanel Rose Exuberant and Peridot nail colors. Illamasqua Viridian, Charisma, and Gliteratti. T3 Single Pass whirl so I can now have perfect hair. Armani Eye To Kill Mascara, Sparitual Conglomerate, Sephora Luxe Face Brush set, TOM FORD LOVELUST BLUSH, and Henri Bendel Stars and Strips Swarovski Crystal Compact. MAC Party Parrot, Strong Woman, and Apres Chic Lipsticks. Phew. Those were all the beauty related items i got. Damn.

    Weekend Plans: Relaxing and maybe a bit of shopping 😉 Maybe get stereo rose if it doesn’t clash too bad with my skin tone.

    Night Time drink: Rooisbos tea.

  3. Sarah

    I reaaally want to get the new Maybelline Color Tattoos but I can’t find them!! The promo pics have been out for a while I think so they ought to be out… but no luck at Target, drugstores or online :( (The ones I’m talking about are the metallic ones that include silver, gold and a dark blue color)

    Anyone know about these?

    Other than that, I need to refill on my Laura Mercier setting powder and will probably pick up a couple of new things while I’m at the counter :)

    • I THINK I found them yesterday, but I have to check the names. I spotted four new ones last week at CVS, but it turned out they were actually old shades that others had found in July, LOL.

  4. Haul: I didn’t buy anything new, but a friend gave me a pair of earrings she made.

    Weekend plans: Relaxing on Saturday, and seeing a friend on Sunday.

    Fave nighttime drink?: Steaming hot pomegranate white tea.

  5. Ashley Ierullo

    I just recieved OCC lip tar in Yaoi, I knew I had to add it to my lip tar collection after seeing your swatches. I love the texture of them and the metallic finish. Everything we love about lip tars with a little sparkle…who doesn’t love that?! Thank you as always!

  6. Angelina

    Mac haute altitude l/s
    Mac hot chocolate l/
    Mac cozy up l/s
    Mac strong woman l/s
    Mac firm form l/s
    Mac party parrot l/s
    Mac pink pigeon l/s
    Mac viva glam nicki l/s
    Mac Russian red l/s
    Mac stereo rose msf

  7. Haul:
    L’Oreal Infallible 8 Hour Lip Glosses (All Iced Out, Sparkle Frenzy), butter London Powder Room nail polish remover, Maybelline Color Tattoos (Electric Blue, Gold Rush)

    Weekend plans:
    Watch Book of Mormon tonight (how did my husband snag tickets? Mysterious), catch up on sleep, dinner with friends tomorrow night, and football

    What’s your favorite night time drink?:
    I’ve been drinking a lot of hot chocolate and tea at night. Something about Abuelita hot chocolate makes me smile while I sip.

  8. xamyx

    Haul: Sinful Colors polish in Paris, San Francisco, What’s Your Name, Ruby Ruby, I Love You, & Fiji; e.l.f. angled foundation brush; WnW eyeliners in Deep Blue & Green.

    Plans: Staying in & cleaning…

    Sleepytime Drink: I don’t really have one…

      • xamyx

        I’m addicted! Because of my previous job, having a small child (and actually being pregnant), and just little things in everyday life, I really neglected my nails, or at the very most used “safe” colors (I worked in a bank with a strict dress-code), but now that things have settled a bit & my daughter is so into polish, I’m having so much fun with it again.

        I have to say, Sinful Colors is a pretty good brand; I’m getting a weeks wear with no chipping or flaking, which is *huge* for me. L’Oreal has been holding up, as well.

        • I’m so happy to hear about the wear with Sinful and L’Oreal! Yay! :)

          Do you do nail art or anything – or just from the bottle? I love looking at nail art and design, but I don’t have the patience for it myself.

          • xamyx

            No nail art, but I’m having fun trying different layering combinations, LOL. It’s also alot of fun having this in common with my daughter; I swear, she has the best kept nails of any first-grader! Right now, she has Paris on her fingers (gold glitter/clear base) & San Francisco on her toes (emerald green shimmer-I guess she got the memo from Pantone…). I actually let her pick out what shades we buy at the store, and I’ve actually tried some shades I normally wouldn’t have, and was surprised I really liked them.

  9. I have to say, I feel like I’ve been terrible this week. I hauled a ton of stuff! Most of the damage was done at Mac- I picked up a few items each from Strength and Apres Chic, but I also grabbed a few items from Sephora (Becca beach tint duo, a couple of eye liner sets that were on sale, a Korres lip gloss/ mascara combo) AND I got myself one of the new Tom Ford red lipsticks (Reckless). Jeesh. I feel like a little makeup piggy…

    I hope that you have a very happy and healthy new year, Christine and I look forward to more Temptalia in 2013!

  10. Bella

    Laura Mercier Second skin cheek colour in Lush Nectarine, lipstick in Pink dawn, eyeshadow in Sesame and Eye Kohl in Black Violet <3
    Nars Lovejoy Blush, Sexual Healing (?) sheer lipstick, supervixen lip gloss and two foundation pumps since I have to mix Stromboli and Syracuse to get my shade.
    Burberry lipstick in Pink Feather
    Guerlain lipstick in Pamplelune, meteorites pressed powder in dore.

    OMG. Put like that, one might call this an OVERhaul…

  11. Amy Lane

    Just bought the Après Chic color, after your swatches, wish I had gotten hot chocolate instead! I wanted to step outside of my Mac Twig comfort zone, but I may have gone too far!! Hope you can review and dupe the new Urban Decay Basics palette!! Have a great weekend.

  12. Aww Mellan can switch from relaxing to playing in an instant!

  13. Erin

    Could Mellan be any cuter?! Love.

  14. Dominique

    Mellan is so cute, lol again with his huge hedgehog and so many toys around him !

  15. Leticia

    Haul: Nothing yet – but I hope to have time for some shopping in the weekend now that sales have started. Makeup does not usually go on sale, but well, who knows? I might find something!
    Weekend plans: Decide what to cook for New Year’s Eve dinner…Christmas left me exhausted, so I’m considering ordering pizzas! (just kidding, I will have to think of something!) And shopping for some new clothes before I can´t find anything my size!
    Favorite morning drink: Coffee! I actually love an espresso anytime of day!

    Thank you for this Friday´s Mellan video! He’s so adorable surrounded by all his toys :)! I hope you, Shaun and Mellan have a great New Year’s Eve!!

    • Happy new year, Leticia! :)

      LOL, we almost did pizza for Christmas Day dinner. No joke!

      • Leticia

        LOL, yay for pizza on holidays :D!! Happy New Year!!

        • xamyx

          We went to Denny’s for Christmas. We all have such different tastes, and noone’s a big fan of “traditional” Holiday food, so we just go out every year. This year, we let my 6-year-old choose, and that’s where we ended up, LOL. She actually did order pizza from the Kid’s Menu!

  16. Kristabelle

    Oooh are there new Color Tattoos? I’m kinda addicted.

    Haul: UD Smoked Palette (loveee), UD Naked Basics palette, OCC lip tars in Hush and Momento (Hush might be going back, it makes me look dead), Jack Black lip balm set, Vera Wang Princess Perfume, Essie Ballet Slippers (for interviews/work).

    Weekend plans: Buying a car tmrw, catching up on movies/tv, and just relaxing before I start my new job next week.

    What’s your favorite morning drink?: I have to have my coffee (with almond milk and truvia), but I also try to drink lots of water and coconut water, makes me feel less icky.

    • Any brand recs for coconut water? I had it once and spat it out :(

      • Kristabelle

        Haha yeah the regular unflavored ones are pretty nasty. The O.N.E. blue juicebox style ones are pretty good- I like the passionfruit or mango. Zico Pineapple is also really good and has no added sugar. I swear by it for hangovers!

  17. Anne

    Haul: I didn’t buy anything, since I got A LOT of makeup for Christmas this year (among other things; seriously, my sister and I were WAY spoilt this year, we were so surprised): my father bought me Guerlain’s Turandot, my mother Guerlain’s Les Gris and a MAC 239 brush (t’was time I had a real brush to work with), my sister the Chanel Malice nailpolish (I believe she snatched up the last one in town!). My father also wanted to find me the Chanel Harmonie du Soir quad, but it was already sold out in my town, when he went out to purchase all his Christmas gifts (on the 24th!). I feel bad still yearning for it, since I got so much already! I might still stumble upon it by chance when I’m back in Paris…

    Weekend plans: Rrrrest, after 3 different Christmas gatherings, and a party with some friends. Also go back to work a bit.

    What’s your favorite morning drink?: A big cup of coffee. Verrry black. I can’t function in the morning without it. Not when I’m on vacation though: I just drink tea then, no coffee at all.

  18. ms

    mac CYY, party parrot, pink pigeon. i passed on stereo rose, it imparted no color when i swatched, just highlighted,

    i might go pick up a back up of party parrot, dunno when.

  19. fireinthehead - Bunny

    Haul: MUFE eyeliner in black purple. Guerlain Lingerie De Peau in Beige Pale-not sure about the colour, it’s certainly really close when blended in but I think I’ll have to give another try or two.
    MAC: Lipsticks: Après Chic, Haute Altitude(this is so hard to say it makes my brain itch…the sounds…they do not go!), Warm Companion, Party Parrot, Firm Form, Absolute Power & Sunny Seoul. MSF: Stereo Rose & Porcelain Pink. Blushes: Amber Glow, Poised & Taupe Shape. Night Trail eyeliner. Whew, I went overboard but I had such a freaking awful December that I did not care! 😛

    Weekend Plans: Anyone want to help me eat leftover turkey and ham?

    Favourite morning drink?: Nothing appropriate or nutritious for the morning I’m sure LOL

  20. Nicoco Chanel

    Haul – nada! Spending bans sob.
    Plans – travelling up to my mum’s for new year’s with the bf. Faaaar too long in a car for my taste, blah! But i’ll be getting more pressies at least haha.
    Favourite morning drink – tea! Or water. I’m not a big fan of anything strong in the morning.

  21. Elle Jaye

    ■Haul: MAC Stereo Rose MSF and LoveJoy Blush/I got a free Pressed Pigment due to poor customer service, I think its Deeply Dashing or something like that. I also got some NYX lipglosses and a new Organix shampoo.
    ■Weekend plans: Movies and snuggie with my Honey! 100% chance of rain ALL weekend.
    ■What’s your favorite morning drink?: Coffee!! I love my Keurig. I got three different types for Christmas to try: Caramel Vanilla Cafe, Macadamia Cookie, and French Roast.

  22. Haul: Chanel’s new highlighter and Frivole blush for Spring 2013. SO excited about this!! 😀
    Weekend plans: actually, nothing :/ I better get on that…
    Favorite morning drink: for a long time, I was a multiple-cups-of-coffee-a-day drinker but I slowly weaned myself off and now am an avid tea-drinker. I still enjoy a cup of coffee every now and then (and just LOVE the rich scent) but tea is my go to. I just can’t start my day without my morning cup of green tea (either jasmine green or blueberry or plain–with LOTS of honey and lemon!!). I also recently became obsessed (literally) with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Jasmine Dragon Soy Latte. It’s jasmine green tea steeped in soy with a dash of vanilla powder–so simple but SO amazing. I have been drinking that almost every day since discovering it about a month ago 😛

  23. Lacey J.


    I just ordered mac hot chocolate lipstick, mav viva glam II (permanent) lipstick and mac viva glam v lipstick.

    I desperately needed some new lipsticks. All I have are pops of color lipsticks and nothing for everyday, so I hope my new lipstick haul fixes that problem. I know hot chocolate isnt totally an everyday shade but I just had to get it. Too beautiful.

    I think all three of those shades should go great with my favorite blush, Tarte Exposed.

    Weekend Plans: Work and trying to get my 5000 words in for my novella done this weekend.

  24. Tina

    Haul: MAC Party Parrot lipstick, Saint Germain lipstick, and Amethyst pressed pigment

    Weekend Plans: Clean, read, find Hungry Hungry Hippos for an adorable kid, and snowmobile

    Fave Morning Drink: Diet Coke

  25. Jade

    I don’t think I hauled much this week! I just picked up some sunglasses today on a BIG sale, paid only $50 for a $170 pair! Other than that i haven’t bought much, truthfully it has been good after Xmas to lay off the spending! Not like me haha.

    I’m staying in a small holiday town in Australias southwest, so the lack of shops helps curb spending quite a lot! My weekend plans are pretty much the same thing I’ve been doing since boxing day – swim in the ocean, get a tan! We’re heading back to the city on new years eve, so got to make the most of it!

    I love your coffee making amenities! I have plunger coffee every morning, I would LOVE a machine though!

  26. blueraccoon

    Haul: Um, a bunch. Benefit Fine-One-One, MUFE Rouge Artist Natural in #45, Red, Clinique Chubby Stick intense in #6, Roomiest Rose (I am planning to get all of these eventually), Ole Henriksen 3 little holiday wonders set. And I just now like two minutes ago placed an order for two Guerlain lippies (Flirt and Ballade) and the Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait (Merveille). I am planning on getting the quad but that’ll have to wait for a bit.

    Weekend plans: NOT WORKING WOO! I’m off until next Wednesday, and it’s glorious. I have no idea what I’m doing, other than going to FedEx Kinko’s tomorrow to copy and send in all the mortgage paperwork (eep!).

    Fave morning drink: I cannot get started without my morning tea. English breakfast with milk, and if I go t Starbucks I get a venti Awake with two tea bags. At home I have a Keurig, so I use the Twinings k-cups and a travel mug. Sometimes I use tea leaves if I have time, but I’m out of those at the moment.

  27. Miss J

    Haul: I exchanged my Clarisonic Mia, so I have one that works now, and I am loving it! MAC Candy Yum Yum came in the mail on Christmas Eve. I wanted Party Parrot, but I was so busy on the 24th that I forgot all about it. I planned to call the counter, but then found out it wouldn’t have been there anyway. So, no Party Parrot for me…again…lol. During Christmas shopping I picked up the small bottle of Philosophy Purity and the UD duo liner that originally came in the Naked palette…and yes…I put mine in the palette, haha. Got a QTICA set and an OPI polish as one of my gifts. And just now placed an order for Murad’s Hydrate for Hope Duo (I was living off samples plus this was a good deal, and part of the proceeds go to a BC organization) and UD Naked Basics. Yup, I just ordered the palette I have been bitching about, LOL.

    Weekend plans: NADA! Rest/relax from post Christmas madness and pre NYE madness. :)

    What’s your favorite morning drink?: I love an iced coffee from home or some sort of iced coffee/espresso drink from Starbucks. I’m not much for hot drinks unless I’m cold, sick, or want to relax. Warm drinks always make me overly warm and sleepy.

    • So you’re the person who orders an iced drink when it’s 40 degrees outside… and pouring, LOL! Actually, the reason I prefer hot drinks is because they last longer, and if I get distracted (I usually do – I always start my morning with coffee, and if I start my morning take photos and doing swatches, I have like one sip and nothing for hours), I can re-heat it.

      • Miss J

        “So you’re the person who orders an iced drink when it’s 40 degrees outside… and pouring, LOL!”

        Pretty much! :) I’m also the person who asks “Wanna get ice cream?” when it’s below freezing out and snow is on the ground. LOL!

        Hot drinks are definitely great for me when I want a drink to last, too, which is usually when I want to relax at night. It’s definitely a bummer when you get an iced drink that you forget about because then it’s all watered down. I don’t have this problem with coffee/espresso drinks, though. I suck down iced drinks SO FAST. My friend and I used to poke tiny holes in our straws when we got Starbucks, so that way we were forced to not suck them down in a few gulps, heh.

  28. Sabriel

    Haul: I didn’t buy anything for myself, but I got makeup for Christmas! My boyfriend got me the Smoked eyeliner set from UD! I haven’t touched it yet because I have a cold and am weird about germs, but I’m SO excited!

    Weekend Plans: I have been invited Contra-dancing, but I’m not sure about going.

    Fave Morning Drink: COFFEE! ME TOO! I prefer to drink it pour-over style (think Melitta) and extra-strong. Once cup will last me a while because I like to nurse it as I blink myself awake.

  29. Veronica

    Haul: I had some luck and managed to happen upon a brand new display with Maybelline’s spring Color Tattoo shades. It was a bit impulsive, but I went ahead and bought all of them except for the blue shade (Barely Branded, Inked in Pink, and Silver Strike). I wasn’t sure if they were LE, but I wasn’t taking the chance since I know they clear out quick. I really hope they keep these ones around – Barely Branded, in particular, would be a good staple neutral for light to medium skin tones. Otherwise, I’ve tried to behave. 😛

    Weekend Plans: I’m hoping to go ice skating with my sister later today before she has to go to work, and then I have some cleaning to do, myself. Sunday is going to be an official belated Christmas for my rooommate and I, and we’re going to exchange gifts and get drunk like one should on holiday.

    Favorite morning drink: TEA. Particularly black teas, but I’ll drink pretty much anything. I have a huge assortment on my kitchen shelves. I used to abstain from coffee all together, but I’ve slowly come around to it in the past two years. I still can’t drink it black, though. 😛

  30. t_zwiggy

    Haul: Nothing!

    Weekend plans: Catch up on old temptalia reviews. I don’t have any regular internet connection here, so I have to use my cell phone as a hotspot. Loading pictures is taking FOREVER! It’s extremely frustrating. I’m used to update this site every 5 mins when I’m at home and now just loading can take 5 mins, lol.

    Favorite morning drink: I usually make myself a green monster smoothie in the morning, but if I have toast instead I’ll just drink a glass of water or some orange juice.

    • What do you put in your green smoothie?

      • t_zwiggy

        I always use skim milk, frozen banana and lots of fresh baby spinach. Depending on what I have in the kitchen I’ll add some low fat yoghurt, nut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds (or oil). For variation I sometimes add some frozen berries or some mango or pineapple.

        I’ve always had trouble eating enough vegetables, so some leafy greens in the morning definitely helps!

  31. Nicole

    Haul: I just did some research what to buy next and read your MAC reviews, but I didn’t place an order.
    Weekend plans: I had breakfast with a friend today, do some research for work tonight and tomorrow I have tickets for “Beauty and the Beast” Musical.
    What’s your favorite morning drink?: A simple Minus L Livanto Latte I make with my Nespresso machine. It’s like having a Starbucks at home, and much cheaper. When I work, I drink lemon flavored tea.

    • We had Nespresso for years, but I’m a total Starbucks fiend and could never find the right espresso that tasted like Starbucks’ espresso, so we ended up getting Starbucks’ new machine now, which is definitely more like the in-store espresso they use. But Nespresso is so tempting with their new machines!

  32. Jessica C

    I’m a bit late for this but sooo excited about my haul, I want to share!

    So, haul: 1st MAC palette with about 10 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, a PRO lip palette, Chromagraphic eyeliner (NC15/NW20), Glitter Reflects Pearl, Lip Erase (pale), mixing medium, and the assorted brushes to go along with those things. (I have to say this was a major investment for me that has been carefully planned and researched over many months and your blog with swatches, reviews and advice has been my goto website. Thank you so much for all work you’ve done!)

    Weekend plans: Take it easy! I’m staying at home this weekend which inevitably means a bit of cleaning and organizing, and I always make a pot of soup and a loaf of bread because it lasts a few days and its a healthy quick meal. This weekend its cream of vegetable soup and yeast rolls, yum!

    Favorite morning drink: It’s coffee, but lately I have been loathe to make a whole pot because it just feels like a lot of work and long wait so I have switched to English Breakfast tea with half-n-half and a bit of sweetener, it’s delightful and I can make it a cup at a time. I may have to jump on the individual drink machine train here soon…you’ve got the right idea!

  33. Jadyn

    I have a question or two. Where did you get Mellan’s hedgehog toy? It is so cute! And does he shed a lot? My beagle does and it’s an ongoing battle to try to keep stuff clean.

    • The hedgehog was originally from Petsmart, but Mellan’s doggy friend killed it in about five minutes, so I bought another one but from Amazon this time. Mellan sheds liken obody’s business. I’ve never had a beagle, but from what I know of dogs, labs shed to an extreme!