Friday, November 9th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: I don’t think I bought anything this week!
  • Weekend plans:  Try to convince Shaun to go holiday decor shopping! Celebrate my mom’s birthday.
  • Favorite TV show?:  I’m loving The Voice right now!

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This week’s Mellan photo…

Stay classy, Mellan.

Wedding photos for those interested ahead!

All photos  are courtesy of the very talented Rhee Bevere Photographywhich is a photography studio that specializes in candid photography.  I have an exceptionally camera-shy husband, you know!  Rhee and Kevin made a great tag-team and managed to grab some amazing shots throughout the ceremony.  If you are looking for a Bay Area photographer who captures moments, not just poses, I highly recommend them!  I was also incredibly impressed by the amazing shops and artists I found on Etsy to help me add personalized details.  Every single shop I worked with was excellent in customer service, accommodating my requests, and delivering early.

Wedding Soundtrack: (You think there’s a theme? LOL!)

  • Lindsey Stirling – Song of the Caged Bird
  • Florence + the Machine – All This and Heaven Too
  • Florence + the Machine – You’ve Got the Love
  • Florence + the Machine – Drumming
  • Lindsey Stirling – Elements
  • Florence + the Machine – Only If For a Night
  • Florence + the Machine – Heavy In Your Arms
  • Florence + the Machine – Cosmic Love
  • Florence + the Machine – Heartlines
  • Florence + the Machine – Never Let Me Go
  • Enya – On Your Shore
  • Florence + the Machine – Breath of Life
  • Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize (Processional)
  • Lindsey Stirling – Electric Daisy Violin (Recessional)


(Photo by Ever After Papery)

(Photo by me; we had our cake at our wedding brunch the next day!)

(Photo by me)

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480 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #157

  1. Elle Jaye

    Oh my Christine,you looked AMAZING! I love your bouquet also :)

    ■Haul: I was kinda bad this week: I got a brow pencil by NYX, some lippies from Elf, and the Garnier Dark Spot Corrector. I also got some items from the Too Faced sale: The Bon Bon Palette, some lipgloss, and an extra shadow insurance. I also got the MAC lip pencil from the Hey Sailor line, Sauter which I plan to use as an eye brightener. I think the peach won’t be as severe against my dark brown skin. I bought a couple of pure oils (grapeseed and almond) to use for my hair and another deep conditioning treatment.

    ■Weekend plans: Football!! and Cleaning

    ■Favorite TV show?: I Love SCANDAL and REVENGE. ABC is kicking butt with evening drama this year :)

  2. Michelle Thong

    Congratulations again! As someone who also got married this year, your pics show just how happy you were and how unique you are. Love every pic, and I wish you both all the happiness in the world!

  3. Evilyn1983

    You looked beautiful!!!!! And omg, that cake. I’d want to never cut into anything so pretty!

  4. Everything looks beautiful, the dress, the bouquet, everything! thank you for sharing with us!

  5. Joanna

    You look so beautiful! The bouquet is very elegant love it. Thank you for sharing your wedding photos with us. Very inspirational ideas :)

  6. Carrie

    You look stunning :) Congratulations again!

    (And nice touch with the rings on the polish bottles!)

  7. Thu

    Breathtaking and lovely :)

  8. Aww I LOVE your wedding photos! All the details are absolutely amazing!

  9. So happy for you! The wedding looks like absolute perfection, and hey, a little Lindsey Stirling certainly helps. ;P

      • Whoops, forgot to answer the poll.

        Haul – Hmm, nothing in the past week. I might have the spouse pick up an item or two from the duty free stores, though.

        Weekend Plans – Clean, clean, clean! My husband is finally visiting the country so I finally got off my lazy ass to make the place spotless by Monday.

        Favorite TV Show – At the moment, The Big Bang Theory and the less mainstream Hidamari Sketch.

  10. Hisha

    LOVE IT! God bless you both <3

  11. Traci

    I love your bouquet. It’s very different! Congratulations!

  12. s

    You looks so beautiful! And the cake, so gorgeous! Your husband’s mom is so talented!

  13. AnGeLwInGz

    Christine, all I have to say is WOW to everything. Every detail is stunning, from the rings to the venue, all of it! You look like a true princess. What wonderful memories you have to look back on and continue to celebrate. Your family, as well as Shaun’s, must be so proud. Best wishes to both of you and your handsome guy Mellan of course!
    BTW my boyfriend and I are working on our wedding plans. I think your bouquet is fantastic and would love to steal your idea if you don’t mind! Same with the photographer, my guy is super camera shy.
    Haul: Too much to list between 20% off sales from Ulta,, and Sephora. But at least I got the majority of my holiday shopping done all at once.
    Weekend plans: Work
    Favorite TV show: even as a 28 year old woman, it’s still South Park!

    • Please steal away! I worked some really amazing people, and I know what a pain it can be to figure out who’s good and who’s not. Noaki did my bridal bouquet along with aisle bouquets, reception bouquets, and tea ceremony bouquets. Her turnaround time was excellent, and her prices were around what I’d pay for REAL flowers that would have died the next day! I gave away all but one of each for aisle/reception bouquets to my aunts/grandmas as wedding mementos (my list of women was small enough that I could do so).

  14. Rebecca

    You look incredible! That bouquet is so unique, too. Congrats, Christine!

  15. Vanessa

    I love your bouquet! Are they pins?

  16. Parvathy anil

    You look like a beautiful princess Christine. Your husband is really lucky

  17. Thank you for sharing! I love the one of you in the vinyard!

  18. Icequeen81

    First of All congrats with your Wedding, everything looks Amazing.
    the gown make up, Mellan’s cute distinctive picture.
    the bouquet is amazing

    but too rings? is the black one for your husband?
    and those sea inspired cakes woooow

  19. Agata

    Wow, Christine, the pictures are beautiful. You looked gorgeous and your gown is amazing! Every little detail seems to be so well put together! Beautiful!

  20. Haul: Secret Santa Stuff…

    Weekend plans: Hand Sewing and watch Lawrence of Arabia in a theater. All 3hours and 36 minutes of it.

    Favorite TV show?:
    Right now that’s on air Fringe! Last year!!!
    I think Currently it’s Doctor Who, It one of the few shows I get wrapped up in for and hour and literal forget everything while watching.

    Hope your Mom has a good B-Day.

    Great seeing of your bouquet. I also don’t want to do real flowers either for mine when I get married. lol I thinking of making by hand out of Chiyogami paper and raid the The Japanese Paper Place in Toronto.

  21. mirian

    Your dress is BREATHTAKING!! I love the whole look with the tiara. So beautiful. I hope it was everything you hoped it would be an more! Mellan looks dashing as well 😉

    Quick haul: bare minerals ready in the rare find, jack black facial moisturizer for my boyfriend, china glaze (blue bells ring, cranberry splash, with love, and pizzazz), philosophy cinnabuns, cargo reverse nude liner, dermadoctor KP duty, and deborah lippmann hard rock coat.

    weekend plans: probably go see my parents and let the husky run around their yard with the jack russell

    favorite tv show: I have four! Once Upon a Time, New Girl, the League, and Modern Family.

  22. Congratulations! You look beautiful in your wedding dress! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures!

  24. Thalie

    Christine you look lovely !

  25. KK

    Just GORGEOUS! I freaking love your cake topper, too. It’s awesome!

  26. Melanie

    Beautiful ! I was recently married in Napa and love wineries.

    God Bless and congratulations

  27. Laura

    Beautiful photos and that cake is amazing!! Congratulations on being married :) Is it still a total novelty to say “my husband”? I’ve been married over two years and I still think it’s AWESOME saying that, haha!

    Haul: Small haul this week: Butter London Two Fingered Salute nail polish and OCC Loose Color Concentrate in Cruising. Oh, I also got a couple of Glitter Gal nail polishes from Australia (Furnace Glow and Daybreak). The shipping and customs tax to the UK was extortionate, but they’re so beautiful and unique that it was just about worth it!

    Weekend plans: Food and drinks with some good friends tonight, the wedding of some other friends tomorrow, and going to see my favourite band in the world, Coheed & Cambria, on Sunday. I can’t wait!

    Favorite TV show?: My favourite *ever* is probably still Buffy or Angel. My favourite current show is Fringe or Breaking Bad.

  28. mightyclassy07

    You look beautiful, Christine. Wishing you every happiness!

  29. Georgina

    Christine, you look absolutely lovely and so happy in your wedding photos! The cake is fabulous, so fun! Mellan makes the cutest ring bearer! Have you got used to calling Shaun your husband? It took me about 3 months to stop referring to him as my boyfriend haha.

    Haul: MAC Luxurious Pink lip bag, Origins Never A Dull Moment and Ojon Damage Reverse Serum. I am trying to resist the urge to buy the UD Smoked Palette and a Bobbi Brown lipstick and gloss that I’ve had my eye on for ages as I think I spent enough this week!
    Weekend plans: Celebrating a friend’s birthday party tomorrow and relazing on Sunday!
    Favorite TV show?: Hmm… I think it has to be Homeland but I’m also quite enjoying New Girl :)

    Have a good weekend all!

  30. Yellowlantern

    Awww thanks for sharing some photos from your special day with us. These are precious!

    A+ song choices. I love all the artists and songs you choose! I’m especially loving that you have Lindsay Stirling on your playlist!

    Haul: On a less positive note…I hauled NARS Rajasthan duo from’s sale and it easily wins as worst eyeshadows I’ve ever used at any price point, though bad quality at NARS’ price points definitely hurts more. I’ve been jabbing and forcefully swirling my scratchiest eyeshadow brushes into it and still barely get any color out of it. And what color I do get is chalky and patchy looking. Obviously it doesn’t suck for everyone, I saw a lot of good to decent reviews before I bought it. So I’m so disappointed that this is my first experience with NARS eyeshadow. For now I’m a bit put off of NARS’ eyeshadows.

    I wanted to create a navy smokey eye look, which is why I got the duo, for a special occasion, but now that the NARS duo isn’t going to work I’ve been contemplating Guerlain’s Les Gris palette (the color combination is slaying me with its beauty though the price has me cringing) or Urban Decay’s Dangerous palette to remove the sting of Rajasthan. :(

    Weekend Plans: I have a special dinner thing to go to set up for wine and food enthusiasts where you eat a seven course meal (I hope the courses are small!) and have each one paired with a specific wine. With seven glasses of wine I foresee a drunk evening. :)

    Favorite TV Show: I could watch Boy Meets World and Fresh Prince reruns forever.

    • Oh noooooo! I’m so sorry to hear about Rajasthan! :(

    • xamyx

      @ Yellowlantern

      Sometimes when powder products are stored in a damp environment, they can develop a bit of a film on the surface. You can try using a strip of transparent tape, pressed firmly on the surface, and lifting it off. I would try it a few times, and hopefully it’ll work. HTH

      P.S. This is an exception to NARS’ quality (in my experience), so don’t let this dissuade you from trying others in the future. I’ve had similar experiences with other brands in the past, and using the tape trick, I’ve been able to fix the issue.

    • Kafka

      Awww, that sucks about Rajasthan, Yellow Lantern. I really don’t think it is the norm for that duo at all and never heard that about it. I wore mine just 2 days ago and was thinking how buttery and soft it was for NARS. Almost more like an UD texture. Is there any way you can return yours to and exchange it for another? It’s such a gorgeous duo that it’s a shame you got a really bad one. Especially, as you noted, it’s not cheap. :(

  31. That CAKE!!! It’s so adorable!! I absolutely love that photo of you in the vineyard, too. It all looks quite magical.

    This week, I picked up Chanel’s Harmonie du Soir shadow palette and Rose Ecrin blush. I’d meant to pick up Star Dust, but they were sold out and I’d been meaning to pick up RE for a long time anyway.

    Weekend plans? Not much. After a busy week at work, I’m just looking forward to relaxing.

    Favourite TV show? I’m not a big TV watcher, other than news. And the Discovery Channel. Hello, my name is nerd.

  32. Haul: Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks in #09 and #11 (I love these!) and a Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Pink Sugar (gift for my friend), a Kenneth Cole basic black blazer, a Kennenth Color ruffled burgundy top and three Old Navy button down shirts.

    Weekend plans: Homework, catching up on reading, grocery shopping and visitng the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my art history class.

    Favorite TV show?: My all-time faves are “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Frasier”. I am also partial to Star Trek. I’m watching “Deep Space Nine” on Netflix now.

    Wedding photos are beautiful, Christine. Your MIL is super talented! That cake looks awesome!

    • Kafka

      Chris, Frasier is brilliant! It’s one of my all-time favorites too!!! I can watch the same episode numerous times and still laugh out loud. Repeatedly. The wit, erudition and the dry, ironic sense of humour is really unsurpassed by any other comedy that I can remember. (And I’m a TV junkie. lol)

  33. sarah

    WOW! Everything looks stunning! Love the music you chose, we have the same taste, haha!

  34. Lauren

    OMG THAT BOUQUET- I’m not engaged but I would be one lucky lady to hold that on my wedding day. How did you get that? Where did you get that!?

    • Hi Lauren!

      Noaki on Etsy made it :) She does custom brooch bouquets.

    • MLB

      Not that Christine’s answer isn’t also valid, but I also know women who did them by asking guests and family members to borrow floral brooches for their bouquets.

      Bonus: Then it makes up the ‘borrowed’ and probably ‘blue’ (if you’re lucky) parts of that usual wedding superstition. :)

      Myself, I borrowed my husband’s socks to wear in my blue Chuck Taylor sneakers. Oh well. :)

  35. Vanessa

    The cake topper is amazing!!!

  36. WOW! You were such a beautiful bride! I love love love your dress. Congratulations and may you have many many years of happiness with your hubby :)

  37. makeupKaren

    GORG GORG GORG!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! You look stunning! Looks like such a lovely wedding!

  38. Natassha

    What lovely pictures, you looked breathtaking !! Thanks for sharing, Many congrats <3

  39. Courtney

    You look beautiful and the cake is amazing! I love the topper!

  40. Abbey

    Christine, your wedding was beautiful and you made a gorgeous bride!

    Haul: Sephora VIB–Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cheek palette and Pearl Glow Primer, a couple of Kat VonD pigments, DiorShow mascara, Bare Minerals The Star Treatment, and Nars Sin and Autumn Leaves (so excited about that one).
    Weekend plans: I’m going to enjoy a quiet house! My husband will be volunteering at a Veteran’s home Saturday and playing in a golf tournament Sunday (if the snow melts). We have a long weekend, so Monday we’re planning on going shopping for our new baby cousin :)
    Favorite TV show?: hmmm…probably The Newsroom.

  41. Very pretty, Christine… a closer shot of you would also be nice to look at…not your makeup shot…just a closer shot. Congrats.

  42. Alexis J.

    Haul – My husband gifted me a bottle of nail polish (WnW SaGreena the Teenage Witch). I’m on a self imposed no-buy, so this was an extra special treat (and so affordable!).

    Weekend Plans – We have to go to a Military Ball this weekend. It’s sounds so fancy, but it’s really a glorified business dinner. Luckily, one of my friends (a fellow Army Wife) will be there. What normally happens is my husband gets pulled into business conversations and I just stand around, so having a friend there will make it more social for me!

    Favorite TV Show – Right now, my husband and I are loving “The Big Bang Theory”, “American Horror Story: Asylum”, and “Scandal”. Oh my groonies, we LOVE “Scandal”!

    Your wedding pictures are lovely! I hope it was a beautiful day for you both. Any plans for a honeymoon?

  43. Sierrablue

    Lovely photos, you are a gorgeous bride, glowing and radiant :)

    I am fascinated with the bouquet. So very pretty.

  44. Everything is so beautiful just like you. Cake is amazing, dress is gorgeous, invitations are cute and the makeup of course is outstanding. :) Love it all! Congrats again, wish you and your husband the best.

  45. Candace

    A belated congratulations on your wedding! You looked beautiful in that wedding dress. What was the flavor of the cake?

  46. Wonderful! you look so beautiful! And such a fluffy, pretty dress! I’d have that caught on everything in three seconds in a vineyard LOL I love the rings on the nail polish bottles, so cute.

    Haul: Zoya Storm, MAC holiday mineralize brush set and my very first Guerlain makeup purchase- Météorites Perles du Dragon- I got the second to last one at my Bay. They totally smell like Parma Violets candy!

    Weekend plans: Going to my Grandma’s Bazaar tomorrow. Getting ready to possibly go looking at condos on Monday. Wish me luck that I don’t see anything so scary that I die LOL

    Favourite TV Show: Mad Men

  47. Amy

    So gorgeous! So romantic!
    May your life together reflect the beauty of your wedding.
    Blessings and congratulations!

    (I love the rings on the polish bottles!)

  48. Hadeia

    You look absolutely stunning Christine!!!

  49. OMG, Christine you look gorgeous!!!! you literally look like a PRINCESS with your hair all let down. MOST brides will be so scared to that!!! Aiyayaii!! muy hermosa!! Congrates!!!

    • Aww, thank you, Deepa!! :) I’ve always loved my hair down, and it’s HEAVY! so I wanted to have it be a style that would last for 12+ hours and I wouldn’t worry about it falling!

  50. OMG! Christine, you look STUNNING! I adore the picture of the rings on the polish bottles – too cute! Looks like it was beautiful and I can’t wait to see your reception pictures, too. Love your cake topper. I hope your wedding was everything you hoped it would be and more!

  51. Melissa - msmakeup1829

    OMG… you look soo pretty! Congrats :)

  52. Barbie

    oh my god, you look absolutely stunning!

  53. Polly

    Christine you are simply stunning :) I hope you had an amazing day. These photos are amazing – Will never get that blue sky on my day here in England! Lots of love to you and yours, keep doing what you do girl xxxxx

  54. Polly

    PS) Am I reading too much into this or can I pick out the Temptalia flower in the bouquet? Don’t let me down Chrstine!!!

  55. Christina

    So beautiful, Christine! I love the little details and the unique aspects of your wedding. I am so happy that everything turned out wonderfully for you and Shaun, and I wish you all the best! (Recently married myself–and in the Bay Area–so I can imagine how you feel!) :)

  56. Lindsay

    What a beautiful wedding! You can really see your personality shine through in all the details. That cake is too cute!

  57. Anne

    Oh my God Christine, it’s even more gorgeous than what I anticipated! Everything looks amazing. I’m loving all those details- the original cake, the wedding rings, the jewel bouquet (what a fantastic idea!). You make such a stunning bride. Mellan looks really proud of your husband and you on the picture! :) Your wedding is truly inspirational. It makes one dream!

    Haul: I’m still on a no-buy mode for november but my mother gave me a bunch of stuff she doesn’t use anymore: a couple of eye pencil (Dior and Chanel), two eyeliners (one gray, one black, from Chanel and Clinique respectively), a loose powdeer (Chanel), a ooold nailpolish (Chanel #115 “Légende”), a quad (Chanel – see a pattern here? The quad’s from 1999 according to the internet. The colours are quite original, but they’re quite difficult to work with. They may be too warm for me to pull off, so I may end up giving it to a friend), and I think that’s about it!

    Week-end plans: work, I guess!

    Favourite TV show?: I’m loving Parks and Rec right now. For shows that are not airing anymore, it’s a tie between Veronica Mars, Firefly and Doctor Who (Russell T. Davies era)

  58. Lily

    Christine the pictures are beautiful. You look beautiful and the gown is gorgeous. Well done. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  59. Jae

    OMG, Christine!! You looked absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Looooved the dress, the hair, the makeup (of course)!! Loooove the bouquet!

    The cake and the topper?! Omg…sooooo awesome!!!! Congratulations to you both and thanks for sharing the pics!!!

    • The cake was like, “OMG, WHAT?! WHAT IS THIS AWESOMENESS?” We had no plans to have a cake, but since we were doing brunch the next day, I thought his mom could make her famous carrot cake and bring it. You know, all casually. Then she created this!

  60. DevilishDoll

    Aww, congrats. You look so beautiful and that cake is completely adorable!

  61. ElleRose


    (I’m a long time reader of your blog, and have never commented until now, lol.) I’m a makeup artist who did my own makeup for my wedding too. So I just had to give you props on the great job you did there, too! As a gal who got married recently too, I am in awe of your photos. Every detail is amazing, (omg, the dress and bouquet!) You look beautiful, and so happy!


    • Aww, thank you, Lindz!! I appreciate you taking the time to comment, too :)

      Congratulations to you and yours! May you have a long and happy life together!

  62. Inge

    Christine everything was beautiful.. That bouquet is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!

  63. Emily

    You look like a princess! Congratulations! :-)

  64. Raven

    Christine, you look gorgeous!! I love the bouquet and the cake is adorable.

  65. DJ

    Great pictures! I LOVE your husbands ring! I know if I showed that to my husband he’d want it!

  66. Wow! You look AMAZING Christine!! That bouquet is spectacular!!

  67. Mariah

    OMG It’s all so gorgeous! I LOVE YOUR DRESS!!! And the blue sky! PERFECT! And that cake!! SO ADORABLE!!

  68. virginiaisforluvrs

    Beautiful! Congratulations again :)

  69. Tigerlily

    Thank you for sharing these pics! Everything and everyone look absolutely stunning. The bouquet and the cake are by far the most original ones I have ever seen – *love* them!

  70. MLB

    Gorgeous! Two questions, though:

    1. What are the polishes in the shot with the rings? (Hilarious and adorable!)
    2. Any pictures of the tea ceremony? That piques my culturally curious self in all kind sof ways. :)

    • I know that one is an Ozotic and the other is a NYX (looks like Deborah Lippmann, but the cap is glossy, so it has to be NYX!), based on bottle shape, LOL! I don’t know which she used in particular (I was getting ready – didn’t even know she took the photo!)

      Here is one of me:

  71. Carrie Ann

    Love the bouquet and the cake. Very cool.

  72. Christine, you looked absolutely beautiful! Maggie Sottero has such beautiful gowns and your dress looks like it was made for you. I also love your unique bouquet. It’s so special and something you’ll treasure forever. I still look at the dried out bouquet from my day and wish I’d had them preserved. Thank goodness for the images to remember it.

    Love Florence + The Machine. Great weeding soundtrack!

    • I barely remember the wedding – it all went by in a blur – so photos are excellent! :)

      I adore Florence + the Machine! Amazing, amazing work.

      • Pamela

        Yeah, mine was a blur, too! That’s why I was told by friends to “enjoy”. All that prepping and nervous jitters for a few hours of dancing and mingling!

  73. Maria

    So beautiful Christine – congratulations!

  74. Mariam

    Congratulations! Christine you look gorgeous! The cake looks so cute. You really found a great photographer, these pictures are amazing.

  75. Auzin

    I gasped when I saw your dress. So gorgeous, you looked like a princess! And the bouquet is amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us :)

  76. Ah everything looks so *perfect* you don’t even know! The cake topper makes me think Mr. and Mrs. Shark are doing Eskimo kisses. I don’t attend many weddings so I get all excited when I get to see photos or attend one. Congratulations to you and Shaun!

    Part I: A random discount card from Ulta should never be wasted. I bought China Glaze Angel Wings, Topganics Argan Oil from Morocco shampoo and conditioner.
    Part II: I went crazy with my Sephora VIB Friends & Family Discount. I bought a bunch of things for friends and relatives (perfume sample sets, beauty accessories, lotions, and cleansers). My secret Santa is getting some Ciate nail polishes. For me I bought Noble and Cameo nail polishes from Illamasqua, and De-Slick in a Tub from Urban Decay. Oh and the tote VIBs you get from the F&F coupon is the perfect size for work or for makeup shopping sprees.

    Weekend plans:
    Help my fiance some fancy dress shoes for the wedding day.
    Help a friend find new glasses.
    Make my veil.
    Finish my rhinestone shoes. (I really liked your idea of bedazzled shoes. I’m getting married in Las Vegas so rhinestones and sparkle are mandatory. I’m doing my own version with Tom’s wedges and coordinating rhinestones. I promise to send pictures to you =D)

    Favorite TV show?:
    Mad Men and Game of Thrones are currently off the air, but I do love them. I blame my fiance for hooking me into Downton Abbey.

  77. Oh my goodness, Christine! You made a beautiful, beautiful bride — Shaun’s a lucky guy 😉

    (And can I just say: your wedding soundtrack, LOL! I’m an enormous Florence fan, & grew up on Enya, so I’m going to have to check out this Lindsey Stirling character!)

  78. Amalee

    Squuuuuueal, you look so stunning. Thanks for sharing :)

  79. Jackie

    What a gorgeous wedding and gorgeous photos. May your life together be as beautiful as your first day of marriage! Congratulations.

  80. Carolina

    Yay, wedding photos! You look beautiful Christine, and your camera shy husband looks very trim in his grey suit. 😉

  81. Courtney

    That is a badass bouquet!

    Haul: I ordered a Buxom eye stick in Ice Pick and Chanel Notorious sculpting veil.

    Weekend plans: For once, I have no real plans. I guess that means I have no excuse not to clean my apartment and write.

    Favorite TV show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

  82. Megan

    That is the single greatest wedding cake I have ever seen, and I am counting my own. I am experiencing some huge cake cravings right now!

  83. Rekha

    Congratulations! You look AMAZING in all your wedding photos! I had no idea you were from the Bay Area. I’m in San Jose myself :)

    I hauled a bit a Sephora…YSL glossy stain no 15, YSL gel liner no 1, Benefit High Beam, Chloe perfume, and YSL L’Homme Libre for my husband :) Trying to order the Chanel Blush in Notorious, but it’s still out of stock!

  84. my dollllllll 😀 😀 you are looking absoultely gorgeous Christine and I am again in love with you my sweetie 😀 not that i measure my love but i need to tell you how much I love and adore you 😀
    stay blessed and i wish your smile stays like this forever and shaun the lucky guy get to see this lovely face , lovely smile and a heart of gold foreverrrrr 😀
    good luck to you dear and shaun 😀 😀
    once again .. you guys look greatttttttttttttt and perfecttttttt together XOXO 😀
    ahhhhh i loveee you C

  85. rouge-gorge

    You look wonderful!! I wish you again all the happiness of the world along with good health and infinite love!! Thank you for sharing with us these beautiful pictures and all this valuable information!!

  86. delmarie

    i love that style bouquet!! Where did you get it? I’m getting married next year and have seen pictures if that style but no idea how to get one.

  87. Regina Reed

    I want to see MORE! So beautiful, thank you for sharing

  88. Swethatelkar

    You look stunning. What a gorgeous wedding you had.

  89. Gretchen

    You look fantastically gorgeous Christine! Thank you for sharing your wedding photos with us.

    Haul: The only beauty related product I bought was the Burt’s Bees pomegranate and cranberry scrub.

    Weekend plans: watching the GA/Auburn game, reading, and waiting on my hangnail infection to start healing. D;

    Fave TV show: The Walking Dead!

  90. blueraccoon

    You look amazing, Christine. So so gorgeous!

    Haul: Mascara madness from Nordstrom’s – Burberry in brown and black (sort of; they gave me two browns and I have to exchange one) and Guerlain Noir G (on order because they gave me the wrong one and I had to exchange it but they were out of stock). Sephora Cinderella palette, Tarte blush set, and a bunch of lipsticks and lip glosses.

    Weekend plans: It’s Ravenloft 21 this weekend! This is a gaming tournament a friend started, you guessed it, 21 years ago, and we’re getting together tomorrow to play. Starts at noon, no idea how late it’ll run, and then Sunday I took off work so I could recover!

    Fave TV show: Doctor Who. It’s the *only* show I watch but I haven’t seen any of this season yet :(

  91. Doll

    Oh so beautiful! I love the photos, they have a certain mood or feeling that makes me happy!

  92. Why come Shaun always so shy?! LOL! Christine there’s this great band called Florence + the Machine that I think you would LOVE! You NEED to check them out sometime! 😉

    Those photos are gorgeous! You look AH.MAZING and you make a great choice in that dress shape! Absolutely enchanting!

  93. Monica!

    Chris, you look so beautiful, glamourous and happy, and your dress was so pretty and becoming, the bouquet is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Congratulations again!

  94. Diane

    Here I am tearing up at work :( And I am in a training class!! WoW Christine. You look so amazing! Lovin the pic of Mellan-Cutie! I can’t wait to get home and really look!!!

    Haul: VIB Holiday Event … Fresh B-day gift, VIB Holiday Shopping Event Limited Edition Tote Bag, Sephora by OPI – It’s Real 18K Gold Top Coat, Sephora by OPI 212 Sephora & Hollywood If I Could, Tarina Tarantino Jewel Eyeshadow, Magical, Fantastical & Delightful, Eye Dream Highlight Duo – Mr Gold and Mr Silver, Dollskin Cheek – Carved Rose, and Emerald Pretty Eyeshadow Palette. From Wam-Lart Nicole by OPI – Kim-plently In Love and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 410 3k or more.

    Weekend plans: Check emails, clean the garage, check emails and SLEEP!

    Favorite TV show?: Currently PramFace on Hulu.

  95. Yasmin

    Hi Christine! Looooove your wedding pics! Quick question about the Guerlain Gems Lipstick. I was reading your review about it and saw that it was from 2009. Is it a permanent shade? I’m having a hard time finding it in NM, Sephora, Nordstrom and Google. :(


      • Yasmin

        Aaaaw.. :( It looks really pretty too! But I’m really excited to go shopping for the Cle de Peau N2 gloss, been eyeing it since I read your review about it. Also had to fight the bf about it because he thinks the price is outrageous. I told him it was better I bought one then tried spending the same amount in buying dupes. LOL I did, however, found a NARS Orgasm dupe: Sephora’s peachy-golden gloss. Will also be grabbing the Guerlain Meteorites because of the VIP Sale at Sephora. I seriously would not know what to get without Temptalia! Thank you so much for your awesome blog.

        Congrats again on your wedding! <3

  96. Beck

    Christine you look so beautiful! I have been reading the blog for several years now & for you to share the wedding with your readers is so sweet and gracious, as I know it is a personal time! Congratulations :) P.S I love the black nail polish that matches your bouquet! It’s so unique for a wedding nail shade, most brides would not be so bold. I LOVE it!

  97. What a treat! All the details are so gorgeous and that bouquet and your dress is a total TKO! Such beautiful photographs~~ Congrats again, Christine and Shaun… many many happy years together 😀

  98. Ljana

    You looked stunning, Christine! Thank you for sharing these wonderful personal photos – seeing how happy and beautiful you looked really put a smile on my face!

  99. dee

    CONGRATULATIONS! You look beautiful!

  100. holly

    amazing! Love the unique bouquet and your cake. you look lovely and I wish you happiness!