Friday, October 26th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: MAC Glamour Daze, MAC Fabulousness
  • Weekend plans:  Get caught up on posts!
  • What’s your favorite candy?:  I think I have to go with Snickers… I love the nutty, caramel, chocolaty combo.

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This week’s Mellan photo…

Happy Halloween!

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121 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #155

  1. Haul: Some oils: sweet almond, avocado, neem and grapeseed. I also got my new business cards in the mail! I’m trying to expand my home business.

    Weekend plans: Some homework, and I have to go through my makeup and decide on what will go into the newest blog sale.

    Favorite candy?: Organic milk chocolate, and Newman’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups.

  2. KK

    Haha, my dog has that shark fun! I love it!

  3. Carrie

    Aww. Mellan does not look that impressed that he’s a shark. LOL

  4. Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Aww Mellan!!!

    Haul: My Illamasqua Wisdom Precision Ink, a england Holy Grail and Beauty Never Fails arrived! Fun!

    Weekend plans: Going to visit friends tomorrow, and catching up on posts on Sunday.

    What’s your favorite candy: Don’t think I have one! I get obsessed with certain stuff over a period of time, but then I can go off it for ages. At the moment it’s chunks of salted caramel 😉

  5. Yellowlantern

    1. Loreal Infallible eyeshadows in Golden Emerald, Golden Sage, Blinged and Brilliant, and Gold Imperial. I’ve worn them all and formula wise they are not a dupe for ETK sadly. They go on very smoothly and a very pigmented, but after 9-10 hours they crease on me whereas ETK have never creased on me even jogging outdoors in the humid summer. Despite this I still think they’re great eyeshadows and I’m very happy with them. The greens are super pretty! I kind of want the purple, but I keep reminding myself of how sad it looked in your swatch so I’ve stayed away so far.

    OPI Goldeneye, OPI On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, OPI The Spy Who Loved Me, and China Glaze Skyscraper. Have only worn TSWLM so far and it is so gorgeous (and I say this as someone who doesn’t usually care for red nails). Smooth and pigmented formula too.

    2. Halloween parties. 😀

    3. Crystallized ginger! I love the spiciness of it. I also love skittles.

  6. mirian

    I spent a lot of money: L’occitane Lavande Cologne, lavande hand cream, and rose shea body butter. Diptyque Perfumes in Do Son and Eau Duelle, and their revitalizing body wash. Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner in Espresso Ink, Korres Face primer, Illamasqua Caress nail polish, Sephora Brush Cleaner & Shampoo, sephora IT synth powder brush, First Aid beauty Smooth shaving cream, Sephora pro smudge brush, Chanel Imitable intense mascara AGAIN, essie shine the times and essie mob square. Phew. That all i can remember. Oh also a ton of lush bath bombs.

    Weekend Plans: Start new job hunt :(. This place blows.

    Favorite candy: KIT KAT. best ever.

  7. Laurel

    Haul: My boyfriend surprised me with the NARS liquid eyeliner and MAC Fix+ yesterday!
    Weekend plans: Avoid stupid “halloween” parties
    What’s your favorite candy?: This is the hardest question I’ve had to answer all week….and I’m in college. I’m going with invisible choice E. All of the above!

  8. Mellan looks SO adorable as a shark 😀 But he’s kinda looking at you like: “What…have you done to me now?” hehe :-) So cute.

    Haul: Going through a (reallt awful!) make-up free phase at the moment (post-surgery) and I’m trying to stay inside as much as possible, so no hauls this week!

    Weekend plans: Out to dinner with the parents-in-law (without make-up, yes, HELP :-( :-( :-( !)

    What’s your favorite candy?: Chocolate! And more specifically Guylian’s chocolate sea fruit. It is beyond heavenly delicious.

  9. Dinitchka

    EEEEKKKKK a shark! Runnnnnn everyone!! Wait a minute! Since when did sharks have fur and a long tail? LOL!

    ■Haul: Maybelline (Sofia Vergara?)polishes. I saw these at Wam-Lart yesterday. I am not sure if they are LE but they are new. The bottles kind of remind me of the Channel’s bottles and they are made in France. I thought it was an odd-ish coinky-dink. The bottles IMO have a luxury feel to them. A couple of sweater sets, pants and belts. I need to look for a heater for work but I don’t feel like going back to Wam-Lart.
    Weekend plans: Cook for the week. Change polish and do something Halloween/Fall inspired. Volunteer at a local animal shelter and SLEEP!!
    What’s your favorite candy?: I think it’s easier to say what is NOT. LMAO!I love peanut butter so I’d go with Reeses pieces. My most ever fav candy which I have to order in (at least 1x a year) is Schmerling or Maestrani brand of Minor chocolate bars. So lush!!!

  10. Inge

    ■Haul: MAC Outrageously Fun and Whisper of Gilt, Armani Eyes to Kill mascara and Eyes ti Kill #27
    ■Weekend plans: Halloween party
    ■What’s your favorite candy?: Skor bars

  11. Haul:
    Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner in Spark of Envy, Jewel Eyeshadow Palette in Delightful, and Dollskin Cheek Palette.
    Color Club Poptastic minis I think in MODern Pink, Explosive, Twiggy and Almost Famous from Winners.

    Weekend plans: Farmer market.

    What’s your favorite candy?: Reese’s peanut butter cups or chocolate covered jujubes.

  12. Haul- I received my Notorious blush which a very kind person ordered for me from Chanel. It is a fun product to work with. I also picked up a Dior powder compact at Sephora and samples of the new Dior foundation, an Hourglass foundation and the new YSL Teint Eclat. Loooooooooooove trying out new foundations!

    Weekend plans- Halloween party! And, of course, putting my costume together and figuring out what makeup to use.

    Favourite candy- Wine gums and licorice allsorts. I’m not a huge candy eater, but I love those.

    • How are you wearing Notorious? I tested it the other day and wanted to crawl into a hole, LOL.

      • mirian

        I think notorious is a complex one. I’ve noticed it only works well with certain face shapes as a contouring agent.

      • Lol! When I first applied it, I had a similar reaction, because it looked like I smeared dirt on my face (not sexy). I find that applying it lightly with a Mac 168 along my temples and under my cheekbones (the outer part)does make me look like I’m always being perfectly lit, though. It also functions pretty well as an eye shadow. Good luck!

        • I applied with the 168, too, as a contour, and I think it’s too gray against my complexion. I think maybe for cooler skin tones it could work. Prettier to look at than on me, lol!

    • Ditto with Christine. I’ve been so curious about this blush that everyone seems to be raving about.

  13. GUSnail

    ■Haul: nothing
    ■Weekend plans: Spend time with my mom, and get ready for Frankenstorm
    ■What’s your favorite candy?: Hmmm, I love Baby Ruth’s

  14. katie

    Lots of haulin for me lately. I took advantage of the tarte sale last week and it should arrive today. I got a amazonian clay blush in flush and on a whim the amazonian color collection set in berry (The blush in that looks pretty dark! Hope it is ok!) I got a order from the skin store for purity face wash and a nuxe hydrating mask. Finally I need a new foundation and thought I would try out revlon colorstay since it seems like everyone raves about it. It was buy one get one 50% off so I also got a colorburst in Bordeaux. Whew! I am a sucker for a sale!

  15. blueraccoon

    Haul: Um. A lot. A bunch of Tarte blushes including the 3 airblushs, Glisten, and Blushing Bride; the Tarte eyeliner set; Burberry lip velvet in Redwood (technically this was an exchange for a broken one); Burberry lip mist in Blueberry; NARS blush in Deep Throat; Dior Rouge Dior Blush in Greige, Bobbi Brown BB cream, and probably a couple other things I’m missing. I had a bad week. I went shopping.

    Weekend plans: Gaming tomorrow, as per usual, and working Sunday. I think I get Monday off – need to confirm with my boss – so I will probably try and do some cleaning assuming I can move my right arm (I slept on it funny and now I can’t really move it without pain. Getting dressed this am was *fun*.)

    Fave candy: So many options, but I’m going with either Snickers or Reese’s peanut butter cups.

    • Burberry Blueberry, lol! I love that.

      • blueraccoon

        It’s actually a really gorgeous almost-vampy shade. Sabrina has swatches on the Beauty Look Book and I want to say Cafe Makeup did a review of it as well. Totally not blue :)

      • Dinitchka

        I hope you get to feeling better quickly, Blue.

        • blueraccoon

          thanks hon :) I had a really annoying doctor appt this afternoon that has left me thinking i need a new doctor, so…

    • What do you think of the Tarte eyeliner collection, Rebecca? It has been on my radar screen.

      • blueraccoon

        It is *gorgeous*. The eyeliners spread like butter, they’re ridiculously creamy. But they don’t smudge once they’re dried down. I don’t know how long they last; haven’t tried that yet. The colors are beautiful, and there’s not really overlap with Ocho Loco so if you have that (which I do) this isn’t a re-tread. It’s fantastic, really.

  16. Barbie

    Haul; elf order got their new products like their baked eyeshadows and their new lustrous cream shadows plus their powder brush and cream eyeshadow, and their face primer 2 ecotools brushes, a utensil caddy for my brushes

    Weekend plans; homework/studying ugh college :/

    my favorite candy is reese cups or anything peanut butter with chocolate, snickers too

    • Love utensil drawers for makeup storage!

      • Barbie

        it’s genius i got the idea from xsparkage from her pampered chef tool turnabout but i found a cheaper version of it for 9 dollars shipped. i’m so pleased but now i need to buy more brushes to fill it up 😉

        • LOL! I bought these giant Le Creuset utensil cylinders at the outlet store, mostly because I loved the color. They’re HUGE, though. I wish they had smaller ones – easier to organize that way!

  17. DevilishDoll

    Haul: Bought a bunch of stuff from MAC Glamour Daze (mostly thanks to your swatches) I’m totally in love with Ready To Party Extra Dimension Eyeshadow
    Weekend plans: Nothing in particular
    What’s your favorite candy?: I don’t think I can pick just 1…probably Swedish Fish, Sour Punch Straws and Snowcaps

  18. Labra-jaws!

    Haul: So far- MAC: Lip Erase, Siahi Fluidline, In The Limelight nail polish, Mystery kohl, Tall, Dark & Handsome Shadow, Ready to Party shadow and Beauty lipstick (I was bored and tried to take photos of Beauty with my crap lighting and point and shoot camera… not too bad, you can see them here if you want – ugh… sorry about the crazy eyes LOL)

    Weekend Plans: playing with new makeups, uh… that’s probably it.

    Favourite Candy: I love way too many kinds of candy to name a fave!! Last candy I bought was Mike & Ike ‘Italian Ice’.

      • Thanks!

        Haul Addendum: MAC holiday orders came! Unfortunately sans my Innocence lipstick- cancelled… I ordered pretty much as soon as it went up! Cue me calling up MAC Scarborough Town Centre(I love you!) and asking if they still had any (yes!) and getting them to hold it for me and running down there as soon as I could. Then I got french fries! 😀

        • Brenda

          Did the Town centre have much by way of the Holiday stuff left??? I moved from St.Clair in T.O. to Bowmanville so I don’t get to a store often anymore! I’m so out of the loop! Scarborough is the closest, other than the Bay in Pickering Town centre.

          • When I was there a couple of the lipsticks, one of the skinfinishes and one eyeshadow were off the Glamourdaze display, uhhh I saw the brushes and the sets in the leopard bags… I wasn’t looking very hard, sorry. I was just running in real quick and I need no more temptation! haha

  19. Hi Mellan! With that beautiful face, I hardly feel terrorized by an imminent shark attack. :)

    Haul: No makeup again this week with the exception of another Chanel Joues to add to my collection–Fresque. More rounds of indie polishes arriving to feed that full-blown addiction. I need a new plan for storage of these babies.

    Weekend Plans: Work on my current creative project. Stack the giant pile of firewood we split this week. I hope the saw whet owl that has been hanging around the woodpile at night keeps coming back. He/she is only about 9 inches tall with these gorgeous bright yellow eyes. I’ve starting calling him ‘Sparky’. I get ridiculously happy whenever I have the privilege of seeing him.

    Favourite Candy: I hoard dark chocolate Lindt bars and eat only a couple of squares at a time. I love the Mint, Orange, and Chili flavours. Oh, and we always have a bag of Werther’s hanging around too.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  20. Laura

    Haul: A few nail polishes including Butter London British Racing Green, Blagger and Big Smoke.

    Weekend plans: Halloween party, yeah!

    What’s your favorite candy?: Ooh, I don’t know if I can choose! I love any chocolate with mint, coffee or nuts.

  21. Brenda

    Haul: Not much, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby and China Glaze High Roller, NYC berry kiss gloss and the Halloween edition red eye liner. I really want to pick up Clinique Even better foundation but I am w/out a car till monday.

    Weekend plans: Tomorrow is my daughter’s First Birthday!!! so getting ready for that and having a house full till Sunday afternoon.

    Favourite candy: NERDS!!!

    • Red eyeliner! That will be fun to use!

      Happy birthday to your daughter!!

    • xamyx

      That red eyeliner is something I must look for! Is it really creamy?

    • I love Nerds! Happy 1st to your daughter!

    • Brenda

      Thank you all for the Birthday wishes!

      Xamyx: The red liner seems good on my hand – I just tried it on my bare lid, no primer and at the end of the day. It’s soft enough, no tugging but it took a couple passes to build up a bright colour. It seemed a tiny bit waxy so you get a bit of colour come off if I tried to pile on a lot at once. It’s a raspberry red, not like the MAC Chromaline Red.

      For $3.00, it’s a fun colour! And it’s got black on the other end of it.

  22. xamyx

    Haul: Sonia Kashuk pointed eyeliner & flat-top contour brushes.

    Plans: We’ve decided to “convert” a large closet/storage space into a playroom for my daughter (it’s mostly filled with her toys, anyway), so I have to clear out other items, reorganize her toys, & put up some lights (those kind that stick to the wall). I’m also hoping to sleep in tomorrow, LOL!

    Favorite candy: Ghirardelli *anything*, but especially Peppermint Bark.

  23. Madeline

    I’m not crazy about labs, but Mellan is TOO cute! His expression is so adorable! <3

  24. Lacey J.

    Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation
    Avon Magix face primer
    Sibu Skincare
    Mac Cubic Blush
    Mac Superb Skin finish

    Weekend Plans: Work and cleaning. It’s really next week end I’m excited about, get to meet the bf’s parents / grandparents. His grand parents are having their 60th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it?

    Favorite Candy: Anything Gummi. Gummi worms, Gummi bears, Gummi peaches, apples, cherries, strawberries, the list goes on. But since everyone seems to be mentioning chocolate I might throw mine in for good measure, Crunch bars. I just love the little rice krispies texture. I decided to try one when I saw a crunch bar commercial during a Daria marathon and now im hooked. LOL

  25. Alexandra

    Haul: Nothing. Still coming running on my high from the Urban Decay sale a few weeks ago. Loooootttsss of new goodies I’m still playing with.

    Weekend plans: Staying inside this weekend. I have to work on a paper for school. Bleh.

    Fav Candy: Twix? Cadbury creme eggs? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? I can’t choose!! *inner conflict*

  26. Abbey

    Haul: a bunch of drugstore stuff and a couple of OPI and Essie nail polishes. I need to quit spending money on drugstore because I am consistently disappointed even though it’s cheap. I could have bought four MAC pan shadows for what I spent and would probably be happier! My favorite polish I bought was Essie “Wrapped in Rubies”. So pretty!
    Weekend plans: stocking up on non-perishable foods, water, etc since “Frankenstorm” is coming! :)
    Fave Candy: Heath bars. Love them!

  27. Por

    ■Haul: OCC Lip Tars. I bought the 5 pack kit with brush on What a deal!
    ■Weekend plans: Tonight, I’m celebrating my 5-year anniversary with my boyfriend! <3 Tomorrow, pole-fitness class in the afternoon, and a halloweeen party in the evening. Sunday, visiting family. I am very excited for the work day to end.
    ■What’s your favorite candy?: Skor! It's been an all-time favorite.

  28. Camila

    Haul: MAC Glamour Daze
    Weekend plans: study =/
    What’s your favorite candy?: peanut butter kit kat *__*

  29. VickyM

    Haul: I will finally buy the lipstick I have been looking for Dior haute couleur in Devilish pink finally found it in one counter after searching for it through quite a few other Dior counters 😀 . Also I´m enjoying my newly bought Rouge Allure in Exaltee, such a gorgeous intense fuschia color :) , hopefully I may grab a nice blouse aswell.

    Plans: Tomorrow I have classes like always, then I will go to the mall and then to a movie ( popcorn! 😀 ).

    Favorite candy: Ice cream! there are a few places I like to go for nice ice cream, like Haagen Dazs which I adore ( my favorite flavors are belgium chocolate, chocolate chip, tiramisu, vanilla caramel bisquit, vanilla brownie, strawberry cheescake )and I like Ice cream at all times of the year including winter lol.

  30. I bought Christopher Drummond “best of” kit off ShopNBC and also ordered a travel brush set from there

  31. AnGeLwInGz

    I love Mellan’s fin! Does he have a waterproof version for the pool?
    Haul: Urban Decay Bust eyeshadow, Physician’s Formula Translucent Pearl powder palette, Maybelline Wine and Forever Super Stay lipstick (FAIL!) and a sea fennel & passion flower body scrub. It smells really weird but yields good results.
    What’s your favorite candy? I’m gonna cheat and say a variety box of Russell Stover chocolate truffles. If you mean Halloween candy it’s a draw between Twix, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Hershey’s Cookies & Cream.

    • We actually do have a fin toy for the pool, lol!

    • xamyx

      I forgot about Russel Stover! I don’t particularly care for the assorted chocolates, and I’m not very fond of chocolate covered marshmallow candy (of *any* sort), but every holiday RS releases themed chocolate covered marshmallows that my mother & I are completely addicted to! After the said Holiday, when they go on sale, we buy whatever stock is left at a discount (but we have plenty to last until the *next* holiday).

  32. Lee

    Haul: MAC Glamour Daze stuff, Outrageously Fun, Stolen Moment, the pink eyeshadow

    Weekend plans: I have a big rowing race this weekend.

    What’s your favorite candy?: Candy Corn (it’s kinda a secret shame but I love the ultra sweet buttery flavor)

  33. Nicole

    Haul: I just went to the Armani counter 4 hours ago and hauled some products with a 10% off voucher: Luminous Silk Foundation No 4 (repurchase – start using it after I finsih two other foundations), Maestro Eraser No 2, Sheer Blush No 5 (this gives such a soft shimmer/glow) and Rouge d’Armani Sheers No 400 rouge. And I recieved two samples of Regenessence cream and serum.
    Weekend plans: Play a golf tournament with my dad and relax.
    What’s your favorite candy?: I am not so into sweets, but I love Ferrero Rocher.

  34. Veronica

    Mellan is quite possibly the most affectionate looking shark that I’ve ever seen.

    Haul: Tarina Tarantino Fantastical Jewel eyeshdaow palette, Tarina Taratino Eye Dream Hyperliner in Crystal Gun, MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Superb, and Guerlain Meteorites in Teint Rosè.

    Weekend Plans: Work and school. Blegh, I’d rather be Halloween partying. 😛 Hoping to get some writing done, as well.

    Favorite candy: Is it cinnamon? I’ll eat it.

  35. Liz

    Haul – DKNY mini city set and the Chloé mini duo set from Sephora. I love tiny stinks!

    Weekend Plans – I’m going to my friends wedding on Saturday

    Favorite Candy – I can’t pick just one… but for a Halloween fav I’ll say the caramel and apple suckers.

  36. Mellan-style shark attack would be awesome. Death by snuggles.
    Haul: got a desk organizer carousel on sale 50% off (paid $5) at staples, and a zip-up scrapbooking travel organizer on clearance from michaels for $5.99 (reg 19.99). I will use both for MAKEUP! 😀
    Weekend: must visit gram, but everything else is up in the air
    Candy: nerds. don’t know if it’s because they’re the best or just because my parents wouldn’t let me have them when I was a kid, lol.

  37. Maya

    Omg – Mellan is so cute!

  38. Marilyn

    Haul: MAC Skinfinish in Superb, Amazing Cosmetics blush in Hot Pink, BareMinerals l/s in Rose Crepe, BareMinerals Ready e/s in Epiphany
    Weekend: work, unfortunately!
    Candy: Skittles. Been hooked for years!

  39. tyler

    Haul – Philosophy Candy Cane salt scrub & Have A Cherry Christmas shower gel. They both smell so good!!!!

    Weekend plans – something Halloween related. Some cleaning too.

    Favorite candy – Reese’s cups!!

  40. Michelle

    Haul – Wrinkle Zero kit by Mirenesse Australia (awesome products)

    Weekend – Having a facial

    Chocolate – Cherry Ripe or Baci, I can’t choose.

    Ps: Mellan is the cutest dog I’ve seen, I enjoy Fridays xx

  41. linda

    but mom, i don’t wanna be a shark. ha ha ha so cute.

  42. Terri

    Well, according to my husband, I am on a “no buy” but in reality:

    Haul: Chanel Harmonie du soir palette, along with the new powder in Reverie. Chanel eye shadow in “Vision’ and “Abstract”, MAC eye shadow palette (the purple holiday one…yikes!), and Illamasqua nail varnishes in “Cameo” and “Charisma”. Plus a new flat iron for my daughter. OK, I really need to do better at not buying things… :).

    Weekend: Hair and massage on Friday and then doing makeup and taking pics for my two daughters homecoming dance Saturday night….so fun!!

    Candy: Hmmm…I guess dark chocolate Godiva truffles. Yummy!!

  43. Terri

    Oh yeah, an Armani “Eyes to Kill” kit from Nordies. Comes with regular extra mascara and a stretch one, a black eye liner, some eye cream and a REALLY fancy and roomy velvet bag. Honestly the box it came in was huge!!! Not expecting that. However, the mascara is really, really, really great!!!

    OK, seriously. No buy this week. When I see it all in writing it’s wrong, but in a really right way, if you know what I mean!!!

  44. Karen

    Poor baby looks miserable,lol.

  45. Are you a Jenna Marbles fan, or does Mellan just like to be a landshark? :)