Friday, October 5th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: Disney Cinderella/Sephora pieces, Burberry Trench Eyeshadow!
  • Weekend plans:  Try and get through this to-do list!
  • Do you wear a watch?:  I used to, and then I stopped for years, and I just recently started to again!

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo…

Neptune (visitor) and mellan stare longingly as Shaun goes down the stairs!

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123 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #152

  1. Laura

    Haul: Urban Decay Vice Palette and Smoked eyeliner set, MAC Deeply Adored lipstick and Forever Marilyn beauty powder. Plus a bunch of clothes and some ankle boots!

    Weekend plans: Eh…nothing thrilling. Finish season 2 of Game Of Thrones I guess.

    Do you wear a watch?: Nope – haven’t for years, although I’ve recently been kind of considering getting one!

  2. Nadia

    Adorable picture! Do they destroy the house when they play together?
    Haul: laura mercier’s new lipstick in antique pink. Very nice lipstick!
    Weekend plans: I have two essays to hand in next week so work on those :(
    Do you wear a watch?: No, I hate the feeling! I usually don’t wear bracelets either.

  3. AnGeLwInGz

    Haul: Just refills on my conditioner and toner.
    Weekend plans: Hopefully recover from this nasty respiratory infection :(
    Do you wear a watch? I used to, but I wash my hands and wrists at work (hospital) so much that it’s not a good idea to wear accessories because you can ruin them by geting wet. Anyway it’s nearly impossible for me to find good watches, since my wrists only fit kid sizes!

  4. Mirian

    HAUL: NOTHING because Nordstrom lost my Mac Marilyn Pre-order INCLUDING the paperwork with my credit card information on it and I’m currently raging at them.

    Weekend Plans: New Hope, Vet, Pilates, some much need shopping. I need new cardigans!

    Do you wear a watch?: I’m actually hoping for one for Christmas. I like the Juicy Beau Watch

  5. Sam

    Haul: A bunch of stuff for Halloween makeup at Ulta. :) My mom and I are going back sometime next week because she couldn’t stop lusting over an Urban Decay palette lol

    Weekend Plans: Hopefully get my driving permit! It’s almost been 9 months since my 15th. It’s about time I just get it over with.

    Do you wear a watch?: I need to! I have one on my Christmas list. (yes, I start gathering ideas super early…. Think August early. This is where my OCD tendencies show through) I find it inconvenient to fish my phone out of my pocket for the time. 😛

    • LOL! Your mom sounds awesome 😉

      • Sam

        She really is 😀 haha she kept picking it up and commenting on how she loved those colors. Then she put it back down, looked at me and said “…..we’ll be back for it.” Lol she probably secretly hates us for showing her the world of high end makeup. She refers to you by name all the time. “What were the colors Christine said sucked again?”

    • Miss J

      Sam, good luck with your permit!! It won’t be as bad as you think, and don’t worry if you don’t pass the first time.

  6. I bought a couple pieces of MAC Marilyn, and several pieces of Tarina Tarantino, since it’s on sale at Sephora. I wonder what will happen to the line now though!

    This weekend I’m going to visit family.

    And, I never wear a watch – I hate hate hate things on my wrists, it just bugs me.

    Did you finish an entire Burberry Trench eyeshadow? I’ve hit pan on mine!

  7. Haul: My online order of Mac x Marilyn stuff arrived Monday- the 4 eyeshadows, Charmed I’m Sure LS, Love Goddess LS, Scarlet Ibis LS, Legendary blush, Forever Marilyn Powder & Kid Orange nail polish.

    I had to return the MSFN I bought 2 wks ago(ouch, my face!), so I went into my normal counter on Thurs. when they opened and they had almost nothing Marilyn left, The SA said that one of the other girls did pre-orders when they weren’t supposed to.
    A little bit later I went to another mall to do some window shopping. This mall has a freestanding MAC and I decided to peek in and they had all the stuff but the Beauty Powder, it was a total ghost town in there! I picked up The Perfect Cheek.

    Weekend Plans: Canadian Thanksgiving, I need to make pumpkin pie and a bunch of other stuff. I rather just make the pie and go to The Mandarin or order some Chinese food from my local place, but my brother insisted on the regular fare- probably because he doesn’t have to prepare it!

    Do you wear a watch?: Not usually, but I used to all the time. I figure my phone has the time, right? My clear purple Baby G doesn’t really go with everything LOL

    • How are you liking the MM collection?

      • I’m liking the things I’ve put on so far, the beauty powder is very, very light I think it works best as a highlighter on me and I’m really super pale- so pale the lighter 3 eyeshadows look like totally different colours on my hand! I haven’t put them on my eyes yet, it was so humid the past couple days I figured I needed something with proven industrial strength staying power. I’ll use them next time I do a white/gray look.

        I’m glad you looked so awesome in The Perfect Cheek because I would have never even gone to look at it otherwise, it looks really nice on me too!

        I don’t have anything like Love Goddess and it’s very pretty! Charmed I’m Sure is about as dark as I’m willing to go in a lipstick, so it’s good I didn’t get Deeply Adored!
        I haven’t tried the nail polish, Legendary or Scarlet Ibis yet.

        Ack! I wrote a manifesto. LOL

  8. aw, doggies! They’s so cute <3
    I used to wear a watch for years, but then my contact lenses changed and it became harder to read the watch w/o my reading glasses on, so I just stopped wearing it. It's really changed up my accessory routine, though, which I'm having a lot of fun with.

    • What kind of accessories do you wear now?

      • I used to always wear the same rings (4 small silver ones), but now I tend to go for a single big funky ring and a bangle on the opposite arm. It’s fun to end up with something different every day, rather than have a “jewelry uniform” that’s 70% the same every time, lol.

  9. Aida

    – A few Burberry pieces (Rose light glow, Tea Rose e/s, English Rose lip cover), which are being delivered today. I’m excited!
    – Drinks with friends on Saturday
    – I can’t remember the last time I wore a watch… They’re not my thing :).

  10. Ljana

    Haul: La Roche Posay BB cream and Diorskin Nude liquid foundation (the new, reformulated version).

    Weekend plans: Work mainly, but I’ll try to squeeze in dinner with friends and some housework too.

    Do you wear a watch?: Rarely. I do own a very nice one, but I often forget to put it on.

  11. Rikki

    <3 your pix!

    Yay! I have what to share this wk :)
    Haul – VICE pallette!! Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pallette (is that what its called?) Mac Studio Fix powder- refill. Marilyn Monroe Legendary blush and Pure Zen lipstick.
    Plans- seeing old friends!!
    I have one watch my family bought me a few years ago for a gift. I love it but I find it annoying to wear any type of jewelry besides earrings on a daily basis, so it's more for special occasions together with my rings.

  12. Dinitchka

    Awwwwwwww! What cuties! They look so discombobulated. Almost as if they are saying “Wait!! Don’t leave us Daddy!Muahahahaaaa … Now we can plan our escape!”

    Haul: Nothing that I have already planned other then Walgreen’s at lunch and I plan on picking up some Halloween themed cosmetics. I’m searching for the evil looking pumpkin nail polishes 😀

    Weekend plans: Catch up on emails, cook for the week (I got my oven back. YaY!!), sort through my fall clothing, get the coats and boots out and sort through some new polishes. I bought some french tip stickers and I want to do some kind of a non french tip mani with them. I think I will stay in as it is dreary, cool and rainy looking. And as always SLEEP!

    ■Do you wear a watch?: Yes. I always feel ‘naked’ if I don’t have one on when out and about. I don’t wear one at home. I kind of use it as a finishing piece. I enjoy wearing different ones. Blingy gold is my fav and blingy matte black is a close 2nd.

  13. Haul: An Old Navy V neck shirt.

    Weekend plans: Taking my cats to Seer Farms on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday with a friend.

    Do you wear a watch?: Not anymore. I rely on my cell phone for the time. I used to wear one (until the battery stopped working, and I forgot to get it changed). I used feel naked without a watch, so it’s kinda strange that I no longer wear one.

  14. Haul: Nada saving for IMATS TO.

    Weekend plans: Canadian Thanks Giving Y’all!!!!

    Do you wear a watch?: Never really did when i was younger. My cell phone is my “pocket watch”. Best thing I read in a short story! So true take anyone from the Victorian era and they would think we have Ugly pocket watches. lol

  15. Actually I hauled my new $125CAN (with photo and shipping) passport. I finally Got bi;led for it so I was approved after sending 3 weeks ago! Now I just have to wait for it to come in the mail. >_<

  16. Absolutely adorable. Is Neptune a girl or boy? They are such good dogs….I would have find a way to get out from that barrier and not be fenced in.

  17. Inge

    ■Haul: MAC Rebel and Melon pigment. Benefit sugarlicious kit
    ■Weekend plans: work and a party on Sat night
    ■Do you wear a watch?: occasionally

  18. Barbie

    aww mellan has a friend to play with!

    haul; i bought two beautyblender knockoffs i just got them today, two lip glosses and two brushes from bh cosmetics

    weekend plans; i want to go to sephora and mac but idk

    no, i don’t wear a watch, because half of them are too heavy on my wrists

  19. Christy

    Haul: Just ordered a bunch of the Macadamia Oil hair products. I hope I like them!
    Weekend plans: My 8-year-olds foot ball game, sister’s birthday, nieces’s birthday, and my 3-year-olds photo shoot.
    Do you wear a watch? ALWAYS!

  20. Andrea

    they look so adorable, is that mellans special corner?

  21. Kafka

    I adore this photo! I wish I had matching GSDs. LOL.

    Haul: I’m still stuck on my perfume obsession so the only makeup I got was the discontinued, L/E NARS nail polish in M. Butterfly. It’s a gorgeous mulberry red! Perfume-wise, I got Hermès’s “Elixir des Merveilles” & Annick Goutal’s “Grand Amour” in large EDP bottles. Then, from “Surrender to Chance,” an order of various perfume decants & samples for some niche perfumes: 3 ml decants of Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower, Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle & Fleurs D’Oranger; 5 Serge Lutens samples (Datura Noir, A La Nuit, Un Bois Vanille, Clair de Musc, Sa Majesté La Rose); 4-piece By Kilian Oud sample set; and Montale’s Aoud Blossom, Aoud Lime & Oriental Flowers.

    Weekend plans: Try to get a handle on the Hairy German’s new Vegan diet, get all the (few) things he can now eat in addition to his prescription hard food, and figure out ways to feed him his latest meds & steroids via things like oatmeal and apple sauce. *sigh*

    Do you wear a watch?: Absolutely. I feel naked and discombobulated without one.

    • I always wanted matching labs walking side by side to me. Only now, I realize that “side by side” would be “dragging me.”

      Good luck figuring out his new diet! That’s got to be tough!

    • There you go enabling me again with the niche decants.. I’ll be up to my eyeballs in perfumes and indie nails enamels in no time. Hope is goes well with Zola this weekend. Good Luck, hun!!

  22. yadira

    haul: 2 Nars Matte lipsticks. Moscow & Amsterdam.. thnks to your reviews. :) loved them btw!
    weekend plans: work work work. ooh might go shopping. need new foundation Tarte has been making me breakout. :(
    watch?: No. :( i feel that they dont go with me.. but i do love Coach watches..

    have a great weekend everyone!

  23. Elle Jaye

    ■Haul: Elf Haul! I got 50% off during their “secret” sale. I picked up some brush replacements, one of the new HD blushes, a contouring set (Turks and Caicos)and a lip exfoliator. I need to find an oil free primer that works for me. My dry/combo skin has been extra shiny for some reason!!
    ■Weekend plans: Football :) Paperwork :(
    ■Do you wear a watch?: Wow, exact same response as yours!”I used to, and then I stopped for years, and I just recently started to again!”
    Being a therapist, I have to keep up with the time!I just bought myself a nice one a month back.

  24. Haul: Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cheek Palette, Tarina Tarantino Delightful Jewel Eyeshadow Palette, Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo Moon Opal/Iris Plume

    Weekend Plans: Begin wedding planning, paint the guest bathroom, relax if there’s time!

    Do you wear a watch: Every day! I feel naked without it!

  25. NeenaJ

    Haul: Silk Naturals Oatmeal Hydrating Serum (it’s awesome); Paula’s Choice Redness Relief Toner (free shipping on everything right now, so I’m trying it); and some stuff from Fyrinnae’s new halloween collection.

    Weekend: I’m meeting up with an old friend – so excited to catch up after 10+ years!

    Watch: Yes! I feel naked without one. My fave is a Kenneth Cole two-tone a bracelet band I got years ago – it just goes with everything. Sometimes I switch up with a ladies Timex Weekender with the colored fabric bands.

  26. Leticia

    Haul: Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie and a Max Factor purple eyeshadow I found on sale for a couple of bucks! I of course did not need another eyeshadow – but I couldn’t resist the price!
    Weekend plans: Housework (yuck) and hopefully squeeze in time to get my hair done!
    Do you wear a watch? Yes! I like to but I also wear one in particular because it was a gift from a friend.

    Oooooh, Mellan has a buddy to plan mischieves with!! They are just adorable peeking over the fence…..both of them are super cute, lucky you!!

  27. Kristabelle

    Haul:need to get some replacements- too faced primed and poreless, l’oreal carbon black lineur intense liquipencil, maybe mac brule, naked lunch, satin taupe.
    Also thinking about picking up another Revlon Just Bitten balm stain and some Colorstay nail polishes (really loving the look of Spanish moss).
    Most of my money will be going towards clothes this week, though.

    Weekend plans: Today I’m picking up my paycheck and doing some shopping- the mall, target, ulta, maybe tj maxx.

    Do you wear a watch?: I didn’t for a really long time, could never find the one I wanted (I lovedd that black leather cuff one that Kandee Johnson used to wear). But I just got a really pretty fake rose gold watch that I’m slightly obsessed with. I don’t even wear it to work because I’m afraid of messing it up!

  28. Abbey

    What good boys! My beagle would have been over, under, or (more likely) through that barrier and to Daddy. He’s not very well mannered, unfortunately.

    Haul-moisturizer, eye cream, oil cleanser, and eye makeup remover. All things I needed, but nowhere near as fun to buy as makeup!

    Weekend plans-readying my house for the invasion of the in-laws. Basically doing some fall cleaning and touch-up painting. All things that need to be done, but once again not as fun as other weekend activities! :)

    Yes, I always wear a watch. I didn’t for years, but now if I forget I find myself checking my wrist incessantly.

  29. Hi Mellan and Neptune! They look great together :)

    Haul: Bits here and there. A couple of the OCC loose shadows you reviewed lately plus a couple of lip tars and 2 YSL lippies in different shades of orange. OT: Loving the combo of Interlace and Divine lip tars. Also received my niche perfume decants from Europe. I am having fun with these trying out a new scent every day.

    Weekend Plans: It is Thanksgiving in Canada so making pumpkin pie is on the agenda and cooking up a stuffed turkey breast with all the fixings. I am getting hungry just typing this.

    I typically do not wear a watch. I have no need. I have a couple of watches which are more like fashion pieces which I wear on occasion, but I never ‘consult’ them. I find people who constantly stare at their watches to be quite annoying. Their head is never on what they are currently doing, it’s always on what they perceive they should be doing next.

    • I could see Interlace and Divine working!

    • Miss J

      How do you like Divine? Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

      • It’s really lovely! For me, it has a very fresh spring/summer feel to it. I apply these so sparingly that I can’t imagine going through an entire tube! I would categorize this as a semi-bright medium orangish pink. It looks brighter in the tube than it does on my lips. Hope this helps and enjoy your weekend :)

  30. xamyx

    Haul: Just 2 Sinful Colors nail polishes for my daughter (a shimmery red & a deep, shimmery burgundy-can’t recall the names); I’m aware of the controversy of the brand, but my daughter’s only 6, and I don’t think she’ll understand the reason we shouldn’t buy it-she just really loved the shades.

    Plans: Target & maybe hitting the Hollywood Sephora (I’ve never been there).

    Watch: Never; I don’t do rings or bracelets, either.

    • I think I’ve been to the Hollywood Sephora… super huge if I remember right!

    • Will you have a list for Hollywood Sephora, or will it mysteriously get sucked out of an open window in the car on the way there?

      • xamyx

        I have my list of NARS duos that I pretty much have committed to memory, and I’m *hoping* they have a larger selection of MUFE shadows. Of course, there’s that pesky UD Vice palette that keeps calling out my name, but I keep telling myself I don’t need it (but then, do I really *need* anything on my list?). I also want to check out the Tarte Carried Away palette.

      • xamyx

        So I just got back from Sephora Hollywood, and it is HUUUUUGE! I was only able to look at a few things, as my little one was getting a little too “hands-on”- she has OCD as part of her ASD, and *every* lipstick had to be turned down. However, I did get to see what I wanted to the most. They have every shade of Lip Tars, *except* the new ones (and I really want Black Dahlia & Sybil), Tarina Tarantino in on sale in stores, and they actually have *all* the eyeliners at $9 USD, as well as several palettes still in stock. I just got 2 UD palettes & a bunch of VIB perks. BTW, the Tarte palette is awesome, and the NARS Debbie Harry palette is just a bunch of dry, barely pigmented glitter.

        • I’m so not surprised the Deborah Harry palette sucked.. How DARE they!!!! Grrrrowl: How to turn an iconic beauty into a glittery hot mess. Dammit, I just bought a number of TT eyeliners from Sephora JUST before they dropped the price. I assumed they were going to pull the line without a sale.. Double Grrowl
          Thanks for the Sephora BH intel! It sounds like it was a fun adventure :)

  31. VickyM

    Haul: Guerlain rouge automatique 161 Cherry blossom, a nice necklace or bracelet and a cheap nail polish lol

    Plans: Going to class on Saturday (yes I have classes on Saturday but get other days of the week off) and going to the mall, and later to dinner in a nice restaurant.

    Do you wear a watch? I do wear one, if I remember to, since I have a nice one that looks more like an accesory, but it actually has a purpose :) , I find that if a watch looks nice, it can be a very good investment.

  32. Kristin

    So much….some Butter London nail polishes, Lorac candy eye shadow palettes from Ulta, the huge Sephora Lorac Sweet Temptations kit (which I may return since I don’t think I’ll really use the lip glosses that much), Benefit Jet-Set, NARS BLKR eyeshadows, Smashbox Softbox II, Kat Von D holiday eye shadow palette, Tarte Skinny Smoky Shadow Liners, and Dior Fairy Golds and Night Golds.

    I’m bad. I just couldn’t wait for F&F (though I do still want a few more holiday palettes from Sephora..)

  33. Courtney

    Haul: Hrm…I don’t think I got makeup this week. Though I did buy a PSP, a game, and a memory card.

    Weekend plans: Steampunk/Pirate birthday party! Then…I dunno what.

    Do you wear a watch?: I used to until last December when I got a wrist tattoo. I got used to keeping it uncovered, so now I just use my phone for the time.

  34. Lee

    Haul: Urban Decay Vice Palette finally! And the Dior Sephora 500 pt sample. Would’ve snagged a few MAC Marilyn lipsticks but they sold out to fast. Oh, well, MAC’s loss.

    Weekend plans: Pretty much the same as yours. Hopefully, I’ll finally get around to mowing the lawn.

    Do you wear a watch?: I always did until I forgot it one day and didn’t really miss it.

  35. Haul: I hauled a whole bunch of Le Metier de Beaute, REN, and Aesop stuff last Sunday. Still waiting impatiently for it to arrive!

    • Doh I accidentally hit post comment before I was done!

      Weekend plans: Spending my day in Antwerp with some girlfriends tomorrow (does anyone smell shopping? LOL), and working on Sunday!

      Do you wear a watch: Yup, I seldom leave the house without it. I get paranoid!

      Both Neptune and Mellan look uber fit! They must get to play/walk a lot!

  36. blueraccoon

    Haul: Burberry lip velvets in #302 and #308 (Peony Rose and Pink Azalea), Fresh Glow skin base. Too Faced La Creme in Spice Spice Baby and Honey Bear, Fresh lip treatment in Berry (new color!) and a new pair of every day shoes :)

    Weekend plans: I’m actually working 12-4 tomorrow, and my usual 7-1 on Sunday, but I have no other plans. I don’t know what I’m doing.

    Do you wear a watch: I used to, but I don’t anymore. I type a *lot*, and my wrists have a tendency to swell, so it gets annoying when I’m on the computer, or it gets in my way, and I take it off, so now I rely on my cell phone for the time and don’t wear watches or bracelets. But I keep thinking about getting a new watch and trying again…

    • I started to wear one, and I find I take it off if I’m at my desk because of typing… but it is a huge, chunky watch, LOL!

    • Spill on the lip velvets :).. both are colours I have sitting in my Saks cart waiting for me to put the pin in. I’ve been holding off hoping the Chanel holiday collection would be released soon..

      • blueraccoon

        I love the lip velvets! They’re not quite as creamy as the lip covers, so require a little more care in application–they don’t tug or pull, by any means, but I find I have to be a touch more careful in applying them than I do with the lip covers. They’re comfortable to wear but I haven’t tested wear time yet – the SA said hers lasted forever, but I find nothing lasts on my lips so I’m not really a good test case :) Also, the packaging is a darker matte version of the gunmetal of the lip covers, so you can tell the lip covers and the lip velvets apart!

        I love both colors I bought but I think I want something else, too – Peony Rose is very light, very neutral and MLBB, and Pink Azalea is darker and bolder, and I’m looking for something in between now.

        You should buy them!

  37. Yumi

    Haul: UD Vice, MAC Legendary and The Perfect Cheek

  38. KaseyCannuck

    Haul: A couple of Essence gel eyeliners, based on review I’ve read. Drying time seems a bit slow, but once they set…they’re there for good!! Stellar for only $3.50 apiece!!! This week it’s been all about new boots, not makeup.

    Weekend plans: Cooking about 20 pounds of potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Do you wear a watch?: I used to, but since I can’t wear jewelry of any kind at work, I stopped, and don’t even think of wearing one anymore. Cell phone works just fine. Same with nail polish, but lately I’ve been putting it on just for the weekends.

  39. TrippyPixie

    Haul: Fyrinnae pressed eyeshadow in Rapunzel Had Extensions, and loose eyeshadow minis in Kurisumasu! and Nijiro (with a free sample of Cupcake Frosting thrown in as well)

    Weekend plans: Dance performance tonight, go to a friend’s birthday party tomorrow, go to an event with my cultural group on Sunday, and do all of my homework. Also, clean my bathroom and install the digital cable box to the guest room TV.

    Do you wear a watch?: I never used to, since I hate wearing stuff on my wrists/fingers. However, I visited Germany two years ago, and needed to wear something so I would know what time it was, so I wore a watch. After that trip, I stopped wearing it. That fall, however, I would check the clock in my English class so often that my teacher mentioned it in a vocabulary test. (“____ is always looking at the clock.”) I was so embarrassed that I started wearing a watch again so I could check it discreetly, and now I always have to wear one. (I constantly need to know what time it is.)

  40. Miss J

    Haul: Josie Maran Argan Oil and OCC Lip Tars in Psycho, Marion, and Lydia.


    Do you wear a watch?: No, never. If I want to know the time I just look at my cell phone/computer/car clock. My parents would always buy me watches as a kid, so I’d try to wear them, but I’d always end up never looking at them/taking them off. Eventually, they’d just end up in a drawer somewhere never to be worn again. I just don’t do watches.

  41. Miss J

    Hope everyone has a great weekend, and Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving to anyone celebrating the holiday. Is there anyone else here celebrating any other holiday?

  42. Deonna

    Haul- my first occ lip tars! Nylon & nsfw (I think that’s what it’s called)

    Weekend plans- my step daughter’s birthday party tomorrow and getting some cleaning done

    Watch wearer?- not in a while since I gained weight when I had my babies and my old one doesn’t fit me anymore. But I have one on my Christmas wishlist this year so *fingers crossed*

  43. Joan

    What a nice shot of Mellan & Neptune. They are really beautiful dogs. Was this a play date?

    Haul: Completed my purchases from MAC’s MM collection; added The Perfect Cheek blush, Pure Zen lipstick, Penultimate liner, Beet lip pencil & Vintage Vamp nail lacquer to what I’ve already purchased; MAC’s Burgundy lip pencil; Bobbi Brown’s Peony Pink Illuminating Bronzing powder for BCAC $10 of which goes to the research foundation.

    Weekend plans: R & R and getting the house ready for fall & winter

    Do you wear a watch?: Yes, especially when out of the house. If I’m home for a few days I don’t bother.

  44. Adrienne

    Haul: Mac marilyn kid orange (love, excited to wear it on my Halloween cruise). 2 The perfect cheek (one for my sisters bday!) and Mac dazzleglass in phiff, which I was not planning on getting but they had music playing and everything I got caught up lol, I wanted a lip product b/c how cool would it be to pull out a Marilyn Monroe product i loved the lipsticks but I know for a fact that I’d never wear them, proud to stay true to my self haha. A few summer clearance dresses as well!

    Weekend plans: homecoming at my alma mater. Helping a friend pick out wedding flowers. Scavenging for summer clearance steals.

    I love watches. I never accessorize (scarves, necklace,bracelets,etc) too lazy for all of that. always my Tiffany bead earrings and either my chunky gold Michael kors watch or a silver Michele watch. Been lusting over a Michele strap in saddle which is a brown leather hopefully it’ll still be around for Xmas. The watch counter is where I’m drawn to.

    Everyone have a great weekend.

  45. Adele

    Haul: Sale tank top from urban outfitters.
    Weekend plans: Working and seeing some friends from out of town.
    Do you wear a watch?: I used to wear a white Toy Watch (looked like the Michael Kors one) but then the time wasn’t set correctly and i couldn’t be bothered to fix it. I’ve asked for a new watch for my birthday, though, which is coming up in a couple of weeks.

  46. Sarah

    Haul: mac’s Forever Marilyn just came – I love it! My sleek order should be here on Monday too; I took a jab at their new (apparently not so new) face form thing. Not sure if there’s actually a difference between fair and light but oh well. Also got a sample of benefit’s cha cha tint in instyle magazine – first one I picked up! Usually have to have the whole shelf off for the one I want. Also picked up L’oreal’s lumi concealer, not sure how I feel about it. Any fellow UK-ers; tesco always seem to sell makeup cheaper than places like superdrug. Shame my local only restocks the shelves what feels like once a month!

    Plans: catch up with all my college work I’ve missed. Spent two days in hospital and already late on two deadlines! Eeshk. I’ll reward myself with having a play with makeup.

    Watch: depends if I remember to put it on!

  47. Nicole

    Haul: Nothing
    Weekend plans: Getting my live organized
    Do you wear a watch?: Almost everyday since primary school. I feel naked without one on my left wrist.

  48. Susan

    Haul: Too Faced Natural Eye Palette, Maybelline The Falsies original mascara, L’Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense, Revlon Peach Petal gloss & a whole bunch of fall scented candles from B&BW!