Friday, September 14th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  I purchased new scents from Haus of Gloi, but they haven’t arrived yet!
  • Weekend plans:  Try to play catch up because of how little I was able to get done this past weekend!
  • Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: Cinderella and The Land Before Time

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This week’s Mellan photo…

Say good morning, Mellan!

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124 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #149

  1. Laura

    Haul: Illamasqua Boost lipgloss, MAC Mehr lipstick, MAC Supercontinental blush, and Urban Decay Naked 2 lipgloss (which I ordered by accident – I wanted Naked!)

    Weekend plans: Housework! And possibly a street party, weather permitting.

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: The Princess Bride! Still my favourite film :)

  2. I ordered some ASOS stuff, also from feelunique… and tomorrow I’m buying Chanel’s bronzing base <3

    This weekend I'm celebrating since in september 18th we celebrate our independence from Spain [I'm from Chile](even though independence came in april 18th of 1818.. xD).. so is all celebration all over the country :)

    A Movie… Little Mermaid, Cinderella … and He-Man (yes..)


  3. Good Morning Mellan from our pack: Chloe, Digger, Maggie and Bernice!

    Haul: a pile! TF Plum Absolute, TF colour quad in Burnished Amber, TF Lip in Aphrodisiac, TF cheek in Lovelust, D&G Perfect finish foundation, NARS cheek Madly, NARS cheek Gilda, Bobbie Brown sparkle and matte eyeshadows in Black Chocolate, Bobbi eyeshadow in Taupe, Chanel blush duo tweed effect in Tweed Sienna, YSL highlighting powder for complexion, Burberry Trench and Gold Trench eyeshadows, NARS duo in Iceland and a couple more Chanel Joues contraste for my collection.

    Weekend Plans: We’ve hired 1-800-Got Junk and we have spent a fair bit of time this week going through the barn and the basement doing a spring cleaning in fall :) I’ve amassed a pile of things shoes, boots,clothing, costume jewellery, etc for donation as well. It’s going to feel so good to get rid of all of this ‘stuff’! Today and tomorrow morning we tackle the rest of the basement..Oi vey!

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood: The Grinch who stole Christmas

    • That’s a lot of TF!! And yay, Burberry Trench :)

    • Kafka

      You’ll have to let me know what you think of the Iceland Duo. Put it over a black cream base and the white-green iridescent one will blow your mind!

      • Hey dudette :) I’ve already tried the ‘blue’ ice and I love it!! It’s almost opalescent and so frickin’ pretty! Thanks for the advice once again. I will definitely try it over a layer of MAC Blacktrack because if the green is anything like the blue, I’m in love already xoxo

  4. Abbey

    Haul: a bunch of drugstore stuff I got on BOGO, including some Wet N’ Wild eyeshadows that are pretty awesome. I was pleasantly surprised!
    Weekend Plans: Relaxing. It was a whirlwind week–I flew home Friday at the last minute and had to be back Wednesday evening. I’m still trying to catch up on everything, so I’ll be spending this weekend on the couch!
    Movies that remind you of childhood: Pretty much anything with a Disney Princess involved, especially The Little Mermaid. I’m redheaded and I always identified with fellow gingers (even if they were mermaids)! :)

  5. Mirian

    HAUL: NOTHING. I’ve been good! I’m starting to save up for christmas, a new phone, and blonde hair.

    WEEKEND PLANS: Mani/Pedi and gym.

    MOVIE: A Little Princess OR the Little Mermaid

  6. Andrea

    He isss soo sweet and so obedient. PI my dog doesn’t back up so far hehe. Or when I come with his plate he does like he is not interested pick his ball and starts to play,then when his food is ready he comes heheh . Love those Mellan’s Pictures and videos I look FW to see them every Friday.

  7. Nicoco Chanel

    Haul: Nothing right now! The BF is taking me to Bangor tomorrow so I might talk a gift out of him while we’re there.
    Weekend plans: Shopping for the BF’s mum’s birthday present, hopefully going out for Spanish food (or in other words: find an excuse to wear my gorgeous new dress)
    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: Agreeing with you on The Land Before Time, but also Disney’s Robin Hood.

  8. GUSnail

    Haul: Got some back to school and soccer gear for my kids. Haven’t opened the boxes yet.
    Weekend plans: My daughter’s first day of soccer-she’s very excited
    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: The Little Mermaid

  9. Haul: MAC MSF Natural in Light and Pearlglide in Petrol Blue.
    Also last Sunday we went to see Wicked as a surprise to me and my Mom. :)

    Weekend plans: Catch up as well! Been busy the past 3 weekends.

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: The Little Mermaid and Batman Returns. lol

    I love how Mellan keep scooting back as you get closer.

    • How did you like Wicked?

      • It was great!! The full cast was there but the understudies did the lead Elphaba Thropp (she was Hella Good by the way!) It was on a slightly smaller stage compared to the Ed Mirvish Theatre or the Canon Theatre in Toronto. I saw it in Kitchener at the Centre of the Square for the last matinee performance.

        It’s a rather clever tale that’s for sure. GA-linda was funny as hell to watch.

  10. Joan

    Awww. What a GOOD BOY. Mellan is so sweet and so well mannered!

    Haul: Preordered iPhone 5, 64G (haven’t had a new mobile phone in 6 years!)
    MAC: Rapunzel Lipstick
    Viva Glam Nicki Lipglass
    Coffee Walnut Pro Sculpting Cream
    Eternal Sunshine Blush (It’s pretty & pigmented) & SOLD OUT
    # 215 Medium Shader Brush
    #163 Flat Contour Brush

    Weekend plans: Errands, Family Dinner/Rosh Hashanah

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: Pollyanna & Wizard of Oz

  11. Angie

    Haul:Lush’s RO’s Argan Body conditioner, American cream conditioner, charity pot lotion, Angels on Bare skin cleanser and Fresh Pharmacy cleanser :) looove loooove lush!
    Weekend plans:Try to stay out of this triple digit weather, add some finishing touches to my friend’s birthday party and hang out with my man!
    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: My neighbor Totoro and The Nightmare Before Christmas, love those two :)

  12. ■Haul: I ordred some brushes from Branded J, also waiting to order Vice tomorrow online, I hope I can get one before they sell out (urban decay)
    ■Weekend plans: Take dog to the vet, go to eye doctor, write some blog posts including a review of 100% Pure Cosmetics Vegan Brushes
    ■Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: Running With Scissors…enough said.

  13. Dinitchka

    Awwww Mellan and his puppy dog eyes.

    ■Haul: Pure Ice magnetic polishes from Wam-Lart. All the purples and blues look kind of the same to me. I am hoping to do a gradient magnetic mani with them (fingas crossed). Back to Walgreen’s to find the last of the WnW Fergie polishes and see if more of the Revlon double ended polishes are available. Pick up a new coat and handbag from Dillard’s (our weather finally took a nose dive. The rain is KILLING my bones). Stop off at the antique shop and check and see if the Wedgwood Jasperware they called me about is ‘really’ Wedgwood and if it is buy it all. And finally, a couple new pairs of shoes from Nordies or Shoebuy. I’d like to find a pair of flat choco brown riding boots.

    ■Weekend plans: Weather is killing me so prob not much. I need to finish up posting to my Pinterest … That is never ending!! SLEEP!!

    ■Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: Are we talking a movie we watched as a child or a movie that was like our childhood? I’m a bit discombobulated. One defo movie from my childhood was A Nighmare On Elm Street and the following series of them. Mum would take us girls and watch it for my birthdays. Still one of my all time fav series of movies!!

  14. Alexis J.

    High Five if you had “The Land Before Time” on VHS with the advertisement for Puzza Hut in the previews!

    Haul – Revlon Colorstay for combo/oily skin. With sales and coupons, I paid $5!
    Weekend Plans – Move the last of the stuff out of our old apartment & buy holiday decorations for our new house.
    Childhood Movie – The Little Mermaid (first movie I saw in the theater).

  15. Haul: GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Metallic Brass. There is a small display at the 6th Av & West 8th Street Duane Reade in NYC. I was so happy to see it! I also got Latina Bella Caramel e/s, Two Cosmetics eyeshadows in Bashful, Miss Mayhem, Double Latte, Double Date and Serendipity. Two Cosmetics also sent me free false lashes, which was a nice touch. :)

    Weekend plans: I was hired to bake a 2 layer red velvet for a birthday party on Saturday. After that, it’s homework, homework, homework!

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: “Mrs. Doubtfire”. I saw it in theaters back in 1993. Also, the live action Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles films.

    My cat Jazz is resting his paws and head on my feet. I feel so bad about disturbing him, so I am afraid to get up. LOL. I wish my cats were as mellow and well behaved as Mellan. Jazz gets so offended if I move him when he’s sleeping! 😛

  16. xamyx

    Haul: NARS Vent Glacé, Portobello, & Kilimanjaro eyeshadow duos; e.l.f. Golden bronzer (it serves as a very nice highlighter).

    Plans: Summer is finally in full swing, and it has been very hot & humid, so we’ll likely just stay in.

    Movie: Pretty much *any* Disney classic; there was a movie theatre that showed old movies every weekend for kids, and everything was very inexpensive, so we used to go down there often; most of the movies shown were Disney films, so there are very strong associations.

  17. Espe Barajas

    Haul: Chanel blush in Rose…something…to lazy to look for it. Nars Ondine eyeshadow. Backups of MAC 209 and 116 brushes, Fusion pink lipstick, Black black and Pure white chromalines, Green gel cleanser, and a pressed pigment. I’m probably getting more stuff at Nordstrom today because of the triple points. It’s a good time to get stuff I’ve been eyeing for a while.

    Weekend plans: It’ll be a pretty chill weekend. Get together with my best friend on Saturday and a lot of reading for school (poli sci major), majority being articles on Sunday.

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood: The Legend of Billie Jean and a Charlie Brown Christmas.

  18. Inge

    Haul: Houglass Gypsy duo (which i have not used yet, but will this weekend) and Dior Lip Polish, smothing lacquer, which I really love. Weekend plans: Work and hang out with friends
    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: An American Tale and The Land Before Time

  19. Veronica

    Haul: MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipglass, Revlon nail polish in Smouldering, Fresh lip balm and tinted balm in Rosé, Tarina Tarantino Spark of Envy eyeliner (LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE), MUFE Artist Natural lipstick in Rouge (sample size), and Estée Lauder Violet Underground palette.

    Weekend Plans: Try not to have a heart attack over the thought that the PCAT is now less than two weeks away. D: And studying for my Organic Chemistry II exam.

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood? I second The Land Before Time, though the sequels make me cry sad tears. Also, pick pretty much any Disney movie from the ’90s golden age (Lion King, Beauty and the Beast etc). Oh, and Fern Gully!

    • Have you tried Spark of Envy yet? You must let me know if you love it!!

      • Veronica

        Not yet, but I’m hoping to put together a look for work tomorrow with it. *sigh* It’s just so pretty. <3 I am excited to try it after seeing it in so many of your posts.

    • Nicoco Chanel

      Good luck with your studying! <3

    • Kafka

      I’ve been thinking of you and the exam, Veronica. It’s the 25th, isn’t it? Have you taken lots of practice tests? I know how stressed you must be, so I send you a huge hug. Hang in there! It’s almost over! :)

      • Veronica

        Thanks, Kafka. Unfortunately, I’ve got a bad feeling that I’m going to be shelling out another $200 to take the exam again in January. :( Work + moving house just sucked up so much of my time this month that I just didn’t get in the studying I probably needed. I’m crossing my fingers, but I’m bracing for the worst.

        I appreciate all the well wishes, though!

        • Kafka

          Aww, Veronica, don’t say that about January! Hopefully, this is just nerves and stress talking. You know, there were a number of times when I felt dubious about how prepared I was for a test and then thought I’d flunked it, only to actually end up doing well (to my disbelief). Hopefully, that will be the same thing here. You seem like such a hard-working perfectionist and so smart, that you probably just feel you need to study EXHAUSTIVELY or else it’s not enough. But I’m SURE you will do well and it will all come to you, even if right now you feel that there is *SO* much material and that it is overwhelming. I’m rooting for you and will send endurance & positive vibes on the 25th!

          • Veronica

            I really hope that’s the case, but I’ve had multiple people now tell me that the math section is ROUGH and I’m kind like 😐 when it comes to math on standardized exams. It’s great if you’re intuitively logical, but I’m more verbally acute than I am mathetmatically. On the other hand, I’ve had multiple people tell me that there’s no shame in retaking it, since it is an extremely difficult test, so I’m consoling myself with the promise that I won’t get too upset if I wind up with an unsatisfactory score.

            • KIMBERLY

              I took my PTCB, and yes same with you the math is complicated and I have always passed my math classes and everything but for some reason when I got to the testing center I was extremely nervous and I just couldn’t understand some of the questions, I sadly failed but I can always retake it again I was so down about it, and for the looks of it i’m not the first person that fails it and I studied for some things that weren’t even on there!! The only thing that’s made my days a little better is that a pharmacist that trained me in my internship called me to submit a job application at his pharmacy…I wish you the best of luck and DO NOT let your nerves get the best of you!


      Good luck on your PCAT! That will be me in 2 years hopefully…

  20. Good morning Mellan & Christine :)

    Haul: That new Cult Nails top coat set, some more Nfu Oh polish & hand care, Revlon Whimsical & MAC Dark Dare shadow & Coral Bliss lipstick.

    Weekend Plans: ummm after that unfortunate toe related incident last night I don’t know… it’s pretty messed up, might die of toe gangrene or something… okay, maybe not. Probably shouldn’t over do it this weekend LOL

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood: younger years I’d say Disney movies & All Dogs Go To Heaven. Older years: Mrs. Doubtfire, Matilda & Twister. I generally wouldn’t watch Disney movies if they’re on TV, but I will still watch the other ones!

  21. Courtney

    Haul: MAC Light Touch face & body shimmer. Plus I got to back-2-mac for a lipstick and got Im-passioned.

    Weekend plans: Going to Comikaze for fun, shopping, and networking. Then Sunday I’m singing a few nerdy parodies to open for my theater show’s fall season.

    Childhood Movie: The Secret of NIMH. I used to act along with the movie. :)

  22. Tigerlily

    Ohh the sweet blinking ‘Yesss’ when Mellan’s asked if he’s ready for breakfast! Cutie pie <3

    – Haul (quite a week! I discovered Temptalia not long ago and now I'm hooked to it and to lovely makeup…):
    Burberry: Blossom blush, Midnight Brown eyeshadow, and they were out of Trench :'-(
    MAC: Blanc Type, Coppering, Brun (for my brows) e/s + several brushes
    MUFE: Aqua Rouge in Rosewood, Aqua Creme #13 (do *not* mix with MAC Painterly!), e/s 306, Aqua Eyes 10L, Aqua Liner #11

    – W-E plans: playing tennis and helping my BFF paint her house

    – Childhood movies: My Girl and the Little Mermaid

  23. I’m SO crazy about Mellan! I like the noise dogs make when they get up, a bit like a sigh if you know what I mean!

    I didn’t buy anything this week. I’ve got way too much sitting around waiting to be processed already. It’s overwhelming!

    On Saturday we’re going to a friend’s pre-wedding party, and Sunday will have to be a big cleaning day. The house could do with some thorough cleaning!

    Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White! I’m also a Disney kid!

  24. Yay for you purchasing from Haus of Gloi!

    Haul – some essence products from Ulta
    Weekend Plans – my friend’s birthday party
    Movie – Labyrinth *David Bowie!*

  25. t_zwiggy

    Haul: Nothing!

    Weekend plans: I woke up sick this morning, so I’ll probably stay in bed with my computer, and try to keep my body warm and hydrated.

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood? I can’t think of one! I clearly didn’t watch a lot of movies as a kid (and I still don’t).

  26. Barbie

    Haul – i ordered things from 3 indie companies and one elf order for their new hd blushes

    I want to try haus of gloi!!!

    weekend plans – homework and sleeping cause i have been feeling like crap because of my stomach

    movie – toy story!

  27. Haul: I recently bought a whole assortment of drugstore products to test! I’m loving all of them!

    Weekend Plans: Going to our university’s football game with my roommate!

    Movie: Disney’s Hercules or The Enchanted Princess :) I’m a total girly girl.

  28. Haul: Just a couple of the Ben Nye contour creams that just released a couple months ago. Yet to try them but I want to test them against the MAC ones that came out this week.

    Weekend plans: Scheduled for a photo shoot! I’m doing body makeup all weekend long!

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: No… no… if I tell you that you might guess how old I am 😉 LOL!

  29. Elle

    ■Haul: I purchased Eve Pearl Moisturizing Primer, Lancome Hypnose Mascara, Carol’s Daughter Acai Hydrating Butter (My skin is sooo dry during transitional seasons) and MAC lip pencil in Mahagony (geting ready for fall lippies, YEAH)
    ■Weekend plans: Hanging out with friends! BIG football weekend in Little Oxford, MS. We are playing Texas Longhorns!
    ■Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: Little Mermaid

  30. Anna

    Haul: All I got this week was a mascara from Lancome.
    Weekend plans: Need to do some reading and then I will watch dvds. I have lots that are still in wrapper!
    Movie that reminds me of my childhood: I grew up in Sweden so any movies based on the books of Astrid Lindgren reminds me of my childhood. In particular movies about Pippi Longstocking. If I have to choose American movie then it will be the musical Annie.

  31. Lee

    Haul: Traded in some empties at MAC and got replacements: Shroom e/s, Lovelorn l/s, and Blacktrack f/l.

    Weekend plans: I’ve been planning on painting the bathroom for a while; it’s raining this weekend so it might be a good time.

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: I loved Fantasia as a kid.

  32. Haul: It appears MAC is now allowing Paypal, so I went and bought MAC’s Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. Also bought a sub to Julep (for a penny!) and Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream for my mom.

    Might buy some MAC lipstick as well, but I’m still researching the best one for me…looking for a good red or pink shade that works well with cool skin tones, so if anybody has suggestions, let a sister know!

    Weekend plans: I’m actually going on a weekend trip to northern Minnesota in a few hours. Lots of hiking + hanging around the Paul Bunyan statue.

    Movie: The Lion King…I was really obsessed with it in 3rd grade. lol

  33. Barbara

    How adorable is that video of Mellan!

    Haul: Only one thing this week! Blue Himalaya fragrance from Crabtree & Evelyn. Haven’t been in one in years but read a review of this on a perfume blog and since it has a black tea note I wanted to try it.

    Plans: Working Sat and Sun afternoon shift.

    Movie: Wizard of Oz!

  34. Britt Chapman

    Haul: just received my 3 limited edition LUSH Rose Jam shower gels!! Oh my gosh I think I have a new love, this smells like Turkish Delight and makes a gorgeous foamy lather! I’m waiting on my Bellabox Australia which should be here any day now!
    Weekend Plans: My 7 year old is going for his green belt in Karate and I have a 40th birthday party to go to.
    Movie: The Neverending Story, The Original Footloose and E.T remind me of childhood! I feel OLD! Lol 😉

  35. Kafka

    Haul: Kevyn Aucoin’s Pure Glow Blush in Natura (Unbelievable. It may become HG!), Bobbi Brown lip stick in Beige, Tarina Tarintino Glitter Liners in Violet & Goldi Luxe, Zoya nail polish in Jem, London Butter in Marrow, & Ole Henriksen Eye Cream. In non-makeup, I ordered 2 long, dangling, multi-coloured “gem” earrings & a long, matching necklace for one colour from Nordstrom.

    Weekend plans: Birthday festivities for my mother & one of my sisters who share the same birthday. Work stuff for the rest & cleaning the house.

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: “Bedknobs & Broomsticks” with Angela Landsbury. It’s a rather unknown, criminally under-appreciated Disney classic that I watched almost daily. Just the thought of it makes me smile. Also, “Mary Poppins” & “The Sound of Music.”

    • More than NARS Copacabana? :)

      • Kafka

        Ha, NO! Nothing will ever replace Copacabana as a highlighter. But as far as beige/super pale brown blushes go, I doubt anything will ever beat the Natura. It’s like you’re not wearing blush but suddenly have razor-sharp cheekbones and contours. It’s this colour: The silky fineness of the powder, the almost invisible shimmer (which is so subtle, I wonder if I’m imagining it) and how the blush melts into the skin… amazing. I have (and love) Kevyn Aucoin’s cream blushes but this was my first powder one and… it’s better than some of my NARS blushes (yes, I just said that!) and most of all the other brands I have, whether Chanel, YSL, Guerlain, etc. I’m totally forgetting NARS to buy more, though he only has 6 in total and some of the colours scare me.

        • Hopefully with that soft kind of texture, it will allow for scary colors to be less scary!

          • t_zwiggy

            You really have to try Kevyn Aucoin Pure Glow Blushes if you haven’t done so already, Christine. They are AMAZING! They are so silky and smooth. Blendability is unbelievable, even for the darkest, brightest and most pigmented shades. HG material for sure.

            • Kafka

              I would also love for her to try out Kevyn Aucoin! And I still think you should give his cream blushes a shot, T_Zwiggy. Since you mentioned his darkest, brightest shades, have you tried out the Pure Glow (powder) in Fira? What is it like? Which ones are your favorites other than the highlighter in Candlelight?

              I was thinking of getting Neolita next but I don’t know how identical it is to my other shades and, frankly, almost no-one seems to really review/swatch Kevyn Aucoin. It’s such a shame how under-appreciated his line is. If he hadn’t died so young, I think it would be a very diff. story. :(

            • t_zwiggy

              I don’t have Fira (yet), but I do have Neolita. It’s such a pretty dark berry! It’s like a more red version of Bobbi Brown Sweet Cheeks if you’re familiar with that blush (very similar color intensity and darkness). It’s one of my darkest blushes, but it still works well on my NW20 skin.

              Dolline blush is another one of my favorites. It’s a peachy apricot that is perfect for everyday wear.

              I’ve never been a fan on cream products, but if I decide to give cream blushes another go Kevyn Aucoin will be the first ones I check out!

            • Kafka

              Thank you for the input regarding Neolita, Z_Twiggy. My problem is that I don’t know how close it is to other berry shades I have, like NARS’s Sin, Lokoum, Dolce Vita, etc. So I keep waffling, but Dolline is definitely on the list! With regard to Fira, I keep thinking of how Kevyn Aucoin said every woman needs a red blush but still, I wish I could see that one in person before shelling out $38!

        • t_zwiggy

          Do you have his Celestial Powder highlighter? If not, all I have to say is BUY BUY BUY! 😀
          It’s seriously the best highlighter ever! It’s indeed very different from NARS Copacabana (too in your face extreme for my liking), but if your looking for a natural looking highlighter that gives you the glow from within, you won’t be disappointed. It’s not high shimmer, nor is it frosted. It’s just so finely milled and gives you the most natural looking fresh dewy skin. Truly amazing!

          • Kafka

            T_Zwiggy, no, I don’t have it but ever since you mentioned it months ago, it’s been on my list of things to check out. (You’re totally associated in my mind with Kevyn Aucoin & that shade, btw. :D) As for Copacabana, for me, the trick is to put it UNDER foundation. That makes it the perfect degree of subtlety for me. But, believe me, I am looking into Candlelight! You’ll be the first to know if I ever get it. :)

            • t_zwiggy

              I’ve never even thought of applying it under my foundation (even though I always do that with my liquid highlighters from MAC). I can see how that will tone down the intensity a lot, will definitely try that next time I decide to experiment with makeup. So far when I’ve used it over my foundation it has made me look like a tin foil man, so not a great look unless you’re going to a costume party 😛

          • Kafka

            “Tin Foil Man” …. hahahaha! Poor Z-Twiggy, definitely not a good look! And I can definitely see that, especially if you are NC 20. I’m between NC 27-30 (35 in summer) and very olive/yellow, so it is really blends into my skin colouring and is much less obvious even when I don’t put it under the foundation. Still, I think the Multiples are generally best used that way (under foundation, I mean) and directly on the skin. Plus, I think it also adds to the longevity/duration! So I hope you will let me know how it works for you and if it makes you like Copacabana a little more! 😀

  36. Nicole

    Haul: Another week without any beauty and skincare haul.
    Weekend plans: Meeting friends and some preparation.
    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: Mary Poppins. I just loved the movie with all these special effects.

  37. Bee

    Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle
    Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Brown (not a huge fan of this one)
    Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Humid, Toasted, Secret Service
    Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

    Plans: Work and get ready to start school in a week

    Movies: Any Pokemon movies or early Harry Potter movies…those are sure to make me feel nostalgic :’)

  38. megan

    Haul: I’m on a nail polish kick again. Recently I got Revlon’s CS LW nail polish in Bold Sangria and Wild Strawberry. I adore the application of Bonsai so I’m looking forward to the new ones. French Roast is another nice polish from Revlon but the application isn’t as nice. Anway I also bought 3 polishes from the OPI Germany collection: German-icure by OPI; Every Month is Oktoberfest and Deutsch You Want Me Baby

    Weekend plans: Working the night shift :s

    Movie that reminds me of childhood: 3 Ninjas, several Disney movies from 1989-1994(The Little Mermaid,Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King) I’m sure I’m missing something!

  39. Mariella

    Haul: my hair has been taking a beating from hot yoga and the need for me to flat iron afterward so I bought some Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener and Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Conditioner. I also picked up a mask by Marcelle (Canadian company) and, with my Shopper’s Drug Mart Points I got Dior’s Rose Diamond highlighter. I nearly bought the new eyeshadow palette that Christine reviewed (Golden Savannah?) but when I looked at it in store, it didn’t look all that special.

  40. blueraccoon

    Haul: Chanel L’Infidele lipstick, Balm Jovi palette, Rouge Dior in Dolce Vita PInk, Bobbi Brown Pastel high shimmer lip gloss, NARS Multiple in Luxor. Oh, and my new MacBook Pro 😀 😀 😀

    Weekend plans: Tomorrow is the Nordy’s trend show so I will be going to that, and then Sunday I will be working.

    Movie that reminds you of childhood: I’m not much of a movie person, honestly, so I’m drawing a blank here. Maybe Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?

  41. Melissa

    Haul: Beauty Blender Cleanser, the 4 LE Fall Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows, Maybelline nail polish in Downtown Brown, and 8(!) Butter London nail polishes

    Plans: Took the day off of work today and brought my dog on a 5 mile walk at the dog park. Out with friends tomorrow, and perhaps back to the dog park on Sunday.

    Movie: The Princess Bride or Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

  42. KaseyCannuck

    Haul: A nice box of goodies from Sephora…some Prisma Chrome eyeshadows and 6 eyeliners that I got on sale, and Nars Afghan Red lipstick, which is the only lipstick I own with the name ‘red’. Its also the only one I own with a price tag over $20. High time I treat myself! I just ordered my next treat…the UD Ocho Loco set.

    Weekend plans: Baseball tournament Saturday…watching, not playing lol! Relaxing Sunday.

    Movie that reminds you of your childhood?: Benji. It was the first one I remember seeing in a theater.

  43. Lisa J

    Haul: Mac face & body foundation (never tried it before so thought i’d pick it up when the collection released) and some refill products, Tom Ford cream color for eyes in Illicit (LOVE!), 2 Ellis Faas cream shadows and a lipstick (beautiful formulas, but the applicators are frustrating), some Cozette brushes, the whitening mask from Mario Badescu (haven’t tried it yet) and the Naked foundation from Urban decay (LOVE it too!). No more foundations for me for a while. 😛

    Weekend Plans: SLEEP!!! It was a busy week for me at work, so I’m going to catch up on my sleep and stay in Saturday night to watch the Texas vs. Ole Miss game. Hook ’em!!!

    Childhood movie: Lady and the Tramp. I loved this one!! I actually wore out the VHS tape (remember those??) and my mom had to buy me a new one…LOL.

    Hope you have a good weekend, Christine!! ;D

  44. Deb

    He is too freaking cute!!!!! Big hugs and pats!!!