Friday, August 17th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  I actually received those Rouge Gs I mentioned last Friday this week.
  • Weekend plans:  A little relaxation since we finished our projects for the week!
  • Pen or pencil?:  Pen!

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo…

Mellan & Daddy Cuddled Up!

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127 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #145

  1. I picked up a couple of items from the Guerlain Fall program- Les Fauves eye shadow palette and Pink Punk blush. I’m wearing both today and am very happy with my purchases…

  2. Haul: 3 more Annabelle Twist Up Retractable Lipstick Crayons… Awesome products!

    Weekend plans: Sew, Sew, Sew! And style a wig into a fiery bush of curls.

    Pen or pencil?: Both, I have to sketch things in pencil but I covet my STAEDTLER triplus® fineliner Pens. Never again will I use ball point!!! The company can in to talk to us during my first year of Graphic Design and gave use a set of their new Triplus® mobile office. I proceeded to buy their full set of box of 20 colours of the finliners. A week later STAEDTLER sent another box of Triplus box of 10 colours for the class. It’s been almost 7 years since I got them and they still preform beautifully I’ve only had to get more of the black to replace once I can get a a local art store as I use them. ^_^

    I can help but used as I’ve used them not just for drawing but also fin detail work on props as well that I would not be able to paint/emboss on. The only thing they don’t work on it enamel finishes.

  3. AnGeLwInGz

    Haul: Urban Decay Bender eyeshadow, Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette
    Weekend Plans: work
    Pen or pencil: pen

  4. DJ

    I have always enjoyed seeing Friday mornings picture of Mellan. More so today than ever because we lost our 7 year old lab yesterday. It hurts like I lost a human member of the family (probably because we treated him like he was a human lol). I encourage you to treasure every moment you have with your dog and I look forward to seeing next Fridays picture. Thanks!

    • I am so sorry to hear that, DJ :( I hope you have the comfort of friends & family during this tragic time!

    • Kafka

      DJ, from the bottom of my heart, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve been there and I know just how much you’re hurting right now. You have ABSOLUTELY lost a member of your family and, imo, many dogs are far more human (and far better) than many actual humans. Everyone grieves differently but, one day, it will hurt less. It just may take a very long time. Like Christine, I hope you have a support network that truly understands how important he was in your life and will never dismiss your feelings. If you want to talk about it here, I hope you will. It is the Free for Haul thread, after all. I wish I could send you a hug. I know just how much the empty places and even small things like seeing his old water bowl can hurt right now. {{{hugs}}}

      • DJ

        Thank you guys! I really appreciate it. I’m thankful we are fortunate to have supportive friends and family during this tough time.

      • Leticia

        Hi Kafka! I agree with you that many dogs are far more human than many humans, LOL!

    • Miss J

      I am so sorry for the loss of your furry loved one – that’s rough! I hope you pull through, and you have all of us here for support!

    • Leticia

      I’m really sorry for your loss, DJ…..dogs are certainly members of the family and I sure understand your feelings right now. I send you a bunch of virtual hugs!!

    • blueraccoon

      I’m so sorry for your loss, DJ. I know how hard it is to lose a furry loved one. *hugs*

  5. Haul: Drugstore things – the four new Maybelline color tattoos, a NYC halloween eyeshadow duo, some new L’oreal polishes.

    Weekend plans: We’re going to grill tonight, and look at some potential wedding venues over the weekend!

    and pens, definitely!

  6. I only picked up Moth Brown e/s this week. However, Sephora is having one of those big sample bags as a GWP, so I’m heading there today to pick up some cleanser and maybe the NARS Vent Glace duo.

    Weekend plans: My in-laws are visiting, so we’re taking them downtown to see the sights, and then the farmer’s market on Sunday.


  7. Haul: MAC Guac & Moth Brown eyeshadow. Zoya Feifei polish. Nfu Oh aquabase & polishes 66 & JS31. Nubar Diamont and Midnight Matte polish. China Glaze Pink Plumeria.

    Weekend Plans: Probably cleaning and laundry – I got laundry-blocked last Saturday because the power was out for hours!!

    Pen or pencil?: Bic round stic grip, medium point, black ink!

  8. Brooke

    HAUL: I hauled 2 of the Dior Addict Extreme lipsticks in the colors Incognito and Lucky (based on your reviews Christine!) and I’m in love with both of them! So comfy to wear (:
    I also bought a random teal eyeliner from sephora for my lower lash line and the new Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil (verdict is still out on this product).
    WEEKEND PLANS: I’m an RN and every other weekend is mandatory so I’ll be at work from 7am-7pm on both Saturday and Sunday. It doesn’t leave me any time to do much of anything else /:
    PENCIL OR PEN: Eraseable pen?? Lol

  9. Emily

    What a cute nugget! Love Mellan! :) Thanks Christine for being the best beauty blogger around with the most honest, insightful, and intelligent opinions. Bonus points for the wonderful swatches you always have!

  10. Haul: I just received a package from my husband today! He’s in Texas for a couple months for Air Force training hoopla so he sent me some MAC goodies for my birthday and toys for our doggie. God bless him. He knows I love MAC, but not quite what shades I am or products I like! He got me Studio Fix Powder Foundation in C3, Deep Sea nail laquer, and Flying Lotus Cremesheen Glass.

    Weekend plans: It’s my birthday on Sunday. Since my husband is away, I don’t think I want to do much of anything 😛 Probably just lots of puppy snuggles.

    Pen or pencil?: Pen. And it MUST be black. I won’t even touch a blue pen!! 😀

    Opening the package:

    2 Minutes Later:

    30 seconds after that:

    • “Who? Me? I didn’t do it!”

    • Kafka

      Oooohhh, look at that face!!!! *coos* Pitbulls are such sweet dogs. (And, their reputation is SO unfair that it gets me angry whenever I think about it. There’s no such thing as a bad breed, but there are far too many bad owners! Er… sorry for the soapbox rant.) Anyway, in the 2nd photos, I thought I saw either some Dobie or some Rottweiler (esp. around the shape of the head from the side profile). Do you know what he/she is? How utterly adorable. How old is he/she? Oh, and Happy Birthday!!! (Sorry, I get side-tracked whenever I see a dog. LOL)

      • Hi Kafka! Awwe is your Gravatar a German Shepherd?? I want one and a Husky so badly!

        His name is Gogi, and he is 1.5 years old. He is a Pitbull-Rottweiler mix. He has a Pitbull body and tail with Rottweiler coloring 😛 I love poking his brown eyebrow spots and saying “brown brows! brown brows!”

        • Kafka

          Good eye. :) Yes, that’s my boy, a 3.5 yr old red-and-black GSD nicknamed “The Hairy German.” (If you saw just HOW unusually plush his coat was, you’d understand.) Gogi is adorable! I *knew* I saw Rottweiler in that big, beautiful head! And his brown eyebrow spots are lovely. (Mine has the reverse; his eyebrows are black.) I think that sort of contrast give the face such an expressive look, you know? At a year and a half, Gogi must still be all puppy but starting to verge into teenage years. Good luck with that, hon. ;P LOL. BTW, how long does one of those twisted rawhides last with your boy? I bet no longer than 12-15 minutes with those jaws. (Did you know that Rotties have the most powerful jaws of all canines, followed by GSDs? The force/pressure of a Rottweiler’s bite is about 330, a GSD’s about 240, a pitbull’s is about 230, while a lion’s is about 700 and a human’s is about 170. Weird canine factoid for the day. LOL!) Anyway, I’m so glad you posted photos of him. The photos in this thread always make my day. :)

      • Leticia

        It’s so fun to read how much you love dogs!! My attention always goes to doggies as well, be it in movies, magazines, tv, anything…they just always steal the show!!

        • Kafka

          You’re so sweet, darling Leticia. But, let’s be honest, I’m a bit of a loon on the subject. *grin* I think it is because I was raised almost entirely around animals, particularly dogs. Growing up, we moved around a lot (a LOT!), so I didn’t go to school until I was 12 and rarely even *saw* a child my own age. Instead, I just had animals as my companions. (At one point, we had 7 dogs, 3 cats, 3 horses, some fish and some birds!) Plus, I was raised with the belief that animals were better than humans; and nothing I’ve seen as an adult has disproved that.

          That said, I CAN’T watch animals in movies or on TV because I get too upset over the smallest thing. I had to leave the room whenever the previews for War Horse would come on, the King Kong and Planet of the Apes remakes made me burst into tears, Marley & Me upset me for days, and let’s not even start on that horrific, painful, brutal Sarah McLaughlin commercial for abused shelter animals. :'( *shudder*

          • Leticia

            You´re so lucky you grew up with many animals around! LOL, I agree with your view on the value of animals :)! And I´m like you – I cannot watch an animal be hurt or killed….Gorillas in the Mist is my example of a horror film. And dog movies? Only if they have a happy, Disney like endings!

    • Leticia

      Happy Birthday, Joyce!!!

  11. Haul: OPI Germany mini set, African Shea Butter soap, MAC Comfort MSF and Sally Hansen Gray by Gray polish.

    Weekend plans: I want to go through some old books and see which ones I can sell online. There’s also a photo shoot on Sunday!

    Pen or pencil?: Pen!

  12. <3 Mellan

    Haul: I received samples from Lily Lolo today. Gonna try out all my new goodies this weekend!

    Weekend plans: Trying out and reviewing those samples tomorrow if I have time before my make-up workshop. And on Sunday noooo plans at all, aaaaah.

    Pen or pencil?: Pen

  13. Dinitchka

    All I can say about the pic is … Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That is just too sweet!!

    Haul: Hoping my Orly polishes come from Haute Look. PetsMart is having a sale. I need goodies for my pups. Avon order today (bath soap, foot goodies and 10 polishes).
    Weekend plans: Sleep. I just have not been sleeping well at all this week. Sunday I’m going with mum to Chabad for a celebration.
    Pen or pencil?: Pen! I prefer my Winnie The Poo with a fluffy top.

  14. Ashley

    Will Shaun ever show his face on here? :)

  15. Haul: I didn’t purchase anything, but the prizes I won in two separate giveaways arrived! I am now the proud owner of 2 MAC Tendertones (Purring & Hot ‘n’ Spicy), a mini Le Metier de Beaute Traviata, mini LMdB Spicy, Bella Bronzer, and English Gardens! I’m standing up to photograph everything in a minute and then it’s PLAY TIME!

    Weekend plans: We’re going to my bestie’s place (like 1.5 hour away) on Saturday. Can’t wait to play with her new kitten again :)

    Pen or pencil: Pen! Don’t like the whole sharpening blah blah

  16. Laurence

    Haul : OCC Concealer,some matte neutral Hot Pots from Coastal Scents which I LOVE, they’re awesome quality, better than MAC and Urban Decay in my opinion.I also got some Silica powder.

    Weekend : I work all weekend.

    Pen or pencil : Pen !

  17. Kristabelle

    Haul: finally have some extra money for the stuff I’ve been wanting…going to pick up a couple of nail polishes later, replacement MAC Satin Taupe and Brule, a couple of z-palettes. Thinking about getting the UD Naked Skin…got some samples and really liked it, but since I tried BB cream I so rarely wear foundation, so I don’t know.

    Weekend plans: work, work, errands, work.

    Pen or pencil?: Pen.

  18. freshpinklips

    Haul: MAC Jete and Guacamole from the By Request collection
    Weekend Plans: Got a wedding to attend to
    Pen or Pencil: PEN.

  19. Celeste Cirinna

    That picture is just too precious!

  20. Kafka

    Awwwwwww. How sweet! I just want to squeeze Mellan and coo at him. Look at that expression and how he’s curled up like a deer. Is Mellan a Daddy’s boy or a Momma’s boy?

    Haul: Nothing. Too much else going on to think about makeup.
    Weekend plans: Recuperate, recuperate, recuperate. And cuddle The Hairy German until he loses patience.
    Pen or Pencil: Pen. Preferably a roller-ball. Ideally, a Pilot Precise V in blue ink.

    • He’s my boy, absolutely for sure!

    • Leticia

      Hi Kafka! How is The Hairy German doing? Hope everything is going well, take care!

      • Kafka

        You’re so incredibly thoughtful and sweet! I’m afraid it didn’t go well. :( The surgery was cancelled for the 3rd time on the operating table, due to the skin infection right on the operating site. He passed all my vet’s tests the week before and even the Dermatology Dept’s tests during the pre-op the day before but, he has SO much fur, it took the complete shave on the morning of surgery to find it. Two tiny pustules. That’s it. The surgeon was so frustrated, he called me up with “I’ve got very bad news, I’m sorry…” which just about gave me a heart attack.

        All that combined with a SHOOTING and deaths (including the death of one cop) on the university campus at the exact time I was there (!) has led me to being a bit of a wreck. I’ve made the long drive up there, only to face this emotional rollercoaster, so many times over the last 3 months that I almost said to hell with it. After all, the best case scenario is a hellish 6 hr operation where they saw off part of leg, pour some sort of cement through a tube, screw in implants, screw that prosthesis into the hip, then 3 months of total crate imprisonment followed by 9 months of rehab. But it seems like I have no choice because failure to operate will result in a significantly shortened life-span. By years! :( So, we’ll go through Round 3 of the antibiotics and hope that this time, it works. In the meantime, he’s back with me (finally!) and being pampered.

        Sorry for the length of this. Too much detail, I know. Sorry. I guess I under-estimated how upset and tense I still am. :(

        • xamyx

          I’m so sorry to hear that. Do they know what’s causing the pustules in the first place?

          • Kafka

            Amy, no, they don’t. :( It could be environmental, food or (more likely) the humidity here, combined with his super thick fur.

            • xamyx

              That’s what my initial thought was, coupled with the actual shaving. I’m not *quite* as hairy as Zola (another trait from the Greek side), but I tend not to shave my legs when it’s hot & humid, as I find I experience irritation when I do.

        • Leticia

          I’m so sorry about everything you and Zola have gone through….it´s unbelievable that the surgery had to be cancelled for the third time! I understand how emotionally stressing it should be to go through all this and then think whether you should go on with it or not….and then there was a shooting at the university campus?? What’s going on in this world?? I really don´t know why you and Zola are going through all this, but I’m sure everything will get better and that soon you will be able to look at this as something that happened a looong time ago, while you enjoy some carefree time with your healthy Zola. Hugs and more hugs to you and The Hairy German!!

          • Kafka

            Thank you, sweet Leticia. It was a pretty insane, few days — particularly with the campus shooting. Do me a favour and give your naughty puppy a kiss from me. And I want photos, dammit, tons and tons of photos!! :) xoxoxo

        • Veronica

          Aw, poor Zola. :( I think watching pets suffer hurts almost as bad as it does with kids, since they can’t communicate where the problem is or do anything about it. Here’s to hoping the infection clears up fast, and he gets his surgery soon.

    • Miss J

      Hugs and smooches out to you and Zola! I hope you’re both doing good so far! Give some additional love to him for me. 😀

  21. EvilPinkRobot

    Haul: Kat Von D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow in On The Road, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam, NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink, Zoya Fleck Effect Trio, Zoya 32oz Remove+, Essence polish in Grey-t To Be Here, OPI polishes in Every Month is Oktoberfest and Number One Nemesis. Come tomorrow, Hunger Games Blu-Ray. :)

    Plans: Not so much fun since I have to fast for lots of blood tests to make sure my baby is fine. After that, I hope my docs will ok some form of exercise. I’ve been so damn restless!

    Pen or pencil: PEN! I always stab myself with a pencil. Pens retract. 😉

    • I LOVE REMOVE+! Ahh!!

      I hope you and the baby are good!

      • EvilPinkRobot

        Thank you, Christine. I’m not sure who’s more stressed, me or the hubs!

        I love Remove+ and it’s thanks to you that I even tried it so long ago!

    • Kafka

      I hope all the tests come back with good news and show that both you and the baby are well!

      • EvilPinkRobot

        Thank you, Kafka. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

        The hubs actually had the balls to ask if this meant ghormeh sabzi would be off the menu for a while. He ran away swiftly thereafter.

        • Kafka

          Men and their stomachs…. Pfffftttt. 😉 You should look into those Sadaf pre-made khoreshts I told you about. It would make your life much easier *and* you could make enough to satiate even HIM! If it’s not too intrusive or nosy, may I ask how far along you are?

          • EvilPinkRobot

            I’ll probably have to buy some and see if he likes it. I fear I may have spoiled him, though. He’s so picky!

            I’m almost eight weeks and that has my docs very worried. Ugh, just trying to think happy thoughts!

            • Kafka

              I think it’s very important to think happy thoughts and — to the extent possible– to try to relax a little. I’ve had several friends in your shoes (including this sort of thing happened right around 8 weeks) and the stress of trying to relax got to them, so I know it’s not easy. But it all turned out well for them in the end, so just focus on that part. :) And pamper yourself! This is the perfect time and justification for you to spoil yourself into relaxation! 😉

    • Miss J

      I hope you and the baby are both well!!

    • xamyx

      Best wishes to you & your family!

    • Veronica

      Good luck with the tests! Here’s to hoping everything is well with your little family. :)

  22. Yellowlantern

    Mellan looks so adorbs here!

  23. Nicole

    Haul: Anastasia brow powder and brush. I had no idea how much difference a good brow powder and brush could make! I was using a drugstore version of each. I also repurchased studio fix fluid since I ran out recently.
    Weekend plans: I would love to rest and relax, but we have a lot of errands and stuff, so it may be a lot of running around. Just glad to be off work, I suppose.
    Pen or pencil?: Pen, unless I’m doing crosswords.

  24. Hillary F

    Haul: I got Too Faced matte bronzer in Milk Chocolate and LOVE it.
    Weekend plans: Lots of family plans and bringing the boy I like on several. Eeek!
    Pen or pencil: Definitely pen.

  25. Haul: Cargo Lipgloss Quad in Casablanca, H2O+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment.

    Week-end plans: nothing special! Probably some boogie-board.

    Pen or pencil: pen, fountain pen if possible.

  26. Leticia

    Haul: Sally Hansen Insta Dry Anti Chip Top Coat and Hard as Nails in pink tint; Revlon Nail Enamel in Classy
    Weekend plans: Probably pre-celebrate my niece’s birthday (it´s next Tuesday) and post-celebrate mine, which was last Sunday :)!
    Pen or pencil: Pens – I like to collect them!

    Mellan is as adorable as always in this picture! Does he stay like that until he falls asleep? He seems such a well behaved dog…..maybe you can share some tips with me, as I’m trying to “educate” my five month old Lab puppy!

  27. Courtney

    Haul: MUFE Kohl pencil in white and Aqua Rouge liquid lip color in #1 (finally, a nude I can wear!), and MAC Sculpting Powder in AC1

    Weekend Plans: Pizza lunch, improv night, STAR WARS PARTY!!!, sleepover…recover on Sunday.

    Pen of Pencil: Pen, except when it comes to tabletop RPGs. That would just be messy.

  28. Brooke

    So excited… long time lurker (sounds so creepy!), but this is my second post (first Free for Haul though!):
    Haul: I got some nail goodies (dotting tools and my very first konad kit). Also currently waiting on my very first Birchbox (a bday present to myself! yay!)
    Weekend plans: Work stuffs :(
    Pen or pencil?: Pen with a 7.0 or 9.0 point – black gel only. Honestly, I prefer to only work with one pen – the now-discontinued Bic Z4 in 0.7 point. I stocked up when they were being DCed. And yes, I am that OCD about pens. lol

  29. Amy

    Aww I love Mellan pics!

    Haul: The CG Bohemian Collection, Oktoberfest and German-icure from fall OPI collection My sis got me Zoya FeiFei, Natty, and Katherine for an early bday present plus some Zoya topcoat and remover. Also picked up some Kenra hairspray, some Joico haircolor, and files and buffers at Cosmoprof. Then I placed some orders this week from Ecotools, Nicka K, Vitacost and Hautelook. Yeah, I’ve been really bad this week! Oh and in unrelated beauty, I preordered the next Warcraft expansion coming out next month. Today I bought some clothes. So now I’m on no buy for a while! (Hopefully, anyway!)

    Weekend plans: Just to relax.

    Pen or pencil: Pen! And I loved colored pens, especially purple and turquoise.

  30. Espe Barajas

    Haul-a whole bunch of essie, orly, opi, and china glaze nail polishes. Here in LA, Chinatown specifically, there are three wholesale nail supplies shops that sell those nail polish brands at 5 dollars or less each AND they don’t charge any sales tax. Another bonus, some of them receive the new collections before they are out at regular stores. The only down side of those shops is that they are pretty damn dirty.
    Weekend Plans-work, plan out my week, and chill. i start school on the 27th and my days will be a lot more hectic.
    Pen or Pencil-pen. black. gel.

  31. Nicole

    Haul: Just a shower gel
    Weekend plans: Reorganisation of my life and packing for a 4 day trip to a business trip.
    Pen or pencil?: I prefere writing with a pen, but I use a pencil to write notes in my calendar.

    That’s a sweet picture of Mellan.

  32. Linda

    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures of Mellan. I really look forward to them.

  33. xamyx

    Haul: Nothing; however, I’m looking forward to going through my stash this week and rediscovering some forgotten gems. I haven’t done a *complete* check, but it looks like everything survived the move!

    Plans: Finish up the last bit of unpacking, figuring out where things will go, and *hopefully* go through my makeup.

    Pencil or pen?: *Definitely* pen, black ink, only.

  34. blueraccoon

    Haul: Um. a bunch of stuff? Dior Addict Extreme in Cruise and Incognito. Burberry powder foundation (this was an exchange for the right shade), lipsticks in Claret and Sepia Pink, Cameo blush, Hibiscus lip gloss. Fresh Advanced lip therapy, plum lip treatment. A Benefit sampler with high beam, stay don’t stray, and mascara. L’Occitane hand cream. Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB cream.
    Weekend plans: The usual: gaming tomorrow, working Sunday, but I’m working 12 hours on Sunday, which both sucks and will keep me cool.
    Pen or pencil: Pen, but only if it’s a rollerball or gel pen, rollerball preferred. I hate ballpoint because I have a tendency to hold my pen very tightly and write with a lot of pressure, and my hand gets tired really quickly when I use a ballpoint. Rollerballs require less pressure and a looser grip. I used to collect fountain pens, actually, but gave that up a while ago.

    • What will you be playing tomorrow?

      • blueraccoon

        short version: D&D 3.5, Scarred Lands campaign vol.2.

        longer version: Dungeons and Dragons, version 3.5, set in the Scarred Lands universe (also called Scarn), the sequel to the campaign we finished sometime last year. Old-school tabletop RPG, the kind with pencils and paper and dice, instead of video gaming. So much fun :)

  35. Veronica

    Look at dem puppy eyes. Amazing how they manage to look vulnerable

    Haul: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Smitten, Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Lilac, Sonia Kashuk Queen of the Blues eyeshadow quad, Pixi lip liner/primer in Nearly Clear, smudger brush, and Kevyn Aucoin’s “Making Faces.” (Amazing book. A real must-read for anybody who even slightly enjoys cosmetics.)

    Plans: Studying, work, and filing the rest of the paperwork necessary for the apartment my roommate and I are moving to in September.

    Pencil or Pen: Pencil – mechanical only! – for major exams, pen for everything else. There is just something so satisfying and assertive about the permanence of ink. (Erasable pen is an abomination of nature.)

    • Real pencils totally confuse me now! I’m so used to mechanical!

    • Kafka

      What are you studying, Veronica? You’re in Pharmacology, IIRC, no? The Kevyn Aucoin book is amazing! :)

      • Veronica

        I’m currently a pharmacy tech, but I am looking to apply to pharmacy school this fall. Before I can do that, though, students are required to take the PCATs. (Pharmacy College Admission Test – a.k.a. yet another way to scam undergrads out of money) Basically, it’s a five hour exam that covers biology, chemistry, organic, english, and math – all the core basics for any science field – because apparently coming out of those classes with a 3.98 GPA isn’t enough to convince them I was studious. 😛

        I’m trying not to overstress myself about it, but the reality is that I’ve dropped $200 on an exam that will make or break my ability to apply to college this year, which includes material that I’m four and five years removed from when I learned it. >_< I keep telling myself that if I don't get a passing score that it's clearly a sign I'm meant to go elsewhere, but that's only so much consolation. 😛

        • Kafka

          First and foremost, a massive HURRAH for that 3.98!! Second, the list of things on that test made my head ache. I think my brain shut down after “organic” (chem). lol. And four or five years removed from all that?! You poor, poor thing. But from what I can tell of you (not to mention that 3.98), you will ace it. The only thing is to survive the immediate hell of studying and reviewing all those old subjects. When is the exam? You also need to remind us *right* before; the Temptalia cheering squad is a powerful thing, you know. It will be the concentrated power of a 1,000 lipsticks, 3,000 lipglosses and an untold number of eyeshadows pushing you on to victory. 😀

          • Veronica

            It’s less about whether I have a good grasp of the content and more that I tend to choke on standardized exams. Something about them just makes me incredibly nervous and asdjfkl;sdajlf;da THE TIME LIMIT just tends to consume my thoughts and disable my ability to focus.

            And I’m actually taking on September 25th! So I’ve got a month left to blitz my ways through these subjects, except it’s going to be a little harder now that I have classes starting on top of it. fffffff I can only hope and pray for the best. (MOSTLY PRAY.) Thank you for your encouragement, though!

  36. Lacey J.

    Haul: Urban Decay Feminine Palette, Urban Decay “vintage” singles in Free Love, X, and Mary Jane, and I picked up the skull shadow box for my sister.

    I am wearing x and free love together today, with a deep brown in the outer v. It looks really nice. I’m super happy I got my hands on some urban decay.

    I don’t care much for the feminine palette to be honest. I tried to make a look yesterday with it and it just turned out awful… guess we can’t have a great makeup day everyday, thank goodness today is better!

    Weekend Plans: Finishing up reading the book Perfume: Story of a murderer. I am also trying to get through 50 shades of gray but omg does it suck. lol.

    Pen for sure which is weird because I used to be a pencil kinda girl.

    • Sounds like someone took part in a sale 😉

      I love Free Love and X!

      Have you tried Aquarius with Darkhorse? That might work. SWF, Aquarius, and Ecstasy also work!

      • Lacey J.

        Guilty as charged. I had to take advantage of the sale! I had no choice! Lol. I am trying to figure out a way to wear aquarius. I will try it with Dark Horse. Thanks for the reply!

        I think I just went too crazy with all the colors the other day and it looked all muddy when I put Stray Dog on in the outer V.

    • Kafka

      I love — LOVE — Suskind’s Perfume!! An incredibly cool book. What do you think of it so far? It’s very different, isn’t it? Re. 50 Shades of Grey: I’ve heard similar sort of comments (“boring,” “terribly written”). Re. your haul: I have Mary Jane and love it, especially when paired with a rich navy.

      • Lacey J.

        I will try Mary Jane with a navy tonight for work. I can get away with it I work midnight shifts! I love Perfume. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite books, unlike 50 shades which seems like one of those throw away novels! I can’t believe they are going to make a movie out of it!

        • Kafka

          I’m so glad you loved Perfume. I thought it one of the most creative, unusual, clever, beautifully written books that I’d read in ages. And yet, almost no-one seems to know about it. I made a friend read it and she ended up calling her new pitbull puppy Grenouille after the book. LOL! Did you know that they made of movie of it? It even has Alan Rickman (love!) and Dustin Hoffmann in small roles. You should check it out.

  37. Simone Lymbery

    I got a few mac items in the mineralise range & a set of opi minis (spiderman limited edition) & an Estée Lauder eyeliner pencil
    I’m in Australia @ the moment visiting family so I’m In relaxed mode!!! :-)

  38. Joan

    Haul: MAC By Request; Guacamole, Jete & Moth Brown, MAC Cremesheen & Pearl; Saigon Summer & Sunny Seoul lipsticks, MAC replacement products; Hocus Pocus, Parisian Skies & Sparkle Neely Sparkle & Chocolate Brown Pigment/

    Weekend plans: Lunch w/a niece on Saturday, Reading in the hammock, rearranging and relabeling my MAC eyeshadow palettes & Sunday family dinner

    Pen or pencil?: Pen!