Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  Chanel’s Nordstrom exclusive collection, a few L’Oreal Infallibles
  • Weekend plans:  My family and Shaun’s family are meeting each other for the first time at a BBQ at our house. Should be interesting!
  • What’s your favorite type of accessory?:  Earrings :)

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This week’s Mellan photo…

Mellan’s about to get his work out on!

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55 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #143

  1. Haul:  RMK cheek brush and 2 bottles of Biotin (do vitamins count? LOL!).Weekend:  Hoping to get to a dim sum restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try.Accessory:  Earrings for sure.  I feel like something’s missing if I don’t have any on.  A close second is my watch – but, I’ve been experimenting with leaving it off to get used to the feeling of not wearing one.

  2. Veronica

    I hope your family weekend goes well!  (I have personally always found those somewhat nerve-wracking, haha.)Haul:  L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows in Emerald City, Liquid Diamond, and Infinite Sky.  NARS Illuminator in Copacabana.  And now I’m going on a hiatus, since I’m moving soon and need to consolidate what I own.  :PWeekend Plans:  Working and studying.  Joy!Favorite accessory?  A standout pair of earrings or a great necklace.

  3. Mariella

    Haul:  I don’t think I bought anything this weekWeekend plans: I’ve started taking “real” yoga (rather than the free classes offered at my gym, where there isn’t a lot of correction and there are all levels working together….not great for a newbie like me) so I’m doing some classes this weekend and we’ve also got a big family reunion at the cottage; I thought we’d be wedding dress shopping as well but last night, first outing and first gown she tried, my daughter found her perfect wedding dress! It was love at first sight for all of us assembled there).Favourite accessory: scarves! Because most of my clothes are simple and in solid shades, scarves are a great way to dress things up and add a bit of flair as well. And they’re practical – if I’m cold, a large scarf can help keep me warm; if it’s raining, I have something to toss over my head; if I break my arm, it can act as a sling (sorry, that’s my old Girl Guide training kicking in).

  4. Hauled this week: Two Tarina Tarantino Dream Hyperliners (your fault, Christine- they always look so lovely on you!) and one of the new Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelee shadows. It’s my first time trying the formula, but it swatches wonderfully. Weekend plans- None really. Trying not to melt, because it’s supposed to be extremely hot. Favourite type of accessory- I’m not great with accessories, because I either wear the same ones all the time or forget to put them on.

  5. Haul:  Nada.Weekend plans:  My family and Shaun’s family are meeting each other for the first time at a BBQ at our house. Should be interesting! What’s your favorite type of accessory?:  Bracelets. Although I love to try to get my ears pierced again I just don’t want to fork over the money to get 24 karat plated gold studs to try again (my body rejects all piercings with all metals out there including surgical steal.)

  6. Haul:  Nada.Weekend plans:  Family get together again.What’s your favorite type of accessory?:  Bracelets. Although I love to try to get my ears pierced again I just don’t want to fork over the money to get 24 karat plated gold studs to try again (my body rejects all piercings with all metals out there including surgical steal.)

  7. Laurence.

    Haul : MAC Face&Body. I LOVE it,the finish is awesome,the only thing that bothers me is that it’s not helping my oily skin at all :( . OCC Melange & Memento Lip Tars. Laura Mercier Lotus Pink blush. SO PRETTY.Weekend : Some of my friends are doing a bbq ! Accessories : Necklaces ! 

  8. Dinitchka

    Awwww, Mellan looks like he’s about to say ‘Come on mama, let’s get this on! I’m waiting for you!’ LOL! He’s so cute!!
    Haul: Going to unbox a couple HauteLook boxes (NYX polishes, Orly polishes and some headbands), unboxing an Ulta order (UD Smoked and Sally Hansen In the Spotlight  + a bag of goodies), hoping to unbox another Ulta order (all nailpolishes + a goodie bag) if it comes this weekend, unboxing Nordies anniversary sale (Deborah Lippmann, MAC, EL, clothing, Nars etc), and perhaps stopping back by Wal-Mart for more Sally Hansen glitter crackle. I know I said I was not impressed with the Sage Smash but good golly people (!) that glitter is too impressive for me to pass up, I don’t care if it crackles or not. LOL!
    Weekend plans: Unboxing, visiting a friend in the hospital, taking a very long nap and staying in my Hello Kitty pjs just about all weekend. I’m hoping to go to the casino with my bestie.
    What’s your favorite type of accessory?: Purses or rings. Does nail polish count towards an accessory??

  9. t_zwiggy

    Haul: Illamasqua Smash, Whack and Scorn nail polish. Armani Eyes to Kill Intense in #24, #25 and #28Weekend plans: Just got home from a four week long vacation, so I have extreme amounts of laundry that needs to be done.Favorite accessory: Definitely earrings. I love all kinds of dangling ones!

  10. Awww, Mellan… :-)Haul: Fit Me foundation in two shades, Rimmel coral nail polish and a crack top coat nail polish. And my new Sigma brushes arrived!Weekend plans: mua work tomorrow, and a visit to the parents in lawWhat’s your favorite type of accessory?: Bracelets!

  11. Jen

    Mellan is adorable as always!  :DHaul (all replacements for products I’ve actually finished!): UD eyeliner in Perversion, tarte smooth operator finishing powder, seche vite top coat, Pssssst dry shampoo (my all-time favorite, holy grail dry shampoo–smells amazing like a tropical vacation, no white residue.  I like it soooo much more than batiste, Ojon, Oscar Blandi, etc.)Weekend plans: Traveling to a friend’s new apartment with friends for the weekend to celebrate the housewarming and two birthdays!Favorite accessory: Necklaces!  It would be earrings but my ears are so sensitive to every metal except gold I normally just wear my pearl earrings with gold stems/backs.


    haul: PERFUME!! I got Elie Saab Le parfum EDP for an early bday present and Prada Candy. I also got Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara which is really nice.Weekend Plans: Atlantic Shitty, Puppy at the park time, and food indulgences because my Boyfriend and i are starting a major diet monday for a month!Favorite Accessory: I kinda count nail color as an accessory since I don’t jazz up my style much with jewelry or bags.

  13. nicoleg

    Haul: I haven’t bought any makeup this week, but I did buy some new tennis shoes for the gym.  In a way, that counts as a beauty purchase.  If I have a chance, I may go to Nordstrom this weekend.  My wish list: a long wear cream eye shadow by Bobbi Brown that an MUA at Nordstrom’s gave me a sample of a couple weeks ago, soft ochre paint pot, mac studio fix foundation because I just ran out.Weekend plans: work out, sit out by the pool if it’s sunny, help my husband with whatever he needs help withAccessory: Well my favorite accessories are my engagement and wedding ring, but other than that, maybe my eyebrow piercing?  I’m not a big accessory person (shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.).

  14. xamyx

    Haul: Two Rimmel lip glosses, black & pearl (I don’t remember the exact names). I’m trying not to buy *too* much, as I’m moving, and in the process of packing, I realized just how much I have. Besides, there are some upcoming collections I’m interested in, and my daughter is going to start a new school that *requires* uniforms, so that was an unforseen expense (how a *public* elementary school can get by with that requirement is something I have to look into, since they can’t refuse to educate her).Plans: Today is my daughter’s 6th birthday, so this afternoon we’re going to Toys R Us to pick out a present, and tomorrrow the family is going to Chuck E. Cheese. Sunday I have to finish packing, and figure out the safest way to transport my massive makeup collection.Favorite accessory: It’s really a toss-up between earrings & shoes, although Io really like scarves, too, as they can really change an outfit. However, if I *had* to choose only one, I’d have to say shoes (I honestly have no idea how many pairs I own).

    • Miss J

      xamyx Happy birthday to your daughter!! I hope she has a wonderful bday! Good luck with the moving. :)

    • Kafka

      xamyx   Happy Birthday to your little Makeup Diva in Training! And good luck surviving Chuck E. Cheese on a weekend. <shiver> I think you’ll need more luck for that than for the packing/transporting of your makeup. lol

      • xamyx

        Thank you! The Chuck E. Cheese location we go to doesn’t get *too* crowded, so it’s not that bad. Plus, she has such a good time, it’s worth it. She also doesn’t like to stay very long, so after we eat, we spend no more than about an hour.

  15. Kristabelle

    Haul: got my Hautelook theBalm order- Coral reef nail polish, Down Boy blush, and instead of Sexy Mama powder they screwed up and sent me Mary Lou-manizer…which I already have…oh well, they refunded it and let me keep it so I guess I can’t complain. Also ordered Skin79 Super Gold Plus BB cream, fell in love with a sample. Maybe picking up the UD Naked Skin and/or smoky palette over the weekend.Weekend plans: Work.Favorite accessory: Definitely earrings. They make such a big difference to an outfit.

  16. Haul: The Muji 5 drawer case for my makeup.  Also a few Covergirl lip balms.Weekend Plans: Nothing concrete yet.  Perhaps shopping with the family.What’s your favorite type of accessory?: Rings!

  17. Bought Lancome’s tri-color blusher…hightlighter, cheek and contour…and got a GWP at Nordstrom….

  18. EvilPinkRobot

    Haul: Nails Inc. polishes in Pudding Lane, Sugar House Lane, and Sweets Away. Tokidoki balm in Ciao Ciao. Jack Black hand cream x2 because it’s that awesome! NYX eye pencil in brown. And more Neutrogena make-up wipes.Weekend Plans: The usual, gardening and some Downtown Disney. I can’t help it, beignets are my weekend treat!Accessory: Hmm, I’m always lazy to put a necklace or earrings on. Besides my wedding rings, I’ll have to say purses!

  19. Haul: at the Tarte friends and family sale, Exposed blush and Hope matte lipsurgence.Week-end plans: 1st birthday party tomorrow night (have no idea what present to get for a 1-year old!)Favorite type of accessory: I’m not much into accessories, I usually wear very few jewels. I own quite a few earrings but I wear them very rarely…

  20. Haul:  All Estee Lauder stuff this week… I got the entire lineup of Vivid Shine stuff (which is like 500 lipsticks and eyeshadows – okay so maybe not that many but my wallet couldn’t tell the difference LOL) and the Violet Undergroung stuff early on in the week.
    Weekend plans:  Heading out to my folks place by the water for the weekend. Bringing the dogs so they can run around and get all kinds of dirty before I wash em! :) Otherwise hang out with the family and check on my pop (who is improving)!
    What’s your favorite type of accessory?:  I never think of SHOES as an accessory so if not those, then I’d say belts. I LOVE wearing a necktie but I never really have a reason to.

    • Kafka

      dustyohunter   Heh, your last paragraph is almost identical to mine. I gave a big vote to belts, too!

  21. Miss J

    Meet the Parents comes to mind, lol! Hope you have a great weekend, and I hope that your families meeting goes very well!

  22. Miss J

    Haul: Nothing, but I have a wish list…don’t we all? ;)Weekend plans: I haven’t decided if I want to go see extended family… I usually regret it. LOL.Favorite type of accessory: SHOES! SHOES! SHOES! ……Did I say SHOES, yet? *drools* I get a little delirious when I see commercials for sites like ShoeDazzle and JustFab. SHOEGASM!Have a great weekend, everyone! :)

    • Kafka

      @Miss J   Heh. Shoes.  Funny how all the people I like the most end up having a slight shoe (or boot) addiction. Well, first dogs/animals/cats, then books (or food), then shoes. 😉 But the shoes matter, dammit! LOL. 

  23. Kafka

    Hee, Mellan looks like he can’t make up his mind if that contraption is a torture device or something that is harmless. I really hope the BBQ goes well. Have you both gotten comfortable with the new grill? Have you experimented a little on it? More important, what are you going to wear to this thing and will you dress up Mellan???! :DHaul: L’Oreal’s VIP Status nail varnish (Yay! And, WOW! It’s as lovely as you had said) and Studio Gear eyeshadow in Freesia (purple). Also, NARS’ blushes in Albatross, Sin & Montenegro, the Multiples in Riviera, South Beach and Orgasm, the SPF sunscreen primer, and the Grand Palais eyeshadow Duo. Oddly, the Orgasm Multiple shows up on me and isn’t very shimmery (in a bad way), while the Orgasm powder blush is the exact opposite.Weekend plans: Find a good groomer to give Zola the shave necessary to see if his skin issues have been resolved so that he’s ready for surgery in August, curl up with the Martin Walker books my mother got me as a present, see my sister & maybe have Ethiopian food.What’s your favorite type of accessory?: I consider shoes and boots a necessity, not an accessory (which is how I justify my boot addiction. LOL), so I would say necklaces and belts. Sleek, expensive belts and eye-catching necklaces can transform even a simple t-shirt and jeans look into something luxe and chic, imo. 

    • Kafka We grilled a ribeye on it earlier this week to make sure it was working. Luckily, my mom will be doing all of the cooking at the BBQ!Mellan will wear his birthday suit 😉  Jeans and a tank for me. Nothing special!I hope all goes well with Zola!

    • Miss J

      Kafka Dying to hear what you think of Sin and Riviera! Have you tried applying the Orgasm Multiple then using a stippling brush with the powder blush to add some more sparkle?What are your favorite type of boots? I am OBSESSED with above the knee boots.Give kisses to the pooch!

      • Kafka

        @Miss J  I luuurrrrrve above-the-knee boots. Particularly if they are thigh high with a flat heel…. mmmm. But I’ve never seen a pair of riding boots that I didn’t like or want, esp. with a duo-tone at the top. I know I should technically choose things with a bit of heel since I’m such a midget but I prefer flat heels. My favorite pair of boots are these medium-grey suede, thigh high boots where the top curls over into dark grey leather (pirate-style), and a wedge heel. Then again, I have some Jean Paul Gaultier black-patent thigh high boots that are pretty insane, so maybe that’s my favorite. What about you? And do you go even crazier for boots than you do for regular shoes?I’ll definitely let you know about Sin and Riviera when I get them. You know you’ll always be associated with Sin (and, alas, Gilda. LOL!) in my mind, right? 😉 I haven’t tried stippling Orgasm over the Multiple because the Multiple gives me the absolute perfect degree of mild shimmer, and I fear adding the much more shimmery powder would push it over the top a little. I can’t get over the difference between the Multiple and the blush on me. 

        • xamyx

          I swatched Sin today, too, and I fell in love! It has the most delicate sheen, and the color is so beautiful.

        • Miss J

          Kafka I have a pair of dark charcoal, slouchy/scrunchy suede boots that are thigh high. This pair is a wedge boot. Really simple, but I love them. I think my favorite, though, is this pair of over-the-knee stiletto boots (black suede). They are a good compromise between OTK and thigh high, but they have this sort of strap/belt buckle-esque detailing on them. I think they are edgy and sexy without looking trashy. The thing with me and boots is I’m pickier with boots. I usually like some kind of fun detailing (rouching, straps, lace up, zipper, studs, etc), so when I find a really amazing pair of boots, I go gaga more than I would over a pair of heels or flats since I’m used to finding ones of those that I like.

        • Miss J

          xamyx So happy to hear you like Sin! I hope you decide to pick it up sometime. It really is a beautiful blush. The gold sheen just adds a nice glow, and the color is really beautiful. I think it’s very flattering on a variety of skin tones, really.

    • xamyx

      I swatched Orgasm today, on my inner wrist, and I got just the *faintest* hint of color, but alot of golden glow (similar to Albatross). It’s officially off my list, as I already have Albatross, and I can just layer it over a similar peachy matte blush, to get more color. I could probably get more “color” with a heavier hand, but then I’ll get too much of the gold.

      • Miss J

        xamyx This is exactly what happens with Orgasm on me, too. I get the faintest, sheerest bit of color, which I can layer, but then I get more sparkle than I’d like. Something about the shimmer in Orgasm just doesn’t sit well on my skin…comes off more noticeable than I’d like, I suppose.

        • xamyx

          Even on the inside of my wrist, which is probably like an NC/NW 5 (or lighter), it didn’t show up. I’m around NC 15 on my face, ATM, since I’m “tanned”, so I wouldn’t even try it on my face. I think I’ll try the (alleged) Milani dupe, or I saw a WnW blush that looks quite similar in color. There’s also one that looks suspiciously similar to Laguna, as well.

  24. freshpinklips

    Haul: I found MAC stocked up on the LE shade Cut a Caper on the website so I grabbed that one since it got sold out quickly when it came out earlier. So I got that. I also got a new foundation shade NC 25, MAC Deep Truth, and Orb.  I also got some Lacoste shirt from their website which is having a mid-year sale. Weekend plans: Going to the lake for some last hurrah beach time.Favorite type of accesory: I love watches! I’m eyeing Kate Spade for my next watch purchase.

  25. Haul: Nothing. I’m eyeing some nail polishes with the buy 2 get 1 free sale at Nordstrom, and I’ve been meaning to go try NARS’ fall collection, but just haven’t had the time yet thanks to work! Weekend plans: I’m packing up and flying home for my three week vacation between work and school starting up again at the end of August…can’t WAIT for some downtime! Accessory: Oh, how can I choose?! Recently I’ve really been into watches, bracelets, and earrings. I ALWAYS have jewelry on! I’ve been on a rose gold kick all summer.

  26. Hope the meeting goes well, Christine!  My partner Harald is almost 20 years my junior.. talk about interesting..  Fortunately his parents are my parents age.. and not *cough* my age..  They didn’t believe my age and thought Harald was being Harald and pulling their chain..  Until they came to my 43rd birthday party a number of years back and then they finally realized he wasn’t joking.  We were already together for almost 2 years at that point so..  LOL!!!!!!!!!

  27. Haul: drugstore purchases (mascara, fake lashes, primer, lip balm, eyeshadow, etc.)Weekend plans: hang out with my mom, try to get a bunch of work inWhat’s your favorite type of accessory?: necklaces!

  28. Joannie

    Haul: Essie Nail Polish in Camera, Off The Shoulder & Spaghetti Strap, home fragrance oils in Sage & White teaWeekend Plans: Serious reading & hammock time, & family time cooking out & hanging outFavorite Type of accessory: Bracelets & earrings

  29. Haul: Placed my first order with Femme Fatale cosmetics.  Just got some small shadows.Weekend plans:  Webcast tonight, then video games, then hopefully going to see Dark Knight Rises.Favorite accessory type: Rings…or maybe pendants.

  30. Leticia

    Haul: Nothing yet!
    Weekend plans: housework, playing with the pup and maybe go to the mall to see if I find something good on the last weekend of Summer sales!
    Favorite type of accesory: necklaces!

  31. Haul: Some vintage makeup compacts: Revlon compact from the 1940s, Max Factor compact from the 1970s, and Estee Lauder compact from the 1950s. They all still contain powder.  Weekend plans:  Photo shoot for GAZE Ezine tomorrow, and on Sunday I might head into wealthier neighborhoods to hunt for a part time job.  Favorite accessory?: Earrings.

  32. blueraccoon

    Haul: a bunch of stuff from Tarte (Smooth Operator TM, Exposed blush, Natural Beauty cheek stain, lip tint, eyeliner set); Laura Mercier TM compact in Porcelain; Too Faced 3-way eyeliner; Hourglass Veil Mineral primer; a few Revlon kissable balm stains and a couple L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows. (I have hit or miss luck with the Revlons; I own four and I only like two.)Weekend plans: Work, work work. I’m covering for a co-worker so I’m working tomorrow, and then Sunday is my normal day. Saturday after work is game day, though.Fave accessory: I’m so bad with these. I’m saying shoes, because I don’t really wear anything else. The only jewelry I wear regularly are my wedding and engagement bands, which I never take off. I can’t wear other rings or bracelets because they get in my way while typing (and I do a LOT of typing). Necklaces I wear sometimes, but then I forget to put them on. So there you go *g*

    • blueraccoon

      I forgot one! *facepalm* Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in RD607 (Nocturne). So pretty, and the whole reason I went to the mall today was to check it out.

  33. ingerasata

    Haul: TheBalm Shady Lady trio deal (heard about it from you first so thanks a lot Christine).Weekend plans: Not much. We’re on a business trip till tomorrow afternoon. We’ll probably visit with our niece and nephew on Sunday. They are so fun to play with and they adore usWhat’s your favorite type of accessory?: Shoes!

  34. Haul – UD Primer Potion from Nordstrom Rack for $9, yay! And a NYX Matte Creme lipgloss thingy too :DWeekend plans – Some watercolor painting, some digital painting, some swimming… maybe some sewing :)Favorite accessory – Earrings in the spring/summer, crazy socks/tights in the fall/winter.

  35. Jennifer

    Haul: Maybelline The Falsies mascara, and Maybelline One by One mascaraWeekend Plans: shopping and family timeFavorite accesory: necklaces! followed by earrings 

  36. EstherKudron

    Haul: Illamasqua polish in milf, tokiodoki lip balm/stain in mozzarella, UD eyeshadow in Woodstock, then I went to The Cosmetics Company Store and got a Bobbi Brown pot rouge in cabo coral and the Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass!Weekend plans: it’ll be a relaxing weekend for me. I have a few weeks off between semesters, so I’m taking advantage of my time off :]What’s your favorite type of accessory?: rings and watches and funky tights

  37. Nicole

    Haul: Another week without any makeup or beauty hauls.Weekend plans:Watching the Olympics on TV, updating my CV and looking for a new job.What’s your favorite type of accessory?:  Necklaces, especilly the ones where I can switch charms.