Friday, July 20th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  Some products from Chanel fall, couple of Philosophy shower gels from Nordstrom’s anniversary sale
  • Weekend plans:  Write, write, write! Farmer’s market, then perhaps learn how to grill salmon.
  • Do you keep a journal/diary?:  Nope, I don’t.  I’ve tried in the past, though not in several years, but I never was able to keep up with it.

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo…

Mellan had a bath yesterday…

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65 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #141

  1. Purchased: A couple nail polishes from the drugstore (Revlon Moon Candy & NYC), plus I made a Cherry Culture order (Milani eyeshadows, yay!) & a Nordstrom order (my first ETK & Chanel gloss)
    Weekend plans: Study! Bar exam next week!
    Nope, no journal – I have in the past, but I usually don’t.

  2. Patricia Couto

    Christine, you will do a review for the new mac electric cool eyeshadows?? Please, say YES!!!!

  3. yellowlantern

    Haul: a refill pan of Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird. I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to store the refill pan, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the version in a pot when it’s $8 more than just a pan refill.
    Weekend Plans: Maybe going up to the lake for some relaxation. Working on my my running speed (trying to bring down how long it takes me to walk/run 2 miles) hopefully.
    Do you keep a journal: I used to keep one fairly regularly. I have a box full of old journals to prove it! For a few years I did keep a livejournal which was fun, but nowadays I’m just to private to write about myself in a blog others can read.   


    Haul: nothing…YET. going shopping tomorrow.
    Weekend plans: Beach, park, walk around princeton, and a celebratory dinner because my boyfriend got a new job!
    Do you keep a journal/diary?: I did for a bit. Then when i went on vacation, we asked my then boyfriend to go to my house and just water the plants. instead he went through all my shit and read my diary. never kept one again after that.

  5. Haul:MAC Rubenesque, MAC Grain e/s, MAC Light Year MSF (thanks for reviewing it, Christine!)
    Weekend plans: Continue searching for a foster home for my cats, volunteer at Animal Haven. 
    Do you keep a journal/diary?: I did as a teen, but I don’t nowadays. However, reading my old diary has made me realize that is it nice to keep a record of life as it happens, and it’s interesting to look back at the thoughts and feelings I possessed years ago!

  6. Haul:  From Styli-Style bought 5 items at Rexall. Line & Seal Lips in Orange, Gel Lip Stain in Burlesque, Aloe Concealer Stick in 01 Nude and 2 Give Me Lip pencils in Roaring 20’s and Disco 70’s (these smell like icing sugar and I love them). 
    Weekend plans:  Make quivers and finish medallion. lol So random! My sewing machine went MIA in Sears maintenance and is only getting fixed now this comping Monday after 7 weeks in there hands. Last time I think let lost mine as well as it took 2 months to get back. >_<
    Do you keep a journal/diary:  Nope I think my life’s to boring on a daily basses to bother marking it down and stupid teenage drama is never a good read for me even when I was in high school. What I kept is a sketch book instead. I haven’t in the past 6 years which is a shame though.

  7. Alison Cole

    Chanel fall! Yay! 

  8. Lacey J.

    Haul: Still waiting on my order but I just ordered some clinique toner for myself and an urban decay naked palette 2 for my little sister, (she’s 22) lol.
    Sadly I think my makeup obsession has rubbed off on her. LOL. We put on makeup together whenever the mood strikes us! Lol, and now she is also seems to have a passion for neutral eyes and she is a huge fan of Urban Decay eyeshadows. I also gave her a sample of a makeupforever lipstick because I am not really a lipstick person, more of a lipgloss person and now she is can’t wait to get more makeupforever lipsticks! lol. Oh no… What did I do?
    Weekend Plans: Only working 8 hour shifts at the shelter this weekend instead of 12 so I won’t be too tired to do some rewrites for one of my never ever ending writerly projects.
    I don’t think I really keep a journal, I try sometimes but honestly I’m not sure my life is interesting enough to keep a record of :))

  9. fireinthehead

    Haul: Zoya anchor, armor, drying drops and remove+ (I hope that I will have finally found a NP remover that will not make my nails go all scaly!) & Nfu Oh #45 flakie nail polish. And a huge bag of cheese curd my Mom brought back from her road trip! yum :)
    Weekend Plans: No idea? Eating cheese I guess LOL
    Do You Keep a Journal/Diary: Nope

  10. army_wife_in_alaska

    Haul: Essie Mirror Metallics in Blue Rhapsody and Penny Talk and an NYC red glitterbomb red polish. I am in love with them. Also picked up MAC Electric Cool e/s in Pure Flash and Superwatt. 
    Weekend Plans: Get fuel for the heater. The temperature is in the high 40’s and low 50’s here in Alaska. In the middle of July too!
    Do you keep a journal/diary: Yes. There was never a time that I didn’t. 

  11. Laurence.

    Haul : NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in : Antwerp & Istanbul,NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Nude Peach Fuzz,NYX lipliners in Coral and Nude Pink. La Femme blushes in  Pink , Indian Rose, Dusty Rose , Peach , Coral , Red, Flamingo Pink , Mocha , Misty Plum, Illamasqua Lover blush
    Weekend : No idea yet
    Journal : No I don’ life isn’t interesting enough haha  

  12. TheresaKlijn

    Haul – L’oreal infalliable eyeshadow in Pepsy Coral, a new strawberry smith’s rose lip balm, 2 kat von d nail polishes in wonderchild and no regrets and a kat vond d mini palette in little sinner
    Weekend – have to go return some stuff at the mall
    Journal? I have an 11mo old, I barely have time to brush my hair let alone journal about it. lol

  13. Haul: some products on sale at my drugstore from NYC: pencil liner In the Navy, City Duo lipstick the Waldorf Roses, their lash curler, curling mascara, and polish in Broadway Burgundy. Also a Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick from Revlon in Atomic.
    Week-end plans: it’s the Pride this week-end, and as I live in the most gay-friendly neighborhood here, it’s supposed to be big! We’ll go to the parade and party!
    Do you keep a journal/diary: no, same as you Christine, I tried in the past but I wasn’t able to keep writing daily.

    • Miss J

       @Lulle HOORAY! Happy Pride Weekend! Have a blast celebrating it! (Gee, that was a very exclamatory post, lol.)

  14. nicoleg

    I hope to buy Chanel’s Caprice gloss and Rose Initiale blush this weekend that you reviewed, Christine.  You look stunning in those photos, and I’m excited to go to the counter and see them in person.  I’m looking forward to your (hopefully upcoming??) review of Armani’s new eyes to kill intense shades, as well.  Since your stellar reviews of them the first time around, I have wanted to try them, but I wasn’t sold on any of the original shades.  I tend to stick to very basic neutrals, and it looks like there are a few potentials in the new shade range.
    Weekend plans. . . I hope to get some much needed rest.  MUCH needed.
    I kept a journal for many years but do not any longer.  That’s what blogging is for, right?  :)

  15. Kafka

    Mellan seems to be enjoying his bath much more than the previous photos of his misery and pained trauma would have led me to believe!  He’s adorable and I could watch more than just 13 seconds of him. 
    Haul: Nothing. I was very good and I’m very proud of myself. 
    Weekend plans:  Nothing. Some work.  I lead *the* most exciting life, don’t I? 
    Journal:  I have kept one at various times in my life, particularly during extremely turbulent times, but it rarely lasts beyond a few months.   

    •  @Kafka It’s weird – he’ll jump into the tub on his own, and he races to the bathroom whenever he hears a shower/tub.  Once he’s in, he’ll just sit there, kind of miserable-looking.

      • Kafka

         @Christine (Temptalia)  LOL.  He needs to make up his mind. Does Mellan ever try to get into the shower with you? Does he enjoy the post-bath rub down? That is possibly one of Zola’s all-time FAVORITE things in life! You have never seen a furry child look more over-joyed at the mere sight of a towel. He’s in utter ecstacy during the rub-down, more than during any massage I’ve ever given him. He goes round and round, goes through my legs, tosses his head around like a bull, prances, then lifts his paws and waits patiently to get each one dried down. But Zola *during* his baths? Abject misery. You’d think I was torturing him. 
             Are you cooking a salmon steak or a salmon fillet? I’m assuming you’re not doing it on an actual grill, right? With fillets that have the skin, I start with the skin-side down for about 7 minutes (depending on the size or thickness) to get it nicely crispy and to render out some of the fat. Then, I turn it over and cook it on the other side with the cook time depending on the person’s preferences for done-ness. Don’t know if that helps at all. 

        •  @Kafka Filet I believe, and on an actual grill :) My mom does it really well, so we need to have her teach us!  We are having an awkward BBQ where Shaun’s family and mine are meeting for the first time in August, so we need to learn how to cook!
          Thank you for your tips!

      • Leticia

         @Christine (Temptalia) LOL, I know that look! I used to have a Samoyed that did just that – once he was in the tub he had this “how did this happen?” look!

        • xamyx

          @Leticia @Christine (Temptalia) I had a cat that used to jump in the tub, though he actually *enjoyed* it.

  16. makeupmatters3

    Benefit Cosmetics Kicking Some Class Lunchbox, Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ash Blonde & Medium Ash, Too faced brow envy brow shaping kit, laura mercier eyebrow pencil in fair blonde Urban Decay  Super saturated high gloss lip color in Adrenaline, tarte emphasEYES Inner rim brightener.  From Haute Look (they are having a special on The Balm products like half price stuff!!!)- Shady Lady palette, mary-lou manizer, nude ‘Tude palette and The Balm-meet Matte, which btw I am extemely excited there is a shade called Matt Chung because my last name is chung too!

  17. makeupmatters3

    Oh and yesterday I ordered a bunch of Urban Decay stuff: Brand new!: Lip Junkie in Naked 2, Streak, Strip and their Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Naked & an Illamasqua Nail Barnish in Nudge. Next week I’ll get the UD foundation in a few colors & their new brush that’s coming out as well. Which learned about here on Temptalia first!

  18. Haul:  just a couple more drugstore items
    Weekend plans:  take lots and lots of pictures!
    Do you keep a journal/diary?:  Not anymore–not for 6 or 7 years I think.I really should start up again :/

  19. eyeheartit

    Haul: Some Solstice Scents summer soaps and lotions, and two bracelets and a scarf from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!
    Weekend plans: Have some exams to grade, but also want to get in some exercise and hopefully sunshine! Oh, and our dog needs another bath 😛
    Do you keep a journal/diary: Not a daily one, but I have a notebook that I write in every once in a while, when something strikes me. It’s a good way of marking time.

  20. Kristabelle

    Haul:from Hautelook- theBalm Down Boy, Sexy Mama. Mac Sketch. OCC Graphite glitter, OCC concealer. Maybe picking up a UD Smoked palette.
    Weekend plans:  Today practicing test and making my license test appointment, picking up my paycheck and running errands. Tomorrow I have a date.
    Do you keep a journal/diary?:  Used to when I was a kid. Not much anymore. Although often when I am really angry or upset at someone I will ‘write it out’ in a notebook- but then I throw away that page. No point in dwelling on it.

  21. Justine

    Haul: NYX and Milani stuff from Cherry Culture
    Weekend plans: IMATS Vancouver tomorrow!!! And watching my little sister play rugby in the BC Summer Games on Sunday.
    Do you keep a journal/diary: I try to every few months but I end up not keeping up with it. 

  22. Joannie

    Love me some Mellan. If you don’t want to take a bath, just drink it!

    Haul: Back up MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, 15 shadow pro palette ( my 10th & final), Meteoric cremesheen Glass, Venus lipstick & NARS Galapagos eyeshadow,

    Weekend Plans: Feeding my vacationing neighbor’s cats, reading & relaxing and family time.

    Do you keep a journal/diary: No. Some things are better left unwritten, lest they fall into the wrong hands.

  23. mimig323

    i can’t believe he sticks his face right in the stream of water! too cute! my only haul was a second LA Girl fruity scented polish in “sparkling peach” its so pretty and was only $1.50:)

  24. Miss J

    Mellan is so precious! How adorable. :) On another note, I received Outlaw today!! I still want to test it out a little more before I write out my full thoughts, but it’s definitely *not* horrendous like the one you got. Maybe NARS *SHOULD* send you a new one. I would be very interested to know if you have the same experience with a different one.
    Haul: Nothing, but I am thinking about picking up the L’Oreal Magic Lumi Primer instead of repurchasing MAC Strobe Cream since a lot of people seem to think they are similar. I’m happy to save some money and try a new product! 
    Weekend plans: Spend time with family. Clean. Bout it. 
    Do you keep a journal/diary? Nope. I tried to keep an exercise/food journal, but don’t seem to keep up with it.

    • Kafka

      @Miss J   I’m very relieved to hear that and am eagerly waiting your full report/review in the Outlaw thread.  I’m wearing it again today and am so happy with it. I thought of you nonstop, btw. You will forever be associated with this blush in my mind. :)  I really, really wish NARS would send Christine a new one so she can see if that other one was a one-off dud.

      • Miss J

        @Kafka I am just so, so, so happy you are loving this shade! I am, too, and my full report/review is now in the Outlaw blog post. 😀

  25. Leticia

    Haul: Cinique Superbalm Moisturizing Lipgloss in Apricot (love it!), Revlon Lip Butter LS in Pink Truffle (thanks for the review, Christine!) and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Corrector in Light.
    Weekend plans: Don’t know yet but I’ll try to take it easy – it’s been a tiring week.
    Do you keep a journal/diary? I did when I was a teen. I still like to write once in a while, especially when something’s troubling me – it helps me to analyze things better and to get some discomfort out of my chest!

  26. Icequeen81ma

    he is sooo cute

  27. Joannie

    Salmon- DELICIOUS when grilled on cedar planks. Use your favorite seasonings and be careful not to over cook it. YUM!


    UPDATED ON HAUL. chanel suspicious nail polish and rose initiale blush.

    •  @MIRIANV ooohh, you purchased the rose initiale as well!  What do you think??  

      • MIRIANV

         @wwendalynne amazing. i wasn’t going to purchase it, but i just had to. i am NOT a blush person. the thought of putting even more tint on my cheeks freaks me out, but this is so beautiful. well worth it. if it does turn out to be limited edition, i might just go purchase a back up.

  29. blueraccoon

    Haul: um. a lot. NARS Joie de Vivre cheek palette; Burberry powder foundation, concealer, and lipstick in English Rose, plus their Nordstrom GWP (lovely bag, mini rosewood lipstick, mini fragrance, and compact); Clarins cleansing milk and toner, plus *their* GWP (a bunch of skincare items and a lip gloss); Chanel Rose Initiale blush and Troublant lip gloss. I kind of went a bit overboard. 
    Weekend plans: Gaming tomorrow and working Sunday. I may go to the movies after work on Sunday but I’m kind of edgy about that now, for some reason :(
    Journal: Yes. Always. I used to keep a written one, and then in 2000 someone gave me an invite code to LiveJournal and I never looked back. I still use my LJ although these days I’m more on Dreamwidth (similar system; better owners) and I write everything down. It’s how I keep track of my life, so I can go back and say “Wait, what did I do then?” 

    • Miss J

       @blueraccoon Terrible what happened in Colorado today. My heart goes out to all in that theater and their loved ones…and I feel for the shooter’s friends/family, too. What a horrible, sickening occurrence.

      • blueraccoon

        It’s such a horrible thing. I don’t understand what drives people to do things like that, you know? How do you wake up one day and say “I’m going to kill dozens of people?” *sigh* I hope the victims in Colorado get the help they need, and I hope the shooter goes away for a very long time.

        •  @blueraccoon I’m aghast myself.  A series of senseless brutal murders in Canada lately too has left me with similar feelings. I read this headline today and! not more.. what is happening here?  I cannot fathom and I find it so disturbing. 

        • Miss J

           @blueraccoon I absolutely have no idea how people get to that thought. I can only fathom that the people that do this kind of thing are evil or insane. I will never understand this kind of thing. I make fun of all the end of the world predictions, but sometimes I don’t think it would be such a bad thing with things like this happening.

    • Kafka

       @blueraccoon  Nice haul!! Sometimes, one needs to go a bit crazy. (At least, that’s my justification and I’m sticking to it. <grin>)  I really hope you like the NARS palette. It may not be your beloved Burberry, but some of the shades are really lovely. I adore Luster in particular and hope you do too. Your Burberry haul sounds exciting. I’ve seen the English Rose colour and think it’s lovely. (Tea Rose really piqued my interest but I think the lipsticks wouldn’t be sufficiently long-lasting for me.)
          As for the cinema….  :(    This thing must have been premeditated so far in advance, it’s beyond twisted.  Sadly, back when the Batman franchise *first* rebooted in 1989, there was a midnight shooting at the cinema on the premiere night. I can’t recall at this moment where it took place but that same night my friends and I were seeing a midnight airing of the Batman film and I remember how unsettled I was when I heard the news afterwards.  What happened last night was on a whole other level, though. I simply CANNOT imagine how utterly terrifying it must have been.  Such a ghastly, senseless tragedy. Such malevolence.

      • blueraccoon

         @Kafka I”m really looking forward to the NARS palette – some of the shades in there are gorgeous. Luster is like apricot brown, isn’t it? Is that what I’m thinking of? I can’t remember. I think Angelika and Gaiety will work really well on me since I’m both fair and cool toned, and Orgasm is *supposed* to be universal, and Albatross should be a good highlighter, and Laguna maybe a contour? I don’t know. It was such a good deal I had to get it! And the Burberry haul is happy-making, although I had to order the foundation as they didn’t have it in the store. Alas. 
        I don’t know about long-lasting lipstick because nothing ever stays on my lips that long so I’m just used to reapplying. But you’re probably right that it wouldn’t last long enough for you. They are a great formula, though, smooth and creamy and not too slippery. 
        As for Colorado…I just don’t have words. It’s so awful and senseless and horrifying; I can’t imagine what those people went through and what they will go through to recover. :(

        • Kafka

           @blueraccoon  I see Luster as a middle gold but Christine describes it as an apricot-gold.  Since I have no colour nuance <g>, let’s go with Christine’s description. 😉  It has such a perfect light gold sheen that it really makes your skin look like “your skin but better” in a way (if that makes sense.)  And it’s so richly dense, buttery and silky! Laguna definitely as a contour. But I actually think it’s one of the best bronzers around *because* it isn’t orange-y bronze or red-brown. It’s a lovely light-medium brown with a matte texture. NARS often pairs it with Angelika, which is what I do too on occasion. Other times, esp. if I have a super smoky eye, I just use it as a contourer with some finishing powder on top and… voila, best cheekbones around!  
               Orgasm is the only one I’m not gaga about but, on YOUR skin, it will probably be absolutely lovely. (Take a peek at some of Christine’s recent photos where she’s wearing it.)  I’m too olive for it to really show in any way other than sparkle but your paleness will require only a little bit for the faint underlying colour to show up. And, that way, you wouldn’t get too much sparkle at all!  I’m so excited to get a full report on all this, including the Burberry stuff! How long do we all have to wait? 😉 I assume your order hasn’t already been processed and shipped so and they never do anything on the weekend, so maybe next Friday, do you think?

        • xamyx

          @blueraccoon @Kafka There were some real heroes in that theatre, though. There’s speculation the shooter may be schizophrenic, which is something that all to often gets missed in our “system”.

        • blueraccoon

           @Kafka Well, the only pieces I don’t have now are the cheek palette and the Burberry foundation – of course, the two i really *wanted*, but hey. I’m hoping if the orders ship out Monday I’ll get them sometime next week and can try them out, so here’s *crossing fingers* for next Friday! If not, I’ll be a sad becc :( Shipping should take 3-8 days, so who knows *sigh* 

    •  @blueraccoon wish I had picked up the blush too!

      • blueraccoon

         @wwendalynne It’s such a gorgeous subtle color. I haven’t actually worn it out yet but I think I will tomorrow. I urge you to go back for it!

  30. Haul:  OCC concealer in Y1 and Y2 – Fabulous product and not at all hideously yellow as so many concealers can be.  The colours on the OCC website are not accurate and these look more beige to me than yellow despite their yellow base in fact.  Phenomenal coverage and you really need the most miniscule amount of product.  I do not foresee myself requiring concealer for quite awhile.  Get this, I prefer this concealer over the Cle de Peau I just sprung for prior to Christine’s review of this product.  Doh!
    Received my shipment of Chanel Fall collection:  Frenzy nail enamel, Complice soft touch eyeshadow, Gloss in Troublant, Lipstick in Caractere.  Kicking myself I didn’t purchase the blush, but will probably pick it up.  I’ve already sprung for Vertigo nail enamel and hope to get it soon.  I’ve only had the time to try the Caractere lip because I was so attracted to the colour on the model and it is the item that drew me to the collection.  I really heart this colour and it is muted enough to pull off as a regular day wear lippie, but also really on trend sophisticated and current. 
    Weekend Plans:  Deal with crops that need to be cut, baled, and hauled in.  
    Do I keep a Journal/Diary:  No, but I have through numerous difficult periods in my life.  My mother taught me writing allowed you to vent your feelings without prejudice and she was right.  Plus, nobody gets hurt in the process and you never have to say sorry.  It gives you better perspective and the ability to stand outside of yourself and see what is happening without getting lost in the emotion.  It forces you to think about what you really feel and put it into words, give it life, make you address the issue, face your problems independently.  

  31. Veronica

    Haul:  Milani powder eyeshadow in Just Perfect.  That’s it, though!  I made myself skip out on the Nordstrom sale since there were a couple charities I wanted to donate to before I fattened the Veronica Cosmetics Fund.

    • Kafka

      @Veronica,  I have perpetual envy at your access to Milani eyeshadows.  This is the 2nd or 3rd time you’ve mentioned buying one in a FFHF thread and each time, I’m like “But… but… dammit, they aren’t anywhere in my city!”  LOL.   Enjoy, you lucky thing, you! 😀

  32. Veronica

    Whoops, accidentally deleted half my post.
    Weekend Plans:  Hopefully get a chance to (finally!) see friend’s baby, working, and more PCAT studying.
    Journal/Diary:  I’ve never kept a personal diary, but I do have many journals filled with stories and poetry.  Not so much these days, since nothing kills creativity like a busy schedule, but I still pick them up occasionally and add to them.  Online I just have my Livejournal, which I’ve had for close to eight years now.  There’s nothing too excessively personal on it anymore – though it was a nice support structure when I was going through depression in my early twenties.  Now it’s more fandom/writing/gaming related stuff.

  33. habakuktwofour

    Haul: NYX eyeshadow, and two eye jumbo pencils, four limited edition nail polishes,  Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom, Hanae Mori lotion and a blush from the Mac Heavenly Creatures Collection. I also brought a Kindle Touch I like my Kindle Fire but it strains my eyes. I love the Kindle touch with the e-ink technology.I also brought two pair of shoes.
    Weekend Plans: buy some new e-books for my Kindle.
    Do you keep a journal? No I wish

  34. Nicole

    Haul: I didn’t buy any beauty product.
    Weekend plans: I wanted to do some window shoping, but I ended up buying some reduced sport cloth.
    Do you keep a journal/diary?: I had times when I kept a diary and then times when I didn’t.

  35. Better late than never, right?
    Haul: well, I did some SERIOUS shopping this weekend with my mom while she was visiting…oops. :) I did get MUFE’s concealer, which I love! 
    Plans: since my mom flew in to visit, we had a jam-packed weekend. We had dinner out on Thursday, and I took Friday off for shopping — we hit Nordstrom, J.Crew, Banana Republic, and Talbots. We cooked dinner for relatives on Friday night, and on Saturday we drove to Napa to go wine-tasting and see Josh Groban in concert, a small, special event he did for charity at the Robert Mondavi winery. On Sunday we got up and did more wine tasting, hit some premium outlets on the way home, and relaxed before I took her back to the airport! 
    Diary: No, though I’ve kept several in the past. I tend to track those kind of “diary” thoughts internally and don’t have a lot of need to write them all down, unless I’m in a really negative funk or something.