Friday, June 1st, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  MAC Beth Ditto/Casual Colour collections
  • Weekend plans: Farmer’s market, brunch with my parents, photograph and swatch some stuff!
  • Food you can’t resist?: Carrot cake

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo (well, video)…

Mellan, the Pool, and the Hose

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41 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #134

  1. That video is too cute!
    This week I got a couple things in the mail – a BB cream I had ordered off ebay, a Japanese mascara (also via ebay), and kevyn aucoin candlelight highlighter. I also bought a couple more of the revlon kissable balm stains, which i am loving!
    this weekend i will be studying for the bar as well as doing some fun things like a movie and a basketball game.
    COFFEE. that’s a food, right? 


    Haul: BUTTER London and Deborah Lippman nail polishes, cologne for the boyfriend, more flats, and a fancy grooming brush for the dog.
    Weekend plans: sleep. sleeeeep.
    Food you can’t resist?: eggs benedict and red velvet cake!

  3. lanew22

    Haul:  Two Revlon Balm/Stains, Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara, Anastasia Lash Genius Waterproof topcoat, my glossybox!
    Weekend plans: Plan a NY trip
    Food you can’t resist?: Chocolate

  4. Awww! I love the video this morning! :)

  5. Oh Mellan! Silly pup! Hoses are not toys 😛 I love that he has his own pool.
    Haul: nothing!
    Weekend plans: probably doing absolutely nothing for the first weekend in a long time. church on Sunday and seeing family though!
    Food you can’t resist?: like…anything lol. I love food! 
    What’s this Farmers Market that you go to every weekend? 😛 What are they like? Are they available everywhere?

    • xamyx

      @Joyce A Farmer’s Market is generally a blocked off street, parking lot, etc, where local grower’s sell their goods. They usually have mainly produce, but I’ve seen some that have handmade crafts, art, accessories, etc. The produce is also organic, fresh, and you can usually get some *really* great deals, as the goods are sold directly by the farmers. Most major cities in the US have them, and they are typically on the weekend. Some are also permanent, like the one here in Los Angeles. Just Google your city & Farmer’s Market to see if you have one local & the schedule. HTH

  6. Haul: L’Oreal Unashamed HIP pigment, Nail art dotting tools.
    Weekend plans: Photographing for the blog. I have all these new items to swatch, but I’ve been so busy! I also want to test out my new dotting tools!
    Food you can’t resist?: French fries. Not good for my waistline!
    LOL at Mellan! He was like, “MY hose! This belongs to me!” 😀

  7. mpca66

    HAUL: checking out some peachy blushes

    PLANS: Doing an easy weekend detox cleanse and running errands.

    FOOD: cake, cookies – Chocolate! Hence the need for the cleanse as my b-day was this week and it was chocolate cake galore!

  8. xamyx

    Haul: Nothing this week, as I’m really *trying* to save money for the Fall Collections…

    Pl ans: None, yet.

    Food: Too many to name…

  9. StephanieT

    Haul: I haven’t hauled for a while!!
    Weekend plans: job interview tomorrow, beach on Sunday!
    Food you can’t resist: hmmm curry chicken with potatoes on a bed of rice!

  10. Nicole

    Haul: Nothing, I have to reduce my stash.
    Weekend plans: Some book shopping and meeting my girls.
    Food you can’t resist?: Ferrero Rocher (a cocolate) and Noodles with fresh tomatosauce.

  11. Pamela

    I love it when he picks up the hose!

  12. Haul: MAC Reel Sexy lipstick off an ebay seller (should had ordered it sooner!), All 20 Inglot Rainbow pans and a 10 well palette to hose them in (have an extra 10 pan on for the rest),
    Weekend plans: Relaxing from my vacation, haha. Every year I lose weight over the course of three days  from running around. My leaf kimono was finished in time but after washing it last night some of the gold came off so I’ll have to fix that. For those that were curious. I’m in the orange but I made both of these.
    Food you can’t resist: Anything to do with chocolate.

  13. Haul: MAC Reel Sexy lipstick off an ebay seller (should had ordered it sooner!), MAC Crew powder, all 20 Inglot Rainbow pans and a 10 well palette to hose them in (have an extra 10 pan on for the rest), Also a 5 set of blue polishes from Que by ORLY.
    Weekend plans: Relaxing from my vacation, haha. Every year I lose weight over the course of three days  from running around. My leaf kimono was finished in time but after washing it last night some of the gold came off so I’ll have to fix that. For those that were curious. I’m in the orange but I made both of these.
    Food you can’t resist: Anything to do with chocolate.

  14. JEN

    Haul: NARS Deep Throat blush, Tarte Dollface/Mineral bronzer in Park Ave Princess duo, some bathing suits.
    Weekend plans:  Work and working out.
    Food you can’t resist:  Honey yogurt with blueberries.
    I love Mellan videos and pictures!!  What kind of dog is Mellan?  He’s such a good boy!

  15. Leticia

    Haul:  MAC Eyeshadows in Swiss Chocolate and Cork, Lipglass in Please Me
    Weekend plans: Sleep! ha ha…..not likely
    Food I can´t resist: Ice cream!
    Mellan is super adorable, I could watch him all day!

  16. Kafka

         Haul:  NARS pure matte Mascate lipstick, Eurydice eyeshadow duo, Copacabana Multiple, Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz & a travel size Super Orgasm. The whole lot, new, for $50! $50!!! I think the bargain gave me almost as much joy as the products themselves. LOL. I didn’t want the Super Orgasm blush but heck, for $70+ in savings, who cares?  😀
         Plans: Preparing for & buying all the stuff I’ll need for The Hairy German’s total hip replacement op. Finding a good Father’s Day gift.  Work.
       Food:  I’m a bread addict. Anything involving bread makes me happy. Good bread & French cheeses are my crack. Even hot bread & butter is irrestible to me.  
    Mellan is always the highlight of my week. At the risk of repeating myself, he’s so gentle with everything! My rambunctious hooligan would have chewed that hose to smithereens in under 2 minutes. LOL. (I think Mellan needs to give some tips in gentlemanly manners to The Hairy German.) And I love how Mellan has his own pool. Does he ever sit in it all the way down and/or roll over in the water? BTW, have you seen those famous underwater photos of dogs swimming? So, so cool and very funny.

    •  @Kafka He refused to sit when asked in the water. He totally hovered (at the point I asked him, it was only half-full). Doesn’t make sense, given he’ll swim in my parents’ pool, so his entire body is all wet then!
      Off to go google those photos!

      •  @Christine (Temptalia)  @Kafka I think he’s a why sit when you can stand type of dog. 😉 How dose he handle getting bathed?

        •  @Ani_BEE  @Kafka He’s actually a lay down kind of dog. He’ll only sit for a little bit, but then he just starts sliding back into a lay. I think he’ll stand longer than he’ll sit, though.  In the bath, he sits!

      • robit

         @Christine (Temptalia) My lab’s like that with water too! She loves swimming (we can’t keep her out of the lake at my parents’ cabin!), but she won’t sit if she’s in the tub.

      • Kafka

         @Christine (Temptalia) It makes perfect sense, cherie. It is *clearly* a hint and Mellan’s way of telling you that he needs a proper, full-sized pool of his own!  ;P  He doesn’t do this trivial, kiddie pool business. LOL. 
        Did you like the photos? (If anyone else is interested, here is a link to the full range on Google images: ) The Pomeranian (Pekingese?) and Dachshund ones make me laugh so much, as do many of the Lab ones with the balls.

  17. Cat G

    Haul:  From the Mac Hey Sailor collections: Blessedly Rich lipglass, Riviera Life lipglass, Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder in Nude on Board.
    Weekend plans: Going shopping with my friend at this giant new Asian marketplace that just opened up on the other side of town.
    Food you can’t resist?: Quesadillas with guacamole.

  18. Joanna

    Haul: MAC!!! strobe cream (kinda thinking i should have gotten the lotion after watching a recent Dusty Hunter video), 150 and 252 brushes, nude on board bronzer, dainty blush, black line pearlglide eyeliner, medium dark careblend pressed powder, velvet teddy lipstick. i purchased velvet teddy since you like it for a nude lip, and i love it so much already! it’s hitting HG status for me. thanks christine!!
    weekend plans: work, relaxing with boyfriend and my family
    food i cant resist: outback steakhouse cheese fries

  19. Jennifer

    Haul: MAC Riviera Life lipglass….they were sold out of Sail La Vie so I’ll try hunting it down this week…
    Weekend Plans: moving into my new apartment
    Food I can’t resist: french fries sadly…

  20. WendyOchoa

    Haul:  Revlon Just Kissable Balm Stain
    Weekend plans: Not sure yet.
    Food you can’t resist?: Carrot cake as well! Or a freshly baked goodie… yum. :)

  21. EstherKudron

    Haul:  an NYC black eyeliner to replace my horrifically old dollar store one and a Rimmel London lipstick in 12 from the Kate collection
    Weekend plans: sleeeeeeeep. summer semester starts on monday, so I’m planning to be super lazy this weekend.
    Food you can’t resist?: I am powerless against nachos.

  22. t_zwiggy

    Haul: Orly Hot House Flower and Zoya Sally nail polishes
    Weekend plans: A long and good workout (I’ve been way too lazy this past week), watch some movies, hang out with friends.
    Food you can’t resist? Mac & cheese!

  23. eyeheartit

    Haul: Nothing! #fistpump
    Weekend plans: Relax. A lot of relaxing. And taking our fluffy to the dog park :)
    Food you can’t resist?: sushi
    Mellan is so adorable! I can’t wait until we have our own yard…Dennison (our dog) likes water, but he’s kind of afraid of other dogs still (rescue dog), so when we take him to the waterfront in the dog park he just hangs out with us. I bet he’d love his own personal pool :)

  24. IlariaDiva

    HAUL: Nothing. :(
    WEEKEND PLANS: Probably going out to some nice Japanese restaurant tomorrow night, been craving sushi like crazy haha! Nothing planned for Sunday yet, we’ll see.
    FOOD YOU CAN’T RESIST? Chocolate and salmon.
    I Love Mellan ♥ ♥ ♥ Have a nice weekend Christine!

  25. Mariella

    Haul: L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Bronze Divine (I think this is the absolutely best, most amazing eyeshadow I have ever owned, if you can believe it!); Lise Watier Gold Liquid Silk (it’s sort of a bronzer for legs, body and even your face) – I’m sort of disappointed in it as I was hoping it would put a bit of colour on my very pale legs….well, maybe if I used the ENTIRE bottle!  Oh, and another GOSH pencil in Metallic Brass
    Weekend Plans: a friend is coming from out of town to stay and we’ll get going out to dinner; a Change of Command Parade as a colleague of my husband’s takes over as Col. in Chief of a Regiment here; hopefully, I can fit in a trip to the gym as well
    Food you can’t resist: Thai food, home made coffee cake or rhubarb crisp or any of those homey, old fashioned desserts; fresh cherries

  26. blueraccoon

    Haul: Clarins hand cream and Jack Black lip balm. I also ordered some stuff from Sephora, including my first Shine Automatique (#263, A La Parisienne), the Pantone set of eye brushes, and face wash for my husband. 
    Weekend Plans: I’m actually going to Chicago in…oh, about 11 hours. Very quick – in Saturday, out Monday. 
    Food: bread and butter. Really good bread and butter. Also chocolate and peanut butter, or chocolate and raspberry combinations. 
    Mellan is so cute! I love how he’s trying to pick up the hose but doesn’t quite want to get his head underwater.

  27. Veronica

    Mellan lasted longer in the kiddie pool than our dog does.  We can’t even get him to set foot in the one we got him for summer!
    Haul:  Milani Liquif’eye pencil in green, replaced my missing crease brush, and I might pick up Anastasia brow gel on recommendation.  Forcing myself to resist the lip shades in the Beth Ditto collection.  Pretty much the only thing I’ve seen from the collection that inspires temptation.  9_9
    Weekend Plans:  Beginning the long study haul for the PCATs.
    Food You Can’t Resist:  Oh, plenty of things.  I agree that carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is pretty high up on the list, though.  😀

  28. Joannie

    Haul: Essie nail polishes in Action, Bikini So Teeny, Big Spender, Light, Love & Acceptance & Mojito Madness; Added Send me Sailing Lipglass & Feeling Fresh eyeshadow to other items already purchased from Hey Sailor collection.

    Weekend Plans: Arrived in the Adirondack mountains last night, awesome resort spa for a week of R & R, spa treatments, boating & enjoying other outdoor activities.

    Food you can’t resist: Pizza. If on death row, that would be my last meal request.

  29. simone lymbery

    Haul: finding mr bright by benefit.
    lip crayons (of various colours and shades which names have escaped me) eye shadow (colour sunset) and a skin smoother and consealer duo pack all from helen e
    for those outside the united kingdom  Helen e is a  british brand   check out for more info and to see the range
    Weekend plans: Chillout, read websites and send emails to various people considering its the queens diamond jublee weekend here in UK
    Food you can’t resist?: chocolate in all its forms! :)

  30. OMG Puppy in the pool is hilarious! I wish Phaedra liked the pool, but she hates it with a passion :( She doesn’t even like when I swim in it. She acts like she’s afraid the pool will eat me.
    Haul: I just ordered the Smashbox palette with the F&F sale Weekend Plans: I was booked! Events left and right. Food I can’t Resist: a raw tuna and avocado salad on a bed of rice.