Friday, May 25th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  Bath & Body Works soaps for around the house
  • Weekend plans:  Cleaning house, trying to organize my desk, and getting through a lot of things I’ve had on the back burner
  • Do you love amusement/theme parks?:   Only if it’s Disney-related!

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo (well, video)…

Mellan during bath time

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55 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #133

  1. Nikki

    OMG Mellan is just tooooooooooooooo cute!!! He is a golden retriever right?

  2. IlariaDiva

    HAUL:  Nothing, but I placed my first Avon order so I’m waiting to receive my products.
    WEEKEND PLANS: I’m probably having dinner out tonight, but I guess I’ll stay home tomorrow as I have tons of songs to work on! I’m going to visit a friend on Sunday and we’re going to see my future adopted kittens! 😀
    DO YOU LOVE AMUSEMENT/THEME PARKS? I DO!! I really want to go to theme parks this summer as I’m not planning to travel. :)
    Aww Mellan, you’re so adorable!! What a lovely picture! ♥

  3. M Jansson

    :) great picture!!!

  4. That picture of Mellan is SOOO miserable and cute! I’ve always thought dogs don’t mind being bathed!
    Haul: Ooo OK so I didn’t “haul” all of them this week, but they happened to arrive at the same time. Let’ see: Hourglass duo Dune, Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird, Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette. Lots of new toys for Sunny wheee
    Weekend plans: Going to a wedding tomorrow, coming back on Sunday! Monday is also a holiday so I’m hoping the weather will stay nice so we can at least go out for a walk or ice cream (maybe both)!
    Do you love amusement/theme parks? Yes, but only in small doses!

    •  @Mostly Sunny Most dogs I know don’t like baths! Mellan doesn’t enjoy them, but he just sits there.

      •  @Christine (Temptalia)  @Mostly Sunny  It’s so funny, my dog LOVES baths. More than treats or walks, if you say the word “bath” he just about loses his mind running for the tub!

        •  @DirtyRobot  @Mostly Sunny I can get him to jump in the tub, but he definitely doesn’t enjoy it, haha. He loves to swim, but not so much bathe!

        •  @Christine (Temptalia)  @DirtyRobot Coming from a cat mama: you guys already are very lucky! The second I take my cats into the shower, they become super stiff/try to run away/meow SO miserably that I’m convinced the neighbors will send the police!

        • xamyx

          @Mostly Sunny @Christine (Temptalia) @DirtyRobot I actually had a cat years ago who not only didn’t mind baths, there were many times he would jump in the tub on his own. I’ve also had a few cats who were okay with baths, as long as the water wasn’t running. By the way, I was beginning to think I was the only cat person around these parts.

  5. GUSnail

    I love that pic of Mellan!
    Haul:  Hoping to go to the store today for MAC Cherry lipliner and MAC Strobe liquid
    Weekend plans:  I have a graduation party for my nephew tomorrow
    Do you love amusement/theme parks?:   Love them!  We got Six Flags season passes for our family this year.

  6. artemis

    he’s so cute! <3 hehe
    Haul: eucerin washlotion, a lipstick(idk which yet :D), a concealer
    Weekend plans: go to the cinema with my friend to see Dark Shadows(vampire comedy with Johnny Depp 😀 i like all these elements so i guess it’ll be perfect)
    I would love to go to a disney park 😀 haven’t yet :(

  7. Jennifer

    Haul: Bath & Body Works lotions
    Weekend Plans: My brother’s high school graduation is on saturday and his party on sunday!
    Do I love amusement/theme parks? Yes! I love roller-coasters!

  8. Ana G

    Oh my, poor mellan!!
    Haul:  The Body Shop body butters and lotions (40% and 25% off), new Beautifying oil (the olive one), olive shower gel.
    Weekend plans: Preparations for my son’s cirurgy  :-( ears and throat.
    Do you love amusement/theme parks?: Not really….

  9. Haul: Four of the new Revlon Balm Stains – I bought two, then loved them so much I bought two more!
    Weekend plans: It’s my fiancee’s birthday, so we’re doing lots of fun things – Six Flags, a baseball game, and more! But I also just started studying for the bar. . .
    And yup, I do love amusement parks!

  10. xamyx

    Haul: UD Loaded, UD Mariposa palette (I wanted Rockstar & Mushroom, but the Sephora I went to was out of Rockstar; however, the palette is still a pretty good deal).

    Plans: Clean house, still recover from last weekend’s trip to Disneyland. I actually do like amusement parks, but I *hate* the crowds. We go to Disneyland at least once a year, although my daughter would love to go more. I’ve considered the annual pass, but I don’t thinkl I can handle more than 2X a year. If anyone in the Los Angeles area is interested, MAC on Third Street Promenade is doing a *huge* launch for Hey, Sailor; I don’t have all the details, but apparently they’re closing off part of the Promenade for the festivities, and according to the SA, it’s the largest launch in North America, and they all look forward to it every year (the Summer launch party). If interested, just call the store for details.

    • Kafka

       @xamyx  YAY, you did get the Loaded shade!!! We can be fellow obsessives together! :) I want Mushroom too, but it’s below UD’s Sin on my list. (Grey/silver is second on my colour obsession list, after purples.) I have Rockstar too, which isn’t as aubergine or dark bordeaux as I’d have liked but it’s very pretty nonetheless. I swear, we’re like makeup twins, Amy!   (Oh, and I’m not keen on crowds either!)

      • xamyx

        @Kafka Unfortunately (for me!), the Sephora at Downtown Disney *just* had it’s Disney employee sale, so they were out of stock on alot of items. It turns out, though, there are a few shades in the Mariposa palette that may be fun to play with, so it may be a better deal ($3 more than two single shades), although I wanted the reformulated shades. At least it’ll hold me over for awhile… I did swatch two NARS lippies, and decided on Mascate, but I must have been tired or distracted, and forgot to pick it up. UD Sin is really pretty, I have it in BoS IV, as well as one of the Naked palettes (I rarely look at the names, I just open both up and go by color, LOL). We are definitely makeup twins!

        • Kafka

           @xamyx  @Kafka  You just forgot? A lipstick? From NARS?! And Mascate, no less???  <Blinks>  <Does. Not. Compute.>  ;P  LOL.  Ooops, I screwed up the UD names; clearly, I don’t pay much heed to names either. It’s Strip, not Sin. Strip is more silvery grey than S&M and less blue-grey than the (equally wanted) Mary Jane. I really don’t know what to do with light pinky shades like Sin. The Mariposa palette looks like a very good deal and the Gunmetal and Money shades look very pretty! My cheapskate side fully approves. LOL.

        • xamyx

          @Kafka I had just spent a full 8 hours at Disneyland, and still hadn’t caught up on sleep-my 5 year old woke up at 3 am on Friday, and didn’t want to go to sleep on Friday night (of course *she* got to nap on the drive to the hotel), and I was pushing her stroller. I must have put the palette back 3 times before deciding to buy it. I was planning on just going to my local Sephora for the singles, but my cheapskate side kept nagging me-$3 more for like 5 other colors to try, I couldn’t pass it up. I will probably pick up Mascate next week, along with Fire Down Below (even if it means bologna sandwiches & ramen noodles for a week!).

  11. timeless

    Oh, Mellan. ♥Bath time with my dog always ends with water dripping from the walls, myself drenched and her maniacally running away with the towel. :’PHaul: Dolly Wink Liquid Eyliner (Black), MUFE Mat Velvet + Foundation (15), Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited (BG911) and an ADDICTION Cheek Stick (Reflection). Ugh… I spent way too much this week.Weekend plans: Nothing fun sadly. Only work and studying.Do you love amusement/theme parks: I wouldn’t say that I love them. But as long as it isn’t too crowded they’re fun to visit once in a while. Though I would really like to finally get to visit a Disney theme park!

  12. timeless

    Oh, Mellan. ♥
    Bath time with my dog always ends with water dripping from the walls, myself drenched and her maniacally running away with the towel. :’P
    Haul: Dolly Wink Liquid Eyliner (Black), MUFE Mat Velvet + Foundation (15), Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited (BG911) and an ADDICTION Cheek Stick (Reflection). Ugh… I spent way too much this week.
    Weekend plans: Nothing fun sadly. Only work and studying.
    Do you love amusement/theme parks: I wouldn’t say that I love them. But as long as it isn’t too crowded they’re fun to visit once in a while. Though I would really like to finally get to visit a Disney theme park!

  13. Icequeen81

    he looks sooooo cute

  14. CassiOvermanTeague

    Awwww! That sweet face!!!!


    Haul: Chanel Romance Rouge Coco Shine and Sam edelman Beatrix flats in gold from nordies!
    Weekend plans:  Already made my trip to pittsburgh this morning to my boyfriend’s parents farm and the dog is loving it!
    Do you love amusement/theme parks?:  absolutely! the bigger the roller coaster the better. i also want to go to the harry potter theme park in Orlando!

  16. Haul: L’Oreal Pigment in Tenacious, E.L.F eye makeup: Nude, Charcoal, Chestnut,  and Muted Mauve Matte shadows, Single Eyeshadows in Oatmeal, Sunset, Butter Cream and Coffee Bean.
    Weekend Plans: The BF is visiting family so I’m taking the opportunity to clean house while he’s gone. I’m also going to get rid of as much as I can. He’s a hoarder. LOL.
    Do you like amusement plans?: Heck no. Always hated them.
    The look on Mellan’s face is like, “Why, Mom?? Whhyyy?!!” 😀

  17. lauramarie100

    Haul: Going to pick up either the UD Naked 2 Palette or Deluxe Shadow Box (depending on how colorful I’m feeling…I’ll end up getting both eventually anyways). I’m also going to buy a palette for my sister-in-law since it’s her birthday and she wants makeup (which is my favorite thing to shop for anyways!).
    Weekend Plans: I have a bunch of family coming into town, so I’ll be out and about with them this weekend. My sisters want me to do their makeup, so that will be fun.
    I love theme parks! I’ve never grown out of the excitement of it all. I seek out the biggest, scariest rides I can find. Depending on who I’m with I sometimes have to tone it down and do something other than giant roller coasters and such.

  18. Joannie

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mellan’s ‘”Really Mom?” look. PRICELESS!

    Haul: No shoes this week but I did go to my local MAC store & had a blast. It wasn’t a launch party but this group of SAs are so awesome. They were wearing sailor hats and made me an honorary sailor by giving me a hat. A track of nautical songs was playing in the store & we all danced around in our sailor hats. It was just spontaneous fun & silliness, and I loved every minute of it! I purchased the following from the Hey Sailor collection; the tote bag, the 167 SH brush, Jaunty e/s, Abalone sun tint lip balm, Red Racer & Sail La Vie lipsticks, Sun Dipped bronzer, Crew highlight powder, Fleet Fast blush, Man Rays body oil, Touch of Red.nail lacquer and via BTM I got Chestnut Lipglass & Chili lipstick, and finally I needed Prep & Prime SPF 50.

    Weekend Plans: Packing for an upcoming family vacation, cooking out and reading & relaxing in the hammock.

    Do you love amusement or theme parks: I’m a total wus when it comes to roller coasters but I do enjoy milling about, enjoying the food & being in the fun atmosphere.

  19. misscheriamor

    Haul: Orly nail polish from Sally’s, Tokyo Milk Lip Balms and e.l.f. products.
    Weekend Plans: Nothing so far.
    Do you love amusement/theme parks? YES! In my opinion it is the only reason for me to go to Florida. I’m not a Six Flags person tho. Universal Studios, Disney World, Sea World and Busch Gardens are all awesome; even if Sea World does make me a bit sad.

  20. Kafka

    Hahahaha, poor Mellan.  I can’t decide if that look is, “Why, Mommy, WHY?!”  or “I put up with so much!”  Either way, it’s full of resignation. Haha. This may be one of my favorite Mellan photos to date, though the diaper/boxers one will always be my all-time favorite. 
    Haul: The 3 palettes from theBalm, NARS’ Luster, NARS primer (again), Fresh’s Rose Face Mask, Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion (again), Bliss Baggage Handler (again), L’Occitane’s hand cream & Frederik Fekkai’s Overnight Hair Repair. Plus, (more) toys for The Hairy German and bags of raw bones! 
    Weekend plans:  Lunch and shopping with my mother on Sat., the dog park on Sunday if it’s not too hot, & catching up on S2 of the new, modern Sherlock. Then, the highlight of the weekend: what is apparently going to be *the* best Game of Thrones episode on Sunday night!  
    Do you love amusement/theme parks?:  So-so. I’m not keen on massive crowds or queues.  They’re better than zoos or circuses though.  <shudder>

  21. Yumi

    Haul: MAC Fleet Fast and translucent finishing powder
    Weekend plans: spending it with family
    Amusement/theme parks: maybe with the right person/people!

  22. Rachel Hirsen

    Haul: A Marc by Marc Jacobs Huge Hillier Hobo from the Shopbop sale (to celebrate getting a $100 a week raise at work and getting into grad school). Maybe the new Root Beer Float candle from Bath and Body Works, but I haven’t decided yet.
    Weekend Plans: Clean my room, maybe see a movie. Hang out with the boy bc he finally has Memorial Day off!
    Do You Love Amusement/Theme Parks: I don’t love them, but I also don’t mind going to them and have fun once I’m there.

  23. I love how dogs can pull that face so effortlessly which just pulls at your heartstrings!  

  24. timeless

    Oh, Mellan. ♥
    Bath time with my dog always ends with water dripping from the walls, myself drenched and her maniacally running away with the towel. :’P
    Haul: Dolly Wink Liquid Eyliner (Black), MUFE Mat Velvet + Foundation (15), Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited (BG911) and an ADDICTION Cheek Stick (Reflection). Ugh… I spent way too much this week.
    Weekend plans: Nothing fun sadly. Only work and studying.
    Do you love amusement/theme parks: I wouldn’t say that I love them. But as long as it isn’t too crowded they’re fun to visit once in a while. Though I would really like to finally get to visit a Disney theme park!

  25. EvilPinkRobot

    Haul: Illamasqua polish in Phallic, O.P.I polish in Just Spotted the Lizard, another First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, and Jack Black balm in Black Tea & Blackberry which I have to drive pretty far to find, since my local pathetically tiny Sephora never has stocked. :(
    Weekend plans: Watch my hubby get all nice and sweaty while he does yard work. 😉 Afterwards, enjoy some downtime together at the movies or DVR stuff.
    Amusement/theme parks: SoCal girl! Even though money was super tight, my parents saved up every year so they could take my sister and I to Disneyland and Knott’s. Can’t wait for the Harry Potter park to open on this coast, the hubby and I met thanks to HP. 😀

  26. R

    Haul: yesterday I snagged a bunch of nyx from Hautelook. I got the stick blush set that came with tea rose, pink poppy, and lotus; an eyeliner set that came with one of the liquid liners, one of the standard liners, and the super skinny eye marker; and a few of the mega shine lip glosses. I still have some stila smudge sticks from Hautelook a few weeks ago that haven’t shipped! I ran to the dollar store to get some cheap fake nails to practice manicures on and I also snagged an e.l.f. gloss while I was in there. Earlier in the week I went to Big Lots because I heard they had Philosophy and CK cosmetics, and I got a Philosophy Grace cream blush (lit from within). (Honestly, it’s not good. Would not recommend.) And I tracked down some L.A. Colors palettes that are hard to find! Oh, and a Revlon lipstick and some Sula Paint and Peel…

  27. Karen

    Haul: Big haul from MAC Hey Sailor collection – eyeshadows in Barefoot and Jaunty, Crew highlighting powder (which I will use as blush), Orange Tempura lipgloss and To Catch a Sailor lipstick.  Also, the new Extended Play mascara, Fix Plus spray and finally, MAC cleansing oil. 
    Weekend plans: Organizing desk and closets; barbeque on Sunday
    Amusement parks: Not so much my thing

  28. eltscott

    Haul: I finally got out and got some new makeup! I went to MAC today to check out the new line in person, but really wasn’t that impress so I just picked up some basics: MAC powerpoint pencil in Industry, MAC blush in Tenderling, and MAC Prolongwear concealer. Then I walked over to the Clinique counter and to check out their new matte foundation. I normally only walk away with a sample of new foundation, but I loved the way this looked on me so much, I actually bought it.
    Weekend Plans: It’s my one year wedding anniversary this weekend, so my plan is to spend as much time with my husband as possible.
    Amusement parks? I’m with you–only if it’s Disney. Although I’m dying to see Hogwarts, but I live in CA and can’t afford to go to FL :(

    • EvilPinkRobot

       @eltscott Fret not, HP land is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood! Granted, it will be a few years, but it’s coming. 😀

  29. Leticia

    Haul: Wet n’ Wild Color Icon ES Palette in Vanity, Lancome Rouge in Love in Rouge Rendez Vouz and Corail in Love
    Weekend plans: cleaning house and spend time with family
    Do you love amusement/them parks? I enjoy them, but not love them!
    Mellan always steals my heart, but the look on his face in today’s pic is irresistible!!

  30. AmberCybul

    Haul: MAC (Hey Sailor collection) Red Racer lipstick and the pro longwear bronzing powder in Nude on Board. MAC mineralize eyeshadow in Young Punk & lipstick in Impassioned. NARS lipstick in Heat Wave & NARS eyeshadow in Night Breed. Clinique foundation. Rain Cosmetics lipstick in With the DJ & a foundation. Lorac concealer, eyeshadow trio and lipgloss.

    Weekend Plans: it’s my birthday! I’m going to celebrate and then go hang out with my family and my new niece.

    Theme parks: love them! Hate the crowds.

  31. Yvonne Chang

    Gonna comment here from now on…. Kinda difficult to comment in your blog with the new format, or rather I dont feel like signing up for it. I hauled the UD Naked2 palette and the new palette with the free eyeshadow in it. 3 Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 palettes at offer of 3 for 2. Vonvon’s Interests. That’s my haul this week. Weekend plan, upload photos for blog, take photos of new haul…..

  32. Temptalia

    Yvonne Chang You can sign in with Facebook or just comment anonymously – you aren’t required to sign up for an account!

  33. Pamela Gray

    I scored the urban decay vegan pallette on eBay for around 15 dollars! I also picked up sheiseido eyeliner in black sand on eBay :). Went to Mac and got riveria life and the crew highlighter pallette and love them both!

  34. londonhermit

    Haul: OPI Spotted the Lizard which is an exact dupe for Chanel Peridot, OPI Number one Nemesis which is a exact dupe for Chanel Graphite, OPI My Pointe Exactly, and OPI Fly. I also picked up two pair of gladiator sandals.
    Weekend Plans: Grocery shop and relax it’s a long weekend
    Amusement Parks: Six Flags in New Jersey is pretty sweet I love the animal park.

  35. Veronica

    My dog makes the exact same expression whenever I hose/wash him down, tail between the legs and everything.  I presume it’s his way of attempting to make me feel guilty about giving him a bath.  (It doesn’t work.)
    Haul:  Bare Minerals SPF 20 Moisturizer for Normal-to-Dry Skin, Sephora retractable lip brush, Benefit Bella Bamba blush (sample size – but I’m loving it enough to buy the full product! :D), Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeshadow in Kitten
    Weekend Plans:  Working.  😐
    Amusemen Parks:  Not a huge fan, but I do like going with family occasionally.

  36. blueraccoon

    Haul: I ordered the three Shady Lady palettes, plus a tube of Clarins hand and nail treatment cream and two more Jack Black lip balms (I like the original mint). Also today I broke down and bought the Burberry Sheer Summer Glow highlighter compact. 
    Weekend plans: Gaming tomorrow (D&D 3.5 woot) but I have to work Sunday and Monday. I do get a comp day for working on Monday, but heck if I know when I’m going to use it. 
    Amusement parks: Love, love, love. But there aren’t really any good ones around here and I can’t find anyone who will go on all the rides with me, so I haven’t been to any in a while. 
    (Poor Mellan. He’s like “Mommy…why? Why do you do this to me?”)

  37. JoannaS

    Haul: From Lush: Karma Komba solid shampoo (love, love love!), Mint Julips lip scrub, None of your Beeswax lip balm.  From MAC: Ricepaper eyeshadow and brush cleaner.  From Essie: Peach Daiquiri
    Weekend plans: Mall of America and wait for my hubby to be back from a work trip!
    Do you love amusement/theme parks?:  I’m a Six Flags girl

  38. Kristabelle

    Haul: Shady Lady palettes (I already have two, but couldn’t pass up the deal and figured i could just put them in my kit),  replacement Two Faced Primed and Poreless and Kat Von D concealer. And my Sugarpill Burning Heart palette came this week, I’m obsessed! Have worn it almost every day.
    Weekend plans: a date tonight, work tomorrow, no idea about sunday.
    Do you love amusement/theme parks? I don’t mind them, but I refuse to go on any rollercoaster that goes upside-down, so that kinda limits my options lol.

  39. Laurence.

    Haul : Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes in Exposed,Blissful,Dollface.Nars Orgasm/Laguna duo,Benefit Porefessionnal,Urban Decay Primer potion in Eden,Mac lipsticks in Cherish and Brave,Revlon Nude Attitude lipstick and Lip butter in Peach Parfait,Maybelline SuperStay Concealer,Mac Studio Finish concealer. Most of the stuff was from swaps though !
    Weekends : I don’t know yet.
    Do you love amusement/theme parks : I loooove them !!

  40. Nicole

    Haul: Nothing beauty related.
    Weekend plans: Finally moving out of my old apartment on Saturday, Swimming on Sunday, playing Golf on Monday and moving in my new apartment on Tuesday. It’s a busy and exciting long weekend.
    Do you love amusement/theme parks?: I visited Wald Disney World 3 times in the 90ies and I loved it. Other local movie parks didn’t impress me at all.

  41. itscarin

    Oh. my. god.  The look on his face says it all!  I hope you gave him a treat after subjecting him to that torture you call a “bath”.  :)

  42. Lacey J.

    Haul: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
    Weekend Plans: Sis’s bday, we rented the woman in black with Harry Pottah lol. It was pretty good.
    Amusement parks: not really for me.

  43. Becca

    haul: It was my birthday on Wednesday, so several of these things were birthday presents: ardelle 109 lashes, clear lash glue, Revlon Colorstay lip butter in Berry Smoothie, Clinique Shimmer Powder in Black Honey, a heart pendant, COD Black Ops, a Florence+The Machine cd, Taylor Swift dvd thing, $50 MAC gift card, $50 Sephora gift card, some money, iTunes gift cards, and then I ordered a ton of stuff online which I won’t get until June so I’ll write about it then.
    Weekend Plans: well the weekend’s almost over, but on Friday I played Black Ops on my wii only to realize that my sensor is messed up so I have to buy the classic controller pro to be able to play. Yesterday I went shopping with my friend and found a green dress from Express that I’m going to go back and buy and maybe wear to graduation. We came back home and there were decorations everywhere and I was really confused and then 10 of my closest friends jumped out and they had thrown me a surprise party! At 11 everyone left, and just two of my friends stayed for a sleepover. Now we’re watching an old Batman and after I will do homework and some work :)
    Amusement parks: they can be fun when you’re with good friends, but sometimes they can be lame.