Friday, May 11th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  Nothing for this week I don’t think! It’s been a pretty hectic time with a lot of crises going on, so I’ve been testing a lot of products I have in the pipeline without trying to add even more.
  • Weekend plans:  Farmer’s market, wash Mellan (which is more of a chore for today), head to my parents’ for Mother’s Day
  • What was your favorite toy growing up?:   My Little Ponies!

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This week’s Mellan photo (well, video)…

Trying to teach Mellan what his new toy is!

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36 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #131

  1. I’ve been buying so many things lately – they were bribes to get me through finals! But finals are done now, and I graduate later today, yay!
    This week, I bought a brush roll, NARS Vesuvio, Laura Mercier cake eyeliner, MAC MSFN, and a couple Burberry items. So much! I’m going to take it easy on the purchasing for a while now.
    Weekend plans are just to be mellow – graduation is today, I’m trying on wedding dresses tomorrow, yay!
    I loved Playmobile as a kid!

    • Kafka

       @Emi at Project Swatch  NARS’ Vesuvio may perhaps be my favorite red lipstick of all time! Let me know what you think of it. Congratulations on your graduation and upcoming wedding! :)

  2. Haul: imPress nail sets (2 yellow tone nude french and 1 watercolor floral on) and a 3 new Maybeline nail polish (the denim ones are so pretty!)
    Weekend plans:  Mother’s Day dinner we are doing Saturday, I’m also spending the morning with my friend as it’s her B-day for shopping. More sewing…
    What was your favorite toy growing up?: I think either my She-Ra doll when I was super young or Ariel doll when I got older.
    Speakig of My Little Ponies I’ve got a box full of them as well. When have a chrsitmas one for my B-Day. My mom was adiment about keeping them as she cringes about of original Barbie and  how much is is worth now being thrown out.


    Haul : just going to pick up some jack black lip balm today
    weekend plans : brush my husky :( it’s a snow globe in my apartment as she’s shedding
    favorite toy : polly pocket and legos!

  4. Laura

    Haul: Not a lot in terms of make up really. I got Wholesome Fluidline and Famously Fab lipglass from MAC because they’re in the “goodbyes” section now so I wanted to grab them whilst I could. I also got a back up of Heroine lipstick.
    I think I’m going to go into town tonight or tomorrow to check out the new Urban Decay shadows. I already have pretty much all the shades but I’d like to pick up singles of a few of them (AC/DC, Verve, Mushroom, Bordello, Virgin, Rockstar and Pistol I think) because they’re my favourites and I only own them in palettes. For some reason it really bugs me when I hit pan on one or two shades in a palette and others remain untouchd – I like to try and use the shades more evenly!
    Weekend plans: Hoping the weather is ok because we have a picnic in the park planned for me and a friend’s 30th birthdays!
    Favourite toy growing up: Books (do they count?), jigsaws, Lego, Gameboy (especially Tetris and Super Mario), Spirograph, Fimo.

  5. Pemily

    Haul: 3 Mac eyeshadows and another extra dimension eyeshadow.
    Weekend plans: mothers day
    Favourite toy: a red teddy called Toby :-)

  6. xamyx

    Haul: 2 Rimmell quads (Dark Signature & precious Crown); 2 L’Oreal Infallible shadows (Pink Sapphire & Gold Imperial-Summer collection); Physician’s Formula quad (Canyon Classics-I got a coupon from CVS, $7 off ant PF product); Black Radiance 8 Pan in Downtown Browns (these are as good as Wet N Wild).

    Plans: More “Spring Cleaning”, and packing for my annual Disneyland trip next weekend (I like to pack early, so I don’t forget anything).

    Favorite Toy: I always loved my Barbie makeup kits-they actuall worked pretty well.

  7. ivyeducator1908

    Haul:  Urban Decay book of shadows and Naked Palette 2 from the website to get those freebies…also got NYX eyeshadows and blushes buy one get one 50% on the Ulta Website…can’t wait till its all delivered…drug store..nude color stay lipstick, NYC coral lipstick (two-sided), another lip butter in Cotton Candy and last a nude color lip liner from Rimmel…I am sure I forgot something.
    Weekend Plans:  Indoor football game for my boys Saturday AM and Sunday brunch with my mother in law and dinner with Mom!
    Favorite toy as a kid: Light Bright!

  8. mpca66

    Haul: Not sure .. I’m heading to the desert this weekend for some warmth and sun. I live by the coast in San Diego and it’s been a non-stop overcase week 😛

    Weekend plans: sun, sun sun

    Fav toy: Barbie’s town house. The house had 3 floors and an elevator. I actually found a pic of the house on ebay:

  9. Haul: Revlon Rosegold Colorburst lipgloss, Lip Butter in Red Velvet, Nail Polish in Scandalous.
    Weekend plans: I am baking a red velvet cake for my friend (as a graduation gift) and 2 Mother’s Day pies. Whew!
    What was your fave toy as a child?: Play-Doh, and I loved to read (bookworm). I got teased for it, but hey, I’m at NYU now, so it paid off!

  10. LSpeezy

    Haul: 2 L’Oreal Rouge Infallible lipsticks- Coral Seduction and Summer Rose. The quality is fantastic. (I was shocked). They come in the clear tubes if anybody is wondering. No L’Oreal taste or smell. Joe Fresh (Canada) Cream Blushes in Apricot and Melon. Wow, these are good quality considering they’re from a supermarket chain.

    Weekend plans: Softball tournament (I coach) and a surprise birthday party where I get to wear Coral Seduction. (Show stopping matte orange).

    Favourite Toy growing up:: surprise surprise- a softball/glove/bat. Could keep me occupied for hours with the neighborhood kids.

    Loving the new lay out. It’s so much easier to conceal my make up addiction at work when my computer screen isn’t flashing bright pink!!! Thanks so much!!

  11. xamyx

    Haul: 2 Rimmell quads (Dark Signature & Precious Crown); 2 L’Oreal Infallible shadows (Pink Sapphire & Gold Imperial-Summer collection); Physician’s Formula quad (Canyon Classics-I got a coupon from CVS, $7 off ant PF product); Black Radiance 8 Pan in Downtown Browns (these are as good as Wet N Wild).

    Plans: More “Spring Cleaning”, and packing for my annual Disneyland trip next weekend (I like to pack early, so I don’t forget anything). I also plan to B2M for 4 new eyeshadows (I’m pretty much done buying from them, but I may as well get my freebies).

    Favorite Toy: I always loved my Barbie makeup kits-they actuall worked pretty well.

  12. Haul: Got a dress and some shorts from Arden B, but no makeup. Though I did order some Fyrinnae.
    Weekend Plans:  Getting my hair done.  Season finale of my theater show, but I’m not in this episode so I can just chill and watch it without being in a costume and wig.  Yay!
    Favorite Childhood Toy: I was a big She-Ra fan and I got this two-story castle for my dolls that I just adored!

  13. Nicole

    Haul: Not a single beauty / skincare product.
    Weekend plans: Driving home, lots of organisation and prepraring my tax declaration
    What was your favorite toy growing up?: my crocodile

  14. Haul:  UD 15th Anniversary Palette, Birchbox Gossip Girl box, Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Strawberry
    Weekend:  Mother’s Day Brunch with my mom
    Favorite toy:  Barbie and plastic horses for her to ride.  My barbie was Audra from Big Valley.  Yep, I’m that old.

  15. Joannie

    Haul: No beauty items this week–withdrawal should set in by Saturday PM. Did buy two pairs of wedge sandals.

    Weekend Plans: Errands, usual family Sunday dinner but I’m not cooking it! Yay!

    What was your favorite toy growing up? I loved coloring books & crayons…still do. Go figure?

  16. Cat G

    Haul:  I just bought Jason Natural C-Effects Creme and Avalon Organics CoQ10 Repair Perfecting Facial Toner since I needed new ones :)
    Weekend plans:  Today I’m going out to sushi with my immediate family, tomorrow I’m going out to Japanese (same restaurant but won’t have sushi) with other (extended) family members, Sunday I’m going to a Mexican restaurant with my mom for Mother’s Day.
    What was your favorite toy growing up?: Honestly, I just loved a paper and pen, as soon as I knew how to write, I just wrote and wrote and wrote. I didn’t touch ANY toys really.

  17. Since you are a dog lover, I dare you to watch Hachi: A Dog Story. An incredible story! 

  18. Veronica

    Haul:  Stila In the Garden palette, Maybelline FIT concealer, ULTA Nail lacquer (for my sister, the polish-a-holic), and Revlon cream blush in Flushing.  I am officially on Project Pan (well, tube) after this!  I promised myself I’d finally buy Rouge G’s Gigolo instead of just lusting over it at the counter after I used up three tubes of lipstick, so I’ve got some serious motivation. 😀
    Weekend Plans:  Working, taking mom out for Mother’s Day, and picking my sister up from the airport, while fitting “hanging out with my boyfriend” somewhere in there
    What was your favorite toy growing up?  I played with Barbies a lot when I was very young but sort of grew out of toys by the time I was eight or nine.  Then I discovered books and video games.  (And thus I have revealed my secret dorkiness.)

  19. lizlovesmakeup

    Haul: May Birchbox – Gossip Girl Themed
    Weekend plans: working all weekend
    Favorite Toys: Barbies and Beanie Babies

  20. mjk713

    Oh my, it’s been a busy haul week for me (arrgghhhh).  I got too faced natural at night palette, a new makeup sharpener, a victorias secret pink bra, clinique high drama (or whatever its called) mascara, my birchbox came this week, i ordered the too faced summer eye palette and also a new perfume….normally i’m not this bad!!!!

  21. Mayli

    HAUL: SUNSCREEN, again Sunscreen, and Tinted Sunscreen :) But only good sunscreen with Meroxyl XS and XL (La Roche Posay) :)))
    Skincare and again Skincare from  : Eau Theramale Avène, D-Pigment (against brown sun spots) and and from Ducray Depigmented (Melascreen) cream against sun spots and again Sunscreen :) from AvÈne
    Lol most important thing when you turn 30 :))) sunscreen and anti age skincare!

  22. EstherKudron

    Haul: Target was having a mini-sale on some Boots stuff, so I decided to try the hot cloth cleanser. I’ve only been using it for a few days, but it’s nice so far!
    Weekend plans: my mom’s taking me out for lunch tomorrow because it’s my birthday 😀 other than that, I’ll probably be lounging around at home, watching cartoons.
    What was your favorite toy growing up?: I liked the classic Barbies, but I really loved my brother’s Lincoln Logs and K-nex.

  23. Mariella

    Haul: The Clarins summer eyeshadow palette – Enchanted.  While the liner is a bit disappointing, everything else in it is lovely
    Weekend plans: gym, garden centre, Mothers’ Day stuff (on the receiving end of being spoiled, I hope, and then visiting my mother-in-law to spoil her and have a good old family get-together)
    Favourite toy growing up: Barbie Dolls, a doctor set and, like another poster, my cousin’s Lincoln Logs.

  24. Kafka

    Haul:  Rouge D’Armani in #400 (the Megan Fox colour) and Holy Mother of GOD, the colour, the colour…..!!! (faints dead away). But that was a gift from my beloved mother, so my own haul was: Illamasqua nail varnishes in Caress (cornflower blue), Stance & Viridian (dark, metallic teal-green-black). Oh, and a Jack Black lipbalm, thanks to all the raves here. My sister also gave me her almost-unused NARS Night Fairy (light shimmery lilac) eyeshadow, so I’ll count that too.  
    Weekend Plans: Going with The Hairy German to the dog park Saturday & then cooking a 5 course feast for my mother Sunday. I’ll start prepping and cooking tonight, as well as tomorrow.
    Childhood Toys: None. I didn’t like toys/dolls. I either played with my dogs, rode my horse or read.   

  25. Lacey J.

    Haul: Yesterday I ordered some things from sephora. I am super excited. I got bare escentuals quads in The Dream Sequence and Truth! I also picked up Nars lipstick in barberalla for a nice peachy summer color. I can’t wait to get them in the mail I’ve had these bare  escentuals pressed eyeshadows on my list for so so long.
    I love the new site by the way! I am probably the only one who is going to say I never really liked all the vibrant pink.
    Weekend Plans: Work as always.
    Favorite toy: Probably Barbies, but I was also big on legos.

  26. SallyR

    Haul: Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Blush in Parasol and NARS Falbala lipstick (snagged that from for $9!)
    Weekend plans:  Seeing The Avengers tonight with the hubby, putting together favors for my best friends’ bridal shower, and having my grandmother, mother, and girlfriend who is having her first Mother’s Day over for Mother’s Day lunch.
    What was your favorite toy growing up?:   Barbies, yes, I was a super girly-girl and still am!

  27. Maya

    Haul: OPI nail polishes in Honk If You Love OPI and My Boyfriend Scales Walls
    Weekend plans: Mother’s Day, and not sure what else!
    What was your favorite toy growing up?: Barbie 

  28. Yumi

    Haul: Finally got myself the Clarisonic Mia!
    Weekend plans: It’s my birthday :)
    Toy: My gameboy/sega/n64

  29. Kimberly Drapeza

    I am enjoying the new layout. Very sleek, simple, and classy :)

  30. Rachel Hirsen

    Haul: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Skin Boost Tonic, Deep Cleansing Mask; Nars Ramatuelle, Armani ETK #22 &23, MAC Honeylove, Blankety, and Velvet Teddy. Guerlain Rouge G in Georgia.
    Weekend Plans: Church and then brunch with my mom on Sunday for Mother’s Day.
    Favorite Toy Growing Up: Tie between Barbies and baby dolls.  My best friend and i would make up pretend characters and families.

  31. Minlouwho10

    Haul: MAC Snob lipstick and lipglass, four Mac Blushes from the Trescheek collection: Love Cloud, Pink Tea, peony petal, and full of joy. 😀
    Weekend Plans: Saturday – yard work, Sunday – church and mother’s day celebration out on the lake with our boat!
    Toy: Barbies for sure.

  32. TheAmanda10

    Haul @ MAC: Lippies: Peachstock, Ravishing, Nicki Minaj. Gloss in Pink Nouveau. 3 Pearl Glides in Designer Purple, Industrial and Black Line.

  33. londonhermit

    My haul was not makeup related I brought an Amazon Kindle for myself so of course I brought a cool sakroots case.
    Weekend plans: get used to my new toy.
    Favorite toy as a child: I love to read so books.

  34. Tigress

    Haul: Nothing!
    Weekend plans: Work, as usual. My birthday is on Sunday, but I couldn’t afford to take it off this year :(
    Favorite toy growing up: I also loved My Little Ponies, and I loved me some She-Ra!