Friday, February 4th, 2011

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul:  MAC Wonder Woman polishes!

Weekend plans: Class on Saturday, lots of reading/homework. Gah!

Favorite thing to do:  I really like reading and jigsaw puzzles!

Keep adding your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo…

Mellan always gives me these mean looks when I try to take photos of him!

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118 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #066

  1. Stacysbeauty

    Haul: Microfine Refinishers from CCO, WW blue mascara, the blue quad, and the brown gloss (don’t have them in front of me).

  2. Stacysbeauty

    Forgot to mention:

    Weekend plans: My BF’s aunts funeral :(

    Favorite thing to do: spend time with my 19 month old son.

  3. Dawn

    Huge haul today – Peacocky has arrived in the UK, and my order was just delivered today!

    I got one lippy – Flaunting It, and rather went mad on the eyeshadows. I feel guilty about the expenditure, but love what I got, which was all but Ego of the Mega Metals eyeshadows. I also managed to get hold of Gulabi lipstick from the Mickey Contractor collection.

    Other purchases this week were Sleek’s “Circus” palette, and their new Molten Metals eyeshadow duo.

    Plans for this weekend – boring as usual. The supermarket will be the highlight.

    What I love to do – bellydance! Great fun, and good for you, too

  4. Michelle

    Haul: Mighty Aphrodite blush, Themyscira mascara and a new blacktack fluidline.
    Weekend plans: Hosting a dinner party.
    My cat is the cutest because…I woke up this morning to him standing on my pillow with his nose in my hear purring like crazy.

  5. LOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL Mellan’s faaaaace. He has so much personality!!

    Haul: Some Stila stuff that’s on sale; Charmed Palette, 4 of the 24k lip glazes, another Make Me Blush blush, and their Back to School Beauty Kit. And some random stuff from CVS: Revlon lipstick in Mauve, Revlon nail polish in Peach Petal, Physician’s Formula’s Happy Booster blush (sooooo prettyyyy!!), and L’Oreal HIP duo in Cheeky.

    Weekend plans: Visiting a friend in Philly for the weekend! Maybe a Superbowl party Sunday night. Who knows xP

    Favorite thing to do: I’m actually working on a jigsaw puzzle right now! But I love Sunday afternoon naps and cooking. And anything makeup…I could read up on it, play with it, look at it, and buy it all day.

  6. ChristineD

    Haul- Ordered some Lady Million perfume, a Tarantino eyeshadow pallette, and a Korres primer duo to try, some HD MUFE Blush…and a few drugstore goodies such as some NYX pigments (kind of want to see if they are any good) and a Rimmel lip gloss in summer nude.
    Plans- Regimental dinner on saturday(we are military family ), then lots of biology homework YEAH!!!
    Favorite thing to do- Cant really narrow that to one…I read tons too, love doing crafts and cooking with my 7 yr old daughter..and organizing and reorganizing my makeup (I have a serious case of OCD)

  7. Ashley

    -Benefit Bella Bamba blush
    -Sleeping! 😀 and working on homework
    -Spend quality time with my boyfriend and family

  8. Heather

    Haul: NARS’ glosses in Chihuahua (refill), Easy Lover, and All Night Long, LORAC lip lacquer in Vintage and a whole bunch of Jack Black stuff, a Cargo reverse lipliner, Buxom Stay There cream Eye Shadow in Chihuahua with their cream eyeshadow brush, the Ready Set Stay trio from Benefit (bc I need more Erase Paste and Birthday Suit was on my list of their cream shadows to buy), and I’m probably going to buy some stuff from theBalm today (I’m eyeing their Mary Lou-minizer and some of their eye brushes and now I’m wanting to try their shadows from that Jealous Jordana swatch you posted). Fighting with the boyfriend= I spend even more on stuff than normal.

    Weekend plans: Out dancing at a German restaurant near me tonight, tomorrow and Sunday snowmobiling in Northern MI with my mom and boyfriend, working on some MBA homework and projects :(

    Favorite thing to do: Scrapbooking, paint my nails (seriously, it’s an addiction), watching scary movies

    • Heather

      I just got sucked into hauling a bunch of China Glaze stuff since I found a link on here of some cool collections, so I got (all CG colors): Lighthouse, Hey Sailor, B-Girlz, Sneaker Head, Sky High-top, Custom Kicks, Happy Go Lucky, and Re-Fresh Mint. Looks like my planned spending on theBalm stuff will have to wait until next week, or next paycheck most likely.

    • ChristineD

      The luminizer from the Balm is awesome…and I LOL at the boyfriend thing..when my husband and I fight I go to the MAC counter :)

  9. Vanessa S


    Haul this week: Essie French Affair collection (All)
    Thats all!!! I behaves this week :)

    Weekend Plans: Pack, this is my last week in Atlanta! Miami here i come :)

    Favorie thing to do: Go out dancing and i love writing.

  10. Catherine

    Haul: Mac Wonder woman (just received an email from fedex, my things are on their way! just bought russian red l/s, marquise d’ l/s, emancipation l/g and mighty aphrodite blush)
    Weekend plans: working all weekend plus doing my readings for monday class!
    Favorite thing to do: reading in a bath with lush bubble bath :)

  11. Lulle

    Haul: Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire (I’m in love!) and Rouge Dior in Pink Baiser, a very nice pink for spring.
    Weekend plans: sleep (if possible!), dinner with friends on Saturday, maybe go to the movies.
    Favorite thing to do: read beauty blogs!

  12. Deb

    absolutely love love love your puppy!!!

  13. Tiffany C.

    Haul: Katy Perry Polishes (Teenage Dream, The One That Got Away, and Black Shatter), CND Solar Oil, Essie Mademoiselle, Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, and EOS Lip Balm

    Weekend plans: Stay Warm!

    Favorite thing to do: Play with my son, play Little Big Planet 1 and 2

  14. Kalex

    Haul – Laura Mercier Valentine Collection, Fresh Brown Sugar Set

    Weekend Plans – Absolutely nothing

    Fave thing to do – Read (books,beauty blogs,fashion mags)

  15. Trish

    {Haul} NARS blush in ‘Mata Hari’ and Multiple duo in Portofino and Malibu, Buxom lash mascara, LORAC Behind the Scenes eye shadow primer, MAC WW blush in Mighty Aprhodite [MAC had to send a replacement as my original got delivered to the wrong address!!! WTH?!?!]

    {Weekend plans} Laundry, reading up on SQL and databases, learning to make candles

    {Favorite Thing to do} Make my own jewelry. Gotts save that cash for more makeup hauls. LOL!

  16. babyinacorner

    Haul: Nars bateau ivres eyeshadow duo but now I think I should have got nouveau monde instead!
    Weekend plans: class 9-6 saturday and sunday (after working all week) :(

    Are you going to review rouge g in fuschia delice? I think that might be my haul next week! Thanks a mill! :)

  17. Ani_BEE

    Haul: MAC Wonder Woman Mighty Aphrodite and Russian Red. Sephora Hello Kitty perfume bottle, modern icons and mirror. Urban Decay 15th anniversary liners and Tokidoki nail files sets 1 and 2.

    Love Love Love the nail file sets with a travel case, using my least favorites first. lol

    Weekend plans: Shopping in Toronto with a friend! Might get more WW items in store.

    Favorite thing to do: RPG games (though Little Big Planet is so fun), Makeup and costuming.

  18. Hilary♥

    Haul: Nothing. =(
    Weekend plans: Shopping tomorrow but nothing planned for Sunday.
    Favorite thing to do: Singing, singing, singing! I also love reading, shopping and writing lyrics, going out with my friends.

  19. Haul: Hello kitty compact mirror, nars nouveau monde duo, and smashbox style files box set!!

    Weekend plans : go out for a coworkers bday and study the rest of the wknd :(

  20. vickie

    Haul:china glaze anchors away collection,

    Weekend plans: dinner with dad and sister tonight and then running some errands

    Favorite thing to do: reading!

  21. Lauren

    HAUL: nada! finally. I resisted the wonder woman collection thanks to your honest reviews! I’m saving up for some Chanel goodies!
    WEEKEND PLANS: work/boyfriend/working out. Lots to do this weekend!
    FAVORITE THING TO DO: organizing my room/make up(i’m a huge geek) and cuddling with the boy.

    My cat is the cutest because he sleeps with his paws over his eyes if the room is too bright for him! Adversely, he’s also the biggest pain in the ass when he’s awake and swatting at legs from his stool-throne!

  22. Joanna

    Haul: I bought a MAC Purple Rite lipstick online. I have been looking a long time for a perfect purple lipstick, and I think this is it!

    Weekend plans: Going for wedding dress alterations!

    Fave Things: Shopping, eating out, watching a really good TV show

  23. cbh02b

    The only thing Ive bought lately was MAC wonder woman blush in Mighty Aphrodite because it looked so similiar to Guerlain Blush G in your swatches. My plans are to get a Shellac mani for the first time! I might also go and swatch the UD 24/7 eyeshadow pencils in store. :)

  24. Amber

    Hahah so cute!

    This weeks hauls:lots of DS stuff and an order from Ulta plus MAC of course!
    MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power MSF
    MAC Wonder Woman Mighty Aphrodite blush
    Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush in Natural
    Physicians Formula Happy Booster face powder in Translucent
    Cover Girl Naturelux Gloss Balm in Coral and Clove
    Wet ‘n’ Wild 8 Pan Palette in Comfort Zone
    Wet ‘n’ Wild e/s trio in Silent Treatment
    Revlon l/s in Smoked Peach

    Weekend plans – nothing yet – weather is going to be rough here tomorrow so i’ll see what happens. I would like to see The King’s Speech though.

    Favorite things to do – swim in my makeup stash!!!! Besides that, I love reading and horror movies.

  25. jen

    Wonder women polishes and makeup bags…

    Plans: drive 5 hours to go to the inglot store before the price increase Monday!

  26. Haul: MAC Blush Springsheen (me likey!), MAC eyeshadow “Et to bouquet?” (me yet not so much likey)

    Weekend plans: Making pics for the blog (weather should be nice, so I’ll probably have good light conditions) and maybe preblogging, flea market.

    Favorite thing to do: reading and sleeping :-)

    • Lauren

      I bought et tu bouquet at a CCO. I love it in a pan and on a swatch, but it doesn’t perform so well. I think Naked Lunch or Jest is pretty much the same effect, but less issues.

  27. Jami

    Lol!! Looks like he’s squinting because he knows the flash is coming!!!

    Let’s see.
    Haul: The splatter OPI Katy Perry nail polish and the pink sparkly one. (im at work so cant read bottles), Essie nail polish in ballet slippers, and turquoise and calicos (from Wal-Mart woooo), NYC extreme lip glider lip gloss in mulberry st, mocha (theses are really nice!, MAC dazzle glass in sugarrimmed, MAC viva glam gaga lipstick (back up), and finally got a vanity mirror that lights up!!!! YAY

    Weekend plans: Working like aways :(

    Favorite thing to do: reading fiction books and biographys ( oh and anything makeup realated tehehe)

  28. Bobbi Brown concealer
    Graftobian correct and conealer
    Japonese palettes
    Graftobian Foundation
    Bobbi Brown makeup manual
    The beauty of color
    Making face Kevyn Aucoin
    Makeup The ultimate guide Rae Morris
    Ebay Concealer palette
    Ebay black gel liner set

    I need to stop hauling until the Wonder Woman collections arrives next week.

  29. Emmaline

    My haul this week was mac prep&prime face primer, bite of an apple blush (they still had one in stock, I got the last one!),last cyndi viva glam lipstick, pervette lipstick, and mac blot powder. I am thinking about going back and getting the cyndi lipglass.

    We have been out of school for 4 days. Even us teachers need breaks sometimes. I brought our class rabbit Simon home with me, and him and the cat have been playing non stop. It is really cute.

    Snow days are not good for me. I am thinking I may go see if mac has anything else I need.

  30. Lady Di.

    Haul: MAC Wonder Woman blushes (both of them)

    Weekend plans: finishing shoveling around my house, we have been hit by a blizzard here in Chicago and the snow is so high in some places its hard to drive or walk outside!

    Favorite thing to do: I love reading also!

  31. Rita

    I have a big haul this week.
    First I bought on sale (70% off) my first Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Coromandel (the only shade they had) and a pack of YSL Touche Éclat & a sample of granule-free exfoliator.
    Then I received at last my Siahi Fluidline and Style Curve l/s order (love!).
    Peacocky came on Wednesday, and I got
    – Dalliance, Ego, Tweet Me, Paparazz-she, Sexpectations, Centre Stage, Mating Call, and Noir Plum e/s
    – So Vain, Exxxhibitionist, Scandelicious, and Flaunting It k/l – my Mac had only 2 of some lipcolours!? Luckily I was the first customer – as usual :)
    Finally I managed to grab a MAC Trip Compact Kits Warm Eye Shadow Palette (2010) with Shroom, Bagatelle, Exp. Pink, Trax, Embark, and Humid. I already had 5 of them, but this palette is great and all I will be needing for my upcoming trip in April.

    Today I checked out the Estée Lauder Spring Collection, and I really liked the 3 darker l/s. Christine, will you be reviwing the rest of them?

  32. I ordered a bunch of NYX goodness online with the 20% coupon code with So I can’t wait to receive them in the mail. I’m on a lipgloss kick lately but I don’t want to spend a bomb on high-end makeup. This is a great way to splurge but not hurt your bank. :)

    This weekend I going to play sims city. I love that game to the core!

    My favourite thing to do is to watch Youtube videos endlessly!

  33. Naz

    Haul: MAC Wonder Woman Mighty Aphrodite blush, Essie nail polish in Sand Tropez, and Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Pink Veil 654.

    Weekend plans: going out and taking pictures of the snow covered grounds in NYC, and organizing at home… where it’s warm!

    Favorite thing to do: Crossword puzzles, catching up on movies via Netflix and of course, checking Temptalia!

  34. Haul: Nothing so far, but I plan on ordering from NARS soon!

    Weekend plans: Homework, job hunting, and going to my boyfriend’s parents’ house on Super Bowl Sunday.

    Favorite things to do: baking(made a banana cream pie a few days ago; plan on making a glazed almond bundt cake next),reading, and visiting beauty blogs!

  35. Haul: Had a good haul this week :) MAC: Wonder Woman Lipstick Heroine, Wonder Woman Opulash Army of Amazons, Wonder Woman Opulash Themyscira, Pro Longwear Lipcremes in Faithfully Yours, Till Tomorrow, and Made to Last. Tarte: Smooth Operator illuminating serum, ReCreate primer, t-zone blotting papers, double dose berry boost & gloss in go go goji. Coastal Scents: Forever Natural Palette, Winterberry Palette, Fall Festival Palette, and Think Pink Palette.

    Weekend plans: Prepping all day Saturday for Super Bowl on Sunday. I’m making chili!

    Favorite thing to do: Read and play video games. I love getting lost in a good book or a good video game. Plus a few games I play let me connect with friends online and catch up. :)

    Mellan is giving you the evil ‘why are you taking my picture human’ look. LOL Our one cat gives us that look, while the other one will vogue for you. I gotta get some pix for your blog. :)

  36. Katie

    Korres wild rose 24-hour moisturizer (lovvveee this so much)
    MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick
    Smashbox limitless long wear lip gloss spf 15 in endless
    OPI Katy Perry nail polishes in teenage dream and shatter

    Weekend plans: Bum around, finish knitting my socks and go grocery shopping.

    Favorite thing to do: Lately play tetris!

  37. Jennifer

    Haul: MAC Wonder Woman Marquise D’ L/S , Mighty Aphrodite, Chanel: Tweed blush in : Corail, Rose…Chanel L/S in Coquette and Chintz, Chanel E/L in Ambre, Diorskin Nude foundation, Dior Amber Diamond H/L, Dior Matte Bronzer in Honey Matte, Chanel Quad in Teintation Curivee, MUFE HD Blush in Nip slip, Viktor and Rolf Rollerball perfume vile, MAC Rebel L/S , MAC CCB in Pearl, MSF Natural in Light/Medium.
    God I hope I didn’t miss anything…Geez my biggest hault ever! INSANE.

    Weekend plans: HW and rest lol

    Favorite thing to do: Shop, Net, Music, Write.

  38. Eileen

    Haul:  Jealous Jordana (even prettier than your pictures of it), and Clinique eye pencils in Black Diamond, Brown Lustre, and Egyptian.

    Weekend plans: Meet friends for Chinese food to celebrate the Chinese New Year–Year of the Rabbit

    Favorite thing to do: I love reading, gardening, and playing with the dogs. Music is a constant source of pleasure.

  39. Natalie

    Mellan’s not being mean – he’s “smizing” as Tyra would say! Smiling with his eyes! Boy do I watch too much ANTM…

    Haul: Golden Lariat & Pink Power MSFs, Emancipation l/g, Marquise D’ l/s, Victorious mascara, Mighty Aprodite blush – all MAC Wonder Woman; MAC 131, 190, & 263 brushes; MAC Overtime Pro Longwear Lip Cream; MAC Florabundance l/g (I B2Med for it), MAC replacement puffs and sponges; Bare Escentuals Black Gold (I think) eye shadow; some Pureology & Moroccan Oil hair products! …I freelance! It’s my excuse haha!

    Weekend plans: Babysitting my adorable 2-year-old twin nephews and a party with friends!

    Favorite thing to do: I actually love playing ice hockey (I worked for an NHL team for over a year as well). I’m the only one out there in a full face of makeup! It’s a great way to test how products stand up to sweat, tears, cold/wind, etc. haha!

  40. I hauled from the Goodbyes section MAC. I got Ban This! and Wind Me Up lipglasses from the Dare to Wear collection. Ban This! is so pretty I don’t know why I didn’t get it when it first launched! I also got Lord Me Up Pearlglide to complete my collection from the Tartan Tale collection.

    Superbowl party!!!

    Be with family and friends.

  41. Deb

    Haul: I didn’t resort to retail therapy this week! I’m surprised!
    Weekend plans: Get my husband’s Valentine’s Day gift (a massage gift certificate) and do a little shopping.
    Favorite thing to do: I love reading and playing computer/video games.

  42. Addison

    Haul: 2 maybelline dream mousse concealers (from soap .com which has crazy fast shipping, litterally got my package 16 hours after I ordered it, and it was just standard shipping?!?!), and the physicialns formula baked sands eyeshadows

    Weekend plans: None yet, But I do have to work on the superbowl.

    Favorite thing to do: I like reading and jigsaw puzzles too, oh and online shopping…hehe

  43. Andrea

    Atleast he give u looks my kitty just hide her face and she is soooooo black u barely see her face when she close her eyes

  44. Rachel-Annie

    Haul: Nars eyeshadow duo in Earth Angel

    Weekend plans: Superbowl party on Sunday

  45. Carrie Ann

    I love Mellan’s mean look. :)

    Haul: My Wonder Woman order arrived yesterday! I got Pink Power MSF (love it!), the Valiant quad, Mighty Aphrodite blush & Marquise d’ lipstick (so pretty!). I absolutely love the design on the boxes!

    Weekend plans: I might go to a Chinese New Year celebration.

    Favorite thing to do: Spending time w/ my family, going to the beach, reading, watching movies.

  46. lexi

    Fridays are the best – I love the Melly photos!
    Have you heard anything about the 3 new UD palettes? I know they will be on the UD website on Tuesday – but wondering where and when in stores, and cost?

  47. Kayla

    Haul: MAC WW (Emancipation, Athena’s Kisses, & Wonder Woman lipglasses, Russian Red, Marquise d’, & Spitfire lipsticks, Pink Power MSF).
    Weekend plans: Out with friends tonight, spending Saturday with my mom, Super Bowl on Sunday!
    Favorite thing to do: Reading.

  48. Nadia

    Haul: Nothing yet. But I need to buy new eyeliners. I think I am allergic to L’oreal’s Le Duo Shadow and Liner, which I used this week.

    Weekend Plans: Go to my cousin’s baby shower tomorrow and watch the Super Bowl Game on Sunday because I love football.

    Favorite things to do: Spend time with my family, watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, go shopping, read, and walk for exercise.

  49. Rachel Lauren

    Haul: just Dior iconic mascara although I plan on buying more makeup this weekend. Looking for a new foundation to try.

    Weekend Plans: concert and super bowl party :)

    Fav things to do: concerts, football games, roadtrips, anything outdoors.

  50. Veronica

    MAC Lipstick – Rebel, MAC Lipstick – Myth, MAC Eyeshadow – Retrospeck, MAC Eyeshadow – Dazzlelight, Sephora by OPI (GLEE Collection) – Slushied (Finn Hudson), Sephora by OPI (GLEE Collection) – Diva-in-Training (Santana Lopez), Philosophy Body Wash – Sweet on You (it smells AMAZING, btw).

    Weekend Plans: Work Sat/Sun morning and church Saturday night. Also going to watch the Penguins-Capitals game Sunday afternoon before the Super Bowl. Go Steelers!

    Favorite thing to do: Hanging out with my best friend, shopping at Mall of America and watching Pittsburgh Penguins games with my dad!

  51. Meerschweinchen

    Haul: Mac Top of the Posh, Dalliance
    Weekend plans: Nothing really. Visiting my parents.
    Favorite thing to do: Spending time with my love and reading

  52. Ann

    Haul: MAC Wonder Woman Heroine l/s
    Weekend plans: Hopeful just relaxing on the sofa with movies and popcorn. Wishful thinking. And the gym.
    Favorite thing to do: Spend other peoples’ money

  53. Silvia

    Haul: In Germany we got peacocky and my boyfriend brought me kissable lipcolor in so vain. I really like the color but the cold winter days make my lips dry. So today I got a YSL Rouge Volupté 30, had long been on my wish list
    weekend plans: get some work done, maybe give my parents a ride to the airport and trying to do some work out
    favourite things to do: at the moment really cooking. It is so productive!
    I don’t have a pet! but really like mellan!

  54. marcela

    Haul: MAC Peachtwist blush and Stars N Rockets shadow. Didn’t like ANYTHING from Wonder Woman.
    Plans: Hang out with friends, sleep!
    Fave thing: go on adventure trips with my boyfriend. and reading!

  55. Kat

    Haul: ELF Brow Kit, ELF HD Powder, ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzer. I’m on Project Pan, so the powder and brow kit are just backups, since ELF shipping to Canada is expensive and these showed up at y local Winners. The blush/bronzer duo…lets just call that a backup too, eh?

    Weekend plans: I’ll be covering the Chinese New Year Parade in my city on Sunday. No plans for Saturday as of yet.

    Favorite thing to do: I love reading, watching TV or random online videos, and spending time with friends!

  56. Nicole

    Haul: Clarisonic Mia
    Weekend plans: eat, sleep, work out, some social activity though i’d rather stay in bed as it has been cold and rainy in atlanta
    Favorite thing to do: work out at the gym, read books, cuddle with my man

  57. NeenaJ

    Chanel eyeshadow duo in Khaki/Clair (LOVE! been wearing it all week) with MAC Woodwinked in the crease.
    Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Espresso.
    Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish decals in Kitty Kitty (leopard print).
    Lemming Estee Lauder lipstick in Plumberry – me thinks it will be mine before the weekend is over.

    Weekend: Going to my hometown for a wedding shower.

    Favorite: I love to read, when I have the time. Sometimes it’s worth missing a few hours of sleep to sneak in a few chapters with my booklight!

  58. leesie

    Haul: Essie Dive Bar
    ChG Ruby Pumps and Grape Juice
    Revlon Perplex (Thank God for Big Lots!) and Bubble Gum
    Seche Vite
    Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer in Halo (and a couple samples from Sephora)
    Weekend plans: I work tomorrow evening and will probably go do some minor shopping for household things tonight, but otherwise, my only other plan is catching Glee on Sunday. So. Excited. Also, I might plan how I’m going to spend my tax return. I’m saving most of it, but I think I’m going to allow myself a mini-splurge.
    Favorite thing to do: I enjoy doing so many things I don’t exactly have a favorite, but non-beauty-wise, I like writing, making icons, and watching a select few favorite television shows. I also really enjoy going on walks. I hadn’t really realized how much until a couple weeks ago, and ever since, I’ve been hating the cold up here in Northwest Indiana. For once, I’m really looking forward to spring.

  59. Haul:
    *waiting for Illamasqua nail polishes, MAC Blush (Liberty of London LE), Bobbi Brown Blush (Desert Rose), NYX Liquid Liner (online-shops)

    Weekend: working :( Lots of working… and cuddling with my nieces rabbits :)

    And Mellan is really the greatest!

  60. Rengirl

    Haul: Korres Face Primer, NARS eyeshadow base, 4 NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, 4 Sigma brushes.

    Weekend plans: I had a lot of work this week and no time for play or leisure so I plan on catching up on sleep, video games and give myself a pedicure (it’s almost time to bust out the open toe shoes).

    Favorite thing to do: I really love doing my manicure while watching girly movies I can’t watch with my husband.

  61. Kristina Linn

    Haul: Lightscapde!!!!! Electric Coral & Blue steel pigment, Feline, Paparazz-she, Naked lip liner, White Magic from the McQueen collection & and new MAC blush pallet.

    Weekend plans: Homework, finally getting my hair done & Superbowl!

    Favorite thing to do: Going dancing (my friends are all guys so no one to go with) and cuddling at home with my boyfriend and puppies.

  62. Vanessa S

    I laugh everytime i open your page and see the pic of Mellan i swear lol!!! Stink eye!

  63. Julie

    Awww, Mellan is so cute! I wish I could have a dog like that!

    Haul: Nothing! :( There were some tax issues when I got paid this month, so I’m missing half the money I’ve earned! Grrr. But I’ve decided I’m going to go grab some Mega Metal Eyeshadows from the Peacocky collection when they launch here on Tuesday. :) I’m having a really hard time deciding which colours to pick!! But I’ve had my heart set on Dalliance from the beginning, so I think I’ll definitely be getting that. :) Maybe I could just get 3 different shades… or 5…

    Weekend plans: Working Saturday evening, and then pretty much just relaxing! I’ll definitely be refreshing the Temptalia page a lot of times… 😉

  64. Vern

    Haul: MAC Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo, MAC Golden Lariat Mineralize Skinfinish, Sigma Sigmax Brush Set, Orly Its Not Rocket Science nail polish, Nicole for OPI Drying Drops, NYX Plum lip liner, Physician Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush
    Weekend plans: Work (saturday) and Homework, Catch on my tv shows from this week (Pretty Little Liar, The Game, Jerseylicious, Basketball Wives, Love That Girl)
    Favorite thing to do: I love to read, sudoku and crossword puzzles, spend time with the family(esp. game nights, I have a very competitive family even the 4 yr old…lol)

  65. Mellan is soo cute! In that pic he looks like my cat Miro when I disturb his nap time. All grumpy and menacing. :)

    Haul: MAC Peacocky eye shadows in Dalliance, Prance and Tweet Me, and MAC Decorative lustre glass.

    Weekend plans: Brunch with friends tomorrow, then studying for recital day next Tuesday.

    Favorite thing to do: I enjoy reading, practicing music and listening to music.

    • Oh, I’m going to watch the Superbowl Sunday night! I’ll have to pull an all-nighter for it because of the time difference but I enjoyed it so much last year that I will gladly do it again.

  66. Michelle

    My cat does the same thing…well if he hasn’t already turned his back to me!!!

  67. Kristen

    Physician’s Formula Happy Booster blush in Natural :) and a Nyx set thingie off of HauteLook yesterday!

    and my doggie is the cutest because she’s a rat terrier and so smart (although a butt). she tries to work out when I exercise in the apartment, tries to sleep under my pajama shirt at night (I find doggy hairs in my bellybutton), and is just a cuddle lover. <3 my Sadie! Mellan is cute too, though, of course!

  68. Sophie

    Haul: Mighty Aphrodite, a few Zoya polishes, and some Qtica treatments
    Weekend plans: Catch up on some much needed sleep!!
    Favorite thing to do: I’m a big gamer!! I also like snuggling up with my cat and doing crossword puzzles 😀

  69. I wanna tell why my Rupert is the cutest, Rupert is a french poodle mixed with maltes, black and some white alsmost silver touches under the ear.
    Also a white spot in front of the chest.

    So why is he the cutest?
    coz he is a big ball of fun! making funny faces when i sneeze, playing rude with me, he is capricious about his food (has to be warm, and tasty), or he wont eat it, he rather plays with chunck of concrete than with pet toys.

    In resume: my dog is the best coz is the best friend someone can have, someone who shares the day with u without judge. and coz his personality is unique, cant be compared with a human.


    • Julie

      Owww, Rupert looks really cute and happy! :) Sounds like he knows what he’s worth! Being picky with the food and all 😀 My grandparents’ dog was like that. She wouldn’t touch it if it was just a plain can of dog food, lol! Sadly she was put to sleep ’cause she got cancer :( But she was the sweetest little thing and had an awesome personality, just like your pup!

  70. Alexis

    I love your Mellan pictures :). We have a Great Dane named Gandalf (grey) and he always gives us ‘grumpy old man’ looks. Dogs are so funny :).

    This week I got a backup of Enchantee Kissable Lipcolour and a pro pan of Folie shadow. They’re 2 of my new favorite items :).

  71. Kris Cameron

    Haul: Mighty Aphrodite blush and wonder woman lipglass. I was only planning on getting the blush but I went to the launch party and there was booze and I got swept up in the moment! I also bought the chromographic pencil from the champale collection and some weleda skin care that was on clearence at target. OH! And I ordered my clarisonic but I have not received it yet. Can you tell I got paid this week??

    Plans: My father and his wife and two dogs are coming down to spend the weekend with my husband, myself and our two dogs. So I will be laughing a lot at silly dog action and then cleaning up a bunch of hair!

    Favorite things to do: yoga, workout, read, walk my dogs and paint my nails. I’ve been out of commission on the first three for two weeks due to a torn rotator cuff but I just got a cortisone injection so I should be back in business within a few days.

    • Kris Cameron

      I forgot to say that I don’t think Mellan looks mad there I think he looks like he was hitting the doggie ganja while you were swatching. You should be careful doggie ganja is a gateway drug…and he’ll eat all of his kibble in one sitting!

  72. Jess

    He’s so cute! I loveee labs. lol, hes smart, he knows its gonna be bright. My dogs do the same thing. In fact, they won’t even let me go near them with my cell phone camera (I try to trick them but they’re too smart).

  73. Haul: MAC Wonder Woman stuff

    Weekend plans: Working on music, painting the kitchen, getting more Limited Edition album packages together and ready to ship out!

    Favorite thing to do: After over 10 years together, I was realizing JUST last night that I still really enjoy sitting on my ass and watching movies with Jay :)

  74. Nessabella

    Haul: Urban Decay 15yrs anniversary 24/7 Pencil set, NARS Beautiful Life Cheek and lips palette

    Weekend plans: FInal baby shop and prepare birth plan as I am due in 7 weeks

    Favorite thing to do: Relax at the moment, because I am getting uncomfortable

  75. Girl, he’s probably got the puparazzi following him whenever you take him on a walk, hence his distaste for cameras. LOL.

    Haul… Wedge, OPI Black Shatter, mini size of Boscia cleansing oil so I could get my birthday gift from Sephora, also got a deluxe mini of Lancome Hypnose Drama… Love me some dramatic mascaras. Go big or go home is my lash philosophy, lol! Also still waiting on my Zoya Kelly from the FB2011 promo.

    This weekend? I’m having some birthday dinner with a couple friends, and catching up on schoolwork.

  76. Megan

    Luv the Mellen pic! Bought some stuff for Sephora, the most I spent at one setting:/ NARS Luster blush, Illamasqua cream blush Betry, powder blush in Expose, Illamasqua pigment in Ore, Sephora for OPI nailpolishes in Shiny Dancer and Opening Night. Can’t wait to get. This is my first Illamasqua purchase!!!

    • Megan

      I always forget to answer the rest of the questions!
      My weekend plans: work, hang out with the bf
      Favorite things to do: read, surf the internet

  77. Gina

    LOL that picture of Mellan is fantastic. Unfortunately, no hauls for me this week; I work part time at my university, and since we just got back from winter break last week, it takes a while for me to get my first check. But I AM looking forward to the new Viva Glam Gaga!

  78. Amelia

    I got my free zoya polishes this week.
    Luna which is underwhelming, even though its glittery it turns dull after it dries.
    Heather, amazing lavender creme dried so smooth and lasts forever!
    Akyra, it looked like a rich teal on the website, but is more of a dull green IRL. :(

    and Maybelline stiletto voluptuous amazing curling mascara!

  79. Mel

    Haul: The only thing I hauled this week was Spitfire lipstick from WW. I am going nail polish hunting later tonight at CVS. I might go to MAC tomorrow to look at more WW and then to Sally for the new China Glaze.

    Weekend plans: Just hanging out with the BF tonight and watching the Superbowl on Sunday. Hauling Saturday if possible!

    Favorite thing to do: Look at swatches and work on my blog!

  80. londonhermit

    Haul three new colors from the Texas opi collection: suzi loves cowboys, san tan tonio and too hot pink to hold em. I picked up the serena grand slam duo as well as one color club in total mystery and one forever 21 nail polish in black(black with green sparkles. I also picked up a black turtle neck and a mustard colored top from forever 21 as well. OH yeah and some earrings.

  81. Lisa G

    Haul: Too Faced Romantic Eye collection, Stila’s Make Me Blush Set both from Sephora. Two NYX eyeshadow sets from HauteLook. And toying with some items from the WW collection from MAC-a lipstick, lipglass, blush and maybe a pigment. Can’t make up my mind.
    This weekend is grocery shopping, cooking and watching the SuperBowl.
    Fave thing to do: spend time with my lovely hubby and two sons.

  82. Garima

    Haul – bought some stuff from ww collection in unveiling party. I got Heroin l/s, wonder woman & athena’s kiss lip gloss, valient e/s quad, mighty aphrodite blush, golden larient msf. I so wanted to get pink power too but it was sold out so will be getting it on 10th from macy’s ( already put it on hold already yay) also got 1 plum lip liner pencil. This is the first time I am posting my haul.. make up is my new addiction & I am so enjoying it.

    weekend plan – will be attaining couple of social gathering.

    I love gardening & make up & I love love reading ur blog..

  83. Diana B

    This week I bought Mac Soba eyeshadow and Viva Glam Cindi which I love its the perfect starter Red.
    This weekend I will be watching the superbowl home with the family. I love the commercials.
    My favorite thing to do is relaxing at the beach.

  84. Lynn

    Love this photo of Mellan!

    Haul: I hauled Nail Polishes! OPI for Sephora Glee Collection in: Who let the Dork’s Out, Miss Bossy Pants & Hell to the No; Urban Ballerina Collection in: Shiny Dancer, Leotard Optional, Let’s Plie, The Way Tu Tu his heart, and Who’s Spinning Tonight?, Zoya polish in Kelly; OPI Texas collection (I bought 3- forgot what they are right now)Whew!

    Weekend Plans: Lunching & Hanging out with my BFF tomorrow and checking out her new place & then dinner with the fam for my godson’s bday!

    Favorite thing to do: sleep, bake, read (blog, magazines, books) and watch a movie!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    • Lynn

      oops almost forgot:
      From MAC’s Wonder Woman Collection: Amazon Princess Blush, Heroine Lipstick and Wonder Woman lipgloss (WOW! the is HUGE!!!!)

  85. Haul: NARS Front Row set (the orgasm lipgloss has a weird smell – is that usual for NARS glosses?), my first CdP extra silky lipstick, NARS pure matte in terre de feu and vesuvio, NARS Rajasthan (actually found some left in!), Chanel #2 eyeshadow brush – someone please top my haul because I feel like such a make up hoarder.

    Plans: try to stay ahead of my assignments!

    Fav thing to do: watch japanese dramas. total guilty pleasure

  86. rosa

    Mellan really reminds me of the dog my grandmother used to have when I was a kid, although she was a girl named Topsi. Great dog for children, she was so good to me.

    Haul: Illamasqua blush Lover, Mac Dalliance (so pretty!!), Prance, Noir Plum and Dior Iconic mascara.

    Weekend Plans: One night shift (I am a nurse), and going to a sort of Indoor playground with my adorable very young daughter <3.

    Favorite thing to do: Watching a marathon of True Blood and Dexter and playing with my little daughter of course.

  87. Alexis (m0rg3nst3rn)

    Haul: MAC Wonder Woman: 3 lipsticks, blushes, MSFs and 3 lipglasses, and Sugarpill’s Burning Heart and Sweetheart palettes as well as 5 of the loose shadows

    Weekend Plans: Taking my daughter to Knott’s Berry Farm (again, we got the season passes) and catching the Super Bowl (I have no choice, my BF is a lifelong Steeler fan)

    Favorite thing to do: Spend time with my 2yr Daughter and rest

  88. Dana

    Haul: Origins GinZing eye cream, DDF Gentle complexion pads & BE faux tan powder

    Weekend plans:
    Saturday – shopping for ski vacation in 2 weeks & family dinner w/nephew for his Bday :)
    Sunday – Superbowl party with friends and family

    Favorite things to do: Read, movies, spending time with my friends & family

  89. Haul This week wasn’t too bad. I ordered an Espirique Precious blush off a blogsale and the new LE Majolica Majorca blush off eBay. I think they and the R&R stuff I ordered last week should be coming in early next week so I’m pretty excited. 😀

    Weekend Plans I’m sick today, so I’m spending my free time this weekend catching up. Also, since my mom’s visiting next week I’m cleaning the entire apartment too!

    Favorite thing to do Picnic in the park on a sunny day.

  90. Rosanna

    Haul: Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach, Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Wash, Body Shop Tea Tree Oil 15%, Eco Tools Powder & Kabuki Brush, and Biore Pore Strips.

    Weekend plans: Reading/homework!!!

    Favorite thing to do: Make-Up Shopping! Or Drawing.

  91. San

    Ha ha Christine,Mellan looks like he’s saying”Stop woman,what r u up to..i’m a serious dog,don’t put up any silly photos on the net..where my girlfriends might catch it :).
    HAUL:Benefit coralista (HG coral blush).Busy Signal cream shadow.
    Chanel:Eye khol in brown and Rouge coco Ballet russe.
    MAC:Swiss chocolate e/s.
    Weekend plans:Play with the above.
    Fav things to do:Well we have a rare case of rains here, so go the desert for a drive.

  92. Gretchen

    My Pink Power MSF and Spitfire lipstick arrived today, and I wore both to work. They’re so awesome! As for this weekend, I’ll be going to Athens, GA to watch a basketball game and have pizza at one of my family’s fave places to eat. So glad to be away from work.

  93. Perri

    Today I went to the mac counter and bought the Viva Glam II, Lipliner in Subculture, and Plumful.
    Yesterday I got covergirl lipstain in gothic (nice but I’m disappointed the lip balm cracked already), maybelline clear brow gel (one of my beauty staples) and l’oreal intense liner (love this stuff).

    It’s been a good makeup week! 😉

  94. Rosie

    I got three of the crystal liners from NYX and the anniversary eyeliner set from Urban Decay. I also got Latino lipstick, some dry shampoo from Tresemme, and the Narc glide on pencil. And one of the candy glitter liners from NYX too. I am so excited for all the glitter and eyeliners!

  95. Sara

    Haul-OPI minis for Katy Perry & Texas collection since I never use the whole bottles and various other polishes from
    Weekend plans – tonight I finished my final for Public Health Nursing, cuddle with my husband & beasties tomorrow, then more homework for communications.
    Favorite thing – see tomorrow’s plans.

  96. heidi

    Haul:Mac contrast and swish and NYX flamingo, cherry and their blush in pinched.
    Weekend plans: my hubby’s birthday!
    My favorite thing to do read beauty blogs for serious!

  97. Alli

    Haul – SOme Mac WW goodies – Pink Power MSF, Mighty Aphrodite blush duo, Marquise D lipstick and Emancipation lipglass (not sure how I’m feeling about these products…really BIG..I’ll give them a whirl and see. What do you guys think of the WW stuff?)
    OPI Katy Perry nail polish collection and black shatter topcoat
    Essie polishes in Going Incognito and Mink Muffs
    Bath and Boday Works sprays, lotions, lip balms,
    MAC Vpva Glam V lipstick, Pinch O Peach blush and a bottle of brush cleaner
    Victorias Secret Beauty Rush Double Body Mist in Cupquake (love this stuff) and Pink with A Splash Body Spray
    Weekend Plans – not much…more support for the hubby…just taking them time to take care of eachother during a difficult time.
    Fave thing to do – Love shopping, reading blogs, making lists, playing with my 3 puppies, reading page-turning books, smiling, laughing and most importantly, loving my husband!

  98. Liz Mc

    Heh, I love Mellans skeptical loo :). He has such an expressive face!

    Haul: I was bad this week – MAC WW Mighty Aphrodite blush, Victorious mascara, Marquise D lipstick, 2 Sally Hansen nail polishes (Gray by Gray and Pedal to the Metal, on sale BOGO1/2off), and a handful of 6 assorted lipglosses and nail polishes for 50 cents each out of the bargain bin of my local crash ‘n dent clearance store.

    Weekend plans: working part of it, also need to clean the house. Bad.

    Favorite thing to do: it varies according to time of year. Right now it’s reading. In the good weather its gardening.

  99. Haul: Wet N Wild 8 color shadow palette in Comfort Zone, PF happy booster blush in Rose, PF happy booster powder in translucent, and PF’s new mascara…I forgot the name but it’s supposed to thicken lashes a lot.

    Weekend plans: Work tomorrow morning ;(

    Fave thing to do: Shop and spend time with the boy =)