Friday, October 15th, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Nothing this week!

Friday plans: Doctor’s appointment — not exactly the height of excitement!

What’s on your lips:  Guerlain Giny Rouge G Lipstick

Favorite food: Alfredo.  I really love me some fettuccine alfredo!

This week’s Mellan photo…

Mellan & I met up with our friends Diane and puppy Luna for lunch yesterday.  Luna’s 4 months now!

She makes Mellan look like a giant beast!  It’s funny – Mellan always knows when I take out the camera.

Ms. Luna is so cute!

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102 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #050

  1. Vanessa S

    Friday Haul: One of the lasts for a long while i must say….

    OPI- Dating a Royal, Fiercly Fiona and Ogre the top
    Essie- Jazz, We can do it Pink!, Mint Cany Apply

    NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk

    On my mind: Excited about the decision we made this week about starting our family!

    I hope: My doggie Brownie doesn’t mind lol

  2. Ru

    Haul: It’s Spa Week in DC, so I hauled me some spa treatments :)

    Friday plans: Getting a facial, might check out the MAC pro longwear lipcremes

    What’s on your lips: Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Stain in enchanted

    Favorite food: Ice Cream, anytime!

  3. Tdanielle

    -MAC Paintpots in Rubenesque, Blackground, and Delft (I was SOOOO lucky because the MUA said they’d just packed all of the Delft away to be shipped back to the warehouse because MAC is discontinuing them to make room for new collections! She went into the box and pulled one out JUST for me!!!!)
    -MAC pigments in Violet, Brash and Bold, and Gold Stroke
    -backup of MAC Lipglass in Hot House (LOOOVE it!)

    This weekend I’m thinking of having a total ball with my makeup and starting to catalogue my looks on a website so that I can have a quick make-up reference:)

  4. Laura

    I was wondering when you were going to post this, I need my Mellan fix!! lol JK. He’s adorable!!

    Haul: Nothing this week but I sure will have a haul next week. I am attending the Nordies Trend show :)

    Friday plans: Karaoke with the BF. Its not my thing but he likes it and I get to spend time with him.

    What’s on your lips: Nothing :(

    Favorite food: Alfredo. Anything. I workout to eat. hahahaha BTW I had alfredo for lunch. YUMMY!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Amber

    OMG 2 cute! I love it when my pets make friends!

    This weeks haul: I got a special offer from for free shipping on a Clarisonic replacement brush, so with that and my dollars, I only paid 20 bucks! Also picked up 2 Maybelline eye studio quads and an NYC quartet in Union Square and got a great deal on Orly Wandering Vine!

    Friday plans – working! =(

    What’s on my lippies? Was Guerlain Rouge G in Gems, now its L’oreal Infallible l/g in Sangria. I hate carrying around the heavy Rouge G case!

    Fave food – Pizza!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Shaun

    Haul: Gothic 4: Arcania, because I’m a NERD.
    Friday Plans: Playing said game.
    What’s on my lips: These lyrics: “WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT! NO, WE AIN’T GOING TO TAKE IT!” Also, Chappy’s Berry Lip Balm and cookie crumbs.
    Favorite Food: SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mellan is nub!@$!@$

  7. baby in a corner

    I bought guerlain rouge g lipstick in gigi! Its really different on my lips, not a bright pink at all but dark reddy fushcia. Its equally beautiful though, seems kinda russian princess to me. I absolutely love it!
    I got an A in my thesis so i’m more than delighted! really really happy about that! Gives me a good overall GPA as I found some of the exams during the year hard enough.
    Plans for tonight – Chilling on the sofa, very hard after a full two weeks of lectures and work

  8. Haul: Nothing this week!

    Friday plans: Going out to dinner with my S.O. and having a few beers/watching movies. How lazy!

    What’s on your lips: Origins “Cover your mouth” lip balm

    Favorite food: I agree, Alfredo has always been my favorite food. I prefer mine with shrimp :)

  9. Haul: Mystical Mist e/s (been looking all over for this!), Blackware Glimmerglass (planning for Halloween!), My Dark Magic and She Who Dares (gifts for a pregnant friend who missed out on VV)

    Friday plans: Lunch with a friend for her birthday, dinner at Red Lobster with the pregnant friend, and a kickback birthday party for another friend! party party party!

    What’s on your lips: just a little chapstick.

    Favorite food: pizza, gotta love it!

  10. Megan

    Haul: My Rock and Republic order arrived from this week. I like what I got, except the blush colors looked very different online than they do in person. I like them, but they are close dupes for some things I already have in my collection.

    Friday plans: Preparing for our Housewarming party tomorrow!!! Cleaning, cooking and a HUGE Costco run.

    What’s on your lips: MAC Lipglass in Pret a Papier

    Favorite food: Sushi! I haven’t had it in so long, mmmmmm

    • What do you normally get when you have sushi, Megan?

      • Megan

        My fiancee and I usually get a variety of rolls: a Spider Roll, a spicy tuna roll, a spicy salmon and then a more unusual roll like a Dragon/Winter/Rainbow roll. Lots of soy sauce and a little wasabi and ginger are musts as well!

  11. Just bought some new Fyrinneae shadows

    Friday plans. Work.

    Food? Right now, I’m craving pizza with basil leaves on it. And matzot ball soup.

    On my lips? MUFE ROuge Artist Intense #33

    It has been a rough week. I’m looking forward to working one more night, and then having a few days to collapse. SOOOOOOOOO much drama!

  12. Rita

    I didn’t get anything this week either, but I passed by Mac today and got some Gaga&Cyndi stickers!
    I have only lip moisturiser on lips since it’s past 11 pm and I’m going to bed.
    My favourite food is sushi!

  13. Haul: Nada. I did start getting some free stuff from PR though, which is kind of surreal and REALLY cool :) Big box of lashes from Ardell, polishes from China glaze and some other misc. goodies. Youngblood cosmetics is sending stuff out for review, so is Estee Lauder and Eve Pearl! :) Woot! I just decided last week to start calling places and saying, “This is what I do, here’s my channel…”

    Friday plans: Dying my hair blue (ish), low key pizza dinner with a few friends and watching the AVP movies in prep for the new one that comes out on Tuesday! LOL! Other than that, just working on the new studio!

    What’s on your lips: Nothing. They are dry :(

    Favorite food: Fun fact: I actually don’t like food. It’s mostly the choosing of the food that I despise. I LONG for a dog food-like product for people. Something that you could just eat a bowl of and it would keep you healthy. Then I could reserve the actual “good food” for when I was in the mood – Maybe once or twice a week.

    • YAYYYY! :) Congrats!!

      LOL, I tell Mellan it’s easy for him to stay skinny. Someone else has 100% control over his food and he eats the same stuff everyday. AND LOVES IT!

  14. Marlie

    Haul: Estee Lauder Double Matte powder (2 mascaras plus primer as a free gift), Body Shop Lip Scuff, Body Shop Primer Matte It, Body Shop Blush in a dusty rose colour (#05 I believe) Clarins Powder Compact, Burts Bees Honey lip balm, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeep, Colgate Wisps, fall peacoat! Expensive week!

    Friday Plans: Work and go to a hockey game

    Whats on your lips: Burts Bees Honey Lip Balm

    Favourite Food: Lobster!

    Desperately in need of a new foundation: I want something oil free, matte and full coverage! Help!

  15. Thincspot

    Make Up Forever Rouge Intense #34
    Philosophy Falling in Love & Pure Grace Perfume
    T3 Tourmaline diffuser attachment
    …and I scored a few sample items for “becoming” a sephora v.i.b. member

  16. Haul: I’ve been very naughty this week. I’ve bought too many things including 3 Guerlain Rouge G’s (Gillian, Gigi and Gwen, but I haven’t got Gwen yet), Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipgloss in Poppy Star, Frontcover To Go palette, 2 Stila palettes, ordered 3 eyeshadows from The Body Shop, etc. I need to hold back, but there’s too many nice collections coming out for the autumn/holidays.

    Friday plans: Friday’s pretty much over now. I’m planning a quiet-ish weekend, need to do a few things at home, etc.

    What’s on your lips: nothing

    Favorite food: Green thai prawn curry – yum!

  17. Haul: LUSH goodies for my birthday next week!

    Rockstar soap
    Honey I Washed The Kids soap
    Calavera bath bomb
    Mrs. Whippy bath bomb
    Sunny Side bubble bar
    Flosty Gritter bubble bar
    Candy Cane bubble bar

    Friday Plans: Outlining for 1L exams, setting up for tomorrow’s yard sale, figuring out Saturday’s blog post

    What’s On Your Lips: Nothing at the moment – I’m not wearing ANY makeup!

    Favorite Food: Right now, it’s my mom’s Chocolate Eclair – she made it for my birthday!

  18. Haul: 2 lipsticks from Inglot one nude pink, and one light nude lilac. I started a 5 square pallete with 2 shadows 1 in a beautiful pearl taupe and one pearl pink. I also got an OPI SEPHORA topcoat and a Benefit Lookin To Rock Rita perfume for my mom because it’s her name and she loves the scent (it was made for her it seems)

    Friday plans: Cleaning and enjoying the rain

    What’s on your lips: Nothing, just got out of the shower :(

    Favorite food: Chocolate… it’s a food………………..

    PS: Puppies!!!!! SO cute. Yeah one of my cats makes all the other cats look like giants because he’s a tiny little thing.

  19. Li Ming

    Friday Haul: NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Plaza Pink (my collection for this product is complete LOL), NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk & in Oyster, NYX E/S in White
    Friday plans: dressy dinner date with the boyfriend 😀
    What’s on your lips: Revlon SuperLustrous in Peach (LE) + MAC Honeylove
    Favorite food: home-made turkey congee & chinese pancakes

  20. Haul: Nothing yet, but I am going to check out the new NARS holiday collection!
    Friday plans: NARS, pizza, Netflix :)
    On my lips: Innocence, Beware!
    Favorite food: Homemade pierogies!

  21. Haul: Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland palatte and URBAN DECAY BOS 3 WOOOTTT

    Friday plans: kk so eithere going to haunted house if there is enough people otherwise going to see jackass with my bf

    What’s on your lips: ruby woo lipstick with love alert dazzleglass

    Favorite food: GNOCCHI with extra mozzarella melted PLEASE

  22. Meesh

    Friday Haul: empty mac quad, mac eyeshadow club and Blanc Type

    Friday Plans: Do homework so I can go to Fright Fest guilt free

    On my lips: Drive me Wild

    Favorite food: Sushi

  23. danielle :)

    Haul : went to a CCO and got the in the gallery qaud from the makeup art cosmetics collectio (LOVE THAT QUAD IT’S AMAZING) and Marque lipstick which is from the monogram collection and has a really pretty tube! :)

    Friday Plans:me and my friend are just hanging around the house

    what’s on my lips: nothing

    Fav. food: pasta! :)

    mellan and his friend are so cute! :)

  24. Sara Jean

    Haul: nothing yet.

    Friday plans: Haunted house and jackass 3-D!

    What’s on your lips: high shine lip pen in Mally’s Look a peachy pink

    Favorite food: Sesame chicken

  25. SammyWhammy

    haul: Estee Lauder double wear light, Estee Lauder Sensuous perfume (soooo gooood)
    Friday Plans: stay in making flourless banana pancakes with my best friend and watch princess and the frog
    What’s on your lips: MAC hollywood nights (love!)
    Favorite Food: Pad See Ew (Thai Food in general) ah! I die for that dish!

  26. SusyLovesMac

    Haul: Some fall sweaters from Target :)

    Friday plans: Hanging out with the bf and getting the house and things ready for our football party on Sunday…GO RAIDERS!

    What’s on your lips: MAC Colour me Coral lipstick w/ Love Nectar lipglass

    Favorite food: Puerto Rican Arroz con gandules :)

  27. Ursula

    Haul: VS Beauty Rush, they were having a sale, buy any 5 for 20 dollars so how could I pass it up? Got two eyeshadows, swatched pretty well, we’ll see. Lip gloss which I just put on, feels nice, smells yummy. Pretty pink lipstick with sparkle, haven’t tried it but again the swatch looked beautiful and I’m a sucker for pink lip anything. Lastly a luminous shadow which is a a soft matte baby pink with sparkle on top, so pretty.

    Friday plans: Hockey game on tv and takeout.

    What’s on my lips: VS Beauty Rush in Laffy Taffy

    Favorite food: Ummmm, maybe a chicken cutlet.

  28. Yumi

    Haul: VG Cyndi lipstick and SPF50 Face Protect cuz I’m all out.
    On my lips: Creme d’Nude

  29. Dawn

    This week, just:

    Maybelline ‘Bit Of Berry’ lipstick

    China Glaze ‘Foxy’, ‘First Class Ticket’, ‘Mommy Kissing Santa’ and ‘Mrs Claus’

    Orly ‘Space Cadet’ and ‘Galaxy Girl’

    I’ve been feeling rather fed up, as the VV items the MAC counter posted to me last Wednesday have somehow got lost in the post :( They have confirmed this with the Post Office as it was sent Recorded Delivery, and have managed to locate 4 of the items from other counters/stores (including the last Briar Rose in the region) but no hope of getting Bad Fairy. They have offered me a full refund, and these 4 items sent to me free of charge :) They also offered me a makeover in store, but I have no way of getting there or I would jump at the chance! However, when they went to process the refund this morning it wasn’t going through. Hopefully they’ll get that sorted and I’ll get the 4 items soon – Briar Rose, Oh So Fair, Bite Of An Apple and Strange Potion.

    I’m planning on trying to get some sleep this weekend

  30. Linnea

    So cute!!
    Haul: Nadda!
    Friday plans: Party to see some people I haven’t seen in awhile.
    What’s on your lips: Jack Black lip balm.
    Favorite food: Pasta. Any kind. With some sauce, but not too much. 😀 (and salad.. love me some salad.. all kinds)

  31. Jessica.

    I exchanged till tomorrow (too brown for me) for see sheer lipstick today (which I love!) and pre-ordered one of the brush sets from the holiday collection. so I guess it’s not really a haul.. hehe

  32. Rosie

    Haul: Head bands and not a haul but I got my haircut.

    Friday Plans: I got to watch The Little Mermaid at work! Heading out to Long Beach to Bubba Gump Shrimp for drinks and dinner at Roscoe’s. Then off to watch “Life As We Know It”

    My makeup: Sweet and Punchy, Haight, Radium, Kush, Loaded and Vanilla on the eye with Colour Matters, Covet, Flipside liner and Blacktrack and Zero. Blush is Deep Throat, lips are Strange Potion, nails are Totally 80s. So my eyes, nails and my cardigan match chartruese and I’m wearing a huge bow headband. I’m totally stoked to go out in this getup!

    Excited for: Drinks!

  33. marie

    haul : nars lipsticks (funny face,schiap and belle du jour) christine,you are such an enabler :)

    friday plans: pizza and tv

    on my lips: nars schiap.trying to see if it’s too bright for me

    favorite food- medium rare steak! yum :)

  34. Vanessa

    Haul: nothing just toys for our 8 month old daughter, Bailey
    Friday: Watching Iron Man 2 with Hubby and friends
    Lips: Chanel Pleasing Glossiner
    Favorite Food: Anything with Lobster or Scallops

  35. Kate & Zena

    Haul: A pair of Guess? black suede leather stiletto pumps….that I paid $40 instead of $80 and up at TJ Maxx!!!! HA HA HA HA HA, score!

    Friday Plans: Taking more medicine that the doctor gave me yesterday. There’s something wrong with the Eustachian tubes in my ears apparently. My eardrums are pushed in not out (out would indicate an ear infection). We don’t know what’s wrong! So I have an anti-biotic, a round of steroids AND a nasal decongestant to try to fix the problem.

  36. Inga

    Haul: Nars Rajasthan duo and Cairo single.

    Friday plans: A night of studying. Fun.

    What’s on your lips: Nothing.

    Favorite food: Lasagna.

  37. Dana

    Haul: Nothing! I am going to the Estee Lauder warehouse sale tomorrow so I’ve been restraining myself for the past few weeks. Hopefully I’ll have some good stuff to report for next Friday

    Friday plans: Watching the Yankee game :)

    What’s on your lips: L’Occitane 100% Shea Butter

    Favorite food: Sushi!

  38. Nastassia

    Haul: MAC: Innonce Beware (I gave in and bought it) – btw i accidently got two strange potion, but idk what to exchange it for :( . MAC lipstick Modesty MAC Cremesheen Boybait — :) can u tell i love cremesheens?

    Friday Plans: making it a netflix night!!

    Whats On Your Lips: Carmex

    Favorite Food: SUSHI <3

    Have a good weekend Christine & Everyone :)

  39. Rachael

    Haul: fixed the radio in my car, does that count?

    Friday Plans: Watching the LA Kings vs Vancouver Canucks game. Go KINGS!

    Whats on My Lips: Tarte Lip Stain in berry and Clinque nude plumping gloss

    Fave Food: Sushi!

  40. Nicole

    I picked up the eyeshadow quad, tweed blush, and Charming glossimer from Chanel’s holiday collection. I’m very happy with them! And my Chanel SA gave me lots of samples, so that’s always exciting. Haha.

    The quad isn’t the best quality compared to my baked versions of Enigma and Kaska Beige, but I’ll still enjoy using it. The colors are pretty, and I’m a sucker for all things glittery!

  41. daphne

    Last weekend I picked up Estee Lauder Peach Nuance blush. There’s a girl at one of the local Nordstrom stores who likes to pick things for me and she’s been on me to get Peach Nuance for weeks 😛 I told her I was saving for Sephora F&F but I caved.

    Today at lunchtime I went for a swatchfest with my friend Yoora – we went to the nearby Sephora to consider what we want to buy for F&F. Then I was happy to get home and do nothing tonight. I’m chilling on the couch watching the Rangers-Yankees ALCS game. No rooting interests left in baseball so let’s go, whoever is playing the Yankees! :)

    Haven’t got anything on my lips right now but earlier today I was wearing Guerlain Rouge G in Gems with MAC Mimmy lipglass.

    Asking me to pick a favorite food is like asking me to choose between my children! 😛 It’s probably some kind of vegetable: tomatoes, beets, or bell peppers, maybe. Especially pasta with sauce or filling made of one or many of those vegetables. Also, curries.

  42. Coco

    Firday Hual: Nada. But I will tomo!
    Friday Plans: going with the flow
    On My mind: “finally! computer time! yay!”
    I hope: this weekend will go great and that I will still have enough time to finsh my last assginment!

  43. Sami

    Friday Haul-Some great steals at Forever 21, all 15 dollars and down to 5.50!
    Greatest Thing of This Week-I got an A on my Honors Bio test, my project, and on another project, me and my partner for 101/100. My skin is clear, completely….FINALLY! Teenage hormones suck.
    On not such a great note-The latin teacher at my school’s son just died along with his girlfriend when a car came at them at 100 MPH. :(((((

  44. LU

    Haul: Nothing, again; saving up for Sephora sale!

    Friday plans: Fieldwork at an elementary school, then medical tests for pre-employment checks; just got a new job that pays more then what I was making and gives me more hours! 😀

    What’s on your lips: Nothing

    Favorite food: This is a hard one. I can narrow it down to two types of food: Italian and Pakistani.

  45. Loquita

    Friday Haul: Chanel Rouge Allure in Exotic (LOVE this!!! I am a sucker for orange lipstick and Rouge Allure is my fave formula)

    Friday plans: Got home very late from work (waaah), so I am going to bed early and going out with friends tomorrow

    On my lips: Chanel Rouge Allure in Excessive, with Chanel lip liner in Carmin

    Favorite food: Sushi

  46. meghan

    Haul: Bought my homecoming dress!
    Friday Plans:(it’s almost over) Went to the mall with a friend to get a dress for homecoming. Didn’t go in sephora since I figured the F&F sale is coming up. Skipped my MAC counter in Nordies because it was swarmed with people looking at the Tartan Tale stuff!
    On my Lips: Rimmel lipstick in Burgandy Shine with Clinique Long Last lipgloss in Air Kiss.
    Favorite Food: Anything!!

  47. Dani

    Haul: Stile One Step Primer which I will be trying for the first time. Bliss Youth As We Know It Eye Cream, Mac Wedge eyeshadow and Bloodline Pigment.
    Friday Night Plans: Watching Season 5 of Rescue Me with the bf

    On my lips: EOS Sweet Mint lip balm

    Fave Food: Linguine Carbonara

  48. Diana Cote

    Haul: Pop beauty eye-shadows.
    Eye Pop Trios in: Camden, Chelsea & Angel.
    Eye topper in naked smolder.
    Lid silver palette.

    Plans: Went with the husband to watch Jackass 3. :/ so gross!!!

    On my lips: Misha’s Luminous color lip-gloss with spf10

    favorite food: Salmon but if it could be sweet I’d Tiramisu or Black Forrest gateau.

    My pet is the cutest well because has the softest fur, has little mops on her feet and loves to do cute poses when she on her cat stand, she is also a really big talker and loves to play hide & seek and goalie to catch her little toy balls. (we adopted her from the humane society) :)

  49. Haul: just bought the new Canon EOS 60D online, hopefully it’ll be here soon so i can squeal in delight

    Friday plans: relax!!

    What’s on your lips: Korres lip butter (jasmine)

    Favorite food: medium rare steak w/ garlic butter..mmmmmmmm omfg i want it now

  50. leesie

    Haul: China Glaze Fairy Dust, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Rockstar Pink, a Wet n’ Wild black creme…and French tip guides! And Orly Lunar Eclipse! I’ve been on a major polish kick lately. I also ordered my Sugarpill birthday present to myself a few weeks early while Amy was selling “Monster” versions of the palettes for 40% off, so, while it’s not in my hands yet, it’s on its way! *is incredibly excited about this*
    Friday plans: I worked. I have to fuel my polish addiction somehow.
    Favorite food: I love alfredo, too, but if I had to pick a favorite food, it would be a toss-up between Chicago-style pizza (Giordano’s, please and thank you) and fettuccine carbonara (had some at a restaurant in St. Louis, and have yet to taste any quite as delicious, but if it were readily available near me, I would eat it on a weekly basis if I could).
    Most-played song this week: “The Only Hope for Me is You”-My Chemical Romance (79, in case you were wondering)

      • leesie

        That’s nothing compared to how many times I’ve listened to the first single. Haha. They’re my absolute favorite band, and it’s been four years since they’ve released an album, so it’s sort of like getting water after being very, very thirsty.

  51. Jessica

    Went to the cco that’s 10 min away from my house …that I haven’t been to in years… I got ego from starflash & dirty plum from liberty of London …. Oh tacos duh I’m Mexican

  52. cat

    Haul: clothes, shoes, hot topic cosmetics, 200$ MAC products
    Friday plans: dinner with the bf family
    What’s on your lips:  blankety
    Favorite food: seafood

  53. CeeBee

    Haul: Some more Jordana Color Effects eyeshadow singles, Mellow Yellow and Sweet Orange nailpolishes and I tried out their Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner yesterday. Takes AGES to dry but lasts ALL day without flaking or smudging. Cleans off easily too. I’m going to get the two greens, purple, brown and blue when I go back to Auckland on Thursday.

    Friday plans: Work. Last day before my week off, yay!

    Lips: Nothing at present, just some balm. I did order another Rouge G though!

    Fav food: Really good burgers. Homemade are best, I like making the patties from scratch with onion and fresh herbs and cumin and then pilling a fresh toasted bun with cheese, lettuce, mayo, tomato sauce, onion, mustard and pickles. Or bacon with melted brie! YUUUUUUUUUUUM!

  54. cmferrets

    haul: purple victoria secrets very sexy pink bra, clinique happy heart perfume set, sally hansen golden ticket n/p, bewitching eyes eyelashes from wet and wild (for the mac holiday unveiling party on tues), mac laid back and brit wit blushcremes and mac lipstick in too pamper.
    friday plans: spending time with my sister watching dollhouse season 2 on dvd tonight.
    what im eating right now: macayos chicken baja burro w/ extra baja sauce and mild salsa on top.
    whats on my lips: mac too pamper lipstick.

  55. Haul: Sigma brushes, Rock & Republic: 3 shadows and a gloss(they haven’t arrived yet, and I’m anxious to try them!)

    Friday: Work

    Lips: nothing,lol

    Favorite Food: I eat like a kid,lol, chicken fingers and fries

  56. Noelle

    I didn’t haul this week (at least not makeup)
    I am wondering Christine: When is the Sephora F&F sale? I know this is a random question but I swear it’s coming up!

  57. Quinctia

    Haul: Made my first Fyrinnae order last night, and I went to CVS to pick up HIP Kohl and left with the gold one, plus another one of those Sally Hansen HD Holographic colors…and two random glitter polishes from a cheapie bin.

  58. Glamarmywife

    Haul: Loreal Violet Vamp lipstick (LOVE)
    6 NYX lipsticks from ebay. (only 8.99)
    Friday plans: Scary movie night with the hubby
    Lips: Pure Romance Bosom Buddy Balm in Strawberry. I know im an addict when I walk out of a naughty party with lip balm lol.
    Favorite Food : Homemade Enchiladas

  59. Connie

    I splurged and ordered three Burberry lipsticks – haven’t gotten them yet but can’t wait – like I need more lipstick.
    It is early Saturday a.m. so no lipstick.
    I love, love, love Mexican food.

  60. zb

    Haul: Chanel Holiday 2010 eyeshadow quad, Laura Mercier kabuki brush

    Friday plans: dinner with Mr. Zb

    What’s on your lips: Burt’s Bees

    Favorite food: Pizza!

  61. Mariana

    Friday plan/haul: I raced to the nearest CCO before they closed & scored another 165 (which I LOVE!), 3D Gold Pigment, No.7 lashes, duo glue, modelette eyeshadow, & fresh cement paintstick (which I love as a base for bright pigments). That totally made my day soo much better after a crappy week.

    Lips: Apookalips Lip Treatment

    Favorite Food: Italian.. tortellini to be exact.. yum :-)

  62. Liz Mc

    Friday haul: my Cherry Culture order finally came in. Got a bunch of funky nail polish colors (silver, purple, blue, gold), 2 Nyx blushes, 2 NYX eyeshadows, and 2 NYX lipglosses (I can’t find NYX anywhere in my area so I ordered online). Unfortunately the lipglosses smell pretty awful.
    Friday plans: I worked
    On my lips: Clinique Bamboo Pink, my default lipstick for when I just can’t spend a lot of mental energy on picking one out.
    Favorite food: probably NY style pizza

  63. Kat

    Haul: Nothing this week!

    Friday plans: Doctor’s appointment — not exactly the height of excitement!

    What’s on your lips: Guerlain Giny Rouge G Lipstick

    Favorite food: Alfredo. I really love me some fettuccine alfredo!Haul: Nothing this week!

    Friday plans: Not Friday anymore, but it’s midterm time for me, so school work!

    What’s on your lips: Nothing, but I really need to put on some lipbalm.

    Favorite food: Chocolate, cheese, olives. Random? Yes. Weird as heck? Yes. Delicious? YES.

  64. Işıl

    Hi Christine, Hi Mellan…
    Mellan you look so cute :)