Friday, October 1st, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Lots and lots of products to giveaway for our anniversary month.  Not telling!

Friday plans: I have a bajillion things I need to catch-up with, including school.  I know, it’s a killer afternoon planned!

Last thing you watched: Jersey Shore!

This week’s Mellan photo…

Mellan plays with his “haul”!

I was in a sulky mood yesterday, so I went Halloween shopping for Mellan!

What’s under here?

Can you believe Mellan actually just LAID like that for 5 minutes?  So tolerant!

This hat…

or this hat…?

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342 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #048

  1. Jennifer

    Haul: Violetta, From Villians – Formidable! Nail Polish, Bite of an apple blush, 2 Toxic Tale Lipsticks, Wicked Ways l/g, Hot House l/g , Heartless Lipstick, Revenge is sweet (The purple l/g omg these names lol), Mineralized due the pink and purple one…Got my Naked Palette wo wo… And am in bliss over my new MUFE HD foundation. I also ordered a MAC lip brush , because I can’t find mine and I need it bad…Also got Dubonnet l/s and Burgundy lipliner.

    Friday plans: Homework, working on motivation to do homework. Working on my MAC Cosmetics Graphic Design Annual report project. WORK WORK WORK!

    Last thing you watched: Vampire Diaries

  2. Love Mellan!

    Haul: 2 Chanel Extrait Glosses in Nude (This IS my perfect nude!) Wanted Stunning l/s but they didn’t have it in. : ( Also picked up Chanel Mademoiselle parfume and ordered Guerlain Gillian G l/s which should have arrived today…fingers crossed!

    Friday plans: meeting with my real estate agent as I now have a contract for my first home!! Whoo Hoo!!

    Last watched: Jersey Shore!

  3. Haven’t hauled this week. Finally received my Hautelook Eve Pearl haul. Not thrilled with the E/S but i love everything else.
    Friday plans-work. Tomorrow the man may be spending time with his cousin, so I’ll probably be hiding upstairs, playing with makeup.

    Last thing I watched-30rock.

    My dog is the cutest because he hates my cosmetics. I love watching him lick the delicious skanky skin oils off the mans face, delicately sniff mine, and go right back to scouring the man.
    Looking forward to your halloween challenge! I just did a look I think I may want to use, if none of my other sketches turn out better!

  4. San

    Haul: Im a newcomer to the world of cosmetics..and i jst got my first 15 palette..MAC E/S..Amberlights,Antiqued,,Woodwinked,Swish,Star Violet,Club,ExpPink,Tilt,Humid,Steamy,Shimmermoss,Nocturnelle,Swiss Chocolate,Brown Down,Espresso :)Im still smiling thinking of the idea hw to combine them into looks but plan to play around..Oh and also 239 brush :))
    Thanx a lot christine for all ur recommendations…im amazed at ur dedication and energy fr swatching new atuff .
    Last thing i watched: supernatural stuff
    btw r u sure Mellan doesnt have a human soul? his eyes are so expressive pls keep posting more snaps…and A VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE BEST SITE EVER :)

  5. Michelle

    Friday Haul: I went a bit crazy over VV and got Briar Rose, Revenge is Sweet, Devilishly Stylish, Bite of an Apple, Bad Fairy, Strange Potion and Violetta

    Friday plans: Going for dinner and catching up on all my DVR shows

    Last thing I watched: Half of ANTM. Can’t wait to see the rest tonight!

  6. Haul: MAC Blushes (x3: Trace Gold, Dollymix, Blunt), MAC x15 Eyeshadow Palette, MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20, MAC Chromaline in Black Black, and Gesha Ink Liquid Eyeliner.

    Friday plans: Catch up on some of my mandatory readings for my classes and some R&R with my boyfriend.

    Last thing you watched: CSI!

  7. j

    Haul: i got she who dares, violetta, hot house, and wrong spell from VV.

    should be getting most of the stuff today in the mail! yay!

  8. Telle

    Haul: VV she who dares, resort life, and bad fairy. Mac bold and brash lipglass; Dior single shadow in 616 and EL gloss stick in night bloom!

    LOVE Mellan’s photos! :)

  9. Haul: As VV hasn’t launched in the UK yet (next week!), I’ve managed not to spend too much this week. Picked up a bunch of Guerlain Abeille Royale serum samples on eBay as I really wanted to try it, plus a Chanel Glossimer and Givenchy lipgloss on eBay, got 2 Mememe (UK brand) and one Sleek blushes and 3 Urban Decay eyeshadows (I got Mary Jane!) the other day in the shops. I did also place an order for 2 Guerlain Essence de Glosses and Bpbbi Borwn Black Sparkle eyeshadows, but they haven’t come yet, so doesn’t count. 😉

    Friday’s pretty much over, so I’ll do weekend plans: hoping for a relatively quiet weekend at home, and trying to fit in some sorting out (clothes – mine and children’s), doing homework with the girls, being lazy.

    Last this I watched: Watching The Bucket List right now, watched How I met your mother last night, plus some children’s telly in between.

    Mellan’s very cute as always. :)

  10. Jennifer

    Haul: MAC Bite of an Apple (the only thing I wanted from VV), Chanel Magnolia Rouge Coco & Chanel Quad in Tentation Cuivre from the Holiday 2010 collection! (it’s up on the Neiman Marcus website already!)

    Friday Plans: Going with girlfriends to see the movie The Town with Ben Affleck.

    Last thing you watched: 30 Rock last night!

  11. Joanna

    Haul:Lots of stuff from the MAC VV collection, enough to make me feel guilty :(

    Friday plans: Relaxing with a glass of wine after work urghhh so hectic this week.

    Last thing you watched: Jersey Shore!(same as u Christine lol)

  12. dbb

    aww mellan loves his pumpkin :)

  13. Kat

    Haul: I’m mid Project 10 Pan, so nothing. But I did finish off my first product!

    Friday plans: Watching Vampire Diaries :) and writing an essay :(

    Last thing you watched: Glee!

  14. Sonia

    go the urban decay love NY palette and then yesterday got MAC VV stuff: Hot House L/G, Toxic Tale L/S, Bit of an Apple blush, bad fairy n/p, and melon pigment.

    have lots to do this weekend but I’m procastinating

    Last thing I saw was the season premiere of House.

  15. Megan

    Love Mellan photos!

    Haul: MAC Darkly My Dear blush(Venomous Villians), Coppertone blush, and Made to Last Pro Longwear lipstick.

    Friday plans: relax, I’ve some serious room cleaning to do over the entire weekend

    Last thing watched: Fringe!

  16. Carrie Ann

    I picked up my VV haul. I got there at 11 this morning and was told they’d already sold out of several things. (Glad I pre-paid.) For some reason, my MAC counter only put the collection out today. I live in a small town, but still not surprising. I got Sinister l/s, Devilishly Stylish l/g, Revenge is Sweet l/g, Strange Potion l/g, She Who Dares e/s, My Dark Magic e/s, Briar Rose b/p, and Oh So Fair b/p. Can’t wait to try everything!

  17. Haul: My VV Haul which was
    Innocence Beware
    Wicked Ways
    Devilishly Stylish
    De Vil
    Dark Deed
    Toxic Tale
    Sinister (had to order since my MAC sold out when I realized I wanted it)

    Friday Plans: I had a surprise lunch with the hubby, and tonight I plan on watching The Little Mermaid with my daughters

    Last thing you watched: Haven’t turned on the TV today yet, but last night I watched yet another lifetime movie lol. It was only 2 hours this time.

  18. Kate & Zena

    OMG, that first toy you threw–the one that screamed–sounds just like the screaming orange welcome mat we had while I was growing up. We always had a ton of candy left over after trick-or-treat day because all the kids (and we’re talking military kids here. We’re our own brand of tough) were TERRIFIED of the Screaming Mat. I was only scared of it when I forgot it was there. I was clever and found ways around it or I stomped on it for fun. My brother was as terrified of that mat as all the other kids! The Screaming Mat died after some kid decided to be mean to the scream box. Poor Mat!

    I so totally need that dog toy.

    Haul: I finally got my Temptu Retouch Blush & Highlighter Set I won from Bellasugar! Yay! I’m going to TJ Maxx tomorrow to buy a new ASB (Airport Security Bag, aka the bag I carry everywhere). I think I may cry saying goodbye to the old one; it’s been my faithful companion the last four years.

    I also bought some plum ribbon for Zena to match her harness and leash for when she gets blessed at church on Sunday. She’s going to hate me because she’s getting a bath tomorrow because I refuse to let a dirty dog get blessed. She has to be shiny, shiny clean.

    Friday plans: Think of a plan to get Zena into the bathroom without my carrying her up FOURTEEN stairs. She’s fine once I get her into the tub, but getting her there is the problem. I have to chase her all over the house.

    Last Thing I Watched: My DVR’d House and Law & Order: SVU episodes.

    • It’s great, LOL! Martha Stewart screaming toy or whatever. I think it was $10 or $11 at Petsmart. :)

      We had a screaming man for many years. Stuffed with newspaper and looked like a skeleton, screamed when you came near him.

      Mellan is really weird. He will go into the tub all by himself. I just point and he goes into the tub all sulking. Then he just sits there looking like a sad sack!

      • Kate & Zena

        Blame the fact he’s a Labrador (they love water).

        I have to stay on my toes; one plan doesn’t work the same twice with Z. Zena is smarter than she looks. She knows she’s screwed once I get her into the tub and gives me that, “You’re really going going to wash ME?!?!” look. Before that, I’m chasing her down the stairs, all over the living room and kitchen, down the basement, up into the living room, etc. It’s exhausting!

        • He does love him some water, though he definitely doesn’t enjoy the bath. He enjoys watching people shower and trying to catch the droplets, LOL. But he is also a perv…

      • Kate & Zena

        Oh, be thankful Mellan gets in the bathtub for you! It likes a Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon in my house! However, Coyote (yours truly) actually catches Roadrunner.

        Zena is officially a new dog…or a sacred one, depending on how you look at it. She’s been blessed. AND, she beat Oreo (my aunt’s dog) out of the park. Everyone LOVES Zena, I tell you. EVERYONE. I don’t how she does it, but she just charms everyone. She turns her head and POOF! every person circles around her asking about her. It boggles my mind.

  19. Marcela

    Mellan is so freakin’ cute, LOL!

    My Haul in the past week: Venomous Villains! Probably spent about $200 total but I don’t even want to tally up the receipts!

    Sinister Lipstick (Evil Queen)
    Devilishly Stylish lipglass (Cruella)
    Violetta lipstick (Maleficent)
    Revenge is Sweet lipglass (maleficent)
    Magenta lip pencil
    Darkly my Dear blush (Cruella)
    Hot House lipglass (Evil Queen)
    Orly dupe for Formidable nailpolish (Maleficent)
    Orly dupe for Mean&Green nailpolish (Maleficent)
    Deep Truth eyeshadow
    Lime eyeshadow

    PHEWWWWW!!! now… time to play with my new toys!

  20. Shannon

    Haul: Innocence beware l/s, strange potion l/g, briar rose b/p, oh so fair b/p, my dark magic mes, and bite of an apple blush (I love this blush).

    Friday plans: Relaxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last thing you watched: Days of our Lives (I had some episodes on the dvr that I had to catch up on).

  21. Jazz

    Haul : a milani lipgloss , a essie nailpolish , and a MES from the VV collection ( I figured I could pass on the rest of the collection )
    Friday plans : I went shopping , and I plan on spending some time with my family
    Last thing I watched – Im watching Jersey shore now .

    FYI : for all my lovely ladies who live in the chicagoland area , the Macys in Orland still has almost full stock of the Venomous Villains Collection

  22. NatalieK

    OMG! I got ANOTHER email from mac, this time saying that I might not get Strange Potion l/g, so in a fit of anger, I bought another Strange Potion and Nars Zulu and Mash. Oh and like 20 China Glaze polishes AND Orly Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl. yikes!

    From VV, I got:
    Strange Potion l/g (maybe?)
    Heartless l/s
    French Quarter GPS
    Wicked Ways l/g
    The two mineralize eyeshadows
    Resort Life lipgelee

    And I just got my BOS III, Illamasqua Baptiste n/p, and the Boscia black mask from Sephora!

    Phew, I think I’m good until Christmas!! The last time I hauled was at IMATS in June with some early birthday money, so I’m really happy.

    Weekend plans: Ick, study for an ochem midterm Monday :/

    Oh, PS, Christine, do you know of any nice moisturizers for oily skin? I think you have more normal/combination skin, but I was hoping with your infinite wisdom, you could recommend a few. ;P

    • Hey Natalie!

      Okay, so for oily skin, you want a moisturizer that talks about being “lotion” and stay away from creams. I don’t know, you might know that, but oh well! Lotions are thinner, creams are heavier. Technically, “oil-free” is also a nice buzz word for a good moisturizer for oily skin… but not regulated so you might want to look at the ingredient list, too. I do like Kiehl’s Daily Moisturizer – it’s not quite enough for my slightly drier skin, but it’s lightweight and minimal.

  23. Lynn

    Haul: More VV stuff: picked up my pre-order last night: Truth & Light magically cool liquid, My Dark Magic, Devilishly Stylish, Formidable & Bad Fairy nail polish, Bite of an Apple blush, Vainglorious e/s (ok, I think I ordered Revenge is Sweet somehow Vainglorious made it to my bag? LOL), Wicked Ways lipglass- that’s all from VV~ From Hautelook: Stila e/s in Tolima, Kamet, Shore & 24Kt lipglasses in Vintage Merlot & Brilliant Pink + jeans & shirt at GAP!

    Friday Plans: just chillin’ at home

    Last thing you watched: Chelsea Lately

    Mellan sure looks like he’s really enjoying his hauls! My mom and I both enjoy Mellan pics and videos – it’s our Friday thing to do.

    Congratulations again on your Anniversary Christine!

  24. Frances

    Ooh, this week has been skincare central around mi casa!

    Haul: Decleor’s Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Foam, Cleansing Water, Aromessence Neroli, Aromessence Ylang Ylang, Prolagene Energizing Gel, Harmonie Day Cream, Ylang Ylang Night Balm, Aroma Night Cream, Clay and Herbal mask and Sunscreen. Also, Phytomer dark circles eye cream and Caudalie’s lip conditioner. It’s just been a few days, but my adult acne-prone skin has cleared amazingly and is not greasy!

    Friday plans: Quiet night.

    Last thing you watched: 10 Things I Hate About You. Heath, I hardly knew ye…

  25. Yumi

    Haul: So I folded and partook in the VV frenzy. I got:
    Briar Rose and Oh So Fair
    Bite of an Apple
    Bad Fairy
    Innocence, Beware!
    Strange Potion
    Truth and Light

    Thinking of picking up Resort Life too but I have way too many neutral glosses already :/

    Friday plans: did some shopping, now just to kick back and have a quiet night in and maybe get some studying in.

    Last thing I watched: Desperate Housewives.

    Weekend plans: work and studying…my life has gotten so boring!

  26. Anita

    Haul: Book of shadows 3, revlon nailpolishes and stila eye palette.

    Friday plans: relax…it’s been a hectic week

    Last thing you watched: Jersey shore

  27. Liz Mc

    Aw, Mellan is so cute. I love Labs – had a yellow one who looked like him for 14 years, now have a lab/beagle mix who is about 3 years old. Mine loved their squeak toys too!

    As for the questions:
    Haul- my VV stuff came in today, I only got Vile Violet and Her Alter Image from it. I’m regretting not getting the Revenge is Sweet gloss, and now it’s sold out. Also got 2 lipsticks I had wanted – Hug Me and Blankety.

    Plans – had surgery last week so am still lying on the couch. Plan to do that all weekend too.

    Last thing I watched on TV – ugh, what haven’t I watched in the last 10 days LOL. Last thing was the movie The Fifth Element, which I’ve seen 100 times but still don’t mind watching.

  28. Niki

    Haul: clarisonic with all the cleansers, Some VV stuff, and the 239 and 224 .

    Friday plans: hanging out with a friend at the mall, talking to the boyfriend over skype.

    Last watched: criminal minds, Reid <3

  29. Anna

    Haul: A nice selection from VV:

    Pardon the iPhone pic. The packaged item is a backup Bad Fairy. I actually ended up loving Mean and Green so much that I want to go back and hope to get a backup of that one, too!

    Friday plans: After I got out of class, I was so wiped out that I just slept until 8 with the boy. It was glorious. It’s been raining nonstop in NYC, as I’m sure you know, making for perfect sleep weather!

    Last thing you watched: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. It’s a really cute Korean drama and I saw the last episode yesterday 😀

  30. Vijaya

    I bought Heartless, Sinister and Dark Deed lipsticks, Wrong Spell lipglass, Briar Rose and Oh So Fair Beauty Powders, and Darkly My Dear blush, along with Bad Fairy and Mean and Green nail lacquers.

    I’m thinking about getting the mirror too, because it was so nice and flat. I was very sad that Formidable! was sold out. I usually never buy nail lacquers, but these I absolutely loved.

    I also bought a new shirt and bag. Totally gorgeous. They’re from a semi-expensive brand (Desigual) and I’m veeeeery happy I got them 20% off.

  31. SiaM

    Haul: some items from VV collection… Toxic tale, strange potion,violleta, briar rose, mineralize shadows, and Cajun powder and the nail lacquers :)
    Plans: study for an exam I have on monday
    Last thing I watched: soap opera or novelas in Spanish

  32. Jess

    Haul: Just purchased an empty MAC quad. Now I’m trying to debate wheter or not I should get the Make-Up Forever foundation or NARS.

    Friday plans: I wasn’t feeling too great about test results from school, so this is my mental day and I’ll hit the books tomorrow.

    Last thing you watched: Jersey Shore/Project Runway. YAY Angelina is gone and I adore Mondo’s stuff!

  33. Rosie

    Haul: I finally got my UD BOS III because my sister came out from NYC and brought it! And today I picked up some VV stuff, French Quarter, Bad Fairy, Violetta, Dark Deed, Strange Potion, She Who Dares, and My Dark Magic! Also, I got ORLY Space Cadet (which I’m wearing) and Galaxy Girl.

    Weekend plans: Honestly due to family stuff I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up on homework so I’ll be doing that and cleaning and catching up on TV.

    Excited for: The fact that I’m student teaching again and to get to know someone better.

  34. Miss Ruby Rouge

    Haul: Ohhhh man I went nuts at the Estee Lauder staff shop yesterday, I got some great goodies!! :)

    My fave product was my –

    * MAC “Pink Porcelain” MSF for only $28 (the RRP is $46 here in Australia!! I still can’t believe they had them there, I would imagine all MSF’s would sell straight out!!)

    * 2x 250 Origins Checks & Balances face wash for $30 each (the 150ml’s go for $38 here!!)

    * Origins Balanced Diet moisture lotion $27 (RRP $48)

    * Origins Stay Tuned foundation in “Linen” $21 (RRP $50)

    * MAC Mineralised blush in “Dainty” my current fave and go to blush!! $26 (RRP $43)

    * MAC Clear Gloss $22 (RRP $36)

    * MAC Dame Edna “Splendid” lipglass $5 YES $5!! (RRP $34)I figured out that it leakes at the top a little but for $5 I’m not gonna whinge about it!! ;p

    * Estee Lauder Pure Colour glosses in “Guava Light”, “Praline”, “Nude Rose” & “Nectar Light” $23 each although the lady forgot to scan 2x of them so I only paid for 2 of the glosses BONUS!! 😉 (RRP $42)

    I SOOOOO could have bought more, but I think I had to stop there before I spent way too much money!! he he ;p But yes, a good haul indeed!! 😉

    Friday plans: After a 2 week stint of Kids School Holiday Program (we take care of kids on their school holidays when their parents have to work!!) I was absolutely exhausted so it was an early shower, PJ’s, some family time with my nieces and nephew (my 4 year old niece was obsessed with my new haul!! ;p) some net time….even though my peepers were going on me!! All in all a pretty chilled friday!! :)

    Last thing you watched: GLEE Season 2 Episode 2 What an awesome episode!! :)

    I hope you have a great weekend, Christine!! Mellan looks way too cute in his Halloween haul!! :) <3

  35. CeeBee

    Aww, Mellan SpiderHat is SO cute! Adorable (and tolerant, yes!:)

    Haul: I ordered MAC Springsheen, still waiting for that to arrive with a couple of Pixi lip palettes.
    Today I picked up 2 Body Shop baked eyeshadow duos, Amethyst and Moonstone and then went into the department store next door and discovered they now have Butter London Nailpolish!!! Yay! $30NZD a bottle, but hey… I picked up HRH and All Hail McQueen and I will go back in a couple of weeks when I get paid again and get Henley Regatta & Rosie Lee. And maybe Primrose Hill Picnic…
    And yesterday I bought 4 pairs of Isa Dambeck earrings. And the latest Lee Child book so I can’t wait to get stuck into that.

    Last thing I watched: New Zealands Next Top Model. Man, Dakota is a b*%$#! I hope Elza wins.

  36. alison

    haul: tons of venomous villains – both MESs, strange potion, toxic tale, heartlss, wicked ways, revenge is sweet, french quarter, bite of an apple, oh so fair, briar rose, and hot house.

    best thing that happened to me all week/month/year – i passed the illinois bar.

    that’s all. :)

  37. 53

    VV was just released yesterday and got the 2 mineralized eyeshadows, at least 1 lipglass from the 3 female villains (sorry Dr F) and the blush and beauty powder from Evil Queen.
    I didn’t get any eyeshadows coz I figured I should get the sets from Tartan Tale.
    My weekend plans is to spend some time with my guy.
    My local tv channel was airing What Happens in Vegas.

  38. Karen

    Haul: from Sephora: the mini heated eyelash curler.
    from the CCO: spiritualize pigment, deep blue green pigment, Tunnel of love Superglass and a MAC lipbrush.
    from VV: oh so fair, she who dares, dark deeds, wrong spell, and revenge is sweet. Also got the mirror but has not come yet. Just want to thank you for the numerous reviews and swatches you did on this collections and other do not know what i would do w/o this website

    Friday(is really saturday) plans: enjoying the first day i have had off from work in 9 DAYS!!!

    Last thing i watchedthe entire series of Coupling from BBC. gotta love hulu

  39. Sharon M

    I actually haven’t gotten anything this week yet but am planning to go to the MAC counter tomorrow to check out VV, and also get all three of the nail polishes since I missed out on the Orly dupes.

  40. mandy

    Haul: From Venomous Villains I got Oh So Fair beauty powder, Bite of an Apple blush, Heartless l/s, She Who Dare mes, and My Dark Magic mes. I picked up Benefit’s Her Name Was Glowla makeup kit for my sister as one of her birthday presents. I also got drugstore eyeliner, Loreal Carbon Black Liner Intense, it’s easy on my wallet and I love it.

    Friday plans: the day is mostly over. I have a really bad cold but it’s my sister’s 16th birthday, and she is living with me right now, so I threw a party for her at my house.

    Last thing I watched: currently watching Say Yes to the Dress. I don’t know what it is about wedding shows but I love them!

  41. I know it’s not technically Friday any more, but I still want to play! 😀

    Haul: Mine is almost all VV, hehe. Truth & Light (that feeling is so weird and awesome), French Quarter, Heartless (OMG, a perfect red on me, what is this), Devilishly Stylish, and the Longwear Pro foundation and concealers…I’m NC15. Can I get paler? No?
    I think I’m going back tomorrow for Oh So Fair BP…I’m almost out of my Hello Kitty blush, so it’s time. Plus, I need something that doesn’t give me such a bright pink kick. I feel like it’ll do the job. I’m really sad, though, since our MAC was out of Bad Fairy within a few hours. Definitely prebuying next time. :( Hopefully they’ll have more in stock for our artist event in two weeks – apparently we get to dress up like Cruella or the Evil Queen and take pictures. That is so exciting, I love dress-up.

    I also got some Lush face scrub and solid shampoos in the mail…trying to rehab my hair after about six months of bleaching…I was a mess, for serious. Hopefully those work out.

    Friday plans: I did nothing but work on my grad school work all day, hooray! Did have dinner with some friends, but I had to go home almost immediately and finish some assignments. I had seven due this week! OMG! (But law school has to be worse.)

    Last thing I watched: 30 Rock last night. That show is a hoot.

    • You can always play, no matter if it isn’t Friday so I’m glad you did 😀

      I’m crossing my fingers for your hair!

      • Thanks. I’ve made a pact to myself – no more hairdye (professional or otherwise) for six months. We’ll see if I can keep it up…I had blonde highlights from about seventh grade until my junior year of college, eep. But that was nothing compared to bleaching my entire head. Never again, I says!

  42. SHARON

    Haul: I bought 2 Urban Decay Book of Shadow Vol. 3 for me and my friend’s 21st birthday, Daisy by Marc Jacob, tokidoki Pittura Brush Set, NARS sheer glow in FIJI ( i was supposed to get sheer matte….), Kat Von D palette in Beethoven, Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Collide, UDPP Professional Size, Stila Backstage Eye Shadow Palette, TARINA TARANTINO Dollskin Eye Primer, Benefit’s The POREfessional, SEPHORA COLLECTION I.T. Natural Foundation Brush, And some clothes and shoes from forever21
    ( I went on some shopping spree to give myself a treat for working fulltime and going to school hahaha )

    Friday plans: I went to my friend’s 21 birthday party 😀

    Last thing you watched: Law In Order (season premiere)

  43. LU

    Haul: Book of shadows 3

    Friday plans: I stayed home and slept a lot!

    Last thing you watched: The Bad Son, it was on LMN.

  44. Eileen

    awwww Mellan has the sweetest face! Well I guess I wasn’t kidding when I said I might have to get the whole Venemous Villain’s collection …. got all of Cruella and Evil Queen, most of Maleficent and some Dr Facilier, about 30 items in all. Told ya I luv this collection!

  45. MichCoccaBene

    Haul- got my VV stuff- 1. Bite of an Apple blush 2. Magically cool liquid powder 3. Dark Deed lipstick 4. Briar Rose Beauty powder 5. French Quarter greasepaint stick 6. She who dares Mineralize E/S
    Plans- relaxing now after cleaning my house all day!
    Last thing I watched- Boardwalk Empire again! :)

  46. jess

    Haul: venomous vills–innocence beware, violetta, darkly my dear, french quarter greasestick, she who dares mineralize e/s.

    Friday plans: I cleaned my grandmas house, worked and went out with the girls!

    Last thing you watched: family guy new episode

  47. Marissa B

    I had been mostly good until MAC VV released, ugh!

    My haul was this: Wrong Spell, Hot House, Wicked Ways, & Devilishly Stylish l/g
    Sinister, Dark Deed, & Heartless l/s
    Resort Life lip gelee
    Mean & Green and Formidable n/p ( I was too late for Bad Fairy, I may return these and get the Orly dupes)
    Oh So Fair beauty powder
    My Dark Magic & She Who Dares mes
    French Quarter greasepaint
    Vaingloious & Sweet Joy e/s
    Darkly My Dear blush (this one was unplanned, but looked great on me so how could I resist?)

    I am still relatively new to MAC (all Temptalia’s fault with the amazing reviews and gorgeous swatches that make me want it all) so I had to pick up some additional supplies. Here’s that list:
    Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer in NW20 to replace my Dior Skin Nude (It left me shiny, ugh!)
    Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment
    Clear Brow Finisher and Omega e/s for my brows
    Stripdown lip pencil
    Oh, I am also still upgrading my brushes so I picked up 191, 219, & 252

    I beleive I am going to need to take care of the Macy’s bill before my husband sees how much I spent at the MAC counter. I couldn’t even admit to my mom how much I actually bought when I was chatting with her today, my sisters and her already think I am ridiculous about makeup.

    Is it bad that I already booked my appointment for Tartan Tale and am lusting for the Cham Pale collection? Though with any luck these colletions will be far less damaging to my wallet, ha!

  48. Christy

    The pics are so cute, my dog loves stuffies too!

    Last week I found possibly the last Chanels Pink Explosion blush, so I’m happy! Estee Lauder Wild Plum color gloss and Rasberry Pop gloss.

    Last thing I watched: Social Network