Friday, September 24th, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: I think I managed to be good this week!

Want to make time to: Do some organizing.

Friday plans: Mellan & I have a lunch date with a friend and her puppy!

Last thing you watched: Jersey Shore!

This week’s Mellan photo…

Yeah, we get bored sometimes. Mellan becomes the entertainment!

“Really?  REALLY?”

Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away!”

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211 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #047

  1. Kendra

    Haul: Mac Villains Darkly My Dear Blush(cruella), Vainglorious eye shadow(evil queen), and Formidable! nail lacquer(Maleficent)

    Want to make time to: go to the gym

    Friday plans: nails and pedis with my mom

    Last thing you watched: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

  2. Ru

    Haul: Smashbox- 2 jet set gel liners in midnight and teal; lip gloss in fame; got hope eyeliner and onyx limitless liner as perks

    Want to make time to: Do some organizing, clean up the apt, study for my professional certification

    Friday plans: Wall Street or The Town

    Last thing you watched: Apprentice

  3. CatB61383

    Haul: This borders on disgusting.
    Mac – Gaga and Cyndi Lauper lipglasses, Pink Freeze eye shadow, Sweet Bits Digidazzle lipstick and Dare to Dare Lipglass
    Lorac – Innocence eye shadow, Two-Timin and Spankin lipstick, Guava Tiki mocktail lipgloss and Picture Perfect Palette
    NARS – Angelika blush, Night Flight and Night Porter eye shadows
    Stila – Color Wheel eye shadow palette
    Urban Decay – BOS 3
    The Balm – Shady Lady palette vol. 2
    Tarte – Via Del Moro eye shadow duo
    Philosophy – Trick or Treat lip shine duo (bought two of those by accident, oops!)
    Benefit – Sugarbomb
    Lippman Collection – Bad Romance and Across the Universe
    Orly – Galaxy Girl, Out of this World and Rock Candy

    Next week is not looking like it will be good for the wallet either, once Venomous Villains is released…

    Want to make time to: Go for a run.

    Friday plans: Mediterranean restaurant for drinks with the boy after work

    Last thing you watched: The Office season premiere

  4. Melanie

    I got a free gift card and so I hauled the Chanel Pink Teaser Lipgloss and the Taupe Grisé eyeshadow :) Yay! Still looking for the perfekt pink blush for a fair skintone though :)

    • Natasha M.

      I would highly recommend “Well dressed” by MAC, I am NC20/NW15 and I love it:)

    • K

      Hi Melanie, I hope you don’t mind me chiming in. You may want to try Tweed Pink; it is similar to the discontinued Narcisse (which would probably be lovely on your fair skin). The newer Pink Explosion is a little deeper, more of a medium pink, but I am guessing you already tried that since it is in the same collection as your purchases. :)

  5. Hilary♥

    Haul: MaxFactor eyes kohl in White and Natural Glaze. I’ve been looking for this colors like crazy, I’m so glad I found them!

    Want to make time to: Look for a job, get ready for this semester and do more vocal training.

    Friday plans: Going to the mall later and dinner out with friends tonight. =)

    Last thing you watched: The Simpsons, My Name Is Earl and Camera Cafe.

    Aww I Love Mellan!!!! So cute ♥♥♥

  6. Joanna

    Haul: Nothing yet, but I’ll be heading to the store soon!

    Want to make time to: Move this weekend! I FINALLY sold my condo, so I am moving all my furniture and stuff into my fiancé’s place.

    Friday plans: Packing with my mom and sister and going out for lunch.

    Last thing you watched: Fringe

  7. I didn’t go crazy this week but I did pick up the VG Gaga lipglass. I’m very much in love with it! Later, I’m going to Chanel to pick up my first lipstick from them. I definitely want something that’s in the red or pinks category. Any suggestions on which ones I should pay special attention to??

  8. coco72

    Haul: two nail lacquers from Avon. I´m keeping my money for Venomous Villains

    Want to make time to: search a new car, we need it so much!

    Friday plans: Take my daughter to the Church’s chorus, dinner at home and watch Friends season 10

    Last thing you watched: Friends season 9, the best serie of the world!
    I´m also excited for Shangai Formula1 race. Alonso rocks!

  9. Arantzazu

    – Haul: As it has been my birthday, this week has been ‘The Haul Week’ =) I bought MAC eyeshadow ‘Club’, MAC Studio Fix in NW20, an empty palette (again by MAC), a gel for the brows (by Essence) and a handmade bag.
    – Want to make time for: watch a film! It sounds strange, but I have had no time to watch a film properly…
    – Friday plans: hot chocolate + film
    – Last thing I watched: a chapter of ‘Men in trees’

  10. Haul: I just pre ordered my MAC VV stuff, can’t wait to pick it up

    Want to make time to: Relax!

    Friday plans: I will be studying and working

    Last thing you watched: A very long lifetime movie. I thought it would never end. it was called Gone in the Night.

  11. Ani_BEE

    Haul: Threadless T’s, Cookie Monster in the closet and Dr. Swiss. For Makeup Talc powder to set my Halloween makeup (Red Queen) and grab a few items from the Canadian lunch of Hard Candy.

    Want to make time to: processing and uploading photo’s from the past month 3 months.

    Friday plans: Que Sera, Sera

    Last thing you watched: Fringe first episode of the new season. *_*

  12. stephanie

    I hauled items from the VV collection! Revenge is Sweet, My Dark Magic, She Who Dares, Bite of an Apple, De-vil and Vainglorious. So happy about that! I also got Bronze e/s in the pan. So excited for this weekend. Meeting up with a friend for gelato.

  13. Amber

    hahahaha omg Mellan is so cute – he actually looks like he’s humoring you!

    Well I am super excited – I was able to get my little paws on the Chanel Stupendous e/s quad and Rouge Allure Laque in Stunt! I am soo happy – I get obsessed with LE stuff.
    I also received an email offer from Philosophy for a mystery discount and got 40% off my entire order! So I bought Cookies n Cream shower gel for myself and 2 shower gel gift sets to get ready for some birthdays coming up.
    I want to make time to do some reading – my new phone has a Kindle app that’s awesome – I want to read some of the free classics they offer.
    Friday plans – i am working long hours today =(
    Last show I watched – Imus in the Morning!

  14. Haul: “L” necklace from, and 2 candles from waxdrop’s etsy’s store that arrived and I ordered 2 more! Pretty good so far!

    What to Make Time to Do: Clean my room and Organize some out of place things in a bathroom closet

    Friday Plans: Errands for my mother and picking up my niece at School

    Last Thing I Watched: Jersey Shore

  15. Kalex

    Haul – Did some damage at Dillard’s Beauty Event! MAC – Kitschmas pigment, Satin Taupe and All That Glitters shadows, Pro Longwear foundation. Rouge Dior ls in Beige Indecise. Kiehls – Lip Balm, Acai Toning Mist, Glycerin and Rosewater Bar, and Creme De Corps Cream.

    Friday Plans – Watching a movie with the husband.

    Weekend Plans – Probably nothing. The school just called to say my son is sick. Poor guy had a field trip today too! :(

  16. Rosamaria

    Took advantage of the BG beauty event and got:
    Chanel Reflets D’Ombre quad, Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon, and Glossimer in Pink Teaser.

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  17. Dawn

    Haul: UD Naked Palette, UD Highlight (Wicked)

    Want to make time to: clean and wash my car

    Friday plans: working all day

    Last thing you watched: Grey’s Anatomy

  18. Steph

    HAHAH awwwww!

  19. Dawn

    Another big haul this week, but much of it was at reduced prices.

    Firstly, I got myself a Z Palette, for my non-MAC depots.

    Burmese Beauty eyeshadow quad
    Pet Me blush
    Teal Pigment
    Night Moth lip pencil
    Macroviolet Fluidline
    Bold & Brash lipglass
    Liquid Lurex Dazzle lipstick
    Made To Last, Sweet Ever After and Till Tomorrow Pro Longwear Lipcreme
    Moss Scape Paint Pot
    Perky Paint Pot
    Tempting Eye Shadow Quad – Cult of Cherry
    Colour 3 Eye Shadow Quad – Spring Forecast Collection

    Sugarpill Addicted To Pretty ‘Sweet Heart’ eyeshadow palette

    Eyeshadow base with Pearl
    Eyeshadow base Skin Tone
    Liquid Crystal Eye Liners in Champagne, Aqua and Hip

    Urban Decay Deluxe Fishnet eyeshadow

    Pixi Fairy Dust in Metallic Lilac, Metallic Blue Sky and Metallic Smokey Plum

    Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar in Plum, Demure and Feathered (had to give these a try as I’ve heard such great things about them. Got a free mixing palette with them as I bought 3.

    I also received the OPI Swiss Collection shimmery set of 6, which I won from a VampyVarnish draw. They’re such gorgeous colours, and I’d never have had the chance to try OPI otherwise, as nowhere round here stocks it.

    Looking forward to hopefully get some sleep this weekend, apart from getting the food shopping done.

  20. By the way, Mellan is so cute! It’s funny, because my one year old pulls the same shenanigans!

  21. Rebecca

    Haul: MAC Petticoat and Love thing. They restocked petticoat yay!

    Want to make time to: do homework and clean

    Friday plans: spending time with my boyfriend

    Last thing you watched: Jersey Shore

  22. Lana

    lol he is absolutely adorable!

  23. Vanessa

    I was a very bad girl this Friday!! I bought:

    Strange Potion

    Hot House

    Toxic Tale x 2 (buy two pleaseeeee)

    Bite of an Apple

    Oh so Fair

    Revenge is Sweet

    She Who Dares Me

    Wicked Ways

    Truth & Light

    Resort Life

  24. Elise

    Haul: UD Book of Shadows vol3, Venomous Villians lipglasses in strange potion, revenge is sweet and polishes formidable and bad fairy. Then some mac shadows; humid, club, omega, vex and sketch.

    Want to make time to: Take a nap.

    Friday plans: Work all day:/

    Last thing you watched: Jersey Shore! Same! :)

  25. Haul: There are still some stuff I’m expecting to arrive from the mail! :) Other than that, some gifts to my early Secret Santa!

    Want to make time to: Study! I have 2 tests on Monday and a ton of Biochemistry stuff to read.

    Friday plans: Going out with some friends and the boyfriend.

    Last thing you watched: Dog Whisperer! I love it!

  26. amelia

    ah WHY does mellan looks so cute there i just wanna cuddle him! i bought Soap and Glory’s arch de triumph today, yet to try it. it just landed at my sephora nad the stuff is pretty cheap, i wanna buy the whole range!

  27. Haul: Too much as usual. Got the new i-glow powder from New <ID Cosmetics which I'm most excited about. I've also picked up 2 old jars of pigments from eBay (Vanilla and Provence, but the latter hasn't arrived yet) and Guerlain Voilettes loose powder, but that hasn't come yet either. I got a few eyeshadow samples and a full size Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae that arrived the other day, so looking forward to testing those out. Plus the new Orly Cosmic FX nail polishes that I ordered the other day – but sadly they haven't come yet either. I hate waiting for my goodies!

    Want to make time to: Go shopping and meet up with my friend, chilling out at home.

    Friday plans: It's 4.30 pm here, so just cooking dinner and watching some telly later.

    Last thing you watched: Accidentally on Purpose + some children's telly with my son.

  28. Jennifer

    Aw, Mellan is so cute.

    Haul: Urban Decay Naked Palette (FINALLY), MAC – Dark Side Lipstick, Dubonnet Lipstick,Violetta L/s, Burgundy Lip Pencil, Perpetual Flame Lipcreme, Love Forever Lipcreme, Pro Foundation NC20. Benefit- Glowla set, Full finish lipsticks in La La Land, and Wild Card. Estee Lauder Daywear Plus tint moisturizer.

    Want to make time to : Do Homework lawd.

    Friday Plans: Going to Sephora, without a restraint system…Dangerous! lol I want to find my color in Nars sheer glow foundation and MUFE HD foundation… And who knows what else.

    Last thing I watched: Vampire Diaries.

    • LOL! Without a restraint system — what normally holds you back?!

      • Jennifer

        Lack of credit or debit lol

        I just came back and ended up with MUFE HD foundation in 117 (Matched perfect, in MAC im a NC20) and got the HD translucent setting powder. Plus a full size Donna Karen Cashmere Mist deodorant.

        I tried the Nars Sheer Glow, which I really really wanted, and my closest match was Deauville , but the two bottles they had left looked old and had that yellow separation line and I wasn’t about to spend good money on an old foundation. I’ll likely order it online at a later date now that I know my color.

  29. Haul: I have been good and have not bought anything for myself (makeup wise) this week. However, next week will be a different story! 😛

    Want to make time to: Work on some deadlines I have been procrastinating on.

    Friday plans: Today is my birthday so my hubby will be taking me out to see a movie – I get to pick this time! Hopefully, we’ll get to see “You Again.”

    Why my pet is the cutest? – It’s the little things our cat does which makes him the cutest. My cat has a big bushy tail and always gives him away. This morning, I couldn’t find him and was calling his name. Even though I didn’t see him, I knew where he was because the blinds by the sliding door was shaking due to his wagging tail. :)

  30. I’ve been good this week. no new hauls, and I FINALLY got the items I ordered two weeks back(UGH! Why did it TAKE so long?!)

    I want to make time for some cleaning, and LOTS of boyfriend time. I’ve had an upsetting week, and wasn’t feeling well for a LONG time, so I sort of want to enjoy being comparatively perky.

    Friday plans? Work. One more day, then my weekend! Woooooo!

    Last thing I watched-Freakazoid. Yes. My boyfriend and I are NERDS.

  31. I didn’t haul much this week, patiently waiting on VV! I ordered Smashbox’s Kiss N Tell palette. It was only $12 on their site with free shipping and I wanted to try their shadows. I also picked up MAC’s Trouble Maker Dazzle lipstick and Treat Me Nice Superslick liner.

    I want to make time for cleaning and organizing.

    The rainy weather has put a damper on my Friday plans.

    Mel B’s Scary Life was the last thing I watched last night.

  32. Haul: A lot of NYX goodies :) 2 lipsticks, 2 eyeshadows, 1 lipgloss, 3 jumbo eye pencils, Nude on Nude Makeup Set and one cream blush. I was naughty this week!
    Want to make time to: review them all, haha 😀
    Friday plans: I’m going to a fancy anniversary of a colleague of mine
    Last thing you watched: an episode of Scrubs !!! Love ’em!

  33. Hend

    Aww Milan is getting cuter and cuter 😀
    :( My parrot (KoKoo) was kinda sick yday , but thank God she’s better today after taking her medicine n changing her diet

    Back to School Haul: YSL rouge volupte in 29 opera rose , Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Blooming Peach , Estee lauder double wear concealer, Estee lauder daywear plus tint spf 15, Guerlain eyepencil in Ivory, Diorshow brow gel, Dior Lip Maximizer and Amour (Indian Holi) by Kenzo

    Want to make time to: Learn new techniques in applying eyeshadows !!

    Friday Plans: doing my assignments lol

    Last thing I watched: Step up 3 in 3D , nice one

  34. Chiara

    Ahh, how cute :)

    Last weekend, i kinda splurged in the Parisian Sephora (on the Champs, how decadent is that?)and bought a huge amount of UD 24/7 liners (’cause frankly unavailable in Belgium) and all things MAC. So no more beauty buys ’till VV.
    I’ve been watching JS all night, I’m fascinated by their Guido accents and nicknames!

  35. t_zwiggy

    Haul: Nothing! 😮 Saving money for VV. 😀

    Want to make time to: I really should be tidying up and cleaning my apartment.

    Friday plans: Lying in bed with really bad cramps and taking too many painkillers. :( Possibly watch the season premieres of CSI, Fringe and Grey’s Anatomy to distract me from the pain.

    Last thing you watched: Glee season premiere.

  36. Leliforever

    Haul: mac 168 and 217 brushes (yeah!)
    Want to make time to: start revision on maths…
    Friday plans: Hellcats & Vampire DIaries night
    Last thing you watched: Grey’s Anatomy!

  37. Haul: I caved and bought my first Rouge G in #10 – Gaia, absolutely stunning and flattering against my skintone. I’m very happy =). Also picked up Chanel Glossimer in Wild Rose. I know it’s coming out in the Holiday gift sets but I won’t use Muscat too much.

    Want to make time to: De-clutter my computer, there’s so much crap taking up space on here =D.

    Friday plans: Shopping with my younger sister, and then out to dinner!

    Last thing you watched: At the end of my leash, I love this show. I’ve learned a lot.

  38. Stephanie

    Haul: I went nuts! Mac VV Darkly my dear blush, De-Vil, Sweet Joy, Vainglorious & her alter image eyeshadows, Heartless, Toxic Tale and Violetta lip sticks, Oh so Fair beauty powder, Strange potion& Revenge is sweet lipglasses, Resort life lip gelee, french quarter grease paint stick and my dark magic and she who dares mineralize eye duos…. I’ve been bad…now I’m broke :)
    Want to make time: To sleep!!
    Friday Plans: Girls night out!!! A bestie from out of town is visiting!!!!
    Last thing you watched: Dancing with the Stars… my guilty pleasure!

  39. Ludwig

    Haul: Shieseido Skincare 1 2 3 Pureness kit, Evian travel face sprays X 2 and Essie Sew Psyched Nail Polish.

    Want to make time to: Decide what I want from the MAC VV collection! Hey Christine, do you think Toxic tale or Wicked Ways will look better with NC 30/Asian skintone?

    Friday plans: Mall, studying and baseball game

    Last thing you watched: The 11 o’clock news last night

  40. Haul:
    MAC Venomous Villians
    Heartless lipstick
    wicked ways lipglass
    sinister lipstick
    revenge is sweet lipglass(goes great with myth)
    strange potion lipglass
    wrong spell lipglass
    hot house lipglass
    sweet joy eyeshadow
    de vil eyeshadow
    vainglorious eyeshadow (MUA gave this to me instead of vile violet so i have to purchase that on tuesday)
    her alter image eyeshadow
    truth and light magically cool liquid powder
    oh so fair beauty powder
    and bad fairy nail polish

    NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base,Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Prime Time Foundation Primer To Go,SEPHORA COLLECTION Smoothing Primer,SEPHORA COLLECTION Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss Silver Mauve

    phew that was long…can you tell im officially of my no buy ; )

    Want to make time to: play with all my new goodies : )
    Friday plans: hanging with one of my best friends and going to skype our other friend to finalize plans for next week since shes 5 hours away
    Last thing you watched: greys anatomy season premiere

    mellan is such a good sport! my cat would never put up with that lol!

  41. Rita

    This week I got only Mac clear Brow Set and Inlot automatic Lipliner number 851.

  42. Haul: Pre-ordered the few itmes from VV I wanted (since I don’t get a discount I just ordered from my local store). Kept it under $200 so I feel happy about that! :)

    Want to make time to: Patch up the walls and paint in the kitchen so I can start putting it back together!

    Friday plans: First songwriting/recording meeting with a client this morning. We’ll see how I wear the “producer” hat :) Then dinner with friends and watching the season premiere of Supernatural! No theme for tonight – Just excited we can finally cook again! (New range was installed this week!)

    Last thing you watched: Jersey Shore!

    -oh so fair beauty powder
    -she who dares and my dark magic mineralized e/s
    -dr facilier magically cool liquid powder
    -innocence beware lipstick
    – devilishly stylish and strange potion lipgloss

    -girl about town lipstick
    – 109 contour brush
    -224 brush
    -matt gel
    -blush in blunt
    -blush in peachykeen
    -mineralized blush in gleeful
    -bronzer in refined golden
    – e/s in brown script, cranberry and humid
    – engraved eyeliner
    -smolder eyeliner
    -fleshpot lipstick

    want to make time- to go to the mall to pcik up some CLOTHES

    friday plans- outback steakhouse with the bf <3

    last thing you watched – Sister sister hehe

  44. Brenda

    Haul: I went to the Estée Lauder factory store and I baught

    from Mac’s holiday 2009 collection:
    2 lip palettes
    a lipgloss-set
    2 brush sets

    Pigment: universal mix
    Beauty powder Summer Rose
    Bobbi Brown’s Nude palette

    …and all this with a 40% reduction!

    Weekend plans: relaxing, spending time with my daughters and testing my new make-up!

  45. Brittany

    Haul: I dont remember the last time i bought makeup:( got a nice lipstick from benefit like 3 weeks ago :S

    Want to make time to: do homework and just get my life back to being on time, organized, and focused! lol

    Friday plans: go home, clean my room spotless, finish watching “killers” and possibly go out with my sorority sisters:)

    Last thing you watched: Killers but fell asleep cause i was so tired=\

  46. Regina

    MAC 182 brush. My big and soft splurge and UD book of shadows 3 yeay!

  47. Kathy

    Haul: I pre-ordered some stuff from the Venomous Villains collection (Strange Potion & Wicked Ways lip glasses, Resort Life lip gelee, Bad Fairy nail lacquer, and Bite of an Apple blush), and I picked up one of the dazzle lipsticks in Snazzy and one of the new liquid eyeliners in Nocturnal.

    Want to make time to do: Laundry! I’ve been so busy this week that I’ve had no time to do it.

    Friday plans: Dinner and bar hopping with some of my friends. :)

    Last thing you watched: The Big Bang Theory season premiere. Love that show!

  48. Cherie

    Haul: Hmm… Gosh Darling l/s. That’s it! Have been trying to buy Essie’s Sew Psyched polish but it’s MIA around here and it makes me sad :(

    Want to make time to: So many things… Go to the gym, reorganize my linen & clothing closets, paint my nails, watch season 3+4 of Dexter!!!

    Friday plans: Hopefully getting out of work at 4 PM. Then having dinner with family tonight.

    Last thing you watched: hahaha, also Jersey Shore!

  49. Mais

    Haul: MAC mineralize skinfinish in soft and gentle, mac shimmermoss

    Want to make time to: Study, clean, do chores :(

    Friday plan: Catch up on glee

    Last thing watched: Gleeeee

  50. baby in a corner

    Haul: Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Ming! Its like my lips but better on my pigmented lips but I really like it! I have to stop spending though. I’ve too influenced by your blog!

    Just signed a lease today for my new place with my boyfriend – I’m so excited to live together! I thought my parents would be annoyed by the decision but they are actually fine about it so all’s good!

    Enjoying my last week before I start work! I’ll have lectures at the weekend so super busy!

    • Awwww! It’s great that your parents ended up being cool with the decision! Don’t eat like him! I’m totally serious. That’s the one thing I did… I started to eat like him and I paid for it, LOL!

      • baby in a corner

        Thanks! I’m so so excited! We are going to Ikea at the weekend to get some things to make it our own. My boyfriend hasn’t put on a pound since we got together (4 years ago – he still wears loads of the same jeans) while I’ve gained two stone. (so ashamed to say that). Its not fair, I eat relatively healthily, I think it was cups of tea & biscuits when studying and lack of exercise! So I’ll have to be careful alright! We will so have a fight at some stage about my make up being everywhere because he is a neat freak and i’m so messy!

  51. Nicholle

    Haul: Grain, Espresso, and Club eyeshadows and Studio Sculpt foundation in NW20
    Want to make time to: catch up on all my reading for classes
    Friday plans: friend from Portland visiting me at school!
    Last thing you watched: GLEE

  52. Tiffany

    Haul: Orly Lunar eclipse cosmic nail polish, and Essie Pink Glove Service polish

    Want to make time to: finish healing from my appendectomy that I had last week

    Friday plans: hang out at home and watch a good movie

    Last thing you watched: Once Bitten (80’s comedy starring Jim Carrey) I love that movie!

  53. Malaika

    Haul – Mac Venomous Villains Items – Darkly my Dear Blush, My Dark Magic eyeshadow, 2 lipsticks

    Want to make time to: Organize my school notes, get some work done

    Friday plans: Maybe meet friends for drinks, this week was a hell-ish 1!

    Last thing you watched: Jersey Shore!

  54. Samantha T.

    Awww…Mellan is such a little sweetheart – he reminds me so much of my childhood dog Flash!
    I ordered DDF Fade Gel 4 from the Haute Look sale @ 50% off!
    Plans- Laundry….does it ever end?
    Jersey Shore – why do I find this SO entertaining?! I just want to scrub Snooki’s face…she looks so dirty and splotchy with all that bronzer! These girls need SOOOOO much help with their makeup! haha Even though they are jerks…I like Pauly and Mike…they crack me up

  55. Karen

    Haul: I just got home from the MAC Pro store where Venomous Villians has launched! I gotInnocence Beware lipstick (so excited that it is similar to 3N, my holy grail pink lipstick!!), Devilishly Stylish and Strange Potion lipglosses. Also Pro Longwear foundation.

    Want to make time to: Cleah house

    Friday plans: Work, go for a run later

    Last thing you watched: Modern Family

  56. I was on a makeup and beauty product overload this week. I can actually admit to being sick of shopping…for now :)


    MAC Venomous Villians – I got both of the Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos, the Dr. Facilier Lip Gelee, the Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun, the De-Vil shadow and the Vile Violet shadow. Also a 214 brush and a new bottle of brush cleaner; I went to my first MAC event and I had a blast!!!

    Urban Decay BOS III – I’m so happy with this palette. I don’t have any other palettes, or very many UD products so, I didn’t have much to go on. But I love it. I got one of

    Sephora (in store) – I’m trying out a bunch of hair products from LIVING PROOF. They’re supposed to help with humidity and frizz which I’m battling every day now that I’m in Georgia. If you ever review them, I’ll put in my 2 cents once I’ve tried them out. Also, got NARS Orgasm Illuminator, NARS Lipstick in Sexual Healing, a replacement head for my CLARISONIC brush, SEPHORA nail polish in Metro Chic (must be very popular because they only had one left and it was stuffed into the back of their stock drawer), and MARC JACOB’s Lola perfume and MICHAEL KORS signature perfume. Also, a ridiculous amount of samples and a 500-point perk gift.

    Want to make time to: Finish sewing my trench coat before it starts getting cold here.

    Friday plans: Catching up on the few True Blood episodes I’ve missed over Season 3. Also, a fish fry :)

    Last thing you watched: True Blood

    • How do you like True Blood? We always want to watch, but there’s so much we haven’t seen!

      RE: Living Proof… I have tried a couple of products, but admittedly, I don’t have a ton of frizziness nor live in a humid climate. I don’t know, my hair is pretty low maintenance.

  57. Jennifer

    Haul: MAC Bite of an Apple blush, Strange Potion lipglass, Heartless lipstick, Wicked Ways lipglass, She Who Dares mineralize e/s, Briar Rose beauty powder

    Friday Plans: relaxing and watching How I Met Your Mother…I love that show!

    Last Show I watched: That 70s Show

    PS I didn’t go to an unveiling, I got my VV stuff at my local Pro Store

  58. Haul:
    MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme (x5: Sweet Ever After, Till Tomorrow, Unlimited, Prolong, Perpetual Flame) — Loving Sweet Ever After and Till Tomorrow
    MAC Brushes (x8: 195, 204, 209, 213, 214, 228, 231, 249) — I’m in the middle of completing my MAC Brushes collection.

    Want to make time to: catch up with my readings and assignments.

    Friday plans: Spend some quality time with my boyfriend.

    Last thing you watched: CSI!

  59. Carrie Ann

    I got my first NYX eyeshadows: Golden, Flamingo, Champagne and Sahara. I also got a Rimmel eyeshadow in Spicy Bronze and a blush in Winter Glow. I got a MAC Slimshine in Mousse, a Dazzleglass in Steppin’ Out, and I pre-payed for a bunch of stuff from the Venomous Villains collection. Actually, it was an early b-day present, which is very cool. I got to play w/ the Truth & Light and Cajun powders at the counter and now I’m thinking I want at least one of them very badly. They looked so pretty and felt so nice in the store.

  60. awwwww mellan he is so damn cute!!!

  61. Veronica

    Haul: I made my own eyeshadow quad at MAC with the following: Shroom, Tempting, Green Smoke and Espresso (I think–I forgot to write the names down!)

    Want to make time to: Laundry and cleaning my car!

    Friday plans: I had work this morning and now I’m just running last minute errands until I leave for vacation on Tuesday.

    Last thing you watched: Jersey Shore!

    • Oooh, where are you going for vacation, Veronica?

      • Veronica

        I’m going to Las Vegas with my best friend to celebrate her graduating college! I’m not really into gambling but I am excited for the weather and sightseeing. (Plus I can get away with more adventurous makeup than in my small Minnesota town—I always wear more makeup on vacation!)

  62. nicci

    Haul: Chanel Extrait de Gloss – not sure what shades I will pick up tonight. Chanel GWP at Nordstrom on Saturday, and possibly Rose Confidentiel.

    Friday Plans: hit Nordstrom after work! Thankfully this day is going by quickly. My SA called me and said the glosses and polishes finally arrived. About time! Did you gets yours yet Christine?! I remember you said you were still waiting for them to arrive 😐

    Last thing you watched: Hell’s Kitchen

  63. Karen

    Haul: was good this week just bare study from Mac and the natural eye from two face
    Want to make time for: SLEEP!
    Last thing you watched: the GLEE premiere which was awesome

  64. Linnea

    !! Mellan is so cute!

    Haul: No beauty hauls. Definitely got amazing shoes though!
    Friday plans: dinner with the boy. finally some quiet time hopefully!
    Last thing I watched: America’s next top model.. MAKEOVER EPISODE! 😀

  65. Yumi

    Haul: MAC Groundwork paint pot.
    Want to make time to: actually get some sleep and catch up on reading for classes.
    Friday plans: Honestly I’m so wiped out that I’m probably just going forgo my original plans to stay in, cook myself dinner, do some reading and crash.
    Last thing you watched: Dexter

  66. leesie

    Haul: Benefit lipstick in Lady’s Choice, and my first-ever MAC purchase: the 239 brush, both of which I’ve been lusting after for a couple months now. Also, my BOS arrived! : D
    Weekend plans: Making icons for a contest on lj, watching a few movies (Chicago, Mean Girls for starters) with my sisters, breaking in my new 239, trying out the last of my new China Glaze polishes (Calypso Blue). And probably subsequently becoming totally obsessed with the thought of owning more MAC brushes.
    Most-played song this week: “Na Na Na”-My Chemical Romance (I won’t even tell you how many times…it’s kind of disgusting.)

  67. Courtney

    Haul: Added on to my Venomous Villains order, five perfumes from BPAL.

    Want to make time to do: Toss out some of my moving boxes.

    Friday plans: Catch up on my TV and start playing Final Fantasy XIII.

    Last thing I watched: Um…I got Maury on right now. I listen to the TV at work to pass the time. ^_^;

  68. Bree

    Haul: Mac eyeshadow in :steamy & freshwater Lipstick in: Love Forever & Girl about town. Blush in: Desert Rose. Sophia Kashuk Flat Top Brush. D&G Lipstick in #100 (thanks to U Christine). Make Up Forever Lipstick in #203 (also thanks to Ms. Christine).

    Want To Make Time For: The Gym & workn overtime…gotta recuperate all my treats…Lol.

    Friday Plans: Laundry

    Last Thing You Watched: TV: General Hospital/ Movie: The Town

  69. Maria

    MAC – VG Gaga Lipglass -Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Sweet Ever- Harmony blush – Soft Brown, Bronze and Goldmine eyeshadows
    Urban Decay – Finally got my hands on a second Naked Palette for my mom.. The moment she saw mine she wanted one :)

    Want to make time to: Rest .. Just for over a cold

    Friday plans: Dinner with my husband to celebrate his promotion

    Last thing you watched: Modern Family (DVR)

  70. Mayra

    Haul: Unlimited and Till Tomorrow Pro Longwear Lipsticks, Woodwinked, Smut, Satin Taupe, a new 15 Pro Palette, Viva Glam Cindi Lipglass, and I was finally able to get my hands on Mauvement pigment and Drive Me Wild Lipstick from the Felines collection. Also got some OPI nailpolishes from Ulta, dont remember which ones and somethings from Lorac and NYX from Hautelook!

  71. Diana B

    That picture is sooo cute. Well I picked up a sample of the new Mac Pro foundation and I love it. I also picked up a wet and wild lipstick which I never do in color 511B and I really love it, it reminds me of Mac Chatterbox. You can’t beat it for ninety nine cents.

  72. Mayra

    Haul: Unlimited and Till Tomorrow Pro Longwear Lipsticks, Woodwinked, Smut, Satin Taupe, a new 15 Pro Palette, Viva Glam Cindi Lipglass, and I was finally able to get my hands on Mauvement pigment and Drive Me Wild Lipstick from the Felines collection. Also got some OPI nailpolishes from Ulta, dont remember which ones and somethings from Lorac and NYX from Hautelook!

    Want to take time to: SLEEP!

    Friday plans:…

    Last thing I watched: Jerry Springer, lol.

  73. For my beauty haul I got NARS Orgasm, Taos, Luster, Angelika, Deep Throat blushes, Smudgeproof (can’t wait to try this, got this because of you!), theBalm MaryLou Manizer (because of your blog post, hehe!) Bobbi Brown Corrector (Bisque) & Hydrating Eye Cream, MAC’s Nymphette lipglass and Blanc Type eyeshadow.

    I want to make time to re-pack my luggage! I just got back from Hawaii yesterday, landed in the bay last night, but leaving for Mississippi on Sunday.

    I am having a get together with my boyfriend and his friends before I leave this weekend. Sushi and chicken wings! YUM! LOL.

    I haven’t watched tv lately 😀

    Have a great weekend, Christine!

  74. Jo

    Haul: Mac superslick liner in desires and devices (love!), Mac haute and naughty lash mascara, Mac 217, Mac eyeshadows in club, greensmoke and sketch, Mac lipsticks in creme d’nude and barcelona red. I never get to go to a Mac counter so I was very excited! It’s a shame VV isn’t in England yet though.
    Want to make time to: treat my skin to a face mask, it’s not been happy this week!
    Friday plans: it’s the end of friday now! I went to uni, shopping and then had dinner at my parents’ house with my boyfriend.
    Last thing I watched: Sex and the City season 6

  75. Lynn

    Haul: Ordered some Stila makeup at and picked up VV from release party (Thank you by the way Christine)- Strange Potion & Hot House, French Quarter Greasepaint Stick, Briar Rose BP, Heartless Lipstick, & Mean & Green nail polish (although they gave me the wrong one- on my form I asked for Formidable :( I might keep this one! And Chanel Rouge Lacque in Stunt and Glossimer in Star….

    Want to make time to: do laundry

    Friday plans: hanging out with my friend before she goes to Switzerland next week!

    Last thing you watched: Jersey Shore & Chelsea Lately

    Mellan, I know u have heard this many times, but u are so cute!

  76. Sara

    Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 – Illuminating
    Bvlgari Jasmin Noir
    OPI/SEPHORA-Kitty Loves Black Nail Colour
    VIB bonus-NARS Laguna bronzer & Chihuahua l/g, Tom Ford Black Orchid
    Friday plans:
    Finish Nursing Law homework,watch Bill Maher,snuggle with doggies
    Last thing watched:
    Modern family

  77. Jennifer

    A fine-tipped eyeliner brush from Sephora
    Kate Somerville Serum Sunscreen SPF 55
    Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Confidence

    Friday Plans:
    Go to the gym and then veg out at home!

    Last thing you watched:
    Grey’s Anatomy

  78. mkdallas

    Haulage: The Balm TimeBalm concealer, Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer, MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in #30 and Clarisonic Opal Eye Infusion system (which I’d better love because it was hella expensive, lol).

    Need to make time to: clean my closets…yeah, that’ll happen.

    Friday plans: trying to get over a bad cold & sore throat.

    Last thing I watched: “The Breakfast Club”, because it turned 25 this week.

  79. Nichole

    I went to the Chicago Mac Pro and got my Villains wish list:
    Wrong Spell, Hot House, Wicked Ways (lip gloss)
    Violetta, Sinister (lipstick)
    Bad Fairy (nail polish)
    Vile Violet, Sweet Joy (eyeshadow)

  80. Sandra

    Haul: I went to an unveiling of VV and picked up:
    She Who Dares duo
    My Dark Magic duo
    Bad Fairy polish
    Vainglorious eye shadow
    Strange Potion lipglass
    Darkly My Dear Blush
    Briar Rose (which im thinking about returning. I dont think its me (NC42)I havent even opened or touched it because I want someone to be able to enjoy it when I return it).

    Want to make time to: Sleep and do laundry!

    Friday plans: Work

    Last thing you watched: Say yes to the dress :)

  81. Jula

    MAC Blush in Dollymix,
    Laura Mercier Stick Gloss in “Courtinsane”
    Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in “Rivoli”
    OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow
    OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
    Essie Over the Top
    (I was really bad…but I don’t haul often so I’m trying to suppress my guilt lol–plus I got some really nice stuff!)

    Want to make time to: Homework!

    Friday plans: I woke up at 1pm and went on a mall haul. It was a good day!
    Last thing you watched: I’m about to watch Mad Men now, I haven’t been watching tv too much since I left for school :( lol

  82. Kat

    Haul: Jane Bronzer in Sahara :) (Hopefully) my last beauty buy for a while, I’m embarking on a Project 10 Pan now. My wallet needs it :/

    Want to make time to: Read a book and catch up on my favourite TV show! I’m sooooo far behind :/

    Friday plans: Planning my weekend to-do list (it’s gonna be a long one!), doing some homework (planning a call and finishing up a chapter in my text), watching an episode of that TV show, and hopefully getting to bed before 2am!

    Last thing you watched: youtube videos

  83. Kim

    Haul: Milani 3d Glitzy Gloss in Movie Star (glittery blue!), Milani HD advanced color l/s in 101 Romantic Rose (new I think), Maybelline Falsies in deepest black, Joe Fresh Eyeshadow in Grape (good dupe for Dame’s Desire that I missed out on)& a gorgeous faux pearl bib necklace

    Want to make time to: pick apples in the orchards nearby this weekend

    Friday Plans: Shopping & dinner out with DH after a looooong week at work :)

    Last thing I watched: The Big Bang Theory season 4 premiere

  84. Nessabella

    I bought two purchases this week
    – MAC Pro Longwear Foundation
    – Korres Primer

  85. Lauren

    Do brushes count? If so I finally invested in real MAC brushes (before I was just using the holiday sets from 2 years ago). I picked up 129, 224, 190, 195, and 204. I’m loving all of them so far. I’m going to try to pick up NARS Smudgeproof because the MAC paint tube (in bare study) I’ve been using hasn’t been doing the trick anymore.

  86. danitalie

    haul blush clinique in posy pink o one blush of revlon…
    lipstick e lauder are the best
    french manicure set

  87. Haul: Loads of MAC Venomous Villains! Bite of An Apple Blush, Darkly My Dear Blush, Strange Potion Lipglass, Hot House Lipglass, Oh So Fair Beauty Powder, My Dark Magic MES, Darkly My Dear MES, Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass, Wrong Spell Lipglass, Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer, Formidable Nail Lacquer, Mean & Green Nail Lacquer, and French Quarter Greasepaint Stick.

    Want to make time to: Bake brownies and hit the gym to negate the brownie calorie intake 😉

    Weekend Plans: Spend time with friends!

    Last Thing I Watched: 20/20

  88. Hope

    Haul: Mac VV- Cruella Heartless (2), Wicked ways, Malificent Briar Rose, Evil queen BofA, strange potion, Bad Fairy (2), MES both

    Want to make time to: lesson plan for the week, reading, and sleep,

    Friday plans: mani pedi, play outside with kids

    Last thing you watched: Proof with Gweneth Paltrow

  89. Amanda

    Haul: MAC VV: Devil e/s, Cajun Cooling Powder, Briar Rose Beauty Powder, Rest Life lip gelee, Bite of an Apple Blush, Sinister l/s. Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara, CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume, Freeman Mint & Lemon face mask.

    Want to make time to: See my sister and her now fiance for a congratulations dinner.

    Friday plans: Seeing Easy A at the theater then making a pizza/goodbye dinner with friends before I move to England in 10 days.

    Last thing you watched: Bones

  90. Haul: MAC Venomous Villains Toxic Tale L/s, Strange Potion L/g, Cajun magically cool liquid powder

    want to make time to: do my homework

    Friday plans: Oh what that was yesterday

    Last Thing I watched : local news

  91. Inga

    Haul: Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara, Maybelline the Colossal Volum Express mascara, Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Pretty Petrol and Blueberry Ice.

    Want to make time to: Studying!

    Friday plans: Watching tv after my wisdom teeth surgery.

    Last thing you watched: Becoming Jane

  92. cmferrets

    haul: esse nailpolish in chinchilly, some new LE sally hanson extreme nailpolishes from wallgreens (b1g1 1/2 off) in concrete and purple gala- soo pretty-check it out. i went to my local tjmaxx store and scored on finding a full size tommy bahama blue cologne for only 20 bucks. love it is smells soo good/fresh, i wear it to my work. Went to ULTA and purchased some new hair shampoo/conditioner from bedhead TIGI in their new line #3, the one in the magenta/red tube- love it , makes my hair look so silky soft.
    i also got some items from mac- prolongwear lipstick in unlimited. blushes in mocha, dollymix, pink swoon, peaches. the new hot/naughty mascara, new vibe mineralize blush, graphic gardens summer crop lip set and the graphic gardens e/s quad in the pinks/purples one from ebay. CANT WAIT till thurs , when the mac VV collection comes out- i also cant wait toll oct 19th when my mac store is having an unvailing party for the tartan tale holiday collection- it looks soo cool!
    friday plans: going to watch the movie EASY A , with my sister. last week my boyfriend and i saw machete and piranha 3d- loved them both!
    last thing watched: the new season premiers of glee, hells kitchen, greys anatomy, americas next top model. i cant wait for tomorrow (sun) , when the new season of desperate housewives, family guy and dexter starts!
    i cant wait for next week episode of glee-britney spears songs !

  93. Simmi

    i bought NARS eyeshaow in Daphne,Strada,and Night Clubbing for my friend
    and for myself Fiji(also nars)
    weekend plans: lots, hopefully some rest can be squeezed in
    last show; couger town

  94. Karin

    Haul: … :O Nothing! Im saving up for venomous villains.

    Want to make time to: Catch up on homework- I was sick on Friday.

    Friday plans: Venomous Villians!!

    Last thing you watched: The Backup Plan

  95. K

    Christine, I didn’t make any beauty purchases this weekend and I don’t usually comment on here (though I’ve been visiting your site regularly for years). Just wanted to say that I was excited because I thought I’d be making my first MAC purchase due to you (and Disney), but I was disappointed when I finally got to see the tester. :(

  96. filipa

    haul: MAC soiree nail polish

    I’m in love :)

    now heading to a party, dressed in jeans and white tee but oh boy my hands look nice

    thank you christine for your tips