Friday, September 10th, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Philosophy Trick or Treat Shower Gel Set, Philosophy Caramel Apple Shower Gel, 5x Jack Black Lip Balm, Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow

Want to  make time to: read a good book this weekend!

Funniest thing that happened this week:  Mellan must have heard a noise last night, because he started growling like crazy, and when I pushed back the blinds (those long, hanging vertical ones), he started growling more.  I think it might have been at his reflection, LOL.

Friday plans: Going to my parents’ house for dinner — gonna be YUMMY!

This week’s Mellan photo…

I miss puppy Mellan sometimes!  Although he still furrows his brow whenever he’s thinking now!

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175 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #045

  1. kfm

    This week’s haul was from Bobbi Brown, courtesy of the new Black collection:

    Black Cherry l/s
    Black Raspberry l/s
    Black Chocolate l/g
    Black Sparkle e/s

    I’m wearing Black Cherry today and it looks and feels awesome! A prefect not-quite-vampy red for the office.

  2. Hilary♥

    Haul: MAC Old Gold pigment, MAC slick eyeliners, Kiko shade stick in black (amazing dupe for MAC shade sticks *_*).

    Want to make time to: do more vocal training and work on my original songs. Yeah, I’m singer, I love singing! ♥

    Funniest thing that happened this week: Nothing that funny hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully this weekend will be lots of fun. =)

    Friday plans: Staying home to work on my music, do some workout and watch a movie with my mom tonight.

    Mellan is sooooo cute!!! ♥

  3. Pam

    Haul: No haul this week 😛

    Excited for: MAC/Estee Lauder Warehouse sale (Markham, Canada). Got tickets for Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I can find Fold and Tuck lipglass! :)

    Friday plans: Go to sleep early so i can get a good spot in line when the doors open at the MAC/EL sale :)

  4. Rosamaria

    Chanel: Soho Story – my package arrived yesterday, and I love this collection! Wearing the colors today, and they are GORGEOUS!! I got Soho (Blush), Stupendous (eyeshadow), Stunning (lipstick), Star (glossimer), and Stunt (lip lacquer).

    Urban Decay: Vegan Palette, Black Palette (ordered, hasn’t arrived yet).

    So excited for FNO!!!!! Bergdorf’s, here I come! Hoping to get Tom Ford to sign a lipstick or perfume for me. :)

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  5. Haul: A trio of Benefit Cream Eyeshadows in shades RSVP, Tattle Tale and Strut. Experimentation is already in progress with those shades!

  6. Leslie :)

    Haul: Clairsonic! Urban Decay loose pigments, Dooney & Bourke handbag, Lancome lip stick in Cherry Kiki – still debating on a Red!

    Working all weekend :(

    Suffering through a liquid diet all weekend as prep (been doing it for 2 weeks!) for lap band surgery on Tuesday!

  7. AnaG.

    Haul: MAC By Candlelight (finnaly goto mine today) and Odyssey lipstick

    Want to make time to: clean up old stuff…must really!!

    Funniest thing that happened this week: Not a particular funny week…

    Friday plans: Catch up on some tv series – not very exciting, I know, but with the cooler nights feels nice.

  8. Kelli


    Went a little crazy on the nail polish buying and got 11 :/ oops!

    China Glaze –
    For Audrey
    Four Leaf Clover
    Grape Pop
    Classic Camel
    Ruby Pumps

    Jade is the New Black
    You Don’t know Jaques
    Just a Little Rosti at This
    Ski Teal We Drop
    Cuckoo for This Color

    Seche Vite Top Coat – which is AMAZING!

    Excited for: College football season starting… GO BLUE!

    Weekend plans: Studying for the GRE (even though I think I’m going to apply to law school instead – I did take the LSAT twice)

  9. I hauled the lip products from Chanel’s Soho Collection. They arrived yesterday and they are fabulous :)

  10. Jennifer

    Haul: Orly nail polish in Bailamos which is a gorgeous turquoise color, MAC Fafi eyes #2 at a CCO

    want to make time: to study! I have a wedding to go to tomorrow though and we have a bunch of family over so it’s gonna be a very busy weekend!

  11. leesie

    Haul: China Glaze For Audrey.
    Slight haul-related rant: I’m considering buying more polishes, and this might happen today (I’m going to buy myself a present for Mikey Way’s birthday? Haha), but I’m kind of annoyed and confused by 8ty8’s shipping policy (“There’s a minimum charge of $7, and you can order up to four polishes” doesn’t really tell me HOW MUCH it’s going to be, person who replied to my e-mail, which I thought was quite clear), but they have two of the ones I want that the other site I looked at doesn’t, and I do not know why this affects me so deeply, but I just needed to rant somewhere? >.<
    Weekend plans: Celebrating Mikey's birthday (today) and the beginning of MCR (tomorrow). In case it wasn't obvious, they're my favorite band and I love them. The popcorn festival tomorrow, followed by a We The Kings concert. I'll probably visit my Sephora ladies in between festival and concert…and somehow resist buying anything.

    • Hmm, I think maybe they weigh them? I think I’ve paid around $20ish for 15 or so bottles if that helps any!

      • leesie

        Well, I think it’s $7 for anything under a pound, and since the shipping weight on China Glaze polishes is 4 ounces, it should just be that, or not much more. Cheaper than getting them from Sally’s, and I think the route I’m going to take, especially since I’ve got my eye on two which are from older collections and which I haven’t seen at Sally’s at all.
        I probably will go ahead and order them, since I’m trying to give my nails more love and attention, and I have a short attention span when it comes to color. From what I’ve read here (both from you and other readers), China Glaze polishes are totally worth it.

  12. Becca

    -Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon body wash, lotion, and body spray
    -Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea body spray (travel size)
    -Hard Candy Blush in “Pinup”
    -Hard Candy Primer
    -EOS lip balm in Honeydew
    -Eco Tools eyeshadow brush

  13. Michelle

    I also hauled 5 Jack Black balms! I had to go to two different Sephoras to do so, but it was totally worth it.

  14. baby in a corner

    I GOT A ROUGE G! Yeah I got gaela which I realised when I came home has been discontinued! Maybe cause its similar to Georgia which is the one I planned to get but I hate it when companies only have the testers labelled with numbers rather than the names because when I went I got confused and mistakenly bought gaela. I still like it though! I keep taking the case out and playing with it – I feel like a bond girl! The strong scent of it can be off putting though.

    I’ve also got to play with my naked palette, I love toasted – a gorgeous copper colour!

    Have you read the girl with the dragon tattoo? Its brilliant! I’m reading Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann at the moment – its about people’s life who are intertwined in NY.

    • YAYYYYYYYYY! You can leave the cap off the lipstick for a bit and the scent should diffuse somewhat :)

      I have not read it! What is it about?

      • baby in a corner

        Its a thriller/ mystery type of trilogy. Its been in the best sellers here for a while. Set in sweden written by a swedish author, with really kick ass female characters!

        Gaela looks warmer on me than it does in your swatches, but its still a nice colour – probably cause i’ve pigmented lips. I re-read all your posts on rouge gs after i got mine – I dunno why but I love doing this after I get something!

    • CeeBee

      I second the recomendation for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson – I finished the Millenium trilogy a few weeks back (the 2 other books are The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest) and they were very, very good.

      It’s about an investigative journalist (who has just been convicted for libel) who gets involved with a reclusive, antisocial computer hacker who has spent about the last ten years committed to a psychiatric institution (for reasons not disclosed but you do find out in the third book) and she helps him try and solve the mystery disappearance of a young girl who went missing 40 years beforehand. It’s set in Sweden and parts of it are quite brutal and I found it really riveting.
      The first 2 books have been made into movies as well, pretty sure they’re subtitled though(being Swedish).

      Oh, and leaving the cap off a Rouge G for about three days does the trick…

  15. Brenda

    Haul: UD Book of shadows III… and I’m sooo happy with it!

    Plans for the weekend: relaxing, spening time with my daughters…

  16. Haul: Philosophy Micro-Delivery Exfoliating Wash, UD Professional size Primer Potion, Orly Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl

    Want to make time: Cook a full course meal

    Funniest thing that happened this week: nothing really

    Friday plans: See Dave Matthews Band play tonight and also study for my CPA exam.

  17. Rita

    Another great week! I got more fab felines: Smoky Heir liner, BB Quad, 227SH. And today I finaly received my Orly order: Space Cadet, Galaxy Girl, Halleys Comet, and It’s not Rocket Science. I think I’m gonna put Space Cadet on first!

  18. Jen

    haul: a couple things from benefit – prrrowl, girl meets pearl, and hello flawless…by the way i got the philosophy trick or treat set last year and loved it! :)

    want to make time to: relax and enjoy my weekend.

    friday plans: working :(

  19. Gemma

    I just recieved rajasthan and eurydice eyeshadow quads from NARS and they are both gorgeous. And am waiting for 20+ eyeshadows and liners from nyx to arrive.

    I wore the rajasthan duo tonight at work and got so many compliments. Money well spent, even if it was 76 per duo in Australia :(

  20. Leila

    I’m out of town at hone with my parents and I miss my kitten who is being babysat by a friend;(

  21. LU

    Haul: Just ordered from Korres this morning! Bunch of skincare stuff.

    Want to make time to: Finish my last hw assignment, take my brother to the movies, clean my house.

    Funniest thing that happened this week: Nothing in particular is coming to mind, I’ve been awake since seven I can’t think.

    Friday plans: Today is Eid, so celebrate! Happy Eid everybody!

  22. haul-neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. from MAC Money honey dazzleglass, Extra Amps dazzleglass, dipdown fluidline, viva glam cyndi and 2 empty quads. From CCO Goldirocks dazzleglass chocolate brown pigment(oj) and so sweet so easy creme blush. from sigma F80 and E20 brushes.

    friday plans- going to outback for dinner with my dad

    excited for – that i got an invite to the MAC VV unveiling party on the 21st.

    that picture of mellan is the cutest : )

  23. Melissa (divinem)

    Aquolina Pink Sugar Body Mousse
    Laura Mercier Oil Cleanser – Rich
    Chanel SOHO Collection Facial Highlighter
    Chanel SOHO Nail Color in Strong
    Cosmedicine Medi-morphosis Self Adjusting Exfoliator
    Perfect Formula Pink Gel Nail Coat

    Want to make time to finish reading Eat, Pray, Love

    Funniest thing that happened this week: Watching the following video while on the phone with a good friend and bursting out in laughter in mid-sentence:

    Friday plans: Go another liver/pancreatic panel and lie in bed sick with pancreatitis (for 8 weeks now!) :(

  24. dee

    Haul:MAC Rose and then MAC Grape pigment. Had to return Rose cuz it was a birthday gift and she already had it.
    Want to make time to: sleep…do some work…go to the Sprint store and buy and EVO
    Funniest thing that happened this week: Went to see my nephews where one of them was running around with a headscarf in his pants and calling the end his “avatar tail”
    Friday plans: Going to see the BF and I think he’s cooking :)

  25. Charlotte

    Aww Mellan looks so cute in that photo! Looking forward to those Philosophy reviews, I really like spicy scents so hopefully the halloween set will be right up my alley!

  26. Linnea

    Haul: Nothing! Been way too busy to step in a mall or department store. Might step into one this weekend though!
    Want to make time to: Sleep. Just a good, long, sleep.

    Funniest thing that happened this week: I didn’t think I meant to, but I told my boss about the secret baby shower that we’re having for him and his wife this weekend. Oops.
    Friday plans: Seeing my favourite cousin for drinks tonight, at a local brewhouse that has really good food!

  27. megan

    I ordered some stuff, haven’t received it yet but I’m very excited. I got Korres Natural Blush, Bobbi Brown gel liner in Granite Shimmer, 3 lipglosses and Skin So Soft bath oil from AVON!

  28. Haul: chanel inimitable intense mascara in noir; clarins eau lactee auto-bronzante

    Want to make time to: post some more stuff on ebay!

    Funniest thing that happened this week: left a letter for my mailman to pick up that didn’t have an actual address on it…last week i did the same thing, just without a stamp either.

    Friday plans: picking up my boyfriend from the airport– he’s been away for 2 months!

  29. Haul-UD Naked and Deluxe palettes, green goddess and frigid eyeshadow. Laura Mercier African Violet shadow, MUFE Star powder in the rosy color. Planning on getting three shades of MUFE Rouge Intense lipstick soon, a few new MAC colors(and some palettes. Mine are chock FULL!), and UD Lounge.

    Funniest thing that happened–Lots of idiotic hilarity dealing with coworkers. Other than that, lifes been pretty sober.

    Make time for– boyfriend time. I thought he’d be working overtime this weekend, but he’s NOT. So I know I’m going to appreciate every extra hour he’s stuck with me.

    Friday plans– nil, now. I work tonight. Had plans to go out with a friend, but he backed out, so my whole weekend will be pretty empty.

  30. Mellan is really really cute… Love dogs :)

    What is his “brand”? Is he a golden retriever / labrador ?

  31. Aaw cute puppy Mellan. :)

    This week’s haul: Burmese Beauty quad, St Yves Apricot scrub (needed to see for myself why people say it’s bad, I actually like it), Lancome Rose powder, The Body Shop Cheek & Face Powder in Chestnut (the one with the leaves, very pretty). I’ve also placed a couple of orders, one for the Naked palette and Vegan palette, plus 24/7 pencil in Eldorado, and the other one for 2 Too Faced palettes (the one with the 3 leopard bronzers/blushers and the newest Glamour To Go palette), plus 24/7 pencil in Deviant, but neither package has arrived yet, so it doesn’t count. 😉

    Weekend plans: bit of shopping, bit of housework, bit of relaxing – hopefully.

    • Very nice haul, Anita! Haha – well, I think with the St. Ives scrub it’s more that it’s bad for your skin (the bits can cut skin on a micro level).

  32. Haul (interesting enough, there’s no MAC!):

    Shu Uemura Hard formula eyebrow pencil “Seal Brown”
    MUFE Metal Powder #2 (maize gold)
    MUFE Metal Powder #3 (honey gold)
    NARS blush “Exhibit A”
    NARS Pure Matte lipstick “Bangkok”

    Weekend Plans: Getting all my supplies and textbooks for my classes and Doing Homework. Not exactly fun but it’s university. I’m actually excited for my new classes!

    P.S: Did you check out MUFE’s Gold Icon collection? It has 4 gold pigments and a gold kohl pencil- it’s so you!

  33. Kalex

    Haul – Chanel’s Rouge Coco in “Stunning”. And still waiting on my Bobbi “Black Plum” kohl liner. Should be here today! Fingers crossed I have better luck than you did. It was just too pretty not to try!

  34. Jackie

    He is so cute!

  35. Purba_s

    Christine… you have made me fall in love with Mellan. Now, I want a puppy :-)

    Haul: My sweetest Brother sent me my UD BOSIII…I have a new toy to play with. BTW…He is a brand new dad. His little boy was born in the wee hours of Sept 08th and we are over the moon. Now I have a little nephew to spoil rotten ;).
    Also, got me Thierry Muigler’s Alien. Loooove it. I must be his Muse when he designing this one. I get the so many compliments when I am wearing this one…best one from my hubby ” you smell mysterious and haunting” ummmmm
    Weekend: My in-laws are coming from Germany.Yes I am married to a German. Clean Clean Clean the house…you how the Germans are …LoL

  36. Francesca

    I got an urban decay package in the mail!

    The big buddah brush
    A blush
    And 3 pigments

  37. Sammywhammy

    Haul: 30 NYX lipsticks (!!), some bracelets and things from fredflare, two faced pink leopard bronzer (love!)
    I want to catch up on my TV class and watch some I love lucy.
    Funniest thing this week: my dean blew off the appointment i had with her to meet up with a buddy from Tanzania. they went to some local bars. she told me this in the email she sent me three hours later.

    Friday plans: watch skins!!! favorite tv series!!!

  38. Lauren

    I had a small haul this week, just picking up the cyndi and gaga lipglasses. Other than that I had a horrible week :(. I was just being my friendly self and some guy got the wrong impression and won’t leave me alone now. Ugh.

  39. Jessica V

    Hauled- UD’s BOS 3 and the Black palette. Also some more brush cleaner and Dramatically different gel. : )

    Trying to make time to: Nothing, I have work and a big Spanish test to study for, my weekend are usually the busiest for me.

    Friday plans: Sushi! Finally, it’s been a month…

    Looking forward to: getting all my makeup in the mail : D

  40. Courtney

    Haul: New sexy skirt, Final Fantasy XIII, Royal Assassin (novel), an extra long ethernet cable, and a new PC headset…also a new hosting gig!

    Want to make time to: Do my friend’s makeup for a theater show on Sunday. My friend is a guy playing an old British lady. Can’t wait!

    Funniest thing that happened this week: Reading viewer favorite video game a movie lines on my live web show while my voice was completely shot from an allergy attack. There’s nothing like yelling, “What is your major malfunction?!” when you squeak.

    Friday plans: Going to my best friend’s housewarming party at his new apartment.

  41. Rebecca

    Haul: I picked up Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight last weekend and I love it! Ive been using it as mostly a highlighter but it gives just the right about of shimmer for the face.

    Want to make time to: watch my netflix movie I ordered a month ago

    Funniest thing that happened this week: Waking up to my cat pushing me out of my spot in bed!

    Friday Plans: Being outside in the beautiful weather!

  42. Edani

    My haul this week was a birthday shopping spree! I wound up with NARS blush in Angelika and Madly, Sephora blush in peche tendre, UD lip junkie in Perversion (<3 it!), Sephora lipstick in "The Red", UD blush in Score and Fetish, UD deluxe e/s in Adore and maybe a few more things today! ^.^

  43. Cathy

    Haul: An aqua Milani eye liner pencil,A Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner(returning it),A Maybelline Brow Definer(the fairly new,roll up,skinny type,which I’m loving), Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush,
    Benefit Powderflage and High Beam,and…my FIRST MAC purchase,a Creme d’Nude lipstick!!

    I have no plans yet this weekend but I’m so glad I don’t have to get up at 6 AM with my son and that the weather is so beautiful.

  44. Evelyn

    Haul: Hourglass lipstick in Nocturnal & Whisper but when I got home I found Whisper was totally mushed! I have no idea how that happened so I returned it to Sephora and got myself Dior Addict Gloss in Evening Rose & Dior Addict High Shine lipstick in Raspberry rush. Yes if it sparkles I will buy it! lol

    I’d like to make time to see my bf but my papers are long overdue being finalized and written!

    I wish I had a dog! They are so cute. My bf has one but you know it’s not the same as when it’s your own dog. *sigh*

  45. Dini

    What a cute puppy picture!

    Haul: Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer, Maybelline Falsies mascara

    Want to make time to: Hit the gym and knit this weekend

    Funniest thing that happened this week: Talking to little children while getting my hair done. They say the darndest things….

    Friday plans: Hanging out with the family

  46. Marlin

    Haul: My first Chanel items ever! A total splurge I shouldn’t have…..but I did :)
     Ok I got the Dragon lip laquer, finally a red I can wear with my chameleon skin tone, the Rose Petal blush I loooove the smell of it and the color is perfect :) and I also got the Taupe Gris eyeshadow, I love the color but now that I’ve tried it on I don’t know how to use it, kinda makes me look like my eyes are bruised :( any ideas you can give me? Otherwise I may return it and get a quad.

    I need to start reading again, after having my baby there never seems to be enough time or quietude :)

    Friday plans: none yet, we’re usually a spur of the moment type :)

  47. Yumi

    Haul: MAC Spree lipglass, finally got my UD Naked Palette in the mail too that I ordered a month ago <.< And I kind of splurged on shoes this week!
    Weekend plans: working and studying, school starts Monday :<

  48. Thincspot

    Pretty blah….
    – MAC Stone lipliner by
    – MAC #263 angle brush
    – MAC Imperial Flower and Earthly Harmony n/p
    – Dr. Bronner’s magic soap bar in peppermint
    – Greenbeaver cranberry body wash
    – Giovanni Dtox Volcanic Ash body wash

  49. Jenny

    D’awwwww. I love it when dogs think. Totally snagged Cle De Peau Gloss in #2. Holy crap it’s one of those colors you HAVE to see on your lips to realize how amazing it is. I’m seriously more in love with it than any other lip thing I’ve over gotten. <3 you so much Christine for your constant mentions that have made me go 'Hmmmm'.

    • Haha! Me too… except I wish I could figure out what he’s thinking!

      I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that you love it. I always feel a little bad raving over anything $$ because I would hate for anyone to buy it and then not love it, too, SO I am thrilled you love it 😉 Isn’t it just beautiful?

  50. Andie

    Haul: Too much! Philosophy Carmel Apple shower gel (love the smell!) and the pumpkin/carmel apple lip set, Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation and Oil Free Primer, Clinique gel liner and mascara, Sephora #55 brush, 3 MAC blushes (Springsheen, Fleur Power, and Pink Swoon), the Orly Cosmic Fx collection (minus the green one), and China Glaze Jitterbug and Bogie polishes.

    Friday Plans: working :(

  51. mkdallas

    Such a sweet pic of Mellan! My haulage this week was Philosophy 3-in-1 in Creme Brulee, MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in #2, a Smashbox Beauty In Bloom Glambox #6 (because it had a really nice eye palette & was on sale), a Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For mascara and a L’Oreal Infallible Lipgloss in Bloom.

  52. Solange

    This week I got a Fifteen Pan Palette from MAC. I already depotted all my eye shadows and filled it. I also got Revlon´s Photo Ready Foundation, I´ve been using it all week and absolutely love it. It is way better than Givenchy´s Photo Perfexion Foundation and much cheaper. I usually don´t buy drugstore make up but I´m glad I was so tempted with this one.

  53. Kat

    Haul: Makeup wipes, Garnier Fresh Toner, St. Ive’s Warming Scrub

    Want to make time to: start my book! I haven’t been reading much recently, and life is going to be chaotic for a while. Beginning of freshman year = ugh.

    Friday plans: Celebrating my mom’s birthday :)

  54. Michele

    MAC Lipglass in Wildly Refined
    Lipstick Pet Me Please
    Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass
    Superslick Liquid Eyeliner Pure Show
    UD De-slick Mattifying Powder
    UD All Nighter Makeup Spray
    UD 24/7 Stereophonic Set
    Clinique All About Eyes
    Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow in Golden Retriever
    Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow Brush
    Sinful Purple Diamond Nail Polish
    Coastal Scents Boom Boom & Grape Vine Gel Eye Liners & a bunch of double ended eye pencil & lip pencils & Flippin Hot Lip Gloss

    Love the Mellan Pics :)

  55. Monica

    This week I got the following:
    Chanel soho de chanel highlighter/blush
    Chanel stupendous e/s quad
    Chanel taupe grise single e/s
    Chanel #5 Mademoiselle lipstick
    KatVonD beethoven palette
    KatVonD ludwig palette
    MAC smoke&diamonds e/s FINALLY!(found at CCO)
    3 china glaze nail polishes

    I love everything I got! Looking forward to doing a makeup trial this weekend for a wedding and seeing Kings of Leon in concert on Monday night w the hubby!

    Mellan is adorable! My little silky terrier is my spoiled baby!

  56. Aimee

    I went a tad crazy this week 😉

    5 Candles from bath and bodyworks (cinnamon and clove bud, pomegranate lemonade, leaves, vanilla coconut, frosted cranberry)All of which smell incredible. I also got some little scented hand sanitizers.

    And for beauty:
    Mac ‘Lotusland’ e/s
    Mac ‘Sunset B’ e/s
    Mac ‘Glamour check!’ e/s
    Mac ‘Cranberry’ e/s pan
    Mac ‘Gesso’ e/s pan
    Mac ‘Expensive Pink’ e/s pan
    Mac ‘Sketch’ e/s pan
    Mac ‘Brave new bronze’ Lipstick
    Mac ‘Goldrebel’ Lipglass
    Mac ‘On the hunt’ Superslick eyeliner
    Mac ‘Painterly’ Paintpot
    Mac ‘Life’s a breeze’ Lipliner
    Mac ‘Angel’ Lipstick
    Mac 224 tapered blending brush

    Dior Addict Lipcolor ‘Pink negligee 419′
    Chanel quad ‘Mystic Eyes’ ( my firstchanel cosmetic purchase (: )
    Dior 5 color eyeshadow ‘ Night butterfly’
    Revlon makeup remover pen
    L’oreal HIP jelly balm ‘lucious’
    OPI ‘Alipine snow’ nail polish
    EOS lipbalm ‘Summerfruit’
    Wet’n’wild ‘sugar’ Color icon eyeshadow
    Rimmel nail polish “Steel grey’
    Viktor and Rolf ‘flowerbomb’ mini perfume and refil vile
    Sepora birthday set (free)
    Sephora brand face brush

    Wow, that’s embarassing. Haha it was my birthday but still.. rather crazy. Haha, such an addiction.

  57. Jazz

    Haul: mac package came from last week , a pair of dkny jeans, some dress pants , and a leather belt that was desperately needed.

    excited for : the weekend period. I need( ok its a strong desire ) a margarita

    weekend plans: hopefully catch up on some school work- Im 3 weeks behind at one school , 1.5 weeks behind at another eeks

  58. AngieM.

    My beauty hauls:

    a sample of LORAC Neutralizer (love…covers redness very well)
    a small Benefit BadGal mascara (love…soft, feathery lashes)
    BE Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette (love…super creamy, so I can tightline on “top” of my lashes and there are no gaps & no pulling up my eyelid)

    Shroom eyeshadow (love)
    Viva Glam Cyndi lipgloss (this is a total fail on me…ugh. gorgeous on every single swatcher I’ve seen it on, but it’s orange on me)

    Best part of my day:
    Leaving work at noon (yay Flexible Fridays!)
    Beagle aroos and kissies when I came home (two beagles, one of whom rarely greets me at the door cause he’s deaf..but he did today!)

  59. saralorine

    MUFE Rouge Artist Intense S32
    UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion Professional Size (HAD to have it!)
    Sephora Brand Blush Me in Peche Tendra 4

    Almost more excited about the freebies with my order – my Happy Birthday Beautiful gift from Sephora and a bonus sample of UD All Nighter.

  60. virginiaisforluvrs

    Haul: MAC Cyndi lipglass, Chanel Soho quad and Stunning lipstick, Les Khaki Brun and Vert, 3 Inglot nail polishes (went to Vegas this week and their new store opened at the Forum. Yay!).

    The funny/weird thing that happened this week was that I went to the Chanel shop at Bellagio and the lady totally lied to me couple days ago and said that the Khaki polishes were sold out on the website. I think she wanted to take down my info to ship to me and make a commission. How strange!

  61. happybadfish

    Mac haul today for me. I bought Nice Vice and Cash Flow paint pots. Knight es and Copperplate es. A blush brush and a 217 brush. Fix +, since the weather is taking a turn, I needed to load up on this! My work place is so dry, I like to keep one at work. A few lipsticks and blush.

  62. Rebecca

    Orly It’s Not Rocket Science and Out of this World, China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y and Mummy May I, Garnier rollerball concealer/eye cream

    Making time to play with my new Kindle

    I work in pediatrics so funny things always happen; today a 7 year old told me he was going to sue us because I gave him a shot :)

    Plans: hanging out with my hubby and watching TV after a tiring workweek

    Have a great weekend!

  63. I haven’t gotten a ton of stuff this week, but I did get more MAC Superslick Liquick Eye Liners. I got Nocturnal, On The Hunt and Marked For Glamour. I am lemming Old Gold and Bloodline pigment, but not totally sure yet.

    This weekend I need to return a pair of shoes that I am not feeling anymore….oops, impulse buy! As well, I need to get some rest and put in at least 2 hours at the gym. Yeah, total opposites of each other, but I do need to do both 😉

  64. Dana

    Mellan! Too cute as always :)

    Philosophy Soul Owner Foot cream
    All Hail Mcqueen polish (loving it btw)
    Cover Girl – Lash Blast Length and Volume formulas (on sale, time to see what the deal is with these lol)
    UD Pigments from Haute Look FINALLY came in, can’t complain they were only $5 – I got Rockstar, Goddess, Gunmetal, Protest
    China Glaze – Midnight Mission, Riveter Rouge, Liquid Leather
    Essie – Limited addiction, Velvet Voyer, Merino Cool
    OPI – You don’t know Jacques (Second bottle, my fave dark greigey color)

    Yeah I went polish crazy this week – Ulta had China and Essie on sale buy 2 get 1 free, plus 2 Ulta Coupons! Yay!

    Weekend plans – I have nothing to do! I am very excited to be obligation free :) I’ll just play with my new polishes

  65. valerievanity

    I got MAC E/S in Red Brick and a greasepaint stick in Brown, Now. Also set up on the pre-order list for Venomous Villains!

  66. CeeBee

    Haul: ChiChi nailpolishes in Lady of Leisure and Talk The Talk, plus another auomatic eyeliner in Erotica, which is a lovely golden brown, even if it has a stupid name! I also got Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream, The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter, a new Jordana lipstick in Soft Rose (the colour reminds me of the Laura Mercier Courtisane stick balm you reviewed recently, maybe a tad more coral/peach but still with that lucious shimmer!) a Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Heavenly and 3 Natio lip pencils which are the BOMB. Thye are SO pigmented and have this amazing texture, almost like a velvety gel but in pencil form. LOVE.

    Make time to: Make hand rolled pizza dough and pack for a three day trip to Auckland on Sunday. (MAC counter, yay!)

    Worst thing that happened this week: A massive earthquake (same magnitude as Haiti) hit Christchurch (NZ’s second largest city) last Saturday morning and there is MASSIVE damage. No one killed though, which is amazing and all my friends are OK and doing well, only one has lost her house completely. :-(

    • I have never heard of ChiChi polishes – how’s the formula?

      I’m so glad that all of your friends & family are doing okay and hope everything gets sorted out soon!

      • CeeBee

        ChiChi is an Australian brand, stocked in a department store here called Farmers – the range is good, about 40 shades and the formula is pretty good, maybe a tiny bit streaky (esp. if you don’t load the brush up with enough product) but it dries fast and doesn’t chip too quickly. Plus it’s $15 a bottle, while OPI and Orly are about $25…

  67. Noelle

    My haul this week:
    China Glaze nail polish in Emerald Fitzgerald
    Lots of Forever 21 jewelry
    Leopard print cardi from Banana Republic

  68. nicci

    Picked up Chanel Khaki Vert and Rose…had Brun on hold as well but passed on it…
    My Soho collection comes on Tuesday! I am so excited :)
    I purchased the quad, lipstick, and laque

  69. Wendy

    This week’s haul was MAC.

    A little late to the party but FF Superslick Eyeliner in DF and TMN, Plum Dressging, Cranbury and Parfait Amour Eyeshadows, and Palace Pedigreed Quad.

    I ADORE the superslick eyeliners because of the color choices and it’s staying power, but I cannot draw a straight or thin line with those to save my butt! I’ve never been a liquid eyeliner girl, but was hoping the felt tip would be easier to use and I use the Too Faced Liquif-eye on a daily basis. But, sadly, it’s not the same and I may return the two eyeliners. But is the Palace Pedireed Quad the most beautiful thing you’ve every seen? LOL I can’t believe I almost passed on the entire collection.

  70. I love fridays because of Mellan’s photos :) He’s so cute!

    Just received a packaging from Strawberrynet. 2 lipglasses (Nymphette and Pink Lemonade)and I’ve got 2 freebies, a Max Factor lipgloss and Stila Stick Foundation (which surprinsingly worked for my skin tone)
    Happy Saturday! x

  71. Kim

    VG Gaga lipglass
    VG Cyndi Lipglass
    Plumful lipstick
    Pet Me Mineralized blush
    By Candlight MSF – OMG still one left at my counter
    KVD Ludwig palette
    OPI Ski Teal We Drop
    OPI I’m Just a little Rosti
    Essie Playa del Platinum

    whew! wish list filled – until the next one! sigh…

  72. April

    I had a really good haul this week….as it’s been since July since I have bought any makeup:(
    NARS: The Multiple in Orgasm
    NARS: E/S duo in Jolie Poupee and Rajasthan and a sample bottle of Pro-prime smudge proof e/s base
    NARS: Blush in Madly and Orgasm
    NARS: Lipgloss in Orgasm and Female Trouble (not liking the orgasm lipgloss though)
    NARS: Lipstick in Sexual Healing
    and I got BOS III on it’s way to me!!!!!!!
    I want to make time to start a ton of reading for school, nothing funny so far, and Friday was spent at home cleaning:(

  73. t_zwiggy

    Crazy nail polish haul yesterday!

    CG=China Glaze, CND=Creative Nail Design, CCL=Color Club

    ESSIE-Merino Cool
    ESSIE-Sew Psyched
    CG-First Class Ticket
    CG-Towel Boy Toy
    CG-Kiwi Coolada
    CG-Sun Worshiper
    CG-Yellow Polka Dot
    OPI-Diva of Geneva
    OPI-Funky Dunkey
    OPI-Ogre-the-Top Blue
    OPI-Jade is the New Black
    CCL-Wham! Pow!
    CCL-Chelsea Girle
    CCL-Lava Lamp
    CCL-Tangerine Scream
    CCL-Trippie Hippie
    CCL-Ultra Violet
    OPI-A Grape Fit!
    OPI-Do You Lilac It?
    OPI-Don’t Wine … Yukon Do It!
    OPI-Flashbulb Fuchsia
    OPI-Need Sunglasses?
    OPI-Yoga-ta Get this Blue!
    CG-Beauty The Beach
    CG-Sky High-Top
    CND-Stickey Base Coat
    OPI-Drip Dry/Dropper

    Plans for the weekend: Catch up on some physics homework.

  74. amy

    Just The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil treatment and MAC nail lacquer in Concubine. I am back in school now, so my beauty budget is miniscule. Anyway, I would like to save for the new iPod Touch because I am craving for it. For my free time, I will be reading Generation A by Douglas Coupland this weekend, a well known Vancouver writer. For a good read I recommend The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I read both and am waiting for the third book, Mockingjay to be available at the local library.