Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Guerlain Vendome palette, 4 Guerlain Rouge Gs

Excited for: A relaxing weekend at home!

Friday plans: Trying to write-up my final paper for one of my classes.Β  I know, not exciting, but that’s life for ya πŸ˜‰

This week’s Mellan photo…

I wasn’t doing nothin’!

How do you open these things?

Maybe if I push it over…

This isn’t working out so well!

But they smell so good!

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163 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #044

  1. JayJay

    LOL Great pictures of Mellan!

    My haul this week was the new VG Lipglasses, which are awesome. I also ordered a brush roll from Etsy, in a pink/black zebra print.

    I’m excited for a baby shower I’m attending this weekend. A few ladies that I know from the U.S. are coming up for it, and it will be nice to reconnect.

    I’m also excited because I’m going back to school (at 31), which starts Tuesday. However, I’m really nervous about it.

    Friday plans – Nothing! Staying close to the phone waiting to hear from my hubby.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Ru

    Just a refill of Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Pangea lip balm, and some containers to share some of my makeup with my sister.

  3. elise

    MAC Bloodline Pigment, Lithe Pigment, Palace Pedigreed QuAD, Smoky Heir Liquid Liner, Sristo-Cat Lipstick, Leopard Luxe Quad, Pure Snow Liquid Liner, Drive Me Wild Lipstick, Burmese Beauty Quad, Treat Me Nice Liquid Liner, Uterrly Game Mineralize Blush, Urban Decay Box Of Potions, MAC Brush Cleaner, Lorac Close Up Set, Tokidoki Brush Set

  4. Haul: This week I have purchased: Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation, Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer, Meabelline Dream South Mousse and finally L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

    Excited About: Finally getting a day off. I just got done working 10 days in a row *whew*

    Weekend Plans: Helping my sister with my nephews 1st birthday party on Sunday.

  5. Dawn

    Haul: Urban Decay Vegan Palette, Underground eyeliner, Sin Primer potion, Naked lip junkie lip gloss, Bath & Body works Twilight Woods lotion (got the lotion free with purchase of a autumn candle for the Labor Day Day sale)

    Excited for: An extra weekend day, of course

    Friday plans: preparing for my fall comprehensive exams in grad school

  6. Arantzazu

    Haul: I hope some Sigma brushes… But I must count the money carefully ¬¬
    Excited for: Next weekend girl’s trip =)
    Friday plans: Cinema at night (I think the original title is ‘Inception’, but here in Spain is called ‘Origen’ -Origin-)

  7. NeenaJ

    MUFE Mat+ Velvet Foundation in #20 – I just discovered it and it’s my HG foundation!
    Sephora Nano easy glide lip liners – 1 orange & one frosty pink to change up my current lipstick looks.
    MAC Superslick eyeliner in Desires & Devices: the shade is gorgeous, but I applied some shadow over it once dry and the liner flaked into my eye. Am not too happy and it may be going back. Anyone else have this issue??? Maybe I’m doin’ it wrong!

    Excited for: no work on Monday.

    Friday plans: head to the coast to visit the parentals.

  8. Haul: 2 Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss, 1 Chanel Glossimer
    Excited For: Labor Day long weekend! Out to celebrate my mom’s birthday as well =D.
    Friday Plans: Nothing much, maybe I’ll go check out the new Chanel stuff again lol.

  9. Rosamaria

    Bobbi Brown Metallic e/s in Black Charcoal & Burnt Sugar

    Eyeliner in Black Plum. I know you gave it a D, but I just loved the color so much!

    Everyone have a great Labor Day weekend!

  10. mkdallas

    Awww, Mellan is sooo sweet looking…please open those biscuits and just give them ALL to him right now, lol. My haulage for the week included some good drugstore buys: Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner pencils in Fierce Blue, Intense Olive & Daring Green (these are really great for the $$) and Tarte’s “Maureen’s Favorites” boxed set from Sephora, because I really coveted the LE lip stain pencil & cheek stain. I hate when you have to buy a whole set just to get 1-2 pieces you really want, but there it is. I look forward to your new Rouge G swatches and reviews!

  11. I got a few things from Fabulous Felines! Yay! I got:
    * Palace Pedigree quad
    * Smoky Heir supersick eye liner (LOVE!)
    * Desires & Devices supersick eye liner
    * Marked For Glamour supersick eye liner
    * Spree lipglass (LOVE!)
    * Mauvement pigment
    * Gold Stroke pigment

    And I got a couple of Konad plates
    * m12 – Christmas, you got to be prepared, right?
    * m13 – Halloween which I’m soo looking forward to trying them out
    * m55 – fruits
    * m52 – sports
    * s07 – cheerleader

  12. Monica

    I bought some Laura Mercier Mascara. I am trying to find a mascara that doesn’t flake into my undereye. Impossible, only if I don’t wear mascara on the bottom. My eyelashes are super long, so maybe that is the problem.

    I am excited to unpack and organize from my move. Boxes everywhere, good time to purge!!

    Friday, payday, dinner with friends, doesn’t get much better!!

  13. baby in a corner

    Haul; a smashbox brow kit , the amount of powder is tiny but the colours are really really light which I like! also got MAC elektra eyeshadow in a swap! So jealous of your new rouge gs, I really really want one. They are 34E here which is still expensive but its a better exchange rate than MAC!

    Excited for; surprise party for a friend’s mother tonight and getting my UD box of shadows on monday as its in the shop but I just don’t have time to collect it!

    Friday plans; relax!

    • Hey, as long as the product works, right? :)

      • baby in a corner

        I also got MAC plum dressing e/s as a present – its definitely not one I’d buy myself as its very pink and i’ve a lot of pink in my skintone but i wore it tonight with lilac eyeshadow and it was nice. I also think i could wear it with golds.

        I got the naked palette as well since my last comment – haven’t tried it out yet! exciting!

  14. Dovey

    Bobbi Brown’s new book =)

    It looks like Mellan’s got his own haul! Now if only he had opposable thumbs…

  15. Kalex

    Haul – Stila loves Barbie 1950 paint can (on clearance for $8!)

    Excited For – Getting a sitter and going out to eat with the husband for 12th anniversary on Sat.

    Friday Plans – Watching “Clash of the Titans”.

  16. Joyce

    Mellan is so adorable!! Does he actually like pose or is he just naturally soo cute?! Such luxurious doggie treats!

  17. bluematilda

    which rouge g’s did you get? i’m really curious about the upcoming holiday one…i got bb’s sparkle shadows black velvet (gorgeous!) and black, also le metier de beaute’s whisper blush/highlight..going to get their romeo and juliet blush/bronzer next week!!!!yay!!new makeup!! also want the upcoming dolce and gabbana lipsticks… many new collections…not enough dollars! ps. spritzed and smelled the new clive christian perfume “C”, so yummy…

  18. Rita

    Fabulous Felines came out here this week, and I bought
    from PP: Aristo-cat l/s, Best of Breed l/g
    from LL: Lithe & Old Gold pigments, Drive Me Wild l/s, Wildly Refined l/g, Utterly Game MBlush
    from BB: Gold Stroke pigment, Treat Me Nice & Desires Devises eye liners, Jealous l/g
    I just came back from a work trip, and that’s why I have been able to try on only half of the products, but everything’s looking good so far.

  19. Maria

    Mac – I got BlackBerry and Gesso eyeshadows Dubonnet lipstick and Sunbasque blush
    CCO – I got Heritage Rouge pigment Firecracker and Bright Future eyeshadows Easy Lounger lipglass and Dame and Peachykeen blush
    Weekend plans are spending time with mom. :)

  20. Hi Christine,
    Your dog is so cute!

    Haul: Very excited to have finally been able to order the Urban Decay Naked Palette online so hopefully it will arrive next week. Really looking forward to trying it out as I haven’t used the brand since I was a teenager.

    Weekend Plans: Like you I will be studying. I have 3 law assignments due for next Wednesday and then finals in October, so reading your blog is a nice distraction!

  21. Haul: 13 Fyrinnae eyeshadow samples (woooo!) and first eyeshadow order from High Voltage cosmetics (5 shadows and 3 free samples! yay!).

    Excited for: LONG WEEKEND! Bike rides! Knitting! Cooking! Blogging! MAKEUP!

    Friday plans: Short workday, followed by Whole Foods, followed by some cooking and bloggery!

  22. Annika

    Haul: LUSH goodies! Five perfume samples and five retro 100g showergels :)

    Excited for: A lazy weekend, reading the Sookie Stackhouse series! :)

    Friday plans: A sauna in the evening with my husband :)

  23. I did a teeny weeny MAC haul yesterday!
    I got:
    – MSF Natural in Medium Plus (as a backup).
    – Select Moisturecover Concealer in NW20.
    – Lipglass in Prrr (soooo pretty).
    – Lipstick in Party Line (perfect for fall).


  24. Linnea

    Love the photos!

    Haul: Not much! Trying to get my bank account under control! I bought some used books this week, a really nice dress and a beautiful necklace. (okay, so maybe my bank account isn’t really getting under control, but I’ve delayed any beauty purchases!)
    Plans for the weekend: Clean. CLEAN. Laundry, and hopefully get some exercise in there!
    Friday plans: relax before the hectic weekend.

  25. msK

    I finally got my hands on the Nars Sheer Glow foundation and the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I’ve been wanting these two items for so long.

  26. Purba_s

    OMG…Mellan is my avataar… i am like that with my cookie stash….
    Hauls: All the Harajuku lovers minis… sephora was having a sale for $15 each…I will probably keep the Baby for myself and even maybe Music. But the rest can be stocking stuffers for girl friends..Am I cool or what (see the head swelling to massive proportion)
    Friday: Get out of work early to beat the long weekend traffic
    Weekend: BBQ by the beach with couple of good friends and take the kids to the local zoo (just to show them what we intend to do with them if they continue behaving like animals) :0)

  27. Alexis

    I get a lot of free pet snacks at work – I should ship them to you so your dog can test them out for us. HAHAHA

    Haul – Signature Blue – MAC liquidlast liner – UD Naked Palette (on hold at Macy’s_

    Looking forward to – 3 day weekend

    Friday plans – happy hour and then going to Red Robin’s for birhthday family dinner – scintillating!

  28. Regina

    Looks so cute!

  29. Caroline

    Haul: Lise Watier 50ml ‘Neige’ perfume. (I’m not sure you have Lise Watier in the states!?)
    Excited for: 3 days off in a row ☺
    Friday plans: Pizza, a bottle of wine

  30. Jazz

    Haul : Nothing yet, I might place an order for something though
    Excited for : N/a
    Friday plans : Resting from the accident I was in yesterday( in which my BRAND NEW CAR was most likely totaled). Being a bum, maybe watch a few movies.

  31. Rach

    All the goodies I bought last week finally started showing up.

    MAC- Old Gold and Vintage Green pigment. Fab Feline Eyeliners in Blue and Brown. I wish the brown were a little darker or more coppery. Just a little more zing to it.
    Guerlain – Rouge G lipstick in a dusty rose and an eyeshadow in a dusty purple.
    Chanel – Pink lipgloss and Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon.

    The MAC Old Gold and Chanel Rouge Allure are my favorite so far.

  32. Laia

    OK, so I got myself a BIIIIG haul today!

    Haul: Benefit’s BeneTint, Fred Farrugia #02 blush (coral orange), Too Faced Shadow Protection, Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box, MAC Drive Me Wild lipstick, Caudalie Beauty Water (with grape’s scent on it… mmmm)

    Excited for: my upcoming 10-month Erasmus scholarship trip to Belgium!!! I’m going there in 13 days, can’t wait!

    Friday plans: staying at home, healing myself from a bad cold. Stupid air conditioning!

  33. Kelly

    I bought some felines. I thought more would appeal to me, but I only walked away with ‘Pet Me’ blush (even prettier on me than Dainty), and 2 Superslick Liners in ‘Desires n Devices’ and ‘Defiantly Feline.’ Looking forward to having Birthday Brunch with my mom tomorrow. Mimosas and hopefully some Labor Day shopping!

  34. Dini

    Love the Mellan photos. Too cute.

    Haul: Nothing! Yay me!
    Excited for: River boat cruise on Sunday and the long weekend here!!!
    Friday plans: Shopping and dinner with a friend.

  35. AnaA

    Haul: Sephora Clear mascara

    Excited for: getting things ready for a new college year

    Friday plans: celebrating my 3 year relationship

  36. Cute photos! I used to make the dogs their doggie treats myself… Haven’t done it in awhile though. Maybe i’ll whip up a batch this weekend.

    Haul: Finally got to open my stuff from Fabulous Felines (which wasn’t much – 3 lipsticks, 2 liners, 1 blush). Also bought 2 more Lancome shadows (I’ve been in love with their metallic shadows lately) and that blush you reviewed not too long ago Christine. It was funny because I saw it, swatched it, LOVED it, bought it and then said to myself, “I wonder if Christine has seen this, she would love this!” Then I came home and read your glowing review. Funny! Also this week were a few birthday gifts that were pretty cool too :)

    Excited for: Sleeping in on Saturday (hopefully).

    Friday plans: No dinner party this weekend. A friend of mine from southern Oregon is coming to stay but it’ll be a low key kind of relaxing weekend. We did the party on Tuesday (for the birthday, which was on Monday) and I stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG (something I haven’t done in years. Had a blast though! We did a slumber party thing. I think Jay was the only one who actually slumbered though… LOL! When he’s tired, he can just sleep… No matter where. I’ve seen him fall asleep during a Prince concert once. (Cause it was after 11! Come on! What can you expect! It’s bed time!) Hehe :)

    • My mom does it from time to time–they stick SO bad. Dogs love ’em, us humans hold our noses… But honestly, while I’d totally make them myself, we don’t go through treats very quickly since we try to keep Mellan on the lean side.

      I love that you know me so well, Dusty!! It’s totally a me color, LOL. It’s SO gorgeous. Like it almost has a duochrome, but it’s a blush… and made of awesome.

      Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday πŸ˜€

  37. Haul Mac fab felines on the hunt eye liner…Angel lipstick, benefit bad gal lash mascara…

    Excited for…Labor day weekend!

    Friday nite plans…relaxing n dinner n drinks w fam and friends

  38. Courtney

    Haul: MAC Cherry lipliner and a new skirt.
    Excited for: My TV stand that’s supposed to come today…oddly enough I’m more excited for that than my two dates…
    Friday plans: Attempt to convince my boss to let me out of work early so I can be home for UPS when my TV stand arrives. If that fails, go on a date after work.

  39. Araceli

    Haul: I just purchased the Burmese Beauty quad and the UD Naked palette. Might go back to Mac for the Bloodline pigment looks nice.

    Excited for the long weekend at the Beach with my cousin.

    Friday plans getting to my hotel at the beach in time for happy hour should be fun

  40. Laurel

    This is my first Free For Haul Friday post. :)

    Haul: A minor spree on the Nyx website yesterday – lip gloss palate in Red Rediscovered, gloss in Chandelier and Smoky Look, lip liner in Nude Truffle, eyebrow powder in Taupe/Ash.

    Excited for: A three-day weekend! Time to spend with my family!

    Friday plans: Time for a good, long workout tonight, probably Turbo Fire Fire 55 EZ, which is my favorite Turbo workout. :)

  41. Yumi

    Haul: Drive Me Wild and To Pamper lipsticks, VG Cyndi lipglass
    Excited for: Dunno, I’m working all weekend :/
    Friday plans: Pampering myself then hanging out with some buddies.

  42. Vijaya

    Kittenish Lipstick, MSFN (Medium Deep and Deep Dark), Utterly Game blush, Viva Glam VI gloss, On The Hunt Superslick Liner, Bloodline pigment.

    First week of college! It was fuuuun. =]

  43. Arduinna4

    I just bought the Superslick eyeliner in On the hunt. I think its good but i’ll be sure when i’ll remove it :D.
    Maybe i’ll go and buy the Defiantely Feline…maybe Smokey Heir too?Maybe nothing more cause i’m already broke??? πŸ˜€

  44. Rae

    Hold it: apple… dumpling? Now, maybe this means something else to other people, but when I think “dumpling,” I think “Chinese perogy-like things.” So, apple-flavoured perogy-like things?!

    *does not compute* *does not compute* *does not compute*

    Oh, and of course —

    Haul: Nada! Still going strong on the no-buy.
    Excited for: The start of term (Monday.) Well, “terrified for, and dreading,” is more like it πŸ˜›
    Friday plans: Have to go fill in some paperwork and such on campus. No fun!

    • LOL! It’s kind of like a dumpling version of apple pie, I suppose. But I imagine they’re basically apple flavored πŸ˜‰ Not that I will be… trying, haha.

  45. Kathy

    Haul: Lots of Bath & Body Works hand soaps, 2 MAC lipsticks (Shy Girl and Plumful), and 2 MAC lipglasses (Gaga and Cyndi).

    Excited for: I’m throwing a party tomorrow. Lots of friends and lots of food to look forward to! :)

    Friday plans: Cleaning the house for tomorrow.

  46. Millie

    4 rouge G’s! I want to buy another one too. I only have Gems. I love it but still somehow can’t get over the price. I may get Garance next time. What are your fave colors other than Gems?

  47. Sara

    Orly cosmic Fx nail polishes in – It’s not rocket Science, Out of this world, and space cadet- Woohoo I couldn’t wait to get these.

    And Mac L/S in Odyssey and Drive me Wild

    Can’t wait for 3 day weekend!

  48. jess

    I hauled kittenish lipstick supserslick liquid eyeliner in devices. Also two drugstore concealers. Covergirl simply ageless and maybelline superstay. I also got so rich so pretty nail poliah off ebay because its my favorite color of all time and I lost my first one. I love kittenish its so vampy and dramatic. Superslick eyeliner is bomb but comes off thue corners of my eyes easily. Superstay concealer sucks big time. Wish I could retunr it. Simply ageless is nice and creamy but lacks staying power.

  49. Ludwig

    I hauled a YSL Rouge Volupte Perle from the Fall Collection in Coral Sun and 2 Chanel lipsticks: Rouge Coco in Rose Comete and Rouge Hydrabase in Baby Gold. : ) Christine, I heard they are phasing out the Hydrabase lipsticks since they have launched the Rouge Cocos. Do you know if this is true? Thanks!

  50. Dana

    Awwwwww give Mellan some treats! How can you resist that face?

    Haul: Small CCO haul today – Femme Fi e/s, Rich Life Pigment, Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Still waiting for my Urban Decay $5 pigments from Haute Look to come in… *signs*

    Excited for: Dinner with old friends Saturday, Family BBQ on Monday

    Friday Plans: Nothing, waiting for the big, over hyped, and now lame hurricane Earl. LOL!

  51. Kat

    Haul: oh I’ve been waiting for this all week!
    Covergirl Cheekers Blush in Rose Silk and Natural Shimmer, Tresemme Hair Tamer, Tresemme Tres Two Hairspray, baby shampoo for my brushes, Clean & Clear Eye Makeup Remover, Revlon Grow Luscious (sp?) mascara and a Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner with it as a freebie (!), Annabelle Khohl Eyeliner in Halo, Wet’n’Wild Creme Eyeliner (surprisingly awesome), Prestige Eyeshadow in Comet, Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner, Prestige Sharpener, NYC Mosaic Face Power, L’oreal HIP pigment in Tenirrific, and an E.L.F. smokey eye kit. I never get to contribute to these things, and now it’s like, bam! But this is the last stuff I’ll be buying until the MAC Venomous Villains collection

    Excited for: Starting my freshman year at university!

    Friday plans: Trying to figure out my university stuff, especially my student loans. Not fun, but it’ll be a relief to get it over with.

  52. nicci

    Haul: Nothing – I am saving up for Soho and Khaki collection from Chanel.

    Excited for: Honestly? the two collections from Chanel. How sad…lol :)

    Friday plans: Attempt to make red velvet cupcakes

  53. pinkgirl

    I was feeling depressed this week, so I had a bit of a splurge. I got the new Guerlain eyeshadow pallette in Rue de Sevres and the KissKiss Essence de Gloss in Baie Rose.
    I also got the Urban Decay Naked Pallette and the UD Loves NYC Pallette.
    No more beauty shopping for the rest of the month. Oh, who am I kidding?! :)

  54. Lynda

    Hi Christine! I did not buy anything this week but I wanted to let all ur LA reader know, I called MAC on Robertson yesterday, and I was told they would actually have Venemous Villains in there store a week early. It will be available in there store on September 23.

  55. Carrie Ann

    Mauvement & Lithe Pigments, Smoky Heir Liquid Eye Liner, Utterly Game Mineralize Blush (so pretty!), and Wildly Refined & Dare to Dare Lipglasses (gorgeous!).

  56. Jazz

    ok revise that , just ordered some lippies from the Fab felines collection. May do another order from sephora , shopping is therapeutic right ?

  57. Mayra

    Just got home from Sally’s and picked up four of the Orly Cosmic Fx I got Lunar Eclipse, Space Cadet, Its not Rocket Science and Galaxy Girl!!! So happy with these

    Excited for: My birthday next week …woohooo cant wait
    Friday plans: homework and get stuff for work done so I dont have to worry about it over the long weekend =)

    Enjoy your 3day weekend Christine!!!!

  58. Kate & Zena

    Haul: I bought Palladio oil blotting papers at Sally’s. They’re my HG oil plotting sheets. My mom bought Poshe top coat and some files for us. Poshe is one of those few top coats that never bubble.

    Excited for: Week long vacation baby! I only go to class MTW, and school is out for Monday and Tuesday for Labor Day so I don’t go to school until Wednesday! Yay!

    Friday Plans: Painting my toenails. Bare nails look weird!

    Oh, Zena would kill for treats! Just make sure those don’t contain any ingredients that are bad/poisonous for doggies!

    • They’re all dog-approved treats πŸ˜€

      • Kate & Zena

        Go me to say “plotting sheets;” I meant blotting sheets!

        I was just curious because Zena would love those. I’m constantly making sure there’s no ingredients like “garlic,” “tomatoes” or “onions” in dog treats and food. Good for humans, BAAAAAD for dogs.

  59. Bree

    Haul: MAC’s Full Fuschia Blush, MAC’s Peach Twist Blush,Milani Rose Hip L/S.

    Excited For: Carnival is going on in Brklyn, NY…Labor Day Parade.

    Friday Plans: Putting the final touches on my Carnival Outfit:)

    Have a Safe holiday & enjoy Christina.

  60. Haul: Lipsticks, lipglosses, blushes and pigments from Fabulous Felines, 3 sequin eyeshadows from Laura Mercier, some lipsticks from Avon

    Excited for: A (relaxing) weekend at home.

    Friday is almost over, so weekend plans: Sorting the children out for school (the girls start on Monday, my little boys starts on Tuesday), having a bit of time to relax, do some cleaning, washing, etc.

  61. Jennifer

    Haul: Tokidoki brush set, Nars lip gloss in Turkish delight, Diorshow mascara

    excited for: Seaworld San Antinio this weekend!!

    Friday plans: packing for San Antonio

  62. Haul: From the Chanel counter, Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Temptation and Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle. :) So spendy for such a small haul!

    Excited for: the long weekend! We’re going to the Canadian National Exhibition happening here in Toronto. Games, lots of greasy food, and good times all around. :)

    Friday plans: Nothing! Just hanging out with the BF and kitten! I wonder if she would get along with Mellan?

  63. vanelle

    It annoys me that my trusty beauty shop hasn’t received the new essie collection, that’s the only thing I want. Velvet voyeur is dying to be showcased by me this weekend.

    Excited for hiking/jogging the laurel canyon trail tomorrow with my bf.

    My sister is also starting baking business so she’s having a tasting party showcasing her delectables on sunday.

    Mellan is such a babe!

  64. Mayra

    Haul: This week just bought some drugstore things: Aveeno spf mosturizer, rimmel face primer, 2 of the covergirl line blast which r awsome!! i got the green and purple own and now i own all of them!

    Excited for: Trying to get to the mall to get things from Fab Felines collection, i ordered from MAC and literally more than a week and they hadnt shipped so i cancelled it, now i gotta go to my MAC store. :(

    Friday plans: work, work, work!!

  65. Rebecca

    Haul: SOPI nail polish in Under My Trench Coat and Go My Own Way; Kat Von D lipglosses in Bam, Stripper and Rocker (on sale at Sephora for $8); 2 Sephora eye pencils (the thicker, smudgy ones in a green and a plum); Sephora pressed mineral powder; and Smith’s rosebud salve in a tube. My MAC FF haul was last week… Going to Sally tomorrow to check out the Cosmic FX nail polish!

    Excited for a relaxing weekend with my hubby. <3

    Have a great weekend!

  66. My haul for this week pretty much no makeup since all my money right now is going to textbooks and tuition although I did manage to get a pair of gorgeous boots for fall.

    I’m excited for Frosh leader training this weekend and my first stint as a Frosh leader

    My Friday has been all last minute errands before school starts, textbook shopping, lab section scheduling, etc./

  67. love your dog!!! <3

    my haul this week: chanel's "pink explosion" blush and chanel's "misty soft" eyeshadow duo. your reviews helped!! πŸ˜€

  68. Lynn

    Oh Mellan! Look at all your treats! Such cute pictures of you!

    Haul: Caved and bought the 3 quads from Fabulous Felines, Antique Green & Lithe Pigments and Kittenish lipstick. Also got the VG in Cyndi and Gaga (so pretty)…Stopped by at Sephora and bought Tarte mascara and Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment…

    Excited for: a long weekend and sleeping in, maybe baking and hitting the gym and not the mall (at least for a day!) LOL

    Friday plans: Going to chat with my family in sydney:)

    Hope you and Mellan have a great weekend!

  69. megan

    I bought MAC Smoky Heir liner, Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass, and an AVON cleaskin product! Sadly I might return the lipglass, on me it looks like something I already own:(

    I’m excited for the four-day weekend

    Yesterday I spent the day w/the bf. Went to dinner at PF Changs!

  70. Kelli


    Burberry: Trench and Rosewood eyeshadows, Blush Lipstick
    NARS: Luster blush, Laguna Bronzer
    MAC: Utterly Game blush, Wildly Refined and Laps of Luxury l/g, Drive Me Wild l/s, Burmese Beauty es quad

    I’m excited for the three day weekend

    Friday I mini-road tripped home with my coworker

  71. Cherie

    Mellan!!! I love the weekly M-dog photos! :)

    Haul: MAC’s Pink lemonade lipgloss. Nothing else beauty wise. I picked up two of those 4-in-1 dresses at Tristan which I am pretty excited about.

    Excited for: A looooong weekend :) Might pick up Burts Bees Rhubarb lipgloss today and something Essie’s new collection (thinking the Green polish I forget the name of).

    Friday plans: Well it’s Saturday now… but Friday was a chill night with a friend. Watched Vicky Christina Barcelona. Gosspied. Ranted about life. Good night.

    Have a great weekend!

  72. Nicole

    I did lot’s of online shopping last week including the 3 MAC quads, a lip/gloss and Kiehl’s Cleanser and Toner.
    I tried the toner today and it has a pretty nice consistency and leaves my skin in a good condition. I like it.

    I’m not excited for the weekend, because my wisdom tooth hurts like hell. I have to take antibiotics and have to wait for 7 long days before the tooth will be removed. So, I’m loking forward to the next Friday.

  73. Kathie

    Went to the Napa outlets to my Cosmetics Company store and bought the last of their Mac Naked Honey perfumes ( I got four and my friend got three) and also bought Sean Jean Unforgivable Women perfume as well.

  74. Kat

    Hehe your dog is funny