Friday, August 20th, 2010

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: MAC Fabulous Felines, as you saw yesterday!

Excited for: I wish I could be excited for the weekend, but I have school on both days.

Friday plans: Read through a book that I should have read two weeks ago for class!

This week’s Mellan photo…

GET THIS TIE OFF OF ME!  (I think this was actually just mid-yawn.)

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163 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #042

  1. Haul: Sephora order (Rosebud Salve, Benefit’s Sunday Funday, Stila’s 3 shadow warm palette) and my CherryCulture order (NYX blushes, jumbo eyeshadow pencil, ultra pearl manias)

    Excited for: CCO trip on sunday, but that’s after the “not excited for” PCAT on Saturday morning at 8am

    Friday plans: study study study for pcat =(

  2. Frances

    Cle de Peau’s Extra Rich lipstick in Baby Julia. My God, Christine, I cannot stop admiring how perfect it makes my lips look! Thanks so much for your review of it.

  3. Kelli

    I finally caved and bought Chanel’s Vert Khaki and Taupe Grise e/s – they’re my first Chanel purchases and once you get over the sticker shock, the quality is awesome.

    Excited for:
    It’s not this weekend, but next weekend I’m going to my college roommate’s wedding :)

    Friday Plans – Being lazy… need some me time haha

  4. Joanna

    Hi Christine: I hope school goes by quickly and painlessly for you this weekend!

    Haul: Dazzle Lipstick in Liquid Lurex and I might pick up a Haute and Naughty Mascara today, if it’s in the store.

    Excited for: Relaxing, shopping, and going to a few plays.

    Friday plans: I took today off work so I could spend the day shopping with my future sister-in-law. Should be fun!

  5. Mayra

    Haha cute!!

  6. KimAnh

    I’m on vacation in Florida so yesterday I got to visit a CCO! Picked up some really old/random stuff, but I’m hoping they’ll still be useful!
    Heatherette’s Smooth Harmony… Passions of Red: Intriguing Scarlet 6 warm eyes palette … Neo Sci Fi Delity Lipstick …Blossoming Blush Creme …Fluidline in Brassy …and More Than Mascara in Rich Black from Estee Lauder (WHICH I LOVE!)

  7. Inga

    Haul: As a poor college student I’m thinking of putting myself on a makeup diet :-( I’m lusting after a Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. I might cave this weekend.

    Excited for: A busy weekend, meeting and spending some quality time with friends and family. And excited that a good friend of mine is moving back (to our country) after a year abroad.

    Friday plans: Dinner with my brother and his family and then going to bed early.

  8. bluematilda

    he looks like a vampire doggie!

  9. Em

    Haul: Innoxa French Blue Eye Drops (contacts + eye makeup + allergies = CONSTANT red eyes. I’m hoping these help!)

    Excited for: Going to Maine for the weekend with my parents and aunt + uncle.

    Friday plans: WTL. Work, Tennis, Laundry :)

    That picture is amazing!! Please tell me you make Mellan photo calendars so this can be next year’s ‘October’!

  10. Jen

    Haul: Only “Seedy Pearl” eyeshadow

  11. roberta

    Yeeee I got my book of shadows III that is already available in uk and some crazy eyelashes for some looks I want To do To entry To à contest!have à nice week end christine and à big cuddle To mellan

  12. ashley

    I have bought a lot of nail art stuff from essence and other brands and also a lot of nailpolish. I dont know
    if you have essence in your country. Because i live in Holland.

  13. silvia

    Hi Christine,

    great job for faboulous felines! I am thinking about aristo-cat. This week I got Chanel natural finish loose powder in 40. I always wanted a loose powder :) and I got benefit coralista for vacation. so much for me. this weekend we will be getting ready for travelling and cleaning the appartement.

  14. Haul: Lorac eyeshadow for $7!
    Excited for: My 21st is (finally) this weekend!
    Plans for Friday: Run errands and then work at 5, but hey, I have the rest of the weekend off :)

  15. JayJay

    My haul this week was a GHD mkIV straightener that I found at Cosmoprof for 1/2 off! BTW, It’s AMAZING!

    I’m excited because like every week this summer, my man will be home from training today! The only difference, is this time I get him home for 12 days, instead of just the weekend. However, after the 12 days, he’s gone for 7 months :-( We’re just going to enjoy every day though, and not dwell on him leaving.

    My plans for today are running to Sally’s before he gets home, to see if I can find the Orly Cosmix polishes. They are supposed to land there today.

    Seriously, I think that is my favourite Mellan picture ever!! I laughed so hard when I saw it. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Corinne

    Haul: Got my E.L.F. order with every brush they make (had a code for 50% brushes), Mineral Starter Kit in Fair, and Mineral Glow in Shimmer along with a free sample of Shimmering Facial Whip. Still experimenting but love it all so far. Also got my Lush order with Lovely Jubblies lotion, Coalface cleanser, Tea Tree Water toner, Imperialis moisturizer, Saving Face serum along with 2 soap samples that I don’t recall. The face products appear to be helping out my combination/oily t-zone problems I have had forever. Can’t wait to try the Saving Face serum under the the Love Lettuce mask this weekend. Lush has been doing some wonderfully amazing things for my skin and I love that it doesn’t cause allergies to act up.

    Excited for: Having another kid free weekend. They are still with the grandparents camping and having a quiet house for the adults has been HEAVEN!

    Friday plans: Tonights goal is to be a vegetable. I am not sure which vegetable yet but it will be a vegetable. Perhaps zuchini.

  17. Katie

    Last weekend I got a new Cle de Peau Extra Silky Lipstick (#108), YSL Golden Gloss in #3, NARS eye shadow base, one of the new Guerlain Encrin eye shadow palettes in #10 – Rue des Francs – Bourgeois, a Terracotta Light Touch highlighter pen and a Guerlain Meteorites in the Teint Beige. I love all the products, but I am especially thrilled with the Guerlain products. Previously I did not own much from their beauty line, and this was a great introduction. The Meteorites are amazing, and I am truly impressed with the Terracotta Light Touch highlighter pen and the eye shadow palette.

    And, after spending a LOT of time at the Guerlain counter, I now desperately want a new Rouge G in #14 – one of the new fall colors, and one of their KissKiss glosses. I heart this brand now!

    Not really looking forward to the weekend – lots of wedding planning to do. Which should be fun, but I am telling you, weddings kind of bring out the worst in people! Bleh. At least I have some fun make-up to play with!

  18. Linnea

    Love the tie!

    Haul: Not much, picked up some Essie nail polishes last night in the middle of my crazy clothes haul.
    Plans for this weekend: Boy and I’s 2 year anniversary!
    Friday plans: Pack for said anniversary.

  19. leesie

    Haul: UD’s Woodstock shadow, a Sephora brush, a deluxe sample of NARS’ eye primer, and a Sephora birthday present. Oh, and the Sugarpill I ordered should be in soon (if it isn’t already; I get things delivered to my grandparents’, so I’m not exactly sure), so I suppose we can add Decora and Magpie loose shadows to that.
    Excited for: Three days of, so I can play with makeup. Also, the BOS Vol. III. I need to preorder that as soon as humanly possible, but I still haven’t heard officially when that will be.

  20. Amber

    Awh super cute Mellan – i always look forward to a new pic of him each week!
    This weeks haul – I hauled Burberry lip gloss in Cameo Pink and e/s in Trench – omg I looooove the buttery smoothness of the shadow! I have been experimenting with brighter lip colors and Trench is the perfect neutral shade to pair with a bolder lip for me!

    I also bought MAC Omega for my brows and I love that too – thank you so much for the reccomendation Christine!
    I am excited to end this week already – work is getting on my nerves today!

  21. Samantha T.

    I just love Mellan…he has so much personality!

    Haul –
    Laura Mercier Face Tint in Apricot – very pretty
    Laura Mercier Cake Eyeliner in Black – MUCH easier to work with than gel type eyeliner for me – very happy with this!
    Smashbox Flirty Lipstick – purchased based on the Temptalia review! Havent’ received yet.
    Estee Lauder Double Wear Cream Eyeshadow in Vintage Violet – total gorgeousness!!!! Love, Love this!
    Plans – Catch up on my laundry & go to my fave Mexican restaurant – also hoping to catch up on Jersey Shore! haha

  22. Veronica

    Even when Mellan is angry (or mid-yawn), he’s still adorable!

    Haul: So far just CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation (which I bought to keep in my purse for emergencies). I was going to buy a few items from MAC and Sephora (mostly skincare), but tuition is due today!

    Excited for: Just work this weekend, so nothing to be excited about :(

    Friday plans: Work and errands!

  23. Rebecca

    Haul: I got L’Oreal Telescopic explosion mascara yesterday and so far its great! I like the brush because I can thin out the clumps and get an even application :)

    Excited For: I’m getting my hair cut today, and after that I’m hoping I can just spend the rest of the night by myself. lol

    Friday Plans: /\

  24. Purba_s

    Haul: Ordered the UD BOSIII from Debenam’s website. They dont ship to the US and so my poor brother in Belfast is going to receive a box of makeup soon…he he he (evil laugh). He is sweet though and promised to mail to me in the US as soon as he get it. I am holding a brand new Oakleys as bait…more evil laugh

    weekend: Meh…laundry..piles of laundry. surprising amount of clothes 2 very little (a baby and a toddler) goes through >:(

  25. Jazz

    Haul : havent yet ….but since there is $$$ in the checking account ,that may change

    excited for : I was excited to sleep in this weekend , but since my loud family came in from Florida , I wont be able to get more than a few hours ( I work overnight )

    Friday plans – paying a speeding ticket , getting hair done ,and meeting up with a friend from high school for dinner

  26. Sarah

    HAUL: Ordered a few lip products from the Fabulous Felines yesterday. Can’t wait!

    Excited for: The hubby to come home tonight and the weekend with him. ♥

    Friday plans: Gotta finish cleaning and then run some errands. After that NOTHING but cooking dinner tonight and relaxing.

  27. Haul: Some Sinful Colors halloween polishes, clothes at Torrid, and some random finds on LJ sales. I’m loving the MUFE minis from my Sephora in JC Penny’s!

    Excited for: Moving! Haha. I’m taking my dad to see Pirahna 3D tomorrow, and my mom to see Eat Pray Love on Sunday. And my anniversary with the bf tomorrow! We’re gonna celebrate it when I get there, though.

    Friday plans: Sushi with the fam at my fave restaurant and then home to pack!

    I would say Mellan looks like Bunnicula, but he’s not a bunny =p But I LOVE the pic!

  28. Katya

    Haul: Guerlain Champs-Elysees eyeshadow.
    No interesting plans for Friday and not much to be excited for over the weekend. It’s been a tough week, so I’ll probably just relax at home and get some much needed sleep.

  29. Rita

    I received today my Dare to Wear order. Gimme That! (looks intense!) and So Bad. I have not tried them yet, but So Bad looks a lot like Lush & Bright Lipgelée, only darker.
    Today I also ordered some Orly Cosmic polishes!

  30. Haven’t hauled this week-still working through last weeks haul. Three buxom cream eyeshadows(so far not thrilled) Buxom mascara, Lancome CILS booster lash primer, UD woodstock, Three NARS Eyeshadow duos, and a PILE of samples of nude-y rose lipcolors to review. So far my favorite is NARS Cruising.

    Excited for-boyfriends birthday in a few weeks, time with the animals, time to catch up on stuff.

    Friday plans-Work. Saturday morning we may end up going to spend time with the boy’s mom, and farmers marketing.

  31. stacy

    Haul: Benefit lipstick in Lala Land per your review (loving it!). Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in #23, #36 and #37 (haven’t tried them yet).

    Excited for: Being done packing this weekend.

  32. Eileen

    Haul: Nothing! I’m saving for Bobbi Brown’s Black Velvet collection and for the arrival of Edward Bess at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills.

    Excited for: The autumnal equinox (9/23) which kicks off a veritable parade of holidays.

    Friday plans: Run errands today, dine out this evening. The hills are beckoning, so I’ll probably take the dogs for a walk.

  33. Anne

    Haul: three of MUFE’s new lipsticks (#s 4, 6, and 41) and Ingrid from China Glaze’s Vintage Vixens collection. (I now have a bunch of new nail polishes from the fall collections, but haven’t worn any yet, as I’m trying to get the most out of my summery shades!) I don’t think you’ve reviewed the new MUFE lipsticks, have you, Christine?

    Friday plans: A Single Man on DVD (love Colin Firth!).

    • I have! Well, for the most part. I’ve featured two or three in the Sultry Season, which are essentially reviews, but I don’t do the whole rating breakdown for ’em.

  34. Jennifer

    Haul: MAC Glitter pigment in reflex pearl , Mac Odyssey lipstick.

    Excited for: Possibly going on a date Sunday. And completing books 9 and 10 of the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood book series. Also excited for the new episode on Sunday.

    Friday Plans: Chill, and read “Dead and Gone” the 9th book of the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series.

  35. Thincspot

    I got the Urban Decay Naked Palette (beautiful!), Urban Decay e/s in Woodstock (Sephora LE) and a YSL Anti-Cernes concealer in #4 (my perfect go to for NC 44 skin tone).

  36. This week seemed like nail polish week for me! I got Revlon’s “Love that Red” and “Cherries in the Snow”; I also got Orly’s “Lollipop” and base coat “Bonder” (hope it works!)

    Excited for: having lunch with my family tomorrow, and writing my Masters Degree project (hopefully it will be accepted!)

    Friday plans: romantic dinner with the boy :-)

    Have a lovely weekend Christine!!

  37. livnzoe

    i purchased MAC’s mineralize eyeshadow in love connection.. such a lovely color!

    i’m excited for the party tomorrow.. hope it’s going to be an awesome night!!

    today’s my boyfriend’s birthday.. he turns 20.. we go out for dinner and maybe to a party afterwards..

  38. alex

    illamasqua rich liquid foundation in 105! it’s the colour of my arms and neck but my face was a tiny bit darker, so i’m mixing it with DW Shell and i’m actually ridiculously excited that i’ve got a foundation the same colour as my head! my face looks so much less grubby now!

  39. Rae

    Those are *some* teeth! I would not want to get on Mellan’s bad side 😛

    Haul: a bunch of fragrance samples off Etsy, but no cosmetics!
    Excited for: hmm. Lots of good stuff; I can’t decide on just one thing 😉
    Friday plans: out for dinner, dancing/drinks, and an improv show for my friend’s birthday. Sorry you have to do school-stuff! (Our term doesn’t start until next month, and Summer classes ended earlier this month for those who took them.)

  40. This week was really bad for my beauty spending. :( Firstly I went to London on Sunday and spent a lot there, I got 2 Dior quints (Misty Mauve and Sunset Cafe), the Enigma Chanel Quad and two new Glossimers, 3 Paul & Joe eyeshadows/palettes, the new No 7 eyeshadow quad and Front Cover Mermaid Dreams palette. Then I went to my “nearest” CCO on Monday (by nearest I mean just over 1 hour drive away (on motorway!), but it really is the nearest), and bought a ton of stuff including 6 old jar pigments, a 2008 holiday palette, an eyeshadow single, some lipglosses, lipsticks, and a few other bits and bobs from Bobbi Brown, Clinique and Prescriptives. I’ve also bought a Metal Rock MSF for far too much money just to find out that it doesn’t suit me at all. I’m torn between keeping it for my collection or selling it to recover most of my money. I also bought some stuff from eBay including a Laura Mercier eyeshadow, Warm Blend MSF (I swapped mine away and regretted it), the new Guerlain 4 eclats blush, Avon mineral mask and one of the old Guerlain Meteorites (Pearly Pink) for my collection. Oh yeah, and I got the new Urban Decay Book Of Shadows because they’re already available in the UK! Love it a lot! :)

  41. Nikki

    Haul: Nar sheer glow foundation, Nars face primer, Nars laguna bronzer, laura mercier secret camoflauge, opi nail polish in cuckoo for this color and nomads dream.

    We haved themed dinner parties and this week is tapas and martinis. Can’t wait for our little social event!

    Today I took the kids to the park and out to subway. Waiting for hubby to get home!

    Thanks for all your work on your reviews and swatches…I love it!

  42. vanelle

    Haul: Mac Book pro, itouch, and printer. Those are the boring stuff now to the fun stuff:
    Salsa rose blush
    Chai lipglass
    Tempting eyeshadow
    134 brush
    138 brush
    Backup of kraft lipstick
    Chanel vert khaki eyeshadow
    Might just drive to the south coast plaza mall to pick up some burberry eyeshadows. Antique rose and taupe brown. This lady at my job went and she picked up 8 eyeshadows, so I got to see which ones were great and which ones weren’t.
    And finally: Urban decay Naked pallete! *cue the applause*

    Mellan is a doll :)

  43. Jennifer

    Haul: A set of travel-sized brushes from Sigma, Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara, Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer, and one of the Benefit Creaseless Creams (in Strut). I’m sort of tempted lately to do a Edward Bess haul, but it’s a little pricey (for EVERYTHING!) and you don’t get a lot of product. :(

    Excited for: If “nervous” counts as a kind of excited, I have a phone interview for a new job in an hour or so!

    Friday plans: Phone interview, a new haircut, and an afternoon nap in the shade. So glad I have a few more days of vacation before dreaded classes start!

  44. Dana

    Such a cute pic of Mellan! That tie is so him! LOL

    Haul: Fragrance – D&G #6 L’Amoureux and a LAMB bag I got from Nordstrom Rack (I know not beauty but I love it!)
    Excited for: Baseball game tomorrow night
    Friday plans: Nothing so far, maybe rent a movie

  45. Vijaya

    I got a refill on my Solodyn this week. It’s not exactly a beauty product because it’s a medication, but it’s a pill to treat acne so it sort of counts, right? I also got VS jammies and free stuff from school. No makeup, though.

    I went to my orientation yesterday. It was beyond boring. My school’s campus feels so big, I know I’m going to get lost on that first day! I’m beginning to regret my choice of school; they have a threefold mission (Catholic, Vincentian and Metropolitan). I didn’t expect them to have SO much emphasis on the first one. Being non-Catholic, I’m a little scared. The only reason I picked this school was that they gave me a full four year scholarship because of my grades.

    This morning I got an email from a few of the other schools I applied to saying it wasn’t too late to register for the coming year and it just feels more and more tempting.

  46. Cherie

    OMG Mellan!!! bwahahahaha!

    Haul: Nothing makeup wise but I did snag some sweet deals on clothes at Winners and Joe Fresh. Picked up a BCBG silk dress for $40 CND!

    Excited for: This weekend is so jammed full of things that I’m afraid I will need a weekend from my weekend…

    Friday plans: A surprise bachelorette (who she isn’t reading this…) for one of my girlfriends. Tropical theme so I am enjoying wearing my new sundress I bought for Cuba this winter :)

    Have a good one :)

  47. Beauty Haul: Shiseido Serenity & Spiced Cream lipsticks and LiLique Blush Brush.

    Excited for: Not really anything LOL.. just excited for relaxing, shopping, and doing whatever!

    Friday plans: Hanging out with the boyfriend and his cousin.

  48. Hannah D.

    Haul: I finally got over the hefty price tag and ordered a Clarisonic Plus! Can’t wait to try it out!
    Since Models Own had a great sale (50% off!), I ordered 6 nailpolishes.

    Excited for: Taking some time off this weekend, feels like I have been working non-stop lately!

    Friday plans: Catching up on some sleep after I get home from work!

  49. Elise

    Haul: have 60$ to spend at MAC and I have some friends that work at MAC counters that will sell my a quad tomorrow from the Felines collection early :)

    Excited for: Moving out on sunday

    Friday plans: Hit the beach with the Family!

  50. Rachel

    Mellan looks like a vampire! The tie makes me think of halloween and his canine teeth look like fangs. :)

  51. Erica

    Haul Sugarpill: Burning Heart Palette, Bulletproof, Lumi, Royal Sugar, Tiara, Goldielux, Hysteric; MAC Plummage and Cranberry; and Sigma Brush Set.

  52. Tiffany

    I hauled MAC’s mineralize skinfinish natural in medium dark and lipglass is madcap

  53. Courtney


    Juicy Couture “Couture Couture” 3.4 oz (Sephora)

    Juicy Couture “Couture Couture” Rollerball (for my upcoming vacation YAAY) (Sephora)

    Urbay Decay 5150 lipstick (Sephora)

    Sephora samples & 100 point perk (UD De-Slick in a Tube) + Hourglass mascara sample (found a code on Ebates)

    UD Limited Edition Lipstick Cap (found on Ebay — so cute!)

    EXCITED FOR: my 10 day vacation to visit my boyfriend in Arizona (i’m in NJ — long distance relationships suck!) which was pushed up from November to end of September because….well, because I miss him!

    FRIDAY PLANS: working till 7pm (ugh), then home to relax after a crazy week at work!

  54. Lynn

    Haul: I bought a few things: Chanel Ombres Contraste Duo in Taupe-Delicat, NARS shadow duo in Rajasthan (sold out at Nordstrom counter so it’s being shipped to me, Too Faced Lashgasm mascara, bareMineral Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara and Buxom Stay There eyeshadow in Pug.

    Excited for: staying in for the weekend and just relaxing and I might hang with my friend this weekend at her old place before she moves to her new place!

    Friday: Vegging out in front of the TV after I organize my closet

    Hugs to Mellan- such a cutie- my looks forward to his pics now too! I hope he likes his new bed! Have a great weekend!

    • Sounds like a really lovely haul – very fall!

      I hope so, too! I remember, when I bought his first bed (when he was around 6 months), he PEED on it. LOL.

  55. Etaoin

    Haul: catrice yellow nail polish for 2.79E! took four coats but it stayed on well! isa dora icy khaki eyeshadow cause i forgot all my eyeshadows on holiday and you can dress it up or down.
    Excited for: sleeping after an amazing holiday drove all over south of ireland, the scenery was amazing!
    Friday plans; none in particular, catching up with the family!

  56. tremorviolet

    No Haul in like weeks :(

    Excited for: Fabulous Felines next week! First collection I’ve looked forward to in a while

    Friday Plans: Gym and then a friends birthday dinner

  57. lovethescents

    Haul: Estee Lauder concealer and brow pencil, Chanel polishes in Paradoxal and Particuliere

    Excited for: Chanel Allure Extrait de Gloss, the MAC Feline range you just reviewed (some of those liquid liners are StUnNiNg!), those Chanel Khaki polishes

    Friday Plans: supper with the family, cleaning the bathrooms, watching a DVD

  58. Maca

    You have school on saturday AND sunday! Wow x.x

    I bought some MAC items online through Brigitte’s Boutique, they will probably take a few weeks to get here but I’m excited already! I also bought MAC’s Studio Fix, I bought that at the store because even though MAC cosmetics are expensive here (twice what they cost in the US, Studio Fix was 50usd T-T) it was my first time buying it and I had to be sure of the colour 😉

    Now it’s time to finish a paper for next week x-x

  59. Haul: Rosebud Salve, and Essence of Beauty brushes

  60. oops I forgot to finish my comment lol

    Excited for: My birthday next month, and the Lady Gaga lip glass!

    Friday plans: nothing much, just gotta do a blog post

  61. j0o626

    Haul: didn’t buy much this week. I got the stila pretty in paris palette (only $10 awesome) I got a mac compact that fits 4 eyeshadows (lol I don’t know what to call it) & charcoal brown eyeshadow which I use for my eyebrows but awesome crease color.

    Plans for today: its my little bros bday so going to my parents house.
    Plans for the weekend: not sure I have to work tomarrow sux but probably just hang out with the bf.

  62. cmferrets

    Haul: my first chanel n/p in paradoxal, estee lauder bronzed goddess perfume plus a free gift w/ purchase from them, esse n/p in turquose and caicos-i want to go back to ulta and get thier fall n/p collection ,nyc blushcremes in plaza pink, and big apple-i love how they go on so smooth and have a sheen-got it at cvs for 4.00 each-B1G1, the new milani baked bronzer in glow (reminds me of mac msf or by candlelight and stereo rose-but not that red-LOVE IT! i want to get the other 2-their only 8.99 at cvs.

    Excited for: the mac fabulous felines-want the eyeliners,blushes, and villinous villans collections-want the n/p (orly cosmic fx dupes),blushes,BP,mineralized e/s, and the liquid cool powder, . i just got paid today and now that ive seen the preview/review of it its going to be soo hard to wait and save my money for it to come out,without spending my paycheck! =)i also cant wait for the UD BOS3 to come out!

    Friday plans: clean the house, do the dishes, go out for my birthday to mcmahans steak restaurant w/ my boyfriend. see the new piranha 3-d movie – “boobs, blood and beaches” is the catchphrase for it =)! i loved the original 70s version of piranha and alexandra aja is directing this one-he did hills have eyes and high tension, so its gotta be bloody good.

  63. makeuplover514

    Haul: Christian Dior Addict High Shine lipstick in Rose Couture, LOVE! I’ve been really craving the Guerlain Teint Rose Meteorites since you reviewed them but the $ is holding me back. Do you think they’re ok for oily skin too? I’m worried it will make my pores look bigger:(

    Excited for: Spending the weekend with my Mom and doing girly things together

    Friday plans: BBQ, beer, guitar, friends and family. Yay summer!

  64. Megan

    Haul: NARS Bridal palette, which I recieved from the NARS website today. Thanks to Temptalia’s promo code I got a super cute lip gloss duo with it! My local Lush counter has Bring Your Own Bag Fidays. You get a free goodie if you spend $25 and bring your own reuseable bag. I bought 2 body butters and got a Ring of Roses buttercream soap for free! So excited about my purcahses.

    Excited for: Picking up my fiancee at the airport ina couple hours.

    Friday plans: SHopping trip after work then picking up my fiancee at the airport!

  65. Haul: I swore to keep it a secret! GASP! But I also bought a new gas range for the kitchen!

    Excited for: Sleeping in late :)

    Friday plans: Friday is almost over… But I did some work on the kitchen, played with the dogs. Went to the mall and checked out the rest of FF for next week. Jay started playing with the liners and said, “Can you buy these now?!” Haha! He likes them :)

    I should post a photo of what he does when I drag him to MAC. I have one somewhere (he paints his hand like a face and talks to it). LOL!

  66. nicci

    Nars Sin
    Nars Dolce Vita lipstick
    Chanel Nouvelle Vague
    Chanel Khaki eye shadow – I thought of you Christine since you love the color Khaki :) I would never think of getting this kind of color till following your blog.

  67. Vickie

    excited for-helping my dad do touch up painting around the house to get it ready for sell so i can finally get my dream room (with a HUGE closet for my makeup : ) )
    friday plans-sleeping

  68. Mimi

    Haul (all week):
    1.7oz Bleu and 2.5oz Pour Msr 4 my Prince, samples of Stella and Kenzo
    Chanel Le Vernis Paradoxal & Jade Rose, picottee b/w Chanel Ribbon for collex, Chanel samples
    Elizabeth Arden ‘Pretty’ Body Powder w/free flower shaped&topped box (highly scented, great puff!)
    PWP Elizabeth Arden Red Door Beauty Box (2 awesome palettes in cute Red Door compact with (finally) a decent size mirror)
    MAC Liquid Lurex (couldn’t wait)
    Christian Audigier Laurel satchel (silver, but it has an amazing rosy interference near warm colors!)

    Excited for: most of Fabulous Felines liners (I swatched 4 of them and ran a wet finger over them 2 hours later and they still did not BUDGE!) and the Burmese Beauty lustre shadow!!

    Friday plans: Shop(ped) Sephora, then Dillard’s end of season sale (better bags clearance!!), nommed burgers@Steak&Shake, collapsed in Pour Monsieur-scented pillows and power-napped.

    Hi, I am Mimi, new here and new to beauty blogging. Your blog is wonderful, TY for the Fabulous Felines promo pix you generously shared, this collex will be the first full one I attempt to review! I am starting journal-style on my FB, with my niche emphasis on skin care, bolder color, and general style for women 30+
    I would love to see more tutorials (the video+page info format is perfect) and more of your good advice for new bloggers!

    (blablabla, but I did not want to just jump in cold with a comment, I always feel rude if I do! 😛 )

  69. Nicole

    Haul: I preorderd two eye shadow quads by the MAC Fabulous Felines collection.

    Excited for: A relaxing weekend and a litte shopping tour

    Friday plans: First working, then driving home

  70. Benefit poreFessional primer, benefit hello flawless face powder, benefit boing concealor, mac expensive pink eyeshadow! Not super exciting, but these items make my skin look great!

  71. graychic

    Of course I can’t let a Lancome giveaway at Macy’s go by! Believe it or not, I have never bought lip gloss–have many, many lipsticks, but no gloss. I have so many lipsticks my daughter says I need an intervention.
    The sales lady showed me La Laque fever in Plum Wave–beautiful and couldn’t resist.

  72. hababkuktwofour

    I brought the mini OPI for Sephora collection “Rocker Chic”, I brough OPI’s ate berries in the canaries, and finally three MAC shadows in swiss chocolate, memorabilia, and prussian.

  73. Andrea

    I got the Naked palette this week!!! So exciting!!!

    I’m excited because I’m on vacation for the next two weeks :)