Friday, August 13th, 2010

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: I don’t think I shopped at all this week… been SO SO busy, guess I haven’t had any time to spare!  Which is good!

Excited for: Crossing off some major things off my to-do list today.  Very, very excited!

Friday plans: I’ll probably see my Mom, sister, and Grandma for lunch, too.  And then I’ll have to read for school, which starts on Monday.  Somebody play a violin for me!

This week’s Mellan photo…

I’m totally reviving our dog blog from a year or two ago, and I’ve recruited Mellan. This time, instead of blogging (which he sucks at – he has NO dedication!), he’s a product tester, which is WAY more up his alley. You can visit us over at Paws & Kisses.

Mellan at play! Kind of boring, but he’s totally video-genic.

T-minus 1 minute until total destruction!

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155 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #041

  1. Etaoin

    Good luck with your new school year!

    Haul; went shopping on Sunday cause i couldn’t cope sitting at my desk writing my thesis any longer! bought chanel coco rouge byzantin lipstick which is a lovely red berry colour, MAC eyeshadow in shale which looks lovely with sellout from BOSII underneath it and Lush shampoo bar in the blonde which makes my hair smell like new car!

    Excited for: finishing my thesis on Monday but scared about getting it printed up before the 4pm deadline. BUT the company that sponsored me doing my Masters are taking back my laptop that they loaned me on that day so I won’t be able to access Temptalia for a while! Extreme :( ! My sister has a computer but she’ll prob be using it so hopefully I’ll be able to sneak on occasionally. I’m getting withdrawal already.

    • Aww, you’re too sweet! 😛

      I can’t imagine being computer-less, but I’m kind of addicted. I admit it!

      CONGRATS, by the way !! 😀

      • Etaoin

        I know its gonna be totally weird cause i literally have been on the computer about 16 hours a day writing up the thesis with sneaky Temptalia refreshes! Seriously though we’re the same age I think (24) and in similar fields – my undergrad was business & law and my masters in accounting & you’ve totally inspired me as to what you can build from scratch with some dedication and hard work! Especially with the world economy etc. Sorry if that sounds silly but its true!

        • Aww, you’re too sweet!! :) I’m… 23 for another month, give or take a week. So almost 24. I used to really like accounting, until it got harder, LOL!

          Thank you!

  2. shontay

    Hauls: I hauled 2 of the new mufe lipsticks and I love them. #’s 15 and 21.

    Excited for: The weekend off. I have every weekend off. LOL

    Friday plans: Another haul of mufe lipsticks. I’m trying to limit myself to 3. Maybe I’ll buy a new mascara. Other than that, maybe I’ll see some movies this weekend.

  3. This week I bought a few things from MAC’s DTW – Going Bananas, Crazy Cool and Aqua.

    I’m about to hopefully buy MAC Parrot from a sale on livejournal – I’ve been looking for it for ages for a decent price!

  4. Rebecca

    Haul: Nothing this week, but I get paid on Monday and Im really interested in the L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara, so Ill let you know how that goes

    Excited For: Honestly? Monday when I get paid lol

    Friday Plans: Cousins coming in to town, hanging out with them :)

  5. Melanie

    I picked up two Mac Eyeshadow Refills this week, Vapour and Copperplate (love them both!!!), Mac Pro Palette Eyeshadow x15, Mac Brush Cleanser, Sigma Brush roll, Sigma F10 & F 15. Omg, I hauled a lot this week! *laughs*

    I’m looking forward to a night out today! Yay! Party:)

  6. JayJay

    My haul for this week was… No makeup! I had to go get school supplies and stuff, so had to budget accordingly.

    I’m excited for another weekend with my hubby! Next week is his last week away, then he’s home for ten glorious days before he deploys. (Staying Positive)

    I checked out Mellan’s Blog. It’s fantastic! I’m going to send it to my Mom. She has an 8 month old German Shepherd. All of her Shepherds have always needed tough toys. I can’t tell you how many things they’ve destroyed within 5 minutes.. LOL! She’ll definitely appreciate yours and Mellan’s product reviews. :-)

    • I want to go school supply shopping! Using a laptop means, well… not much to shop for, lol.

      I totally recommend Nylabones, Booda ropes, and Kongs. Mellan has no interest in his Kong toys, but he LOVES the super durable (“indestructible”) Nylabones (I think they run $20, but they last a very long time – we usually replace every 6-8 months because they get gross looking to us, lol).

      • JayJay

        Nylabone makes the BEST toys for dogs that are hard chewers. Raegen (the shepherd) likes her kongs as well. She loves the one they make called “Wubba”. It’s definitely an outside toy though, because she would grab the tails of it and swing it all over the place.

        I almost forgot, I did do a haul this week! I got my Cosmoprof card on Monday, and couldn’t resist picking up OPI’s Cuckoo for this Colour.

        I’m taking the Hair Stylist program, so luckily I didn’t need much for school supplies, just a few notebooks. The kit is going to cost a bloody fortune though..

        • I think we had a Wubba, but Mellan managed to eat through the outside, so that was a bust!

          I feel like I’m hiding hauls in my memory, too. Like I totally bought stuff but am just conveniently forgetting…

  7. Ru

    I hauled “Yodel me on my cell” from OPIs Swiss collection, and though it’s a very fall color, I couldn’t help myself so I have it on already! I also got a free sample of three opi fall/winter colors that were dark red, maroon, and bronze brown. I bought Dolce & Gabbana fragrance Light Blue, and got a free weekend bag as a gift!

  8. Shal

    Haul: Nothing but I might get NARS Gina or Gilda blush (I can’t choose!)

    Excited for: My family to get back from Chicago and tell me about their trip/show me pictures.

    Weekend plans: Relaxing!!!

  9. Annie S

    Haul: Nothing (well, I got my cartilage pierced =p)! but I’m waiting for my vacation shopping bill to come in so I’m saving up !

    Excited for: being able to sit around and do nothing!

    Friday plans: Lunch with mom

  10. Kelli

    – NARS l/g in Albatross and Luster (the Sephora blush collection) – but I might return one since I’m really afraid of the NARS “spoiling” smell and will never use 2 in like 4 months or whenever they go bad :(
    – Sephora by OPI np from the fall collection

    Excited for: Going to my first drag show this weekend, should be interesting…

    Friday plans: Getting my haircut/colored – going back to my natural black hair :)

    • Well, NARS just smells funny so I wouldn’t say it’s because they are spoiled or anything – lipgloss is about a year, I believe. Soo, you could write the date on the gloss :)

  11. Ally_D

    Hi Christine, I’m really enjoying all the photos on Mellan’s blog :-)

    No hauling for me this week because I bought a TON of stuff at the end of July. Have never bought that much in such a short space of time before and it scared me how easy it was to spend! Going to try and hold off buying anything now until Fabulous Felines hits the stores in the UK. Still contemplating UD BoSIII because I neeeeeed Rockstar eyeshadow.

    Going to spend this weekend planning a holiday/vacation for next month. We haven’t really managed to escape from home this year yet so even a long weekend somewhere different will be fine with us.

    (Oh, I just remembered something I bought this week – Birds & Berries eyeshadow from a blog sale but it hasn’t arrived yet so it doesn’t count 😀 )

    • July was a pretty brutal month here. And I’m not prepared for the $$$ that Fabulous Felines is going to run me, LOL! Ouch.

      Enjoy your vacation – where are you going?

  12. Em

    Haul: Clarisonic Mia

    Excited for: Seeing out-of-town friends on Sunday.

    Friday plans: Not sure. The bf and I haven’t decided yet whether to go up to my parents’ cabin in Maine or stay at home for a quiet weekend . . .

    • Ooh! The Mia! What color?

      • Em

        Just white – I get my color fix through makeup :)

        ps – If anyone else is interested, I got a good deal on it at 25% off with promo code THANKS, then a $5 coupon if you sign up for an account, plus no tax and free shipping. Total = 106.75.

  13. Lauren

    I have not hauled anything. AT . ALL. I was lusting after Nars Doucer but I couldn’t find it in Canada yet, so I’m doing my best to fight the urge to buy online without trying it. Money’s slightly tight bc I have a huge trip to Germany in Sept. that requires a lot of spending money. cough. oktoberfest. coughcough beer. I’m excited for being on vacation this week! I’m also thinking about heading to F21 to see what they have in store because online seems so risky for my size. (Depending on the cut, I go from their XL to 3X in no time. So lame. I may also head to Sephora to try on the MUFE Moulin Rouge colour- it looks fab. It is really hard not to tempt myself while on a spending ban.
    As for Friday, my boyfriend’s done work at 4 so I’m picking him up and we’re having a romantic bbq. Love him.

  14. AWWWW! He is so precious! Is he always that chill? He’s so relaxed! My kinda dog! 😀

    • Yep, Mellan is MELLOWS! LOL.

      I mean, he can get excited (bring out food) and he’ll run around the apartment sometimes, with his rope in his mouth, but he is pretty calm most of the time.

  15. I ordered the Naked palette from Ulta last week, but I didn’t receive it until this past Monday. I love it dearly! I’ve been trying different looks with it everyday. It’s a dream come true for girls who love neutrals with an edge. I also got two shadows from MAC, Nocturnelle and Black Tied.

    I have no big plans for this weekend, but I’m just happy to be with my boyfriend and daughter. He works a lot, so it’s cool when we can have a day out together as a family, just doing whatever.

    By the way, any word on those Viva Glam lip glasses? I’m just curious about the release date because I thought they were suppose to be out already. Boo! lol =)

  16. Haul: Mini MUFE primer and HD powder, UD Honey eyeshadow, some Sephora eyeliners which are OMGBRIGHTANDAMAZING, the new LE NARS blush and the other NARS duo (not Rajastan or w/e its spelled lol), and a couple of the ELF look books from Target.

    Excited for: The lake this weekend! And the countdown to CA lol

    Friday plans: Work.. and then I have to rush home and finish packing for the weekend. But, I have a giant coffee and a nummy breakfast. Bring it on!

    And I love Mellan, I show my boyfriend pictures and keep trying to hint that we need to trade in our Chiuhaha for a dog like Mellan. I think I’m softening him up!

  17. MakeupGalore--Abbie

    I haven’t been on the website in a while. Kacey pasted away (my precious girl)for me life has not been the same..

    Haul: Back to work clothes, staple items: skirts, pants, tops, jackets, etc…MAC of coarse.

    Excited for: FRIDAY YAH!!!

  18. natalia

    MAC Velvet Teddy (couldn’t resist after your swatches!)
    Lillicent cremeblush
    188 brush (I like it MUCH better than 187!)
    NARS Luster blush
    NARS Oasis blush

  19. Amber

    omg mellan is soooo adorable!


    i am so excited, hence the caps! haha – ulta had it back in stock as of last night. so i ordered that and an LE Ulta exclusive LORAC set, so i cannot wait to get my hands on everything!!!!!!!!!

    this weekend i am excited to play with my new phone – i got a Samsung Vibrant and it is the coolest phone i have ever had!

  20. Corinne

    Haul: No Hauls this week. I did place an order with E.L.F. for some brushes. Woo hoo for 50% brushed with code!

    Excited for: We pick up the Lil’Dragon tonight and tomorrow morning we head to the Outlet malls in NC to drop him off with his grandparents. His older brother is all ready there so we’ll be kid free for about a week.

    Friday plans: Thinking I might cook tonight. Not sure what yet but I’m sure it will be tasty :)

  21. aradhana

    good luck with your dog blog!

    i had a quick look and started reading through some of the posts…i had to stop myself, because i’m supposed to be working, and i don’t actually have a dog or even intend to get one….but i’ll definitely recommend it to my bro, who also has a two year old lab puppy…she looks a lil like mellan!

  22. Roxanne

    Haul: Does starting to pay for this years tuition count? Didn’t think so XD

    Excited for: Next week I’ll be done my summer course! Then I don’t start Fall semester until the 13th! Finally a break!

    Friday plans: It’s Friday the 13th, and a totally gloomy day outside. So, my boy and I are going to see a movie! We were going to see Inception, but I have issues with watching long movies in theatres (i.e. I fall asleep). So now we’re going to see the Expendables, which is very exciting since we both love love love Arnold Schwarzenegger and action movies in general! Also, probably having pizza.

  23. My haul this week includes 8 more dazzle lipsticks (I ended up buying all of them), but 2 were free as I had 12 B2M empties, the new YSL highlighter powder, and that’s it I think. My 4 dazzleglasses came today, I got a CP from Finland as they weren’t released in the UK. I got Boys Go Crazy, Fabulous Fun, Spanking Rick and Glamour OD, they’re all so pretty! 😀

    Excited for 3 days for myself as hubby is taking the children to his parents on Sunday. Planning to take a trip to a CCO, never been, hoping to find some good bargains.

    Friday plans: my eldest daughter is having a sleepover, 3 of her friends are coming, we’ll have pizza and popcorn and hopefully get some sleep as well, lol.

  24. My recent haul was the MAC In The Groove Collection, it came out late in my country. It was my first haul from MAC and I absoulety love it…I don’t want to use it, I just want to look at it cause its sooooo pretty in the package!

    I’m still awaiting Alice & Olivia here in the Caribbean from MAC, but I have received salary as yet, so good thing its not out yet.

  25. Linnea

    Haul: Not much. Only picked up some regular beauty stuff like cotton pads.
    Best thing this week: Got a bunch of cleaning done (we’re talking like.. organizing the under-the-sink storage in the bathroom!) This enabled me to find a bunch of stuff that I had been looking for, and was about to replace! Also organized my makeup.

    Best thing this weekend: hopefully baking some more, and get some sleep inbetween the two jobs. :)

  26. Haley

    Haul: Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation, Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat Compact, Chanel Glossimer in Petit Peche. NARS Turks & Caicos, and and Essie polish in Splash of Grenadine. I’m in love with ALL of those, especially the foundation!!
    Excited for: Going shopping in Buffalo, NY more towards the end of the month! Get to go to Target, CCO`s, and other shops that us Canadians don`t have!
    Friday plans: Girls night with a few close friends.

    • Nice Chanel haul! I really need to try Chanel’s foundation!

    • Yaz

      Where did you get the NARS Turks & Caicos? I live in Canada too and I went to The Bay and Sephora and couldn’t find it… :( I am dying to get my hands on that precious multiple tint… :)

  27. Hannah

    Haul – I went to Walgreens on Wednesday and they had a huge Maybelline/Revlon lip gloss sale, most of them being only $1-2. I couldn’t resist and bought like seven! Haha.

    Excited for – I’m kinda excited Fall semester starts on Monday. I am a nerd, I know!

    Friday plans – Do some grocery shopping, go to the library, maybe catch a movie later. Hmmm no real plans!

  28. Haven’t hauled this week. last week was so intense, I’ve been trying to curb my shopping instincts by reviewing EVERYTHING, alternated with reviews of things from my stash. So I still have two weeks worth of material before I can let myself crave new things!
    That may not happen, since I’m returning a few items, and that makes me feel like I should be “replacing” them. Nevermind that I’m probably better off saving it for Sephoras F&F sale, and the UD BoS3 palette….

    Excited for MY WEEKEND! It’s been a LONG week with a pile of drama! I can’t wait to sit STILL for a bit without dealing with people!

    Friday plans-workworkwork. Beyond that, who knows? Probably farmers marketing after I get off work, possibly a sephora trip to look at the new buxom cream eyeshadows, maybe dealing with the boyfriend having friends over.

    Oh. And my animals are the cutest because they LIKE wearing my makeup. Both of them refuse to lick my face because of my skincare stuff, but will come up and nuzzle my mouth after I put on bright lipstick. I don’t get it.

  29. LNU

    Haul: I ordered a brush and some stuff from yankee candle last night!

    Excited for: Nothing interesting happening soon!

    Friday plans: Chill out at home all day!

  30. amelia

    well it was my bday and i got some makeup :)
    mac lipglasses in florabundance and cultured, creme bronzer in beach bronze (from to the beach), and a pearly pink benefit lust duster :) :)
    also i had some Lush Vanilla in the Mist soap in my fridge that i finally broke out and it’s HEAVENLY. but i got hit with bad news- ALICE AND OLIVIA FOR MAC WON’T COME TO AUSTRALIA! nooooooooooooooo….
    hopefully this gets changed or something because it’s the only mac collection i’ve ever wanted everyting from…. hm…
    Excited for- September, because all the new TV shows are coming out. (glee, gossip girl, ANTM, how i met your mother, dexter, etc. etc.) also the weekend because i’m going to hit up topshop with my bday money- i vowed i’d buy no makeup!

  31. Nicole

    Yay Friday! I received an order of Fall polishes from Transdesign this week. A few China Glaze and OPI.

    I’m REALLY excited to be going to Vancouver this weekend. I absolutely love it there, and I think their Holt Renfrew carries Burberry Beauty! 😀

  32. Haul: (2) Sigma Makeup Brushes, Katie B Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation & Katie B Cosmetics The Groundworks Primer + Moisturizer, OPI’s Purple With A Purpose (my fave!)

    Excited for: Hawaii! I’m so ready for a vacation.

    Friday plans: Taking my mom to the doctor, having lunch with her as well. And clean out my closet, not too excited about that. More like scared. 😛

    You have such a cute pup Christine!

  33. Elise

    Well I was so stressed this week and shopping seems to cheer me up..well makeup does ahahah. So I picked up my bloomingdales 25$ certificate and my paycheck and got Angle Lipstick Hue Lipstick from mac and some of those beautiful shadows for the dare to ware collection. Was going to pick up a good foundation but I don’t know what to choose. Any department store foundation would do. A build able liquid foundation with wide color range would be great and suggestions less then 60$. Any ideas.

    Excited: for next week the extended family is coming in and they love to shop! and your website.

    • Under $60 leaves the field pretty open, actually!

      Bobbi Brown has a really good color range, though it leans a wee bit yellow (so if you’re really pink, it may not work). I’ve never tried Chanel’s foundations, but I’ve heard from SO many readers how they adore theirs. NARS Sheer Glow and Sheer Matte are nice and come in around $40ish.

    • I love Nars Sheer Glow & Sheer Matte (I think they’re $42?). I’m also a fan of YSL’s perfect touch, if you can find the right color. I feel like those can be a bit pink or peachy?

      I feel like Chanel’s foundations are too hyped up – most of them are too heavy. While the lighter ones are great, it seems to me like it doesn’t do as great a job of covering blemishes as other foundations might. (Like for me, it seemed to do nothing to improve the look of little bumps or the occasional pimple. A friend of mine used to have bad skin and the Chanel foundation she had was significantly less effective than the Dior one she used)

  34. Purba_s

    Went all out this week… ordered the Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia palette..should be getting it today. Splurged on Nars eyeshadow duo in Habenera and the LE lipgloss in Luxor…yummy. Random house stuff on saturday and on Sunday will be spending a cozy afternoon with a friend watching “Eat, Pray, Love”

  35. Michelle

    I had a major Urban Decay haul from the Beauty Ticket sale. I feel like the maority of my UD stash thus far has been palettes and I’m itching to try some matte shades!

    For this week I’m trying to not buy anything beauty-related. Fingers crossed!

  36. Haul: Urban Decay Naked Palette, NARS Taj Mahal, China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection in Classic Camel, Bogie, Emerald Fitzgerald, Midnight Madness, and Ingrid. May go back to get Goin’ My Way?

    Excited for: Sleeping in tomorrow

    Friday plans: Studying for the CPA exam

  37. Haul: I picked up my first Chanel Glossimer in Rose Dilemma last week and was just downhill from there, lol! I picked up:
    *Another Rose Dilemma, Pink Teaser and Venus Glossimers
    *Rouge Coco Rose Dentelle x2
    I loved this combo so much I had to pick up backups >_<

    Friday Plans: Going to see The Expendables tonight with the bf. I love action movies.

    Excited For: I plan on getting a new pair of glasses, I haven't worn glasses for years. I thought I'd give my eyes a break from contact wearing for a while!

    Hope everything is going well for you Christine and have a great weekend!!! By the way…Mellan is too photogenic lol.

    • I wear glasses when I drive/go to school, but I knowww I’m going to get to the point where I will need some correction 24/7. Any advice on contacts?

      • I am currently using the Focus Dailies and a set comes with 90 pairs. They are soft contacts but they may be pricey (I can’t remember what I paid for them, lol). To be honest, I wish I could give you some advice but these have been the only ones I’ve worn! : (

  38. f

    Haul: Urban Decay Naked Palette! Thanks so much for recommending it; it was my first big makeup purchase (besides some high end foundations here and there) and fortunately they held it for me at an Ulta thirty minutes away (and it was the last one)

    Excited for: more shopping, maybe I’ll pick up a NARS Blush and be done with buying makeup for a little while, haha. Why must this be so expensive?

  39. School already?! Maaaannn!!!! What are you going to be studying this term?

    Haul: I don’t think I got anything this week… Groceries? 😉 I’ve felt kind of out of touch/out of synch all week. The exciting and fun stuff has ballanced itself with the OMG and WTF moments… Hurrah for ballance… It’s just been a little on the rollercoastery side.

    Excited for: Lots of stuff! Equally not-so-excited about other stuff.

    Friday plans: More housework. Cleaning out the attic and the storage room so that the electricians can run wiring into the back room (old converted garage) where I will be moving my studio!

    I am going to try to crank out MAC Pigments Part 3 today too! (my old recording room is now available) I’ve been mixing Pigments with everything I can think of and putting them on my body. LOL! There aren’t as many options with using them on your body as their are with using them on your eyes or lips though… I’ve got: Powder blush, cream blush, highlight and mixing with body/bronzing lotion. That’s about it.

    ooh! it’s friday the 13th isn’t it? :)

    • Though I’d like to block it out… for law school, I’m taking Community Property, Health Law, and Legal Profession (which is ethics for lawyers). I have no idea what I’m taking for business, but I better figure out since registration is on Monday! (B-school doesn’t start ’til late September.)

      Can’t wait for the video!

      I like pigments on the nails sometime or mixed with hair spray.

      • Hope Monday goes well!

        I’ve used glitter in hairspray but not pigments. Pigments with other hair product though (Part 4 of the video series, the FINAL part will be on the topic of hair and nails, after that I can’t think of anything else!) Then it’s back to the routine of reviews… I’ve been using the Inglot stuff a lot and have a good idea at this point of how I feel about all the stuff I picked up.

  40. Cybele

    Chanel teint innocence compact cream foundation – i already have the liquid in the bottle but my tan has made it impossible to wear. and the compact is better for work/flying, which i do a lot.
    nars eyeshadow in mangrove and daphne
    make up forever hd translucent finishing powder
    nars exhibit a
    nars albatross highlighting blush powder
    some evian facial spray backups
    2 new urban decay eyeliners (baked, rockstar; i might exchange rockstar for a different purple, though)
    some more face moisturizer from kiehl’s
    and a pair of betsey johnson bow earrings

  41. Nikki

    Haul: I finally picked up the naked palette…love!

    Excited to take the kids to the Minnesota Zoo this weekend. It’s our mini vacation.

    Friday plans are to take my 2yo son to get his bday pics today. Otherwise hang out with the family and get ready to leave tomorrow morning.

    Have a great weekend Christine:)!

  42. Megan

    Good luck with school, I swear those breaks get shorter everytime! I don’t start till next year(hopefully), so I’m living it up!
    My haul this week, the first one in a couple of months, was the Urban Decay Naked Palette, Maybelline Full n’ Soft mascara, and OPI Drip Dry!

  43. Megan

    I meant to add: Great Mellan pic as usual!

    Excited for: first weekend off in about a month
    Friday plans: not sure…just spending time witht the bf!

  44. Dawn

    Alice + Olivia, Digi Pops/Digi Dazzle and Dare To Wear all came out while I was on holiday last week, and I was so worried that the MAC UK website would sell out of most of what I wanted. Almost as soon as I got home on the Saturday, I placed maybe the biggest MAC order I’ve ever done (their fault for bringing out all those collections at once).

    I missed out on Partylicious, which I really wanted, but other than that I got what I wanted.

    I got:

    If It Sparkles pigment
    So Rich So Pretty nail lacquer
    Baby’s On Fire, Hot Sass, Naughty You, Snazzy and Troublemaker lipsticks
    Dare To Dare, So Bad and Gimme That! lipglasses
    Sassy Grass, Crazy Cool, Going Bananas, Shock-A-Holic, Zingy and Louder Please eyeshadows
    and 2 empty eyeshadow palettes

    I also received in the post NYC ‘Spring Street’ nail polish and Miss Sporty ‘Ultra Shine Lipgloss’ in ‘VIP Look’, both free from an online Superdrug giveaway.

    It’s going to be very quiet here from tomorrow, as my ex is having the kids for a week (he only does this once a year) so I took them to the cinema this week instead to see Toy Story 3 in 3D – our first 3D film (can’t have him getting the credit for it lol). I’ve booked myself into another bellydance workshop this week, which I thought I wasn’t going to be able to go to because of the kids, so at least I’ve that to look forward to.

    • Whew! Yes, MAC can be very evil and launch two or three at once. Like on August 26th! And December 26th (they always do like 2-3 on the day after Christmas). It’s very mean!

  45. Emily

    Not much for make-up…although I did buy MAC Graphology, some hair shampoo/conditioner from the body shop, and got Hug Me with Back 2 Mac. But I also got my wedding shoes and earrings! Super excited! I had trouble picking those 2 things out!

    Excited for my man’s birthday today and having 2 day of work! Yeahness!

    Good luck with school Christine!

  46. mkdallas

    Love Mellan and his toys! My haulage was mainly lippies this week: MUFE Rouge Intense in #23, Cle de Peau Extra Rich in #4 Calliope and Estee Lauder Pure Gloss in Tempting Tearose. I also picked up a L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara (for nostalgia) and a Milani LE nail color in Truth Or Bare (very nice peachy nude…surprisingly long lasting, too).

  47. Kate & Zena

    Haul: Notebooks at $00.15 EACH at Wal-Mart. Seriously, having no money means no make-up which means giggling at 15 cent, good-quality notebooks at Wal-Mart. Okay, so the cover is a little flimsy, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a little stock paper and glue. : cackles :

    Excited For: Um, buying more notebooks? It doesn’t get better than fifteen cents.

    Friday plans: None.

    Oh, you see how Mellan uses his front teeth to pull on the ends of the rope? That’s EXACTLY how Zena rips apart her toys. The only difference is that she’s doing the play bow (y’know, front legs on the floor with a** up in the air) while she’s ripping apart said squeaky toy. Funny to watch, disastrous for the wallet unless you’re good at patching toys together like me. Even then, one can only repair a toy so many times.

    • LOL. I think I bought a cute notebook (though not as cute as I remember them being) at Target for $2. Boy do I feel robbed now!

      • Kate & Zena

        There were Alice in Wonderland notebooks ($2.50 p/n) whilst I was shopping, but while I loved them, I can’t afford them.

        I literally went sleuthing/marching all over Wal-Mart looking for my HG $1.00 notebooks and thinking, “$2.50, $2.50, $2.50, $2.00, $2.00, FIFTEEN CENTS?!?!?!?!” : backs up to the display case with the 15 cent price tag : “OMG, notebooks for FIFTEEN CENTS?!”: inspecting notebook for some defect making them 15 cents : “OMG, good notebooks with <i?slightly flimsy cover that's easily fixed? It doesn’t get better than that!”

        I would have gotten the $2.50 binders, but I could only afford the notebooks. Guess who’s going back to Wal-Mart next Friday?

        I think my mom must have thought I was going mad as a hatter. I never get excited over school supplies. I’ve always hated school shopping. I love vacation, hate school.

        • Aww!

          I’m jealous of your excitement. I always loved shopping for school supplies. I think I snagged 15 cent notebooks from Walmart a few years ago. I remember buying 10 or something, and to be honest, I don’t even know if we’ve used more than one or two. I literally use about 10 pages a semester, LOL.

  48. Hannah

    HAUL – Some jumbo page marker post its for university.

    EXCITED – for Reading Festival in 2 weeks.

    FRIDAY PLANS – it’s 8pm now so I’ll probably just watch some Family Guy.

  49. Yumi

    haul: liquid lurex and creme d’nude. went clothes and shoes shopping also to maximize bank account damage.

    excited for: visiting a friend i haven’t seen in awhile!

    friday plans: celebrating my mom’s birthday, watching a movie with my brother.

  50. I got a whole bunch of e.l.f. stuff at Target the other day. I saw an end-cap and couldn’t resist. Inexpensive!

  51. Phoebe

    Haul: UD Naked palette, Alice + Olivia pigment in Partylicious (I still haven’t used it – I don’t know how!), three of the Dare to Wear eye shadows (Going Bananas, Shock-a-holic, and Zingy. My store was out of Sassy Grassy), and two permanent shadows (Shadowy Lady and Carbon). I also got some Sonia Kashuk stuff from target.

    Excited for: I’m going to the Lady Gaga concert tonight!! I got VIP tickets for my birthday and I can’t wait(:

  52. Kelly Marie

    my haul was just today: MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo (and I B2M for it too! love it!), lip pencil in Cherry, and Lustreglass in Spring Bean. Never would have thought that a green l/g would make a red lip pop, but it does! The best part of my week was passing my first nursing clinical, and I can’t wait for the weekend because my best friend is coming for a visit tomorrow!!

  53. CeeBee

    I discovered my local pharmacy now stocks essie nailpolish – for $24.99NZD each, so I only bought four – Not Just A Pretty Face, Innocence, Angora Cardi and Charleston plus I got a free 3 way glaze and apricot cuticle oil, so that kind if made up for the fact I dropped a hundred bucks on nailpolish alone… Plus I got Guerlain Rouge G in Gracieuse, KissKiss gloss in Fraise Au Croquer, a Bobbi Brown palette and an Estee Lauder translucent powder compact.
    And now I have no money left…(but lots of pretty things so I’m happy!)

    Weekend looks like a bit of a write off, it’s dark and gloomy and pouring with rain so I might just stay in bed with a book.
    I am doing my fiances little sisters ball makeup tonight though, so that will be fun!

    • Nice! At least it’s convenient… :)

      What kind of makeup did you do for your fiance’s little sister?

      • CeeBee

        A soft sparkly silver eye, not too smoky (she’s only 16) with a blt of black liner on the upper lash line, silver on the lower, 2 coats of black mascara, Petticoat on her cheeks and a strong rosy lip stain. Her dress was bright emerald green and strapless so she needed an extra pop of colour on her lips but red would’ve been too much for her, I thought. She looked great, her eyes looked enormous and she was really pleased with it.

        Plus her mother gave me a bottle of bubbles to say thanks! Score!

  54. makeuplover514

    Haul: Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Cream (tossed up about this one, still may return it for Clinique all about eyes), Tarte Smooth Operator Finishing Powder, Narcisco Rodriguez for Her EDT.
    Excited For: Weekend at the chalet, swimming in the lake and spending time with family & friends:)
    Friday plans: Hanging with fun and taking advantage of the long summer nights. I saw some leaves changing color already here in Canada and it freaked me out! I don’t want summer to leave:(

  55. Hauls: I bought 6 shades of L’Oreal lip infallible colour in Beyonce red, Azalea, Thistle (my new everyday favorite!), Mulberry, Rosebud and Hibiscus. I also got 2 tubes of Maybelline mascara (Great Lash and Falsies volume lash) because they are my secret weapon for killer faux looking lashes! 😉 At my hair salon, I bought Davines shampoo and hair conditioner in LOVE – they are both in a milky pink color and is scented with figs.

    Excited for: I am just happy to be finally free of all my impending deadlines (jewelry deadlines and paying bills deadlines). Oh, and I finally found the perfect red lipstick: L’Oreal lip infallible lip colour in Beyonce Red. Not only does it stay put while eating a cheeseburger, I don’t get any of it on my teeth or those nasty bleeding lines. It has replaced my Chanel Dragon liquid lipstick for sure – and got it on sale at Walgreens! For me, this red lipstick is the HG. Who would think I would have found it at my local drug store. This week has been a truly pampering experience for me!

    Friday plans: Well, sometime today I have to prepare for tomorrow’s class I’m teaching. As far as fun stuff, I am hoping that my local Sephora or Ulta will have the UD Naked palette in stock so I can stop by and get it. The hubby and I may even go see a movie. Maybe we’ll finally get to see Inception. :)

  56. Lia

    Haul: I ordered a bunch of brushes from Costal Scents, I needed to replace some that were wearing out. I made it all the way downtown (2 miles walking!) to return something to Sephora and I forgot the receipt! Oh well, I’ll go tomorrow. I might hit Lush as well since there is a tax holiday in Mass this weekend!

    Excited for: Having tomorrow off – the only day I have totally off. Very excited about some job prospects, but more scared then anything!

    Friday plans: Going to a friend’s going away party, I’ll miss her so much. It’s a big deal for me since I do not do well in social situations, but I’m trying to get excited by curling my hair and getting dressed up!

  57. Haul – Nothing this week. But last week I got quite a bit. 2 Coastal Scents palettes (warm 88 palette and 10 color blush palette) UD Naked Palette, Kat Von D Love & Fury Palette, ELF Blush and Bronzer duo

    Exited for – My birthday party coming up next month, lots of planning to do!

    Friday plans – Absolutely nothing! for once. Im usually working like a dog because we don’t work on weekends, but we’re off today.

  58. Stephanie

    Big haul today!
    3 MAC Lipsticks: Viva Glam Gaga (I thought it might be too bright, I was wrong!), Angel, and Sweet Bits
    MAC Dare to Wear Lipglass in Dare to Dare
    2 MAC eyeshadows: Mulch and Bronze
    Nars Blush: Sin
    Nars Lipsick: Outsider
    Urban Decay eyeliner: Ransom
    Sephora lipstick (I can’t tell the shade, they don’t write it clearly…)
    Kat Von D Momento Mori Palette

    I’m so excited for this Tuesday. I’m going to Raleigh where they have a bunch of stores and brands we don’t have here like Bobbi Brown and
    YSL. I want to check them out! (I’m considering getting the denim rose palette, hm…) I saved up a bunch. Plus, that night, I’m gonna see Maroon 5! Yay!

    I’m done for my Friday. I have to finish my book for my ‘summer reading project.’ Ugh. But, I did go to the mall (for my haul) and my friend and I saw “Dinner for Schmucks.” He’s a huge Steve Carell fan. Gonna go see Scott Pilgrim Monday.

    EEK! Christine, don’t talk about violins! I haven’t practiced this summer! I’m gonna stink when school come back around :(

    • That’s an awesome haul, Stephanie!!

      I always wanted to play the violin, but my parents feared for their ears when I would, undoubtedly, make mistakes…

  59. Lauren

    Haul: I ordered the UB Naked Palette on Wednesday, hoping it will be here by Tuesday. And I just picked up Orly Cosmic FX in Out of This World, Halley’s Comet, Galaxy Girl and Lunar Eclipse. I couldn’t wait to try them so as I drove home I painted my nails (at red lights of course!)

    Excited for: going to play mini-golf with the fiance on Sunday!

    Friday plans: make a ‘to try’ list for when I go to Sephora tomorrow afternoon. I like going with a game plan!

  60. Becca

    Haul: NAKED PALETTE!!! Finally!! :)
    Excited for: BSB concert & relaxing the rest of my summer
    Friday plans: dinner & relax

  61. Vijaya

    I just went to Sephora yesterday. I hate going to Sephora. I want so many things!

    I wound up buying Urban Decay’s Lip Junkie gloss in Perversion, their lipstick in Oil Slick and Apocalypse, their Naked palette and a gift for someone, which I won’t share just yet, because she might read this. I also went to Lush just because my shopping buddy wanted to go, but the saleslady gave me a bunch of samples (The Godmother, Herbalism, Trichomania and 13). Today I went to MAC and bought their blush in Fever, Raizin and Loverush. I tried the dazzle lipsticks, but I didn’t care for them so I skipped.

    I’m getting ready for my college orientation, which will be at the end of this week. It’s overnight, so the fact that the Lush lady was so sample-happy the other day is great for me (I can bring my samples with me)! I’m all excitedly deciding what to bring. I’m so dorky.

    Also, I’m counting down the days ’til I can apply for a job at a MAC counter or a Sephora. 51 days and some hours as of today, August 13! (It sucks not being 18. BOOOOO!)

  62. Jami

    Haul: .Mac lipstick in sandy b. I reall love it!!! Its my fisrt frost but such a nice nude color with shine! And clairs oil based eye makeup remover. ( Which gets off ALL macs eyeliner, even though they say only theirs will and it smells like strawberrys!!!!)

    Excited for: yard sale’ing and flee market tomorrw.

  63. V

    Haul: Recently found an excellent Asian brand called Missha. I bought a couple of their nail polishes (excellent ones for a very cheap price, by the way) in a nude beige, light blue, coral pink, and another darker pink. Also got their “Super Aqua Detoxifying Peeling Gel, which is for gently exfoliating your face. The site has great reviews for it, so I decided to check it out. I also got the “M Shimmering Oven Blusher,” which is apparently a great highlighter. :) If you’re interested in trying out some Asian brands, I’d recommend Missha. They also have awesome BB creams. Their online US store is

    Excited for: Getting these products in the mail and going to Santa Cruz on Sunday!!

    Friday plans: They’ve already happened. Hung out with friends in San Francisco’s Japantown and went for some yummy Thai food downtown!

  64. Emily

    I hauled quite a bit this week: A BBW perfume, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, MAC Grand Entrance, MAC Moon River Mineralize Blush, and MAC Bonus Beats Lipglass (from CCO), the new STILA Travel Palette, some ULTA stuff plus the free gift clutch, Straight Sexy Hair Straightening Balm,and probably some more stuff that I forgot. I feel really bad that I spent all that money :-(

    I am getting excited to go back to school and I hope we both have great years! I am also really excited to spend the weekend with my boyfriend and the night with my friends tomorrow!

  65. I shopped WAY too much this past week. Eeeek kill me. I now have less than $150 to last me until my paycheck next Friday! AND I decided to return the Urban Decay Naked Palette that I bought on Monday. =( I’d been on the fence about it pretty much since it came out! (Though whenever I look at your review, I want it! Haha, but it’s just not practical for me since I have so many eyeshadows at this point.)

    Over the past week (give or take a few days) I got:
    – Nars Beautiful Life Palette (I ended up returning the Only You palette after I had the Nordstrom lady order it for me haha. I realized I already had half the colors)
    – Nars eyeshadow brush, i think the contour or shader one?
    – DDF Ultralite Moisturizing Dew w SPF 15
    – DiorShow Mascara set from sephora (extase, iconic, and blackout)
    – Perfect Formula Gel Coat
    – Nars Eye Shadow Duo in Tzarine
    – Nars lip gloss in super orgasm
    – Nars blush in Douceur
    – Venus embrace razor! (liking it so far!)
    – Guerlain Parure Gold powder
    – Trish McEvoy blush brush
    – Nars Eye smudge brush
    – Nars lip gloss in luxor
    – Sephora Platinum airbrush
    – Sephora by OPI set of minis for fall
    – Nars eyeshadow in Mekong

    I also tried to get the Nars Rajasthan duo and their yochiyo brush, but the nordstrom counter didn’t have it! I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing, because i really don’t have this kind of money to spend lol. Oh and i bought 2 rings at forever 21 and a top from H&M. annd on the bright side, a good bit of the stuff i bought was with sephora store credits?

    annnnd in other news, I’m excited for the weekend! one, I love the weekend, and two, a boy that i’m hanging out with is back from a weeklong trip! =)