Friday, August 6th, 2010

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: For the boy’s birthday, I treated him to a massage (at a SPA!)… which also meant that I got to tag along (at my expense, though!) – so I suppose that should count as a haul! :)

Excited for: Celebrating the boy’s birthday again when his family comes to visit, plus celebrate my sister and the boy’s birthday with my family, too.Β  Yes, having your boyfriend’s birthday be a day after your sister makes for a very busy week!

Friday plans: I kept thinking it was Friday all day yesterday!Β  I gotta clean-up for visitors, which will not be fun.Β  I’m sure I will find beauty products in places I won’t understand at all.

This week’s Mellan photo…

I was reading a friend’s dog blog, and somehow… I ended up buying three or four things that she had reviewed for Mellan. Go figure. One of them was this stuffing-free raccoon. Which he wasn’t that enthused about. But maybe that’s just because he wasn’t able to swing it around and beat himself with it!Β  (Seriously, him with a tug rope is like him playing drums on his big barrel of a chest.)

I just wanna be friends…

What’s this on the floor? MMM!

I got him wrapped around my paw!

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123 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #040

  1. Aah, such a cute photo of Mellan. :)

    My haul this week includes all the new Dare to Wear lipglasses, 5 dazzle lipsticks, 2 Alice + Olivia dazzleglass cremes and Partylicious pigment. Unfortunately the dazzleglasses (Digi Pops) didn’t launch in the UK, although I got a nice lady to CP them for me from Finland, but due to the exchange rate between the Pound and the Euro they’re costing me quite a bit more. :(

    I’m excited for going shopping on my own tomorrow, I’ve been stuck at home with the children this week and I need some me time. I want to check out the rest of the dazzle lipsticks in person as there are another 5 maybes on my list, and also the eyeshadows from DTW.

    Friday plans: nothing. I wanted to take the children to see toy Story 3 in the cinema, but my younger two didn’t want to go, so we’re not going. :( Weather’s a bit yucky too, so just lazing around at home. Might do some sorting out, I still haven’t put everything back to the kitchen.

    • Whew!! It’s really weird that the dazzleglasses aren’t releasing with Digi Pops. As far as I know, they’re not coming to freestanding stores here either.

      Toy Story 3 was amazing, so it makes me sad that the two younger ones didn’t want to go!

  2. Kalex

    The only thing I hauled so far this week was Smashbox O-gloss Noir. I’m going to Sephora to pick up the new VIB bonus today though so I’m sure I’ll walk out there half broke!
    Mellan is snuggling with it! Cute! He’s not into “killing” his toys? My German Shepherd detroys any toy (even the supposedly tough toys) withing 20 minutes.

    • How are you liking the Noir O-Gloss?

      Mellan used to destroy toys more when he was younger (not that he’s old at 2.5 years), but nothing recently. He’s definitely done his fair share of destroying “tough” toys, though! He does normally shake all his toys like he’s killing ’em.

      • Kalex

        Love the Noir version! The original turned an obnoxious fuschia on me but Noir turns a subtle berry shade.

        Ariel (my Shepherd) shakes her toys so fiercely I get whiplash from watching, and then she holds them with her paws and just shreds. She’s 3 so I don’t think she’s going to outgrow it unfortunately.

  3. Shal

    Haul: Revlon CB lipstick in Soft Nude, Revlon Super Lustrous lipglosses in Life’s a Peach and Pink Whisper, received by NYX Round Lipstick order – yay!

    Excited for: My cousin’s wedding on Saturday!

    Friday plans: Re-organize and clean up my room. Boo.

  4. Anne

    LOL at Mellan. My cat is the same way–won’t play with any toy I buy for him, but goes crazy over things I want him to leave alone. And, like Mellan, he loves playing with stuff he can swing around, or that moves.

    This week’s haul: just a couple of polishes from China Glaze’s Vintage Vixens collection–First Class Ticket (purple) and Midnight Mission (dark blue with some glitter).

    • Mellan has a few toys he LOVES, and we are so, so lucky that he doesn’t tear into anything he’s not supposed to (even as a puppy), but sometimes… he really rejects the things I buy for him! Then I’m forlorn!

  5. baby in a corner

    Awh Mellan has a freckle on his ear, how cute! haul – nothing but i might go shopping on sunday in dublin! feel like a day out!

  6. Claudia

    Mellan looks sleepy and cuddly! So cute.

    Haul: Thanks to your awesome pic I got the Rimmel lustre as well as another Rimmel lipstick since they were buy one get one 50% at cvs and I found a $1 coupon on the cvs table for Rimmel products. I also bout a nail polish that looks like $OPI metro chic but much better opacity.

    Friday: gymming it with the boy then lots of laundry and mental preparation for tomorrow’s blood work.

    Week-end: BBQ and also he’s gonna set up my new blog =D I love having a geek bf lol.

  7. Diana B

    Mellan looks sooo cute in those pictures. I hit the jackpot at my local CCO (drum roll) 1.Mac Woodwinked ES 2.Mac 2N LG 3.Mac Melba and Well Dressed blush. I absolutely love Melba its the perfect peach/pink blush for the summer and 2N lipglass give u the perfect JLO lip.

  8. Ru

    I took advantage of that Tarte F&F sale and got myself refills (2!) of Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara & Dark cirk circle defense concealer. I also hauled their Eraser concealer, and navy emphaseyes liner.

    Going to Sephora today to grab that VIB treat and am also hauling Too Face shadow insurance, UD 24/7 in Covet, and a lip brush!

  9. Haul: NARS Angelika blush and your lip gloss trio! Because it’s coming through Fedex Smart Post, it’s taking forever to get here. MAC is much better with shipping! I also ordered the UD Naked palette from Ulta, along with China Glaze Ruby Pumps. And…. I got the 239 brush from MAC.

    Excited for: My birthday tomorrow! I’ll be 22! Happy Birthday to Shaun, by the way!

    Friday plans: I’m receiving my Netflix movie today and I’ll probably doing some food shopping. Nothing too exciting haha

  10. Ester

    I hauled Boscia’s black peel-off mask which is said to be like a Biore pore strip for your entire face, and an all natural product!! Also, NARS Sheer Glow. Super excited. I am also about to purchase some solid shampoos from Lush to make packing for college easier!

  11. Awwww what great pics of Mellan!

    I only hauled one thing this week, MAC Bold & Brash Lipglass (Dare to Wear).

    I’m so excited, because my husband is away for work, and was supposed to work this weekend. He called me at 1:30 in the morning, and plans have changed. He’ll be home this afternoon!

    Friday plans – Going out to get some errands done (beer) before he gets here, and then just enjoying our weekend together!

  12. Linnea

    Haul: I had a shopping FREE week, but got my order of a couple of MAC nailpolishes.
    My Pet is the cutest: because he can understand english. I swear.
    Weekend plans: A friend’s wedding! (and hopefully some sleep)

  13. virginiaisforluvrs

    Haul: Just nail polish this week and lots of it! 3 of the RBL Tudor pre-orders, 3 Deborah Lippmann (Bad Romance, Across the Universe, and Waking up in Vegas), 2 Butter Londons (All Hail McQueen, Victoriana), 2 NYC, and 10 Maybellines from Dollar Tree (scored some nice colors).
    Excited for: Not having to work! And seeing this Wednesday’s Work of Art episode on OnDemand.

  14. Alli

    Haul- I bought some NYC jumbo pencils! I finally found a place who sells them :)

    I’m excited for a party tomorrow! Woohoo!

    My Friday plans are going toast restaurant with the fammm.

  15. Natalia

    Awww Mellan is so adorable. I love dogs, have never had one in my life but will certainly when I own my own home someday.

    This haul is over last weekend and one day this week:
    permaplum powerpoint eyeliner
    Big Baby plushlash
    Hug Me lipstick
    Plushlash (i like it alot! first MAC mascara)

    NARS blush in Dolce Vita
    Too Faced Shadow Collection in Naked
    UD liner in Lucky

    I’m excited for the work week to be over, relaxing in the nice weather and lounging by the pool!

  16. Em

    Haul: Kevyn Aucoin SSE, FACE atelier lip glosses in Peach and Flamingo

    Excited for: a ‘cold’ front coming in to bring the humidity level down from the stratosphere here in Boston (hopefully my hair will respond in kind!) And going to the beach on Sunday!

    Friday plans: laying low after a busy week – cooking dinner and watching Netflix with the bf.

    ps – I do love the Exfolikate (from last week’s haul) – thanks Christine!!

  17. Cherie

    aww Mellan!!! He is so cute!

    Haul: OPI’s Ski Teal We Drop and a medium sized round brush.

    Excited for: The weekend! Doing house stuff tomorrow and a bbq in the afternoon. Sunday lunch at my dad’s in cottage country.

    Friday plans: Checking out a newer restaurant with the BF tonight.

    Happy weekend everyone! :)

  18. tremorviolet

    I finally got to MAC for Dare to Wear and got Going Bananas, Sassy Grass, and Gimme That. I’m kinda disappointed in Going Bananas, it looks so much like Crest the Wave. I can’t wait to wear Gimme That out this weekend tho’.

  19. Emily

    I FINALLY was able to get my hands on the Naked palette! It just arrived last night, and I’m super excited about using it! =) I also got Stila’s Jewel palette on sale, 2 more mac 15 eyeshadow pans, and more Philosophy’s Purity made simple. =)

    Excited for my friends wedding in Virginia this weekend. =) (And not having to work during tax free.)

    Mellan’s so cute, I should post pics of my kitty at some point…she thinks she’s a dog. She plays fetch and begs and such. =)

  20. Joanna

    I just discovered a place that sells NYX Cosmetics in my city (for some reason I thought it was only available in the U.S.)! I don’t own any green eyeshadow, so I decided to buy Hunter Green and Kiwi. I love them and can’t believe I went this long without wearing green eyeshadow!!

    NOT Excited For:
    Getting a root canal and a bunch of fillings. :o(

    Friday Plans:
    Cooking dinner with my fiancΓ© and catching up on some TV.

  21. Jen

    Haul: I have yet to get my stuff in the mail but I bought Cinderfella, Sally Hansen’s “Hidden Treasure” and Opi’s “What’s with the Catittude?” Pretty small haul this week!

    Excited for: My paycheck, I went nuts with my last one and spent it all.

    Friday plans: As usual, no Friday plans. My friday evenings are time for me to unwind, do my own thing and start with my weekend cleaning chores :)

  22. cass

    Haul: I haven’t bought anything beauty related this week :\ sad but true. But I guess I can say my “haul” is me setting up my birthday weekend of white water rafting!…that I sadly am financing on my cc while I wait for people to give me their money! [don’t you hate that?!]

    Excited for: My mom’s wedding! She got engaged last weekend at her birthday party! So many emotions running through me with that one haha.

    Friday plans: Going out to a beer garden with some people, and then watching an “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” marathon :]

    I’ve seen those “stuffed” animals for dogs before, they’re adorable!

  23. Amber

    Aww – Mellan is super cute playing with his toy! I love watching animals play and playing with them too.
    As for my haul this week, I did some damage! I had to purchase from Lancome’s Fall 2010 collection so I wouldn’t miss out on the Rose Deco Face powder or the eye shadow quad! They are both gorgeous – so far I am drooling over them in their gorgeous packaging! I still want the shimmery plum liquid e/l and one of the long wearing glosses. The lemmings never end for me! P.S – L’oreal’s homebase in NJ is very close to me, so I got my haul the very next day, even before they notified me it was shipped!!! Talk about customer service!
    I also received a VIB offer from Sephora for a free bag of goodies and double points only this weekend, so I purchased the Tarte LE Ten e/s collection, LORAC Little Black palette and Philosophy’s Everything’s Coming Up Rainbows shampoo/shower gel/l/g set (wanted all this for awhile) and took advantage of the special price on LORAC’s Luminizing powder – it looks really pretty and Carol Shaw never skimps on quality, so I’m excited for a new highlighter.
    I’ve also been curious about Alima Pure mineral m/u, as Bare Escentuals does not have a match for my super fair skin =(. So I ordered a bunch of samples including foundation, concealer and a couple of blushes – those are coming shortly!
    So I am excited to play with makeup and enjoy some decent summer weather this weekend – we are finally getting a break from the awful heat!

    • You’re lucky to live so close to the warehouse!! I feel like everybody ships out of the east coast and everything takes ten years to get to me on the west coast, lol!

  24. Haul: All of the Dazzle lipsticks (I waiting till I could get my discount cause I’m a cheap bastard!) I picked up 3 of them with Back 2 MAC stuff yesterday. The rest of them should be arriving via UPS today. I also got the loose Mineralize foundation and Studio Tech for my big foundation experiment I’ve been doing (I’ve also drug Jay into this as well, he has very oily skin, mine is dry, so I thought a better ballance was needed for a complete review. I think that’s it. Maybe a couple extra brushes??? I won’t know till the box shows up! Ha!

    Excited for: Electricians are coming by today to finish the work on the living room! New recessed lighting accenting all the walls in their! Wee! I’m excited for that! :)

    Friday plans: A very low-key dinner with friends. Watch some movies (probably get caught up on True Blood). I had a headache last weekend that I’m still paying for… I took some Ibuprofin that I later found out was recalled from the bastard manufacturer after I spent about 3 days REALLY sick to my stomach. I’m still recovering and haven’t gotten to solid food much yet. So it’ll be yogurt for me for dinner! [Insert a good “MOTHERF#*$@#S” here] Sometimes there’s just no other word that fits. BAH! >:/

    • HAHA! Love it. Not a bad idea, besides, really? They were kind of… underwhelming, I think. Did not see much buzz on ’em, even here where buzz happens 24/7!

      Oh, Jay is a good man if you’ve convinced him into your experiment…

      I hope you feel better soon, Dusty! Stomach sicknesses are some of the worst kinds :(

  25. Rita

    The dazzle lipsticks came out here on Monday, and I got Naughty You, Liquid Lurex, and Hellraiser. And I also bought a Boys Go Crazy Dazzleglass.

  26. Veronica




  27. Rosamaria

    Lipsticks for this week:
    Chatterbox, Crème de la Femme, Cosmo, Impassioned, Rebel and Up the Amp. I was in a lipstick mood! Everyone have a great weekend!

  28. Hauled nothing this week. (Hopefully this’ll continue for another month)

    Excited for: My Cousin’s wedding this Sunday! I love how a wedding bring relatives from all over to come together!

  29. Noelle

    My haul this week consisted of the NARS Rajasthan eyeshadow duo. I back ordered it from Neiman Marcus, so it might take a while to arrive since it’s on back order. I hope not! I can’t wait to see it in person!
    I’m excited for more shopping this Sunday! My mom and I are going to South Coast Plaza in Orange County and I really want to go to Zara and Sephora. I plan on buying one of the NARS sephora exclusive lipglosses in either Albatross or Luxor.

  30. Samantha Kathleen

    I finally, finally got my Naked palette <3

  31. Courtney

    Haul: I got MAC Hang Loose blush and Gimmie That! lipgloss, then L’Oreal Shine Struck liquid lipstick in Turbulent.

    Excited for/doing this weekend: More packing for my move, blind date at an ice cream parlour, and Ninja Warrior at Venice Beach!

  32. Kat

    Mellan = cute overload

  33. Sonia

    Urban Decay Naked Palette-I’m thinking about getting another one for my sister.

  34. Dawn

    No haul this week as I have been on holiday. Most miffed to find out that MAC have decided to put Alice & Olivia, Dare To Wear and Digipops all on the UK website at the same time while I am away! I couldn’t place an order as they always get delivered next day and there’s nobody home to receive them. Needless to say, most of what I would have ordered is already out of stock :(

    Looking forward to going home

  35. Haul: REBEL LIPSTICK WHICH I LOVE LIKE WO! I got one of the Dear to Wear shadows (the pale purple), Blitz and Glitz and Dipdown fluidline, and Black Line pearlglide (I have Undercurrent and Brown Now GPS coming)

    Excited for: Closer and closer to moving to CA!

    Friday Plans: Packing and rest lol

    And I LOVE Mellan pics!

  36. Kim

    Mellan! What a cutie!
    I sadly have not hauled anything this week, but now that my paycheck is in- I’m ready! I’ve had my eye on a Bare Escentuals starter kit from Sephora and I think I’ll have to CCO raid for MAC lipsticks!

    For years I’ve been strictly a face powder, black eyeliner, and lipgloss girl! Over the past few months I’ve grown into a makeup wanting monster! I’m officially hooked!

  37. Kate & Zena

    Awwwwwwww, Mellan with a raccoon! Zena would never tolerate an unstuffed toy. We have an unstuffed fish and she HATES it. She likes to rip open her toys and destuff them!

    Haul: None. I got a wicked headache yesterday from having an MRI. It’s also hard to haul anything when you have 20 mosquito bites all over your body. The worst one is the one on my scalp! It’s so hard to treat!

    Excited for: the humidity going down! I was starting to thing I would die from the humidity.

    Friday plans: Walking Zena, perhaps?

    • I think Mellan likes toys with stuffing, though I don’t think he intends to actually rip it open, lol.

      • Kate & Zena

        Oh no, not Zena. Zena’s hellbent on destroying toys. Zena even has this whole ritual to unstuff them. She’ll normally avoid the new toy for a certain period of time (no idea why), then after I’ve thrown it, she’ll hide away to either her crate, the corner of the living room, the smack middle of the living room, the closet in the ‘rents room or my bed. When she’s sufficiently “hidden,” she nip said toy all over until she finds her “sweet spot” (normally an ear or the left rear leg) and RIPS it open at the seams. She will then fling about the stuffing attempting to get to the squeaker (aka the heart). I then have to take said squeaker away so she doesn’t choke on it and perform muscle surgery (restuffing) and heart surgery and sew the darned toy up again and give it back to her. She then repeats the process on another day.

        Why she loves unstuffing her toys so much I will never know. It’s incredibly annoying to find stuffing flung all over and a dead toy on the floor! I might be able to save the toy up to four times before their considered dead, Many toys a year meet their end in the garbage bin. It’s rather funny if you think about it.

        • Haha! I have never thought about sewing up a toy, but that could be because I don’t know how to sew…. (Wish I did, too lazy to learn!)

          I only buy stuffed toys when they’re DIRT cheap, since I know they won’t last long. Mellan loves his Nylabones way more, anyway, so it works out!

  38. nikki

    Haul: Nothing big this week. I bought a couple Rimmel nail polishes in steel brown and OPI in pearl. Saving up for Fabulous felines.

    I am excited to go to my friends wedding tonight. I made her wedding and grooms cake and I am very happy to have them completed and to go to her wedding and have fun after all that stress!

    Have a great Friday Christine!!

  39. Carrie

    Adorable pictures…The only thing I got this week was Plink! lipstick from MAC. I’ve been wanting it for a really long time and I finally went and got it.

    • I bet you LOVE it now that you have it!

      • Carrie

        Oh, yeah. As soon as I swatched it, I realized it was just as fabulous as I’d imagined. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on it because it’s not online anymore, but they had it at my MAC counter. :)

  40. Jess

    I just got back from Sephora! I had a gift card, so I let myself splurge for once. This is what I got:

    -Naked palette! Finally! Yay!
    -Nars Orgasm blush (my first time trying their blushes)
    -Nars Strawberry Fields lip gloss (not a color I ever wear, but I saw your post about this, Christine, and it looked so good on you I had to try it! And I really like it!)
    -Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Effet Extension mascara (something I’ve wanted for ages)
    -Tweezerman tweezers (the one with paw prints, so cute)
    -Stila Mango Crush lip and cheek stain
    -Bare Minerals foundation (I tried a sample of this a while ago and liked it, so hopefully this will work out for me)
    -2 Sephora nail polishes (little present for a friend)

    They also gave me a sample of the Smashbox tinted mouisturizer, which I’ve heard good things about. But I have rosacea so I think I need a foundation with more coverage, sadly.

    Then I went to the MAC counter at Nordstrom and got matched. I am an NC20, apparently. The salesperson I spoke to tried the Mineralize Satinfinish foundation on me with Mineralize powder over it, plus the Select Cover-Up concealer for the redness in my cheeks. I’m not sure how I feel about the foundation, but I like the concealer, I think. The foundation, I kind of feel like it’s a bit heavy for me. I’ve never regularly used foundation, so I feel a little lost. But I have a sample of the Satinfinish foundation to try now, so I’ll give it a go. I also really liked the blush she used on me (Gleeful).

    Your dog is adorable, by the way! I can’t wait till I can get a dog myself.

  41. Three new Sephora cream liners, Dare to Wear lipgloss in Ban This, NARS Duo in Rated R, Lancome lash primer, Tarina Tarantino shadow in Victorian Punk, YSL Golden Gloss in lavender. All within the past few days. Ahahahah I’m terrible.

    Excited for my weekend. The mans schedule changed, so we now have BOTH our days off together! Woohooo! We’ll be ready to get back to work after that long together! Hehehe.

    Friday plans. Work as usual. Come home, blog, put together more blog posts for later, clean, bug the boyfriend, dream about the NARS Duo I held off on buying, fidget and worry about moving again in a few months.

    Awwww! I have to admit to a bit of relief that my puppy has NEVER liked chewing stuffed animals. He prefers chasing games, and doesn’t really know how to play tug of war. I always feel so bad putting back together shredded stuffed animals after a dogs been through with them!

  42. Kai

    My haul is from All Cosmetics Wholesale!
    I got the Stila Holiday Smudge Pot Set thing, and the Stila Mandarin Mist perfume. The bottle is so pretty, and it smells amazing!

    My friday plans are nothing, haha. I cleaned my room (like REALLY cleaned), cut out magazine clippings for my fashion/beauty book, and need to do some laundry!

    I’m excited about going to the beach for my friends birthdays tomorrow, and sunday leaving for this camp I go to, to be a counselor! Only downside is no makeup there, but it’s sort of nice to have a break, and people not care if you don’t look flawless!

  43. Jami

    Awwww Mellan’s got a friend!!!

    Haul: Urban Decay naked palette and korres lip butter in pomegranate from ulta. First time I ordered from there. I don’t have an ulta or sephora with in hours of my house. :( so everything must be bought over internet. I think I’m more excited to try the lip butter. I’ve never had it before. :)

  44. nicci

    Haul – Going to pick up Misty Soft tonight after work at Nordstrom, the new Chanel duos :)

    Excited for – getting my hair cut!

  45. Dana

    Big CCO haul today, all MAC:
    Nail Polish: Rich Dark Delicious, Baby Goth Girl and Seriously Hip
    Pearlglide Liners: Black Russian & Fly by Blu
    Pigments: Blonde’s Gold, Univeral Mix & Melon
    Eye Shadow: Meet the Fleet
    Fix Plus

    I also got the Brazilian Keratin Treatment done on my hair earlier in the week, I consider that a haul LOL

    Excited For: Baby shower tomorrow

    Friday Plans: nothing, hanging out at home

  46. Shannon

    This week I went to Toronto!!! I hauled the Tarina Tarantino Fuscia Revolution Brush Set. I visited 2 Sephora stores that day :) I also hauled Bare Minerals yesterday, and today I bought MAC’s Girl About Town lipstick :) I love it!!!

  47. Vickie

    haul- absolutely nothing! im on a makeup no buy until Venomous Villians. So far so good its been 3 weeks and another seven to go..BOO hopefully i can make it lol

    excited for-one of my old coworkers are leavin the place where i used to work so a couple of us are going out to dinner to celebrate. and then beach on sunday

    mellan is too cute!

  48. Pang

    I received my Naked palette yesterday and used it today. I can’t get over how pretty this palette is. I took it to work to show off, lol.

  49. Kim L

    I got the Urban decay naked palette, Laura mercier’s Bonne Mine and my friend gave me a kindle dx today.
    Im excited coz I benched 35 lb dumbbells in my workout today and leg pressed over 400 lbs!
    What a friday it has been!

  50. Jenn

    I finally decided that it was time for me to learn how to use eyeshadows, so I headed over to MAC to build a quad! I got Patina, Smut, Mylar and Shroom. Can’t wait to recieve them!

  51. Ashley

    I basically went shopping for College supplies. I’m so excited!
    For dinner my parents and I ate at In-N-Out lol :)

  52. habakuktwofour

    I hauled nail polish from the new OPI Swiss collection and the color club debutante collection. I picked up a Mac palette and three shadows including
    togetherness. Last I went to Yankee Candle and picked up maple
    pancake candle and a cute holder.

  53. I’m a little late and I was pretty bad this week LOL!

    I ordered R&R blushes in Bedroom and Foreplay as well as Drama Queen lipgloss (and Spank blush for a friend) from BeautyStory. I also bought MAC Shell Pearl, MAC Merrily and a mini of Guerlain’s Pink Fresh meteorites from a blogsale (and they arrived today actually!). Aaaand, not quite by Friday, but earlier today I went to Sephora for the VIB event and got $OPI Only Gold for Me and the Korres Pomegranate moisturizer (unfortunately they ran out of the swag bag while I was there, but I got an alternate set of goodies) … and then went to Nordie’s and splurged a bit on Chanel Rouge Allure in Delicieuses and Galactic glossimer. πŸ˜€

  54. livnzoe

    i bought my first mac palette and the eyeshadows typographic, contrast, and copperplate..
    i also bought biotherm’s bodyspray in eau paradis.. i have allready my 3rd bottle of eau pure.. and i love both!
    i also bought clinique’s cleanser number 2
    .. and a lot of clothes and jewellery..!! i was in barcelona for a whole week!

  55. Stacey M

    I hauled yesterday and didn’t wanna wait till next week so I’m sharing now.
    I went to my local CCO and got a ton of stuff.
    I picked up one of the Christmas brush kits.
    Porcelain Pink MSF
    Cheeky Bronze MSF
    Refined MSF
    Moon River Mineralied Blush
    Shadowy Lady Quad
    Maira’s Mood e/s
    Pretty stoked!!

  56. Grace

    Haul: I ordered my Philosophy Purity Made Simple Highly Foaming Cleanser from Sephora and a crystal nail file… they’re supposed to never ‘run out’. I got a Clinique Moisture surge cream from their skincare challenge and a VIB thingy. (7 100 point gifts and a bag, best deal of the century for Sephora!)

    Excited for: Getting home… I”m on vacation and I’m tanned/burned. I need my exfoliator.

    Friday plans: swim swim swim in maui!