Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Well, I got Stereo Rose in the mail from MAC… the one that was backordered.  So, that was unexpected.  And hence, we had a giveaway!

Excited for: Seeing Wicked (the play)!

Friday plans: Help the boy find a nice pair of pants!  I wish I could say I was going to Wife Swap it up, but I’ve now watched every episode produced. Boo.

This week’s Mellan photo…

Wait, tell me again. You think you’re cuter than me?  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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296 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #038

  1. Roxanne

    I’m going to need surgery because my heart is melting ♥ MELLAN!

  2. Faye

    I love Mellan’s photo. He looks like he’s auditioning for a Scream movie :).

    I hauled fall cosmetics this week — Lancome (the three lipsticks, two of the glosses, the rose-shaped blush, and the nail polish set); China Glaze Vintage Vixen (4 or 5 of them); Dior (Pink Design quint, Ruby and Plum Serum de Rouges); NARS (Daphne eye shadow and Strawberry Fields gloss); and Estee Lauder (the Blue Dahlia eye shadow quad and the Midnight Bloom Gloss and Lipstick). It was definitely a makeup-full week :).

    • He wouldn’t say no to an acting gig, I’m sure!

      Lovely hauls, Faye!

      • Faye

        Thanks! And your swatches are to blame for more than a few of those purchases, LOL. Oh well, this is how I am — I’ll haul a lot at once and then go for a long time without getting anything. I’ll try to be good until the holiday collections come out, because I have so freaking much already, and no matter how well organized I try to keep things it seems like a bit much. But makeup is about love as much as need, at least for me :).

  3. kasiaj85

    I didn’t manage to buy my much-coveted Stereo Rose, but maybe there’s still a chance, rumour has it that in one MAC store in Poland there are some left…yeah 😉
    The week was rather OK. Still finding it hard to start writing my MA thesis, still browsing the net in search of nice stuff, been into LUSH lately (loving them)and even more so into the upcoming Disney collection, just can’t wait to see those raspberrish lipglosses and the red lipstick.
    Christine, which product from the Disney Collection interests you most? :)

    • kasiaj85

      P.S. And Mellan is just one cute guy, really!
      I lost my 2year old kitty two weeks ago, nightmare… :(
      Seeing Mellan so happy just lifts my spirit up!

      • Oh no :( I’m so sorry to hear about that – I can’t imagine what you are going through. *hugs*

        • kasiaj85

          Thanks :*
          I’m holding up somehow. It’s just so strange – people really miss their pets as much as they miss other family members… Still I have my other cuties to look after. :)

    • Hope you’ll get yours :)

      Probably the nail polishes.

  4. AshleyMarie

    Haul: MAC Melba blush and Swimming eyeshadow.

    Excited for: My friend’s baby shower on Sunday

    Friday Plans: Work and then probably just relaxing with friends.

    ps…pick me! :)

  5. Leea

    Haul: The Body Shop shower gel 400ml in Satsuma.

    Excited for: a camp i’m going to on sunday. : )

    Friday plans: meeting a girl who’s school i’m going to !

  6. cass

    Best thing that happened this week: saw Inception! OMG it was AMAZING! Words cannot explain.

    Haul: Nothing! I’m trying to be good so I can straighten out my money situation…

    Excited for: I’m going to a “That 70’s Show” themed party tonight! SO excited, even though I still can’t decide on what to wear or how to do my make up for it!

    Mellan looks adorable here! Ah! But he always does hahaha. :]

  7. baby in a corner

    That pic is so funny! Enjoy wicked, I ADORE musicals and have always wanted to see it! My Mom saw it in the west end in London and loved it! ‘I think I’ll try defying gravity’!

    I got gosh’s rainbow this week eventhough i’m meant to be good, it only got €8.50 anyway! put it over coral and its super sparkly!

    • It sounds like it’s going to be a winner :)

      That’s not bad – at least you didn’t totally blow it! 😛

      • baby in a corner

        Its flakies like the nubar one you reviewed before. My Mom said it looked gaudy but she only owns about three pieces of makeup and prefers the natural look! Still working on my thesis, its pretty slow, going to be a long weekend!

        • Gotcha!

          Pfft, what do Moms know 😛

          • baby in a corner

            I really appreciate your personal replies Christine! its amazing to be honest!

            My Mom is really out of fashion when it comes to makeup but she won’t let me give her advice! she wears one coat of red polish so its so sheer and i tell her its meant to be opaque! oh well i’m sure its hard taking advice from your daughter who is younger than you!

            • My mom doesn’t wear makeup at all, so I can completely relate!

            • baby in a corner

              LOL! She only wears it for weddings but i’m under strict instructions not to make her look ‘like a painted doll’!! I had this childminder when i was younger and she was soo glamourous, she always wore lipstick even just around the house and dark pink/plum nail varnish. I think i got my love of makeup from her cause I always used to beg to wear some lipstick but at 7 it wasn’t appropriate!! so i associated it with glamour and grown-upness!

            • Hahaha! I love it 😉

  8. Laura

    Haul- nothing until Sunday. Getting a makeup at MAC so I have to buy $50 worth of products. Going to ask them to recreat your violet glow look for me.

    Excited for- getting my makeup done bc Sunday I am going to the lady gaga concert!!!

    Friday plans- going to the mall to find a lady gaga shirt and then going to the movies to see inception

    Btw I saw wicked last Saturday and OMG it was Awesome!!!!! Better than the lion king show!!! And I am wearing the I heart oz tee shirt today!!!!! Have fun!!

  9. Kalex

    Haul – Waiting for my backordered Stereo Rose to arrive and for my Nars Rajasthan duo and lippies trio(thanks!).

    Weekend – Taking the kids to see “Despicable Me” (I think I’m as excited to see it as they are).

  10. Ariel

    Haul: Fresh Sugar Plum lip treatment, Fresh mini mascara duo (firebird & supernova), OPI nail polish in Casting Call, Fresh Corazon del Mar eyeshadow trio, Nars Sheer Glow

    Excited for: the iced chai latte I am currently drinking

    Friday plans: Shopping for the boyfriend’s birthday present, studying at the library

  11. Keener

    Haul: Nars Funny Face lipstick and Bahama Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (think that’s what it’s called). Both are lovely.

    Excited for: Spending time with the fam and friends this weekend

    Friday plans: Staying in with a movie

  12. Kelli

    Haul: This week was all NARS…
    – Strawberry Fields l/g
    – Coconut Grove Eyeshadow
    – Rajasthan Eyeshadow Duo
    – Kuala Lumpar Eyeshadow Duo
    Plus 2 free goodies w/ a Temptalia code and one from Karlasugar

    Excited for: I’m going home to pet sit and get to see my kitty! Haven’t seen her in months :(

    Friday plans: Braving weekend traffic to get home to do the above

    You’ll love Wicked. It’s the best musical I’ve seen; went to see it 3 time already :)

  13. Ru

    Wicked is absolutly amazing! My husband (then boyfriend) took me for my birthday once, and I was blown away. Enjoy!

    This week I hauled: Tarte try me set special from QVC. The price was so good I couldn’t resist. It included Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara, the Amazonian Clay Liner/Shadow in black + brush, cheek tint, and a beige duo eyeshadow. I bought the sun kit for $10 at Sephora to try those little prodcuts, also brush cleaners and brush shampoo. I also bought Bobby Browns gel liner in shimmering graphite. I wanted denim ink but saw that and had to have it. I also took advantage of that Estee Lauder night repair serum sample!

    We’re moving this weekend! Bigger place- MY OWN BATHROOM! So i can do my makeup in peace :)

  14. Bridget S.

    Christine, I look forward to every Friday, just to see Mellan’s little face!
    My haul this week was: Estee Lauder quints from the new Fall collection in Blue Dahlia and Surreal Violet, along with Orchid Dream lip colour. Beautiful colour payoff in the eye shadows!
    Weekend plans: to vegetate on the couch!

  15. Lauren

    Haul: Mineralize Foundation. Super boring.

    Excited for: the weekend! TGIF

    Friday plans: Bonnie. Boo. I had beach plans.

  16. Shal

    HAUL: Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, UD Naked Palette, MAC Lipglass in Nymphette

    EXCITED FOR: Lunch time!

    WEEKEND PLANS: Going to Montreal for the weekend to celebrate my friend’s birthday. :)

  17. Nicole

    Yay Friday! Yesterday I picked a few things from the Dior fall collection. Tailored Mauve Ultra gloss and Spectaular Mauve lipstick! They’re my first ever mauve lip products…I’ve always gone for pinks and corals. So I’m really excited to wear these in the fall!

    Also, I ordered online the Butter London nail polish “All Hail McQueen.”

  18. Loren

    Ok, so you got your backordered stereo rose today? Did MAC send you a shipping confirmation when they shipped it or did it just show up? I was wondering because I ordered mine an hour after it came out online and they sent me an email a few hours later saying it was backordered. They never cancelled the order, but they haven’t said they’re sending it yet either. Just wondering if I should keep waiting on it.

    • I got it yesterday AM :) It just showed up at the door!

    • Kalex

      I knew mine was coming because I saw a new charge from MAC pending on my credit card. They don’t charge until they ship. Check your recent charges on your card or call MAC with your order number. I bet they’ll tell you it’s on its way!

  19. julia

    haul: this week i hauled band of roses blush from into the groove and parisienne edp by ysl. i’ve been wanting this so much for more than half a year now. furthermore, i recievd my lush order from the uk containing some recently launched items.
    excited for: going to the us next week for two months
    friday plans: meeting my best freind tonight. fun : )

  20. Kayvid

    Wow! Those are some sparkling white teeth! He’s the cutest pet online…

  21. Andrea

    Heeee is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. Hes pics are always nice

    Over here we have a crazy one her Name is Nana.When we arrive home we see her being friendly, playing, even sniffing other dogs from the neighborhood.
    Once she sees the car coming ( the car we are in )Her attitude changes she start barking or chasing at the dogs she was friendly with in their own backyard.You can clearly see a confused expression in the other dogs face,I think they have no clue what is wrong with her LOL.
    Poor other dogs sometimes they are just minding their own business
    calmly in their own backyard, and crazy Nana comes from nowhere for no reason barking, scaring and threaten them ,Just because we came home
    Hahahaha what an actress.

    Do you think she is NUTS LOL ?

  22. Rebecca

    Haul: I picked up Atlantic Blue on Monday after lusting at the MAC Counter over the Dare to Wear Collection that the artist let me preview!

    Excited For: Water Country on Sunday!! And testing out Atlanic Blue later :)

    Friday Plans: Not sure yet, I know there will definitely be a trip to Walmart for groceries though! Maybe a new DVD player too since mine gave out the other day when I wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince :(

  23. Becca

    Just some swaps – getting Dior Incognito (a longtime lemming) in the mail!
    Excited for vacation – going to FL to do the baby tour – I can’t wait to see my grandma when she meets my son for the first time.
    Friday plans? Quiet night at home with the baby.

  24. Amber

    Hahaha – omg that Mellan pic made me laugh out loud! He is adorable.
    As for my haul, Chanel offered free shipping on any purchase, so I was able to order Chalys and just got it in the mail yesterday! I have yet to try it on, but it looks simply divine.

  25. Love the Mellan photo! Enjoy Wicked.
    My haul for this week includes Jazzed and Milani’s Rose Fetish. Looking forward to lots of cooking with friends this weekend.

  26. Arantzazu

    Haul: This week nothing for me. But for a friend’s birthday we bought 3 eyeshadows, 1 bronzing powder, 1 blush, 1 lipgloss, 1 eye pencil (in blue) and 2 brushes… Tenting to build for her a starting makeup kit =)
    Excited: For the colour wheel I’m creating at this time!
    Plan: At 6, going to the Middle Age Market in my city… Only this week =)

    • What’s a Middle Age Market?

      • Arantzazu

        The inhabitants of the Old Town -the oldest part of my city, which has its origins in the Middle Ages- ‘perform’ a medieval market. They dress like medieval people and they sell manufactured soaps, clothes, shoes, games (made of wood)… Even food, cooked in the traditional way.
        So it’s very funny and interesting… It seems you have come into the Diagon Alley LOL (I’m a Harry Potter super-fan! ¬¬).

  27. Katie

    Love the Mellan pic! He is such a well-groomed dog! Look at those pearly whites! Haul: I picked up a new foundation – Mat Lumiere from Chanel. I really, really like it. More than Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk and MUFE HD foundation. I also got the Enigma quad – I am honestly a little disappointed. I like the pink/peachy color, but some of the darker colors look strange on me. I think I should have opted to get the Khaki Vert (Vert Khaki??) – whatever the greenish/gold single eye shadow was! Christine – does Rose Dentelle have any shimmer and/or frost in it? Have a great Friday everyone!

  28. Alyssa

    Did they send you an email saying they were sending it, or did they just send it? Mine was on back order too but they haven’t said anything to me yet.

  29. nat

    I love Wicked!!! I saw it a few weeks ago and I didn’t expect it to be so funny! You’ll have a blast!

  30. Beauty haul this week consists of a few elf blushes. I’m really liking Candid Coral, even though elf stuff is sometimes mega sketchy.

    Omg WICKED! Have you seen it before, Christine? Definitely my favorite musical of all time! Enjoy!

  31. Corinne

    Haul: I am such an Urban Decay Addict I really need to stop. (laughs at self) My online order came in for Urban Decay which contained: Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Heavy and Perversion (so digging Heavy layered over Rush lipstick), Deluxe Eye Shadow Box, Sting Deluxe Eye shadow, and Baked 24/7 Eye Pencil (which looks great with Green Cream Eye Shadow). Hit up Sephora and got Urban Decay Lipstick in Wanted and Apocalypse, another De-Slick Mattifying Powder (which I think I like more than the gel) as well as picked up Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer in Adjust (green). So far Adjust has been helping with the red on my face but it’s very subtle and kinda feels clay like when I apply it. Very strange feeling stuff.

    Excited for: I am excited for my Urban Decay Makeover at Ulta tomorrow!! Anyone in Hampton Roads VA should call Ulta in Newport News and see if appointments are still available! Also excited that Sephora in Hampton is going to be doing 2 Urban Decay events in August!!! YAY!!!!

    Friday plans: I am planning to fill my bathtub to the very top with hot steamy water, toss in a Lush Bathos Bubble Bar and a Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb, pour myself a very large glass of Luna 2008 Pinot Grigio, a plate of Brie and whole grain crackers, and my Neil Gaiman Fragile Things book.

  32. Em

    Haul: UD ‘Naked’ palette (love love love) and Rimmel Soft Kohl eyeliner in ‘Jet Black’ and ‘Pure White’.

    Very excited that my boyfriend comes home tonight after a week of travelling for work, and that we’re going to a pool party tomorrow and the beach on Sunday, and will hopefully get in some tennis too.

    Also excited to watch ‘Breaking Bad’ on Netflix (I’m a little late to the party there, I realize, but it’s soooo good!) and to start reading a new book – either ‘The Passage’ or ‘Ordinary Thunderstorms’, not sure yet. I finished ‘One Day’ this morning, and definitely recommend it to any romantics!

  33. OMGGGG I loveeeeeee Wife Swap Christine where do you watch them? On the internet or tv? If you download them please post a link.

  34. My Haul this week was tiny, I got MAC’s Bright Fuchsia pigment.. Love Love Love it!!

    I’m so excited because my hubby gets home tonight after 2 weeks away!

    My Friday plans are to spend time with him! I might drag him out to see Inception this weekend though. We’ll see. I only have him home for a week, so I want to make the most of our time.

    Mellan’s picture really made me LOL this week!!

  35. Aaw, such a cute dog! :)

    My haul this week was again fairly modest, I got a tester pan of Givenchy Island Sand eyeshadow for £1.20 (and the seller lives in my town, so I walked over there to pick up, so no postage!) and 2 blushes (Guerlain and Estee Lauder) on eBay, plus 5 new lipglosses and a blush by No 7 (3 for 2 offer), a few reduced items from Guerlain incl. Mirage khol and the new Tuca Tuca perfume from Lush. I tried that on last week at the Lush party and at first didn’t like it, but I kept sniffing my wrist and realised that I actually really liked it. It has the same violet scent as Insolence by Guerlain which is one of my favourite scents. :)

    Excited for the holidays! School’s out for summer finally! 😀

    Friday plans: well it’s 3.40 pm already and I’ve been to meet a friend for lunch, and later I will empty out the dining room and kitchen so the decorators can get started tomorrow morning. My kicthen is finished, just the walls need painting! :)

  36. Rita

    My week started wonderfully – I received my Partylicious Pigment order on Monday morning, then I bought a Happy Together Blush, and finally I also received theBalm’s timeBalm in Lighter than Light. I like it!

    I saw Wicked in London last year. I read from somewhere that they use MAC Chromacake for the green face.

  37. Lauren

    HAUL:CHRISTIAN DIOR YOUTHFUL HYDRALIFE MOISTURIZER SPF 15- worth every penny so far!, D&G La Lune perfume, Benefit My Place or Yours Gina perfume and MUFE aqua eyes in the bronzey type colour.
    EXCITED FOR: spending the next two nights with my boyfriend
    FRIDAY PLANS: sleep over with the bf and possibly Inception

    • What do you like best about the moisturizer?

      • Lauren

        The moisturizer gets sucked straight into the skin. It’s so calming. My face still feels supple 6 hours after application this morning. It’s quite thick yet feels light weight and the scent is quite pleasing. It’s just really fresh and apparently exactly what my skin needed. It doesn’t just feel like a bunch of fillers and silicone. I have also been told that I am glowing today. —solid confirmation.

  38. Haul: By Candlelight MSF, Blue My Mind and Calm, Cool & Collected Mineralize eyeshadows; 2 boxes of My Beauty Diary masks – Southern France Apricot masks and Bird’s Nest masks.

    Greatest thing to happen this week?
    I got to interview Victor Cembellin, who was in Malaysia this week! :)

  39. Well, I ran out of my favorite foundation (MUFE Mat Velvet+) and then I realized I ran out of Studio Sculpt too so I’ve been stuck using my Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse foundation, the liquid one. It makes me look orange and I hate it! My daughter’s first birthday party is on Sunday and I can’t look orange so today I’ll be picking up some more Studio Sculpt since I have no time to run 45 minutes to Sephora. That’s basically it for this week!

  40. NeenaJ

    mellan really is adorable! i just want to reach through the screen and pet his nose!

    ordered 4 of the new, empty mac palettes from nordie’s digi-pop exclusive, plus lucky green in a pan;

    the ud naked palette (which my mom was kind enough to buy for me – bought herself one, too), but i’ll have to wait until i travel to see her next weekend to get it :(

    excited for: depotting my mac e/s pots in preps for my palettes.

    plans: off to see the in-laws this weekend so they can visit with their grandson.

  41. Lexi


  42. Lauren

    I finally got around to taking a trip to the mac store and got all of the Alice and Olivia pigments, jazzed lipstick, on the scene, and some much needed brush cleanser. I should be getting my backordered stereo rose because they charged my credit card for it a few days ago.

  43. Alexis

    Aw doggy!!!

    Haul: Burberry lipstick in Prune (yes, I got sucked in and I’ll be back for a blush and the Golden Trench e/s.) My Chanel Cassis eyeliner came in the mail yesterday…hearts all around.

    Excited for: My mother-in-law’s visit – she’s flying in from Florida. Yes, I actually LOVE my mom-in-law. It’ll be a bottle of white wine and watching RHoNJ/Bethanny Show rerun marathons!

    Friday plans: Getting the house clean for mom-in-law visit!

  44. S

    Haul: I got my first Topshop make-up product – a crayon! (: Hoping to get a couple more items before I leave for college, since they’re not very accessible in the US.

    Excited for: Nothing in particular, not a very exciting weekend ahead ):

    Friday plans: Well Friday’s pretty much over in my timezone, but I had a pretty crazy day: had vaccinations in the morning (ouch!), waited 2+ hours in the american embassy (ugh!), then went shopping with my friends!

  45. Brianna

    Hey Christine just wondering, when i ordered my stereo rose i got if off nordstroms when it was still in stock. After I got an email saying the status was cancelled. So im assuming it is not coming at all, but is there a chance it was just backordered?

  46. Yumi

    Haul: Mac Prep+Prime Face Protect SP 50, NARS Sheer Matte foundation
    Excited for: car shopping tomorrow
    Friday plans: going to see Salt!

  47. Hahaha! Awwww Mellan!

    Haul: No recent hauls to speak of, isn’t that sad? But I should have a couple of things coming in the mail soon. Some new face cream, woo!

    Excited for: My boyfriend finishes grad school in August! I’m so proud of him.

    Friday plans: I will be hitting up CVS for some new lipstick (and some cleaners for the house, haha). I’m also reading some trashy romance novels for a book club on Sunday.

  48. Sheena

    Haul: Was fortunate to get the last Petticoat and Stereo Rose in the store! That made my week. Also got Impassioned l/s and Please Me l/s.

    Excited to: Have about 16 people over on Saturday for a BBQ.

    Friday plans: Prepping for the BBQ – starting with making cupcakes.

  49. I’ve been sooooo stressed with my new job that I only hauled to replenish some items in my skin care routine. I wanted to try the Laura Geller Balance & Brighten. Has anyone tried this… How is it? I also want to try a teeth whitening product… any suggestions?

  50. daphne

    I got an Amazon gift certificate from my sister for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I decided to use it on Sephora items 😛 First the new Too Faced Naked Eye palette. There are several *gorgeous* taupes in there (one is matte and probably my favorite neutral right now). I also got a Givenchy Gloss Interdit, but the smell really, really bothered me :( so I returned it and ended up spending a little extra beyond my store credit to get Dior Amber Diamond…after almost buying it and putting it back like 5 times, I decided that was the only thing I really wanted! It’s so pretty and the powder is so soft.

    Tonight I’m getting dinner with my bestie Yoora at a favorite restaurant/bar place that has delicious food – when you sign up for their mailing list you get some really nice promotions, one of them being a free entree for your birthday. So woo, free dinner! Nothing to get really pumped about coming up other than it’s, you know, the weekend :) Gotta clean up after myself (I am a slob and tend to leave the apartment disastrous during the week) and maybe go for a swim and/or bike ride.

    • Ahh! Amber Diamond is AMAZING 😀 So happy you finally got it!

      • daphne

        Haha I knew you’d say that :) It is pretty fabulous. I’m not sure it’s worth $44 to me, but I just could not find anything that came remotely close to its awesomeness at ANY price, so I forked over. Before I plunged on it I was trying really hard to locate an orange blush that might be like NARS Taj Mahal, but not QUITE so frosty and intense, with no luck (they didn’t have Korres Orange blush!). So today I am wearing a light dusting of Rule *eyeshadow* on my cheeks with Amber Diamond 😉 Very pretty.

        • I have not come across anything that’s quite like the Skin Shimmers – cheaper or more expensive! It’s just that perfect combination of shimmer/sheen.

  51. Kat

    Aw he looks friendly even with his mouth open…usually showing some form of teeth scare me but he looks so SWEET!

    …I want to hug him.

  52. Anne

    Haul: only OPI Catch Me In Your Net, an impulse buy. Glad I bought it, it’s a joyful polish!

    Excited for: Season 4 of Mad Men, starting Sunday!

    Friday plans: trying to stay as cool as possible. It’s going to be in the triple digits this weekend. Heat waves like this are as bad as snowstorms. :-( Will probably get in a lot of reading.

  53. Ruby

    My Haul: a got a dress at windsors if that counts as a beauty haul :)
    Excited for: Going to Comic-Con on Saturday ;D
    Friday Plans: walk around the mall and just relax

  54. ace

    wicked is AMAZING!!!

  55. Daria

    Mellan is PRECIOUS!! No Hauls for me but I had to comment on Mellan and I LOLed at you watching all the wife swaps…thats like me and my love for the Golden Girls…I watch them over and over!

    ohhh and I saw the dare to wear collection from my friend at MAC…The lipglasses are longer but thinner but the glitter in them is SUPER pigmented! Not really my thing but I can see where they would be appealing…The eyeshadows are lots of fun, bright mattes, but the packaging was the regular packaging…cant wait to see what you think!

  56. Peggy

    Haul: Not much, i stocked up on drugstore necessities (hair stuff and facial stuff). A lipgloss from Catrice and two Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (nr.03 and nr. 05).

    Exited For: Hauling this sunday in Amsterdam!
    MAC, Bobbi Brown, Make-up Store and some new clothes and shoes!

    Friday plans: Going out with the girls as it is the last day of the four day walk! (going to join next year, 40 km for 4 days!)


  57. Millie

    Awww, Mellan is so cute! Nice teeth too! :)

  58. This week has been FANTASTIC for beauty buys!

    I’m in the UK right now and I went to Liberty of London (*heart*) and got some much longed-for Le Metier de Beaute products. 3 Eyeshadows in Sugar, Goldstone and Alexandrite, and the lip creme gloss in Peche creme (it’s essentially a lighter version of Papaya creme).

    I also got a few products from MAC: Hang Loose blush (this actually works really well with the happy together duo – use it as a bronzer, then apply the pink side of hang loose as a blush), Right Image, Creme d’Nude, Bombshell lipstick, and Lustreglass lip gloss in Love nectar! mmm… being on my holiday is fabulous!

    So far – I LOVE all of the products I bought this week. Thanks for all the good advice Temptalia!

  59. 3 ProPan MAC eyeshadows in:


    Excited for: My Birthday is today! XD

  60. Elysia

    Mellan is a cutie, for sure!

    WICKED was well, Wicked! Did you read the book? Very intense and a bit political..I liked it but a very heavy read! The play was great, it was way lighter and funnier than the book. ENJOY!

  61. Jennifer

    Haul: MAC 188 brush!
    Covergirl Lash Blast mascara…I wanna give it a try

    excited for: sleeping in and relaxing over the weekend, oh and my best friend’s birthday party

    friday plans: probably go shopping

  62. LNU

    LMAO!!!! That Mellan photo is hilarious!!
    Haul: Another week I hauled nothing, making it two weeks without impulse buying! If I can make it to three weeks, I might reward myself with a Clarisonic Mia!

    Excited for: Nothing exciting this weekend, boo!

    Friday plans: Lounge around the house.

  63. Hend

    Haul: Dolce & gabbana: Splendid lipstick, Blush in Tan
    Kiehl’s Biological peel treatment >> i really hope this will help me with my acne and pores

    Friday plan: Meet up with my parents and have dinner

    Exicted for: I may get a Parrot very soon,
    Ive been saving up to get a good one for a long time :)

  64. Kelsey

    Awww Mellan is just too cute!
    Haul: Haven’t gotten it yet, but I ordered NARS Deep Throat along with that lipgloss trio.
    Excited for: Hanging out with my friends tomorrow
    Friday Plans: Going to see Inception in IMAX.

  65. First off.. omg Mellan is SO CUTE! I want a dog like him =[ But I’m stuck with a shark bait chiuhhahaha *cant spell*

    Haul- Too Faced’s Fall products: Primed and Porefection powder, the Leopard Trio bronzer, and the Naked Eyes palette. The UD Naked palette (LOVELOVELOVE) and a bunch of stuff from Fyrennae :]

    Excited for- Packing so I can move Sept. 1st (Bay Area here I come! WEE!)

    Friday plans- Probably nothing much. Vegging out and watching horror movies on Chiller lol I have to start packing this weekend

    • I always think of chihuahua like chi-ha-ha but know there’s a u in both. che HUUUUWAH! something like that, lol.

      Yay! Hope you love the Bay as much as I do :)

  66. Meesh

    Haul: Only brushes this week! a MAC 116 and a Sephora brow and lash brush since I lost my other one!

    Excited for: Already passed, but my friends and I drove down to Stanford Mall and I tried Sprinkles for the first time! It’s a store that sells exclusively cupcakes but they have milk and tea and other stuff to drink. YUM! And we shopped LOL

    Friday Plans: Going to see SALT or INCEPTION with friends

  67. abby


  68. Dani :)

    Haul: I went to a Mac store for the first time with my friend instead of a counter and got all that glitters eyeshadow girlie eyeshadow and bare study paint pot.

    Excited for: Bones! it’s my summer mission to catch up on all the episodes I missed!

    Friday plans: going out to see a movie!(not sure which one yet)

    p.s. Mellan is soooooo cute in that picture!

  69. Vanessa

    Mellan is HILARIOUS! :D:D:D

  70. I HAULED earlier this week. Got a Japonesque brush set half off, Too Faced glitter liner half off, and from sephora, I got two more MUFE Aqua creams, moisturizer(clinique Dramatically Different), two brushes on clearance(foundation and blush), a shimmer also on clearance, MUFE 72 Turquoise eyeshadow, CoverFX powder foundation, benefit Bad Gal mascara, the starter kit for Cargo’s Lash Activator, and a NUMBER of perfume samples. I have so many fragrance allergies, but i want something pretty to wear when I’m not at work. For the moment, Miss Dior Cherie is my favorite. We’ll see if that changes when I try the Bulgari and Vera Wang samples as well….

    Plus, the sales associate was REALLY sweet, and VERY helpful. So I got a good hour or so of makeup nerding, and ideas for lots more blogging stuff! She offered me samples of three of the MUFE cream blushes, so I can review those too! I’m wearing them, and I don’t know if I’ll buy a full size one yet. Beautiful colors!!!!!!

    Oh, and I have Eve Pearls foundaiton coming in the mail, from their Black Pearl sale! 40% off YAY!

    Hahaha my beauty haul was the high point of my week.

  71. Linnea

    Haul: Bought a Stilla Kajal eyeliner. Loved it at first, hated it after, returning it this weekend.
    Excited For: Friend’s Bachelorette(Stagette) Party!
    Friday Plans: Baking a Coconut Crunch Cake for my Mom, who just came back from her health tests.

  72. Jazz

    Haul: the Naked Palette

  73. Excited for MY WEEKEND!!!!!!! Plus, the boyfriend and I just picked out our next place for when our lease is up, and its gorgeous! Better yet? It’s the house where he, and his father both grew up, and we don’t have a definitive lease term, so we can stay, garden, make ourselves at home, for as long term as we like. He’ll probably have to work hard to make me NOT break my heart if we can’t eventually buy it from his dad, instead of just renting. Serious nesting instinct over here. Poor man.

    Friday plans-WORK! yuck. After that, farmers market(technically this is moving into saturday), lots of blogging and time to play with makeup, cuddling with the critters, and gardening.

    • AHHHHH! Yayyyyy! I’m so excited for you. That is really, really awesome. And I’m totally jealous. I am soooo ready for a house with a little yard and not having to worry about moving… I can’t believe we’ll actually be in this apartment for two years rather than under a year! But damn if the prices on houses here don’t make it impossible for young people to buy.

  74. bxboricua

    Wicked is great! Have fun Christine :)

  75. Halo

    Friday Plans: I’ve got a shopping spree to plan lol
    Excited for: MAC Rodarte collection!!!!!!!!! i know its a little whiles away but hey i can get hyped up oh and excited for the cco cosmetics company outlet want to get some stuff from the tenderbalms collection and hello kitty
    Haul:D&G sunglasses ive never trusted my self to buy anexpensive brand before but they were too cute

  76. Woo hoo! I haven’t posted here in like TWO WEEKS!

    Haul: Ordered $200.00 worth of stuff from Inglot. I don’t know what I got, I just said, “SEND ME THINGS!” LOL! Actually I got 20 eyeshadows (but I really don’t really know what I got), 5 lipsticks, 3 or 4 lipglosses, 2 glitters, a lavendar cream eyeliner (I think they’re like MAC’s Chromalines), a pair of eyelashes (just to see how theirs compare to others)… Is that it? I think that’s it. I won’t get it until next week (same day Dare to Wear comes out) so I won’t know what I think until then…

    I actually called MAC yesterday re: Dare to Wear and they laughed at me! Just cause I said “You know, after buying who-knows-what at Inglot and all that stuff from Alice + Olivia and In the Groove… I just don’t want to SEE any new makeup right now. Can you just throw a bunch of Dare to Wear stuff in a box, bill my card and just send it to me… Whenever.” LOL!

    Excited for: Sunny weather this weekend! Hopefully shooting a couple more scenes for the music video I’ve been working on! :)

    Friday plans: We had a low-key dinner with friends earlier this week… No real themes this week :( But a good time was had by all! (Until about 5am SHEESH! LOL!) No plans yet for Friday…


      Are you going to do a video on Inglot? I am curious to hear your opinions but that should be a given.

      Ahahaha, I love it. Wonder what you’ll get 😉

      • I’m planning on a video for Inglot yes!! :) But I don’t want to just to a haul video, I want to try the products out for a couple weeks before I actually form an opinion (Temptalia-learned-trick: Photos FIRST, then use LOL).

        If I like what I got straight away though, I MAY actually place another order with them to test out some of their other products (just to get a more well-rounded review). I didn’t get any blushes or nail polishes – Mostly because I don’t use nail polish that much and their blushes looked underwhelming (though they have some liquid blushes that I’m kind of curious). We’ll see how it goes :)

        • Good call! I’m more of a test first, then talk about it kind of gal myself. LOL. Yes, I don’t let myself get near anything until everything has been photographed properly. I hate fingerprints on packaging, too!

  77. Bailey

    Haul: All MAC this time. Rose pigment, Aquadisiac es, Tempting es, Painterly paint pot, Going Casual cremesheen lipglass, I Like It Like That lipstick and Hang Loose mineralize blush. My last haul was huge, so I didn’t need to get all this so soon after, eeek. But there was a pro store, and I just HAD to use my pro discount! 😡

    Excited for: my best friend’s 21st birthday next week. :)

    Friday plans: Cleaning the apartment and hanging out with my awesome baby girl, Claire. :) Not exciting to some people, but she’s my world.

  78. Chassy

    This week I purchased mostly MAC stuff. I bought MAC Bulk Wipes at my local MAC counter, and at the CCO I picked up Resolutely Red and Sharp Focus Lipstick, as well as the Light Warm Definitive Sculpting Duo. YAY for finding the perfect contouring powder! I also went to Sephora and picked up Benefit Bad Gal Lash (my absolute favorite mascara) and a backup UDPP. :)

  79. asl87

    I just purchased Le Metier de Beaute’s Lip Creme in Fraise. I bought Framboise from BG while on vacation in NYC. They are the most amazing lip gloss ever. Not too glossy (I don’t like that super slick glossy look) and they blot down in a really interesting way – like they’re changing color, rather than being removed.

  80. Hey I just saw Wicked!! That’s great you’re going. Btw, where did you backorder the Stereo Rose from? A MAC store or Nordstrom, etc.?

    This week was mostly some drugstore stuff..

    1. Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss in Lilac Pastelle
    2. Maybelline Color Sensational Pearls Lipsticks in Twinkle & Pearly Pink
    3. Maybelline Color Sensational Glosses in Born With It & Pink Perfection
    4. Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Carnation
    5. Revlon Quad in Summer Suedes
    6. Revlon Polish in Peach Petal
    7. Maybelline Polish in Pink Sophistication
    8. Ardell Brow Kit

    I also got some Sephora samples =)
    1. 2 Pacifica perfumes
    2. MUFE Glitter in 12 & 8
    3. MUFE Star Powder in I forgot!

    • MAC online! It just showed up… no warning. But I heard that people saw the charges go through their accounts (I didn’t check mine).

  81. mkdallas

    Aw, such a cute Mellan pic…makes me want to kiss his big puppy schnozz. I love the sides of their snouts, where the whiskers come out; there’s a place where human kissy lips just fit in perfectly, lol. Haulage (lots of lips!): Rouge Volupte Perle in Beige Caresse & Coral Sun (both beautiful, but the look is quite different than the regular Rouge Voluptes), Lancome La Lacque in Lucent Nude and Lancome eyeliner in IceBlack. Hope you have a great time at the theater tonight! Also, congrats on being the informational highway between MAC and the rest of us re: the Rodarte Collection. That was quite an amazing piece of consumer activism!

  82. Kate & Zena

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, look at little Melly Welly! Zena does this too except her ears are up. She resembles a fox with an attitude problem. Mellan just looks adorable.

    Haul: Nada, unless you count my HG sunscreen that I had to buy because I ran out at the most inconvenient of times. Not having sunscreen is very bad because I don’t tan anymore, I burn like a lobster. The horrors of pale Northern European ancestry!

    Excited for: Going to Rocky Rococo’s tonight! I haven’t been there in years. I ♥ Rocky Rococo breadsticks (right behind Olive Garden and Sbarro and Fazoli breadsticks. I live for breadsticks!).

    Friday Night Plans: Rocky Rococo’s and watching the brand-spanking new Wife Swap!

    Oooo, Christine, I loved Wicked when I saw it. The music is to die for! Although, truth be told, they really watered down and changed most of the relationships from the book; if you’ve read the book, do not expect to see 3/4s of the good stuff (particularly how scheming Glinda is in the book) you read in the book or you’ll hate the play. I really went into it thinking they would raise the question “Was Elphaba born wicked, did Elphaba learn wickedness or was she perceived as wicked by the population?” like it does in the book and from the opening song where Glinda asks “Was she born wicked or did she have wickedness thrown upon her?” It doesn’t. I strongly advise going in thinking that.

    I will warn you, I LOATHED the end of Wicked. LOATHED. It would have been perfect had they just cut the end out. It seems like they tacked it on to appease children who would see this play. I like to pretend the end never happened and it ended with Elphaba melting a la the Wizard of Oz. However, don’t let my commentary bias you. You have to tell me what you think of it after you see it!

    • Haha! You need to show me more pics of Zena 😀

      I have the book, but I never finished reading it. I might have to pick it up again after I see it, just to figure out how they made them differ.

      • Kate & Zena

        Oh god, I have a slew of photos on my Facebook. It doesn’t help she’s a camera hog which encourages the constant use of the digital on her! We got a ton from her previous owners (including puppy photos) as well that has a folder of its own. I’ll send you a hello on your FB page so you can see her photos!

        There’s a few major differences that I can tell you without giving away anything; I haven’t read the book (or seen the play) in a few years but I’ll give you want I remember. The biggest difference is that the book is very detailed, the play isn’t. The play is much lighter in mood compared to the book which tends to be heavy making it hard to read at times. The play gives you the answers to how the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion came to be while the book gives you the hints and lets you answer them yourself. The book lets you, the reader, to decide whether Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) was born evil, learned evil or had the term thrown upon her; the play hands it out to you on a silver platter. Glinda the Good Witch is outrightly “good” in the play (like in the movie) to the point of nauseating; in the book, she’s much more twisted (hence, my love of the book. I hate nauseatingly good characters). Relationships are dramatically changed between the book and play. In the play, they tell you why Elphaba is green outright; in the book, it’s veiled. The reader ends up deciding which of the many, many “causes” it could have been. The endings, as I’ve said, are much different. The flying monkeys are explained in the book, not the play. The play is more (very) loosely based off the novel than an accurate adaption is the best way to put it.

        Considering the vast differences above, my aunt thought I hated it; it didn’t help I was very quiet afterward. She doesn’t quite understand it takes me longer to process things so I can’t out rightly say I love or hate something after I’ve read or seen something. I process and then decide. I loved it (aside from the ending I pretend never happens).

        • This is forever old, but I was saving it so I could reply post-show!

          Thanks for sharing your view, and now, I think I’m gonna have to read the book, so I can see all of the differences. The play was definitely good, but I could see how it comes off very… happy ending.

          And Zena is gorgeous, but I expected no less!

  83. Lauren

    Haul: A few mac products: The 168 Large Angled Contour Brush, Cherish Lipstick, Florabundance Lipglass, Velvet Teddy lipstick, Spice lip pencil, and the 187 Duo Fibre Brush.

    Excited for: Dog sitting for a great dog named Nikko starting Nikko for 2 weeks!

    Friday Plans: Working out, watching a movie, cleaning up a bit… relaxing!

  84. W

    Your dog has very white teeth.

  85. AnGeLwInGz

    Ok, so I’ve ignored MAC for years because I’ve been afraid to get sucked in. I’m one of those girls that has to get a makeup line’s entire collection if I like the products. Well, a few months ago I finally caved and decided to start buying MAC. Of course now I want a huge e/s collection so here goes (yes, this really is what I’ve purchased since Saturday): Coral Crepe paint pot, Partial to Pink Cremesheen glass, Juxt, Sushi Flower, Paradisco, Electric Eel, Expensive Pink, Free To Be, Da Bling, Crest The Wave, Tilt, Gleam, Vapour, Dreammaker, Swimming, Moon’s Reflection, Nanogold, Freshwater, Rosy Outlook, Lala, Chamomile, Tissueweight. I also picked up some Urban Decay staples: 24/7 Baked, Ransom, Lucky, pigments (Shattered, X, Graffiti) Narcotic/ Toasted duo, Electric, Sting, Hotpants, and Mary Jane. OUCH my poor wallet!

  86. CeeBee

    My No-Buy ended this week – hurrah!

    I got Estee Lauder Doube Wear eye pencil in Black Plum and I LOVE it. Just bright enough to “pop” but still deep enough to wear to work. Plus I checked out the Double Wear lip liners and they are really, really pretty – didn’t buy any of them but Tawny, Tearose and Mocha are gorgeous.
    Plus I picked up a few more Jordana nailpolishes – Island Fuchsia, Boy Oh Boy (bright teal cream = awesome!), Bright Blue, Night Fall and Strawberry Marmalade.

    Plans for the weekend: Baking. Banana cake (with chocolate icing of course), triple choc cookies and maybe some savoury muffins…

  87. Carrie

    Cute picture!! :)…This week, I got Togetherness Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio from MAC (so pretty!) and Urban Decay’s Stardust Eyeshadow in Diamond Dog. I also expect to get my Stereo Rose MSF in the mail today (yay!).

  88. Dawn

    A relatively small haul for me this week. I got MAC’s “Utter Fun” and “Sweet Thing” lipsticks, and “Deep Soul” Cremestick Pearl Liner, Revlon “Think Pink” Super Lustrous Lipstick, NYX Mega Shine lipglosses in “Gold Pink”, “Dolly Pink” and “African Queen” and got a free L.A. Colors Diamond Shine lipgloss in “Flashy Fuchsia”

    Friday plans? Well, today is my birthday, and my parents took me and the kids out to dinner at Wetherspoons. I had to shhhhh my Dad, though, when he started singing Happy Birthday while we were eating lol.

    Looking forward to? The schools broke up here today for summer, so I’ve got 5 weeks of the kids’ company ahead of me

  89. Vijaya

    Wicked is amazing! Have fun!

  90. Mellan is so adorable!!

  91. Nicci

    Chanel Rose Dilemma
    Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow – Safari
    Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow – Bois Bleu
    Chanel Long-Lasting Eyeliner – Cassis
    La Prairie – Cellular Lip Colour Effects – Firefly Glace – purchased online but going to exchange for a different color – this was too much glitter for me and not enough color :(
    Estee Lauder – Pure Color Gloss – Tempting Tearose (Christine — if you haven’t tried this, you should! I love it – not sticky, nice smell, & long lasting)

    I am excited to go the farmer’s market on Saturday and get fresh strawberries :)

  92. mandy

    Haul: MAC Cherry lip pencil, 214 brush.
    Excited for going to the zoo this weekend, then the beach monday.
    I forgot it was even Friday, I thought it was saturday lol

  93. Lana

    lol that is the CUTEST photo ever, I <3 Mellan!

  94. Alana

    Haul: I got the LashBlast Fusion Mascara and the Benefit Sunday Funday set from Sephora! It was so hard choosing between that and the Scene Queen set though. I want to get that one as well!

    Excited for: My dad’s surprise party! I hope all goes well!

    Friday Plans: It’s my dad’s birthday today, so we’re going to have dinner and cake!

    Mellan is a cutie!

  95. Wow. Just got back from a MAC and LUSH haul. I’m exhausted, but happy.

    At MAC: Finally trying out the MAC MSF Naturals (as a bronzer). For whatever reason (or maybe I just didn’t know), my counter didn’t have the Haute and Naughty mascara. I was kinda sad about that. But I settled for Opulash…which is what I forgot to order from MAC online in my last 2 orders. The rest from MAC was just re-fills (Studio Fix, bulk MAC wipes, a new Woodwinked eye shadow) and a B2M for Fresh Brew lipstick.

    From Lush: My visit to Lush was long overdue so I got a ton of Bubble Bars and Bombs. I did happen to try their new Grass shower gel; it does in fact smell like fresh cut grass but imagine a sort of lime and Bergamot note. It’s weird but I actually like it a lot. I got an in-store demo on my hands, paired with their Each Peach massage bar for a moisturizer. I like it a lot :) They’re still having their foot products promo (7 foot products for $20) so, I picked that up and was given a massive sample of Turkish Delight body smoothie and a few other goodies. They have quite a few products they are discontinuing (as per usual), so if you’re a Lush fan, maybe you wanna check and see if one of your faves is going bye-bye.

  96. aradhana

    haul: id bare minerals shadow liners in vanilla sugar and coffee bean, essie adhesive base coat, spa ritual nail polish in imaginarium, kiehl’s amino acid shampoo

    friday plans: french class, sorting through financial stuff, meeting an old friend i haven’t seen in ages

  97. JillyB

    Haul- I got UD’s Naked palette and Benefit’s Road to Romance palette from Sephora. Thanks for letting us know Naked was back! I also bought my first Chanel l/s- Rouge Coco in Talisman.

    I’m excited because my hubby is coming home tomorrow from 2 weeks in Germany and I can’t wait to see him. It’ll be a great weekend.

  98. Cherie

    Ahhh Mellan your cute self makes me want a puppy so bad :)

    Oh, how I have failed my no buy until MAC Felines…. how I have failed…

    Haulage for today:
    – MAC 117 Brush (had gift card – does this count?)
    – NARS Laguna bronzer (first ever bronzer), Goddess eyeshadow pencil, Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (love at first sample), and #19 Bronzer Brush (ohhh so much $$$$ but never has it been love at first brush before). I got $10 off which makes me feel better.

    I hate having a ‘budget’ and saving and all that responsible crap. Good thing I was able to sneak in some $$$ for makeup into the budget 😉

    Excited for: Weekend filled with family, friends, movies and possibly painting my kitchen??

    Have a good weekend!!! :)

  99. Roxanne

    Haul: MAC By Candlelight (I caved!), MAC Jazzed, Catrice Spiced Red e/s & Miss Dior Chérie Eau de Parfum!

    Excited for: Sunday! Going to Amsterdam to get my haulage on.

    Friday plans: Ehm, Friday just ended here (0:03) so I guess… nothing.

    Why are Mellan’s teeth whiter than mine?! Love that dog.

  100. Lynn

    Oh Mellan! Of course, you’re cute:)Love your smiley face!

    Haul: None (Whoa first time no haul! LOL)

    Excited For: Sunday dinner with the crazy group of friends- we are calling our dinner The Leg of Beast dinner

    Friday Plans: Chilling at home- watching The Proposal- haven’t seen it yet!