Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: I bought a few things online, though nothing has arrived yet.  I have my girl @pursebuzz grab me one of each of Make Up For Ever’s new Lab Shines (plus a few eyeliners!) when she was at IMATs.  I think they were missing two at the show, and that should arrive today.  *fingers crossed*  I placed orders online for Bobbi Brown’s Denim Ink Gel Eyeliner, MAC Haute & Naughty Lash, and Mario Badescu Drying Cream (I’m out!)–that was Wednesday night.  On Thursday afternoon, I bought some Burberry Beauty off of Nordstrom, too — three eyeshadows, three lipsticks, one lip gloss, one liquid foundation, and two blushes.  I had to really, really RESIST! the buffer brush.  I am a sucker for gunmetal packaging, seriously.  I figure this is permanent, so I can grab it later on down the line.

Excited for: Fourth of July!

Friday plans: Try to get caught up on some stuff I’m behind on!

This week’s Mellan photo…

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148 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #035

  1. This week I hauled In The Groove! I got ‘Stereo Rose’ and ‘Petticoat’ as well as ‘Band of Rose’s blush and ‘Style Influencer’ eyeshadow, and Impassioned Lipstick from the perm line. I also got my end of a swap which had two SK brushes (Flat top and Crease Brush) Full n Soft mascara, Maybellines Eggplant gel liner and HiP’s Cream liner, in Black, I also got Marine Life which I love!

    I’m super excited for next Wednesday as I’m on my way to the US, Florida for a month!!! and therefore my weekend plans are just packing and chillin’

    Here’s a picture I thought you’d like Christine, my lovely little Blake a Lab-Retriever pup who’s 19 weeks old and teething, poor little lad. he stole a carrot from the rabbits in the garden and that was him sat eating it! apparently it’s good for teething puppies though!

  2. Allison

    I haven’t bought much yet this week- but I did get an OPI nail polish in Dress To Empress yesterday when I was taking the boys I babysat to get their hair cut- OPIs were on sale for $5 :)

  3. Mindy

    I bought up so much Aromaleigh! Half a paycheque’s worth. They are closing so I had to get everything I was eyeballing and ho-humming about. It like a little mineral weight is lifted off my chest lol.
    I usually only by eyeshadows and the random blush but she has loads of finishing powders I’ve not gotten around to trying yet. But that will be fixed soon 😀
    Can’t wait for my goodies!
    My vacation starts tonight, flying home to Calgary then heading to BC! Mountains!! eeeee!

  4. Jen

    I got a Naked palette and I cant waaaait….

    Have a happy 4th!!

  5. Dawn

    Spurred on by your reviews, and some youtube tutorials (LisaFreemontStreet for one) I decided to get from MAC

    Temperature Rising lipliner
    Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow
    Morange lipstick
    So Chaud lipstick
    Vegas Volt lipstick
    Charismatic lipstick (to replace the fake I inadvertently bought from Beauty Counter Direct)
    Birds & Berries eyeshadow
    Bombshell lipstick
    Victorian lipstick
    Dame Edna Possum Nose Pink lipgloss

    I had never considered orangey shades at all before, thinking they wouldn’t suit my pale skin (with dark hair) but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they look fab now I have a little bit of colour due to the sun.

  6. kim l

    I recently got Urban Decay brightening makeup primer for face and i dont know how i like it yet. I was looking for something without silicon (because i HATE the feeling of it on my sensitive skin) and i thought UD was a good choice because they had good eye primers. the bottle/tube/thing is TINY, like, so small and it was $40 dollars CND – which i think its not worth the money … i might return it LOL. I also got Melba blush by MAC and its perfect for summer time, reminds me of Orgasm minus the shimmer. BTW, does anyone know of an amazing foundation primers w/o silicon? because i have trouble finding good ones :(

    • Yeah, sometimes the skincare/prep products by brands can be really, really small. :(

      I like Korres, but I think if you have oily skin, it’s probably not going to be AMAZING but it has no silicone.

  7. Faith

    Christine, did PR send you anything from In the Groove or do you have to wait for this collection?

  8. Kalex

    I just checked tracking and my Bobbi order is coming today! I ordered the new Denim Sparkle eyeshadow and the Rasberry gloss. I have some stuff in my cart at Sephora ( the Scene Queen palette for one) but can’t decide what I want to get now and what I should wait for Friends and Family coming up in a month or two.

  9. pumpkin

    MSF’s in stereo rose+ petticoat, lipstick in jazzed + all styled up, cremesheen glass in right image, superglass in cherry electric+ superflash!

  10. Corinne

    Haul: I put in (what is now becoming a monthly habit) my Urban Decay online order for the new Naked palette, Deviant 24/7 eye liner, Cream shadows in Suburbia, Mushroom, and Weeds, CIA 24/7 concealer, Big Fatty mascara in Electric Blue and Indigo, and finally 4 Vintage brushes: blender, crease, liner, and wonder. I’ve become horribly addicted to Urban Decay since I started buying it back in February. I might have to see if my mom has another of my old make up caboodles cause my current one is overflowing with UD. LOL

    Excited For: 3 day weekend! I so need to just chill!!

    Friday Plans: Nothing yet. Prolly either cook dinner or go out. I’m also hoping to get some gaming time in and some reading too.

  11. Ally_D

    Big haul this week (by my standards anyway). In the Groove came out in the UK yesterday so I got:
    Stereorose MSF
    By Candlelight MSF
    Petticoat MSF

    Also picked up Studio Sculpt concealer and Viva Glam V which had been on my list forever. I want to get the 182 but I might have to wait for that until next month. Also tempted by a new brush for the MSFs because I don’t want to get glitter/shimmer on the brushes I usually use for blush and bronzer but I just have to get over my OCD on that one.

    Am off shopping in London for tomorrow for my friend’s birthday and might drag her into MAC whilst I’m there. Probably will go and stare at the NARS counter too and try to resist everything in there.

  12. Jazz

    Happy FRIDAY !!!!!!!! Haul : none , but that may change today because Im stressed out and aggravated= new makeup
    excited for – my family to leave on monday , the 4th , hopefully spending time with my mom tomorrow
    friday plans – shopping lol, maybe a movie and a nice drink

  13. baby in a corner

    i got kiehl’s ultra facial moisturiser and MAC eyeshadow in Scene this week. I was in barcelona, Spain on holidays and had a great time.

  14. Daria

    Great Haul, but Mellan is ADORABLE…Love seeing all the pics of him!

    I caved and got the temptu face kit ( 2 foundations, 1 blush 1 highlighter) for my temptu airpod system…It was bundled so I figured it was the way to go!

    Happy 4th!!

    • How do you like the Temptu system?

      • Daria

        at first I didnt love it but I found out it was because my system was defective! ( something was wrong with the hose) Now I love it and the kit was a good deal…great for people who need their makeup to stay put for hours and who like to adjust their coverage! :)

  15. Kelly

    I hauled some staple items this week: a shu eyelash curler (finally!), MUFE HD primer, an MUFE Aqua liner, boy bait cremesheen glass, and D&G Light Blue for my hubby.

    I am so excited for greek food and belly dancing tonight at Acropolis!

  16. Keener

    Haul: I got Mineralized Skinfinish Natural, Mineralized Foundation and Cosmo lipstick (with my 6 empties) all from MAC, of course. Then I got a lipstick, Drop Dead Red, from Too Faced and Benefit’s Nice Knickers. I also picked up a foundation kit from Tarte, it came with full-size foundation, primer, concealer, bronzer and setting powder all for $70 Canadian. A great buy and a way to learn more about the product.

    Excited For: A new work opportunity.

    Tonight: Hanging out with the family and depoting some eyeshadows.

  17. Scientific Housewife

    Haul: I didn’t haul much this week, I bought Milani Liquif Eye eyeliner in brown (love it!)

    Excited for: Our trip to Panama City for 4th of July (staying off the beaches, unfortunately).

    Friday plans: Cleaning, packing, driving 5 hours

  18. Komal

    In the Groove hit UK yesterday, I was there! I got; Stereo Rose MSF, By Candlelight MSF, Comfort MSF, Happy together mineralize blush, Jazzed lipstick, Love to love minerlize eyeshadow…and some back ups of course!

  19. Shal

    Haul: I bought 2 15 pan eyeshadow pallettes and one blush pallette from MAC – time to depot some eyeshadows!

    Excited for: Going to a Scandinavian type spa with the bf tomorrow

    Friday Plans: Work and then making dinner and relaxing on the patio tonight with the bf

  20. Kelli

    I caved and bought some Chanel stuff. Bondi Beach l/g, Bondi l/s, and Bikini Peach l/g I love them all. I have pretty pigmented lips so Bondi and Bondi Beach give me great nude lips, like everyone says, my lips but better. Bikini Peach gives just enough of a light pink shimmer. And I love the formulas – creamy and not sticky at all. This new discovery could be murder for my wallet though, $27 a pop = ouch!

    Excited for:
    I moved into a new apartment last weekend and this weekend I’m going furniture shopping (hopefully they have some good sales going on for the holiday)

    Friday Plans:
    Organizing said new apartment ugh!

  21. Rebecca

    Ive been waiting to tell you all week what I got at the MAC Counter last Saturday! :)

    I got my makeup done for my birthday to go out. The artist was AMAZINGGGG and totally did me up, dramatic and beautiful. She did double lashes!! I looked great. I ended up getting:

    -the two lashes she did
    -the 239 brush! Ive been waiting for this and I have to tell you, its everything I hoped it would be. Color return is amazing, I cant wait to use it tomorrow for when I go out.
    -Shimmermoss, which is so pretty and I cant wait to play with it tomorrow too :)

    I also got NARS Smudgeproof a couple days before at Sephora and it is also amazing. I cant thank you enough for everything you do with this site! My hauls I must owe to you for first giving them great and honest reviews and sharing them with us so that we can benefit from their (and your) amazingness too!

    I also got a $50 gift card to Nordstroms for my Bday that I cant wait to use on the Dare To Wear Collection. :)

    Excited for: playing in my makeup this weekend and getting an organizational system that makes it easier to find things

    Friday Plans: Grocery shopping maybe? lol well see how busy it is!

  22. Carrie

    Oh my. I had an actual HAUL this week: Chanel’s new fall collection. I never bought Chanel before so this was a very special treat. I got the e/s quad, the plum blush, the rose glossimer, plus an illuminating powder (poudre douce?) and Mythic rouge allure lipstick. But now I’ve got the Chanel bug and I want to go back for the khaki e/s, plum eyeliner, peach glossimer and chintz l/s. And maybe some other things…

    Mellan is such a buddy!

    I am spending fourth of July at a friend’s parents’ farm. Yay!

  23. Haul – Ordered a Clarisonic Mia! Also, I picked up Makeup, The Ultimate Guide, by Rae Morris.

    Excited for – Spending the weekend with friends; Throwing some food on the grille, and having some tasty beverages.

    Friday plans – Buying a new computer for my hubby.

  24. Julia

    Your dog is way too photogenic… mine can never sit still long enough for a good photo!

    Anyway, this week I got myself 3 Korres lip butters (I love these things!). I am about to head off to Bath and Body Works, where there is a big sale going on. I’ve never been before, and am hoping to come back with an awesome perfume or body spray.

    All of my family is out of town this weekend except for my dad and me. So for 4th of July, we are renting a bunch of musicals and are just going to hang; it’s going to be in the mid 90s here in Philadelphia, and way too hot to be running around!

  25. Claudia

    Haul: When the 3 Chanel polishes came out (gold & black) I was hunting for the gold flakies one and the bf asked why I wanted it so badly and I replied “because it would be my first Chanel polish”. Last week later I got a package in the mail, opened it up and there it was a Chanel polish, but the black one. So happy to have one finally but when he asked me if that was the one I was looking for I said no, it’s the gold one. This week I got another package and it was Chanel Gold Lame and he asked me “Did I get the wrong one again!?” HAHAHA! He’s precious <3 So my haul I guess is two Chanel polishes =D

    The week-end plan is to avoid family drama as much as possible but I find that hard. Monday is my birthday and family feuding I am not looking forward to. Meh. Oh, and none of my friends can make it to my dinner party. Glad I have a twin. Lol sorry for the downer post.

  26. YB

    Excuse me, but when are you going to review the Burberry products?

  27. Diana G

    I was bad this week. I went to IMATS and got stuff from:
    MAC: Mostley neural colors for my collecton, MUFE: HD foundation, smokey eye mascara, and only 1 Lab Shine. It was kind of scary, I didnt want to be there swatching so I just got one :( the lines were crazy Christine! I also picked up some Crown Brushes.

    I also got some stuff from the new Bobbi Brown collection, including the denim liner (LOVE).

  28. venny

    I had a drugstore haul this week! Picked up Biore make up removing wipes refill, coppertone spray-on sunblock for my upcoming camps, Haba Labo Hydrating Lotion and a Lucido-L Aqua Hair Curling Lotion.

    Was a tiring but productive week for me, hence I’m a happy girl this weekend!

  29. Sweeda88

    All I got this week was Up The Amp lipstick from MAC, but it’s BEAUTIFUL! I’m so glad I broke down and bought it. I also tried Morange on at the counter, and it looks AWESOME on me. So that’s the next thing I want to get! =D I would never have thought of trying Morange if it weren’t for you, Christine! Thank you for your awesome lipstick posts! =D

  30. Cindy

    I got a TON of stuff when I was vacationing in Mn and visited the MOA! First at Sephora I got MUFE shadow #75,MUFE Aqua cream shadow in #11, Living Proof Full Thickening Cream, Cold Plasma eye cream by Dr. Perricone, Stilla smudge pot in black cat, Urban Decay Shadow in Free Love, Tarte lip stain pencil in Lust, and Anastasia brow powder. At Nordstrom I got Laura Mercier purifying oil in light. At Mac I got Liquid Last liner in Point Black, Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, and Mac Brush #252. My last splurge was at Lush! I got Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub, Turkish Delight body polish, Bath Bomb in Happy Pill and Tisty Tosty, 2 bars of Honey I Washed The Kids soap, Bar of A Ring Of Roses Soap, Sugar Scrub in Sugar Babe, and 2 message bars in Soft Coeur, and Each Peach. Whew! I think that covers everything! Now I need to replentish the funds for the up coming Mac collections and more Lush!!

  31. Thincspot

    I just bought the Metal Orchestra palette by Kat von D. I’m also eyeing the True Love palette on eBay so there may be more before the night is out. I’m so glad you did a review on the Memento Mori palette. I love that one. The quality of her shadows have really amazed me.

  32. Haul: I purchased some Aromaleigh, as they’re going out of business, and some Hi-Fi, as they’re having their 1 year anniversary sale.
    Excited for: a party this weekend
    Friday Plans: spending time with my inlaws who are in town. Having a blast watching my poodle play with their akita/chow :)

  33. I bought about $500 worth of stuff from In The Groove and Superglass yesterday! :O All the mineralized eyeshadows, all the blushes, Stereo Rose, 3 lipsticks and 5 Superglasses. I was very good last month though, so not feeling (too) guilty about it.

    Excited for the weekend, and for Monday when the fitting of my new kitchen beings. Although I’m also terrified of all the mess and not having a kitchen for 2 weeks, but it’ll be worth it! :)

  34. Lauryn

    Haul: Waiting for my BeautyFix Box to arrive! It was shipped on 25-June. Talk about hurry up and wait! Goign thru my massive stash of stuff obtained at the Estee Lauder Ticket-Only Warehouse sale. Lots of Bobbi Brown, Bumble & Bumble, Clinique, EL, DKNY and of course MAC!

    Excited for: three day weekend! Then I come back to work for 4 days then I’m off for 9! Looking forward to beach days!

    Friday Plans: Mani-Pedi today with the BFF. Then hopefully UPS will arrive with my new memory foam mattress.. x’s fingers!

    • Sounds like your box should be arriving any day now!

      I’m sooooo jealous! I’ve always wanted to go to EL’s warehouse sale!

      • Lauryn

        Those tix are hard to get!! I’m lucky because I’m friends with a vendor for them. But if you lived in NJ, I’d invite you!

  35. Mia

    I went to da CCO the other day and picked up Blue Peep Fluidline (which I LOVE for the waterline – especially with a bronzey eye!), Mutiny and Tan Pigments (this was the BEST. DEAL. EVER. you get the full size jar of pigment for $13.75 – talk about a deal!), and my favorite lip balm in the whole entire world a Tendertone in Take a Hint.

  36. mkdallas

    OMG, Mellan is so cute I want to grab his nose and give it a big old kiss, lol. My haul this week included a couple of drugstore purchases (highly recommended on MUA, which always sends me straight to Ulta): CoverGirl Lash Exact mascara & the new CoverGirl Liqueline Blast Eyeliner pencil, which promised to go on like a liquid in pencil form. While it didn’t go on like a liquid, it is still a great product and the slanted smudger is really easy to use. I got the violet shade and I like that it can be smudged into an almost transparent line while still providing strong color. I also received the new MUFE set from Sephora that included 2 of the Aqua Creams for eyes (the bomb!), 3 pencils (one for lips in a light beige & 2 for eyes in grey & black) and a full-size mascara. I’ve only tried the Aqua Creams, but they are both gorgeous and application is a breeze. In terms of value sets, this is the best I’ve seen in ages anywhere, since every color is so wearable. I also ordered 2 of the new Liquid Lipsticks from Korres, because I like their stuff and a Shiseido Perfect Rouge in “Spiced Cream”, since it was voted the most wearable nude since Allure picked it as “Best Nude Lipstick” of 2009. I need to quit hauling so much, lol.

  37. Mia

    Oh also I did my first B2M and got Lovelorn lipstick :)

  38. Kelsey

    Mellan always looks so innocent! So cute!
    Haul: I made sure to order the UD Naked Palette and Vegan Palette before I got my upper wisdom teeth out on Tuesday
    Excited for: My face to return to its normal shape…
    Friday Plans: Writing an essay…

  39. Rita

    Yesterday I got my In The Grooves: Jazzed and Go For It lipsticks, Stereo Rose and Petticoat MSFs, New Vibe Mineralize Blush, and Calm, Cool, & Collected Mineralize e/s.
    And today I finally – after waiting over 4 weeks – received my Essie order, Haute as Hello and Knockout Pout.
    Excited for: next time I go to work, it’s 2 August!!

  40. hellochristina

    Haul: Hm, I bought nothing that special hahaha. Soba, Shadowy Lady, and Gleam MAC eyeshadow. Then I wanted Blushbaby, the MAC SA got me Blunt -_- so when I got home, I was like AHHH! Also purchased Margin and Opulash, trying to hold back till The Groove collection for the all hailed Stereo Rose, Petticoat and By Candlelight and I’ll pry buy Comfort (is it alot like Soft and Gentle?). I wasn’t up with the beauty times when they were previously released. By the way I’m new to your blog, and I think it was the best beauty blog on the internet!!! I read it everyday! I seriously look up every product I’m considering on here before purchasing. Have you ever tried Model in a Bottle setting spray? I’m wondering if it’s all that great, but anyway you’ll start seeing my name in your comments, thanks for everything you do!

    Excited for: Three days of weekend awesomeness!

    Friday plans: Shopping ;] Blushbaby you will be mine!

  41. Anne

    Haul: MAC shadows Shale and Sable (but only one counts as a new purchase, since I returned Tete a Tint, which was pulling orange on me).

    Excited for: Long weekend!

    Friday plans: Mad Men Season 3, eps. 4-6.

  42. Peggy M

    I got just one thing this week, im saving up for a huge MAC haul in three weeks!
    I was feeling a little sad so i bought my favorite mascara as a pick me up!
    It’s Lancômes Virtuose!!!


  43. Michou

    Haul: 2 Hourglass lipglosses (they’re GORGEOUS), 2 benefit lipsticks and I’m waiting on 2 Stila lip glazes and one MAC lipstick from ebay. Hoping to grab my first NARS blush this afternoon and MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow.

    Excited For: Four days off in a row, even though I’ll still be crazy busy and have doctor appointments.

    Friday Plans: Go out window and actual shopping with a friend, then dinner, then cleaning up my apartment (it NEEDS a sweeping).

  44. Jennifer

    – Nars Underworld eyeshadow duo (loveee the steely blue side)
    – Benefit Coralista
    – Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner in Espresso
    – Chanel Pink Teaser glossimer
    – Chanel Paradoxal nail varnish
    – Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 30 moisturizer

    Excited for: Fourth of July in Vegas! It’s going to be great, but it will be sooo hot there.

  45. Ann

    This week I bought Essie’s Tart Deco, NYX eye shadow base, & Sephora brand tinted moisturizer. I’m trying to be good before I go crazy next week for In the Groove.

    Friday plans just include going to a nice dinner with close friends. And the rest of the holiday weekend will be with family – eating LOTS of food :-)

    And I love Mellan! I’m dying to get a lab!

  46. Rachel

    Hi Christine!

    Love your blog, read it all the time and finally feel like I have a haul worthy of sharing. I usually only buy one item every few weeks, but this week I finally had enough money saved up to buy some things I’ve been wanting for over a year :).

    Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Shampoo
    Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
    Morroccanoil (Original) Treatment
    Benefit Boing in 01
    Chanel Natural Lipliner (#34)
    Chanel Magnifique Glossimer

    Next week I’m thinking about picking up Nars blush in Madly, Lipstick in Barbarella and Lipgloss in Giza.


  47. Megan

    This week I purchased the Urban Decay Ammo eyeshadow palette and stereophonic 24/7 eyeliner set online. I plan on getting the package in about a week. I’m so exited!

  48. rukia

    Beauty haul, actually it just arrived right now but they were ordered way before. Nars Deep throat & Striptease set, Mac Fleur Power, Stila Purple Pump, UD electric 24/7 pencil, Covergirl Clear Mascara, Zoya Flash Set (my mom is loving Perrie) and some elf stuff.

    I’m excited for the weekend sales. Just ordered clothes from and I want to haul some more clothes from forever21 (deviation from my usual make-up purchases 😀 )

  49. starr

    This week i hauled
    -a fresh sugar rose tinted lip treatment (which i will definitely repurchase its amazing)
    -a duwop twilight venom (a must have for me)
    -and a clinique spf 50 face cream

    and i am super excited for going back home (i have been on vacation for 3 weeks) and i get to see my dog again! (we left him with family :( i am also excited for the in the groove collection cant wait to pick up some goodies!

    ….not excited for summer school :'( im starting it in three days

  50. Reese

    Haul: I went to Ulta today and got 3 Essie nail polishes, buy 2 get 1 free :) I got Eternal Optimist, Mesmerize, & Lilacism. I also got OPI polish in Funky Dunkey, Stila It Girl eyehadow trio palette, Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Gloss in Doug & Rimmel Airy Fairy lipstick. I also stopped by Vickie’s and got a few pairs of undies and a lipgloss in Sublime.

    Excited for: 4th of July of course! It’s the first one for my husband and I in our new house, so we’re looking forward to BBQ-ing & doing a few fireworks in our backyard :)

    Friday plans: Just relaxing, cleaning a little and possibly going out for drinks later tonight.

  51. Vickie

    haul from sephora i ordered a stila eyeshadow palette with 3 full suze eyeshadows for only $10. I also picked up the benefit sample packs that they had for only $10 each, one had stay dont stray erase paste and rsvp cream eyeshadow(picked up 2 of these) and the other came with samples of some kind of gorgeous that gal high beam and posie tint. i also pick up my first MUFE eyeliner in 11L which i love! i want to get more lol.

    then at ULTA i got a too faced sample pack for $10 which had TFSI and lash injection

    and i also recieved 4 small bottles of snow fairy and angels delight soap from a swap on MUA

    excited for- the MAC 226 that i swap a sephora gift card for to come in the mail (cant wait for this brush been looking for it everywhere) and my friends birthday on sunday

  52. Carrie

    This week, I got Get-Away Bronze blush from To The Beach, Shimmermoss eye shadow, and Star Nova and Sinnamon Lusterglasses. I ordered some things online that I’m still waiting for, like Urban Decay’s Vegan Palette.

  53. This week I hauled MAC 130 brush, Brun eyeshadow, and 2 more Thrills lipsticks online! Thrills is my new favorite lipstick so when I saw it was not sold out anymore online, I got 2 backups!

    I am really not excited about anything. I have been sick this week.

    No Friday night plans :(

  54. Haul: I bought MAC paint pot in soft ochre, seedy pearl e/s, venetian lustreglass, hug me lipstick, Boticario liquid blush in #2 and L’oreal Lumino Contrast serum.

    Excited for: finishing my exams on wednesday so I can finally rest.

    Friday plans: I wrote an exam and went shopping for clothes afterwards since everything is on sale at the moment.

  55. LNU

    Haul: Nothing! Aren’t you proud? 😉
    Excited For: This Saturday I’m heading on vacation for a week.
    Friday Plans: Todays my brothers birthday, (hes 13) so I took him to the movies.

  56. AnGeLwInGz

    Awww, Mellan! I splurged as a reward for passing up on the Dior fall collection. Chanel Orchid Rose blush, MAC e/s Lucky Green, Shimmermoss, Humid, Firecracker, Sweet & Punchy, UD e/s Gash, Baked, Orly Gumdrop, Piggy Polish Daylilly’s & Music, Tic Tac TOES!, Sub-Lime.

  57. This week I bought 2 Nars e/s Duo’s – Isolde and Mediterranee
    The Korres Bronze and Protect package – Primer TM and Bronzer
    Benefit l/ in spiked punch

    I also did an exchange w*zoya –> reece, zara, midori, pippa, gwin, charla, and lola !

  58. Haul: I didn’t haul anything this week but I’m planning to this weekend and next week! Yesterday was Canada Day so I just stayed at home and relaxed :)

    Excited For: summer weather!! Finally it’s going to be a lot more sunny in Vancouver!

    Tonight: perhaps a movie or the Summer Nightmarket in Richmond!

  59. Hannah

    This is sort of a collective haul. I visited my local CCO over the past few weeks, and got some MAJOR goodies!

    I got:
    Lark About pigment
    Circa Plum pigment
    Sweet Sienna pigment
    Melon pigment
    Cocomotion pigment
    Tempting eyeshadow in style warriors packaging
    Glamour Check eyeshadow
    Mont Black eyeshadow
    Shimpagne MSF
    So Sweet So Easy cremeblend blush
    Way to Love lipstick
    Queen’s Sin lipstick – my favorite of the scarlet season, I’m finally able to find it! 😀

  60. Mandy

    My haul was tiny this week (trying not to buy too much makeup since we just got another car). I purchased a NARS set from Sephora: Orgasm Blush/ Laguna Bronzer duo, which was paired with Orgasm nail polish. I am a sucker for Sephora value sets (the value said $53, original price was $49 and I only paid $35!) and I was already planning on getting both the blush and the bronzer, so it was a no brainer since the polish was practically free, it is regular size so the value of that alone is $16.

    To qualify for free shipping I bought UDPP for one of my best friends because she has never used eye primer (!).
    The only problem was that Sephora took what seemed like forever to ship my package. I called my local store and they didn’t have that particular set. It took 8 days from the time I ordered til I recieved it. Granted, I DO live in Hawaii but this is the longest Sephora has ever taken to ship to me. I guess it was worth the wait though!

    I am excited that the weekend is here, since my husband is off work and my son loves watching fireworks!

  61. CeeBee

    After finding it impossible to source Crush Glow here in NZ, I ordered it online, so I impatiently waiting for that to arrive (should be here Monday, yay) plus another EL Signature Hydra Lustre lipstick since I adore Dune Rose so much… it was a toss up between Luminious Lilac and Portafino Coral (Lilac won, but I don’t think Coral is out for the count just yet, heh!)

    I had a lovely Friday – it was our 5 year anniversary of being together and my fiance surprised me with a gorgeous piece of jewellery over breakfast and then in the evening we got together with all the guys in my office and ther wives and went out for Indian food – had such a good time! 😀

    Plans this weekend – to do absolutely nothing! I’ve been away for nearly two weeks for work so I’m settling in cosy with the man and bunch of books.

  62. amy

    The MAC PRO store in my area released In the Groove and Alice and Olivia early. I picked up Stereo Rose MSF; Morning After nailpolish; and I Want Candy Dazzle Glass

  63. nicci

    MAC 188 brush
    MAC 239 brush
    Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone
    Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage

    The SA told me to put the refined zone first and then the skin base. I did and then put foundation. My foundation looked so good! and it sticked all day. I was impressed. But when I woke up this morning I woke up to a small zit on my nose and a small one on my chin :-( Those were the only 2 new products I tried. I hate this! find something that really works and it does that…ugh. I think the one with silicone might have done it…

  64. Leenie

    I haven’t purchase any beauty products at least not yet, My niece just delivered her baby girl this morning and I’m so happy to finally have her here, I guess when she comes home the family will get together on Sunday and officially welcome her home

  65. SHERRY

    Love to read about everyone’s hauls. Well for me the first of the month is when I do my major hauls. This week- order still on the way to me for new fall collections from Chanel. I ordered the quad es, Verte Khaki single shadow, 2 blushes and 2 lipsticks. This week also got Patina Mac shadow, 3 lipliners from Mac and some Nyx shadows and jumbo pencils. My order I received today was a Smashbox definer brush, 4 YSL Ombre solo eyeshadows (love these) 3 Dior ultra glosses , Interview Lipstick, YSL cream shadow in the coppery brown color, Jade cream shadow from EL, Shiseido hydro powder shadow in Tigers Eye, Clinique Intensive Repair eye cream, – so much to love. Going to relax for the weekend. I am sure we will have dinner out on Sunday and then go to watch the firework display as we do every year.

  66. Shalamar

    Haul: Nars lipgloss in the color All Night Long. I am in love with it & I wish the Sephora wasn’t an hour away. I also got Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in the color Koi. It looks fun, gold & shiny. I can’t wait to use it.

  67. I got some NARS Blushes to add to my ever-growing collection of them (total of 6!):

    NARS Taj Mahal (you somehow convinced I can pull it off (and I did) despite my N? 25 Skin!)
    NARS Sin (for the fall..)

    Excited for: Watching the Eclipse or The Last Airbender Movie. Also hopefully my aunt is going to do microdermabasion and a facial for me this weekend or Monday (free for family – woot!)!

  68. Jaqueline

    This week I bought Mac studio sculpt foundation, Mac select cover up concealor, Mac MSF in Petticoat & Stereo Rose, Mac superglass in sweet tart and sugar overload.

    trying very hard not to purchase anything else since im going on holiday to Toronto in July and want to save alot of my money for the damage i will do in Sephora.