Friday, June 25th, 2010

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Did I really go another week without buying anything?  I think I may just have a selective memory.

Excited for: Farmer’s Market on Sunday!  I think we’re just going to keep it low-key this weekend, though.  Should be nice and relaxing.

Friday plans: Mellan & Mommy time!   Catch up on shows on the DVR… maybe watch Toy Story 3.

This week’s Mellan photo…

You want me to do what now?  This photoshoot’s over!

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122 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #034

  1. livnzoe

    haul: MAC’s 217 brush, UD brow box, STILA illuminating tinted moisturizer, kiehl’s lipbalm
    excited for: the party today, the WM game switzerland-honduras
    friday plans: watching the WM game.. afterwards going to a diploma party!

  2. Dawn

    Got a nice little MAC haul this week.

    Pro pan eyeshadows in:
    Bottle Green
    Deep Damson
    Lucky Green

    Also Sweet & Punchy (so wish they’d do these in the pan format)

    Lipglasses in:
    Fold and Tuck
    Flurry of Fun

    Currently wearing ‘Splashing’ and wondering why I didn’t buy it sooner.

    Got a free travel-sized Sigma SS217 brush too :)

    Looking forward to watching the Big Brother eviction on TV tonight – I’m a bit of an addict

  3. Scientific Housewife

    Haul: Bought some great products for Lush and my hair and face thank me.

    Excited for: Doing projects, eating out at PF Changs and relaxing.

    Friday plans: Working, then making a butterfly origami mobile for a friend, then who knows!

  4. Vickie

    haul-I went to the cco this week and picked up the clinique 3 step system, mutiny pigment, and snowscene lipglass (love this lipglass!)

  5. Haul: Nothing :( I’m saving my money for my holiday

    Excited for: I’m going to England on Tuesday and I CAN’T WAIT! It been two years since I went last and I’m dying to go, I have a looong shopping list. :)

    Friday plans: My friend is coming over tonight to watch Charade with Audrey Hepburn, I think it’s the only one of her films we haven’t watched.

  6. Nicole

    I misbehaved this week! I picked up Guerlain Parure Extreme foundation (I love it!), NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl, a couple Urban Decay shadows (Flash and Asphyxia), and a Guerlain bronzer! I’m annoyed with Guerlain…they have a few bronzers that look almost identical, and the packaging varies only slighty. But I finally got the RIGHT one! LOL. Tonight I’m going to a reception at an art gallery for new exhibitions! Should be fun. I might have to rock some red lips with my new NARS pencil! 😀

  7. Brenda

    Hi there,

    This week I tried Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer and it is great! I have been using it for four days and I already have a beautiful golden color.
    This weekend I a excited to go the a comedy show tomorrow night.
    Tonight I am just having some mommy daughter time.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Keener

    Haul: OPI for Sephora minis of Havana Nights.

    Excited for: Today ending so I can start my mini vacation. I’m not going anywhere but a break from work is desparately needed.

    Friday Plans: Dinner out and a bottle of wine – I haven’t decided if I’m sharing it.

  9. cass

    haul: living proof styling spray, a nail file, and sephora opi nail polish in “teal we meet again”

    excited for: the USA game tomorrow! AH! at my favorite bar! at 8 am! …or even earlier since I’m pretty sure it’s going to be SUPER crowded! And also excited to be taking a personal day from work to go see my mom at the beach! Hooray for being paid to be at the beach! <3

    friday plans: finally getting a USA shirt, and then going out with a bunch of my friends OR having a roof party at her place in brooklyn. :]

  10. Haul – Nothing! I did however place an order from ACW, another order from MAC, and I ordered Rae Morris’ book.

    Excited For – My friend’s son is graduating from High School today, and then we’ll all be Barbecuing tonight. Their prom is tomorrow, so it will be nice to see him and his girlfriend in their formal wear.

    My kitties are the cutest because last night, they were sitting in the windows, trying to attack every moth or mosquito that went by. Both of them were chirping and jumping all over the front window. The neighbours got a kick out of it as well, when they walked by.

  11. Megan

    Love the photo. Sometimes my dogs react that way too, like “Get me away from this camera and give me a treat”!!

    Anyway I haven’t bought a thing in weeks…no money!! Hopefully that will be fixed so I can get some things from the In The Groove collection:)

  12. Lynniekae

    Haul: Nothing! Yay me!! Last week, I was in Dallas and pre-ordered from the Digi-Art MAC collection that comes out in July. So I’m trying to not purchase until after those items.

    Excited for: Independence Day weekend!! I know it’s next weekend lol, but work will be so crazy this weekend and all next week, so I’m excited for the break! It’s like my light at the end of the tunnel. Plan to go fishing, car buying, and of course..fireworks!!

    Friday plans: SLEEP!! I’ve been going nonstop between travelling, work, and school, so I plan to just chill at home tonight, watch some Sci-fi and embrace the Zzzzs.

    P.S. your dog is so precious!!

  13. Katie

    I didn’t go on a crazy haul this week. Just because MAC often offers free shipping, I can’t resist! So, I got a lip pencil in Subculture and Dollymix blush. I have ten MAC blushes now and four beauty powders, but I’m so addicted to blush that I can’t help myself. Is there a support group for people like me?! LOL

    I’m excited for the new addition that we’re starting on my house this weekend and In the Groove coming up in July. (yay!) As for tonight, I plan to stay in with my boyfriend and daughter. We’ll be catching up with our DVR too, I recorded a bunch of House episodes haha

    • LOL! Free shipping IS hard to resist — totally feel ya!

      We’re a great support group! We’ll support all of your hauling… 😉

      • Katie

        Well that makes me feel better because I know my boyfriend doesn’t care much for my hauling! He just doesn’t understand these things, but in his defense, I could’ve bought an iPod or three with my hauling over the last two months. I feel so bad, but sometimes being bad feels good!

  14. Dini

    Haul: Oh wow – I didn’t buy any makeup this week. Yay.

    Excited for: A weekend road trip to see old friends and shop.

    Friday plans: Enjoying the sunshine. And doing laundry.

    Awww. What a cute Mellan photo.

  15. Allison

    This weekend hopefully I’ll get to see Toy Story 3. Other than that relaxing,cleaning up room, and studying.
    Last Saturday I went nail polish crazy. I got the mini Summer Flutter OPI collection, Sand In My Suit, and Funky Dunkey all by OPI. Oh! And then I got Hidden Treasures by Sally Hansen and another color as well- but I can’t remember the name.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Raychel

    Haul: I got the new Stila travel palette, it should arrive next week, so excited!

    Excited for: Going home to visit family next month.

    Friday plans: Going to the club with my boyfriend- this is the first time he as ever agreed to come out with me! He hates dancing

  17. Samantha T.

    Mellan is adorable as usual!

    Haul – Lancome Bi-Facil (can’t live without this stuff)
    Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Cream
    Hoping my Illamasqua Katie Blush comes in the mail today…it is my last hope for a blush not going “orange” on me – they all do! haha

    Plans – Taking my son to see Ronald McDonald tomorrow at the Grand Opening of our new McDonald’s – he is SO excited…haha & going to see Danzig in concert on Saturday.

  18. Claudia

    I stopped in a MAC store by chance to ask if they had Dirty Greasepaintstick available (since it’s not showing up online) and they did so I got that since I’ve been wanting it since it came out. Now I have to figure out how to use it lol! Do yo think it’s safe to use near the waterline?

    Excited for: this sunday I will be a co-pilot in a car scavenger hunt type of deal. Turbo car should be fun :)

    Mellan looks soooo soft to touch

    • I believe the greasepaints *are* waterline safe this time!

    • Katie

      Thanks for reminding me that I NEED Dirty! I kept forgetting to pick it up so I’ll be heading to my MAC counter with my fingers crossed!

    • mkdallas

      The Dirty greasepaint stick was hard for me to work with, due to the chubby point, so I got an eyeliner brush (not a super-skinny one, either) and brushed the color of the pencil and was able to get a nice smudgy line under my lower lashes.

  19. Emily

    MUFE Aqua Cream in Gold, Murad Acne bodywash, and free Smashbox brow-tech/cream liner palette from Sephora. =)

  20. Jennifer

    Haul: China Glaze nail polish in Entourage, Essie nail polishes in Ballet Slippers, Barbados Blue, and Bahama Mama…I think I’m gonna return the Chona Glaze one, I hated it lol I also got a Nyx lipstick in pumkin pie- so pretty and a Nyx lip pencil in rose

    excited for: sleeping in tomorrow haha and hanging out with friends now that one of my summer classes is over!

  21. Haul: China Glaze For Audrey, MAC’s See Sheer l/s & Tan pigment
    Excited for: Sleeping in late on Saturday

    Friday plans: Watching my hubby’s performance at a club

  22. I don’t think I bought anything… Again. (It’s nice to be in-between MAC collections isn’t it? LOL!)

    Excited for… I don’t know. It was nice the last few days and now it’s raining :( I have a TON of work to get caught up on but I’m all wonky from the car accident still so it hurts to work for any length of time… See! I’m not really excited for much. I just feel like bitching actually 😛

    The theme for this week is DEVILED night! LOL! We’re doing Deviled Crab Cakes, Deviled Eggs… Other various “deviled things” (Devil’s Food Cake of course) and maybe Bloody Mary’s? That sounds appropriate to me.

    I’m most excited for guilty pleasures night – We’ve all been talking about that one. We’re doing a homemade doughnut bar (along with various other “bad” food items) and all hunker down to watch (well, more like make fun of) Showgirls! LOL!

    • I know, right? I’m like, “Wait… nothing? Really? No…”

      I’m so sad to hear that your back is *still* bothering you!

      You should do a food blog. I’m totally serious. I want to see pictures of all these lovely theme nights!

  23. mkdallas

    Did a couple of Sephora hauls; Pacifica Blood Orange lotion & body wash (each priced at 12.50 on the website, rather than the usual $25 per bottle…DEAL!), a Sheiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick in BE208-Baby, which is a beautiful peachy nude with lots of pigmentation and I’m waiting for the MUFE Beauty In A Box set to arrive because I wanted to try the Aqua Creams. That kit is a major deal with 2 Aqua Creams, 2 eye pencils, 1 lip pencil, a mascara (all full size) and an eye makeup remover for $69. I also hauled the Sephora $10 Stila eyeshadow palatte, which is a GREAT buy, as it comes shrink-wrapped, the shadows are full-sized & very wearable and the case itself is hard plastic. If you need a good gift for a fellow makeup-lover, you can’t beat it. Tonite, it will be Mexican food and Margaritas with another couple, as my daughter is off at camp and the spouse & I are loving all this freedom from schedules!

  24. Eileen

    Haul: Edward Bess Luminous Bronzer in Daydream and EB All Over Seduction Cream Highlighter in Sunlight.
    Excited for: Meeting an old friend for lunch and gossip on Saturday.
    Friday plans: Babysit my son’s little Italian Gray Hound as he won’t be home this evening.

  25. Well, I got a bunch of gift cards for my birthday, sooo I nabbed the following:
    Summerfruit creme liner
    Hot Tahiti lipstick
    Stars n’ Rockets
    Silver Ring
    Sushi Flower (and yay for better color payoff with primer)

    Prim Tweed, Frigid Gloom, Heat Wave, Ruthless Indulgence – all eye shadows

    Some awesome purple threader earrings

    Excited For:
    Getting some more piercings tonight

    Friday Plans:
    Having vietnamese for dinner with a friend, then getting some more piercings. ;>

  26. Christina

    Haul: None this week again! I’m shocked at how much money I’ve saved in the last month or so!

    Excited for: I’m really excited that the bf is coming home for a day tomorrow. He’s a mentor at a summer program for high school kids so he’s gone for 5 weeks. He does get days off though so I’m grateful for that. Also excited for IMATS tomorrow :] I’m taking my cousin who is a makeup addict but has never heard of it. I’m sure she’ll fall into a makeup-induced coma.

    Friday Plans: Clothes-shopping tonight with my cousin after work!

  27. Amber

    This weeks haul – I bought 3 of the 4 OPI np’s from their Summer Flutter Collection:
    Catch Me In Your Net!
    Wing It!
    Also bought the L’oreal lash fortifying serum – hopefully it will at least keep my lashes healthy, i don’t expect too much.

    Very excited for a surprise gift I am putting together for a good friend who needs a pick me up! I bought her makeup,brushes and a makeup bag and plan to do her makeup for her – cannot wait!

  28. Lynn

    Haul: I bought 2 Essie nail polish in Demure Vixen and Splash of Grenadine- although I think I am liking Splash of Grenadine more!

    Excited For: The weekend- going to hang poolside with my friend and then do lunch. And joining in on the Pride festivities with friends on Sunday.

    Friday Plans: Going to check out Nordstrom exclusives of Dior, Chanel, YSL & Guerlain. Browsing to see what I may like to treat myself for my upcoming birthday. Definitely in the bag is a Guerlain bronzer! Maybe picking 2 of those lipsticks from Chanel- thanks for posting the pics Christine! I’m definitely leaning towards Chalys!

    Mellan, u are such cutie pie! Can’t wait for next week’s pic!

    • No problem! Hope you find what you’re looking for @ Nordstrom!

      When’s the birthday?

      • Lynn

        I ended up at the Chanel counter- put in a request for the sales associate to call me when the fall lipsticks arrive – it should come out in a couple of weeks! yay! And I put in an order for Particuliere nail polish- they were sold out!
        Bday is on July 10th!

  29. week long Haul! Gallon size Wen cucumber and aloe conditioner (yr. supply!) 2 duo Nars shadows, 2 backups of mac’s easy lounger gloss,Lancome’s new Defencils Precious cells mascara, Mac lip condtioner, 3 Trish McEvoy lip sticks and 1 gloss. Went to CCO and got my hands on a peticoat and redhead skinfinish, Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond shimmerbrick and finally…a back up 239!

    Excited for spending the weekend with my 9 mo old granddaughter!

    Friday plans…Play and more play!

  30. fresh

    Haul – small one this week!

    1) MAC – Nymphette Lipglass
    2) MAC – Velvet Teddy Lipstick

  31. Halo

    I went to MAC picked up hue lipstick, people keep telling me i need a nude but paired with stepping pout dazzleglass it is now part of my fav lip combo. I was debating between filament eyeshadow and vex i went for filament but im kind of disapointed with the amount of fallout. I tried those NYC Blush Creme Sticks they’re actually really nice. Got Nivea a kiss of moisture and Physician’s Formula Bronzer and foundation. I wanted to try them out at but one get one free. Then some clothes from Pac Sun.

    Friday Plans: America’s Next Top Model Marathon, Sad Right????

    Excited For: NYC Day Trip, Checking out Inglot for the first time!!!!! :)

    • Yay for discovering new favorite lip combos :)

      Filament does have a bit of fall out — I believe it’s a lustre finish — and if it’s a lustre finish, some fall out is expected, unfortunately!

  32. Kai

    I almost bought the Stila smudgepot in Kitten, but instead I got an empty MAC palette and the color Steamy!

    I also got an EOS lip balm from the drugstore :)

  33. TGIF 😀

    HAUL: I rec’d my NARS haul yesterday which included:
    Multiple Tint in Beverly Hills
    Multiple Tint in Cadaques
    Smudge Brush
    Lipstick in Niagra
    and a sample of Laguna bronzer

    FRIDAY PLANS: I’m going to run by the mall for a little LUSH shopping & to visit my sister (who works at Sephora) — she’ll probably give me a little makeover. Then a date with my SO.

    WHAT I’M EXCITED FOR: I’m going to Chicago over the 4th of July weekend and I’m SO very excited 😀

  34. Tonja

    Haul: 2 hard candy shadows;intergalatic and lunar eclipse
    3 NYX lipsticks
    excited for:My circuit workout tomorrow
    Friday plans; when you have 5 kids just going to sleep or having a nice glass of wine by my pool is a treat

  35. You will not believe this, but once again I’ve hardly bought a thing this week! I bought Bobbi Brown Pink Oyster cream eyeshadow (half price), 3 Guerlain eyeshadow singles (testers, so half price), 3 mineralize eyeshadow duos (less than rrp) and 3 Guerlain G lipstick testers (1/3 of normal lipstick price) on eBay, nothing in the shops, and a back up for my Pleasureflush MSF on MUA. This is seriously small beauty spending by my standards.

    Excited for In The Groove and Superglass coming out next Thursday, but before then, the weekend. :) Friday’s pretty much done here now (it’s 7.25 pm), so not much is planned.

  36. Leea

    Haul: Benefit Bad Gal Lash.
    Excited for: I’m going to America for the first time ever! + on my own, which is prettttyyy exciting : ))))
    Friday plans: Well friday is almost over for me, but earlier today I hung out with my friends for the last time <3

  37. Polina

    haul:NARS blush in Deep throat&NARS blush in angelika
    excited for:mexico and duty free on wednesday
    friday plans:getting mom gifts for her birthday tommarow

  38. Megan

    HAUL: MAC Blush in Dame, MAC lipgloss in Prrr, and MAC Bare Study Paint pot. I love all of these items! The colors are so pretty and good for summer-fall.

  39. LNU

    Haul: My Barbie Loves Stila Palette arrived and the two It Girl Palettes I ordered as gifts with it. :)

    Excited for: Monday is the last day of my summer class!

    Friday plans: I watched “Grown Ups” in theaters today.

  40. Meesh

    Haul: I’ve been surprisingly good. Haven’t spend any money since school let out! YES! Don’t know how long that resolution is going to last.

    Excited for: The weekend and spending it with my parents.

    Friday plans: Cooking with my dad or rather he cooks, I watch AND get yummy food!

  41. Karin Vaughan

    Haul: Not much, but I got MAC’s white eyeliner called Fascinating, Lady Gaga Viva Glam, and Life’s A Breeze To the Beach lip liner. I wanted the sweet & punchy eyeshadow SO badly, but it looked too yellow-ey against my very olive skin tone. Same with the Rosemary & Thyme eyeliner.

    Excited for: Indoor skydiving Saturday! I mentioned this in another comment on another post, but it’s my second time and I’m stoked :)

    Friday plans: Hang out with friends and go to the outdoor mall really late at night when everything is closed and no one is there. We thought of this a few nights ago. Just one of the random things we do!

    Your weekend sounds fun!

  42. Connie

    I was super bad – bought three Guerlaine lipsticks – Gentiane, Giulette , and Gil. I love, love, love these lipsticks. They are expensive but man are they nice.

  43. Mariana

    HAUL: Scored some great finds on monday visiting my local CCO! (MAC 165, MAC 225, MAC Fresh Cement Shadestick, MAC Greenstroke Paint Pot)
    Excited for: My friends birthday bbq tonight
    Friday Plans: Hanging out with friends at a birthday bbq tonight

  44. Stephanie

    Haul: I’ve been using my Sephora Havana Nights mini collection and MAC’s Funbathing (which is so perfect for me- gives me a golden glow) This week I bought Temperature Rising and Thrills. I actually lost my MAC bag during shopping & had to rebuy both ;(. I also went to the Carlsbad CCO and bought Antique Green & Gold Stroke pigments

    Plans: Nothing but watching the World Cup with friends 😉

  45. CeeBee

    Haul: Thrills and Funbathing plus Hot Gossip lipsticks, Soft Ochre PP, Petticoat MSF, Rosemary & Thyme eye pencil (thats $254 thanks very much, thank god for credit cards!) and I picked up an Estee Lauder Hydrationist kit, with full size moisturizer (love!), foaming cleanser, eye cream and Idealist pore minimizer. Oh and 4 Jordana matte lipsticks in Lavender Lady, Pink Passion, Nude & Rafael for my favourite aunt who I visited while up in Auckland.

    Excited for: Being home actually. I just got back from 4 days away on Friday and I leave again for another 4 days on Sunday (work) and I miss my fiance :-(

  46. Cherie

    Haul: New makeup travel bag + brush bag. Smashbox Photo Finish primer. OPI You don’t know Jacques polish. Torlen mini flat iron.

    Excited for: I’m on vacation!!! East Coast USA road trip here I come!! :) :) :)

    Any makeup exclusive to the US that I should look at (I’m from Canada)??? Or cool places to go?

  47. Leenie

    Loreal De-Crease, It creases after 4 hours on me I didn’t like it
    And I also picked up saddle by MAC I ran out
    Last Blast mascara, I was good this week and didn’t spend much

  48. nicci

    Probably my biggest & last biggest haul! :) I kind of went crazy since I have not in such a long time…or ever this big, for me anyway. I kind of surprised myself since most of it is from Origins. I never paid much attention to that brand till recently.

    Origins – Stay Tuned Foundation
    Origins – Modern Friction
    Origins – Modern Fusion Serum
    Origins – Starting Over Oil-Free Moisturizer (Night)
    Origins – A Perfect World SPF 25 Moisturizer (Day)
    Origins – Checks & Balances face wash
    Lacome La Laque Fever – Chromed Pink
    Lancome La Laque Fever – Lucent Nude
    Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips – Betsy
    NARS – Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
    Mario Badescu – Drying Lotion
    Viva La Juicy (Juicy Couture) – Body Creme
    Coastal Scents – 88 Mental Mania Palette (first palette ever)
    GHD – Class 1″ Styler (flat iron)

    Nothing to be excited for – caught a cold from a co-worker and now have a sore throat :-( But I guess I can play with my new make-up tonight :)

  49. Kathleen

    I just got back from Italy, so I did some European hauling. Got the new Acqua di Gioia from Armani perfume (I love it!) and then got Temperature Rising and Float on By pencils from MAC To The Beach because they were sold out in the States. Had to hold myself back from buying a ton more. :)

  50. Kelli

    Haul: I went a little crazy – I found out Dillard’s still has some MAC from past collections (Art Supplies, Pret-a-Papier, Riveting) plus I got a bunch of small “sample” sizes of Benefit products from Sephora

    Some things I got include:
    Greasepaint Sticks in Dirty, Below Ground, Uniformly Purple (?)
    Pearlglide Eyeliners in Almost Noir, Black something(?)
    Paint pot in Coral Crepe
    l/g in Pret-a-Papier,Fold and Tuck
    l/s in Made to Order
    Cremesheen in Over Indulgence (like this haul was)
    MAC 150 brush
    Nail Polish in Originality

    Excited for: My parents are coming to visit and help me move to a new apt

    Friday plans: Packing with the roomie

  51. Rissy

    I just got paid so I did go get some mac products to try some looks on this site. :) I got soba, dazzlelight, wedge, bronze, naked lunch, romp and finally got the two viva glams (gaga and cindi)… and a couple nail things from the drug store and some other makeup just for my back up kit that I leave at my bf’s place.

  52. Tomi

    haullll: NARS blush in taj mahal,
    Rimmel lipstick in jet set red,
    and 2 EOS lipbalms in summer fruit and honeysuckle honeydew(: