Friday, June 18th, 2010

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Nothing… no makeup this week!

Excited for: A full weekend of relaxing!  Father’s Day!  I also can’t wait to go hiking on Sunday, and then head to the farmers’ market afterward.

Friday plans: WIFESWAP x5!  So exciting!  Italian food for lunch… yummy alfredo & sausage bread (OMG, sausage bread is TO-DIE-FOR).  Loving the boy!

This week’s Mellan photo…

This is an oldie, but it’s a perfect summer photo!  Surf board Mellan!
Well, it’s actually a skim board.  Mellan was 15 weeks here :)

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162 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #033

  1. Steffi

    bought today: (from mac)
    219 brush
    15 palette
    cranberry refill
    stackable travel jars
    mes odd couple
    p/p bare study

    the comforter
    happy blooming
    sugar babe

  2. Macaddict

    Yesterday went to Sephora cuz I found out that they received the NARS L.E. multiple tints (I had wanted to get my hands on them for months…) so I got 1 of each color. Plus, I also bought MUFE HD blush in #12 (I already own #14 and #6) and MUFE Aqua Cream in #9 (the coral one). These days, I’m in love and impressed by the newer MUFE products.
    I’m also a suck for novelty products so I got me a pack (the tiger one) of the OPI Prints for nails. I’m told they are eaasy to usse, so will have to “play” this weekend!

    • Oooh, so glad you were able to grab ’em at Sephora! Let me know how you like them :)

    • Macaddict

      Well, I’m on day 2 now and they are lasting. I was told that the nail stickers last 3-4 days.
      In total, it took 5 minutes to apply! So, the instructions as to how easy it is to put them on is quite correct. Unfortunately, and also maybe because of my short nails, I was unsuccessful to file them as per the instructions. Instead, I used scissors to cut them to the appropriate length and it worked beautifully.
      I would totally recommend them, especially for those people who have a special occasion to go to and want to have fancier-looking nails without the time and cost involved of a professional application.
      I will definitely get more of the other patterns that I liked (but 1st, before I bought more, I wanted to make sure that they lived up to the marketing claims…), especially the pink fishnet design/the nautical with anchor design, and the little skulls… 😀

  3. Cyndy

    well last week i got peaches and another blush from MAC, I forgot the name, it is a matte brown, and I got soft and gentle msf, and i got grape pigment… Do u knw hot to use pigments cuz i don’t:( OMG PLS GIVE UR DOG A HUGE KISS FROM ME!!!! HE IS SO CUTE AND LOVEABLE!!!!!!!!

  4. Diana S.

    Haul: Mac Delft paint pot, Mac Fresh Moroccan lipstick, Mac Posey blush

    Excited for: My daughters birthday party this weekend and fathers day!

    Friday plans: Getting things ready for my daughters sleepover party!

    Love, love, love the pic of Mellan!

  5. Tiffany

    Getting ready to haul from Bare Escentuals. Taking advantage of 20% off! :)

    I have a two week break from school that started 2 hours ago!!!!!!! I haven’t had a break since Christmas. The feeling of freedom is amazing.

  6. Michou

    Haul: MAC brushes 239, 249 and 226! They’re AMAZING!!!! Also bought MAC eye shadows in Satin Taupe and Soft Brown. Last haul of the week was MAC lipstick in Naked Paris. SUCH a perfect pink for daytime wear!

    Excited for: Seeing my cousin and then an old friend. Playing video games. Cleaning and relaxing!

    Friday plans: Going clubbing at a goth club in Newark. Haven’t really done it in ages, and can’t wait to play around with heavy eyeshadow and darker lipstick!

  7. Aaw, such a cutie! :)

    Cannot believe how good I’ve been lately about buying make up, I’ve not bought anything from shops in weeks, and only bought 4 things from eBay which is so unlike me! :) I got Estee Lauder Peach Nuance blush (with a blush brush thrown in), Bobbi Brown cream shadow in Surf, Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby Lip Balm in Cherry Summer, and Mac Style Influencer Mineralize Eyeshadow (from In The Groove!). All of them were bargains, even the Mac mes, only paid £10.25 incl. shipping and normally they’re around £12 or so. :) Plus it’s not even out yet!

    Excited for: going out for drinks with some of the mums from my daughter’s school tonight, then my Mum arriving tomorrow evening, and my husband and I going to see Bon Jovi on Sunday night in London!

    • Three weeks in a row? WOW!! Are you sure you’re REALLY Anita? :)

      Whew!! Yay for greab eBay purchases!

      • Lol, it’s definitely me, but I guess whenever I went shopping lately I was looking for birthday presents (all 3 of my children are summer babies), party bag stuff, wrapping paper, etc. and didn’t even have much time to look at make up. Don’t worry though, as soon as In The Groove and Superglass is out, I will spend hundreds on them, so my haul list will be back to normal! (Although to be fair, this should be normal since I already have so much stuff, but hey, a girl’s gotta shop, right?)

  8. Andie

    Haul: I was trying to be good but overnight shipping got me. I got Viva Glam VI SE, Accentuate Shaping powder, three empty 15 pan palettes, a 6 pan palette, and Bronze, Amber Lights, Soba, Digit, Jest, Soft Brown, Mythology, and Tete-a-Tint eye shadows.

    Excited for: My friend staying with me for five days. Farmer’s Market Saturday.

    Friday Plans: Going away party for a coworker at the Union Terrace (staple outdoor gathering place on the lake in my city). Hopefully the weather holds, but it is supposed to be grossly humid.

  9. Adele

    I got 2 new MAC 217s, a 231, and a 242. Oh, and a new Vex eyeshadow pan. And I’m really trying to save for In the Groove (I love the cremesheen glasses).
    Any recs for other must-have MAC brushes? I got a job, so I can finally afford them!
    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  10. Haul: MAC prep+prime face protect w/ SPF50 and prep+prime eye, Shroom, Dazzlelight, Hush, Lucky Green and Expensive Pink. The store was out of quad palettes and I can’t order it online anymore so I guess this means that the new design will premier soon. :-(

    Excited for: a weekend all to myself!!! I will meet with a friend on Sunday who I have last seen in October last year. 😀

    • Uh oh :( I want to see the new 15-pan palette myself!

      • Yeah, me too. If they decided to put a clear top on the 15palette then … I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to hunt down the last ones in the old design. Clear top is nice and all for the quads but it looks untidy on a 15palette. NOT EXCITED for this!

        • It’s nice that you can see inside without opening it, butttt they’re hard to keep clean, so you’d see all the mess, too. It shall be interesting.

          I figure what I’ll do is keep the old style for either permanent or LE, and then keep the other in the old style – probably the permanent shadows in the old packaging, haha.

  11. Li Ming

    Maybelline Falsies mascara
    L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip in Carbon Black
    MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating

  12. cute photo, this week i have bought loads, i went to the cco in York (UK) never been before and i bought (all together this week)
    MAC Universal Mix
    MAC Pink Bronze
    MAC Spitirualize
    MAC Cocomotion
    MAC Milk
    MAC Fun in the sun xmas 09 kit (shimpagne one)
    MAC mirror (slide out one)
    bought a load of pigment samples from LJ community
    MAC Fresco rose paintpot
    MAC Gulf stream eyeshadow
    MAC pro pan Jest
    MAC pro pan Cobolt

    So thats all the mac i bought this week (i think lol) and im going on holiday soon so i bough a some t-shirts, a coin purse, a bag and another purse shaped like a postcard from acsessorize (SP?) think thats it :)

  13. Lauren

    I grabbed the last Gazette Gray e/s from Pret a Papier as well as the final Scorcher nail polish. I LOVE THAT COLOUR! Finally, I picked up three of the new Revlon Colourbursts: Peach 075, Soft Nude 070 and Blush 035. I’ve been wearing them all week. I may go back for a couple more. $7.97 cdn @ Walmart CHA CHING!

  14. Shah'ada

    I picked up 4 of the new UD summer LE shadows (Free Love, Psychedelic Sister, Haight, and Woodstock) and a new 209 :)

  15. Frances

    Haul: Lots (by my standards)!

    Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in RF240, Matt Primer SPF20, Powder Foundation PF325, and Cream Blusher in Seduce (raspberry colour). This is the first foundation colour match that I’ve walked away from totally convinced by. I got two free Medium Pencils as well in Spell (tomato red) and Forced (grey). Not entirely sure what to do with Force, any ideas Christine? I’m around NC45.

    Also, Diorific lipstick in 021 Orange Cancan, with Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Pearl in 436 Abricot Cloche/Apricot Cloche. I lovelovelove this combination to death, finally a perfect coral lip.

    Last a sort of gift set thingy by Victoria Jackson. I’ve never heard of this brand before but they’re apparently launching in the UK this September. The set consists of three lipglosses in copper, champagne and red; a bronzer in one of those brush-tube things; and a handy little survival kit that consists of 10 eye shadows, 5 lip colours, 2 powder blushes, 3 mini-brushes, 1 mascara, 1 eye pencil, and 1 lip pencil. I was really surprised at the quality, the lip glosses are great with a minty taste and scent. The lip colours are standard palette quality, not great but ok. But, to be very honest, I only bought the set because it was sold by a terribly attractive gentleman in distractingly fitted trousers.

    Excited for: A cocktail weekend with the girls!

    Friday plans: Washing my hair and re-watching Pocahontas. I’m emotionally exhausted from all that shopping 😉

    • Lots of great products, Frances! :)

      I’m not familiar with the Medium Pencils – are they like eyeliners? I’d think smoky eye…

      • Frances

        The Medium Pencils are really great, actually. The website says they can be used on the eyes, lips, face. Sort of a multi-purpose pencil. I’ve been wearing Spell this evening, and it’s actually really nice. Not at all drying and as usual with Illamasqua, insanely pigmented. I’m planning to do a light blue smoky eye with the grey pencil, does that sound alright? Also loving the two Intense Lipglosses I got last week: Fume and Galactic. Christine, if you don’t have Galactic, you must get it. I’ve been wearing it all the time!

        Also, that Mellan picture is the cutest thing! He looks like a serious little boy.

        • Gotcha! Yeah, not sure where else I’d use gray other than the eyes, lol! Well, on a regular basis 😉

          I think that would be pretty – for sure. It could also look rockin’ with purple!

          I think Galactic is only available on the website :(

  16. alicia

    not a haul just had a question. do you plan to do another book anytime soon?

  17. silvia

    I bought the e/s samoa silk. I really liked bamboo and looked for somehting like that but with more impact. still have to try it! besides…I moved two weeks ago! now am in one appartement with my boy and more in the city centre. I did a lot of packing and unpacking but finally all ( not really) is done. missed the beauty blogs!!now I have a small cupboard in the bed room where I store most of my make up stuff. this is great! now I have everything in one place, not like before: some at my place and most at my boyfriends place. everything there! yay!!

  18. Carrie

    Oh, my gosh. That is such a super cute picture!…I went to my MAC counter yesterday, wanting to take a look at the bronze blush from the To The Beach collection (I heard it looks great on lighter skin), but it was sold out. I ended up getting Life’s a Breeze and Splashing instead. I didn’t think I’d be impressed by either of those, but when I saw them at the store they looked so pretty and not quite like anything I already had. Plus, I’m betting Splashing will look great layered over Life’s a Breeze.

  19. Samantha T.

    Mellan – What an absolute cutie-pie! Don’t you wish they could stay puppies forever?!

    UD Lipstick Buzzkill
    TIGI Superstar Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner & Rockaholic Punk Out Styling Gunk
    Silk Naturals Mineral Makeup – just received this, but haven’t tried it yet; you blend it yourself…so should be interesting! haha I’ve not had great luck with mineral makeup in the past (Bare Escentals/GloMinerals/Jane Iredale)so am hoping this might work for me!

    Plans – manicure/pedicure, cooking, gardening

  20. Kelsey

    Oh my gosh! That picture is SOOOO cute! I love Mellan!
    Haul: Quite a bit this week, went to the mall twice! MAC Eyeshadows: Amber Lights, Aquadisiac, Stars N’ Rockets, Juxt, and Seedy Pearl. Urban Decay Eyeshadows: Woodstock, Free Love, Aquarius, and Dashiki.
    Excited For: Nothing much…
    Friday Plans: Writing a gothic story for my online English class. Lame.

  21. Becky

    Haul: Smashbox Artist Palette

    Excited for: My 30th birthday party is tomorrow! WOO HOO!!

  22. Michelle

    Haul: Stila Eye Palette, Illamasqua in Move (Thanks to you!)

    Excited for: Free Smashbox Eye Palette and Primer! Yay for Sephora!

    Friday plans: Mom’s birthday dinner! BBQ tonight by the pool, yay!

  23. Mia

    Haul: I got MAC 33 lashes and plumful lipstick (perfect berry shade!).

    Excited for: I JUST GRADUATED MIDDLE SCHOOL! I’m so happy but I’m so sad becuz I’m going to a different school from everybody else :(

    Friday plans: lost festival!!! I started lost a couple weeks ago and I’m on da 3rd season and it’s amazing! Can’t wait to finish all the seasons over the summer!

    • Plumful is so pretty!

      Congrulations, Mia! I actually know EXACTLY how that feels. My junior high filtered into two schools, and about 95% of people went to one… I went to the one that 5% went to.

  24. aw! puppies are cute! haha! here’s one of mine ( bali the huge beast of a dog… when he was just a pup. i loved how he used to sit with one leg sticking out! he was a rescue puppy who we got after he’d been hit by a car and left in a ditch >:/ for the first year the pins in his leg kept it pretty much straight – he hopped line a bunny and sat with one leg sticking out. he still doesn’t sit like a dog (sort of off to the side lol).

    oh yeah… and i got nuthin. lol! just a few aveda shadows last saturday but that’s it. tonight is waffle sandwiches (i’m kind of frightened), bloddy marys and a true blood marathon! 😛

    • KAYOOT!!!!

      Mellan has a sloppy sit, too. Sloppiest sit ever, I swear! :) He also bunny hops here and there.

      How are you liking the Aveda shadows? Though you may have told me this already on the Aveda shadow post earlier…

      • woo hoo! i did comment on that post – and i just read your reply now 😛 control force is like hair spray on steroids! i’m loving it!

        the shadows are good – they’re not ultra pigmented but i’ve always loved aveda and i’m ferociously brand loyal! unfortunately they discontinued some of their best products over the last year (but my understanding is to reformulate them and make them paraben free so i gotta give them credit for that). i’m glad you liked the trio that you tried!

        • What kind of hair style-thingy should I do with it? Would using a curling iron to do some loose curls be something I could use it well with? LOL!

          • hehe i don’t know! you could find out by trying! lol! i think that – especially on long hair – it would only be good for an ultra-hold setting spray (updos, etc.) BUT it does have some give to it – i put it in my hair (which is short) DRY! without anything else in it… and then kind of scrunched my hair around and it worked almost like a wax… it wasn’t too crunchy at all. but if i style my hair and want it to hold – i use this and it turns my hair into some kind of helmet (in a good way lol)! no amount of wind seems to make it budge!

            • Hmm, maybe I will give it to the boy. Who bought a hair styling product without my permission. Like I don’t have plenty of them here that I don’t use!

  25. Tiffypixy

    I went to Sephora today picked up Ole Henriksen “New beginning scrub”, a Daily m/u brush cleanser “doing m/u for a bridesmaids tmrw”, and lastly I purchased a new eye brow comb. I promised myself that i will not buy makeup until I overcome this adult acne that I just started getting. I find myself spending a lot of money on makeup trying to cover up my acne, rather than a good skin care regime. So thats my goal. And I have to recommend Ole Henriksen. Love it so far. POINT BONUS: got the smashbox brow Tech and Cream Liner Palette.

  26. Mary

    Too cute!!

  27. AnGeLwInGz

    MAC Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow (thanks to Christine’s bad influence from Wednesday’s look) and Revlon Minted nail polish.

  28. Rosa Napoleon

    You must email me the recipe for that bread. I am from Louisiana and we have Crawfish bread, bet they are similar. Have a great weekend

  29. Christina

    Haul: No cosmetics but I did buy a sea salt spray from KMS, and a new dry shampoo. I’ve never tried dry shampoo but my stylist recommended Tigi Rockaholic Dirty Secret, so I’m going to test it out!

    Excited for: Being a bum for a while! Today is my last day of work and because it’s a traditional public school, I’m off all summer :]

    Friday plans: I think the bf is taking me to see the A-Team tonight, so I’m pretty excited!

    • What’s the sea salt spray for?

    • Rebecca

      Tresseme has a dry shampoo that Ive been trying out the past couple weeks that will probably be less of a hit to your pocket, and smells amazing! Its works wonders for when you have the oilies from a long day and you want to go out, just spray it on the parts you want to look clean again, for me thats normally right in the front where I comb my fingers through my hair all day. Give it two minutes to sit (it turns white, and its pretty hilarious if you have friends over and they dont know what your doing!) and then you brush it out til the white gone.

  30. Natalia

    I was very bad this week! For months I have been reading your blog and haven’t really been buying much stuff apart form nail polishes since I am trying to stop biting my nails but today I went to a Pro store and had my makeup done and bought so much stuff! Needless to say I am not buying ANYTHING for a looong time.

    Started a pro pallete and bought Naked Lunch, Twinks, Woodwinked, Mulch, Quarry, Shroom. Brush 217. Brush 252. Face and Body Makeup in C1. Blush in peaches. Mineralize skin finish natural in medium light. Brushes 182, 129, 190. Lustre drops in Pink Rebel. Lipstick in Hug Me. Eye kohl in Rosemary & Thyme.

    And this all from someone prior to this only had one thing from Mac and this being the lipstick in Syrup.

  31. Mellan’s pic is ADORABLE!

    As for haulin haha

    I got:

    NARS Mekong e/s and Orgasm blush
    Benefit Dear John & Stay don’t stray (I puumped it into an airtight container)
    MAC Lazy Day lipstick, Select Coverup, Fix+
    And Estee Lauder Peach Nuance blush
    And I scored a Marine Life! YAY

    I’m gonna be out in the sun all weekend, but this last week was bad :[

    I got back from California on the 8th and just got around to reorganizing my makeup (I went to see my fiance’ and took enough makeup to do the women in his family cause they were all psyched) and I realized my WHOLE palette of LE neutrals was gone and probably 99.9% of my lipglasses were gone. I packed them when I left, I’m pretty sure someone at the TSA helped themselves. I added it all up and it came out to be $670.00 worth of stuff I’m missing. What’s bad is that I don’t remember the name of everything I had, so I don’t know what I need to try and find again. I have a small list, and I’m fortunate to have awesome blog friends who have sold me some of what I got taken from me, but I’ll never get it all back and that’s really sad.

    • OH NO! I’m so sad to hear about your makeup going missing… that is really just SO terrible! Ugh!

      Ugh! I am so mad!

      • I went into shock when I found out. I checked my makeup on the way back because it was so heavy and it was way too hot to try and mess with it. I figured it would be safe, but I guess not.

        I did manage to pick up Prrr and Nymphette which were the only perm line lipglasses I had in there. But my blog buddies have really come through for me in a big way. I’ll never have the money to replace everything, especially my eyeshadows. But It’s a lession learned lol Never check makeup on a plane!

        • :(

          I avoid checking my bags, period, at all costs. I really can’t believe they just took so much stuff, though :(

          • I’m going to from now on lol But, I was gone for a month and I needed to check my stuff because of the sheer amount I had to take. I carried it ON the plane when I left WA, but ut was just too much lol I figured it would be safe though.

            They left the more expensive stuff, which I’m fortunate about.

            I called the lost and found in Oakland, which is what the TSA rep said, and she was condecending with me, “It is just makeup, it doesn’t usually get brought here. It’s not an essential.” Just makeup? lol yeah, okay. But when that “just makeup” is my side job, it gets pricey!

            • I haven’t had to travel long/far enough to check anything, but I think I would definitely ship my stuff in the future :(

              How rude of her to say “just makeup,” it doesn’t matter — it was your stuff and it was stolen.

    • Jazz

      Oh hell NO .There are some things we dont play about, my God , my family, my money , and my makeup. Thats just mean and trifling

  32. Rita

    I almost got nothing, like last week, but then today I found some Dior polishes on sale (-50%), and bought one in Sweet Almond (211). It’s quite nude with fine multicolored shimmer. I don’t know if it’s a good color on me, I have to see it in daylight tomorrow. It’s my first Dior polish, the formula was great as expected.

  33. Gin

    Melan…always the cutie!

  34. No hauls for me either-but I’m still playing with my last haul, so it works out.

    Excited for my weekend, and my approaching birthday.

    Friday plans-working grave shift. yay?

  35. Lynn

    OMG Christine! That is such an adorable picture of Mellan! Such a cutie boy!

    Haul: Ordered some Bare Escentuals products on and taking advantage of their 20% discount. I bought 3 eyeshadows in Mystic, Myth and Cherish ( a very pretty pink color – it’s a charity color under BE Cares program and proceeds go to the Autism Research Institute), Jade Body Minerals and an eye lash comb. Might come there tonight or tomorrow to pick up some new glosses.

    Excited for: Father’s Day! Treating dad out for a fabulous brunch at a restaurant he’s never been to before (at his request! LOL)

    Friday Plans: Laundry!

    Have a great weekend!

  36. that picture is so adorable!! and i didnt haul anything beauty related this week. i’m on a no buy since i bought a tria from nordstrom trendshow

  37. Meve

    Not really a haul but I did order the UD Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows off Ebay a while ago and finally received it this week. I really like it so far minus one shade because it ends up covering my whole cheeks in glitter… I also got an 88 neutral palette I ordered off Ebay for $2.99 and it seems pretty decent for that price. I got a bright Barbie pink lipstick from Revlon as well.

    This weekend won’t be very exciting considering I work both Saturday and Sunday but I hope I’ll get to enjoy the nice weather a bit.

  38. Jazz

    haul : i will buy some mascara tonight , other than that a body scrubbie on sale at bath and body works

    excited for: to see some friends from high school tonight

    friday plans : see above, we are going to a tapas place tonight for cocktails and dinner

  39. CeeBee

    Haul: I picked up a BB Rose Shimmer Brick, Estee Lauder Hydra Lustre lipstick in Dune Rose and I ordered a Philiosophy Pink Bubbly set for my best friend.

    Excited for: Heading to the MAC counter in Auckland in a couple of days! And then I have a 3 day conference, get home for one day before I have to leave for another conference – I’ll be too busy to buy much!

    Weekend plans: Make a big pot of chicken soup to have with toasted ciabatta and cosy up with my fiance to watch the World Cup highlights.

    • Dune Rose… what a pretty name!

      Hope you find enough time to sneak in some shopping time 😀

      • CeeBee

        Heh, me too! I’ll try and make up for it by buying half the MAC counter first! My boss let me have the morning off to “run errands” in Auckland before I have to set up for the conference (and yes, he knows perfectly well, what that means!)
        Dune Rose is really pretty, a perfect mauve pink nude MLBB – very ladylike!

  40. vickie

    Haul Select cover concealer and soft and gentle msf

    Excited for fathers day. I can’t wait to give my dad the sony pocket ereader I got for him : )

    Friday plans- watching my friends two doggies : )

  41. Jennifer

    Just found out I have a CCO not too far from me!! Yay!! I got some eye shadows from the Neo Sci Fi collection and the Style Warriors collection, got some of the discontinued mineralized eye shadows, some lip glasses, bronze hero lustre drops, brushes. Oh my! I had to stop when I ran out of money, but I got a lot of stuff that I was missing from my Mac LE collections so I went home a happy gal. I’m looking forward to playing with my new makeup. :) I’m happy also that this weekend is Father’s Day. Cooking my hubby a nice meal and watching World Cup! Yay! :)

    • Nice! Neo Sci Fi was such a GREAT collection 😀

      • Jennifer

        It really is. I had already some lipsticks from them but I only had one eye shadow (expensive pink) and I got to get the rest of them at the CCO. They really are gorgeous. I love the Style Warriors collection too. My skin is kinda yellowy so the purples in the Style Warriors suite me well. I love the Purple Rite lipstick. It’s so beautiful. :)

        • I tend to love MAC’s summer collections… must be all the bronzy shades and all that. 😉

          • Jennifer

            Me too! :) In general they tend to be my favorite also, although I did love the Style Black and Give me Liberty collections too. Give me Liberty of London had the best packaging!!

  42. LNU

    Can’t believe Mellan use to be such a little pup! :)
    Today I bought Plushlash and Studio Fix Powder!
    I am also definitely considering buying shimmermoss while its in the to the beach packaging and I have my eye on tan pigment, I just don’t wanna purchase it because I have too many neutrals I am already trying to finish.
    Today the weirdest thing happen, I was in the HUGE macys in Manhattan and I can’t believe I never noticed there are two MAC Cosmetics inside! Theres one on the first floor, the associates are so rude there, and then I magically find one on the fourth floor where they were all so nice! They didn’t have studio fix in my color so the SA went all the way downstairs to the other counter and brought one up for me! How nice! 😀

    • I know, right? How fast they grow!!

      It’ll take you ten billion years to get through a pigment jar, LOL! You can be buried with it 😛

      How funny that they were rude on the first floor… nice on the fourth floor!

      • LNU

        I know! And there were a ton of artists upstairs! I saw 5-6 and the upstairs counter was even bigger then the one downstairs, so much cleaner too! It’ll probably be my new go-to MAC counter.

  43. No makeup haul but I just got Marc by Marc Jacobs glasses for only shipping & handling. And trust me, they’re real! It was a Vancouver promo! I’m excited!!

  44. Sonia


  45. Bought today: Mac eye shadows in Sweet & Punchy and Firecracker and a 188 brush

    No exciting plans for friday or the weekend, sadly. Planning on reading a book and being lazy.

  46. Haul this week
    Makeup – Stila convertible mascara at Sephora
    – MAC Mattifying gel

  47. Polina

    i bought another MAC msfn in meduim. the 187, 131, and 219 brush. and a lip coditioner in fushia fix!

  48. CCO Haul:
    All the Holiday Lipglass sets at $20 each! There are 5 in each set so I am excited to have all 15 at $4 each!

    I also got the holiday set that had the blacktrack, tiny eyeliner brush, small Zoom Black Mascara and a Glittery Pigment.

    I really wanted to get this Red cheek gel, Do you recommend that? It looked awesome! But I swore I would not go over 100 so I had to put it down!!!

    Walmart Haul:
    I got the little $1.50 plastic bins for organization
    Loreal Studio Secrets Primer

    And the best haul of my week was from Craigslist….someone was selling brushes and blushes, etc. I got like 6 blushes and 13 brushes for $190!! THE ANGELS SANG, AND I WAS IN HEAVEN!

  49. Marisa

    Today’s Haul:
    MAC eyeshadows- Jest, Yogurt, Nocturnelle
    MAC Paint Pot- Painterly
    MAC 213 brush
    MAC Lipglass- Enchantress
    I’m ready to celebrate Father’s day with my family; especially my husband since it’s his first as a dad.
    I also want to take a minute to say thank you. I just recently found your site and I love it! So helpful!!!

  50. Haul:
    – MAC Syrup lustre lipstick (my first mac lipstick 😡 I really like it)
    – Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in 08 Brown (LOOVVEE this! I smoke it out with the sponge tip on the other side for a soft look). This has red shimmers that make it wonderful~

    I rediscovered my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (the doubled sided one with the concealer and highlighter on either end). My skin absorbs it better now that the weather’s warmer, so it doesn’t get cakey!

  51. Got some (more) summer colours from MAC:

    MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
    MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick
    MAC Aquadisiac Eyeshadow

    Aww! Mellan is so adorable!

    I’m excited for the Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Eyes to Kill Event at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver this weekend! Now if my mom would only give me my paycheck for the last two weeks which is a week overdue!

  52. From Maccccc
    Electric Eel
    White Frost
    Sunny Spot
    Free to Be

    And an eye kohl in minted =D

    It was my birthday today! I turned 20!

  53. Diana

    I recently bought Mac’s Shroom and Soba eyeshadows which by the way Christine thanks to you I am loving Shroom! Although I bought Mac’s Soba I am still unsure if I should keep it : / Is it tacky to exchange it for a different eyeshadow?? How do you feel about returning makeup Christine?? I need your advice!! lol

  54. Stephanie

    Haul: MAC Blankety & Beachbound lipstick, Easy Lounger Lipglass x2 lol, NARS Laguna
    Excited for: seeing the boyfriend!
    Friday plans: Vietnamese food and Toy Story 3

  55. alex

    satin taupe and all that glitters eyeshadows for my mummy!

  56. anissag

    I was good this week I purchased some Mac pigment samples 1/2tsp in: Naked dark, naked deep dark,nocturnal plum, gold, emerald green, entremauve, bright fuschia, forest green, golden olive, acid orange, sweet sienna, teal, fuschia glitter.
    Im excited for my days off on monday and tues lol and for the cage fights later today there are some locals fighting so it sould be fun!

  57. Cherie

    Awww Mellan puppy!!! :)

    Haul: MAC wipes and Polietly Pink l/s. OPI’s Shorts Story, Honeymoon Sweet and Suzi and the Lifeguard polishes (clearly on a pink kick). Plus a great cotton dress for $20 – score!

    Excited for: Working from home for the week due to the G20 in Toronto!! Annnd I will be on vacation one week from today!

    Happy weekend 😀

  58. ali

    Haul: Went to Sephora to get my dad tons of Jack Black stuff-he already has a lot of it but after I saw the lip balm review i had to get it for him! I also bought a concealer 2 shades darker because im getting tanner! Wooo!
    Excited for: nothing :(
    Friday plans: I went and saw TS3!

  59. Rosie

    I got some more Neutrogena makeup eye remover and some L’Oreal Sublime Bronze self tanner and some Batiste dry shampoo.

    I am also watching some Wife Swap! Yesterday evening I went to this awesome park in Laguna Beach but it was already high tide and chilly so we’re heading out today to climb around the rocks and explore the marine life and work on tans! Not sure what I’m doing for Father’s Day.

  60. graychic

    Lancome pink sapphire lipstick–just what I needed another pink lipstick!

  61. Ann

    Omg I absolutely LOVE your dog! This is the post I look forward to the most every week!

  62. Lisa

    I’m a MAJOR dog luver & you have a PRECIOUS pup!