Friday, May 28th, 2010

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams x5, Kiehl’s UV 50 (the new one), MAC Marine Life

Excited for: No school on Monday!ย  Which mostly just gives me extra time to prepare for the last week of the quarter & get ready for finals.

Friday plans: I’m actually kind of a homebody.ย  I think it’s because I’m pretty busy during the week, and my weekends do slow down a bit, so I like to spend time with my family (the boyfriend and Mellanhead) or visiting my parents.ย  I think we may go out for either lunch or dinner and then settle in for some DVR!

This week’s Mellan photo…

One of my favorite photos, taken last summer — there is no place he’d rather be!

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272 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #030

  1. Bel

    Haul: new mascara Duwop Lash Venom….hummm not a great mascara :-(

    Excited for: my new workout!! (need to loose some pounds hehehe)

    Friday plans: tonight….PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!!! hahahhaha I’ve already finished my workout today!

  2. kfm

    This week was, of course, my TTB week. I grabbed:

    Marine Life Highlight Powder (which I’ve worn 3 times since Sunday)

    Firecracker e/s

    Sweet & Punchy e/s (which I said I wouldn’t buy because I have the PRO colour Sour Lemon, but I love veluxe pearls and I caved)

    Funbathing l/s (I went back to try the lippies on again, since I wanted to give them another look. Decided this one was different enough that I could justify it. Thrills still pulled way too orange on me.)

    Opulash mascara

    I’ve promised now that I’ll be good until July, when the next round of MAC launches is unleashed.

    • Nice haul, KFM! How are you liking Marine Life? Worth the hype?

      Sweet & Punchy’s texture is TO DIE FOR, so whatev, totally worth getting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Anna

    I bought 2 Kat Von D palettes, 3 Nars shadows, and 3 MUFE shadows… twas a fun day at Sephora :) Oh, and I bought UDPP in Eden. Love!

  4. Lauren

    I went a little wild yesterday with the To the Beach collection. I bought the Beach Bronze cream bronzer thing, sweet & punchy e/s, lazy day l/s LOVES, beachbound l/s, life’s a breeze lipliner and the hipness blush. My counter also had a leftover Birds&Berries which I thought I had missed out on, so I got that too. WOO. I’m probably going to go buy the 130 brush and Splashing lipglass today. I’m so weak.

  5. cass

    Omg he’s so adorable!!! I love this pic!

    Haul, nothing yet, BUT…I have an appointment at the mac counter for a “To The Beach” make over which I’ve been anticipating ALL WEEK. My friend went for hers yesterday and picked up a ton of stuff! Luckily we both put aside/pre bought marine life so that’s waiting for me as well. I’m so excited! But sadly I have work the next day [I work two jobs and its my weekend retail job, boo!] and hopefully hopefully I have off Sunday so I can finally have a break in 13 days! WHEEW! I hope you have a fabulous weekend and enjoy your day off!!

  6. nicci

    Chanel Glossimer – Pogada
    Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara
    Chanel Lotus Rogue – my first ever Chanel nail polish! :)

    I’m so glad I don’t have work on Monday, sleep in and think to myself “what would I be doing right now if I was at work?” haha…

  7. SusyLovesMac

    Haul: MAC to the beach collection: Marine life, Flurry of fun & splashing l/g, firecracker, sand & sun, sweet & punchy e/s, scorcher n/p, golden bronzer, thrills & lazy day l/s

    Excited for: The no work on Monday, I’m sooo sick of my boss! lol =)

    Friday plans: Staying in tonight, to much traffic to hit the road. The Saturday I will be in the bay area with the BF moving and cleaning up the old place :( kinda sucks but still excited!

  8. Roxanne

    Ahhh, you got the Kiehl’s one! I’m so curious to see how you like it (*please don’t hate it, please don’t hate it*).

    No hauls this week :( Just studying…

  9. Emily

    Got to pick up my huge pre-order from Nordstrom of To the Beach: Thrills and Funbathing lipstick, Easy Lounger lipglass, Rosemary and Thyme Eye-Kohl, Hipness Blush, Marine Life Highlight Powder, Pink Rebel Luster Drops, Sweet and Punchy e/s, Humid e/s, Shimermoss e/s, Firecracker e/s, 130 Brush, and Life’s a Breeze Lip Pencil….I think that’s it! I’ll let ya know if I think of anything else I got! =D (I did pick up some pretty sweet shoes from Nordstrom, a shirt from Anthropologie, and a skirt + 2 tops from Anne Taylor Loft)…twas a fun shopping day.

    This weekend me and the man are going to Men’s Warehouse with the groomsmen to pick out the tuxes or suits for the wedding. Last week we got our wedding bands, picked the bridesmaid’s dresses, and got test prints of the invites. This weekend I’ll also be working on registry list ideas. Lots of wedding crap. I get to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while as well….and then I suppose I’ll have to go to my job in-between everything. =)

  10. Cyndy

    i got clinique setting powder and moisturizing gel and a blush and i also got marine life from mac.. the mac store has alot of marine life… nobodys probably shopping cuz it si getting pretty bad here in arizona… i’m guessing… christine your dog is so cute… he is loveable… do you recommend nars blushes???

  11. I picked up Guerlain’s new Meteorites in Teint Dore and Bobbi Brown’s Beach shimmer brick today and both were 10% off, yay! Funniest is neither of them were officially for sale yet, both launching on Tuesday (Monday is bank holiday here too), but the MUAs let me get them and get 10% off (it’s a 2-days-only small sale in the House of Fraser (UK dept store)). I ordered Teint Beige from Debenhams for 10% less last week, and found Teint Rose on eBay for about 10% less on Monday, so now I have all 3 new Meteorites, yay! :)

    I also picked up 3 cool nail polishes from GOSH (3 for 2 offer) and 3 Maybelline lipsticks (3 for 2), so I’m happy. :)

    I’m really looking forward to Superglass launching here next week, and also it’s half term next week, so no school and nursery which means no rushing around like headless chickens in the mornings. :) Downside is all my 3 children will be home with me all week… :S At least hope the weather will be good, so we can get out and about.

    • 10% off.. nice!! How would you compare the new Meteorites to the previous permanent three?

      • I know, right, 10% off high end make up is great, lol! I forgot to add that I also got the new summer eyeshadow quad on eBay for like ยฃ20 (that’s about $30!), BNIB. There’s a lady who always has the new high end stuff and she’s really good, fast shipping, etc. :)

        Teint Rose is basically Mythic imo, but I so love the new packaging. Teint Dore has the darker brown, light brown, purple and blue balls, very pretty and unusual, it isn’t dark on me at all though. Teint Beige is similar to the old Beige, but prettier, I actually would have called that one Dore cause it’s kinda gold-ish. Texture wise I don’t see any improvements, but tbh it’s not a bad thing because they were already very good anyway. :) But I am biased because I love my Meteorites. :)

        • Nice! I swear, if I ever need to get something HTF and high-end, I am coming to you first! You know all the tricks!

          Yay! I don’t have all the old or new Meteorites to compare, so I was curious since they are supposed to replace them!

          • Hahaha, well I am an experienced eBayer (experienced = spend loads of time and money on it), lol. My husband hates it that I’m always in front of the computer, but I’m addicted, can’t help it. :(

            I think the new Meteorites are a good replacement, the old pink ones were a bit too pink I think, so these new colours will work better for more people. And the packaging is 100 times better. I didn’t mind the cardboard as such, but trying to pushing the top back on is always so difficult, whereas these have a proper lid. And they’re so pretty! :)

  12. Vanelle

    I’m so excited for my purchases this weekend:
    Nars Casino Bronzer
    Nars blush in Dolce Vita
    Nars Taj Mahal Blush
    Nars Lipstick in Schiap
    Lancome Artliner in black
    Lancome Definicils and Hypnose Mascara
    Mac Lip Liner in Nightmoth and Chestnut
    Laura Mercier Loose powder in beige
    Kate Somerville Detox Daily cleanser
    Urban decay eyeliner in zero
    Mac 182 and 190 brush
    Laura Mercier Shimmer bloc in peach mosaic and finally the only thing I want from the mac to the beach collection is the get away bronze blush. DAMAGE!!! *wipes tears of joy*

    And Mellan is so cute, I wish I wasn’t deathly afraid of dogs, otherwise I’d want one myself.

    Excited for a party tonight, sex and the city tomorrow and relaxing on the beach sunday. Have a great weekend Christine and to all your wonderful readers.

    • Whew! That is one lovely haul, Vanelle ๐Ÿ˜‰ Damage, but glorious damage!!

      Oh no, I’m so sad to hear you are afraid of them :(

  13. baby in a corner

    i got MAC lady gaga viva glam lipstick. i’m really happy that its suits me so well! i’m very pale with cool undertones, blue eyes, blonde hair! i wish i could buy more makeup but i really can’t as i’m writing my masters dissertation this summer so i don’t have time to work as well.

  14. Nicole Smith

    Haul: MAC peaches blush, amber lights eyeshadow, 208 brush, shy girl lipstick, c-thru lipglass

    Excited for: going back home for a little vacation in the morning with my puppy :):)

    Friday plans: getting my eyebrows waxed after work then heading home to do laundry and pack for my trip :)

  15. Latest Haul:

    Demeter fragrances from Sanrio My Melody and Hello Kitty. They gave me a freebie! They will be releasing more character soon so I am excited. I also got MAC to the Beach sweet and punchy and firecracker so I can do your eye tutorial because it was SO pretty!! Also got Float on By and Marine Life powder. Now I gotta behave for a while!!

    I am looking forward to my art show this weekend, I am hoping it goes well. This weekend I am painting for an upcoming show and trying to organize some things. My chihuahua is the cutest, he saved a baby bird today by driving off a cat and then sat with him until his mom showed up.

    Your blog is the best! Have a great weekend.

    • Haha! Sounds like you got some great items, Ash ๐Ÿ˜€

      GOOD LUCK!! on your art show! I bet it will go spectacularly!!

      Your chihuahua story is sooo cute, lol!

      Thank you!

      • Thanks so much! I hope the show goes well too, art in this economy is a little scary but it is still my full time job and I can manage to fund my cosmetics addiction so it is all good. Cezar is a great little pup he travels all over with me. I tried your eyeshadow tutorial with sweet and punchy and firecracker and I love it! got lots of compliments.

  16. Robin C

    MAC Bronze Body Oil, Sweet & Punchy E/S, Fire Cracker E/S, Sun Rush Lustre Drops, Float on By Eye Pencil, Coral Crepe PP, Thrills & Fun Bathing Lipsticks, and Opulash Mascara

    Urban Decay Sting & Heat Deluxe E/S

    Looking forward to a long, long weekend!

  17. Christian

    Didn’t get too much this week after my Sephora and drugstore hauls last week ;). Last Friday I picked up the Neutrogena Daily Moisturizer w/SPF 30 after you recommended it in the Ask Temptalia summary.

    Excited for my MAC appointment at 3rd street promenade tomorrow for their big Memorial Day event and hopefully will be checking out/hauling some To the Beach stuff! :) The rest of the weekend is unfortunately full of studying for finals next week….but then my first year of medical school will be done! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Btw Christine, my last week Free for Haul Friday comment never showed up/got approved, it was still pending last I checked. I was wondering if you knew if it was just a glitch or something? Thanks!

  18. Jennifer

    Haul: MAC Thrills lipstick, Flurry of Fun lipglass and Marine Life yay!

    Excited for: no school on Monday and hanging out with friends and family over the weekend

    I have no plans for today besides practicing piano

  19. Kelly

    Haul: NYX eyeshadow single in dark navy – cheap thrill!
    Excited for: trip to Bahamas on Sunday
    Friday plans: staying in as well

  20. Well, I didn’t get much this week. But last week was the MAC To The Beach Preview Party, so I go Marine Life, Hipness, Flurry of Fun and Opulash. I am loving Opulash! The brush isn’t as puffy as Plushlash so it is a bit more manageable. I also got some Superglass: Disco Blend, Gift Wrap and Superflash.

    Tonight, I will probably go watch a movie and dinner with a friend.

    This weekend, I am heading to my cousins birthday party. She turns 5! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then next weekend I’m going away with some friends for a shopping spree at the outlets.

  21. Solange

    When I leave work today I will be going to MACยดs counter to get some lip liners and maybe pigments. I really shouldnยดt be buying anything at all but Iยดm really weak.
    I have to pick up my wedding invitations today and tomorrow I will be spending the day at church. Me and my husband to be have to attend the pre marriage class that is compulsory here in Argentina. I really donยดt know what to expect…
    Have a great weekend!!!

  22. Amanda

    Haul: MAC- Sweet & Punchy e/s. Firecracker e/s. Humid e/s. Gorgeous Gold e/s. & Jest e/s. and then blankety lipstick.

    Excited for: Enjoying my weekend, & Not having to go to school Monday!

    Friday plans: Visit my grandparents, my grandfather was in the hospital for two weeks, he’s finally home, yay! & Most likely order three empty mac palettes and four more eyeshadows ahaha :)

  23. No haul yet—but hopefully this weekend I’ll be making it out for a HUGE splurge on MUFE Aqua Cream shadows, Cream blushes, and Star Powders in bright colors. Oh, and the new UD sephora exclusives…. Don’t know what I’ll buy, but I’m going to be shocked and proud if I leave the store without spending 2-300$. I really need a pick-me-up. Its been a REALLY bad week…. for the past THREE weeks…. And new makeup might help with the depression a bit. Too much drama in my life right now.

    My animals are cute and happy though! And the dogs even STILL clean and freshly bathed and brushed! He still hasn’t found anything to roll in! Yay! Plus, he’s a FLUFFY beast, so I think about half his fur just came out, with the summer coat coming in! Took about an hour to keep all of the old fur from matting with the new fur. But he’s a very pretty boy!

  24. Kelly

    Haul: Just called to reserve one of the very last Marine Life powders!! It took me 4 different counters but I finally got one, I am so pumped!

    Excited for: No school on Monday (but I have a test at 7am on Tuesday so I’ll be studying all weekend…boo!)

    Friday plans: Work tonight, and then going to see Sex and the City 2! Veryyyyy excited!

  25. 53

    I bought a couple of products coz it was 20% off – Loreal Elseve intense anti frizz serum, lucido-l hair perm water (soft wave), bourjois healthy mix foundation in 53, this new toner from Hada Labo (claimed to be selling in Japan a bottle every 4 seconds). and a couple of stuff from BodyShop like face massager, make up bottle/jar travel kit, organic cotton pads (i know i can buy cheaper elsewhere but i just wanted to try) and a 28day program vitamin c plus time release capsules (not meant to taken orally). i applied 3 days in a row and proves to be too rich for my skin and started to have a pimple or two. so i stopped and decided it should be applied 2 or 3 times a week. mac to the beach will only be arriving in my country next month. so i’ll wait till then.

  26. Araceli

    My haul consisted of MAC To The Beach Collection
    Eyeshadows Sweet & Punchy, Firecracker, Sun & Sand, Blush Hipness
    Lipstick Thrills, Lip Glass Easy Lounger, Nail Polish Scorcher, and also grabbed Marine Life not sure how i will use it yet but to pretty to resist. Now I need to stay away from MAC for atleast a month.

  27. sarah k

    Haul: My first MAC makeup purchase: MAC to the beach! [I’ve purchased many brushes before, but never makeup products.] I just grabbed Thrills, Refined Golden bronzer, and of course… MARINE LIFE! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love beachy things. And I love all things orange – so I had to get my hands on the orange cases!!!

    **random question: I got ‘swatched’ for foundation [with my oily+sensitive skin] and they used Select SPF 15 in NW35 on me. How would NC 35 look, because I wasn’t truly loving the NW35 …? Also – what’s the difference between Select SPF and Studio Fix [both liquid foundations]?

    Excited for: 3 day weekend! And for MORE SUN!! :)

    Friday plans: I plan on staying at home and cleaning the house, makeup brushes!! and more, especially since the bf is busy with last minute projects at work in Berkeley. womp womp…

    • Wow! Can’t believe you’ve only bought their brushes and never makeup before!

      Do you think NW35 was the wrong color? It could be too light or dark. If you’re warmer, NC35 would look better; if you are cooler, NW is the right type, but maybe it’s not the right shade. Select SPF is dewier and much sheerer; Studio Fix Fluid is matte and more light to medium coverage.

  28. Andrea

    He looks so big now pretty picture

  29. Anissag

    Ok so this week I picked up:
    Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study, superglass in sweet tart (i might get totally bang still debating), Prim & Proper blush, Peachstock lipstick, Newly Minted e/s, Sweet & Punchy e/s,lipglasses in Splashing, Flurry of Fun, and Easy Lounger, and hipness Blush.
    this weekend our town is hosting our annual softball tournament the hotel I work at is totally booked, but i’m off on sunday to watch my BF play some ball and I get to see the 2 new babies in our family!

  30. Aisha

    Haul: mac to the beach
    excited for: Olvera street, El Pueblo historical monument, I cannot believe that I have not been there since 13 years and I live in southern california.
    Happy Friday:)

  31. eden

    i recently bought revlons color stay foundation and a mac secret beauty powder blush!
    i most excited for me working out! today i got 3 compliments on how i lost weight and its only been 2 weeks!
    and fridayy (today) i am having shabbas dinnerr and going out with friends!

  32. danna

    hey christine! happy friday!
    i recently dior lip addict lipstick in #14 beige silhouette! , and macs studio fix powder! love them both!
    and tonight i am having dinner with family like i always do, and tomorrow going out with friends! xoxo have a lovely weekend!

  33. Claudia

    Took my co-worker with me for the launch of MAC.

    I came out with: In the Buff and Flurry of Fun.

    I seriously didn’t think I was going to like Flurry of Fun but it’s definitely not screaming orange and I just love the teal blue speckles!

    I almost also bought Splashing….might go back for it?

    The co-worker got the bronzing oil and firecracker (which looked too orangish on me).

    Going to NY this week end =D with my cousin who is visiting from Italy.

    • Yay! How is In the Buff?

      Have fun in NY!

      • Claudia


        I love it, I love crazy nail polish colors. Right now I have white top nails with Spellbound over it. Extremely flashy lol but I thought if I could pull it off anywhere it would be in NY. Will do my tips with the Shrek Color tonight and ring fingers in the Fiona yellow.

        I just noticed Mellan’s pic, so cute.

  34. Andie

    Haul: To the Beach! Marine Life, Sweet & Punchy, Firecracker, Funbathing, Thrills, Splashing, Flurry of Fun, and Easy Lounger.

    Excited for: Long holiday weekend

    Friday Plans: Driving to my parents house with my crazy dog, Tikki.

  35. Natalia

    I’ve been waiting for this :)

    -150 Brush
    -Marine life
    -Cream Bronzer in Weekend

    I’m going back to get firecracker, scorcher, and the bronzing oil. Fingers crossed they are still in stock but my malls MAC is seriously a ghost town so I’m not too worried! I didn’t even pre-order Marine Life haha

  36. Vanessa

    Haul: MAC Marine Life, 239 and 217 brushes, MAC brush cleaner, Woodwinked and Carbon to add to my neutral palette. I only need one more color to round everything off!

    Excited for: Memorial day weekend and perhaps the chance to pick up a new phone since my contract is up soon.

    Friday plans: Kicking back and watching some Planet Earth! Homebodies unite! haha

  37. Roxanne

    Haul: Almay Clear Complexion Foundation! I’ve been meaning to find a good lighter weight foundation that actually matches my skintone, so I went into Shoppers Drug Mart and found a mirror and tried a bunch on my jawline! People looked at me like I was crazy but I came out with a fantastic foundation :)

    Annabelle smoothliner in coffee. I didn’t own any brown liner previously…


    Dior Serum De Rouge in 740. It’s supposed to be a browny plum, but it’s more of a… browny pink maybe? It’s not that brown though. Anyways, it’s gorgeous and insanely moisturizing and my hair doesn’t stick it to! Yay! My boyfriend’s cousin bought it at the duty-free shop at the airport and his mom didn’t want it so I got it ๐Ÿ˜€

    Excited for: The snow to go away? Yeah, it snowed yesterday *sigh*

    Friday plans: Boyfriend time! Probably a bit of studying too though. Spring semester goes so fast and I have a midterm on Thursday!

    • Hey Roxanne!

      How’s the wear on Serum de Rouge? I love the formula itself but boy do I wish it would wear longer!

      Boo, snow! California weather has been wacky, too. It was POURING yesterday!!

      • Roxanne

        The wear isn’t so bad for me. Then again, I’ve never paid much attention to wear with lip products because I’m a blistex kind of gal lol! I’m used to reapplying, so it’s not a big deal. I do really like, however, how it doesn’t leave any residue, and leaves my lips feeling soft after. Definitely a plus.

        And ugh! The weather is ridiculous! Just a couple of weeks ago it was nearing 30 degrees celsius! And now I have to wear my winter coat!!

  38. Jenni

    Went to a CCO and got myself Femme Fi e/s, Sci Fi Delity l/s, Melon pigment (in the old packaging!!), and a Lancome concealer.

    My order from To The Beach arrived — Hipness blush and Thrills l/s.. I’ll probably go visit the counter at some point to check out the rest of the collection. No Marine Life for me :(

    My order from Clarins came as well! — 2 self-tanners plus some GWP. Excited to try these.. The last time I tried self-tanning was a few years ago o_o

  39. Haul: Oh boy… My To The Beach haul was ridiculous! Marine Life, Easy Lounger, Flurry of Fun, Cream Bronzer, Refined Golden powder bronzer, Humid, Shimmermoss, Float on By, Rosemary and Thyme, Temperature Rising, Scorcher n/p, and the beach tote! I also ordered OPI Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow suede to review on my blog and it is HOT!!!

  40. Julia

    Haul: got my hands on discontinued MAC paintpots in Girl Friendly and Stray Grey.

    excited for” no work for 2 days

    Friday plans: lobster fest (fundraising event) with the boyfriend.

  41. Melissa

    Haul: I picked up Maui Wowie shadow from UD, and Shimmermoss shadow, Flurry of Fun, Thrills, and the Float on Bye Eye Kohl.

    Excited for: Being outside alllll weekend!

    Friday Plans: The Boyfriend’s parents are coming to visit tonight, going to a great restaurant!

  42. daphne

    Well, I hauled kind of stupid yesterday. I had started a shopping bag on Sephora in the morning but couldn’t remember why. Then when I went to the mall last night to get my TTB stuff I picked up a bunch of the Sephora items…and remembered I’d made the shopping bag because I have $75 in Sephora gift cards coming! DOH! I didn’t want to return items that would just get thrown out so I guess I spent money I shouldn’t have…

    I bought Thrills l/s, Marine Life, and Splashing l/g at MAC, and UD Free Love e/s, Stila One Step Primecolor (cream blush really) in Capri Coral, and Korres Bronze & Protect (TM, primer, and bronzer kit for basically the same price as TM alone) at Sephora, plus a sample of MUFE cream blush #6. Christine, I’m really liking the One Step Primecolor and I hope you get them in for review!

    • daphne

      oh AND I have a crazy weekend ahead of me: best friend visiting from Montreal, shopping at a fancy bra store with another friend on Sunday, a barbecue Sunday afternoon, and cooking with yet another friend on Monday…so much fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • LOL! Oh, well, more makeup… what’s wrong with that ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I got one of Stila’s One Step Primecolors… will have to try soon. What do you use to apply?

  43. Aqua

    Hello Christine,
    My haul is of the MAC to beach. So I got :
    marine life
    hippness blush
    get away bronze blush
    all the shadows but sand and sun
    i am going to my mac counter today to see if i like anything else… am too excited needed to share this with my fav person
    love n hugs

  44. NeenaJ

    MAC TTB Haul:
    sweet n punchy e/s & firecracker e/s (both preordered)
    and while i was there picking them up, i tested out and bought hipness blush, thrills l/s & funbathing l/g.
    am sporting sweet n punchy today with a reddish-brown color in the crease from ricky’s nyc’s mattese brand. LOVE!!

    the best part: showed my haul to the hubby last night and got props for sweet n punchy and the packaging… it’s so awesome, no one is immune!

    excited for: a day off on monday! after burning all my sick & vaca days on maternity leave, i’ve got to make the most out of paid holidays ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. Amber

    Haul – MAC To he Beach! Marine Life highlight powder (so glad i got my hands on this)Hipness blush, Rosemary and Thyme eyeliner,Thrills l/s, and the 2 liplosses-orange-y one and the light pink one and Sweet and Punchy e/s. I am excited to try some brighter eye looks.

    Excited for – my friends senior prom next week! I am doing her makeup and I am soo excited! We have been trying diff looks for a few weeks now and are getting mani’s and pedi’s together. Also excited for that time off of work!

    I want to say thank you so much Christine for your To The Beach look combos! Soemtimes I get overwhelmed by all the colors I have to choose from, but you always help me out!

    • Happy to hear so many Temptalia readers were able to get their Marine Life powder! :)

      My pleasure — truly happy to be able to help in any way!

  46. meghan

    I went to MAC and bound Marine Life, I am not sure I will use it, but had to have it. I also bought Hippness blush, which is awesome, Sweet & Punchy, Firecracker, and Easy Lounger. I am more excited for the packaging than anything else. I almost bought the Beach Bag but it was a really awkward size :(. I have to say the best part of my haul was when I still got my pro discount! Even on the special packaging!!!!

    I also dyed my hair blonde so I got shampoo for that!

  47. Jenn

    Haul: Brow pencil in Lingering, e/s in Ricepaper, Sand and Sun and Stars n Rockets. I also got a philosophy skincare set with Purity, hope in a jar, hope in a tube, and when hope is not enough. Great stuff!

    • How are you liking Sand & Sun?

      • Jenn

        It’s a little boring, but it’s honestly a type of color I needed. It goes really well with my skintone, which is very pale and very warm. I wear it at work with Wedge in the crease and Ricepaper on the brow and it looks great. It doesn’t have me jumping for joy, but we all need boring work makeup!

        • LOL! No, I totally get you. I actually really LOVE neutral looks, but they are… boring. I mean, who wants to see me do a bunch of neutral looks?!

  48. Carrie

    MAC Life’s a Breeze lip pencil
    MAC Instant Chic blush (I compared it to Hipness and liked it better)
    NARS Love Devotion l/s (yes, I DO love it despite its sheerness! It’s awesome over MAC Life’s a Breeze lip pencil)
    NARS Napoli l/s
    OPI for Sephora Rumba Romance

    I’m excited to work on my website…uh, sounds lame, maybe :/
    Tonight’s plans — helping my friends prepare for their wedding, maybe singing karaoke.

  49. Hay Mich

    Haul: MAC to the beach (Splashing, Flurry of Fun, Hipness and Sweet and Punchy)

    Excited For: Seeing my boyfriend, taking my bunnies out in the garden and enjoying the warm weather

    Friday Plans: Not sure yet but my boyfriend is coming over to spend the weekend and we’ll probably do a BBQ!

  50. April

    Haul: 2 bottles of Murad Clarifying Toner and 2 Shu Uemura eyelash curlers (thanks to that link for 20% off link last week!); 2 MAC Pearlglide eyeliners in Designer Purple and Young Punk e/s from the Style Black collection (from eBay)

    Excited for: the long weekend! One of my best friends is in town, so this guy she’s been seeing is driving down to see her, and it’s my friend’s birthday on Monday so our friends are gonna get together, get drunk, and play some Rock Band

    Friday plans: not sure yet actually. anything could happen! I think we’ll have a movie night and watch UP

    • Yay :) Glad you saved 20%! Do you love the Murad toner (I see you bought 2!)?

      • April

        Yeah, I’ve been using it about 2x a day (AM and PM) after I wash my face and my breakouts have been minimal, if any. But I’ve also taken other precautions like religiously cleaning my makeup brushes after every use and changing my pillowcase each time I do laundry. :)

  51. PJ

    MAC To The Beach dominated my life this week! I ordered a chunk when you gave that ever helpful tip it was online and last night I got my shipment. Fastest shipping ever from MAC. Then I went to the Nordstrom MAC to round it all it. In total I got:

    Marine Life – YAAAAYYYYY
    Lipglass – Splashing and Flurry of Fun
    Lipstick – Thrills
    Eyeshadow – Humid and Shimmermoss
    Lustre Drops – Sun Rush
    Eye Kohl – Float on By
    Bronzing oil
    Beach Bag – I LOVE how big this is and the coral design is so cute!

    Lastly, I also indulged and bought my first Marc Jacobs bag. Metallic, canvas large tote bag with MJ stamp. :)

  52. Jessi

    I hauled like a fool yesterday with To The Beach:
    Marine Life (gorgeous), Flurry of Fun l/g (gorgeous), Thrills (gorgeous), To the Beach creme bronzer (never tried a bronzer before but it felt so light and weightless on my skin I went for it), Opulash (stayed on all day in the rain with nary a smudge), Bronze Body Oil (why not!) and the 131 brush

    I also got Temperature Rising but they gave me the other one accidentally so I have to go back today – hopefully I can still resist In the Buff and Easy Lounger!

    Excited for: Get to hang out with a new guy I met this weekend….I like him, so who knows where it will go! ๐Ÿ˜€

  53. babicsek

    I think you’re really lucky to have Mellan,he’s so adorable and cute:D

    My recent haul:
    MAC Nocturnelle polish,MAC 228 mini shader brush,Shiseido H4 Hydro Powder and Chanel Chance perfume

  54. Haul: NYX goodies galore – 9 single eye shadows (I’ve been wanting to try these for a while now), 2 powder blushes, 1 cream blush, 2 jumbo eye pencils and the adorable cupcake gloss set. Cherry Culture had a sale last week and my items arrived today.

    Excited for: obviously to test out the goodies above. Other than that, I recently joined a different department at work and I’m excited for the upcoming projects we have.

    Friday plans: I’m a homebody too. I want to say that I’m going to wind down and just relax but I’ll probably be up late tying up loose ends as I leave my department.

  55. Diana B

    Sooooooo cute

  56. Jennifer

    Haul: Marine Life (Which Mr. UPS is dropping off today) , Splashing, Life’s a breeze, To The Beach Bronze Oil, Cream Bronzer (the lighter one forgot the name lol), Lazy Day, and Hipness blush.

    Excited for: No more school. Finished last week, and I do know I got an “A” in my Intro to Advertising conceptual development.

    Friday Night: Nothing special. Just trying to lessen the pain to my chronic pain condition. And try to get my dad to agree to Netflix!

    • I bet you are excited for UPS to come ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Congrats on your A!!

      I’m sorry to hear about your pain — hope you find a way to lessen it!

  57. Vickie

    i was bad this week : / i did a little damage with the to the beach collection..i got lazy day l/s splashing l/g lifes a breeze l/p (love the 3 of them together)scorcher nail polish hipness blush the 212 bursh(love this for my fluidline!) Orb e/s and light medium msf from the perm line

    and then i went to my local cco and picked up smooth merge msf pink rebel bold and brazen e/s glamour check e/s…i also got pink rebel lusterdrops since i was going to it with the to the beach but it was cheaper at the cco (yay for saving money : D lol)

  58. Valene

    Haulage: MAC Marine Life, Vegas Volt L/S, Violetta L/S, Totally Bang! Superglass, Prep and Prime SPF 50. And a few nail lacquers, OPI Puerto Vallarta Violeta, Sinful Colors Blue Ocean, Milani 3D Holographic in HI-Tech, China Glaze Flying Dragon, and lastly China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.

    Excited For: My boyfriend to have the whole weekend off for the first time in probably a year or more. YAY!

  59. lilsweetsjen

    This was a super exciting week!!
    I could not sleep waiting for mac to the beach to come out.
    After marine Life sold out so fast online I was worried I would not get one, so I went bright and early right as Mac opened on the 27th.
    I was in luck I was able to haul 2 marine life :-)))
    I also picked up hipness, flurry of fun, thrills, and the 131 brush!
    I think I might go back too and get float on by, easy lounger, life’s a breeze and I might get a back up of thrills and flurry of fun! Oh I am sooo weak when it comes to fabulous mac products! I want it all!!

    This weekend I plan on a lot of rest and relaxation. I am going to get together with some friends for a BBQ and of course I will wear my new to the beach collection! :-))

    I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend!!!

  60. Carrie

    Oh, gosh. I got a lot of To The Beach stuff. I got a backup of the Marine Life powder and I ordered a backup of Flurry of Fun Lipglass because I just love the look of it. I also got Easy Lounger Lipglass, Beachbound and Thrills lipsticks, Rosemary & Thyme Eye Kohl, Hipness blush, Beach Bronze Creme Bronzer, Sand & Sun, Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy eyeshadows, and Golden Bronzing Powder (I love the compact!). I just received everything yesterday, so I haven’t had a chance to try anything out yet, but I can’t wait.

    • What do you think you’re going to try first? :)

      • Carrie

        I’ll probably try Hipness first. I’ve been really into blushes lately and it looks so pretty. I’m also dying to try the bronzers because I don’t normally wear bronzer. This collection inspired me to give them a try. :)

  61. Dini

    Haul: To The Beach (Thrills, Funbathing, Marine Life, Hipness, Sweet and Punchy), UD (Aquarius, Haight), MUFE (HD foundation)

    Excited for: my birthday this weekend :)

    Friday plans: hopefully a pedicure at the student run academy/salon across the street…

  62. Haul: MAC Marine Life and Hipness Blush
    Excited for: LONG WEEKEND !! Memorial Day !! Yay :)
    Friday Plans: Be a lazy bum at home.. Got all weekend to party :)

  63. Christina

    Haul: Finally broke my no-spend on my birthday, but didn’t buy too much. Got a new eye primer, a MUFE HD foundation (thanks for the rec!), and I got in my polishes from the Zoya Exchange. I also went to my bff’s bachelorette party and got an Avon Glazewear and an eyeshadow quad so I’m excited to try everything out!

    I’m excited to try everything out, and also weirdly excited that finals are next week simply because then they’ll be over with. Also my bff’s wedding is next Saturday so I’m helping her get all the last minute details ready.

    I’m going to a bonfire tonight, and maybe a dinner date with the bf tomorrow but I’m a bit of a homebody on the weekends as well, just because my week is jam packed from sunup to sundown I like to relax.

    I hope you enjoy your Monday off!

    p.s. Mellan is so adorable! You must be one proud mama.

  64. JillyB

    I hit the MAC store today for To The Beach. I bought Humid e/s, Funbathing and Thrills l/s, Flurry of Fun and Splashing l/g. They were sold out of Marine Life. I also bought Superflash! Superglass and a brow set. Then I went to Sephora and bought 2 UD e/s – Aquarius and Free Love.

    My hubby’s golfing most of the weekend so I think I’m going to categorize my lippies by color so I quit spending so much time searching through black tubes. That’ll be fun for me!

    • Great haul, JillyB! ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy to hear Sephora has the new UD shades in stock!

      I can never keep my lipstick organized. I try by color, but it ends up a jumbled mess after a few months! Let me know it goes.

  65. Jami

    Haul: Mac to the beach e/s in sweet and punchy, blush in hippness, and l/s in beachbound (which I LOVE!!!) And e/s in all that glitters (can’t believe I haven’t had this for years..!!!) And just layin around for the evening!!!!

    • How you feel about All That Glitters is how I feel about 80% of MAC’s permanent eyeshadows! “What took me so long to own you?!?!”

  66. Anne

    This was Nail Week for me. From’s 20% off sale, I got Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes in Grunge and Lulu, Deborah Lippman in Wicked Game, and Essie in Chinchilly. Then I was browsing in CVS and saw that they were selling Revlon nail packs for 75% off, so I bought four. :-)

    Excited for: finally quitting my job! (The formalities for the new one took forever). And the long weekend!

  67. Tammy

    I got Sweet and Punchy! The most unique green I’ve ever seen and def worth getting for my collection :) I’ve worn it everyday since I got it and I’m currently brainstorming different combos ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’m in love. :)

    • Nice! What have been your favorite combos so far, Tammy?

      • Tammy

        My favourite combo so far would definitely be S&P all over the lid, Mulch in the crease used very lightly, and then UD Secret Service in the outer V. I think it makes a really nice sultry smokey eye, with that pop of colour :) and then either Buxom lashliner in Suede or UD Buourbon as liner! But I’m still experimenting ๐Ÿ˜€

  68. Kelsey

    Haul: MAC To the Beach! I think it was grade money well spent (I don’t get A’s in honors classes for nothin’!)
    Mellan is SOOOO cute! I’ve been wondering… Do you say his name like “melon” or “Milan”?

    • Nice! What’d you grab from To the Beach, Kelsey? Good for you for getting As, too ๐Ÿ˜€

      Like melon – watermelon… melon-head. His real name is Magellan!

  69. Kelsey

    Oh and I forgot, I did my first Lush haul! One of my favorite things has to be the chocolate lip balm stuff. It tastes amazing!

  70. Erin K

    Haul: unsuccessful as hipness blush was sold out *cries*
    Excited for: sleeping in this weekend!!!
    Friday plans: Nothing but hanging with my boyfriend and our puppies!

      • Erin K

        Tell me about it! That was the main thing I wanted from this collection. I was watching the site all day to make sure I could get one when I got home. I FAILED! By the time I got home from work they weren’t even on the site anymore…..*wahhhhhh*

  71. Rissy

    Haul: WAY too much stuff…

    -Sephora: Laura Mercier Oil Free Flawless Face Kit (Cuz i wanted to try some of her line and I LOVE IT) I went back to get the full sized Setting Powder and ended up getting the under eye brightening powder too.

    -MAC: To the Beach! In store: Refined Golden, Sun Rush, Splashing and Easy Lounger
    Online (waiting to be delivered!): Marine Life, Hipness, Float on By, Thrills, Lazy Day, and Flurry of Fun.
    And… i’m debating on Sweet and Punchy… but i know i shouldn’t… lol

    Excited for: My package to arrive! Hope my BF doesn’t sleep through the knocking. lol

    Friday Plans: Summer Class and Work today… fun. haha…But I need to save money cuz i blew a lot this week!

  72. Christy

    Haul: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Exotic Bronzing Blush, Bronze Goddess Liquid Eyeshadow Ultra Violet, UD Flipside eyeliner and MAC English Accents lipglass. I also purchased MAC eyeshadow Humid, Shimmermoss, my first pro colour x 4 compact and I need to get to MAC store this weekend to buy more from the To the Beach collection.

    lancome Hypnose Drama mascara is going back.

    I’ll be celebrating my husbands birthday this weekend he gets to call the shots and pick out the activities, I’m sure it will involve the beach, surfing or snorkeling. I’m giving my puppy a bath and a pawdicure this weekend too.:)

    • What didn’t you like about Hypnose Drama, Christy? I can’t remember if I’ve tried it!

      happy birthday to your hubby :)

      LOL @ pawdicure!

      • Christy

        Thanks for the Birthday wishes!:)

        The mascara starts off clumpy when I apply it to the lashes and makes them stick together, instead of looking like I have full long lashes it makes my lashes look sparse and spiky and feels heavy, weird. I really liked the look of the tube,lol.

  73. audrey

    Haul: I bought 1 of everything from the Mac to the Beach collection (except for 2 of the Marine Life Highlighters, one for using, and one for eye candy, lol!)

    Excited for: Leaving tonight for a cruise with my daughter and sister from florida to France, Girls Trip (except that my daughter is PETRIFIED of airplanes!)! yay!

    Friday Plans: Fly to Florida, finish packing and pick up passports…..:)

    Hope you have a great long weekend Christine (or Ms. Temptalia, as my daughter calls you!)!!!

  74. That photo is f*cking awesome! (Sorry, there’s just no other way to say it). LOL!

    Seriously though, don’t even talk to me about what I bought this week. I spent so much money on a collection I wasn’t even excited about! Hah! (MOST of it is for a contest though – So I’m actually really REALLY excited about that!)

    Tonight’s theme BTW – is food that comes it it’s own edible wrapper. I picked up several kinds of Sake to serve in cucumber shotglasses. We’re having sushi and spring rolls and other foods like that (It’s kind of turned into an asian theme… That was unintentional).

    • Way not to live in California! I could be drinking Sake out of a cucumber shotglass… You HAVE to take photos of it tonight ๐Ÿ˜‰ I expect a twitpic!!

      LOL, I am just about over TTB myself. I feel like my mind has been on it for two weeks now. Next, please!

    • And just another BTW – I LOVE the cream bronzers! I didn’t think I would but I picked up Weekend and it’s awesome! I don’t wear foundation (except for photos and when I do a video) so I haven’t tried it with foundation yet but over bare skin this still looks GREAT! Just adds a bit of color to the skin (I can’t imagine it working on anything other than pasty pale people though – Because even on me NC15/NW20 it’s BARELY there). Fun product though! (I ordered another) Hehe!

      • They’re an interesting product — I couldn’t think of any other cream bronzers off the top of my head. I am sure there are, but nothing comes to mind.

        Haha, sounds like me — I only wear full foundation for photos/videos! I don’t even LOVE MUFE HD but damn if it doesn’t photograph/video well.

  75. Haul: To the Beach goodies :) Marine Life, Firecracker, and Lustre Drops (Pink Rebel) which I’m in LOVE with and might have to go back to get some backup…but I think I might’ve heard that they might become permanent?

    Excited for: I have a 2nd job interview on Monday!!!

    Friday plans: Homework, I need to finish up my distance ed class

  76. Tiffany

    I bought 2 stila smudge sticks-stingray and lionfish
    Hipness blush, 138 brush, lucky green, Lickable cremesheen, Scorcher nail lacquer, marine life, and prep and prime SPF 50

  77. Samantha T.

    Love the pic of Mellan!

    Jonathan Silky Dirt
    OPI You Don’t Know Jacques
    Green Cream Level 6 (repurchase – love this stuff)
    Diana Yvonne Wheat Germ Cleanser & Ultra Emu Oil
    Supersmile Toothpaste (repurchase – love this stuff)

    Just got a new Italian cookbook, so hoping to try out some recipes this weekend!

  78. Laia

    Haul: MAC Fleur Power, MAC Thrills lipstick (it looks GORGEOUS on me), Make Up For Ever brush cleanser (more of a maintenance thing). For my best friend I got Make Up For Ever light powder and aqua cream #13 – Warm Beige. It has been a very productive day when it comes to make-up shopping!

    Excited for: The weekend, my first one as a graduate! It roooocks!

    Friday plans: I’ve just had tapas – I come from Spain… let’s live up to this haha – and now I’m just chilling in my room listening to some cool music and reading a nice book. Saturday and sunday are going to be enough packed :)

  79. Openexpression

    From To the Beach: 2 Marine Life’s, Flurry of fun l/g, Float on by e/k, Temperature Rising l/l, and Firecracker e/s…Opulash Mascara!!!

    And from Gone But Not Forgotten: Solar Plum l/s (Moonbathe), Cosmic e/s (Moonbathe) and Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass!!! (so excited)

    Excited for: Crossing some of my “wishlist items” off! Also, taking a break from MAC and saving up for the Fall collections

    Plans: Shrek Forever with the boo!

  80. Jasmine

    I got Flurry of Fun lipglass, Hipness blush, Ravishing Lipstick, and Boy Bait Cremesheen glass.

    Friday Plans: Garage Sale searching…Exchanging Ravishing for something that’s not a cremesheen finish. Shopping at Forever 21 after.

  81. Sweeda88

    Haul: Nothing =(
    Excited For: Next Thursday, when I get to go shopping!
    Friday plans: Celebrating Mom’s birthday with the family.

  82. Lynda

    Haul: Everything to the beach collections. Have to hide receipts from husband.

    Excited: Becuase tonight I plan to meet my goal of 5 miles in 75 mintes.

    Plans: Attending my baby sisters 18th b-day party and spending quality time with my husband and kids, including our newest baby girl Lexie (4 month old puppy)

  83. CeeBee

    Haul: I picked up Dior Addict Gloss in Empire Pink 557 (SO pretty!) and since I was so impressed with theBalm stuff I got last week, I ordered Down Boy blush beauty powder and All About Alex eyeshadow.

    Excited for: I bought a three drawer trolley to fit a whole bunch of makeup into. It’s going to make organizing my stash so much easier!

    Friday plans: Well, I’ve had Friday already in NZ – I had the day off work and did not very much except read in bed with the cat (it’s terrible and rainy here) and make spaghetti and meatballs. And they were gooooood!

    • What season is it down in NZ? California weather has been really bizarre… it was a downpour yesterday, blue skies today… and it *should* be pretty summery for us.

      • CeeBee

        It’s freezing! (Actually it’s not that cold yet where I am, though there is quite a bit of snow down south.)

        California sounds pretty good right about now… :-)

  84. LNU

    Oh Mellan is so big now! ๐Ÿ˜€

  85. Laura

    Haul: all TTB
    sweet & punchy
    scorcher nail polish
    hipness blush
    lustre drops in pink rebel

    waiting to arrive- marine life and the body glow
    this Saturday, heading to san antonio for fiesta Texas with the BF. I am so dreading this heat!! I can’t stand this Texas heat!! :)

    Btw can you give me some tips on what to use the lustre drops with

    Thanks!! You are the best!!

    • I have never been outside in Texas – just through Dallas/Houston airports, lol!

      I like to mix them with moisturizer or foundation – also nice in body creams on the shoulders!

      • Laura

        Well, I live in Houston and it’s so hot here!! It’s already in the 90’s and once June- august comes it will be over 100 :( I was so happy when we finally had a winter! Everyone hated itt but I loved it :)

  86. Cherie

    Aww Mellan is so cute :)

    MAC – Twinks, Sumptuous Olive and Star Violet eyeshadows (yeah $50 gift card!)

    Maybelline – Not normally a fan of drugstore stuff but I went to the Maybelline warehouse sale to see what they had. Got a mineral power bronzer liquid and healthy glow blush, some dream mousse blush, four mascaras, HIP pigment kohl eyeliner, kiehl’s gel for the bf. That’s about it. I skipped the To The Beach collection actually!

    Essie – Main Squeeze… which applies like a dream!!! (And it actually got bf approved!! Which rarely happens as I love LOUD nail colours)

    I’m excited that it’s the weekend and it’s finally WARM in Toronto area! We’ve had a heat wave this past week and I’m liking this early start to summer :) We have a family garage sale tomorrow and I’m going to my cousins ballet thingy on Sunday with the ladies of the family. Should be a nice weekend.

    I’m also thinking of buying this gorgeous Calvin Klein bright blue (think OPI ogre the top blue) purse from Winners… should I do it??!?!!

    Have a great one everyone!!!! :)

    • Woo for gift cards!!

      Wow, I want to go to one of these makeup warehouse sales, LOL! So jealous!

      Hahaha! Gotta love boyfriend approval ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Don’t ask me, ’cause I will always say yes, since that’s the answer I KNOW you really want! This from someone who just caved on Burberry shoes at Nordstrom’s sale :( I’m hoping they don’t fit. Ha!

  87. Rita

    I did not get to tell last week, but I finally got Hipness last Friday – almost 3 weeks after the other TtB stuff. This week I got some nail polishes: Essie California Coral & Cute as a Button, Colour Club Ultra Violet, and OPI Who the Shrek Are You? Love them all!

  88. Oana

    Haul: To The Beach of course! the 2 lip liners, sweet & punchy, firecracker, and Thrills!!!

    MY puppy is thee cutest!!–> She is a tiny lil yorkie but its her personality that has me squeezing her to death all day long! She gallops at top speed up the stairs, down the hall, and jumps onto the bed straight onto my pillow every morning to wake me up! Sadly she sometimes jumps too soon and hits the bed LOL!

    Tonight: Mission to hunt down Marine Life! Then it’s off to see Prince of Persia! Woo HOO!

    • LOL! Your yorkie sounds darling! My aunt has a tiny yorke… omg, so small! I couldn’t handle it… I would end up sitting on it!

  89. t_zwiggy

    Huge haul again this week:
    Marine Life x2
    Hipness blush
    Get-Away Bronze blush
    Pink Rebel lustre drops
    Sun Rush lustre drops
    Foolish Me blush
    Margin blush
    Mulch e/s
    All That Glitters e/s
    Ricepaper e/s
    Hush e/s
    Copperplate e/s
    Typographic e/s
    Dazzlelight e/s
    Bronze e/s
    Charcoal Brown e/s
    Chamomile e/s
    Perennial High Style l/g
    Soft&Gentle MSF
    130 brush
    134 brush
    239 brush

    I live in Norway, so I’m really excited that I was able to get Marine Life from Nordstrom. Finding online stores that accept non-US credit cards is really hard.

  90. amanda

    Well went to mac REALLY wanted marine life, but had to settle for hipness. which i think is a little easier to wear as it is not as bright nor as frosty. I also picked up Sweet and punchy and 2 thrills lipsicks.
    Then at the shiseido counter i picked up 2 hydro power cream shadows, i got the violet and the green colour these are amazing!

  91. SUBelle

    Haul: MAC’s To the Beach collection! I was about to snag 15 of the items–all lipsticks and glosses, both blushes, the teal eyeliner, Marine Life (HOW GORGE IS THAT?!) two eyeshadows (Sand and Sun and Firecracker), Luster drops in Sun Rush and the creme bronzer in weekend. Oh, and the 130 brush. Seriouslly thinking about the polishes, Humid e/s and the other eyeliner…

    Excited for: Oddly, summer school begins for me next Thursday, so I’m ready for it!

    Friday plans: Meeting, then drinks with my older sisters.

  92. Li Ming

    MAC Marine Life (cannot fathom how this is classified as a highlight powder when it is so incredibly pigmented…had to blend that sucker out as I wasn’t expecting it to be so pigmented)
    MAC Sweet & Punchy

    Coral Crepe PaintPot vs MUFE Aqua Cream #9 Coral
    I like the appeal of the versatility of MUFE (staining of lips)..but not sure about the color as I haven’t seen it in person yet. What do you guys think? I am an NW25 and chinese.

    Friday plans: drive 3hrs to see my boyfriend in another town…and help him move to another place this weekend…maybe squeeze in some shopping ๐Ÿ˜€

  93. Nene

    Haul: Hipness blush

    Excited for: going for a walk with my dog

    Friday plans: going out with friends for a wine and cheese night.

  94. Ness

    Haul: Smashbox Bare Blush and Suntan Matte Bronzing Lights, KIT High Roller nail polish (teal /mint green)
    Excited for: my 6 month wedding anniversary next weekend. My hubby and I are going to the Gold Coast (QLD, Aus) for a few days
    Friday plans: Friday has already passed for. I didn’t do too much!

  95. Jennifer


    Marine Life is ready for its close up :


  96. Jen

    Haul: Marine Life & Thrills (Backups), Boi-ing concealer, UDPP (trying for the first time!), lorac blush, hourglass moisturizer and eight new nailpolishes

    Excited for: Nothing I can think of :( How sad.

    Friday plans: Already hit the mall with my boyfriend and we got some food to bring back home. Now we’ll probably stay in and watch a movie or two.

  97. Mia

    Haul: MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel which I dont know if I’m in love with yet so Im contemplating whether to keep it or not. and MAC Flurry of Fun Lipglass which is AMAZING!!! It makes my lips blue and I love it! It’s so funky!

    Excited for: 3 day weekend!

    Mellan is such a cutie!!

  98. Michele

    Love the pics of your “baby” – keep them coming – always makes me smile
    130 Duo Fibre Brush
    To the Beach Lipglass in Splashing
    E/S Humid, Shimmermoss & Firecracker
    Lipstick Thrills & Funbathing
    Eye Kohl in Float on By
    Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #21
    Urban Decay E/S in Dashiki, Aquarius & Haight
    …and we aren’t going to talk about what’s on order ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  99. starr

    I had a mac to the beach haul!! woot ive been waiting for months! I got two splashing lipglass, two lazy day lipsticks, and a lifes a breeze lipliner :)

    NOT excited for: exams! yikes

  100. Haha! Mellan looks so happy and so handsome despite being wet! When my dog is wet he looks soo hilarious – not handsome at all! :

    My small haul: MAC #20 Half Lashes & MAC Firecracker Eyeshadow

    Annoyed they forgot to deduct 30% off my purchases because she forgot to swipe my aunt’s PRO card!