Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: I really don’t want to recap, because it has not been such a low-key week for me, LOL!Β  I bought the entire Pret-a-Papier collection, along with 17 pan eyeshadows from the permanent collection (I swear, I only remember putting a few in my cart…).Β  I also placed a second order on Sephora on Monday… and I bought one of the NYX super sale sets last night.Β  Oops!

Excited for: Giving myself Friday to have some time off from school before prepping for my midterm and finals this weekend!

Now… have at it!

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169 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #025

  1. katrina

    i didn’t buy any makeup because i am going to visit a mac store for the first time when i go to montreal on vacation next week!!! however, i did celebrate the end of exams by buying miss dior cherie l’eau perfume!!! i love it so much!!!

  2. evangelia

    hey christine! this has been a hair week for me. i colored my hair, and finally got some high end hair products (i’ve been sticking to drugstore for about the past year). matrix so silver shampoo, enjoy shine and smooth serum, and enjoy hair and skin treatment oil. i also picked up CG peachy keen and can’t wait to wear it on my toes :)

    in pet news, my cat chattahoochee got spayed on tuesday…she looks so precious with the plastic cone on her head! thanks for your great swatches this week…are you still planning to swatch guerlain mirage loose khol? xoxo

    • Ooh, hope the new hair goodies work out for ya! :)

      LOL, oh yes, the cone. We used to toss paper into Mellan’s whenever he has worn one… lol!

      Yes, I am!

  3. Jennifer

    I feel like “What didn’t I buy over the past two weeks? LOL”
    Shell Pearl BP
    Peaches Blush
    MAC Slimshine’s in Bare, Funshine, Intimidate
    Just add color l/g
    Fold and tuck l/g
    Made to order l/s
    Full Fuchsia l/s
    Girl about town l/s
    Hey e/s
    Chromaline pencil

    Chanel Genial l/s
    Dior eyeshadow Argentic

    And off Ebay because I found it and it was the Dior color I wore for years… Sumptous Fuchsia lipstick in their cool older packaging.

    I probably missed something , who knows.

    About what happened to me this week… An online friend who I had known for 5 years betrayed me , and almost made me lose a certain health care provider because of his immaturity. I was gutted for a few days and gutted as well because I had to cut off that friendship. I still wince at the whole situation and I didn’t even do it, it was all him. Just to think I was made to look bad in front of these people I know very well is very saddening to me.

    • LOL! That’s exactly how I feel, Jennifer!

      I’m glad you were able to grab Sumptuous Fuchsia for yourself!

      I’m so sorry to hear about you and your friend. You are so courageous to have been able to cut it off!

      • Jennifer

        Thanks Christine!
        Yeah, Sumptous Fuchsia just something about it. I did love the other two fuchsia’s Dior put out after it, and still have one of them , but since I love their lipstick formula and that color and they have nothing like it now, had to go to ebay hehe

        And thanks about my friend. It was very hard. However he crossed the line by interfering with my personal real life , life if that makes sense and costed me and would have costed me a lot if the doctor decided to turn me away. I thought I could be ok with it on the day it happened staying friends with him that is, but the next day it hurt me even more than I had thought, so I just couldn’t see myself associating any longer with someone who could do that even if they meant it as a joke and not to hurt me.

        • Jennifer

          Oh btw I bought Chanel Genial based off your lovely swatch of it!
          I love corals like you do, and pink-corals are the perfect ones for me and it just seemed like the ultimate one so far. Had to get it. Neiman Marcus online was the only place I could find it! However thank god I did.
          I should be getting most all of my haul today from UPS. Pretty excited!

        • I can totally understand! Sometimes there are just those shades/products that inspire you almost… you gotta have ’em.

          I completely get it! I’ve had a lot of friends just online, and I can see why that would be beyond crossing the light! Power to you, Jennifer :)

  4. amelia

    the MAC indie girl look in a box (its lovely)and two Buxom lip glosses, which are great. they smell like cinnamon and make your lips tingle :) anyway. i just saw kick- ass. it was so funny !

  5. Small haul this week. Got a second greasepaint stick in dirty and below ground (love them!)pearl and hush cccb and Opulash mascara. I’m really liking this mascara! No clumps with this big wand! I’m moving next weekend so i will be cleaning all day Sat. Sunday will be a R and R day with my 5 mo. old bichon named “Buddy”.

  6. MakeupGalore--Abbie

    Haul: I am working on my permanent MAC Collection too!!
    13 eye shadows
    2 MAC Blushes
    2 Lipsticks
    2 lipglass
    Chromographic pencil
    MAC Fluidline
    I found the Warm & Cozy Eyeshadows
    Urban Decay 7 eyeliners 30% off sale

    Weekend: Getting through the 9 inched off snow and it’s still snowing. That’s spring time in Colorado!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Emily

    So….I got all the eyeshadows from pret-a-papier, both dressmaker, dressmaker and made to order lipstick plus the fold and tuck lipgloss, the lighter chromagraphic pencil, instant chic blush, sublime culture lipliner, fix +, laura mercier oil free tinted moisturizer, urban decay freakshow eyeshadow, bliss steep clean facial, and the coral paint pot. =) AND still waiting from the Urban Decay sale for illegal and crash eyeshadow, clear lipliner…and I think there’s one more thing on there. =) It was a fun week, my wallet seems to not be agreeing with me.

    This weekend it will homework, work, homework, work, much like all my weekend…however, next week is exams so that’s then end! Yeah! My last exam is on my birthday…I told me teacher to bring me a cake, something tells me he wasn’t paying attention to me though.

  8. daphne

    Seventeen…wow! I wouldn’t have thought you were missing that many! πŸ˜›

    I haven’t hauled this week, except for a teeny purchase through LiveJournal – a girl was selling some assorted pieces of sets, so I got minis of a Laura Mercier Lip Glace is Rose (gorgeous vibrant almost-fuchsia), Stila Lipglaze in Cranberry, and finally UD 24/7 in Underground, which I’ve been wanting a while. Teensy treat as I am waiting for my tax return to come in. Grrr, it’s taking a long time this year, it’s been over 2 weeks since I e-filed!

    I am kind of excited because I plan to go to Saks on Sunday and treat myself to one or two items through the F&F sale. But otherwise this will be a very low-key weekend, which is just fine by me. In a week and a half I go to visit my sister in North Carolina <3

    • LOL! I am missing like 40+. I’m nowhere close to a complete set πŸ˜›

      • daphne

        I just counted – the website tells me there’s 145 permanents. I had no idea it was so many, in my head I was thinking, oh, 80 or 100 and that you must be full of it, claiming you were missing 40 πŸ˜› I have 49 myself, which is actually a smaller proportion of them than I thought…I guess I have just a ton of LE shadows.

  9. Jen

    Ahh, I’m trying to wait a little bit longer before my next haul. I’ll probably go sell my soul to the devil sometime next week though, for sure! On my list is…

    – Chanel Laques in Dragon and Coromandel (I can’t choose only one!)
    – MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20
    – Chanel Nouvelle Vague vernis
    – some 0.25oz jars and other travel empties

    And maybe I’ll look around for a pretty summer-y lipstick too. But before then, I have about a trillion pages to write for some end-of-semester papers and such. Boo for finals week, but makeup haulage heals all. :)

  10. tremorviolet

    I haven’t been able to make it to MAC for Pret-a-Papier yet (I know I want Coral Crepe PP, not sure what else yet) but I did swing by a CCO where I backed up Femme-Fi e/s, Purple Rite l/s, and picked up another 188. Oh, and I got in on the Sephora sale: Sugar Bomb from Benefit (very nice), J’Adore L’eau from Dior, and some restocks: MUFE powder, UDPP, and a clear LL.

    This weekend is the Texas State Rowing Championships so I’m gonna be outside in the sun all day. Lots and lots of sunscreen and a hat.

  11. happybadfish

    I bought a Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer. I am loving it. Since my skin is dry, it is hard to find foundations suitable. Even alot of tinted moisturizers I find are too matte and not enough moisture!

    I am going to go check out Pret after work. I am leaning toward those nude pencils, not sure what I would use them for, but I love nude stuff. Anyone using them for anything other than eyeliner??

    It is only 11am in Toronto, but I was wishing it was 4pm so I could enjoy a after-work-cocktail and celebrate my BFF’s birthday.

    • I always wear regular moisturizer before I put on tinted moisturizer myself :)

      I tried them as a brow bone highlighter, but the color is not quite a match on me.

    • happybadfish

      My goodness, I go through moisturizer like it is vodka.

      I forgot, awesome highlight of the week: CoverFx was giving away free full size concealer in a flash mob downtown yesterday. Got one that is a perfect match for me, and I am totally concealed today!!!

  12. jae

    nyaaaa hahahaha. I bought industrial, prepped for glamour and tempting.

  13. Andrea

    I got a lot this week πŸ˜‰

    188 Brush
    217 Brush
    227 Brush
    Saint Germain l/s
    Underage l/g
    Russian Red l/g
    Smashbox Pout l/g
    Nars Turkish Delight l/g
    Nars Pennylane creme blush.. I actually picked this up instead of another creme blush but I actually love it.
    Nars Mata Hari Blush
    Nars Albatross
    Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment… which I am returning tomorrow because it dried my lips out soo bad.. I will stick with my Rosebud salve.. lol

    I’m excited about going to an Indian resturant for the first time tomorrow.. I can’t wait !!

    • Ohh, Indian food, I lurves! MMM! I hope you enjoy it :)

      I just got the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment myself… it dried your lips out?! It seems to be working fine for me. I can’t tell if I’m more in love with the scent or the product, LOL.

  14. How do you afford it all Christine?! Lol.

    I bought this week:

    – Blackrground p/p – cos I need a black base that doesn’t irritate my eyes
    – Dazzlelight e/s
    – Patisserie l/s – needed a backup

    Think that was all!

  15. Lynnsey

    Well, Bergdorf is having their $25 off of $100 sale through the 25th. Online they have free shipping with a beauty purchase. I placed 2 orders…doh!
    I bought 2 bottles of Chanel Teint Innocence foundation (2 different colors), Chanel Glaze Glossimer, Chanel Tulip lip pencil, Trish McEvoy Sexy Petal gloss, Estee Lauder Bronze eyeliner, and a Clinique toner.

    I ended up saving $50 plus no tax or shipping! :)

  16. Mirna

    I started my haul on Monday with the purchase of 4 greasepaint sticks, the lipgloss and hue e/s from the prep-n-primed collection. My haul this weekend will include some of the new pret-a-prepier collection. I am attending a makeup class tomorrow at Nordstroms MAC and they will be showcasing the collection. I am really interested in the chromagraphic pencils. I love how they opened up your eyes Christine. I also want to pick up 1 e/s palette and 1 blush palette. I was also thinking of picking up a PP that is on the darker side, for dark-to-black smokey eyes. Any suggestions for the PP? I am a NC40.

    • Mirna

      I am also going back to CCO for more MAC!!! They had the old version of the pigments jars and all week I was kicking myself in the bum for not getting Teal and Violet last Sunday. They were $13! When I was there with my boyfriend I told him that he has to bring me at least 1x a month!!!

    • Very nice way to start the week, Mirna! :)

      Hmm, maybe Rubenesque or Indianwood? Not super dark but darker. If you want to go even darker, perhaps Groundwork!

  17. Gen

    Hauling MAC tonight…and Maybe a Nars counter for nail lacquers…it is so beautiful here in Montreal that i have to paint my toenails and take out the sandals!

  18. Aoife

    This is my list that I plan to buy in the next month! I’ll call it my Ireland list! My NYC list keeps changing and it includes 15 ever changing MAC eyeshadows (Splashing out on a palette!) Saving now!!

    Benfit or Too Faced Eyeshadow Primer
    Dior Skin Shimmer (You’re fantastic advice Christine! Thank you!)
    Illamasqua Intense Lip Gloss (don’t know what shade yet!)
    Chanel Nail Polish – Nouvelle Vague (If I can get my hands on it!)
    Greasepaint Stick – Slick Black
    Illamasqua Bronzer brush
    Body Shop Bronzer

    • Aww, how cute! Your Ireland list πŸ˜€

      • Aoife

        Yep my Irish list includes stuff I want before August! Anything else can wait until I go to NYC because the makeup is so much cheaper. We get ripped off all the time here when you compare prices and even with the UK.

        Splashed out on Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess liquid eyeshadow in the purple shade and the lipgloss in Wild Coral. So gorgeous! The lipgloss is nicely pigmented!

        Love the new mobile site! It’s great but (I think) you have to use the full site to reply to a comment.

  19. HC

    Hi Christine!

    Good luck on exams. I’m still waiting to hear back from law schools. Why do they torture us so much??! haha

    Which 17 eyeshadows did you haul from MAC? I’m curious b/c I’m in a MAC permanent line eyeshadow rut. Not sure which ones I want/need.

    As for my haul this week…*Drummroll* NOTHING!!!!! I’ve been a good girl. I said no Sephora for the month of April which didn’t work out b/c of the stupid 15% sale. I also said NO MAC for the month and so far so good, but Coral Crepe pp is calling my name.

  20. Alexis

    Good luck on your midterms

    I plan on going to Saks today during lunch to take advantage of the 10% off friends/family sale – beauty items
    I am also planning to pick up Coral Crepe p/p at Macy’s – if there is just ONE thing I pick up from the new collection – that would be it!

    I’ll be going to a Giants game this weekend. Pretty excited to bring my baby to a day game. GO GIANTS!!

  21. Tekoa

    Fate conspired against me this week and I aquired 18 nail polishes. The first 9 were bought as a reward for test studying with dedication. But then a few days later the Essie Resort collection became available and…well…just had to grab that and a few of its friends. I hope there are no more great launches because I only have so many nails. lol.

  22. Simone

    This week I hauled!
    NARS had an offer on in the UK which meant you got three mini lip glosses with ever purchase, they are really really mini but it’s great to see what the formulas like and colours! I bought;
    Mekong eyeshadow
    Night Fairy eyeshadow
    Bellisima Duo eyeshadow
    the mini lip gloss sets (they send me two for some reason!) which are in the colours All Night Long, Misbehave and Sweet Revenge.
    and finally I bought Orgasm to see if I can get a peachy colour to look nice on me!
    I also bought Brown, Now and Slick Black GSP, good week for me!

    Looking forward to the weekend, we have a guide dog puppy in training (Half lab-half retriever, he’s really pale blonde)and he’s coming to look at makeup with me in a department store.

  23. Roxanne

    Haul: didn’t buy a lot this week, YAY for me! A friend of mine got me this nail polish I’ve been looking for for ages (bluegrayish kind of color, looks great on toes!), but that was about it ^^ I’m sure I’ll splurge on something soon (must… resist… LancΓ΄me bronzer… ;)).

    Excited for: tomorrow! I’ve been invited to a beauty (related) event and so, SO looking forward to it! Cupcakes, cocktails and cosmetics, baby :) Also looking fwd to you answering my Ask Temptalia question (subtle hints never were my forte) but I can tell you’ve been *really* busy with it (800 comments, like woah!) so I don’t mind waiting at all :)

    Any fun things planned this weekend (besides studying of course, everyone knows how thrilling that is, right? Bleh!)?

    • Congrats, Roxanne πŸ˜‰ LOL, I’m trying to resist buying one just to drool over. Sigh!

      Mmm, cupcakes! I’m trying to catch up on comments now, so once I’m done with the FFHF post, I’m going oldest to newest, so yours should be soon πŸ˜›

  24. Got wedge heeled fuzzy bunny slippers(LOL!), and am waiting for a Fyrinnae order to come with a bunch of shadows, and lipcolors. I can’t wait to try the lipcolors.

    My animals are AWESOME. I STILL catch my kitty playing with the dogs rawhide bones. And the boyfriend assembled our daybed by the TV so we not have room for the entire family to snuggle while we unwind. And both critters love hiding under it.

  25. Yea this week was bad news for me too, and I haven’t even gone to buy my Pret-a-Papier stuff yet! I did pick up the two glosses from Les Pop Ups De Chanel- Laser and Pop. I ordered $100+ worth of Sephora goodies. I’m also in the process of picking up a few LE items on Specktra right now.
    PLUS, I’m probably going tomorrow to pick up Fold and Tuck l/g, Cut To Fit e/s and the lighter Chromagraphic pencil.
    I need to start sticking to a better beauty budget!

  26. Virginia

    My haul (from Saturday through Friday): L’oreal Passport to Paradise Collection, Revlon Grey Suede and Minted polishes and Coral Reef lip gloss, Chanel Summer 2010 polish collection and Rouge Allure Genial lipstick, Maybelline Salsa Sun polishes (I bought 4 but don’t know the names), 2 Wet n Wild polishes. I was a bit disappointed that Genial is SOO bright. Not really what I was expecting but I still like it. Do you think Guerlain Giulette is just as bright? I’m kinda loving that one but it might not be right for me.

    • I see you’re a polish fan πŸ˜‰

      Giulette is bright but not supre bright – but I’d go see it in person, if you can, if you felt Genial was soo bright! I think Genial is bright but doesn’t feel SUPER bright to me personally, so Giulette may still be bright to you!

  27. Dianna

    I did not know that MAC had that many permanent shadows! Wow. How many palettes do you have now?

    It was a pretty big week for me as well. I picked up Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer, Clinique Super City Block SPF 40, Korres Cherry Lip Kisses (I’ve been lusting over Natural Purple since you swatched it back in October), Benefit’s Coralista, Illamasqua Frenzy Intense Lipgloss and two Lancome Color Design Matte Lipsticks (Stylista & Posh Pink, both of which seem waaaay darker + more intense on my lips than on yours). I’m really excited to test everything out! Bonus: the Lancome stuff came with a pretty awesome GWP including Bi-Facil, which I’ve been wanting to try for ages!

    Good luck w/finals!

  28. Neela

    dyed my hair (could see too much natural colour! hate it!)

    my order from urban decay showed up. bought both nail sets. have the purple on my toes and the neon pink on my fingers with some flower konad. got 2 clearanced orly nail polishes.. black matte and blue matte.

    celebrating my 1 year anniversary with my bf on sunday. i also get a wonderful 3 day weekend, saturday, sunday and monday.

    • Happy anniversary to you guys!! What are you gonna do?

      • Neela

        thanks! seems like we’ve known each other for longer than a year, but it doesn’t feel like it’s been a year.

        his friend is suppose to come over to pick up some frogs/toads we’re selling (siiigh, we have to downsize :( sucks apartment living and they don’t care for toads/fish much).

        then probably getting some yummy defelice pizza.

  29. Amber

    I feel like I bought sooo much recently! with all the sales and my tax payment – i went a little crazy!
    I made a Nordies haul:
    Clinique Moisture Now set
    Dior Crush Glow Quad
    MAC eyeliner in Undercurrent
    And a TON of Chanel:
    Nail polish in Orange Fizz and Nouvelle Vague
    Rouge Allure in Genial and Super
    Aqualumiere Sheer lipcolor/lipgloss in the new summer shade

    And since the Estee Lauder bronzer/blush was sold out already on Nordies site, I ordered it from EL directly, along with the Wild Coral l/g from their Summer collection.
    And I bought from Sephora some more things that I needed to replenish.
    Frederic Fekkai technician hair mask.
    Shu Uemura eyelash curler
    And from Bliss i used the 20% off code to get my HG face mask, Steep Clean

  30. Jennifer

    I got a Make Up Forever aqua eyes black eyeliner, a Sephora angled liner brush, an Urban Decay sharpener, Nyx jumbo eye pencil in strawberry milk and a Nyx lipgloss in beige.

    I’ll be studying this weekend and working on an essay

  31. rita

    These past 2 weeks I went a little nuts with the haulage. I just kept finding things that I was drawn to and “had to have”. I have no self control…LOL
    Anyways, these are my goodies:
    Mulled cider e/s
    Straw Harvest e/s
    da bling e/s
    So Ceylon MSF (my fave)
    15x pro palette
    Hush ccb
    Frankly Fresh l/g
    Coral Crepe p/p

    This weekend I’ll be enjoying some time with my family and going to the Opera. So glad it’s Friday!!

  32. Cat

    I went and got my stuff that i wanted for Pret a papier.
    I got:
    all 5 eyeshadows
    instant chic blush
    chromagraphic pencil lighter one
    dressmaker lipstick X3
    fold & tuck lipglass
    cthru lipglass

    Now im waiting for the superglass collection to launch!

  33. Roxanne

    The only thing I bought this week was food when I was at school from 7am until 6:30pm because I had two exams on the same day, lol.

    Stoked on finishing up my finals by tuesday~! Two down, two to go! But the two left are relatively easier, so yay!! Also, I’m excited that later today (hopefully), our water will be back on. A pipe burst down the alley and we’ve been without water since yesterday afternoon… They’ve got the emergency water tanks outside, but I want a shower, gosh darn it!!

  34. Diana G

    I hauled again from Sephora
    -Skin Care from Skyn Iceland
    -YSL Touche Eclat

    -Nail Polish
    -Giovanni shampoo and conditioner
    -NYX eye palettes in champagne/caviar and secret world (i really want the smokey eye)
    -Too Faced Lip Primer

    -Pret-a-Papier Collection
    -l/g pret-a-papier & fold and tuck
    -l/s made to order
    -e/s cut to fit

    I wouldn’t exactly call it exciting but as my hubby watches the NFL draft I will be reading the Kate Somerville book I just bought.

  35. Kathie

    I’m waiting on shipments from the following: (2 boxes)(prep-a-papier collection and the rest of the greasepaints (so I’ll have all of them) )

    Urban Decay (30% off sale) (two liquid eyeliners/the newest palette I can not remember the name, and two eye pencils (set) (a make up bag and a MAC quad) (for my three year old, 50% sale)

    NYXcosmetics (I got the bundle of Chrome eyeshadows and two more jumbo eye pencils)

    AND, I went to the Berkeley MAC store and picked up two eyeshadows to complete my third eyeshadow palette (Deep truth/goldmind) and I picked up two of the greasepaints (charred mauve and Brown,now).

    and paid some bills as well in order to do what I do. Will be working tomorrow to support my habit at the end of May.

    Oh, found a cute Gucci classic bag on Neimans online but could not bring myself to do it!

  36. Woo Hoo! Pro Paintstick haul this week. I bought all the ones I don’t have yet (and a few LE ones that they still had hangin around the store). These ROCK as e/s bases or as lipsticks or as… Anything.

    I got French Violet, Marine Ultra, Primary Yellow, Burnt Burgundy, Landscape Green, Basic Red and True Chartreuse (which looks EXACTLY like the first Zinka I bought back in 1980-somethingsomething).

    Also picked up Terracotta Skin Corrector (bomb for making cuts and scrapes), Chartreuse Pigment, Smolder Eye Kohl (because I’m down to my last Feline – COME ON MAC MAKE IT PERM!), both of the Chromagraphic Pencils, Plum Lip Pencil (just a color I didn’t have yet) and Beguile Brow Set (I use it to cover the grey in my beard – SHHHH!) LOL!

    This weekend the plans are: Working on some new vids for the YouTube Channel, MAYBE bleach my hair again and MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! I’m in the middle of recording a single/b-side that I want to release in June. I just had a buddy recording bass yesterday, once that’s mixed I’m having another friend add own guitar flair to the track, and then it’s off to snag some backing vocalists! Woo hoo!

    I’m slightly nervous about the project because it’s not my FAVORITEST song ever (I’m also working on a full-length LP that I’m MUCH more excited about) but this piece is kind of a bookend for a place I’ve been in the past several years. I need to finish it, probably more for myself than anyone else (it’s a crazy artist thing, I know). LOL πŸ˜‰

    • Are all the paintsticks eye safe? Are a bunch not? Goodness, it’s annoying, and more annoying that it’s hard to figure out what’s what!

      TRUE CHARTREUSE IS THE MOST AMAZING PIGMENT EVER. Sorry, but seriously. Like the color is AWESOME, but when used wet, it just applies so, so smoothly… and I gotta tell you, not all mattes do that!

      Excited to see some new videos!

      And I hope to hear your single soon :)

      • Re: the paintsticks… The official word is that they “aren’t tested for use in the eye area” so MAC can’t claim them as being eye safe. HOWEVER they have been field tested for YEARS on and around the eyes with no trouble at all. Everyone that I’ve spoke to at MAC uses them around the eyes – If you look at the work MAC does during fashion week, they’re often used around the eyes as well (even the red one). So I’d say that, while they weren’t tested in a lab… They’ve been tested on enough people to probably call them eye safe.

        Re: The Matte pigments – Some of my FAVORITE colors are Matte, but I HATE working with them! They’re just too difficult for me. But yes, True Chartreuse is PRETTY!!! I’d love it if MAC could reformulate their pigments in some way to make the Mattes easier to work with.

        • Gotcha :) Interesting, interesting! At least I feel better with the paintsticks vs. eyeliner, because they’re flat and no glitter, so I presume any safety issues are more related to allergic reactions to dyes vs. scratching my cornea!

          True Chartreuse has the most amazing texture. Like it’s my favorite matte pigment ever because it applies wet so dreamily.

  37. Nana

    I have had some interesting beauty buys this week they are:
    Sephora- rollerball perfumes of Issey Mikaye, Kat Von D Sinner & Saint
    NYX- bundle sale of the glitter jumbo pencils
    Lancome- 2 eyeshadow palettes ( bought on ebay)
    MAC- paint pots in coral crepe & constructivist

    I am excited to buy my car soon so I can be mobile again & for the weekend!

  38. Teggy

    I nabbed a Tunnel of Love Superglass from Mac Pro, then bought a box full of Mac products that my sis didn’t want anymore with two blushes, two MSFs, a Viva Glam lip pallate, three glosses, and two RBL nail polishes.

  39. Vianca

    i only got a Chromographic pencil in NW25-NC30
    & a cleanser, moisturizer, & mask from LUSH

    (im saving up for the Beach collection lOl)

  40. Anissag

    small haul this week I picked up 3 Ben Nye Lumieres in Chartreuse, turquoise, and cosmic violet.
    I’m so excited i got hired to do the make-up for a wedding this summer, and only 2 more weeks of school and 2 finals to go!

  41. Joanna

    Haul: The other day I ordered Violetta lipstick. Can’t wait to try it!

    Excited for: Going on a mini road trip with my mom and sister (shopping trip).

  42. i surprisingly got Bobbi Browns Antigua Palette. I discovered that palette a few weeks ago in the internet. somewhere i read, that it will be just launched in UK and USA, but not germany or switzerland.

    but as i went to the counter today, just for looking, the lovely lady told me that new palettes have arrived and it was the antigua palette!

    i was so happy and for sure i bought one.

  43. Lils

    i went to my local MAC store yesterday and picked up some things from the new pret-a-papier collection!! YAY…i got a lipstick in Made to Order, eyeshadow in Tissueweight, the new paint pot in coral crepe and i also got another pro 15 palette and also Nocturnelle in the pan refill. oh, and the Light over Dark blush, i loved every single purchase!!

    Im so glad its Friday and its beautiful weather, tomorrow we’re taking my son to watch airplanes since he loves them now a days (he’s turning 11 months tomorrow :)) <3

  44. Laura

    I traded in some Back 2 MAC empties this week for Up The Amp and Girl About Town lipsticks – I always like to Back 2 MAC for fun shades! I also got New York Apple lippy and a couple of lipliners. I’ve bought a few things from LJ sales too – Sea & Sky mineralize eye shadow, Cash Flow paint pot, Aquadisiac e/s, Swimming e/s, Handwritten e/s, Naked Lip liner. Oh, and I bought 2 back-ups of Laugh A Lot form the Spring Colour Forecast collection because I love it :)

    It’s been a crappy week at work so I’m just looking forward to relaxing this weekend!

  45. sonia

    let see…

    clinique city block
    mac fold and tuck lipglass
    mac comograwhatever you call it pencil…

    not much going on this weekend…cleaning the garage, having a garage sale.

  46. CeeBee

    I bought a whole bunch of stuff – and after last week my credit card is a smoking ruin, LOL!

    I’ve waited ages to get the MAC Pearlglide liners from Art Supplies, they finally arrived in the country and were posted to me yesterday – I got 4 of them.
    I picked up a couple of new concealers (1 pot, 1 stick for travelling), a set of Philosophy lipglosses, a few more Jordana lipsticks (Lemonade, Maple Sugar, Cranberry Mix and Blaze – I wore Grape yesterday and it was gorgeous!), some EA 8 hour hand cream (3 tubes) another Anna Sui colour correcting primer and 2 of the new Dior Addict Ultra Glosses, something (Expensive? Expansive?) Grenadine and Orange Bolero. So sparkly and pretty!

    I did some baking yesterday – we have hand rolled pizza dough in the freezer, triple chocolate chunk cookies (SOOO good!) and we did have some adorably cute pink frosted vailla and coconut cupcakes but… we ate them all!
    Other than that I have a bunch of books to read and since I cleaned the shower and rest of the bathroom yesterday – no housework to do!

  47. Carrie

    I just ordered Tissueweight e/s, Coral Crepe Paint Pot, the lightest Chromagraphic Pencil, Originality nail lacquer, Archetype, Made to Order and Dressmaker, Dressmaker lipsticks, Almost Noir eye pencil, and Cork and Romp e/s refill pans. Whew! The next big collection I’m excited for is To The Beach and then I’ll have to take a breather. Too many pretty MAC collections.

  48. Alexis

    Hi again!
    So I just got back from Saks’ friends/family sale
    I was pretty modest – also I don’t get paid again till next Friday. My loot:

    NARS Ophelia/Easy Lover glosses – amazing layered on top of each other
    Albatross highlighter
    and GWP full sized multiple in Cap verte – I think I’m going to use this to contour and as an eyeshadow base….

    also made a new friend with the NARS SA – it was a great little purchase/treat to myself!

  49. Sum

    im loving ur haul this friday christine πŸ˜‰ mmm i got….soft ochre paintpot, eyeshadows in satin taupe, embark and pink venus. and the very much hyped NARS sheer glow foundation (loving it so far) also some skincare item from dermalogica! ahhh retail therapy feels sooo good πŸ˜€

  50. AnGeLwInGz

    Urban Decay eyeshadow Green Goddess, 24/7 Mildew, Essie Turquoise & Caicos (my new favorite color EVER!), China Glaze For Audrey and Re-Fresh Mint, Diorshow blue mascara, Dior browstyler, Dior Ultra Gloss Coral Fantasy, C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Orange Blossom body cream.

  51. Brandi

    I haven’t bought any makeup for 6 weeks! I am proud of myself! I have completely finished 6 products and I am hoping to finish 10 before I buy anymore, but I am not sure I am going to make it. I did purchase the Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret perfume and I absolutely adore it!
    Besides that, just finishing up my law school finals this next week. I had one on Wednesday and one today, and then I have three next week. Not fun at all!

  52. Mia

    i went to da CCO the other day and it was my first time and omg i think i fell in love lol. everything was WAAAY more affordable and all da limited edition stuff i wanted was there!!! AND FULL SIZE PIGMENTS (7.5 grams)!!!! I got:
    Melon Pigment
    Pink Bronze Pigment
    Grand Entrance Eyeshadow
    Hello Kitty Lucky Tom Quad
    Holiday Brush Set (252, 187, 168, 119)
    Sweet Tooth Tendertone

    I’m excited for relaxing becuz I’ve been pretty stressed out with work this week so just hanging around with friends :)

  53. Meesh

    All I can say is: I’ve been bad this week. besides getting instant chic blush and made to order lipstick (MAC and only makeup stuff I bought) I finally caved and bought myself a Badgley Mischka hobo bag and a swarvoski charm for my bracelet. I have to teach myself control!!

  54. Heather

    It’s been a hard week on my wallet. I am anxiously awaiting my urban decay f&f sale box which includes the summer of love palette, stereophonic 24/7 set, and the hall of fame set. I also used some credits on hautelook to purchase a couple lipglosses from the urban decay sale. I also stopped by ulta to use my 5 dollars off of ten coupons and picked up some nyx lipsticks, lipliners, and the jazz night palette. Lastly I stopped into my local CCO to find they have basically the whole permanent line of mac pigments in the old bigger size from MAC. I restrained myself to just melon pigment and color crafted lipstick. As for this weekend, I am finishing up my thesis so I can finally graduate! Perhaps I will travel back to the cco for more pigments to celebrate!

  55. Jacey

    I placed a decent size MAC order since I decided that I want to get more into lipsticks so I bought a slew of lipsticks and a few lipglasses! I also got the 224 brush.

    Hush, Hush Rose
    Fold and Tuck

    Dressmaker, Dressmaker
    Made to Order
    Hot Tahiti
    See Sheer
    Laugh A Lot
    Rose Maiden
    London Life
    Viva Glam IV
    Spice It Up!

    It’s supposed to come Tuesday. I can’t wait!

  56. Diana B

    I picked up Mac Dame and Coppertone blush (which I love), Mac 228 brush from my local CCO. Then I went to Sephora to pick up TFSI (I was running low). No plans this weekend just staying home and relaxing with the family.

  57. I bought coral crepe, the darker chromaline, kraft lipstick and pret a papier lipglass from pret a papier. I also got more moisturecover concealer and spiked brow pencil. I’ve done nothing with them but weeks ago I bought three cigar boxes. If I had my own apartment, I’d put them on top of a coffee table, but I have no clue what to do with them lol. I still love them though.

  58. Jen

    Hmm, I agree that I don’t want to think about the money I’ve spent, but I certainly love to think about all the things i now have! I added twinks, jest, and print to my 15 pan pallet, as well as 129, 266, and 217 brushes. Picked up a Dior bronzer on the sephora sale, its perfect for my pale skin, really makes me look naturally tan-er but not brown, or orange! MAC blushcreme in Ladyblush, paintpot in bare study, and a concealer for summer. Also stocked up on some of my lush favorites for my summer without shopping (nothing close to where I live, my wallet says thank god).

    Also, only one more exam! My brain is fried, and I’m soooo looking forward to a summer break. Best of luck to you on your exams Christine!

  59. Lynniekae

    Finished my first Makeup Artistry class this week! Yeah!! So I bought a couple products from the school. I got a 12-15 color lip palette (beautiful) and a 15 shade eye palette. Both by Kryolan, which I think is my new favorite brand.

    I’ve been doing good about not buying too much lately, but I couldn’t pass those up.

  60. Jenni

    My haul:
    Sephora — Laura Mercier Loose Powder (LOVE IT so far), Smashbox Anti-shine, Murad Oil-Control Mattifier, Shu Uemura lash curler (I’ve been putting it off bc I thought $19 was too high for a measly lash curler — but I gotta say, SO WORTH IT), and Tweezerman Tweezers. Whew. Thank goodness for the 15% sale!!

    Mac — Pret-a-Papier stuff: Fold and Tuck l/g, Instant Chic, and Originality. Might be going back for more, but I’m trying to resist…

    Coastal Scents — 11 brushes (from their 15% off brushes sale last weekend), and a few random pigment pressing tools.

    Christine, what did you end up getting from the NYX sale?

  61. bamboo

    fold and yuck l/g
    dressmaker dressmaker l/s
    coral crepe paintpot
    cut to fit e/s

    planning on placing an order for some opi and china glazes and the new sephora brand pallete

  62. Nic

    Yesterday, I went to MAC and bought Fold and Tuck liplass (which I didn’t plan to buy, but I’m really glad I got it), and the lighter Chromagraphic pencil (which I did plan to but, and I LOVE it). I wore the pencil on my waterline to work today, and it’s still on over 10 hours later!

    This week I also got Tarte tinted moisturizer in Agent 00 (finally a TM pale enough for me!), and MUFE Mat Velvet + in Alabaster. I wore the tinted moisturizer today, and so far I think I like it. The MUFE, though, I’m not sure. I tried it on yesterday, and, although it’s the perfect color, it didn’t apply quite how I’d hoped. I’m gonna keep playing with it though, and see if I can get it to work for me.

  63. Ness

    I got Fix+ spray, plush lash mascara and Prepped for glamour.

  64. t_zwiggy

    Bought LOTS of stuff this week!

    Instant Chic blush
    Garb blush
    Dollymix blush
    Flirt & Tease blush
    Breath of Plum blush
    Tissueweight e/s
    Gazette Grey e/s
    Memorabilia e/s
    Prepped for Glamour e/s
    Hey e/s
    Woodwinked e/s
    Orb e/s
    Smoke&Diamonds e/s
    Crème Cup l/s
    Pretty Please l/s
    Politely Pink l/s
    Chromagraphic Pencil NC15/NW20
    Black Russian pearlglide liner
    Rave pearlglide liner
    263 brush
    210 brush

    Other brands:
    Lush Ocean Salt Scrub
    Lush Big Shampoo
    Jan Marini Transformation Cream

    More than half of my MAC collection are LE, so I need to get more permanent products. Just got $1000 from my grandparents, so will probably order more permanent MAC stuff next week. My current wishlist is looong.

  65. DonnaN

    Don’t you mean, “what did you NOT buy this week”…..I was a very BAD girl….

    from MAC:
    Pret a Papier–Coral Crepe paintpot
    Pret a Papier–Gazette Grey e/s
    Pret a Papier–Instant Chic blush
    Pret a Papier–Tissueweight e/s
    Permanent–Lychee Luxe lipglass
    Permanent–empty PRO 15pan palette

    From ULTA:
    Essie TURQUOISE and CAICOS polish
    Essie LAPIS of LUXURY polish
    China Glaze ENTOURAGE polish
    two Cricket hair brushe
    an ELLE turquoise leopard-print barette
    L’Oreal Everstrong Sulfate-freee Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner
    CG Lashblast Volume Waterproof mascara
    CG Lashblast Fusion mascara (the newest one–it’s supposed to give both VOLUME + LENGTH…we’ll see…..)
    CG Outlast Lipstain in Coy Coral (I wanted to compare these to the MAC markers—my friend swears by these….)

    from TARGET:
    a bunch of Goody headbands, barettes and a bottle of Savour MINT MOJITO body lotion, which smells YUMMY!

    This weekend, I plan to rest and mentally prep for work on Monday. Oh, and DH and I are in the “discussion” phase of getting another dog–one of his coworker’s Golden Retriever just had puppies…..we’ll see what happens…..

    • Haha… that’s exactly how I felt!! :)

      Very nice haul!

      OMG, Golden Retriever puppies?? Don’t see them or else you’ll for sure come home with one or two or the whole litter, LOL! And pics if you do!!

  66. Rissy

    I got quite a lot… which i don’t normally do. I need to save for To the beach as well! and there are a couple of perm MAC things I want to get… D: my wallet doesn’t like my new addiction to makeup… haha… but I love it! Thanks for all the awesome tips and things btw… you have saved me money on some things! :)

    -My first Buxom lip gloss set <3 the colors
    -Korres lip butter mango
    -Viva Juicy roller ball

    – hey e/s
    – Instant Chic blush
    – Dressmaker, Dressmaker l/s
    – Fold and Tuck l/g
    I had to limit myself a lot!

    – Face and Eyes set
    My mom wanted a set for Mother's day, so I order it early…But now I'm thinking that i should have gotten a set for myself too!

    And I need a makeup train case to put all my make up in lol… my collection's not huge, but it's getting big.

  67. Tanja

    I know, fridayΒ΄s over, but IΒ΄m soooo excited and still wanna share it with you :)
    My haul was small, I tried some products of the new german drugstore brand MNY (eyeshadow was good, nail polish too, but I threw away the lipgloss, because it burnt my lips and smelled cheap)

    And IΒ΄m so excited because IΒ΄ll fly to LA on thursday for 4week-vacation! Yeah!
    Can you suggest anything in California (beauty-related)??? A cool shop or something?