Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Seven MAC Pearlglides (six to giveaway, though!) and four MAC Lipstain Markers.Β  I did pre-sale Chanel Mistral & Riviera Le Vernis, plus two lipsticks… but it shouldn’t count since I haven’t paid yet!

Excited for: seeing my parents this weekend, enjoying Easter Sunday, and maybe, just maybe, finding time to read a book.

My pic of the week…Β  Mellan wishes you all a happy April!

Now… have at it!

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195 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #022

  1. Ally_D

    Mellan is so cute! My dogs used to start posing as soon as the camera came out because I took so many photos of them – hahaha

    Haul: Liberty of London Bough Grey e/s, Prim & Proper blush, Shell Pearl b/p, 15 pallette, Blanc Type e/s, Espresso e/s, 129 brush

    Excited for: getting my assignment done by Saturday so I can have Sunday & Monday for guilt-free relaxing (we have a holiday on Monday here in the UK so no work!)

  2. Aaawwwww Mellan is SO adorable!!!! I wanna have my Coco take bunny pictures now lol… Speaking of pearlglide liners, I REALLY need to go pick one up in the black color… I just hate going to the mall during the weekends!!! :/

  3. kitty

    thanks to your reviews, christine, i hit the MAC counter well prepared for art supplies and i actually picked up ONLY the things on my list (this is possibly the first time i’ve ever managed to do this~)! i got the pearglides in petrol blue, designer violet, and blackline, dirty greasepaint stick, and a blushcreme in brit wit as a gift for my mum ^^

    i am excited to finish my fellowship applications today and enjoy my weekend. hope everyone has a great one~

  4. Emily

    Yesterday I got Dirty and Zinc Zonc greasepaint sticks, Almost Noir and Black Line Pearlglides, Ever Lip lipstick, Free to Be and Give Me Liberty of London Eyeshadow, plus Moisturelush Face Cream, and Brush Cleaner. =) Oh! And Charred Mauve greasepaint too. So my weekend will consist of homework and work, and trying to fit in time to see one of my friends from out of town! =( I wish there was another day in the week!

  5. Emily

    that lipstick was Ever Hip…not Lip =) ….also, I mean to ask you Christine, how do your giveaways work?

    • It depends on the giveaway, but the rules/details will be included in it. If I bought the prize (all MAC giveaways and occasionally some other brands), then it’s random and open to all. If the prize is being fulfilled by the brand or sponsored (which means they give the prizes, I don’t have to pay anything), then it’s often restricted to U.S. only.

      • Emily

        I’ve also been meaning to ask you…I’ve live on in South Carolina…and I know you’re on the opposite coast…what’s the time difference? I’ve just been wondering when I reply or you post, what time it would’ve been there?

  6. YJ

    Haha that’s so cute! I especially like the captions πŸ˜‰

  7. Eliza

    I went to the MAC counter yesterday& got spring forecast 4 quad! I’m in Aus so the collection is the latest one here!&i got neutral eyeshadow!I wanna start learning to use eyeshadow!(: Easter wkend is not gonna be really exciting for me:( because i’ve still got to go to uni!! but I’m trying to read a book too!ii read heaps just haven had the time to because of uni!!!Have fun seeing your parents!((:

  8. Kerry

    these photos are adorable!! honestly soo cute :)

  9. Kaila

    Mellan is so cute!!! But not as cute as my pup Sassy πŸ˜‰ This week I didn’t buy any makeup, just hair products. Miracle 7 shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner, a new round brush and croco non slip hair clips. I got a bunch of free makeup at my salon by a brand called Bibon, never heard of it but I thought I’d check it out.

  10. Mariana

    Haul: Industrial and Undercurrent Pearlglides, Steamy and Woodwinked e/s, Prim and Proper blush, New York Apple l/s(back 2 mac)

    Excited for: long weekend!!

  11. Cherie

    hehehe Mellan is so cute! I love his little comic strip! :)

    Good haul for me this week and I can’t wait to use these products:
    – MAC’s greasepaint stick in greengrease and dirty
    – MUFE’s HD blush in #6 Quickie

    SO glad it’s the long weekend! I don’t plan on doing much but spending time with family, watching movies, catching up on my blog reading and going to Church on Sunday :)

    Have an egg-cellent Easter everyone :)

  12. theMuse

    mellan-wabbit! πŸ˜€ LOL! Loves it!

  13. laura

    mellan is too cute! (:
    hmmm, for hauling lately
    not too much, i picked up a few of the milani eyeliners because i wanted to see what the hype was about. got a new anastasia brow gel, the new harajuku sunshine lovers in love, the modern flower minis set from sephora, and boiinnng concealer!(: yes yes, everything is boring.

  14. ssnug

    OMG!! Mellan look so SWEET!~

  15. Samantha Kathleen

    :))) Biiig MAC haul last night!

    Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in: Petrol Blue, Undercurrent
    Tinted Lipglass in: Nymphette
    Lipstick in: Myth, Vegas Volt
    Tinted Lip Conditioner in: Gentle Coral
    Eyeshadow refill pan in: Freshwater, Beauty Marked
    Paint pot in: Painterly
    Liberty of London eyeshadow in: Birds & Berries.

    So excited for it to come in the mail! :)))

    PS: Adorable doggieee!

  16. coco72

    I`m so excited for the Liberty of London collection, I have called to my MAC counter but it hasn`t arrived yet, I have prepared 6 empty eyeshadows pans for a lipstick using Back to MAC

    Today is Holiday here in Spain, there is nothing open, but we will go to our churh because my 8 years-old girl sings at the chorus

  17. DonnaN

    my haulage is actually from last week–pre-surgery.

    Sonia Kashuk Straight from Nature Foundation Brush
    Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturizing Gel
    Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths

    OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry
    OPI Tutti Frutti Tonga
    NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Baby Rose
    NYX Eye Pencil in White Pearl
    Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair Care set

  18. Andrea

    Poor thing he definitely don’t like it. It surprise me he let you , my dog
    ( he Passed away :( ) Hate it, he started to bit me IF i tried to do something like that of course not mean bits but very subtle bits but i got the message lol

    Haul:OPI here today AragΓ³n Tomorrow. The black ondetone and the green on it

    Wat I want those pretty Urban Decay eye-pencils the jade colored and the purple one.

    Disappointed: I really felt into the Aprils Fool Joke , I was exited about the mac for Temtalia products

    exited: to watch The clash of the titans soon.

    Pet: My Sparky was the most beautiful/Crazy/Grumpy/Curious/sneaky/sweet dog i ever met
    miss him allot

  19. JB

    Hauls: 4 brushes from Royal & Langnickel. Finally decided to stop lurking and buy something. Hope they are great.

    Excited: Going to see the movie Why Did I Get Married Too

  20. Abi

    The MAC liberty of London collection was released in-stores yesterday in UK. So I got Ever hip lipstick, Shell pearl beauty powder, English accents lipglass and blue India nail polish. Want to get something else but not sure what to get. What were your favourites ? x

  21. Andrea

    Haul: Chanel Rouge Coco in Paris and Orchidee, Chanel Kaska Quad because I finally caved in on that one, Chanel Rouge Allure in Exquise. Got some shadows from Colour Forecast cause it came out quite late here (GRR. INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH DATE) and I haven’t had the time to get them. And I bought Nars Sheer Matte.

    I went to the Liberty of London launch but I didn’t really want anything.

    I really have to make myself do some work!

  22. Sally

    A small haul this week. I got two HIP Chromo liners in gold and violet.

    I’m excited for the beach all day tomorrow and for Easter with my family. My grandma is making turkey and all the fixings with it! Yum!

  23. daphne

    I’ve been picking up this-and-that from online sales. Got Benefit Sugarbomb and Velvet e/s in Mermaid and Fancy Pansy, the MAC Sorceress holiday palette, and am waiting for purchases of a Cantaloupe blush pan and Rated R and Lucky Green e/s. All for below retail prices – I love a bargain!

    Mostly I’m just excited that we’re having real spring weather this weekend, and that my stupid landlord claims an electrician will FINALLY be coming. The only outlet in my bedroom blew out a month ago. Fortunately I live with my boyfriend in a 2BR place, but I liked having my own space for my stuff and my activities…my bedroom’s currently a glorified closet, and the lighting’s too poor to do my makeup in there now (and the bathroom, where I’m doing it, is not much better). I’m crossing my fingers LL actually makes good on this promise.

    • Hope you loveee Sugarbomb!! :)

      *crosses fingers with you*

      • daphne

        It’s lovely! I love how the powder is so soft so even though it’s lightly pigmented, you can pick up a lot with your brush and intensify it…or just wear it as a sheer glow.

        You know, I also tried to nab on eBay a Beiges de Chanel quad I found on there…I figured I’d be willing to pay a little more than retail for it and it was only at $40 with an hour to go. It closed at $93!!!! UGH. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just cave and get Kaska Beige then before it’s gone.

  24. Claudia

    Loving Mellan’s pics and captions <3

    Haul, well not really haul since I plan on returning them, Sally Hansen opulent cloud & commander in chic. I compared commander in chic to sephora metro chic and really while in the bottle I can definitely see a difference, on the nail it's barely noticeable so I'll keep the metro in chic. And opulent cloud is too chalky/white.

    I am tempted to go to MAC this week-end to check out Zinc and Dirty greasepaints but with spring/summer eye allergies starting up I'm not sure if to get eye make-up or save money for upcoming lipsticks.

    Will spend the week-end with my family and wash my car on Sunday.

  25. Mellan is absolutely adorable!

    Haul: I’ve been getting my tan on with summer approaching so I’m headed in to get new natural skin finishes, a couple blushes, and the pearl glides that I didn’t pick up last week. (I’ve made friends with my wonderful MAs, and they let me buy them early!) I also am picking up hey! from prep for color, which I’m in LOVE with. ohh- and back2macing a couple things, but I’m not sure which lipsticks I want.

    Any suggestions?

  26. Megan

    Pics of Mellan always make me smile!

    Haul: MAC Greaspaint sticks in Zinc Zone (which looks great under Love Lace e/s), Greengrease and Flourishing e/s

    No more Free for Haul Fridays for me. Gotta save money..this is gonna be torture Christine!

  27. Haul: MAC GMLOL haul (it came out yesterday here in the UK). I got Ever hip, Shell Pearl, Prim & Proper blush. I had to drag my entire family out in the car just so I could get my hands on it!

    Excited for: My friends coming to visit for the weekend. The girls and I will be off shopping tomorrow and I get to go to the CCO. Life is sweet!

  28. Diana B

    I finally purchased the Mac #134 at my local CCO for only $34 and I’m really loving the way it applies bronzer and blush. By the way Christine the Laguna/Orgasm combo is working out great I love it thanks. Yesterday I had a great day with the hubby and kids visiting Washington DC for the Cherry Blossom festival the rest of the weekend we will just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

  29. Akia

    Haul: I picked up a Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moiturizer in the color Tan and NARS Bronzing Powder in Casino. Love, love, love them both. I’m not one to wear makeup everyday but I’ve been wearing these two since I got them.

    Excited for: the BEAUTIFUL weather this weekend, taking our dog to the dog park, the premiere of a Tyler Perry’s new movie tonight and my 27th birthday on Tuesday! :-)

  30. GretalovesMAC

    Hey Christine! LOVE it so much when you include pics of Mellan!! The last one had me rolling on the floor-his expression is priceless!!!! anywho, I didn’t pick up anything from the latest Mac collection because it seems ho-hum for me, I am trying to save for the summer collection because I want EVERYTHING!!lol My family and I will be celebrating Easter with my grams and other family members:) Have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones! Team Mellan!!!!!!

  31. Andrea

    I didn’t buy much at all this week! Just another Guerlain blush – Soleil Couchant. Definitely going to be a great summer blush for me!!!

    I`m super excited for the long weekend!!! I get Monday off as well, and I`m really looking forward to spending time with my friends and family!!

  32. Mellan is adorable. D’awww, I want a pet. I’ve only had fish since I was little, and those aren’t too exciting. And I definitely can’t put bunny ears on them. XD

    Haul: Benefit Full Finish Lipstick in Lady’s Choice, Benefit Velvet e/s in Like What You Sea?, and Guerlain Jeu d’Ombrelles Eyeshadow Quad. Guerlain’s been winning my heart lately and now I’m eyeing their Rouge Gs (Gardenia and Garance are so gorgeous). The only downside is that it’s a pricey infatuation!

    Excited for: Heading to the city tomorrow with a friend to shop for a bit and pick up some skin care samples. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up some foundation samples too. :)

  33. Lisa

    Aw… I love the pictures of Mellan! My boyfriend calls us “Mom” and “Dad” to our cat, too, so it always makes me smile to see that someone else does :)

    This week’s haul:
    MAC Ever Hip lipstick
    All three Barbie loves Stila smudge pots for $20!

    I’m thinking about getting some of the pearlglide liners, but I’m trying to stay on a no-buy for all of April! Ugh.

  34. Hend

    aww 1st your pet is sooo cute .. πŸ˜€
    well i dont have a pet :( so i will skip the why ur pet is cutest part ..
    the best thing that happened to me this week is that i finally got out of a bad relationship that i had for a long time ..

    Haul: Dior skin foundation
    Rouge Dior in all stars pink
    Dior addict lip color in pink heiress
    Diorshow blackout Mascara >>way better than the regular one
    Clinique eyeliner
    Givenchy’s le prisme blush in Vouge Orange

  35. Jackers

    What a beautiful and loveable dog! You can totally see he has quite the personality! Sigh, I miss my own doggy, aw. At least I can enjoy giggling at yours. πŸ˜‰

  36. Rita

    This week I got more Liberty of London stuff: Bough Grey and Birds & Berries e/s, Ever Hip l/s, English Accents l/g, Prim & Propper Blush, and Shell Pearl Beauty Powder.
    Prep for Colour Collection was also available, but I didn’t get anything from that.

  37. I can’t wait till next week is over! Final exams and final projects are due next week and then no more school till the fall! I tend to treat myself with a little cosmetic shopping after that to congratulate myself. :)

    Haha, I love the captions! Mellan, y’know mommy loves you so much she just has to share you with her readers! Doesn’t he try to get the headband off? One time we bought booties for my dog Mozart and he just kicked or snatched them off.

  38. Sum

    wow i loveee seeing Mellans pics! and the captions u put are so funny…hehe really loving his suspicious ‘hey are you taking photos’ look! :) my Haul…the mac liberty of london and art supplies just released yesterday here in the UK…and because of your absoultely amazing swatches i know what to get each time before i see the collection πŸ˜‰ so i got..

    Pearlglide liner in black line,
    Greasepaint stick in Uniformly blue (love blues)
    Ever hip lipstick, Birds and Berries Eyeshadow
    my first MAC blushcreme in Britwit
    and Stila eye kajal in Onyx :) pretty happy with my shopping YAY

  39. Alabee

    Haul: richer lusher cremesheen, frankly fresh lipglass, shell pearl beauty powder, and a #208 and #116 brush.

    Excited to finish writing a monstrous paper that has been stressing me out.

  40. Ellie

    I got NARS’ loose powder in Snow, MAC pearlglide liner in Black Line, Viva Glam GAGA, and some Tokidoki nail buffer pups from Sephora (mostly to get those 10 free skincare samples). I hadn’t purchased any makeup in over two months so all the haulin’ is excitin’!! Haha.

  41. Haul: L’Oreal double extend lash mascara! Not much, but it’s AMAZING!

    Excited for: Getting back into the swing of things of making videos. I am also excited to make a HUGE Easter meal on Sunday! So great!!!

  42. OMgolleee how adorable. :) Happy Easter

  43. Annie Siegel

    this week I bought a MAC 224, MAC Fresh Moroccan lipstick,Leopard Print Nine West Bag, and 2 EOS lipbalms!

  44. OMG when by brother saw this photos, said that this poor doggy is embarrassed to be photographed like this. :(

  45. Ryan

    omg I love your dog!!!! When I become famous I am going to have a lion that walks with me down the street.

  46. Tiffany

    I love all of the cute Mellan pics!

  47. Mirna

    Haha I did that to my dog yesterday! I put pink and white fuzzy bunny ears on him! LOL

    My haul this weeked will be the MAC art supplies greasepaint sticks in slick black, brown now, below ground; the pearglides I want are undercurrent and industrial. Hopefully they don’t sell out before Saturday!

  48. Daria

    No hauls (yet) but just wanted to say how adorable Mellan is!!

  49. My latest beauty haul consists of Revlon’s ColorStay foundation for Normal/Dry skin & their ColorBurst lipstick in Soft Rose. CVS is having a BOGO sale this week and I had a coupon so I just had to take my butt there, haha. I wanted to pick up those Liquif’Eye Liners you swatched/reviewed, but my CVS hasn’t been restocking their display for some reason. I’ll have to visit Target or Walgreens for my fix!
    For this past week I’ve been on Spring Break so that includes me lounging around the house and avoiding homework like the plague. I finally got to Season 4 of Dexter! Although I know it’s going to be a tearjerker season. But I really need to start focusing again because I start school again on Monday, oy.

  50. MakeupGalore--Abbie

    Mellan is so cute. My lab is little more red than yours. He takes great pictures just like Mellan. I am glad to see him. My dogs are my babies too!!

    Haul: All MAC(of coarse)- Greasepaint-Below ground, I really wanted the greengrease but it did not look good on me.
    Pearlglides-Undercurrent and Blackline
    E/S- Ricepaper,Cork,Tempting, Powder Blush-Harmony
    Lips- Liner-Hover, Lipstick-Touch, Lipglass-Revealing

    This weekend–Giving my 3 dogs Baths.. OOOh sooo much fun!!!

  51. Christian

    I’m excited to post on your blog for the first time! Been following it actively for the past couple weeks and it’s been a lot of fun reviewing all the products and listening to your advice!

    Haul: As a reward for a tough anatomy lab, I went to Rite Aid after class and picked up four of the Maybelline ColorSensational Lipsticks (Warm Me Up, Caramel Kiss, Born with it, and Pink Please) after seeing your cute pictures! Also picked up the Revlon PhotoReady Foundation and have been trying out liquid foundation for the first time (I’m usually a powder foundation girl). Yesterday I couldn’t resist and finally picked up the MAC Plushlash mascara after reading your mascara reviews! I can’t wait to use it tonight :)

    Excited for: I’m going to watch a hip hop show at USC tonight and cheer on my old roommates, teammates, and friends :)

    • Aww, thanks for posting, CHristian!! :)

      Congrats on getting through your anatomy lab! I hope you love Plushlash! *crosses fingers* Have fun at the show :)

  52. claudia

    Mellan, you’re so sweet !!

    I’d like to wish you and your mummy a wonderful Easter :)


  53. Jennifer

    I got 4 of the MAC markers …. I love them!!!! I wore stylestter yesterday and it lasted through two meals and roller derby practice lol… but I’m also very lucky my lips rarely get dry.

    I also got all six pearlglide liners.

  54. Amber

    I hauled some ELF Studio – the brushes,blushes and HD powder get great reviews and with the 50% off code i couldn’t pass it up! I got 3 blushes, HD powder and 3 brushes. Have yet to use them, but the quality looks very good. Also ordered 2 l/g’s from VS – they smell awesome and the coloes are so pretty!
    Also used a Sephora gift card to get some of the Tarte stuff on sale – the Little Black Dress e/s set and the mini e/s and l/g set in the straw bag. One of the shadows in the LBD was a little crushed so ti was kind of messy, but all of the colors have very nice pigment and the glosses are smooth. I also got the Lancome Rose Fishnets set for a great price so I am very happy!

    This weekend I am house/pet sitting for my friend so I am looking forward to some time with my animal friends! And I hope to finally have time to read a book!

    • Nice! Have you tried any of those ELF products before?

      • Amber

        sorry this is late! I haven’t tried them before, but have been skimming over reviews on them for awhile now and they are quite positive, so I am crossing my fingers! The blush packaging is almost identical to NARS blushes, except that the ELF blush compacts don’t get nearly as dirty as NARS do.

  55. Vickie

    HUGE haul this week! : )
    i went to a MAC counter for the first time yesterday πŸ˜€
    i got MSFN in light medium, studio fic fluid in NW20 and the foundation pump,studio finish concealer in NW20, Mocha Blush, Espresso and soft brown eyeshadow(thanks so much for recommeding those Christine) sweetie lipstick, love nectar lusterglass, english accent lipglass(had to have something from that collection lol) gently off eye and lip cleanser and a couple of brushes which are the 182,129,219,239,210,109 and at my local CCO i picked up the MAC227 brush, the sexy shenigans lipglass set from the holiday collection, violet and cocomotion pigment,strawberry blonde lipglass, and tread gently tendertone and ordered 2 palettes off of i i can press my pigments and depot my mac eyeshadows

    and Mellan is SOO cute! my dog or cat would never let me dress them up or put cute little bunny ears on them lol

  56. mkdallas

    That doggie is the bomb…such a sweet and patient look on his face! I had some major haulage this week. Got 4 things from MAC: Below Ground greasepaint stick, Blankety l/s and Cremesheen glosses in Boy Bait, Over Indulgence & Deelight. Also nabbed a great Lancome GWP with a purchase of Primordiale Night Recharge moisturizer at Nordstrom and a drugstore lippie that’s great: Colorstay Soft And Smooth lipcolor in Smooth Nude. That is all.

  57. Carrie

    I got the 5 Cool Eyes palette from the MAC Trip collection online. I also got Luscious Spark Dazzleglass Creme, which is really pretty. A clever saleswoman at the MAC counter convinced me to get Dirty Plum blush and A Different Groove Lipglass to complement my dark hair & eyes. Those were two items from the Liberty of London collection I was unsure of, but I swatched them and they were so pretty & not as intimidating as I’d thought. I think I got the last A Different Groove, as a matter of fact. They didn’t have much of the collection left. She said that Shell Pearl sold out right away and I noticed that they were also out of Bough Grey.

  58. liana

    Mellan is adorable, doesnt seem like the rabbit ears bug him! I tried putting rabbit ears on our beefy bull-terrier and he ate them lol!

  59. Connie

    great haul! i can’t wait to check the Chanel polishes out in person. And Mellan is adorable! My little guy licked the screen when he saw the picture. lol

  60. CeeBee

    Mellan and his bunny ears are adorable (and hilarious!)…

    I got Giulette, Guerlinade and Gardenia Rouge G – I wasn’t too sure about Guerlinade at first and thought maybe it was TOO nude on me, but with a proper lipliner and smidge of gloss, it is quite lovely with a purple smoky eye. Or a green one. I tested it two days in a row to be sure. Now I love it! Still considering Garance as well…

    I also got a NARS gloss in Pillow Talk, which is a beautiful fuchsia berry shade, very vibrant, would be perfect for summer and then, because I had absolutely NO money left after spending it all on Guerlain lipsticks I bought a cheap VO5 hair treatment deep conditioning thing from my local supermarket and it TOTALLY kicks ass!
    Better (and cheaper) then any other hair mask or treatment I’ve ever used.

    Thank you Hair Gods!

    • LOL! Oh no, you’re HOOKED on Rouge Gs! A very, very expensive habit… But I am happy you are loving them!

      AND that you found a cheap hair treatment that works to compensate, ha!

  61. Alexis

    Dirty/Greengrease Greasesticks
    Designer Purple Pearlglide Liner

    So proud that’s it and all I plan on buying for the month of April. I did sign up for the Nordstrom Beauty event for next month so that’ll be quite a haul that I need to start saving up for now!

    Hosting my very first Adult/grown-up family potluck Easter lunch at my house – easter egg hunt and everything for the kiddies. Yay, no more Kid’s Table for me hahahaha

  62. Missy

    Mellan is such a good sport! :)

    I’ve been stopping by the MAC counter on my lunch breaks this week. Yesterday I picked up Dirty and Below Ground greasepaints as well as Stylesetter and A Classic lip stains. I liked them so much that I went back today to pick up Uniformly Blue greasepaint and Point of View lip stain. I also grabbed a 239 brush (I can’t believe I’ve made it this long without one!).

    I may have to make another trip soon because my favorite eyeshadow (Sable) got pulverized in my suitcase on my flight home from Orlando on Monday!

  63. i’ve hauled from the give me liberty of london collection which released 1st of april.

    and i’m very looking forward to tomorrow, because i visit a chocolate factory. that’s so cool.

  64. esteta

    I love that you post pics of Mellan…so fun!
    My haul over the last week was for my kit:
    Yaby lip palette, Embryolisse 24hour creme, Duo clear adhesive, about a dozen assorted false lashes, Face Atelier Transforming Gel(omg-I don’t know how I ever lived without this stuff!), sample of FA ultra sheer in champagne, Yaby creme foundation corrector palette, finally completed my Yaby creme foundation palettes(last 5 shades)yay!, book by Eve Pearl…I think I’m forgetting something…
    Anyway, I’m excited to go to the theatrical supply store later today to get some fun supplies for a photoshoot coming up. Then of course, the Easter Bunny! Love hiding those eggs! Have a great spring weekend everyone…I know we are here now that the snow has finally melted!

  65. Jessica

    Haul- Nars Laguna/Albatross, Korres Lipsticks in Natural Purple/Natural Brown/Orange Red/Coral

  66. Christina

    omg Mellan is the cutest! What a sweetheart :]

    Haul: No haul this week sadly.. I’m trying out a sort of modified version of a no-spend. No spend on anything beauty except skin care when I run out. It’s really hard! But I was good this week :]

    Excited for: Spring Break! My school has it in the middle of April after everyone else has theirs. Also looking forward to IMATS even though it doesn’t hit LA until June.

  67. I decided I needed some stuff from MAC’s permenant line, so I bought Hue and Creme d’ Nude lipsticks, Sable and Woodwinked eyeshadows, Show-off brow set, and Boldy Bare lipliner.
    I absolutely LOVE everything I bought! The brow set helps sooo much in making my blonde brows match my auburn hair. Sable is a great neutral color for bringing out green eyes. Woodwinked applies like a dream. And I’m loving the look of the nude lipsticks. YAY!
    OH! I also bought Rimmel’s Airy Fairy lipstick, and I think it’s a great dupe for UD’s Naked lipstick (which i ADORE)!

  68. Oh I want your puppy!!

    No Hauls yet pour moi, still in the mail. It’s cold and hailing out so I’m staying in watching the Disney channel. I’m hardcore like that :)

  69. Laudry

    Thanks for the photos of Mellan! My family’s holidays wouldn’t be quite the same without them.

    Happy Easter!

  70. I’ve just posted on my blog about my huge Urban Decay and Too Faced haul today, they were seriously reduced (but actually new, not discontinued) items like the new Stardust eyeshadows. I bought 18 things for Β£60.42, but the normal retail price would have been Β£225.00! Score! LOL

    Also spent some money at Mac today as Liberty of London has finally arrived in the UK (shouldn’t we have had it first btw??), bought Shell Pearl, Ever Hip and Perennial High Style (Ever Hip was already sold out in one store!) and 2 pearglide liners (Designer Purple and Industrial) and Just Add Colour lipglass from Prep For Colour.

    Very excited about this: Christine, do you know if this is true?

    Also excited about hiding chocolate eggs in the garden and watching my children find them on Sunday, and about having 3 days on my own (my husband is taking the children to his parents) next week, going to London for some retail therapy, and my birthday next week. Although less excited about turning a year older. :)

  71. Angela

    Just bought pearlglide in Blackline and also Viva Glam Gaga, both gorgeous and totally wearable daily.

  72. Eva

    Awwww, Mellan!!
    How is he doing, Christine? Everything okay, healthwise?

  73. I went a little crazy, err my haul: Porcelain Pink MSF, Refined MSF, 2 Lighscapades MSF, Northern Light MSF, 1N Lipstick, 4 Nars Blushes: Orgasm, Deepthroat, Desire and Luster, Ever Hip and Petals&Peacocks lipsticks, Almost Noir, Designer Purple and Undercurrent pearlglide eye liners and two pigments Antique Green and Spiritualize.

  74. Victoria

    Not much, Kiss my face lipgloss in Opal and clinque eyeshadow duo in strawberry fudge. Lovin the lipgloss so minty and BEAUIFUL!

  75. becki

    mellan is SO cute christine! my dog looks like he’s wearing cleopatra eyeliner, and i’m super jealous. πŸ˜‰
    my haul…i got maybelline sandstone shimmer, thanks to your review. i would have never even thought twice about buying a color like that based on the tube. this weekend, im going crazy, and getting kat von d’s sinner roller ball perfume, dark room OPI for sephora n/p, and a flowerbykenzo perfume for my mom for her bday. :)

  76. Ruth

    OMG Christine, he’s too cute for his own good, what a little snitch, telling his daddy !!!!!!!!!! He would have to receive kisses galore for that !!!!!!!!!

  77. Mia

    haul: nothing… yet :) haha going to da mall tomoro to pick up some pearlglides and a lipstain marker from the art supplies collection

    excited for: hanging out wit friends! haven’t done dat in da longest time :)

  78. Janette

    Ur dog pics are sooo cute!!!

    I b2m for mac twig l/s love it it was recommend to me at MAC Pro in LA after i wanted Laugh A Lot l/s from Spring Forecast Collection but Lustre finishes dont show up on my pigmented lips so they tried Twig on me and loved it with Soar l/l
    and Boldly Bare l/l

    and my biggest buy yet! Chanel Eyeglasses where the lenses are more expensive then the Brand Name Frames!!! I love them The lenses are anti glare, transition (turn into sunglasses in the sun) and scratch resistant. πŸ˜€

    Go to Lenscrafters they have half off their lenses any kind save some $$$ sale ends April 3rd!

    • LOL, I might have to check out Lenscrafters, could probably use some new glasses!

      • ice

        Hi Christine!

        wow Mellan is so adorable:) I just wanna hug him and pinch those cute ears! lol, I know it’s weird, but that’s how I usually show my love to my cat hahaha…

        I got the Dior Shimmer Powder in Amber Diamond and Rouge Coco lipstick in Legende last night and I’m so excited to try them out today:)

        I also got the MAC Graphic Garden in Graphic Garden Palette, Crosswire l/s and 242 brush the other day. I know it’s so late, but that’s how late the collections are here in Saudi in terms of release:(

  79. Casey

    Big week for me! I picked up:
    ~MAC “Rock Out” Lipgloss
    ~MAC Blooming Lovely l/s
    ~MAC Viva Glam Cyndi l/s
    ~YSL “Lingerie Pink” l/s
    ~Too Faced “Natural Eye” Palette
    ~NYX Smokey Eye Palette
    ~NYX “Harmonica” l/s
    ~NYX “Pandora” l/s
    ~NYX “Narcissus” l/s
    ~Viva La Juicy Perfume

  80. Brooke

    I had a great week! I finished and successfully defended my senior honors thesis…so now
    I graduate in a month with my bachelors in nursing!!! So excited but scared because…real life is about to begin…( :

    I got a few nice things this week that I love…I’m a mascara junkie and
    I caved and bought the YSL faux cils mascara…it is gorgeous!!! I also bought a few e/s pans in woodwinked, retrospect and I bought a gold pigment…did a
    nice neutral look with it!!!

    My adorable husband surprised me today with a sparkling clean house and lunch!!! What a sweetheart!!!

  81. mary

    lol shes so sweet =D

  82. Sammie

    Lol, I totally want to hug Mellan =)

    I am broke so my latest “haul” (if you can call it that) was from e.l.f- on the plus side of my brokeness; I discovered that the all over color stick in pink lemonade is pretty awesome. Rivals Riviera if you ask me =D

  83. Mellan is soo cute with his yellow bunny ears. I made my little brother do this -but with pink ears! =P

    6 MAC Pearlglides (1 in each color), Dirty Greasepaint Stick, Zinc Zone Greasepaint Stick, FREE gift set with a whole bunch of goodies (GWP), and another FREE Caudalie gift set with 3 products. Yay!! I love GWPs.. I was so lucky to have it put on hold because they were sold out by the time I came.

    Various Dylan’s Candy Bar Body creams and scrubs (all on sale) and Tokidoki Perfetto Liquid Liner in “Donutella.”

    P.S. I feel MAC crazy right now. Like there’s actually “Toooooo MUCH!” MAC is spilling out of my ears right now.. it’s like collection after collection all summer.. UGH. Everything is so tempting.

    • Haha, poor brother πŸ˜‰

      That’s so great that you got some GWPs!! Nice!

      Summer seems surprisingly lightweight, actually, which I’m sure sounds odd to you, but yeah πŸ˜›

      • Once you posted the “Roundup list” of the Summer 2010 MAC collections -I felt a lot less overwhelmed. I agree with you now. For the past few months it’s been MAC like 3-4 times a month! Now that I’ve written everything out (YES, I keep lists of days to go to MAC, Sephora, etc. LOL), I’m only going to be going to MAC for “launch purchases” once a month from now through July. Can’t wait for your updates on August.. I REALLY can’t wait to know the exact date of Fabulous Felines. Thanks for the Summer 2010 roundup!

  84. Luisafer

    Love your dog, so nice!!!

    I had great holly week!!! hope you are enjoying this month as well!!!