Friday, March 26th, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: I caved on Kate Somerville, because @katesomerville tweeted about a 30% discount code… and I couldn’t resist.Β  I picked up ExfoliKate (because my boyfriend steals mine!!!), Quench, and Thirst.

Excited for: massive, massive productivity!!Β  I have a whole bunch of things I want to get done this weekend (mostly for the blog), and I’m excited to get started!

Now… have at it!

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125 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #021

  1. Fancy

    Haul: I am super sleepy. This rain is driving me crazy. At 9:20 I am on cup of coffee number 2 and still half sleep. I need to wake up.

    Excited for: I will begin reading a book called, Why Men Love Bitches. I have heard many great things about this book and I am very excited to begin reading it.

  2. Well, so far what I hauled is Frankly Fresh l/g from MAC’s website, Bough Grey e/s from Bloomingdales’ website and Fashion Frenzy blush from a Specktra member.

  3. Lindsay V.

    Haul: Just some mac goodies I got this week!

    Excited: To go out this weekend and have some fun with my boyfriend!

  4. Tiffany

    I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Sephora: Tokidoki highlighter and lipgloss, NARS so famous set, BE buxom sailor girls set, Korres watermelon sunscreen stick, and Philosophy heavenly light pink illuminator!

    I don’t have much planned this weekend, but I’m excited to switch out my winter/summer clothes in anticipation of spring!

  5. Kelly

    I am limiting expenditures, but I did get backup bottles of my Loreal EverStrong Shampoo on sale at Walgreens. That stuff has seriously helped my chemically treated, fried tresses. I am excited to start a new school very soon. I am 2 years away from the degree I have always wanted. It took a long time to get to this point, it’s really amazing looking back at how far I’ve come. Halfway there… (:

    • Happy to hear your hair is getting some help with the EverStrong shampoo!

      YAY! I know how you feel… I am counting down the months (16!) myself!

      • Kelly

        Congrats! It’s always nice to get a pat on the back when you work so hard in school. I really beleive an education is also a beauty investment. Smart is always sexy!

  6. I am happy to report that I’ve been very good this week and only bought a few things on ebay. Didn’t go shopping to the shops at all and didn’t do any other online shopping either, so my hauls only include:

    Chantecaille Les Dauphins palette (at a very good price, thank to ebay)
    YSL Golden Gloss #20 Golden Macademia
    Chanel Glossimer #19 Blizzard
    Guerlain Midnight Secret recovery treatment
    Mac pigment in Tan (OJ)

    I also asked a lovely MUAer to CP me the new Guerlain Asia Exclusive Meteorites (#05 Pearly White), but I haven’t received it yet, so surely that doesn’t count? πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to Give me Liberty coming out next Thursday, but actually only want to get a couple of things (Ever Hip lipstick and Shell Pearl beauty powder). Easter Holidays are oming up soon, last school day is next Wednesday. Yay for no morning rush for 2 and a half weeks! :)

    • Nicely done, Anita!! :)

      Midnight Secret Recovery Treatment makes it sound so fancy!!

      • Well, that’s Guerlain for you, lol. :) It’s supposed to help your skin regenerate itself with very little sleep, and as a mum of 3 young children, I tend not to sleep enough, so rely on this instead of beauty sleep. I’m not sure if it actually works, but it feels and smells lovely, so I use it anyway. :)

    • Fancy

      Shell Pearl is amazing. OMG. . .I had it on yesterday and I totally love it.

  7. Akia

    I picked up MAC Velvet Teddy l/s through B2M and I bought a Chanel Glossimer in #138 Scintillantes… love them both! :-)

  8. aghh! I just purshased my second Kate Somerville moisturizer and had no idea about the 30% off!! Man o man. I am though getting a sample of her goat cream. I have no idea what its used for but I love kate products! By the way Christine, I hide my exfolikate from my older daughter! Ha ha. Other splurges this week have been on Mac e/s- black tied, fig 1, smut and amber lights. I never used fig 1 or amber lights so i don’t know what to pair them with? Suggestions? I have brown eyes if that matters. Thanks Christine! Happy Weekend : )

    • LOL!

      I was like, “OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Because not only did I find out he was using it… he was using SO MUCH. The stuff is precious!!

      Try Amber Lights in the inner lid, Fig 1 on the outer lid, and Smut in the crease.

      • LOL! Has he not learned anything from you?! Thank you for the e/s suggestion as I am anxious to play with my new colors. : )

  9. Andrea

    Haul: I bought Guerlain Tendre Aurore blush, MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Tempting e/s, and MUFE HD liquid Foundation (my HG). I also bought an Aveeno cleanser. The e/s is definitely going back though!!!

    Excited for: The workday to end!! Can’t wait for the weekend even though it’s going to be freezing! Have a birthday party tomorrow evening, which should be a blast!

  10. Diana

    I splurged on Nars Orgasm/Laguna duo and I love it.

  11. Emily

    So I made it a whole week and half without buying makeup…a big one for me. =) To celebrate, what did I do? Buy make-up of course! I’ve been itching to try Dior stuff for a while so I ordered, with a 10% off coupon (to make myself feel better), a Quint in Stylish Move and a duo in Cocktail Look. Hope I like ’em!

  12. daphne

    I think all I bought this week was some Maybelline (one of their new quads in…something mauve or other with a great green, and Color Sensational gloss in Sugared Honey, a nice MLBB), so that’s pretty good :) Oh, and the new EcoTools travel eye brush set. But nothing terribly expensive. Tonight I go home for Passover (6 hours away in PA) and the CCO near my parents’ house is astronomical, so I fully expend to haul myself silly.

    So I’m very excited for that! Delicious Jewish holiday food (my mom sent me a menu of what she’s planning and I’m hungry with anticipation) and CCO shopping and hopefully biking with my dad, if the boy and I can cram our bikes into his car. Also, today my friend/cubemate Yoora and I decided to get together to order delivery from the Burmese restaurant about 5 miles from the office. We got 12 colleagues in on it so I’m really, really excited to get delicious Burmese food and enjoy lunch with my coworkers, a rare treat!

    • Mmm, food, love it. What is on her menu, Daphne?

      • daphne

        Well, I’m happy to paste her list right here πŸ˜‰ (Mom learned to cook from her Tunisian-Jewish mother in law!)

        Matzo balls in white bean and spinach soup, hard boiled eggs
        Roast green beans and peppers with almonds
        Latkes with whatever toppings you prefer
        Some kind of artichoke dish
        For the carnivoress lamb leg
        beet salad
        Another salad
        dessert- flourless chocolate almond torte with chocolate glaze
        candied nuts

  13. mkdallas

    I went to NYC and hauled some Bergdorf Goodman exclusives: Edward Bess Pure Impulse lipstick & Soft Whisper lipgloss (both gorgeous peachy nudes worn together), Edward Bess Natural Attraction (LE, very pretty darker nude) lipstick and Desert Glow lipgloss (meh, not worth the $$ but the saleslady charmed me into it…easily dupe-able) and lastly, Ellis Faas Milky Lips #207, a lovely, very pigmented YLBB light terracotta nude. I loved all my haul but the Ellis Faas has crazy staying power and the 2 Edward Bess peachy nude shades are the bomb! I also did a drugstore haul with a Yes To Carrots 4-piece combo lip gloss/lip balm set discounted at Ulta to $9.98 and a dirt-cheap Rimmel smoky grey eyeshadow quad ($5) from Tar-jay that I wore last night. The Rimmel quad did a GREAT job at producing a lighter smoky eye; I am 52 with brown eyes and anything black looks too harsh on me.

  14. My MAC haul: Bi-Tone Mineralize Blush (as a gift from me to myself for all the hard work and the stress during the last semester, which officially ends today, yay!!), Quarry e/s, Sable e/s, Brun e/s, Handwritten e/s, Plumage e/s, an empty quad palette, and a #266 brush.

    Excited for, part 1: April 5 when I’ll be back from visiting my parents and get to see my Starbucks barista again, he’s so cute.
    Excited for, part 2: To see my brother again on Easter. Haven’t seen him since last September at his wedding.

    • Ohh, and excited for, part 3: April 6 when I will go to my MAC store and pick up the stuff from Art Supplies and Liberty of London that they hold back for me. (AS and LOL will launch on March 31 here.) It’s soo nice that they hold back for me and I already saw them putting together “my” bag of goodies. πŸ˜€

    • Congrats on the end of the semester, Chester πŸ˜€ Bet you are excited!

  15. Geebug

    Haul: Nothing to be too excited for, just bought some concealer and foundation from the MAC website.

    Excited for: Looking and feeling Gorgeous this weekend!

  16. Sally

    I got the Milani Liquif’eyes liner in Silver and a pink Covergirl blush for when I want a pinker look than my Benefit Sugarbomb.

    I’m just excited that its the weekend! No more work! Whoo-Hooo!

  17. Tanja

    MAC pink lemonade lipglass, my first MAC brush cleanser and penultimate eyeliner :)
    Excited for:
    A calm weekend! (after last weekend we had our housewarming party, next weekend easter, the weekend after that a wedding…)

  18. I haven’t bought any makeup at all this week! Last week I bought a paint pot in painterly to try and compare to urban decay primer, and so far it seems like my shadows fade a bit compared to the udpp. I was surprised cause so many people love the paint pots as a base!

  19. Alexis

    NOTHING – that’s just cuz I’m broke hahahaha!

    My super pricey spa treatments – Ginger/sugar body scrub and herbal wrap completely wiped out my funds. It was well worth it though – my arms never felt so smooth in my life!!

  20. Lynniekae

    Kept it cheap. Holding out for the Art collection next week. I got Maybelline’s Eyestudio quad (Irresistbly Ivy) and Milani’s Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows in Haute Couture.

  21. ann

    Hauled MAC Banshee eyeshadow and Chanel Rouge Coco “Mademoiselle” πŸ˜€

    Nothing planned for the weekend, just gonna be vegging in front of the TV :)

  22. Rita

    This week I got Perennial High Style l/g (love) and Blooming Lovely l/s (LOVE) from Liberty of London.
    Yesterday I also bought a Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium.

    Best thing this week: I’m on holiday now for nearly 2 weeks, yay!

  23. Jen

    I discovered that they are still selling the Love Lace stuff at Nordstrom, so I FINALLY caved and hauled all the shadows and the Sense of Style kohl liner… I’m much more of a neutral girl but I’m ready to try some color, and I think these are going to look nice! I can’t wait to try that awesome look you did with them Christine!

    I’m nervous and excited for the weekend, though… my parents are moving to Vancouver from over here on the east coast, and my boyfriend is moving in with me!

  24. i bought the Diorskin Nude Foundation. Its great, i love it.

    i think i will be the whole weekend sitting on my computer, because one month ago, i started to blog by myself on blogspot, but i want to migrate it to my own server with my own web-adress. and in a few minutes my boyfriend comes with some fast food.

  25. Diana G

    I saw the Kate Sommervillle Tweet and I caved too. Since I haven’t ever tried her line I bought the discovery kit. I am excited to try it.

  26. I’ve hauled a few things from several different lines. A blush and eyeshadow from Three Custom Color, a cute Tarte set w/makeup bag, waiting for my BeautyFix Spring box and picked up a few pieces from MAC Liberty of London. Hopign to get some nice weather this weekend so I can get outside!

    Excited for Dior Summer!

  27. Joanna

    I got a few new things during my Vegas vacation that I can’t get at home. Milani Liquif’eye in silver and black, and at the MAC store, Lip Erase, which is great.

    But the best thing that happened is my boyfriend proposed to me in Vegas and now we are engaged!!

  28. AnissaG

    Haul: MAC- Bough Grey, frankly fresh, Shell pearl, blooming lovely, snob and creme de’ nude lipstic. and a new purse!

    I’m excited for the Mariners and Rockies exibition game next friday!

  29. Carrie

    This week, I got Shell Pearl Beauty Powder (I wanted this badly!), Blooming Lovely Lipstick, and Preppy Lipgelee. They’re all so pretty. :)

  30. Sarah

    I bought the Milani Liquif-eye pencils in brown and black. I already had tons of liners in both colors, but I couldn’t resist with all of the excellent reviews! I am definitely not regretting my decision one bit!

    I’m looking forward to trivia tonight with the bf and his family, Motorcross tomorrow night with the same people, and hanging out on Sunday with my girlfriends. :) Also, as today was payday, I’m looking forward to squeezing in some shopping/makeup hauling in somewhere.

  31. This week I bought a few Sinful Colors nail polishes and ordered a Kitson faux leather jacket from Hautelook as well as R&R Immoral from Editor’s Closet. I also went to Sephora to buy Korres Ginger & Vitamins Foundation in LF2 because apparently doesn’t “offer exchanges.” T_T; I’m still waiting for them to process my return of LF4. Ooh, I also made my first Fyrinnae order (can’t wait ’till that ships!) and I went to Marukai to buy a new tube of my HG mascara, Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl, after getting a fake tube off Ebay, and I picked up some extra lash curler pads while I was there.

    I received the Visee palette I ordered last week and a swap package. Hoping to get two more swap packages by the beginning of next week.

    I’m excited because SO and I are going out to Anza Borrego with his family tomorrow to see the dessert in bloom! It’s supposed to be the best bloom in the last few years and we thought we had to go take a look before we graduate and leave for the Bay Area. Not so excited for school starting again next week, but hey – last quarter!! πŸ˜€

  32. Lia

    As usual, didn’t buy any yet this week – got my eye on some new shoes though. Got to work the budget a bit before I get them. Saving is my new middle name!

    Got a date tonight, will try to look my best even though it is going to be quite cold here! Yay for feeling pretty!

  33. Roxanne

    Haulage: Viva Glam Gaga and Stacked 2! pigment. I received the Stacked 1! as a gift (at least someone knows what classifies as a decent gift, LOL). All I need now is mixing medium. I don’t know how else to get them onto my lid (it falls right off my brush every time).

    Not excited for a lot of things: all work and no makeup makes Roxanne a dull girl.

  34. Silvia

    I got Lancome lip laquer in digital berry from a friend in NYC and it arrived in Munich today. want to wear it tomorrow evening! then I want to do some workout and maybe do some drafting for work…but we’ll see about that…am excited about what you will do for the blog christine!

  35. Diana

    I got the chantecialle dolphins palette and I really think it’s worth it! There are a lot of different combinations, the colors are super silky and the blush is so pretty… I also got the maybelline eye studio pot eyeliner, and I put a mark on my hand and it’s still [faintly] here after two days with washing! insane.

  36. Jennifer

    I bought Benefit Dallas blush, Benefit Badgal waterproof mascara and a Too Faced kabuki brush, I’m loving these products!

    I’m going to see one of my favorite bands in concert tomorrow! So I’m excited for that.

  37. Meesh

    Bought from Mac: Fix+ and Honey Flower
    From Sephora: Ole Henriksen face tonic

    Excited for: Spring break and my birthday!

  38. Angela

    I cashed on the Stila Barbie Smudgepot deal and received that yesterday. Still waiting on MAC Victorian lipstick! So excited!

  39. CeeBee

    Haul…I got a pay rise at work so I splurged and ordered THREE more Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks, plus I got MAC Well Dressed Blush which turned out to be a tad pale for me at the moment but I’m still fairly tanned from summer so I’m thinking it will be perfect for winter (I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, btw) and Mystical Mist eyeshadow, which is pretty close to my perfect purple.

    Looking forward to trying out a smoky eye with it and Guerlain Gardenia on my lips.

    Excited for… the triple chocolate chip cookies I baked last night, Easter next weekend then I have three day weekends until the end of May – work schmerk!

    • Congrats on the pay raise, CeeBee!! Which Rouge Gs did you order?

      Mmm… cookies…!

      • CeeBee

        Gardenia and Giulette (thanks to your reviews and swatches! Yay!) and Guerlinade, which looks like a nudey brown.

        I was just thinking about that Greengrease look you did a few days ago, went into the bathroom and did my best to replicate it! Didn’t turn out too bad, considering I don’t have hardly any MAC and had to make do with stuff from the dollar store, heh.

  40. Karina

    I was good this week. I only bought Hot Gossip l/s and Boy Bait cremesheen gloss. I gotta say I love the Hot Gossip lipstick.

    I am excited for my Spring Break since it just started =]

  41. Alabee

    Haul: omega eyeshadow for my brows, #239, #222, #266 MAC brushes, and a bare study paint pot.
    I am exhausted from helping some friends move, and loving the weather lately in Denver.

  42. Laudry

    Haul:I’ve been SO good, but I just freaked out this week & bought a bunch (well, 4) of Permanent MAC lipsticks I’d wanted for a long time. It’s hard not to keep getting seduced by the new collections as they come out instead of working on my pretty fair backlog of MAC Permanent things to get. Sigh. I got “Captive” – I love pinky-plums; “Snob” – works almost like a nude on me; “Taupe” – Why? Well, I SAID I freaked out (this one will be swapped); and a new “Amorous.”

    Excited About: Good week, but to be honest, I’m most excited about the Health Reform Bill passing. Which shows you how exciting my life is… But this weekend my husband and I finally have very little we HAVE to do, so we can do anything we want – together! YAY!

  43. evangelia

    i just hauled peachstock l/s, frankly fresh l/g, and summerfruit l/l. thank you christine, because you inspired this combo!

  44. I didn’t get anything but I did finally depot 3 of my eyeshadows.

    But for some reason, “Lala” became hard and went from decent pigmentation to barely any (was it the heat? Juxt and Straw Harvest were fine)! I’m so sad and I can’t return it because I don’t have the receipt anymore!!

    • Congrats on depotting!

      That is really weird… I know that heat can change things, but I’ve never had that happen. Have you tried scraping off the top layer or perhaps wetting it with rubbing alcohol? (Kind of the theory of “repressing it”.)

  45. Brooke

    Had a great week! Stopped into a MAC counter and picked up girl about town l/s, steppin out glimmer glass, and honey lust eyeshadow…then on Friday I got an eyeshadow quad with dazzling lights, chrome yellow, passionate, and vibrant grape…plus
    viva glam VI…very pretty! I had a great night out on the town with my girls
    and used all my new goodies…hooray for Saturday mornings off
    so I can sleep in!!! ( :

  46. Lisa


    man, you have the BEST make-up/beauty blog on the internet. HANDS DOWN.

    I did not know what to post this under- but i thought I would ask it here and hopefully you would see it!

    2 questions:

    * with summer just around the corner- i am in need of a good facial sunscreen. i know this is a monumental task as everyone i have had in the past — did not cut it!!! – do you think you could do a post about sunscreen ? and lets find the best one out there ! FOR ALL OF US !

    * also what are your thoughts on Moroccan Hair Oil and have you ever tried it? Or maybe other readers have. I’ve been curious about it, but since its $$$ I don’t want to spend the money, when a V05 hot oil can do exactly the same thing!


    Have a beautiful weekend

    • Thank you, Lisa!

      I’ll be doing lots of posts on sunscreens soon! :)

      I have a bottle of it, but I haven’t tried it, to be honest. I’m totally hair-stupid, lol!

  47. Cherie

    Haul: MAC’s Vex and Phloof! eyeshadow in pro pans. I need to pickup some eye cream today too (Clarins).

    Excited for: My Clarisonic came in this week and I’m in love!!! (Thank you Christine and the people at Clarisonic!!!) My mom is coming over today for lunch and I’m going to give her her Clarisonic :) It’s also my friends bday tonight and I’m going try a new smokey green look tonight!

  48. Q

    This week’s haul is a combo of retail and MUA purchases: MAC Redhead MSF, MAC Petticoat MSF, MAC Ever Hip l/s, BPAL Inez, BPAL Belle Γ‰poque, some random Sephora Palette to keep in my overnight bag, The She Space pigments and Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy (this stuff is amazing).

    I’m excited because having a job that gives me decent insurance frees up more money for *ahem* hauling. ^_^

    • Nice haul, Q! What’s your favorite BPAL scent?

      • Q

        Bakeneko, hands down. But it’s an LE from 2007 and I’m not sharing my stockpile. ^_^

        Currently available favs are Lyonesse, Morocco, Belle Γ‰poque and Haloes (available at retail locations only, but you’re not far from at least one of them).

        I love the ethics of the company, though, and wear BPAL almost exclusively.

  49. Mia

    nothing!! haha im holding off for the Art Supplies Collection to buy all the pearlglides which i LOVE!

    wat im excited for: HIGHSCHOOL!!! omg i got into my top choice for highschool and im sooo excited :) all my hard work finally paid off lol :)

  50. Janette

    After long search, I drove from San Diego to LA…. (OMG horrible traffic!!!!) to go get my MAC Bottle Green Eyeshadow that i couldnt get a MAC Pro store in Dallas

    I only got two things but its okay cuz the week before i did plenty of damage on my card >.<
    Mac Bottle Green e/s pan
    MAC Soar lipliner

  51. Lindsey

    ok so its a saturday haul for me.. but i got a new mac 15 color palatte.. with phloof!, carbon, silver ring, electric eel and chrome yellow!! sooo excited for these!!!
    but alas.. now i am bedridden with a horrible head cold :(

  52. Ally_D

    Haul: this week I got #210 for my fluidline and I’m waiting for an online order of #168, #239 and Viva Glam Cyndi. I also ordered a foundation brush from Louise Young Cosmetics which is supposed to be great so I can’t wait for that to arrive.

    Excited for: aside from waiting for my two online orders to arrive I am off work for 1 week. My and husband and I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary on Monday so we’re off out for dinner and then we plan to spend the rest of the week just relaxing and enjoying the spring weather. Apart from the final assignment for my business studies course that I have to complete that is.