Friday, March 19th, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: NOTHING!  WOOOOO!  I can’t recollect anything beauty-wise, so I’m going to run with it and celebrate buying nothing!

Excited for: a weekend where I don’t (technically) have anything major due or need to study for.  FINALLY!  It’s freakin’ BEAUTIFUL here in California–today is supposed to be near 80 degrees.  It was gorgeous yesterday, ahh!!

Now… have at it!

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138 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #020

  1. Haul: A second Gaga Viva Glam lipstick (I’m hoarding, don’t judge me!), a Cyndi Viva Glam lipstick, brush cleaner and Antiqued e/s (which is on backorder for two weeks… sad face).

    Excited for: A weekend with my friends!

  2. Lynniekae

    Nothing for me!! I am still recovering from last Friday’s haul. Unfortunately, I have to return some of the colors from the Liberty collection and one Too Fabulous gloss.

    I can’t wait to see everyone else’s~

  3. Sarah

    Haul: Duck eyeliner from MAC and Bare Minerals mauve trio (lipstick, lipgloss, and lipliner)
    My new makeup addiction is lipliner…I always thought it was strange, but now that I’ve tried it, I think that if its done right its fabuloussss!
    I’m ready for a weekend to catch up on some sleep and hangout with a few friends

  4. Brittany

    I bought Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. II and it finally arrived yesterday!! Very excited.

    I’m jealous that it’s 80 degrees over there! In Colorado, it’s been a beautiful 65 the past few days, and today there’s already like 5 inches of snow! AHH!

  5. beth

    this is last weeks haul but i didn’t get a chance to post!

    i went to a sephora store opening and then went on a spring break trip to london and here are the (makeup related) damages:
    -laura mercier truly red lipstick
    -urban decay diamond dog stardust shadow
    -sephora eyeshadow brush
    -sephora 500 point tarte set!

    -sleek idivine storm palette
    -sleek idivine original palette
    -sleek denim ink pot
    -sleek liquid lipstick
    -barry m dazzle dust in oyster grey
    -superdrug body butters
    -eyeko false eyelashes
    -nivea lipbalms

    the clothing/jewelry damages were kind of even more ridiculous…lol.

    tonights my friends birthday and we are going out to celebrate, and yesterday while i was walking down the street, a cute boy stopped me to ask me to donate to a charity, and while i declined donating, we exchanged phone numbers, so we’ll see where that goes.

  6. Alexis

    I think next week’s goal is to say that I bought nothing as well! It does seem like a liberating statement.

    I have went overboard with Liberty of London purchases from the Target line. Then I bought Prim/Proper blush and Blue India nail polish from the Liberty/MAC line. I also bought a very cute (my first) anorak from H&M during their $15 off jacket sale so how could I resist? I will be going to an ultra fancy spa tomorrow and I will have my very first scrub/wrap treatment. This is for my friend’s birthday celebration weekend. I am hoping I will be waaaay too relax to cry afterward when I realize I am DEAD broke until next pay day!

  7. DonnaN

    I had to go back to MAC and get makeup wipes (cause I’m almost out of Soap & Glory and my Target did not have any in stock….) and picked up Give Me Liberty of London e/s, which I am on the fence about….this may go back….I’m kinda on a haul-diet, at least until Art Supplies comes out.

    • I have heard some awesome things about the lip stain markers from Art Supplies! What are you looking forward to?

      • DonnaN

        I wasn’t going to do the LipStains at first, but then I saw the pics and was hooked….I am trying not to go overboard, so we’ll see how I do….

  8. starr

    haul: from give me liberty of London:
    Blooming Lovely Lipstick, Petals and peacocks lipstick, english accents lipglass and perennial high style lipglass (the packaging is so gorgeous! I got really excited for it when i saw the swatches)
    mac angel lipstick and a kat von d lipstick.

    life: sad :( i lost a whole bag of purchases(not the ones above) at the mall and we couldnt find it. to make myself feel better i looked at upcoming mac collections and am so excited for to the beach!! ..yeah im going to be so broke

  9. Rachel

    Haul: I got a Liz earle package in the post today! Yipee!

    Excited about tomorrow! Going for a back massage and facial! Yah!

  10. Still no beauty haul for me – 2 more weeks of lent! Almost broke it when I went to MAC Pro in NY for the first time Tuesday (bf and I took a day trip) – but they were out of the things I wanted and I didn’t feel compelled to buy the non-pro products due to the higher taxes…

    BUT I did walk away with quite a bit of other stuff.
    – Boyfriend surprised me with a Tiffany & Co Key necklace! After I had gotten 2 imitation ones from Chinatown. LOL :)
    – Imitation Chanel sunglasses
    – Couple of things from PacSun and Old Navy
    – and I finally got my LV Speedy 30!

    Excited for: The end of the day.. I definitely need to catch up on sleep!

  11. No big hauls this week (I’m hoping that April will be pretty mellow for me in that department too). I picked up a couple items that I’m going to be giving away in my next YouTube video though :)

    I too am excited about the weather this weekend. I live about an hour south of Seattle, WA and it was lovely here yesterday, supposed to be nicer today so I think I’m giving a big thumbs down to work today and playing outside! (It’s still cold though. Sunny? Yes. Warm? NOOO!)

  12. Melissa

    it was my birthday saturday so as a gift:

    mac 109 brush (love it very multi purpose)
    mac e/s birds & berries
    mac lipstick Blooming Lovely
    MUFE e/s #92 (best purple ever!!)
    stila water proof eyeliner (seriously makes easy to apply & easy to make a thin line)

    then tomorrow I’m going shopping again. cough. cough. im a girl leave me alone. hahaha

    Christine your blog is the best beauty blog!
    helps me out soo much! b/c we get to decide if we need to save or skip out on something!
    Thank you! <3

  13. Andrea

    NOTHING!! Im saving until April 3rd, then I’m going to the CCO.

  14. karen

    I put myself on a ban to save for my vacation next month (going to NYC and fully intend to visit MAC and Sephora), but I got Sally Hansen’s Commander in Chic nail polish. I had been looking for it for awhile so I don’t consider my ban broken, still looking for Gray by Gray nail polish and then I’ll be finished for awhile.

  15. Sarah

    Haul: I bought Prim and Proper blush and Shell Pearl beauty powder, but I returned the beauty powder. I felt like it didn’t show up on me enough to warrant the 25 bucks. I’m NC35. Is anybody else experiecing the same problem? I exchanged it for Trace Gold blush, which I’m really loving. I was torn between Trace Gold and Margin, so I think I’ll eventually pick that up too… I also got a new UDPP XL from Ulta simply so I could get two free 24/7 liners. (I think that promotion is over though.) I bought Revlon ColorBurst l/s in Soft Nude… I’m not loving that at the moment, but I’ll make it work with some gloss. Oh yeah, I also got Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara, 50% off at Walgreens. Yikes.. Listing this stuff out makes me feel guilty!

    Excited for: The art market on Saturday with my boyfriend :)

  16. Joanna

    Haul: A Different Groove Lipglass; Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Cream; Forgery Eyeshadow

    Excited for: My boyfriend and I are going to Las Vegas on Sunday and I’m sooo excited!

  17. Lulee

    Let’s see… I got the legally bronze set from sephora, urban decay glitter liner in spandex ( which I’m adoring despite the fact that glitter liners seem childish, they are actually really amazing, sugarbomb by benefit, and birds and berries e/s. I also got select moisture cover concealer because select cover up would crease on me wayyyy too much. Bur after the Mua tried it on me in store I looked in the mirror 2 minutes later and it was already creased!!!! Ugh that will be going back too! I really need a concealer that won’t crease!

    Anyway I was wondering if Christine or anyone has tried out the stuff from tarina Tarantino and if there would be a review on it. She has this primer out and it was amaaaaazing when i tried it at the store yday… It’s got this ever so subtle glow about it. Annnnnnyway yeah I was wondering If anyone has tried it out and what they think… I really want it. Sephora really needs to hve a f&f sale sometime soon cuz I’ve been eyeing a lot of stuff!

    • I have only tried out a little bit so far, but not long enough to review yet… will review it soon, though.

      Sephora’s F&F sale only happens once a year as far as I know :(

  18. Amber

    This week I hauled from transdesign and bought these:
    Essie Midnight Cami
    Orly Opal Hope
    Orly Gumdrop
    OPI Pearl of Wisdom
    OPI Princesses Rule! and 3 more OPI’s but i can’t remember the names right now o_O!

  19. Sally

    Haul: Perennial High Style l/g, e/s in Smut, Cork, Mythology, and Trax, l/s in Syrup, p/g in Posh it Up, and 1 15x pan pallette.

    Weekend: Going to my boss’s wedding in Miami. Yay for South Beach!

  20. Claudia

    I just came back from Target on my lunch break. I bought wayyyy too much Liberty of London Home Decor stuff and their wallet. Good, cos mine is empty!

  21. Cherie

    Yeahhh Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! :)

    Week in review (all first time purchases from these brands):
    – Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy lipstick
    – Urban Decay’s Cherry eyeshadow
    – Make Up For Ever’s liquid HD foundation (Looooove this)
    – Hot pink slim makeup bag

    Now I’ve been eyeling MAC’s Phloof (is this similar to Cherry?) and Star Violet or Sumtuous Olive… Which ones should I get???

    I also need a good black felt-tip liquid eyeliner – suggestions???

    Going for sushi and a movie tonight with the bf and friends. Hopefully the rest will be chill and I can take time to relax/sleep.

    Have a good weekend everyone :) Can’t wait for it to be officially SPRING!!!

    • Fridays are the best, aren’t they?

      Sumptuous Olive 😀

      I like MAC’s Penultimate (I think it was limited, so I have no idea if it’s still in stores) and Smashbox’s!

      So glad it’s finally spring!

  22. Janette

    Finally visited MAC and got my goodies:
    Sable e/s
    Naked Lunch e/s
    Twinks e/s but they were out of stock :(
    Mouth off L/L From Too Fabulous
    Trimmed in Pink L/L
    Back 2 Mac fro Boy Bait c/s
    Cyndi Viva Glam (finally a suitable red for me! Any other reds for a NC35?)
    Dirty Plum blush (beautiful!)
    and… the Give me Liberty Makeup bag large one 😀
    Finally got the 131 brush after searching nation wide! Called Gone but not Forgotten line and it came in LOVE IT!

    Im home for pre deployment leave so will do more hauling at Pro store for some Pro eyesadows this weekend cant wait >.<

    • Have a blast at the PRO store, Janette! 😉

      • Janette

        So to continue my haul from this weekend..

        Pro stores are LOVE!

        So sad to go and learn that Bottle Green is being discontinued! I couldn’t get it anymore and EVERYWHERE Lucky green e/s is sold out!

        I bought another 15 pan palette for my pressed pigments
        Twinks e/s
        Bio Green e/s
        Indian Ink e/s
        Electric Eel e/s
        Gorgeous Gold e/s
        and Paradisco e/s
        really really wanted the brush roll but need to save money maybe next month :)

        • Whew!! Awesome haul!

          OMG, Bottle Green is discontinued? SAY WHAT? I LOVE. WHYY!

        • Oooh, were you trying to buy it in a pot? I know they discontinued a bunch of PRO only colors in pots but they’re still available in pans!

          • Janette

            No I went to MAC Pro in Dallas i Couldnt even buy it in the pot I wanted it in pan form they said that as soon as they get a list they pull everything off and they send it back, I was so sad i been looking at this color online to buy for 2 months now till i visited the store and was a no :(

  23. MakeupGalore--Abbie

    Eyeshadow-Dazzlelight,Saddle, Expensive Pink
    Paint Pot-Bare Study
    Lip liner-Trimmed in Pink
    Gloss-Loud & Lovely

    A pair of Jessica Simpson Sandals LOVE THEM!!!!

    Last but not least a sweater for my husband.

    I live outside of Denver(the foothills elevation 6900)and most of the snow had melted but Colorado weather being what it is. after 2 days of 69 degree weather it is now 20 degrees with tons of snow..My dogs love it..May be we’ll make a snowman and later have some hot choc. I’m not gonna complain for me it is “surreal”. It’ very peaceful up here.. Have a great weekend.

  24. Vanessa

    I got three MUFE eyeshadows: 92, 311 & 148! Plus the free empty palette! Stopped by Ulta to also get a new eyelash curler and OPI’s Jade is the New Black.. Love it! I’m also looking forward to this beautiful California weather we’ve been having lately! ; ]

  25. Beenz

    I almost went two weeks without buying a thing, but I caved on a lunch break run to Walgreens. Got the Rimmel nail polish in Marine Blue. Half off :)

  26. Ashley

    Haul: I just purchased two lipsticks: Rimmel Alarm and Revlon Really Red. I guess I should have bought neutrals instead, as these are my FIRST lippies! But the colours were too gorgeous to pass up. Alarm doesn’t look as red as Really Red does though; in comparison, Alarm looks like a deep reddish pink. Bought two new lip balms (Nivea SOS, which has almost completely gotten rid of my chronic dry lips in a day alone, and one from Polysporin with SPF in it), hand sanitizer, a few shower accessories, and a new Ecotools brush that I can see myself falling in love with!

    Excited for: Well, I am partially excited about tonight’s gym excursion, as I am hoping my gym crush shows up! Haven’t seen him at the gym since Monday :( I also spotted another cutie at the gym, he even held the door open for me even though I’d already gone past it! I’m also very excited for tonight’s new Caprica episode – what can I say, I’m a nerd at heart. Lastly, I’m excited over the possibility of going shopping tomorrow for new shoes. I’m transitioning from high school (despite not having been in high school for about a year now) to university, and need to replace my very teenage shoes that I no longer feel reflect my personality or my personal style. Perhaps some low heels? Never worn heels before!

  27. Carrie

    I got Lishious Pro Longwear Lustre and Naked Liner & In Synch lip pencils from MAC. My MAC counter still hasn’t received the Liberty of London collection. I was told they’d be getting it in yesterday, so for the 2nd time, I went there (in the rain) and they still didn’t have it in stock. Now they’re saying Tuesday. There’s no way I’m making a 3rd trip. I’m tired of going there when they tell me it’ll be in, only to be told something different when I show up. I just ordered the things I wanted online instead. It’s only a matter of time before they’re all sold out.

  28. Aisha

    I was so good this week. I didn’t buy one thing! I’m trying not to buy anymore makeup until April. I will be going to my first CCO, the one in Seattle (hopefully I’ll find some of those pieces I’ve been wanting!), and then the following weekend I am hitting up the IMATS in Vancouver, so Lord knows I’ll be doing my share of spending then. NARS has a booth at the IMATS, so I can already imagine how much I’ll be spending there…I hope they have a reasonable discount! I’m also going to Vegas for the first time with all my girlies at the end of May, which equals more spending *sigh* If only funds were unlimited…

  29. I got my BOS Vol. II in yesterday so I was super excited about that! And I got a couple of things from the Liberty collection: The Shell Pearl Beauty Powder and Ever Hip lipstick! Love them both!!!!

    I am excited for the weekend! I stay ready for the weekends! :)

  30. Diana

    I went to CCO and picked up Bare Necessity and Baby Sparks dazzleglass. The weather has been great out here in NY also we reached 68 degrees out here today and thats nice for out here. Enjoy your weekend everybody.

  31. nicci

    I am looking for a good mask so I will hopefully find a good one this weekend. From my research so far there are a few really good ones!

    It is sunny here too in Seattle, it is actually warm as well…supposed to carry out into the weekend too.

  32. I bought a couple of Guerlain Kiss Kiss glosses (Rose Sunset and Rose Tentation) as they were missing from my collection, also got Kiss Kiss Strass lipstick #360 Rose Pearl, a Lancome Rouge Absolue and a L’Absolue Creme de Brilliance, a Clarins Jolie Rouge Brilliant lipstick (can you tell I’m in a lipstick/lipgloss phase?). I also got the new Stila Jewel eyeshadow quad and Jewel lipgloss trio (wow!), 2 Urban Decay Stardust eyeshadows (light and dark purple), UD 24/7 in Binge, Crash and Lust, UDPP in Sin, and Dior Dentelle powder in peach.

    On eBay I found two LE Mac palettes (Manish Arora and Dresscamp!), but still waiting for them to arrive, plus finally got around to buying the Cabana Coral palette by Bobbi Brown. Oh and 3 Guerlain 4 Eclats blushes (testers). That’s about it, I think. :)

    I’m looking forward to a lie in at the weekend, am very tired as I was woken up at 5.50 am by my 3-year-old. Yawn! Planning on taking my eldest daughter to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D.

    • Nice! Rose Tentation is so pretty 😀

      Anita, you’re always a girl after my own heart…

      P.S. – I owe you an email & did receive your look (which is gorg!).

  33. Jennifer

    This week I bought my first MAC paintpot in painterly and I bought two eyeshadows: the Give me Liberty of London one (but I think I may return it because I didn’t like it once I tried it on) and I bought Lucky Green e/s after seeing a look you posted with it using the other Liberty of London products and I love it, it’s soooo pretty!!

    this weekend I’m going to be studying and filling out my FAFSA haha…oh and spending time with some friends before they head back to school cause spring break is almost over :(

  34. sonia

    Nothing this week…yay!

  35. Megan

    Not alot…MAC e/s in Handwritten and Love Lace. Thats all. I dont have much going on this weekend. But I do need to study:(

  36. Arianna

    Haul: The Urban Decay Hall of Fame set(love it!) and also Philosophy Cinnamon Hot Dots body wash from Sephora(which I decided to order because they had a promotion where you could get a sample size of Benefit’s Benetint along with their other 3 free samples).

    Excited for: Well…it’s the weekend! Possibilities are somewhat endless!

  37. Brittany

    I forgot you live in CA right? i thought you lived in NY for some reason.. here in Sac is gorgeous!!!!!!! its like 77 I am so excited.

    I have a bbq this weekend, going to play bingo with my mom tonight to spend time with her:]

    and study!!!

    No beauty hauls.. i never buy makeup=\ but with my tax money i may buy a few lip glosses/sticks :)

  38. Kathryn

    Christine, I think it is wonderful that you encourage interaction with your readers and take the time to respond to people. It makes me want to keep reading your blog :) I normally don’t ever leave comments on blogs, but on yours I feel compelled! Thank you :)

    I got a Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in #56 Teheran the other day and the color is a lovely bright coral. I grabbed the same color (Teheran)unknowingly on two differnt occassions and swatched it on my hand because it attracted me. When I found out it was named after my boyfriend’s hometown in Iran (albiet with an extra “e”) I felt I was meant to have it, even though it burned a $38 hole in my wallet!

    Also excited that this semester is almost over because I will have my English degree :)

    • I am happy to hear you feel compelled, LOL! 😀

      Is Teheran really lovely? I am so tempted by it but gah! love to see things in person first.

      Ohh, I bet you are excited to finish! I have like… 16 months to go, but it’s starting to feel like the end is in sight!

    • lulee

      omg! ive been eyeing teheran solely because im iranian. where did you buy it? i thought it was only available online? do you think it would be suitable for a girl version of your bf (aka an iranian girl?)

  39. Andrea

    I bought Benefit’s Sugarbomb this week. LOVE LOVE it!!!!

    Super happy the weekend is here, planning on doing nothing!

  40. lindz

    I bought Bare Escentuals Sailor Girls lip glosses off QVC about an hour ago and am tempted to buy the Canary Diamonds collection. So pretty!

    Unfortunately, I have a cold! Boo! Trying to sleep it off because it is 70 degrees in Boston!!!!

  41. Marissa B

    I had errands at the mall yesterday and thought I’d check at the MAC counter for Shell Pearl on the off chance they had it still, ha, ha. I was expecting to be out of luck as I have been online… Oh happy day, I got the last one and can’t wait to try it out this weekend!!

  42. Rosie

    I bought four candy glitter liners from NYX and used two last night :). I also bought a nude lipliner. My favorite part was getting my eyebrows waxed which I hadn’t done in forever. I maintained them through plucking but once in a while it’s nice to have someone do them :).

    The best thing that’s happened is getting hugs from the kindergarteners I’m student teaching with and getting told I’m their best friend. Also, my master teacher said I had a really good first week, so that made me happy :).

    • How are you liking the NYX glitter liners?

      • Rosie

        I like them quite a bit. There’s only one color that I got that isn’t as pigmented as I’d like out of the 6 I have. The brush is really flimsy and hairs fall out on some but the glitter itself is well and easy to use.

  43. Alabee

    Haul: oh my…too much! I feel like I should preface this by saying I just had a baby 3 months ago and I’ve just reached that comfortable point when I can have a tiny bit of me time in the mornings to pamper myself. Also! I didn’t wear makeup my entire pregnancy, and for the past couple of years subsisted on cheap stuff… So I have been treating myself these past couple of weeks. :3
    MAC palette with shroom, kid, da bling, and saddle for a gorgeous everyday look.
    Chanel rouge coco lipstick in organdi rose that is amazing gorgeous, incredible, etc. I’ve never worn lipstick in my life, and have always been oddly intimidated by it, but I am loving this one too much. Love!
    MAC black fluidline-i’ve always wanted to try it. I always used cheap black eyeshadow with water (for 6 years, ew), and I am impressed so far.
    MAC mineralize blush in buddy up. Lovely!
    Laura mercier tinted moisturizer- I thought I wanted a foundation just to even out my skintone and get some glow, but the sales lady at nordstroms pointed me to this stuff instead and sent me home with a sample. This is some pretty pricy stuff, but my skin has never looked this nice. Well worth it.
    Givenchy Phenomen’eyes mascara- I adore this stuff so far. I have miniscule eyeslashes and this wand covers all of them perfecttly. Best mascara I’ve found yet.
    I think that’s it. I just gushed all over your blog, ha.
    Other things: I am just generally very pleased with life right now. My daughter is adorable and amazes me every day with her rapid growth and sunny personality. My husband continues to impress me with his kindness and caring. It snowed a ton today (I love snow!), and I’m going to go out on Sunday to get four (I’m trying for just 4…) MAC brushes. After that, no more splurges for a while…

  44. Haul: MAC Prep & Prime, Urban Decay Ozone Lip Liner, Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake, Kat Von D True Romance Pallete, Korres Lip Saver Roll,
    Chanel Mystic Eyes Les 4 Ombres, L’Occitane Hand Cream, and some Victoria Secret goodies.

    On an update on my Clarisonic I purchased last week. I am utterly in love with it. My complexion has gotten so much more clear and breakouts have reduced to almost 0. Your overview on the product was very informative and helped me make my decision to make my purchase. Thank you Christine :).

  45. cmferrets

    christine can u please do a review on maybellines new LE spring 2010 makeup line? thanx!
    i got one of their e/s duo in just peachy .and i love it .
    im stil wondering about their other e/s duos and their blushes and their shadesticks- which totally remind me of mac sugarsweet shadesticks.swatches would be awesome!

  46. A little late here, but this week, I bought:
    Visee Glam Hunt Eyes Palette in G-6 (from, should be here soon?)
    MAC Impassioned Amplified lipstick
    Milani Holographic Nail polishes in Hi-Res and Digital

    and not beauty-related, but I also ordered a People’s Liberation faux-leather biker jacket this morning. I’m also looking forward to receiving three more Shu Uemura Glow On blushes in swap soon.

    This week I got in the mail:
    Korres Ginger & Vitamins Foundation LF4 (unfortunately too dark =/)
    Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl mascara from ebay, which turned out to be a fake.

    I got a refund for the mascara, but I’m annoyed because it’s my HG so I’m out of mascara until I can get to my local Marukai to pick up another one. And I came down with a sinus infection right before my last final exam so I’m feeling pretty crappy. =/

  47. lovesmakeup

    I picked up Birds and Berries, Bough Grey, Dames Desire, Shell Pearl, Prim and Proper, Fresh Salmon, Gold Dust, and both quads from SCF. Pretty good week for me overall. Loving all the new goodies that I have to play with! :)

  48. Rita

    I got Ripe Peach Ombre blush, Cha Cha l/g, Colour Me Coral l/s, Perky e/s, Hot Hot Hot e/s, and Lavender Wind l/s as I planned for. Then later I got also Rose Maiden l/s and Vintage Grape Ombre Blush, and Radicchio l/s as B2M.
    Then I went to Inglot and got 2 pigments, 70 and 85, and a (jumbo) lip pencil (11).
    We have almost 37 F! The snow is melting.

  49. Nicole

    I spent lots of money on makeup last Saturday including MAC 190 brush, MAC Face and Body foundation, MAC Prep and Prime Transparent whatever powder, MAC Viva Glam Gaga and the OPI DeLites to Darks mini nail polishes.

    I also bought a new purse and two wallets by Picard, exact the products I wanted for so long.

  50. Brandi

    Haul: I picked up quite a few things this week. From Mac I got shell pearl beauty powder, frankly fresh lipgloss, and blue india nailpolish. I also picked up the mineralized blushes in two virtues and rhapsody in two (both are so beautful), and two permanent eye shadows in ricepaper and retrospeck (the only two eyeshadows I think I have ever completely used up).
    From Sephora I got Viva La Juicy roll on perfume, purity made simple, bubblegum blow out from philosophy, clinique loose powder, stila hydrating primer, stila kajal eyliners in onyx and tiger’s eye, and the stila cheek duo in pink glow (so in love with this!).
    I also picked up revlon photofinish foundation, but I don’t think I like it as much as Colorstay. I also got the maybelline eyestudio quad in give me gold (because of your review!), which is really beautiful.

    The thing that I was most excited about this week was that I finally got my hands on the Up, Up, and Away collection from China Glaze! I picked up Four Leaf Clover, Flyin’ High, Grape Pop, Something Sweet, Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz, Heli-Yum, Sugar High, and Light as Air. Lucky for me they were buy 2 get 1 free! I also picked up 2 more polishes from OPI: Suzi says Feng Shui and Off With Her Red.Pretty big haul…but it was my spring break and I am trying to do project 10 pan now, so I had to go on one last beauty binge!

    Life: This weekend I will be outlining for Property and Contracts and just trying to get some reading done for this next week. I also have to prepare for oral arguments…not exciting at all. Law school takes over my life yet again!

  51. Jaqueline

    Well this week I bought :-

    Mac Lipstick Viva Glam Cyndi
    Mac Naked lipliner
    Spring Forecast Quad 4


  52. CeeBee

    I didn’t buy anything this week. But I did introduce my mother to Strawberrynet and she went a little bit crazy…

    I ordered another bottle of Ralph Lauren Polo Double black for my fiance (but he’s paying for it, so it doesn’t count ;-P)

    • Haha!! What did she grab?

      • CeeBee

        A bunch of Elizabeth Arden loot – a few weeks ago I ordered a makeup set of 12 eyeshadows, two blushes, a shimmer powder, 2 eye pencils, 2 really pretty lip pencils, 4 tiny little glosses and 3 lipsticks (including the PINKEST lipstick ever) and I showed it all to her and she loved it all so much she decided not to borrow it off me, but that she’d like to have it all for herself – so we went into the office, went on-line and got it for her. Plus some other bits and pieces for her sisters and some Stella perfume.
        She was SO excited (“and you just click those buttons type this in and then they deliver it to your HOUSE?!”), yes Mum, welcome to the world on on-line shopping.

        I may have created a monster ;-P

  53. Roxanne

    Haul: Wet n Wild nail polish in Tickled Pink and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in black. I’m so glad I rebought this mascara. I was using define a lash and it’s just terrible. Great Lash is my all time favourite mascara!! The nail polish is OK, but it’s really streaky. Also, I have tiny nails since I bite them when I’m playing guitar. It was kind of an impulse purchase, but it was only 2 bucks so that’s okay, lol!

    This weekend I’m not excited for much. Going to my boyfriend’s friend’s house tonight to play God of War 3, but spending the rest of the weekend studying for my chemistry midterm on monday! I guess I’m excited to get my physics midterm marks back this week because this is the last physics course I have to take for the rest of my university career! Yay!

  54. LynnieKae

    Today: Returned the Liberty of London pieces that didn’t work, and picked up Springshine and a lipliner called Hodgepodge.

  55. Jam

    Urrrrrgh I llive in Dubai and everything comes out SO MUCH LATER here !!!!
    Love your blog alllllllllways checking it here before buying any collection !

    Thanks so Much !