Friday, March 12th, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

MAC Liberty of London stuff — Give Me Liberty of London eyeshadow, A Different Groove & Perennial High Style lipglasses, and Peachstock lipstick.

I have two finals and a midterm on Monday/Tuesday, so my weekend is spoken for by textbooks :(

Oh, and Vote for Mellan! LOL πŸ˜€

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Now… have at it!

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197 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #019

  1. Nene

    Ever Hip l/s from Give me Liberty. Just loved it when I saw you swatches and looks.

  2. I was so good. Only Bough Grey eyeshadow and Frankly Fresh lipglass. ^_^

    My weekend is going to be redesigning my website. Good luck with your midterms/finals, I know you’ll do fabulous!

  3. liana

    I also did a haul on liberty of london stuff. I got birds & berries e/s, dames desire e/s, prim & proper blush, Ever hip l/s and Peachstock l/s.
    Good luck on your exams christine!

  4. jasmine

    true story: i pre ordered a med sized bag from the new collection and bird and berries eyeshadow. when i got to the store, the girl had the nerve to tell me that they didnt leave out a med sized bag for me. i let them my credit card info and everything. i settled for a small bag because it really is only a bag. i got pan shadow of
    -contrast,chrome yellow,expensive pink,juxt. i am working out and reading this weekend, and that’s it!

    have a good weekend everyone!!

    • That sucks about the bag :(

    • Saki

      Yea, my MAC counter did that with me and a Ripe Peach Ombre blush. I was PISSED.

      I called, they said they’d save me one, and when I got there 1.5 hours later, not only was the girl no longer there, but they couldn’t find my blush! And when they called the manager she said “I sold the last one already…” THE NERVE!

      • Oh tell me about it I know the pain! It was a week before the Spring Color Forecast collection was out and they had the items out ready to pre order. I asked this lady to put Kumquat l/g and Gold Dust l/g on hold for me and she said she would. When I called next week to see if they were on hold the lady checked and nothing on my name was not on hold and I was REALLY PISSED! Sadly I forgot the chicks name who was suppose to put my l/g’s on hold cause if I knew her name I was going to tell her butt off to the manager. Oh well I was still able to get my l/g’s though.

        For my haul of the week I got Shell Pearl beauty powder (I was having a hard time if I should get Shell Peal or Prim & Proper blush but the blush reminded me a lot of Benefit’s Dallas blush and it didn’t look well on me), I also got Clinique’s All About Eyes, MAC’s brush cleanser, and Thayers Lavender toner.

  5. I went to Ulta, and got a few things from the MAC Give Me Liberty in London.
    I plan to go to the movies tonight with the fiance to see Our Family Wedding (it will probably be like our wedding will be…lol). Other than that it will be a rainy weekend so I plan to chill. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

  6. shelby

    I bought Shell Pearl beauty powder, Bough Gray, and Blooming Lovely and Peacocks and Petals.

    I will be at work all weekend, finishing up a paper Sunday and all next week is my Spring Break :)

  7. Make_up_maven

    MAC Liberty: Bough Grey ES, the Teal one too, I forget the name, both Beauty Powders, and Ever Hip lipstick. I also hauled two estee lauder eyeshadows, and Estee Lauder Lipliner and 3 green MUFE eyeliners. Other than that, I’m so depressed today that jumping from a bridge is sounding appealing :(

  8. Karen

    Ever hip l/s and the Blue India nail polish.

    So stressed… My dissertation is due to my committee on Wed, I’m trying to get a paper accepted, and I’m looking for a job! Trying not to act out by going shopping this weekend. I really want to try the new le Metier de beaute Magic Lustre Cream. Umm, ‘magic’ in the name? I’m sold.

    At least I’ve got this site to calm me down! Thanks Christine!

  9. daphne

    Um, I hauled a LOT this week :)

    I was in NYC so I made a beeline for Bergdorf Goodman to check out brands I’ve never seen in person and play with a well-stocked display of high-end brands (the Chanel counters at the malls around here are awful). I got Le Metier de Beaute Papaya Creme lipgloss! <3 And Chanel Rouge Coco in Gardenia. Sadly the Rouge Coco is a little drying on my lips – I love it as it is and want to wear it w/o gloss but it doesn't do me any favors.

    Then I went to Cosmetics Market, a discount store, and stocked up on TONS of Stila stuff. I should have gotten more, too, but after almost $70 at BG I was trying to be reasonable. Got a shadow, a blush, a convertible color, a lipstick, a "long-wear lipcolor," mascara, cream shadow…tinted moisturizer…I don't even remember. A lot, for just $45 :) The store had a number of other brands but the selection and prices of the Stila stuff was the most impressive. I can't wait till I have another trip to NY and can haul there again!

    I also bought Contrast and Retrospeck eyeshadows, and the Sigma SS129 and SS165 brushes from LiveJournal. I'm pleasantly impressed with the SS129 and the SS165 ain't too shabby too – it'll certainly be nice until I can find a MAC 165 at retail price!

    • OHH!! Papaya Creme!! I hope you love it as much as I do :)

      • daphne

        Oh I DO! It’s amazing how it shifts. Worn alone it’s intensely gold and reflective, but worn over a lipstick (like my recent pickup Marisheeno <3) it's more subtle gold and differently but equally gorgeous. It's not quite as glossy as I like my glosses to be so I’ve been amping it up with a touch of clear gloss on top, but it’s otherwise amazing.

        Oh, and actually I’m on a Christine-inspired roll this week. Just picked up Chanel Santal on eBay. I swatch it EVERY time I pass a Chanel counter and finally caved :)

  10. Claudia

    Petals and Peacocks (never thought I’d buy this!)
    Bloomin Lovely
    English Accent

    =) Going to New Orleans this week end, cannot wait!

  11. Nicole

    Well I just have to share I did pick up MAC Liberty of London e/s birds and berries, dame’s desire, shell pearl beauty powder and the 227 brush. While I was there the MA and I were talking about the upcoming Summer collection ( I cant wait for this collection !) she has not seen any promo pics or anything she says
    MA: “How do you know more about this than I do ? ”
    Me : omg! you have to go to this beauty blog Temptalia, she has all the info on all of the up coming Mac collections and product photos. You have got to check this out … trust me !
    MA : ” Ok will you write the website down for me and I will check it out”
    I gave her your website info and I hope she finds your blog very helpful like I do. :) For the weekend I have to work.

  12. Jenna

    I’m on my March Break now! No school for an entire week. :)

  13. Liberty of London: Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, Dame’s Desire e/s, Birds & Berries e/s, & all four lipsticks :).

    I also picked up some more Cleanse Off Oil and Back 2 Mac a bunch of depotted eyeshadow pots for some lip glosses and lipsticks. I also finally invested in a Clarsonic Plus. It’s charging right now and I can’t wait to use it. :)

    When I got home I regret not getting the Bough Gray e/s, but my gal pals wants to go back tomorrow cus she forgot to get a lipgloss she liked too, so I will just pick it up then.

  14. Andrea

    Hopefully I get Blooming Lovely, Petals & Peacocks, & English Accents if they are not sold out on Sat when I go to the mall..

  15. Casey

    *MAC Liberty: Peachstock & Ever Hip l/s
    *MAC Velvet Teddy l/s…After seeing your swatch on here I had to buy it
    *Illamasqua: Sonnet l/s
    *Benefit Erase Paste in Fair
    *China Glaze: Sky High-Top, Four Leaf Clover, Pink Voltage, Peachy-Keen & Tempest
    Orly: Shine

    I had a new ULTA open 5 min. from my house…I think I am going

  16. Michelle

    i bought the most from this collection than any other collection. The colors are perfect for spring and summer time!

  17. Sally

    I picked up Ever Hip l/s, Bough Grey and Banshee e/s.

    I’ll finish my depotting this weekend (Yay for BACK 2 MAC, and more counterspace!) Also have to tackle our closet (board games, winter clothes, luggage, beach games, rollerblades, Agh!)and have my husband hang up sconces, picture frames, etc. I need to start on the thank-you notes as well(just got married). The hubby wants to go to a crawfish festival…Not totally sure I’ll get everything done this weekend??? Is there ever enough time?

  18. Stephanie

    I bought the Birds & Berries eyeshadow (can’t wait to pair it with a gold eyeshadow!), Ever Hip lipstick and Frankly Fresh lipglass from MAC today. I had to order the lipglass online because they were sold out at my store. I also got a NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo from Sephora which I’m SO excited to try!

    I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, the weather is starting to get beautiful! :)

  19. JB

    No hauling for me :( haven’t bought anything makeup related in a very very long time.

    Not sure what I’m doing for the weekend, it will be raining all weekend so that’s a bummer. I hate going out in the rain.

  20. Christianne McCann

    Mine was a simple purchase. MAC Studio Fix, Bare Necessity Dazzleglass, and Bobbi Brown Nectar Shimmer Brick.

    For the weekend, I’m hanging low with my boyfriend.I its been a crazy week with work and my midterms. I just want to sitback and relax.

  21. Sarah

    This weekend I’ll be taking a trip to Houston, TX with some of my friends, and I’ll blow a majority of my money on the MAC Liberty of London collection at the Galleria (:

  22. Lauren

    Last night I bought Rouge Volupte #1 and was promptly complimented on my lip colour by strangers for the next two hours. This morning, I ran out of my Mac Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15. I went straight to MAC, restocked, then purchased the 188, 239, petals and peacocks and the naked lipliner while I was there. I am on a makeup ban (until my birthday in April). yikes.

    I am officially on time out.

  23. Emily

    I was bad and got shell pearl BP, bough grey e/s, ever hip l/s, PHS l/g, and frankly fresh l/g from give me liberty of london πŸ˜›

  24. Rita

    I think I got only the quad 4 from Spring Colour Forecast (by mail). The collection is coming out here next week! Can you believe that? Then I will get the rest of the stuff I want (I already have 6 SCF lippies though).

  25. I did a whole lot of online shopping at last night because I’m in a walking cast and didn’t feel like hobbling around the mall (PLUS free shipping… can’t go wrong).
    I got:
    Moisturecover in NW15
    Plushglass in Fulfilled
    Lipglass in C-Thru (needed a refill… clearly I use this too much)
    a 15 pan palette (going to depot EVERYTHING for the first time…)
    E/S in Naked Lunch, Da Bling, and another dark navy blue I can’t remember the name of…
    and that’s it!
    Now I just wait for it to come in…

  26. Mirna

    – Shell Pear Beauty Powder
    – Dame’s Desire e/s
    – Birds & Berries e/s
    – Petals & Peacocks lipstick
    – Frankly Fresh lipglass
    – English Accents lipglass
    – Prim & Proper blush.

    – Loud & Lovely cremesheen glass
    – Over Indulgence cremesheen glass
    – Boldly Bare lip pencil
    – Mouth Off lip pencil
    – Trimmed in Pink lip pencil
    – Naked lip pencil
    – Rhapsody mineralize blush duo
    – Bi-Tone mineralize blush duo
    – Buddy Up mineralize blush duo
    – Sun & Moon mineralize blush duo
    Yay for tax return season!! Without that, I don’t think this haul would be possible! lol.

    The greatest thing that happened this week was I got my order from Hautelook. I ordered 5 Lorac items for $4 each! I am looking forward to Sat. for my haul and getting my makeup done at MAC freestanding store and seeing my adorable nieces when I get off work today πŸ˜€

  27. Amber

    Hauled from MAC Liberty of London!
    Perennial High Style l/g
    Frankly Fresh l/g
    Ever Hip l/s
    Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl – SUPER excited for this
    Blush in Prim and Proper
    Also got my hands on the small makeup bag – the medium one is sold out =(
    And hauled from Too Fabulous – Rhapsody in Two – looks like it will be gorgeous for my skin tone!
    Also used a Nordies gift card I received for my birthday to do some major damage:
    Bobbi Brown Color Strips in Bonfire – I am dying to get this – 3 pot rouge colors in 1 kit! OMG!
    Chanel Rouge Allure Lacque in Santal – been lemming this for ages.
    Chanel e/s quad in in Winter Nights – also another major lemming. And I want to get it before it sells out.
    Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill mascara – love this – shade,formula,brush – HG for me.
    And a BE set of 3 Buxom l/g’s – my fave l/g formula so far in a cute mini set.
    Too much rain coming this weekend – oh well – time to go to a movie!

  28. Jennifer

    I bought MAC Liberty of London: ever hip l/s, frankly fresh l/g, all of the e/s from the collection except for give me liberty of London, and blue India nail lacquer. I also bought two permanent e/s satin taupe and wedge…oh and I got the small Liberty bag, it’s so cute!!

    Next week is spring break for me!! :)

  29. This is probably a bad sign, but I can’t quite remember LOL.

    I did get three packages this week – both my R&R and LM Hautelook orders, as well as my first Konad stuff from, but those orders were made last week or before that.

    I know I just bought the Korres Ginger & Vitamins Foundation in LF4 off their website with their $10 off + free tote promotion. That… might be it for this week? Somehow that seems wrong lol.

  30. Li Ming Liew

    Shell Pearl beauty powder
    Tenderling powder blush
    Pinch o’ Peach powder blush
    Bough Grey e/s
    Kinda Sexy l/s
    Just Superb cremesheen
    Blush palette

    Penny Lane blush creme

    powder blush…limited edition..sorry, can’t remember the name

      • Li Ming

        It was the Dior Vintage Pink #839 Blush. I love the lace emboss. Kinda sheer and barely-there on me but I will be keeping it. I want to pick up MAC’s Pink Swoon too now – such a nice girlie-pink on me.
        Starting to collect blushes and lipsticks…OMG. Makeup will be the death of my bank account.

  31. tremorviolet

    I made my Liberty of London haul: Petals&Peacocks (wearings today at work, I love this pink), Blooming Lovely, Prim&Proper, Dame’s Desire, and Birds&Berries.

    This weekend, the weather is finally nice enough to open all the windows and clean out the house. And the Target Liberty of London collection is out on Sunday; I can’t wait to check it out!

  32. Jackers

    Got my NYX stuff today (which is awesome, I only ordered at midnight Wednesday, hehe) and it was a nice lot since they’re doing a 20% off sale over on

    I got:

    *Mosaic Highlighter (LOVE)
    *Stick concealor in Fair (wee bit too light but it’ll work and the product itself is freaking kickass)
    *2 lipsticks (Paris and Watermelon, both love)
    *Jumbo Lip Pencil in Pinkie Nude (waaaaay to shimmery, but it’ll be good for topping other lippies)
    *Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in Slate (sexy)
    *E/S palettes (the one for brown eyes, Anti-Diva and Hippie Chic, all awesome) and a bunch of pigments.

    I saved 10 bucks and got free shipping, I’m a very happy girl. :)

    …which is good because I have about a 1,000 pages of reading to do altogether for my Graduate English classes this coming week. *sigh* I guess I’ll look hot for my bf while I’m reading…? Good luck with your exams, good weekend everybody!

    • Might have to check out some of the NYX stuff you got!

      Good luck on that reading!

      • Jackers

        You should! I <3 Dior, MAC and other highend brands, but since going back to school I've had to scale back a LOT on what I spend on makeup and NYX has been a life saver, instead of NARS Albatross I was able to get the Mosaic Highlighter for a fraction of the cost and it's still wonderful. I'm very impressed, I look good and I can still pay my electric bill. πŸ˜‰

        Thanks for the luck, I'm gonna need it. :\

  33. rose

    Laura Mercier Oil-free tinted moisturizer in Sand
    Mario Badescu Silver powder
    Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Ming (thanks to you Christine!)
    Tons of Carmex

  34. Aisha

    It seems I cannot go a week without purchasing anything.

    I was in Hawaii over reading break and so I blew a ton of money while on vacation (obviously) However I only purchased one thing at Duty Free, Bobbi Brown’s Shimmerbrick in Apricot. This is my first Shimmerbrick and I want to MARRY it! I can’t wait until I can hit up the Bobbi counter at Holt my next trip into Vancouver.

    This week I bought MAC Sandy B lipstick, MAC Brit Wit Cream Blush (my new favorite blush, it’s beautiful!), Juice Organics Brightening Facial Cleanser, and Druid Goat Milk Body Moisturizer. Oh well…not *too* bad I guess.

    Next month I am going to Vancouver to meet up with my friend for a Girl’s Weekend. We’re going to see HIM at the Commodore Ballroom and hit up the IMATS the next day! I’m so excited. NARS is on the exhibitor list, and so I’m hoping they have a reasonable discount (so I can buy more! haha).

  35. Dianna

    Give Me Liberty of London: Bough Grey & Free to Be eyeshadows (really love the packaging) as well as Blue India nail polish. I wanted Shell Pearl beauty powder and Ever Hip lipstick but they were all sold out :(

    Also picked up Tickly My France-y & Dim Sum Plum from OPI… and a bunch of stuff from This has been a bad week but I haven’t splurged in a while so I’m allowing it πŸ˜€

    Good luck with your finals!

  36. Carrie

    I went all-out w/ the new collection. I got every eye shadow, Peachstock and Ever Hip lipsticks, Frankly Fresh and Perennial High Style lipglasses, Prim & Proper blush, Summer Rose beauty powder and Blue India nail polish. I think this is the most I’ve gotten from a MAC collection since Hello Kitty.

  37. MakeupGalore

    I’m new to the website just loooove it. I can’t believe I did not find it earlier. DAH!! I love the swatches. That’s how I picked out my spring forecast colors. I even told the girls at the counter about the website. They liked it too. I did do some “liberty” shopping.
    lipstick- Blooming lovely, Peachstock
    Gloss- English Accents, Perennial High Style
    I am revamping my resume.
    Great website, Good luck on the exams.

  38. Kylie

    Liberty Of London:
    Eyeshadow: Dame’s Desire, Bough Grey, Birds and Berries
    Lipstick: Peachstock, Ever Hip, Blooming Lovely, Petals and Peacocks
    Lipglass: Frankly Fresh, Perennial High Style, English Accents
    Blush: Prim and Proper
    Beauty Powder: Shell Pearl, Summer Rose

    Too Fabulous:
    Mineralize Blushes: two virtues, rhapsody in two
    Lip Pencils: Naked, Trimmed in Pink

    Permanent Collection:
    MSF: Gold Deposit, Polite Pink
    Studio Sculpt Foundation NC25
    Studio Sculpt Concealer NW20
    Cremewash Cleanser

    it was a good friday :)

  39. Silvia

    I got a new concealer. I needed one, since my skin under the eyes is really stressed in this cold air outside and dry climate inside and my mac studio fix is too dry and started to look cakey on me.
    So now I got the bobbi brown concealer kit and the corrector for underneath it. and am very happy with it :)
    then, as I was happy with my concealer I also stopped by the mac counter and got a cremesheen partial to pink and a blush in sun moon (?). wore everyting today with natural eyeshadow and nanogold highlighter! I did not plan to get the mac stuff, rather to spend it for liberty of london thing…mmmh but I like the stuff so I guess it is ok.
    for the weekend we have to do some grocery shopping and I want to do some workout…

  40. CeeBee

    I finally drove nearly three hours and managed to even score a free parking space in the busiest city in NZ within walking distance of the only store in Auckland with a MAC counter – I got a mineralize blush duo (Sun & Moon, I think I’ll go back for Two Virtues) and Fast Play lipstick. Then I hit the Guerlain counter but they didn’t have the shade I wanted so then I had to walk another mile and a bit to get to the Galleria store and they had one Gems lipstick left – so I bought it on the spot. For $85! (Yes, makeup is RIDICULOUSLY expensive in NZ, usually about twice the price of US$)
    They didn’t have the Bobbi Brown Cabana Coral collection in yet either so I have put my name down for the Nectar Shimmerbrick, fingers crossed that the store puts one aside for me!

    I also picked up a couple of Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks, Ginger Rose and Smoky Rose, a Sueded Brown eyeliner (a backup, plus scored a free Colorstay liner in black), a bunch of Elizabeth Arden eyeshadows, two lip pencils (pink and neutral shades) a nude shimmer powder, Starlight Exceptional lipstick (pretty!), a SHE gold powder compact scented with essential oils, batteries for the smoke alarm and a Caramel Gospel Juicy Tube. I tried to find a Jordana blush in Redwood but no one seemed to have it so I settled for a $3 matte lipstick called Rafael and I was pretty impressed with it, I have to say… a really pretty pink coral with lots of gold glimmer, yum! Lasts well on too.

    I’ve had the week off on holiday so have been shopping more than usual when I wasn’t at the beach…


    • I am SO GLAD you got Gems, though, even if it’s at a ridiculous price! :( I do hope you fall in love with it!

      • CeeBee

        Yeah, I’m totally adoring Gems already. The colour is so flattering and pretty and perfect and elegant and amazingly gorgeous (awww, happy sigh…) and the lipstick packaging! OMG!
        I showed it off to my mother and my best friend and they both spazzed out (in a good way!) over it.
        BF immediately started planning a trip to Auckland so she can get one too!

        You have created Gems Envy πŸ˜‰

        • Aww, yay! It is such a lovely shade… the formula is tops, but the color itself is something I just haven’t come across before. It’s as close as I have come to my perfect coral :)

  41. Kathie

    O.K. so I went yesterday to Macy’s Hilltop (Richmond, CA) and picked upt Blue India nail Lacquer, Shell Pearl Face powder, and Prim and Proper blush. I’m wearing the blush today. Love it! I already have Dirty Plum but thinking about going to pick it up just to have a back up. This weekend will be a chill weekend. It’s suppose to rain the Bay Area as it is now! UGH!! Have a good weekend everyone!

  42. Cherie

    TGIFF… yes a double F! :)

    This week was a great makeup haul all from my beloved MAC:
    PRO store haul:
    – Accentuate shaping power in pan
    – Rosey e/s in pan

    Liberty of London haul includes:
    – Peachstock l/s
    – Ever Hip l/s
    – Blooming Lovely l/s
    – Frankly fresh l/g
    – Bough Grey e/s

    I now need to pickup two pro palettes to organize my eyeshadow collection. I originally took out the separators but it’s too messy for my OCD self to enjoy any more! Anyone else like that?? lol

    I also feel that my lipstick collection is ‘complete’.. well, for the time being. I have so many great colours that it will probably take a lot for me to pick up anything else… but who knows how I will feel when I see new swatches on Temptalia πŸ˜‰ I am also on the hunt for a great l/s organizer so I can read the colours easily in the AM. Any ideas?

    This weekend will be fun. Looking at new flooring and paint for our house and curling on Sunday night for the first time. :)

    Have a great weekend everyone!!! :)

    • Good haul, Cherie!! I don’t like the palettes without separators either! I like how everything looks perfect with them :)

      I just use shallow containers from The Container store and them store them label-side up, but it’s not the best system!

  43. Michelle

    Thanks to your fab swatches from Give me Liberty — I got English Accents lipglass, Shell beauty powder, and Birds and Berries eyeshadow. Love!

  44. alice

    I bought Prim&Proper blush from MAC. Was debating on Ever Hip, but I already have the perfect apricot/coral for my coloring–Nars Beautiful Liar. I’ve never tried a MAC blush before so I’m crossing my fingers I don’t break out. I have P&P on today and it is just great.

  45. Steph

    I wanted a new look for spring, so I bought Peaches blush and Shy girl lipstick. My face is now peachy-perfect and ready for spring! I don’t always listen to the recommendations of the MAC girls, but I’m glad I let them choose the colours this time.

    I’m going out with my roommates tonight, and then I work and have homework to do for the rest of the weekend.

  46. Anitacska

    I didn’t buy too much this week, which is just as well seeing how much I spent on Spring Colour Forecast. I only bought a few things on eBay, including 4 Guerlain Kiss Kiss Pearl Gloss testers, and a Max Factor Lipfinity longlasting lipstick in a gorgeous coral shade (in person). I’d like to go shopping tomorrow for some new Urban Decay 24/7 pencils (Crash and Binge) and finally the Sin UDPP is here too, so might get one of them.

    Mother’s Day here on Sunday, we’re going to a great Chinese Restaurant. Yum yum! :)

  47. Diana

    I picked up Peachstock along with Naked lip liner from the Too Fab collection they look awesome together and the l/l can be used with so many other l/s. Not doing much this weekend its gonna be a wash out in NY. I treated myself to a netbook and I’m excited about loggin on to my favorite website…Temptalia.

  48. DanielleO

    MAC Liberty of London – The packaging really made me lose control!

    e/s – Give me Liberty of London, Bough Grey, Birds&Berries
    Both blushes (although I may return Dirty Plum)
    Shell Pearl beauty powder
    Blue India nail polish

    and now I’m thinking I should get Blooming Lovely, if my store still has it in stock!

  49. DonnaN

    Haulage this week was a bit more……I got Clarifying #2 and Superbalm Lip in Grapefruit from Clinique. I attempted to haul a Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick, but they were out of the color I wanted.

    Most damage was with MAC (of course, what else, right?)

    Online I purchased Dame’s Desire e/s (from the Liberty of London collection), Moisture Tint in Light and a 217 brush

    In the store, I got from Liberty of London:

    Birds & Berries e/s
    Bough Grey e/s
    Prim & Proper blush
    Shell Pearl b/p
    Perrenial High Style l/g

    + I picked up a Teddy eye kohl pencil and Naked & Trimmed in Pink lip liners from Too Fabulous…..yeah….I’m DONE for the week!!

  50. Alexis

    This is what I’m planning to haul tomorrow at the Pro Store:
    Small cosmetic Liberty bag along with a Cremesheen glass – bday gift for a girlfriend. She use to wear C-Thru a lot – what color would you recommend? I am hoping to score Blue India and Shell Beauty for myself
    I want to check out the MUFE liquid blush and the 20L eyeliner based on your gold/teal eye look you featured. I have bottle green and I would love to use it more often!

    I am really hoping this is the only damage I do but I cannot make any promises! Oh and I’ll be signing up for a one on one technique class at the Pro Store.

  51. Meesh

    MAC: quarry e/s, shroom e/s, honest e/s, Naked Liner l/p, bough grey e/s, ever hip l/s, shell pearl b/p and Liberty of Long makeup bagg. D: spent way too much!

  52. Emily

    So I went in my MAC store intent on buying just Bough Grey eyeshadow….and left with almost $160 worth of stuff: Shell Pear Beauty Powder, Prim and Proper Blush, Fresco Rose Paint Pot, Rubenesque Paint Pot, Print eyeshadow, Copperplate eyeshadow, Bough Grey eyeshadow (obviously), and NC 15 Studio Finish Concealer. Add to the from Sephora Coconut body butter and Murad spot on acne treatment….add to that earlier in the week Maybelline Eyestudio in Khaki Craze and Silver Starlet….my checking account hates me…=)

  53. Emily

    I forgot to mention as a side note that one of the building on my campus caught on fire and my spring break just started so all my mid-terms are rescheduled for after break which is cool and sucks at the same time. =)

  54. sonia

    bough grey and birds and berries e/s…I wanted a lipstick so badly but none of the colors looked good on me. I think a might go back for the shell pearl bp. Husband is putting my on a personal care budget now.

  55. Lynniekae

    A Different Groove, Birds & Berries, Bough Grey, Dame’s Desire, Frankly Fresh, Crush Metal pigment, Relaxed shadestick, Boldly Bare lip pencil, Perennial High Style, Deelight, and Over Indulgence.

    AKA too much! ha ha

  56. Laura

    I’ve been pretty good this week…Bought Fig 1 and Plumage eyeshadows, Speed Dial lipstick (Back 2 MAC so it doesn’t count, lol), plus have bought a couple of bits from LJ sales. No massive hauls for me!

  57. AnGeLwInGz

    OPI “Dating A Royal”, UD 24/7 “Graffiti” and “Deviant”, some kind of oatmeal & honey body scrub, L’Oreal hair mask, and some Pretty Baby lotions. If you haven’t tried Pretty Baby products, you should. Their handmade soaps and lotions are all-natural. Check out They’re the best! Go Mellan!

  58. kymba7

    Hi Christine,
    Let’s see, I bought Birds and Berries E/S, Shell Pearl beauty powder, Pinch Me blush, Sable E/S and a new blush palette because I am beginning to try wearing blush.
    I am working on Sat it’s a half day, I’m a dental hygienist. Saturday night a coworker’s birthday party and Sunday movies and brunch with the hubby!

  59. Karina

    A Sephora just opened near me and I had to go check it out lol. I ended up doing so much damage to my wallet, I got the Benefit You Rebel Lite tinted moisturerizer, Benefit l/s in Jing-a-ling, Benefit creaseless cream shadow/liner in Birthday Suit, and the Anastasia brow express. I wasn’t planning on getting the brow kit but the SA was so convincing I ended up getting it. Oh, I also got a free Sephora makeup bag with my purchase.

    I am still having such a hard time finding a shade that I like in a Mac l/s. Any suggestions for light/medium skin?

    P.S. Good luck Christine!

  60. vel

    Oh I bought,birds& berries, bough grey,perennial high style,English?,shell,prim &proper, ever hip,Blooming lovely…as for my weekend hmmm! I don’t know …been wanting to take my kids to the exploratorium in SF.

  61. amy

    I bought a few items from the Liberty of London collection: medium size makeup bag, Ever Hip l/s, Bough Grey e/s, Blue India n/p. I also picked up Buddy Up and Rhapsody for Two blushes. I may go back and pick up a few more items from Liberty of London.

  62. Tiffany

    nearly the entire Give me Liberty of London collection, LOL

  63. Annie

    I hauled Shell Pearl b/p, Ever Hip and Gaga l/s, Birds & Berries, Free to Be, and Brule e/s, Blue India nail lacquer, Over Indulgence cremesheen glass, and the Pinkaura fragrance from MAC online on Tuesday. But went to my MAC store and picked up Blooming Lovely right after class yesterday! Got the second to last! Whew :)

  64. viv

    today I got Knight Divine, Currant lip liner, and Odyssey lipstick (B2M) and Rapturous mattene came in the mail from ebay! Not sure I like it on me though.

  65. Mia

    I got some stuff from the MAC Liberty of London Collection and I got…
    Dame’s Desire Eyeshadow
    Birds & Berries Eyeshadow
    Frankly Fresh Lipglass
    Shell Pearl Beauty Powder Blush.
    I was tempted to get Prim and Proper Blush and Blue India Nail Lacquer but I controlled myself lol. I’m getting my letter from these high schools I applied to and see if I get accepted in. Cross my fingers! :)

  66. Heather

    Mellan is adorable! I would vote for him but it won’t let me sign up. I’m really sorry to hear that he’s not healthy, I hope he gets better.

  67. kitty

    so i’m visiting with my parents in florida and i went to a freestanding MAC near them, only to discover that it carried a bunch of PRO stuff! (full PRO store? i’m not sure, but it was the greatest surprise EVER.) since i am still recovering from spring colour forecast, i practiced INCREDIBLE restraint and only walked away with a few things:

    birds & berries e/s
    liberty of london m.u. bag, medium
    abalone shell n/l
    FIX +
    mixing medium
    vanilla pigment
    riveting l/s (for my sister, who loves mine and needed her own!)

    anything else PRO that i absolutely should not miss while i am close enough to snap it up easily? i am eager for others’ suggestions ^^

    i also ordered a traincase from sephora this week but i am still waiting for it to arrive in the post. hopefully tomorrow~

    the best part of being on vacation is buying presents for yourself! hope everyone else is having a great week~

    • From PRO, definitely all of the PRO pan blushes (though you can buy them online now), PRO pigments, and the PRO shades of eyeshadow (Sour Lemon, Bio Green, etc.!).

      • kitty

        thank you, christine ^^

        even if more of the PRO stuff is available online now, i like buying make up in store because it is more fun! i will definitely head back there to swatch the pan blushes and more of the pigments and eyeshadows.

  68. make_up_maven

    Okay, I just voted for Mellan! What a gorgeous dog!

    I wanted to thank you Christine because earlier today I mentioned that I was depressed and you told me to play with my new stuff cuz it would make me feel better and you were right!! I tried on all my new make up – and at first I was bummed because alot of my new eyeshadows are shimmery – which I love, but at my age (I’m sure I’m old enough to be your mom lol) the shimmer just settles in every little imperfection and it looks TERRIBLE. I have to wear mattes above the lid – period. Anyway, I use Estee Lauder Eyeshadow in Linen as a concealer – I know that sounds weird but I hate blending concealer and this gives me much better coverage. Linen is a matte. So after I put my new shadows on, I got frustrated because the shimmer looked awful so I picked up my 226 and started spreading EL Linen over the parts that looked bad and to my amazement, it matted out the shimmer without changing the color – make my eyelids look smooth – it was AMAZING! I did a green smokey eye with Humid all in my crease and it looked GREAT!!! So I learned a new make up trick today and I’m so excited! Oh the possibilities now that I can wear shimmers and metallics!!!!

    so a big thank you to you and I’m off to EL’s site to buy like 6 Linen eyeshadows! :) :)

    • Thanks πŸ˜€ I will tell him he is less of a loser now, LOL!

      I am so happy to hear that you’re feeling better! Makeup always makes me feel better, so it’s great that trick worked for you, too!

      That’s an awesome tip – thank you for sharing and YAY!! for discovering it so now you can rock all those pretty shimmers/metallics. WOO!! I will have to check it out myself!

  69. I got my first epilator because of the sale they had on hautelook. My friend loves hers but I’m sort of scared. ;D

  70. Surprise! I didn’t get anything from the Liberty of London collection. All the eyeshadows were passable to me. The lipsticks, as LOVELY as they were – Ever Hip was too sheer for me (went on pinkish), Blooming Lovely and P&P were too out there (Up the Amp and Girl about Town are on my wishlist instead).

    So I went over to get an eyeshadow I’ve eyeing for a long while but got distracted by LE, MAC Juxt eyeshadow.

    Personally I’m relieved I didn’t get anything for the collection because there’s no rush and lets me check out the permanent line!

  71. Casey

    I just voted for Mellan! What a cutie pie =)

  72. Angie

    I bought:

    MAC Spring Forecast collection – I know its late! I was too lazy to get it online. It just launched in Singapore. I got the colour 4 palette (fell in love after your raves on it) and the ripe peach blush ombre! hooray!

    Too Fabulous – I got Sun n Moon, Two Rhapsody, and Bi Tone – all looks great!! (: and Partial to Pink and Richer, Lusher Cremesheen lipgloss! And some lipliners – Naked, In Synch, Trimmed in Pink. They look FABULOUS and are sooo usable.

    I’m planning to skip Liberty of London and everything else until the beach collection launches πŸ˜€ Yay!

  73. Marissa B

    Ever hip & Blooming Lovely lipsticks, shell pearl beauty powder and english accents lipglass from the Liberty of London collection, I’ve been WAITING for this collection to come out and am loving it! Prob gonna go back tomorrow for the summer rose beauty powder, petals & peacocks lipstick and a backup of English accents!

  74. cmferrets

    i bought almost all from liberty of london- all e/s except dame desire, i got free to be in pan form (cheaper) both blushes, both beauty powders, blue india nailpolish, ever hip and blooming l/s , and the matching lipglosses. and also a 4 quad palette to put my new 4 e/s in.
    from too fabulous- i bought all 5 of the new lipliners, and all the blushes except the 2 goldish ones. i still wanna get those 2 though since i love minerlaized blushes.
    from spring colour forcast- i got both e/s quads, bronzilla l/s and gold dust l/g, radichio l/s and lavender wind l/g, abalone shell nail polish.
    i cant wait for the to the beach collection cuz i love special LE packging. i hope they do the same thing the tthe pret a paupier collection based on the promo pic it looks gorgous- off white cases with button stitching on it! *fingers crossed*

  75. ahhh I love reading these! Call me nosy, but I love knowing what other people are buying!

    Estee Lauder aqua flash, all lipstick from liberty of london MAC collection, Korres age reversing face primer, pharmagel enzyme ex-cell facial scrub, and that’s it!

    Christine, what are your thoughts on the MAC #130 brush? I find it to be a little pricey, almost $40!

  76. lina

    ever hip l/s, bough grey e/s, lady gaga lipstick and boy bait cremesheen!! :)

  77. Jaqueline

    this week I only bought Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow in Starry Night.

    im trying to be very good and not buy any make up until I go on holiday to Ontario in July when I will be visiting my sister in law. Although tomorrow it is Mothers Day here in the UK, so I might drop hints (very heavy hints) to my husband about buying me something from Mac for a gift (the kids are too young to get me something themselves) lol.

    I wish we had a Sephora here in the UK. My credit card was on fire when I went to Sephora last year whilst in Canada, it was love at first sight lol.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.

    Jaqueline x

  78. nicci

    Have not purchased yet but I am looking for a brownish color lipgloss…haven’t had much luck :-( Not looking for one with tons of shimmer. Hopefully I will find one on saturday.

    greatest thing that happened me to this week…hmmm, Thursday night I got locked out of my place and of course didn’t have an extra set of keys. Tried to use a latter to get in through my balcony (2nd floor) – that was a bad idea. Called locksmith and $175 dollars later I was back in place 😐

    • Aww! Did you find it when you went hunting, Nicci?

      Sorry to hear about the lockout :( Those suck!

      • nicci

        no, nothing :-( Tried a few on but some either were too dark or barely there. Do you have any recommendations Christine? When I was at Nordstrom I did not stop by the MAC counter even though I have before…kind of intimidated! but I would think they should have at least one that I’m looking for?

  79. Jen

    Its easier to say what I didn’t buy lol… I didn’t get the nailpolishes from the liberty collection…. most exciting thing I got my tattoo on my side finished… the first session was 5 1/2 hours second session 3 hours. So glad its finallly finished.

  80. Katrina

    I had such a satisfying haul this week! I got the Summer Rose Beauty Powder and Petals & Peacocks lipstick from MAC’s Liberty collection, Stars n Rockets e/s pan (which completed my first palette!!!) and Ample Pink Plushglass, which is the lipgloss I have been wanting my whole life!! :)

  81. Brooke

    I had a greatttt friday afternoon and picked up some goodies I’ve been wanting for a while…
    creme de nude l/s
    Fresh Salmon l/s
    nymphette l/g
    Pink swoon blush
    Trace gold blush
    Strobe cream (which I absolutely love when applied before my foundation!!! Gives the skin such a pretty glow!)
    Chanel Kaska Beige Quad (LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!)
    NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (I found my HG foundation!!! Perfect amount of coverage for me and it’s buildable and sheer and ughhh…it’s perfect! I wear Ceylan!!!)
    MUFE HD Finishing powder and buffer brush…

    Pheww…It was a good day…it’ll be a while before I purchase anything else…( : But i’m a happy camper!

  82. Cherokee

    I purchased:

    MAKE UP FOREVER HD concealer in 355. I like it. Not in love. But it does look good in pictures. Still love my NARS stick concealer.

    Birds and Berries Eyeshadow
    Frankly Fresh and Perennial High Lipgloss
    Ever Hip Lipstick
    Trace Gold Blush

    Milani Blush in Mai Tai & Sunset Beach
    Milani Lipgloss in Starshine, Glow Girl, Designer Label & All About Me
    Milani Liquif Eye in Silver

    Revlon Cream Blush in Rosy Glow & Berry Flirtaous

    HIP Color Chrome eyeliner in purple & black

  83. I also hauled from the Give Me Liberty collection:

    *Ever Hip, Blooming Lovely, Petals & Peacocks l/s (already had Peachstock)
    *English Accents, Perennial High Style l/g
    *Shell Pearl Beauty Powder
    *Bough Grey e/s

    Also got two lip liners from the Too Fabulous collection: In Synch & Naked Liner.

    Oh! And I also got an Illamasqua cream blush in Rude. Such a gorgeous blush! I love it. :)

    So far, loving it all! I got several compliments on my eye makeup today — I used Bough Grey + Black Tied in the crease and outer V — great combo!

  84. I’m a bit late.. but I bought Ever Hip lipstick and Prim & Proper blush online Thursday. Then Friday, I was at the mall and just NEEEEEDED to check out Blooming Lovely -since it sold out online. Ended up getting Blooming Lovely, Peachstock (love the packaging so much even though I can get this at the PRO store later!!), and the Shell Pearl Beauty Powder. I was only limiting myself to 3 things until Easter!! But hey, I did some returns last week. That should cover it although I feel a bit guilty. Loving the Liberty of London packaging.

  85. montygrl4131

    Blue India, Shell pearl, Prim and Proper. Posie lip pencil and Nectar Shimmer Brick (my first BB purchase. Loving the lippie). Perle and Paris Coco Rouge (they were out of Mademoiselle, sad) and the new Chance fragrance. Philosophy Wild Blackberry lotion. Kiehl’s lip balm in Vanilla and Coconut. NARS Eurydice and Habenero shadow duos. Can’t wait till next weekend cause the local Nordies is having a beauty event.

  86. Heheh, not a lot. I got two bottles of Nicole by Opi nail polish. I got Black To The Future and Blues in The Night.