Friday, February 12th, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi/Gaga and some FREC!

The greatest thing that happened to me this week was when my boyfriend brought home beautiful roses for me!!

Now… have at it!

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97 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #015

  1. Ok so because of you and that look you did with the Stila Jewel palette (which was my FAV look ever!) I had to get that palette. :) Also I got MAC Viva Glam in Gaga on Tuesday.

    My doggie Chase is in Chemo for skin cancer and he’s very old (16 in May) so I am doing my best to spend as much time with him and do fun things while he still can. I love seeing your pics of Mellan, cherish him because he’s a sweetie pie!

  2. Oooo… I made a booboo in my bank account about 20 minutes ago. And earlier this week. I’m almost ashamed… but not really!

    Mac makeup remover wipes
    Mac e/s in Hot Hot Hot
    Mac e/s in Straw Harvest
    Mac e/s in Nylon
    Mac Bronzing Powder in Golden
    Mac Viva Glam Gaga
    Mac Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach
    UD XXX Gloss in Naked
    UD Alice in Wonderland palette

    DON’T JUDGE ME! :p

    Christine, how did your midterms go? Hope they weren’t too stressful for you :) Me, I’ve been snowed in for days. 28.5 inches of snow last weekend, another 10-20 Tuesday into Wednesday. We’ve done nothing but dig out the past week. Yipes! At least I got two snow days from work 😀

  3. Emily

    I got both viva glam lipsticks and the color 4 quad on the MAC website yesterday, and I just received my Benefit Legally Bronze set as an early Valentine’s day present :) It comes with a Gilded pencil, a Hoola bronzer, a High Beam, and a BadGal Brown mascara. All of those for $35!

  4. Tia

    Rampage Women’s Nicki Pumps in Black, MAC Viva Glam in GaGa and more Vanilla pigment!

    While checking BF’s bank statement, just to make sure he still have money, saw a transaction of $95 at a local flower-shop ;D (Now I gotta play dumb on V-day) hehe!

    • Brooke

      LOL that’s really sneaky!!! You just ruined your valentines day surprise! Let’s just hope the flowers are actually for YOU and not someone else…/:

    • Diane Kristine

      Girl, I know exactly what you mean. I did the same thing to my BF since we have a joint account. It was around our 4 year anniversary and I was like whoa what happened to all his money? Then I saw a transaction to Helzberg Jewler’s for $700 and I was in trouble big time. I told him I saw it and felt soooo bad. :(

  5. Julie

    I got the last Benefit Legally Bronze set from Sephora in Rosedale!! I love love love it!!

    The boyfriend says he’s got a Valentine’s surprise for me. Can’t wait! =]

  6. Hannah

    I bought:
    Viva Glam Cyndi
    Laugh a Lot
    Color Me Coral
    Ripe Peach blush ombre
    Hush, Hush Rose lipglass

    Mostly lippies lol, I’ve been into them lately. :)

  7. SnickerDoodle

    About 5 minutes ago I ordered both VivaGlam Gaga and Cyndi, and mor MSFN in Medium Plus…boring, but I don’t wanna get anything else without going in to the store.

    The greatest thing that happend to me this week was earlier when I realized that I got paid today and have Monday off! The damn snow threw me all of whack and I had no idea what day it was!

  8. Natalia

    The best thing to happen to me this week was having a day off yesterday and getting some alone time along w/ chopping 6 inches of my hair off!

    My haul was a mix of fun and practical…amazingly I left nordies w/o one item from Spring Colour Forecast!

    Smashbox Suntan Matte Bronzer
    Smashhox Photo-Op Eye Brightener (second tube, I love this stuff!)
    Make Up Forever HD Powder
    Michael Kors perfume roller/lip gloss thingy
    Oscar Blandi Powder Dry Shampoo

  9. Marianne

    Just an idea… tribute to McQueen look with McQueen for MAC? Possibly? :)

    What’s FREC?

  10. Simone

    Today I got MAC studio sculpt foundation and concealer a select moisture cover, a New MSFN, and Girl About Town lipstick!
    I also got Fashion Frenzy in a swap, along with classic dame and my train case came in the mail! good week on the side for me, but mine and my boyfriend’s puppy hasn’t been very well so there have been trips to the vet all week :(

  11. I scored big at MAC this week: Creme Cup lipstick, Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass, Soar lipliner, and Plushlash mascara (my fave).

  12. Solange

    This week I got Cherry Blossom Hand Cream, Lavender Fizzy Bath Pebbles, Honey & Lemon Sweet Sugar Scrub and Foaming Rice Cleanser, everything from L´Occitane. The hand cream is the best one I´ve ever tried and the scrub smells wonderful and left my skin ultra soft (I used it this morning) I have yet to try the fizzy pebbles. The Cleanser is good too.

  13. Alyse

    Just got straw harvest, LaLa, Very Violet eyeshadows. Electric Fushia and Culture class lipglasses!! I’m SO excited. My boyfriend and I are having a romantic night IN…cooking lobster tail and crablegs!

  14. Andrea

    I bought quite a bit:

    – Chanel Kaska Beige Quad
    – Lancome Love It! Lipstick
    – MAC Tempting Eyeshadow
    – MAC Typographic Eyeshadow
    – Guerlain Cherry Blossom Blush

    Can’t wait for the weekend!!! It’s a holiday here on Monday, and I SOOOO need it right now!

  15. clambake

    i didnt know you read ONTD! <333

  16. glitter princess

    i got the new mac 130 brush it was relased in the uk countersi sort of reminds me of a skunk version of the 109 brush !! i wasnt impressed byt he price thugh 27 pounds think thats very steep for the brush let hope it works very well for the prioce!!!

  17. This has been a decent week.

    I got a HUGE haul from the Color Forecast collection. STill waiting on shipments from Fyrinnae, and Stars makeup haven.

    Got overtime this week, so i won’t have much of a weekend, but I won’t feel bad for spending money on my boy for our anniversary(and splurging on makeup. Heh)

    Just feel so many “better things” coming my way right now!

    • SnickerDoodle

      LOVE Fyrinnae! Their loose eyeshadow colors are insane.

      • This is my first experience from tehm. I’ve heard SO many good things, I had to try it!

        I bought several color samples(just to see a variety) and the pixie epoxy and mixing medium(also just to try).

        I know they said it can affect the way some colors handle, pressing it into pigments, but I think i have to do it anyways. I prefer my stuff to all be in one palette.

        All of mine are officially full! I had to move my blushes and such into quads so that I could use that palette for my new Color Forecast eye shadows! Yay!

  18. Carrie

    I’ve been stocking up on Slimshines, since they’re no longer on MAC’s website. I also got Fresco Rose Paint Pot, Viva Glam VI SE Lipstick (they didn’t have the new ones at my local MAC counter), and Omega and Patina eye shadows.

  19. lulee

    i bought my first mac lipsticks!!! so exciting! i bought fresh salmon, laugh a lot, and viva glam cyndi :)
    also i took advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free deal at nordstrom and i still havent gotten the package (its supposed to come in the mail today 😀 SO EXCITINGGGGG) and i bought 9 shadows… i know i got satin taupe, carbon, and other ones… im not even sure what i got at this point
    by the way i dont know if anyone has heard or cares but for my nordstrom mac counter and probably all the other ones that were closed cuz of the snow, they are having the buy 2 get 1 deal this saturday!! yay, more shadows for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 call your store and make sure, but it is an awesome chance to take advantage of it especially with the color forecast collection.
    also i bought the alice in wonderland palette and 5 lipliners from sephora yday, i dont have any (im just getting into lipsticks, i usually only wear lipgloss).
    okieeeeeeee i think thats it for now… not too shabby 😀

  20. Mags

    This week I bought Benefit’s Legally Bronzed set (contains full-size High Beam, Badgal Brown mascara, Gilded highlighter pencil, and Hoola bronzer – such a good steal, and I got the last one at my local Sephora!), as well as Korres tinted moisturizer.

    Highlight of the week? OLYMPICS! I live in Vancouver, and the city is just coming alive. I’m loving every minute of it.

    • Andrea

      I live in Salt Lake City. I will remember the 2002 olympics as one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced! Do as much as you can!!

    • Brenda

      I just watched the opening ceremonies in Toronto!! Made my cry, they were so good and made me miss home, Northern Ontario. The northern lights part of the show got me ;(

  21. Fayrouz

    Just went to MAC yesterday and got the Gaga! My counter just put up all the spring forecast stuff and had an event going on…I only got the lavender wind lipglass and the color 3 quad. There was soo much stuff, even though I’d already seen it all on here I was still a little overwhelmed I guess cause I wanted to try everything.

  22. I bought 6 NYX l/s, 2 NYX l/g and 1 NYX blush. I’m trying to deliberate whether or not I should get the Viva Glam lippies, and I’m leaning towards YES, lol.

    I’m going to PARIS next week!! Well, I’m flying to Amsterdam tonight and then to Brussels on Monday and then Paris on Tuesday. I’ll be going through duty free tonight so I’ll prob end up buying a ton of stuff XD

  23. Liz

    i bought 4 viva glam gaga lipsicks!!! haha… one was for my bf’s sister. i also got the two crushed metal pigment stacks that came out with the color forcast collection and a saint germain lipstick!

  24. Kelly

    When I first saw all the swatches of Colour Forecast I wasn’t really interested, but after visiting Nordstrom I picked up the Colour 4 quad and the Stacked 1! pigments. They wouldn’t let me B2M for LE l/s (BOO!) so I picked up Angel and I LOVE IT!! I also picked up some Anastasia brow powder and DiorShow Blackout mascara…almost caved on the Alice in Wonderland palette but didn’t. If I make a ton of money this weekend (I wait tables so I might!) I’ll probably go pick it up since I have no UD shadows. Happy Friday!

  25. Anissag

    finally in the mail i got the MAC colour Forecast ombre blushes in Ripe Peach and Azalea Blossom the lipsticks in Fresh Salmon and Bubblegum, lip glaze in electric fuschia, and eyeshadows in LaLa, Hot Hot Hot, Perky and Very Violet I also ordered some MAC Pigment samples of the Neo colection and since everyone requested off here at work for V-Day my bf and I are talking an extra long weekend off in 2 weeks.

  26. Vanessa

    I picked up the Viva Glam Gaga last night as well as Soft Ochre paintpot.. I’m really tempted to head back at lunch and pick up the Viva Cyndi too! : D

  27. We moved this week and a day after spending our first night in the new house, the water main backed up, flooding half of the house (the half containing my office/vanity room). To cheer myself up, I went on and got myself a bunch of NYX stuff. It didn’t hurt my wallet and I felt a bit better.

  28. Katie

    Went and got both Viva Glams; but FYI, hurry if you havent picked them up! I went to the huge PRO store in Manhattan, and they said they were down to their last packet of them (after two days! amazing, and such good news for the cause!)

  29. Amber

    I have been lemming item from Lancome’s Spring 2010 O My Rose collection, so I hauled big-time:
    Pop n Cheeks blush
    lip gloss in Tangerina Sweetie and 2 le Khol Waterproof eyeliners, a bronze brown and a gorgeous teal.
    Also hauled from MAC Color Forecast – Color Me Coral and Fresh Salmon l/s, Cha Cha, Kumquat and Ember Glow l/g, Colour x4 eye shadow quad and Straw Harvest eye shadow!
    Whew – that was a lot of stuff! And I still need to get my BB skin foundation!

    The best part of my week so far is work being so slow and having so much time off because of the snow!

  30. Grace

    My boyfriend treated me to MAC: the Color 3 Quad, Ripe peach blush, and Viva Cyndi.
    On Sunday we’re supposed to go pick up my LV Speedy!!

    But my hightlight is probably going to be the makeup party my roommate and I are throwing tonight 😀

  31. This week I got: My Fyrinnae haul! I got Shu Uemura PK359 lipstick, Illamasqua (sp I know) Underworld l/s! I also picked up Pink Burst, Victorian, Rose Maiden, and Bubblegum thanks to B2M. Straw Harvest, LaLa, Electric Fuchsia, and Hush Hush rose were the only from the Spring forecast I got. But, I did get Viva Cyndi!

    In a swap, I got MAC Blueblood lippie and my 88 neutral palette.

    The greatest thing that happened this week was being able to talk to my bf about where we wanna go on our honeymoon.. You know lol when he actually proposes (which I feel will be soon!)!

  32. avroys

    I did a lot of MAC research on your site and off I went to the shop today! I had a discount voucher and bought:
    MAC eye brows crayon in Lingering
    MAC brow finisher in clear
    MAC paint in Untitled (I hope this works as a primer. I was looking for Painterly Paint Pot since I am very fair but they did not have it)
    and Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss in Pink raspberry
    I can’t wait to try out all my new goodies!
    It’s my birthday tomorrow (13th) so I guess my purchase was my gift to myself :-)
    My parents got me an iPod docking station with CD player and FM tuner.
    Going out to a fancy restaurant for dinner tomorrow night

    • Kelly

      don’t worry, I’m fair-skinned too and I used to use Untitled before I discovered Painterly! It does have a little shimmer to it, and the only reason I switched to the paint pot was because even with a little, tiny squeeze, half of the paint came out of the tube in one go! so be careful! 😀

      • avroys

        Thanx for the comment, Kelly. I feel more reassured now to know that Untitled work for you. I will be super careful with the Paint tube because I have also read on other blogs that the paint tends to come out quickly and too much. I will keep looking out for Painterly, though.

    • Jaqueline

      Happy birthday. Hope you have a lovely day x

      • avroys

        Thanx! It was a lovely day – all the birthday wishes makes one feel special. And I got to use my new make-up for going out to the restaurant. Loving it all!

  33. I just Viva Glam Gaga lipstick (GORGEOUS Pink! I am so excited!), Lip Prep + Prime, Crystal Avalanche e/s refill, Stars N’ Rockets e/s refill, & Amber Lights e/s refill all from M.A.C.

  34. Katrina

    I got the Viva Glam Gaga, Artifact paint pot and Silverthorn Eyeshadow, all from the MAC website! Although there isn’t a store in my province, temptalia, makeupalley and makeupandbeautyblog are all amazing resources for making sight unseen buying a much safer thing!!

  35. Carrie

    I got a package from AllCosmeticsWholesale:
    Trish McEvoy Sexy lipgloss,
    MAC Wildly Lush plushglass,
    and an empty 28-pan e/s palette. I reorganized all my MAC e’s :).

    Today I got Equality and Full Body l/s (from MAC), but I unexpectedly sold some artwork today, so I think tonight I might pick up some stuff from the Color Forecast collections, which I haven’t seen yet.

    I’m SO into a pale lip right now. Equality + Wildly Lush….oh!

  36. Melly

    Just the gaga lipstick and bobbi brown nectarine shimmerbrick :)

  37. Sam

    I bought the Alice in Wonderland palette off of Ulta’s website two days ago, and it arrived today! I’m super impressed with Ulta’s service now :)

  38. Samantha

    YSL Cream Shadows in #1/Pink Sands & #2/Amethyst Grey
    Revlon Photo Ready Foundation – LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Korres Wild Rose Face Cream – LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lucky Brand Cowboy Boots in a dark teal color…I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone here…I usually only wear black shoes!
    Pillow Pet for my son – those darn commercials! haha

    My husband gave me a gift certificate to Sephora for Valentine’s Day – I am psyched!

  39. Rosanna

    From the Spring Colour Forecast:

    Victorian Lipstick
    Rose Maiden Lipstick
    Straw Harvest Eyeshadow

    I wanna get more though!

    Right now I’m wearing a Sunset eyeshadow look (Bright Sunshine, Straw Harvest & Coppering) with Lancome’s Oscillation Mascara. For my Lips I have ROSE MAIDEN Lipstick on (I Love this lipstick, its soo pretty)!

    • Rosanna

      Also I’m currently in my Animation class here at Emily Carr University of Art & Design.

      The Olympic torch is coming in front of my school around 12:50 pm Pacific! I can’t wait for the Olympics (the opening ceremony is at 6pm!). So excited!

  40. Laura

    I have been sooooo good this week! All I bought was Macroviolet Fluidline :) I’m trying to save money for when Spring Colour Forecast comes out in the UK, becasuse I swear I want EVERYTHING in that collection! I might grab that Benefit Candy Store lipstick over the weekend though.

    Highlights of the week included going out for a meal to celebrate some of our friends getting engaged recently, and also going shopping with my mum to get her outfit for my weding in July :) Also, I tried a new green eyeshadow look today and got lots of compliments on it which was lovely 😀

  41. Cherie

    Great week, MAC haul wise:
    Lipsticks: Vivi Glam Gaga + Cyndi, Victorian, Fresh Salmon, Pink Burst
    Lipglass: Hush, Hush Rose
    Eyeshadow: Perky, Sketch
    Blush: Ripe Peach

    I’m going to MAC again tomorrow with my mom and might pickup the Vintage Grape blush with a gift card I have from Christmas. :) We are also going to grab lunch.

    V-day wise my bf and I are grabing take out tonight (to avoid V-day line ups) and will be watching the Olympics opening ceremonies. I’m so excited to see the world showcase their very best… excuse my bias.. GO CANADA GO!

    Imagine MAC did an Olympics inspired collection???

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  42. Laura

    I had my Spring Colour Forecast mini HAUL!! I’ll be buying more later on….
    Blush Ombres in Azalea and Ripe Peach (didn’t like Azalea that much though, I’m NW20, felt it was a bit purpley for me)

    Lipglasses in Cha Cha and Hush Hush Rose ( I totally heart hush hush rose!!)

    Lipsticks in Bronzilla and Color me Coral (I’m returning these two, did not like the frost, they still look funky, even with gloss. Maybe its just on me, like with the blush).

    I’m taking these back and getting the two Viva Glams this weekend. Anyone have any spring colour forecast suggestions for this skin tone?

    Have some spa time scheduled for this weekend from my hubby. :)

  43. NOTHING! and so proud. i have to whittle down some of the products I already have!

  44. Rita

    Today I got two new nail polishes: China Glaze Sugar High and Essie Tart Deco. This week I also received a Métier de Beauté eyeshadow in Chameleon.

    I also got a great pair of pumps from UK, and I paid only 38% of the price they are sold here!

  45. Diana

    It might not be a big deal for some but I bought my first Mac lipstick in Viva Glam V. I already knew I would love it because I have the gloss but I’m still excited anyway.

  46. Erin

    I got me some YABY foundation palettes, La Femme cake mascara, Beauty Blenders, a Z- Palette with some yaby eyeshadows (they’re so tiny, they’re like shirt buttons!) and concealers. Oh and a new TEMPTU concealer wheel, and some Camera Ready Cosmetics translucent setting powder. I’m a happy MUA today.

  47. Anitacska

    I’ve bought quite a few things again this week (I’m really addicted to buying make up, running out of space to put it all – eek!), mainly from eBay, but also picked up 3 L’Oreal lipglosses (they were 3 for 2). On Ebay I bought both new blushes from the Body Shop, Benefit Candy Store lipstick (thanks for the tip Christine!), Clarins Joli Rouge Brillian lipstick in Rhubarb, Urban Decay Stereophonic eyeliner set, Lancome Colour Fever gloss in Precious Beige, Stila Montmartre eyeshadow quad, the new LE YSL highlighter palette, and found some preview items from the Mac Colour Forecats collection too (Radicchio l/s and Purple Rage l/g). Yep,I am a shopaholic, lol!

    The children are home all next week as it’s half term holiday here, but it’s too cold to go out much, so will probably get really bored. We are planning to see the new Disney film, The princess and the frog though, it should be fun. :) My husband is taking them to see Alvin and the chipmunks the squeakquel on Sunday, lol.

  48. virion_butterfly

    I got both viva glam lipsticks, Victorian lipstick, a stud eyebrow pencil, and the azalea blossom blush!

  49. Aisha

    I’ve been naughty this past week…
    Lush (all at 15% off! I had a coupon, haha):
    -Blackberry Bath Bomb
    -Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
    -Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
    -Crash Course in Skin Care Face Mask
    -Shy Girl Cremesheen Lipstick (B2M)
    -Viva Glam Gaga (Best.Lipstick.EVER!)
    -Splashproof Lash Mascara (for my Hawaii trip coming up)
    -Disney’s Alice in Wonderland’s Mini Nail Lacquers

    I have a lovely day off and I plan on procrastinating on my schoolwork as long as I can. Which means a home facial, bubble bath, and pedicure 😀

  50. Sherie

    Dior lipstick pink bustier

    found a givenchy limited eyeshadow for sale this week@!

  51. Ali

    Did a small haul today at my local MAC counter:

    Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick
    Stacked 1! Crush Metal Pigments
    Purple Rage Lipglass
    Colour 3 Eyeshadow Quad
    Azalea Blossom Beauty Powder

    Also took advantage of the buy 2 get Shroom free from Nordstrom a few days ago and got Banshee and Suave Intentions (which is awesome btw!). I’m just looking forward to a nice V Day dinner with my husband at the Bonefish Grill this weekend. I already got two dozen red roses! :)

  52. Amber

    Just hauled my BB Skin foundation and her Shimmerbrick in Nectar! I need my bobbi fix!

  53. DonnaN

    MAJOR HAULAGE this week, thanks to the MAC Spring Collection Launch!

    From MAC:
    • Bubblegum, Rose Maiden and Radicchio lipsticks
    • Electric Fuchsia,Cha Cha and Lavender Wind lipglasses
    • Azalea Blossom and Ripe Peach Blush Ombres
    • Stacked 1! Pigments (the pink/purples)
    • Nanogold and Hot Hot Hot eyeshadows
    • Buried Treasure eyeliner

    I’m going back tomorrow for Hush Hush Rose lipglass, and a couple of things I forgot to get yesterday

    From SEPHORA:

    • Korres Cherry lip gloss in Beige Pink
    • Kim Kardashian rollerball fragrance

    From EBAY:

    • MAC Evening Aura and Magnetic Fields eyeshadows
    • MAC Violet Underground and Lichen eyeliner pencils
    • MAC quad FAFI EYES 2

  54. Lorena

    I got the color 4 quad, very violet, parfait amour and ripe peach blush ombre. I’m supposed to get carbon, humid,and shroom from the nordstrom buy 2 get 1 free sale, today along with a 217 brush. Tomorrow I’ll be going to san francisco for the day and plan on picking some stuff up from mac store.

  55. I got myself a small MAC haul yesterday. I got 2 free lipglosses from the Spring Color Forecast collection with my recycling and couldn’t resist the Ripe Peach blush ombre. I really wanted to get the Cyndi and Gaga lipsticks but I want to wait and see the make up bags online to see if the make up bags are worth it.

  56. kpenn09

    Oh Spring Colour Forecast, look at the damage you have done!

    Today’s haul:
    – Fresh Salmon, Bubblegum, Rose Maiden, Radicchio, Viva Glam Cyndi, Viva Glam Gaga l/s
    – Kumquat, Purple Rage, Hush Hush Rose, Electric Fushia l/g
    – Straw Harvest, Perky, Hot Hot Hot, Very Violet e/s
    – Ripe Peach Blush Ombre
    – Colour 4 Eye Shadow Quad
    – 45 pack of wipes

  57. Lesley

    I got…
    Viva Glam in Gaga, Color Forecast #1 Lipglass in Hush, Hush Rose, Color Forecast #2 Eyeshadow in Hot, Hot Hot, and the Lillyland Creme Blush in So Sweet, So Easy. Also got the lippies in Shift to Pink

    It was a MAC kinda week:)

  58. Riley

    small haul but I got the Gaga lipstick, ripe peach, and OPI “Mad as a hatter”.

  59. Brooke

    I ended up taking some inspiration from a look you did, Christine! I bought wedge, cork, ricepaper and mystery and made myself a nice, neutral, everyday quad! I absolutely LOVE it! I also bought Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner in honey which is so pretty and bright! It stays on all day and just pops! You barely even have to use any pressure when you apply it! I also bought a new pair of over the knee, black slouchy boots to wear with leggings and tunics…(: it was a good week!

  60. Ness

    I bought
    MAC 109 brush
    Mac 239 brush
    Studio sculpt concealer
    Prep & Prime powder

    I am just my MAC collection and got these after seeing some of your tutorials :)

  61. kim v.

    oh you guys i had the greatest week ever! i had a serious accident in Nov. of last year and this Monday the Dr. told me my bones have healed and I can start physical threapy! Ive taken my first steps for 2010 and Im learning to walk again! :) big ol YAY for me!

    I also bought a small haul of 9 China Glaze polishes and a mini set of OPI Alice in Wonderland set.
    Oh and I just ordered Got2B hair products: lustre drops, hair lotion, hairspray, and mousse. they smell so good!!!!!! and that packaging is to die for! im a sucker for cute packaging and the cute little dangle charms 😛

  62. Lindsay

    Ok, I bought four viva glams!! I am going to keep two in the package as collectors items! I also bought laugh a lot, gold dust, cha cha, and purple rage! Im going back for electric fusia, the 4 quad eye palette, and the crushed metal pigments. Oh my poor wallet! I wanted everything!!! It’s been a good week. I had wednesday off due to the so-called massive snow storm we were supposed to get, and I have monday off! Score :)

  63. Oooo… I made a booboo in my bank account about 20 minutes ago. And earlier this week. I’m almost ashamed… but not really!

    Mac makeup remover wipes
    Mac e/s in Hot Hot Hot
    Mac e/s in Straw Harvest
    Mac e/s in Nylon
    Mac Bronzing Powder in Golden
    Mac Viva Glam Gaga
    Mac Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach
    UD XXX Gloss in Naked
    UD Alice in Wonderland palette

    DON’T JUDGE ME! :p

    Christine, how did your midterms go? Hope they weren’t too stressful for you :) Me, I’ve been snowed in for days. 28.5 inches of snow last weekend, another 10-20 Tuesday into Wednesday. We’ve done nothing but dig out the past week. Yipes! At least I got two snow days from work 😀

  64. Rosie

    Awww, how sweet of your boyfriend :).

    I’ve been pretty sick for two weeks now, today is no different but I finally got myself to MAC and Sephora for some purchases :). I picked up the Stila Lip Glaze collection at my Costco for $16.99 and am liking the colors so far. At Sephora I bought two LORAC Multiplex 3D lipglosses in Untamed(Peach with PINK 3D Pearl) and Vivid(Pink with Gold 3D Pearl) which looks kinda green gold, I love it. I also got Kat Von D’s Memento Mori palette. At MAC I picked up the lipsticks, Laugh a Lot, Fresh Salmon and Viva Glam Cyndi. I wanted Gaga too but it was too cool toned and looked pretty silly on me. I also picked up pan shadows in Lucky Green, Goldmine, Gorgeous Gold, Retrospeck, and Patina. And Sephora sent me a new Dior serum to test out for being a top reviewer, so I got that this week too :).

  65. Jess

    From MAC I got: Wildy Lush Pushglass, Cherish Lipstick, Springsheen Ombre, Personal Style Beauty Powder Blush. Then went to The Bay’s Lancome counter and picked up their waterproof concealer, it’s amazing!

  66. I got some Lancome Lippies because of the Macy’s GWP! :) looooooooooove it! 😀

  67. Jenni

    I got Fresh Salmon l/s, Colour Me Coral l/s, Laugh a Lot l/s, Cha Cha l/g, and Ripe Peach blush ombre from the new MAC launch! :)

    I’m excited for valentine’s day for the first time in a while! :)

  68. Noelle

    I went to the MAC counter at Macy’s today and picked up the Viva Glam Gaga l/s. I love it! I was going to wear red lips for Vday, but now i want to wear my new lippie. I also got some really cute red platform pumps from TJMAXX and some cocktail rings from Forever21 😉 I love to shop!

  69. LauraJ

    Dolce & Gabbana haul~
    Caramel blush
    Classic lipsticks in Goddess and cant remember name (!)
    Shine lipstick in Sparking

    we got a foot of snow in Dallas, unheard of!

    • Anitacska

      So much for global warming, eh? :) It’s been the coldest winter in the UK since 1983 (I think), we hardly ever get snow here in the south of England, yet we’ve had loads this winter!

  70. Victoria

    i got a couple of things from the spring colour forecast collection i got
    the colour 4 quad
    hush hush rose l/g
    Victoria l/s
    electric fuchsia l/g
    colour me coral l/s
    rose maiden l/s
    and bronzilla l/s
    i also got creme cup l/s

    defienetly getting more stuff from the collection when i get my income tax check….yay for income tax time : )

  71. Cindy :P

    Clinique’s 3 Step Skin Care System and Even Better foundation! 😀

    On Wednesday I went to my school’s elementary and got to spend time with the cutest 9 year olds. Great motivation for my teacher’s course :)

  72. Tattoo Girl

    I got Ripe Peah blush ombre, LaLa e/s, very violet e/s,STraw Harvest e/s, HotHotHot e/s, Gold Dust l/g, Fresh Salmon l/s and Viva Glam Gaga l/s

    Plus we got 5 inches of snow which is unheard of in Georgia!!

  73. A lot! From MAC Spring Color Forecast I got Very Violet, Lala, Nanogold, both palettes, Azalea Blossom, Rosy Outlook, Color Me Coral, Fresh Salmon, Hush hush Rose, Bubblegum, and Ripe Peach. I”m going to get the pink & purple stack, Gaga lipstick, Cyndi lipstick and maybe Victorian eye shadow next week :)

    This weekend I’m checking out as many Vancouver Olympics events as I can. :)

  74. I bought MAC’s ‘Florida’ creme blush from the Lillyland collection, as well as Viva Glam Cindy and Viva Glam GaGa. I’m also trying to buy the MUFE ‘Flash Palette’, that is, if I can find a Sephora that has it in stock. Ever since Sephora changed their policy for returns, where if you don’t have a receipt you get a ‘store credit’ card (that can’t be used online), I’ve been walking around w/ a $62 store credit to Sephora.

  75. Swiss Miss

    Just the Viva Glam Gaga…I’m trying to be good until Liberty of London now! I can’t wait for this one :)

    But I will be in the market for a new powder soon, and thinking of switching to MAC (currently use Clinique Stay Matte #3 Stay Beige). Any advice on MAC powders for staying shine free? I don’t use liquid foundation. Thanks so much

  76. Inga

    Benefit creaseless creme shadow in Skinny jeans.
    Too Faced shadow insurance – I needed a replacement for my beloved F.Y.Eye
    Two eye liners from Gosh in Bananas and Sparkling pearl
    Make up store microshadow in Rec
    Korres lip butter in Jasmine and Quince

    And then I have ome Nyx and Elf items on their way to me in the mail.

  77. liz

    got the viva glam cyndi and its AMAZING<3 also some other eyeshadows new tweezers and new lip liners 😀

    greatest thing this weekend my boyfriend brought me home a dozen roses and one fake on with a chocolate in it and a box of chocolates and a card and were going to dinner tomorrow