Friday, January 29th, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Bought a bunch of MAC 15-pan palettes… five I think.  I have to depot.  I STILL haven’t gotten around to it.  Doesn’t look like it’ll be happening this weekend either!

Now… have at it!

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62 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #013

  1. panties

    my recent-ish haul has been 2 GA fluid sheers, an Edward bess l/s and l/g.

    this weekend I will def be hitting up Bloomy’s at 59th and lex. I got a booklet telling me that there are a lot of m/u events at all of their counters.

    if you visit Dior: you get free Diorskin nude fdtn (7 days worth).
    if you go to Laura Mercier: if you bring your m/u bag, you can get your m/u brushes cleaned and have a consultation on what you’re missing and how to better organize your stuff!
    Borghese: get some cappuccino, biscotti and get a Estoliante Delicato deluxe sample.
    Giorgio Armani: samples of some GA rouge d’armani l/s !

    i’m so excited ! it will def be a makeup weekend :)

  2. Emm

    Recent Haul was the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette, UD liquid eyeliner in Gash, UD smoke out pencil in purple(exact name?), and UD’s big buddha brush. This weekend is going to be busy from my friends baby shower to catching up on school work ugh.

  3. Laura

    Yesterday I bought Rubenesque Paint Pot…the girl in MAC pronounced it “Rubbensquee” which amused me. I also got a 249 brush, a couple of 15-pan palettes, and a sample of NW15 Studio Fix Fluid foundation. I’ve tried it this morning and I’m not sure about it. It is a little orange/yellow for me and maybe a little dark. I also noticed mid-morning it had caked a LOT so I had to wipe loads of it off with a tissue. *Sigh* the search for a foundation I don’t hate continues…

    Oh, and I’m wearing the eyeshadow look you did the other day with the AIW palette – it looks lovely!

  4. Jen

    I went to MAC. I got a blush (springsheen), a lipstick (hue), and a 217 brush. I’m really liking all of it, but I can’t wait for the next collection to come out, it looks so good!

  5. Ordered UD Deluxe Palette, Freakshow and Ruthless. I also have Lancome Chris & Tell on the way to me! My birthday is Monday, so I am excited :)

  6. Ally

    I bought the whole china glaze up and away collection and 3 zoyas from there revarie collection. Gotta save up for mac spring color forecast, I want a ton. Can’t wait for those blushes.
    Hopefully go see a movie this weekend but my dog is under the weather so will see. Have a good weekend.

  7. Emily

    I ordered a Woodwinked pro pan and the 5 Haute Hijinks Pigment Set from MAC on Tuesday. I hope they come soon :)

  8. Just one thing. Mac Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio in Danger Zone. I’ve been wanting that for a while, and spotted a reliable seller on ebay, so I gave it a shot. It came in the mail yesterday… I died at the pretty.

  9. Marjolijn

    I couldn’t complete my mini beauty haul because the local MAC didn’t have the All races, All sexes collection in yet :( (why do they launch everything so late in Europe!) so I just got the Too Faced Shadow Insurance I wanted.
    I did have a small accessory haul on, they have the cutest things! I got a bracelet with red hearts and a candy charm, a broach shaped like a chewed piece of gum (no real gum, it’s made of plastic!) and a necklace (Find true love zippie as a charm + ball chain necklace). And I got a Grow-a-note card (with seeds in it so you can plant your card) for my parents because they are moving.
    And now for the pets: I moved my aquarium from my parents’ place to my student dorm and my fish seem to be happy, a little stressed though because there is a construction site outside (they are working on those poles the ships anchor to) so the ground shakes now and then.

  10. Nene

    Yesterday I bought Nars e/s Habanera and got an Orgasm Illuminator sample. No plans for the weekend so far as I’m sick.

  11. Fatima

    – Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner in birthday suit,stiletto, and skinny jeans..all three were pure love!
    – 2 x Benefit boi-ing for my cousin.
    – Benefit one hot minute, which dosen’t even show up on me..might use it as a highlighter for daytime.
    – Nars single eyeshadow in cairo, very dissapointed with it but it was on sale so its not so bad.

  12. Kate

    I finally broke down and ordered some stuff off the MAC website. I’m out in Iraq and am DYING for some color, so I picked up a tube of the lip gelee in Preppy, Utter Fun l/s and Nymphette l/g. I was going to do a serious haul off Sephora but they don’t ship to APOs! Now I’m looking at Ulta, since they DO and I’d rather support businesses who want to support me. :) I’m in need of a bronzer to warm my super-pale face up, though…any recommendations?

    • Alex

      Kate you can buy sephora stuff through amazon if you’re interested. That’s how i do it because in december they didn’t ship internationally!!

  13. daphne

    I was finally GOOD for a week and didn’t buy a darn thing! Well, beauty-related anyway. I also bought nearly nothing otherwise, just a few groceries. That’s pretty huge for me. I don’t run up debt or anything but I am a little bit of a shopaholic. Today, I am going to pay for a Chanel Glossimer an LJ seller is holding for me (Coral Reef – only $20 for BN! :)) but otherwise I’m going to try really hard to resist for another couple of weeks and just have lots of FUN with what I have now!

  14. Andrea

    NOTHING…. but I saved up 3 paychecks to go to the CCO today !!! I’m on my way out there now & my CCO is great it has allmost as many things as a counter.. you can stand in there for hours just swatching things

  15. anja

    I ordered the 116 and the 188 brush and So Sweet, So Easy blush from Nordstrom online. I’m so glad I finally got those brushes and tried a cream blush. I love it! But when the package came in the mail that was supposed to have the blush in it, it was empty. I was so confused for a minute. I had to call Nordstrom and have them send it out again.

  16. Elizabeth

    I bought some CG polishes earlier this week. I even got CG Matte Magic for $0.99! WOO! I’m going to a CCO on saturday, so I will have large haul, i’m sure. xD

  17. Simone

    My latest purchases have been from MAC feline Kohl liner, Handwritten eyeshadow and MAC Up The Amp lipstick, Barry M’s Spring Green and a light blue one I don’t remember the name of and a ton of little glitter dusts!

    and I do think my dog is the best! she didn’t want me to get up this morning so she attempted to trap me in my bed…but she’s a little cocker spaniel so it didn’t go so good for her LOL!.

    Hope you had a great week Christine! What did you do?

  18. Valene

    This week in beauty, I purchased a few things. Starting with skincare, I bought Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, and Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. And I also purchased Nair Soft Touch Face and Bikini Wax Strips to try (worked like a charm, I’m pleased to report). Nail products, Gosh Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in 555 Silver, and a lil bundle of goldie brand nail polish in 8 different shades. In makeup, I purchased a few things from Gosh Cosmetics as well, Velvet Touch Lipstick in 134 Darling, Light’N Shine Lip Glaze in 02 Pink, and the GOSH Giant Sun Powder (and boy is it giant!). I think that’s everything this week, if anyone has any questions about the products, feel free to ask!

  19. Meagan

    After your review of Bobbi Brown’s Extra Tinted Moisturizing Balm, I knew I had to try it. I ran out to Saks for a sample and fell in love with it! Its perfect for my dry skin. Went for my full-size jar yesterday afternoon.

  20. Alexis

    I bought a Hourglass lipgloss that sadly made my lips break out in an allergic reaction – thinking about exchanging it for my very first Guerlain Kiss Kiss gloss!

    I’m holding out till next Friday – when the new NARS Spring line comes to my neighborhood Nordstrom!

  21. Shannon

    5 15 pan palettes? If only I had enough shadows to do so!!!!! 😉

  22. Grace

    I have some MAC blush singles. Can they be depotted and put in palette? If so…how? Love your site!!

  23. Anitacska

    Oh well, I’ve bought far too much stuff again this week, lol. I have ordered Nymphette lipglass, By Candlelight MSF (CP for someone to swap for the Fresh Cut palette that I missed out on), Shimmermoss, Freshwater and Parfait Amour eyeshadows. I need a new 15 palette too, but haven’t got round to it yet. I also bought 2 lipsticks, an eyepalette and a highlighter from Boots No 7, and a few things on eBay incl. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strass lipstick tester in Rose Strass, and a Clarins lipgloss. Like I said, far too much, lol. :)

  24. Akia

    I didn’t haul at all this week! I moved into my new place last night so I’ll be unpacking and settling in this weekend… soooo glad this week is OVER!

  25. NY

    I got a whole bunch of China Glaze nail polishes for the very first time! I’m wearing “Re-fresh Mint” right now. I got these colors:

    * Matte Magic
    * Re-Fresh Mint
    * Something Sweet
    * Peachy Keen
    * Light As Air
    * Wagon Trail
    * Sugar High
    * Ruby Pumps
    * For Audrey

  26. Hell candy make up

    This week I have bought nail polishes from m&s (a uk store) in pastel lilac, pastel green & dafodil yellow! cheap & cheerful buy off to imats tomorrow so expect more!

  27. Kia

    It so happened that I bought four nail polishes yesterday. One OPI(mauve color), two China Glaze (a greenish teal color-beautiful color and pink nude), and the Seche top coat polish.
    Moving out this weekend…starting today. I hope it doesn’t rain in Sacramento.

  28. Mirna

    This weekend I plan to do a little bit of reorganizing of my makeup stash. I have a storage container (like the size of 8 shoe boxes) full of makeup & makeup tools that needs to be put in proper storing places, so I can have a better look at what I own. Last night I organized a 15 pan palette to start. I’ll probably get 1/3 done because I will want to start playing with it!

  29. amy

    My last haul was Nars Schiap lipstick and Nars lipgloss in Easy Lover. I will be going to a Dior event today and will be picking up one thing and I only plan to pick up one thing. I must restrain myself.

  30. Dini

    Last night I picked up:
    -NARS Torrid Blush
    -NARS Taj Mahal Blush
    -Givenchy Fatal Plum Lipstick
    -Smashbox Photo Light Primer

    Happy to see I’m not the only one shopping this week! I was very down in the dumps this week, but a brisk lunch hour walk in the sunshine yesterday renewed my energy and spirit a bit. Ready for the weekend…

  31. Vanessa

    This week I hauled 6 eyeshadow pans from MAC: Copperplate, Shale, Patina, Ricepaper, Electric Eel, & Fig. 1! Also picked up BeneFit’s creaseless cream shadow in Skinny Jeans. I’m excited to play around with these.. I should’ve ordered an extra 15-pan palette! I seriously need to depot but I never have before and I’m afraid of ruining my shadows! LOL

    • cmferrets

      oh its so easy. i have only had one crack a little on top but that was 1 and it was a matte squared mac e.s. i depot it with my knife in the front open area, then hold the e.s with tweezers over a candle and let it melt , then flip it over and push it out with the tweezers. i do the same thing with the label, but peel it off. then i use a round small magnet from michaels or joann and put the label on top of it. its reall easy. i learned it from youtube.

  32. kfm

    I realised that my blush collection was lacking a certain brightness, so I picked up Salsarose (gorgeous red/ coral/ pink sort of shade), Devil (vivid orange) and Azalea (hot fuschia-pink, which is apparently being discontinued shortly)

  33. Samantha

    Waiting in the mail for:
    Benefit Ooh La Lift
    OPI Mad as a Hatter – I can’t wait for the Tim Burton movie!!!!
    China Glaze Orange Cuticle Oil
    Qtica Overnight Repair Balm for Hands
    Roux Brow Tint
    Am hoping to make it to Lush and Sephora this weekend for Benefit Skinny Jeans, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler,UD 24/7 Liner in Oil Slick, Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Purple #24, Buffy the Backside Slayer (LOVE this stuff), and some bath bombs for my son.

  34. Rowan

    I was really good this week.. sorta ^_^’ I got the BE Dolly does Amsterdam set. I love that lipstick! If only they sold it by itself :( Also, UD e/s in Lounge, UD liquid liner in shattered. And since my skin is so dry now that I can’t even wear foundation, I decided to try Stila’s tinted moisturizer since it’s 20% off at Ulta, and let me just say EW! I did not like it at all. The color sat right in all my dry patches :( Plus it was a little too orange for me.

  35. Aisha

    In last week’s haul I mentioned I would be going to Vancouver over the weekend and would surely now be able to resist temptation. This was an accurate statement because I came home with:
    Lush The Ex Factor Bath Bomb
    Lush Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar
    Bumble and Bumble Straight from Holt (to try and get my hair to stay down!)
    MAC MSF Natural in Light (I am almost out. I asked the associate for an MSF Natural, and she was like “A what?” and I was like “Um…a Mineralized Skin Finish, Natural?” Haha. I guess she’d never heard that before but thought it was awesome)
    MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50 (for my Hawaii trip over reading break)
    MAC Slimshine in Gentle Simmer (B2M)
    Sephora Kat Von D Autograph Liner in Eyegasm (for $10!)
    Sephora Urban Decay Grindhouse Sharpener

    Yeah…I suck at this no shopping thing. But I have so much new pretty to play with this weekend!

  36. Tatiana

    NARS e/s in Misfit (at first regretted it but played around, and LOVE IT), MAC Blue Flame (broke my rule of buying single MAC e/s for this color), and MAC Groundwork (usually I NEVER use paintpots as a base, until my sis showed me this shade and of course…LOVE IT!)

    Best thing that happened this week was my Dad visiting, really fun family times. Looking forward to the weekend: Yelp.Com event in San Jose and ROPES COURSE on Sunday (I’m scared!).

  37. Christina

    This week I got:

    From MAC – Showstopper e/s, Universal Mix pigment, & Rich Life pigment. I also had to repurchase afew things that I ran out of, which are an Embark e/s pan, Soba e/s pan, and a Select Moisturecover concealer in NC35.

    From Urban Decay – Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows.

  38. Anna Phalactyc

    Got some nude lip staples from MAC last Sat.:
    Modesty l/s
    Freckletone l/s
    Kinda Sexy l/s
    Ample Pink plushglass
    plus a 15 palette

    So it’s been a nude lip week!

  39. Michele

    Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shaddows
    Urban Decay 24/7 Liners in Underground, Deviant and Covet

    Maybelline Quad Eyeshaddows in Lengendary Lilac & Give Me Gold
    (yeah, I had to after seeing Christine’s Give Me Gold look)
    Loreal HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner in Violet (Metallic)
    Revlon Perle Eyeshaddow in Violet
    Revlon Satin Eyeshaddow in Nude Slip & Polished Bronze
    Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara in Very Black
    Maybelline NY Lipstick in Caramel Kiss & Liner in Nude (20
    (Turned out to be the perfect Neutral for me)

  40. I lost my marbles at my local CVS, they are having a 75% off sale on tons of stuff in the cosmetics dept., I got about 6 L’Oreal Pigment tubes from the HIP collection (this stuff blends like a dream and stays on for-ev-er!) and a slew of Milani in what I call “throw away colors” (stuff I wouldn’t necessarily spend a ton on at MAC or Dior, etc.) A great quad of purples, a coral shimmer brick, a great lippie in “Rosehip” (bright pink), and some great glosses. I ended up with about 15 items for $30…lovely.

  41. Laura

    I have watched many yt videos about depotting mac e/s….and still I cant get it right! I have about 60 e/s that I want to depot. I already bought the palettes and I am determined to get it right….hopefully I wont destroy all my e/s.

    Hauls: china glaze Up and away collection n/p, mac 15 pan palette, and i want to get some things from coastal scents….

  42. Grace

    It was a tough week for me…
    MAC mineralized blush in Love Thing, MAC Cremestick lip liner in Cream o’spice, MAC Viva Glam V, MAC Fix+ spray, MAC Vanilla pigment (CCO find!), Rimmel Lipstick in Airy Fairy and Fancy, Revlon PhotoReady and Colorstay Foundations, NYC SmoothSkin Bronzer in Sunny, Milani Mineral blush in Luminous

    I also got my haircut, and colored it :)

    Tomorrow my roommate and I were supposed to throw a makeup/makeover party (we were even having a MAC artist come over), but it’s supposed to snow hard here. So don’t know if we’ll be able to pull it off

  43. I just hauled the new LE Kat Von D True Romance palette in Momento Mori and some of the Sephora by OPI spring polishes, yay!!

  44. Ah, this week was a bad week LOL. I’m supposed to be on a low/no-buy but I broke down! I did get my celebratory P&J order which I made a little over a week ago, and a couple swap packages, but I’ve been feeling so down about my skin I wasn’t even happy to get the two blushes I received (P&J Tango and NARS Orgasm). I’ve been really stressed out and not sleeping well lately, and then I stupidly missed 3 bc pills in the last two weeks so my skin’s going absolutely crazy with cystic acne. And, relatively I know it’s not that bad but I guess I’ve been pretty lucky because it’s never been this bad for me! I was really surprised at how upset I was…

    Anyway, I decided to go out and buy the Mario Badescu Drying Cream and Buffering Lotion based on your reviews and reviews on MUA… and then I went to Sephora to find something to cover up the acne and the SA was so nice, steered me gently away from a fuller-coveraged foundation and set me up with the Murad medicated concealing stick (I’m a bit paranoid about putting concealer on blemishes, but the salicylic acid in this one makes me feel a lot better) since the rest of my skin is really nice and this is just occasional and will go away. And it’s amazing how much just covering up the redness has helped!! I feel like I can wear blush again LOL. The Mario Badescu products seem to be working pretty well so far too. It’s only been two nights but I can already see a pretty big difference. 😀

  45. DonnaN

    I tried to be good, but it was so hard!!

    Dior Vernis Silver Pearl
    Dior Poudrier Dentelle in 001
    Guerlain Blush Eclat in Cherry Blossom
    OPI Don’t Be KOI with Me

    MAC e/s in
    Apres Ski
    Top Knot
    Crest the Wave
    Naked Lunch
    Blanc Type
    + 2 more 15 palettes

    (almost ALL of this is courtesy of my craft supply clearance–I used to knit, and I’ve sold off almost all of my yarn stash)

  46. My recent haul is pretty small. I purchased Maybelline’s Stiletto liquid eyeliner and Loreal’s Lineur Intense liquid eyeliner. I have been looking for a felt/foam tip for sometime and a friend and gurus recommended these! Can’t wait to try em’. Not only will I be trying these out this weekend, I also gotta catch up on some homework…gah!

  47. strawberry

    i got the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette :]

    i’m really excited since it’s my first book of shadows.
    i appreciate all the looks you created that uses the shadows in this palette. it will be really handy since i’m not very creative 😛

  48. Cherie

    Ohhh a big super TGIF!!! This week was hellish at work (eek, I even broke out) and some shopping retail was needed!

    My haul:
    – Rosebud Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm (10% off)
    – MAC’s lipgelee in Shift to Pink
    – OPI minis of the Alice in Wonderland collection (20% off)
    – Quo makeup sponges (1/2 price)
    – Benzogel acne cream (half price) due to the two MAJOR asteroids that landed on my cheeks… boo… :(
    – MAC’s studio sculpt SPF 15 foundation (NW15)
    – MAC studio finish SPF 35 concealer (NW20)

    I also go a mini Kat Von D’s Sinner perfume sample and LOVE it!

    QUESTION – what lipstick would you put under Shift to Pink to make that purple pop?? Purple lipstick?? Berry?? Other???

    So weekend plans: Waiting for dinner to be finished now and then will finish up some work so I don’t have to do anything on the weekend. I also plan on catching up on my beauty blog readings!!!! I’m going for accupuncture tomorrow with my mom and grandma – hurrah!!! And housework/laundry/nothing on Sunday :)

    Books: I’m totally getting Pride & Prejudice! Mmmm lovin’ the classics!!!


  49. mkdallas

    Most recent hauls include MAC: (Fast Play lipstick, both tinted lip conditioners from Warm And Cozy Collection and Blissed Out nail polish and NYX: Megashine Glosses in Tanned (love) and Beige (hate since it is an opaque hot pink…WTH???) and Round lipsticks in Rea (ugh…totally different from website swatch) and Tea (meh).

  50. Am proud to say I didn’t buy any makeup this week :) Amazing I made it a week without buying makeup. I did go to Forever 21 and got a cute gray top.

  51. Rosie

    The only thing I bought was Eden Primer Potion tonight. I am sick and went in after picking up a prescription with no makeup, broken out, and looking and feeling disgusting. So I stood there for a while staring at stuff (a little out of it too) and someone came up to me and slowly said, “Do you need help?” I didn’t appreciate it. And then when I checked out the cashier said, “Oh, you’re a VIB?” When she saw my card, like a question. It pissed me off. So lesson, some Sephora people at that mall are not cool. But the girls who have seen me multiple times came up and smiled and asked how I was doing. It makes a difference if people are nice, even if you’re wearing zero makeup, look like crap, and look disoriented. Be nice!

  52. Marisa Angelina

    Hi there, I’m new to reading Temptalia but am really loving it!

    My haul this week were 2 travel size .5oz bottles of Smashbox’s Photofinish. I found these online for $9.99 a piece, so I basically got an ounce for $20!
    Next is Benefit’s Benefit to Go kit from Sephora, with 4 of their best selling products (That Gal, Posie Tint, Some Kind-a Gorgeous, and High Beam), some Philosophy body wash in Chocolate Chip Cookie, and a couple over Sephora brand eye products (mascara, eyeliner and a single shadow). Other than that I just had some low end E.L.F products come in, and an 88 shimmer eyeshadow palette from OH! And some UD edible body powder in Honey.


  53. Diana

    my little mac package finally arrived yesterday! all eye shadows…i got romp, mythology, all that glitters, soft brown, n kid. i decided to return soft brown n kid though and was sooo upset when i had to pay $11.73 for shipping! thats more than 1 eye shadow!…now i regret shipping them back when I could’ve swapped them or something, oh well =(

  54. CandaceR

    Irecently bought Korres face primer and to-faced mood swing lipgloss. I absolutely love the face primer. it doesn’t irritatae my skin and there is a huge difference in the way my makeup lays. I am not too fond of the lipgloss. it idn’ turn as deep as i thought it would.

    I am looking forward to a seriously relaxing weekend!!!

  55. montygrl4131

    My MAC shipment came in yesterday with spiked, showstopper,all races, tone grey quad, and personal style.

    Today I went to my CCO and picked up time and space, blue flame, vellum, surreal, femme fi (which I picked up because of the looks you do with it:), shadowy lady quad, and moon river.

    Then headed over to Sephora for benefit that gal primer (just feels so refreshing to me), sugarbomb (you raved so much, I just had to have it. So lemming). NARS orgasm illuminator, and Sephora by OPI in laguna beach. My husband was laughing at me because I picked up the last one out of the beauty to go boxes waiting in line. It was mixed in with philosophy lip balm. He said it’s as though they don’t have to try to sell to me.

    Lastly, I went to Nordstrom. I have been dying for the rouge allure laque. You always speak so well about Nordsrtom, so I decided to try them out for my purchase. It’s like make-up heaven. The MUA was fabulous. I chose dynastie and mandarin. There aren’t words to descrbe. I can only say I am going to by the rest of the colors because this stuff is made of magic! Oh and I picked up some pro lumiere. Always on the hunt for the better foundation. Thanks for the Nordstrom reccomentdation!! Such a lovely place. You’re reviews are such a time saver:) I wonder if you have tried Fyrinnae? A girl at lush had it on today. So pretty.

  56. Lia

    Late to the party!

    I bought Nature’s Gate Vitamin C serum, the cold weather has been doing a number on my skin and I wanted something light enough that it didn’t break me out. I’ve been using it for two days, so far I like it. Plus it makes my makeup go on so smoothly!

    No plans for the weekend because I work weekends :( But I did just start my internship which is omg so cool! I just wish they would pay me.