Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

I don’t think I bought anything.  Let’s pretend I didn’t, OK?  I can’t remember.  That means either it might be true or I might have a selective memory…  No, wait, I bought more Zoya nail polish remover.  I was so close!

Since I spent the first half of the week sick to my stomach from a rather nasty case of food poisoning… I’m pretty much in a catch-up mood for both the blog and school.  My weekend is so not going to be fun as I read about a zillion pages about law and investments and statistics.  STATISTICS, the bane of my existence!  The happy part of my weekend will be heading to the farmers’ market with my boyfriend on Saturday.

Now… have at it!

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139 thoughts on “Free For Haul Friday, Volume #012

  1. I didn’t buy anything! But I wanted to. Thinking about getting Sweet Lust eyeshadow from a friend who didn’t like it too much. Still pondering on that.

    On a life front, I’m headed to Art After 5 at the Philadelphia Art Museum tonight. ( Getting my car serviced on Saturday (EW) and then taking headshots for a theatre production on Sunday!

  2. hellt_ru

    My girlfriend was on a photoshoot as a make-up artist.
    One of her looks –

  3. Keke

    statistics will be the death of us all! I know how you feel :)

    • I can’t wait until I’m done with statistics. Forever. And then I will be happy!!

      • Petra

        I study sociology- and as part of that, we had to take a.. don’t know what they call it in English, an exam of all the statistic courses plus methodology and a program (called spss) all combined. So i feel your pain, I was incredibly stressed, but i thought, once I pass, I’ll be done with it forever! And now I am. :) So hang in there!


          SPSS made me cry. I still have nightmares. Thank goodness all we use these days is Excel.

          • Petra

            Aww lol! Actually I ended up really getting the hang of it in the end, although we mainly did tables which was really simple, the more complex part was the analysis. It’s kinda cool that you use that program too, makes me feel connected. :)

          • MsKianaLuv

            Taking the class wasn’t so bad, but trying to actually use SPSS with our research project was some work! Now to present this data to our faculty and defend our work, trying to explain how we used SPSS and the stats we got, that’s coming up and that’s scary!!! I may not be a law student, but I feel all of your grad student pains!!

          • Miriam

            I’m with you on this one…it is probably the worst program ever invented, and what for? I rather spend like one more day and calculate everything or use Excel, no one uses all the functions of Spss anyway…it is EVIL!

    • Anitacska

      I might be weird, but I loved statistics when I was in University. :)

  4. daphne

    Hmm, I received a bunch of stuff I bought last week :) MY UD Alice BoS (only my second UD palette, I have the Deluxe Box too) which came with a sample of Doug lipgloss and I got a Lust mini pencil too. I also got a few MAC shadows from the LJ community (Bronze, Nocturnelle, and Beautiful Iris – Christine you are so right about Bronze!) and a package from Specktra with Fun & Games blush and MUFE 92 (only $22 shipped for both!). Okay, now I have to figure out how to USE MUFE 92! :) And um…not buy for several more weeks, ha! I’m excited to have a lazy weekend, because next weekend there are two birthday parties two days in a row and oy, parties exhaust me. Tonight I’ll cook dinner (risotto, I think!) and watch the last Conan Tonight Show with my boyfriend, which should be hilarious!

    • I wish my AiW was here :( BOOO!!

      Mmm, risotto… do you have a good recipe? Do share!

      • daphne

        Aww, I hope you get it today! I’m so anxiously awaiting your review, hehe. I realized it’s pretty rare that I actually buy a product (especially something as large and relatively pricey as a palette) before I’ve seen your review. Your input on colors is really valuable for me! But I’m wearing a few colors today…just a simple look with (I forget the colors’ fake names already) Maui Wowie, Mushroom, Sin and a touch of Polyester Bride. That glitter is really something…but Maui Wowie is pretty enough to deal with it :)

        Risotto…I’m a vegetarian and usually do red pepper, using this recipe from the Pioneer Woman. Sometimes I’ll throw in some peas at the very end. But I have a bunch of fresh herbs I need to use (thyme and rosemary, notably) soon so I might try a more margherita-type with tomatoes and and herbs today. I feel like it’s pretty easy to substitute almost any vegetable in this recipe for the pepper…saute firmer ones in the beginning like the pepper, if they are soft (like peas or tomatoes) throw them in when it’s one broth-ladle from being done!

  5. Jennifer

    My haul of the last week or two lol

    MAC Shell cream color base
    MAC brushes 213,266, 116
    Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation
    Chanel blush in Rose Petale
    Nars – Niagara Lipstick, Fantasia Lip Liner, Corfu cream e/s
    Philosophy Bubble Gum Blow out Body wash
    MAC Hi Def lipstick
    MAC pro pan shadows and palette (8)
    MAC Lillyland stuff
    MAC Warm N Cozy stuff
    MAC Russian Red lipglass

    Basically most was bought early for my birthday next month, but I am using it now hehe

  6. DonnaN

    I had a minor haul….I’m just terrible about resisting the urge to haul….it’s like BORG say….”Resistance is futile….”

    MAC store haul….Lucky Green Pro Pan refill, Club Pro Pan refill, Fix + and another empty 15 pro-palette.

    Items arrived this week from Ebay….e/s singles in Wondergreen and Knight

    There is more….so I will update once I get home and refresh my memory….

  7. Jen

    Hmm, let’s see..

    UD Lipstick in Rush
    The Balm Shady Lady vol 2 (Since I LOVE the first one!)
    A bunch of soaps from Grumpy Girl
    & Some OPI Polish :)

  8. Cyndy Lou

    I got mac tinted moisturizer the 187 brush the 224 brush and the 217 brush and i ordered contrast eyeshadow online…. do u recommend the 150 brush????? i want to start learning how to put makeup on.. i am 28years old and i cannot blend colors together i just wear 1 color on the lid and that is it… any tips???? and so uou also recommend the 227 brush???

    • I like the 150 brush, but I use it for loose powder :)

      Try using a really light brown and a dark brown, then blend – and I always like to start off with browns! The 227 is OK, but not really necessary!

  9. I specifically avoided the danger zones (Sephora, MAC, Nordstrom) but ended up at Lush and Victoria’s Secret instead (oops!)… here’s what I got!

    -Vanilla in the Mist soap
    -Buttercup gift box (Butterball bath bomb + Honey I Washed the Kids soap)
    -Vanilla De-Lite lotion
    -Vanillary & American Dream solid perfumes (regretting this purchase — I definitely HATE the Vanillary scent and am starting to dislike American Cream, too!)

    Victoria’s Secret:
    -Midnight Mimosa fragrance mist *75% off*(smells like something else I like, but I can’t think of what! Frustrating!)
    -Beauty Rush Kiss & Tell Body Drink Lotion gift box set (3 lotions: Cupquake, Cherry Bomb, & Berry Smooch — Berry Smooch smells like a creamsicle!)

    Tempted to go to MAC for a backup Glamour For All lipglass and another Cremeblend blush (loving these!!)…

    • Crap! I did go to MAC in Macy’s for some Studio Finish concealer (NW20)… forgot that! >_<

    • Mmm, Lush haul. Yummy!

    • montygrl4131

      Oh,I was thinking about picking up back-ups of the cremeblend blush to:) Aren’t they lovely…

    • Petra

      I worked at Lush during the Christmas season and i totally fel in love with Vanilla in the Mist soap! At the tap in the back we had tons of Lush sopas to use, and i always picked that one (and the antiseptic one- it was flu season). I’m sorry to hear you’re not liking the Vanillary scent, I use the lotion and the perfume (atomiser) and i always get told i smell like a cookie. :) I don’t really enjoy the solid perfumes though, they just have that extra-scent sometimes that ruines it for me. Maybe the lotion will be more up your alley? :)

  10. Meagan

    I have been dying for new YSL Gloss Volupte shades for days I want to do a sheerer lip. FINALLY I saw the 4 new spring shades in Neiman Marcus last night! I picked up Tangy Orange and Glazed Blackcurrant. Both are GORGEOUS. Tangy Orange is a really pretty peachy coral and Blackcurrant is bright purple.

    • Are either of them pigmented? I didn’t get on the Gloss Volupte train ’cause they were like… nothing on my lips!

      • Meagan

        The Blackcurrant is definitely pigmented. I love to layer them on pretty good, so i’ve had luck with the brighter colors showing up well on my medium pigmented lips. I’ve got #2 and #3 also, both show up rather well on me. I love how they feel. They’re just an easy go-to for me when I don’t want to maintain a more pigmented lip throughout the day. The new spring Rouge Volupte colors are pretty too!

  11. Nicole

    Oh man, I destroyed the bank account this week!! I picked up:
    Chanel Kaska Beige quad
    Chanel single eyeshadow in Trace
    Empreinte de Chanel powder
    Soleil Tan de Chanel illuminating fluid
    Dior eyeshadow quint in Pearl Glow
    Diorshow Blackout

    And FedEx is dropping off some MAC goodies any minute now. I AM HORRIBLE!! But I’m not motivated to go on a no-buy! Just like I’m not motivating to write a history paper this weekend……. :p

  12. Cristal

    I didn’t buy any makeup this week! Im so proud of
    Just bough some makeup remover wipes =)

    Started a new semester this week, everything is going great so far!

    Have a great weekend eveyone..have fun!!

  13. Nathalie

    My only haul this week was MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly. This is my first paint pot and I gotta say that I definitely love it! This weekend I’m going to Sephora and Macys to see what I can pick up. I’m thinking I might get the tinted moisturizer that you (Christine) suggested or a Laura Mercier oil-free one I read about. Also need a new eyelash curler since my daughter used mine as a toy yesterday lol. At Macys I’ll check out the two bold red’s you suggested (Russian Red and Dubonnet)

    Valentine’s day is coming up and I REALLY want my boyfriend to get me a Sephora giftcard. Any ideas on how I can hint it?

  14. Akia

    I picked up all of the L’oreal HIP Cream Shadow Paints. They were all 75% off at CVS… no way in the world would I have gotten them at their original price of $11.99 each.

    This weekend I am packing up my house… my boyfriend and I are moving to a smaller apartment (3 beds 2 baths down to 2 beds 1 bath… Lord help us LOL) to save some money for some big future plans!!!! :-) We’re also going to a matinee tomorrow to see ‘Book of Eli’… I’m so ready for a nice and relaxing weekend!!!!

  15. Akia

    Oh, I almost forgot I picked up NARS Funny Face l/s from Sephora.. I absolutley LOVE it! I use it with Magenta l/l and Maqnetique l/g… LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  16. svennika

    no beauty hauls this week, actually none for *gasp* three weeks… but we bought a new car this week, so a little happy dance might be alright anyway ;o)

  17. K.Lo

    My latest haul was 9 nail polishes from! I bought 4 pastels from China Glaze’s Up And Away collection, CG Ruby Pumps, Orly Wild Wisteria from their latest, and Orly Prince Charming. Also an Orly Bonder and Glosser. Whew, and I’m still not finished!

  18. K.Lo

    Oh! I forgot to add what I’ll be doing this weekend – redecorating! Yay!

  19. Kacie

    oh the plight of the unemployed that I’m currently stuck in. . . I bought makeup remover wipes from walmart and that was my big outstanding purchase for the week. Maybe the last two weeks? I think on Saturday I’m gonna allow myself two of the new perm eyeshadows though. . . winkle and lucky green have been calling out to me!

  20. Aramis

    A mask from lush and 2 eyeshadows from mac ll races and mulled cider. Thats it so happy for myself and my wallet lol.

  21. Solange

    I just paid for a MAC Masterclass in BsAs, Argentina. It´s taking place next Saturday so I´ll wait till then to buy a couple of products I have in my Wishlist.

  22. Petra

    I kind of invested in some makeup in advance, hoping that I’ll receive some money for my birthday in February. :)
    I ended up grabbing MAC’s By candlelight msf (almost justifiable, it is different than Porcelain Pink :)),I had to grab some foundation on the go so I bought Rimmel’s Stay Matte and i’m really liking it so far. Today I bought Pincurl from Love Lace(last one in the store :)) and Lancome’s Le Khol Gloss in Pop Petrol-but haven’t worn it yet. I’m really excited for it.. i may end up snatching the copper one (since we didn’t get the MAC shadestick in the colour warm&cozy here :/), or even the petrol es palette…or the nail polish..hmm. :)

  23. Natalia

    Restocked all my clinique staples including
    Moisture Surge

  24. Anna Phalactyc

    I spent some time in another city that had an amazing CCO, so I went a little nuts (all are MAC):

    2 Studio Finish Concealers (NW20)- stocking up for cheap!
    Red She Said l/s
    Kanga Rouge l/s
    another LE red l/s, forget which
    Alta Moda Pro Longwear
    Danger Zone mes trio
    Blue Flame e/s
    Femme Fi e/s – backup
    perm highlight-color e/s, forget which
    Florida cremeblend blush – from the Lilyland collection, I couldn’t believe they had these- for $13, no less!
    217 Brush

    Plus, I went to a MAC freestanding for 2N l/g, which I’m loving…

    This sounds terrible, but I’m always conservative with $, and it was my first vacation in almost a year, so I got a bit reckless…

  25. Kate

    I just tried out (and, of course, fell in love with) MAC Liquidlast eyeliner and Lipglass (I’ve been a Dazzleglass/Lustreglass girl forever with some weird thing against the Lipglasses…got over that!) So I hauled:

    Lipglasses in
    Oyster Girl
    Russian Red

    and Liquidlasts in

    But I am on the hunt for MAC Violetta Lipstick (I WILL find it!) and when I do I’m going to find it hard not to pick up the new eyeshadows (I need to see this Lucky Green everyone keeps talking about)!

  26. Rosanna

    I went to MAC&MAC PRO on Monday:

    “Bright Sunshine” E/S Pan Refill
    “Clarity” E/S
    “Florida” Cremeblend Blush

    Trying to resist a second trip to MAC…waiting till Febuarary to go with a friend so we can stop each other from emptying our own pockets!

    I’m about to head to my Animation Class in which the teacher is a fun guy although there’s a couple obnoxious wise-asses that I am not looking forward to seeing. I’ve got a drawing project due Monday but haven’t started yet, eek!

  27. Samantha

    An unexpected trip to Nordstrom & I came home with….

    MAC Idol Eyes Shadow
    MAC Dame Blush
    MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass
    Betsey Johnson Owl Earrings – 50% OFF!
    Betsey Johnson Vintage Vicky Cat Ring – 50% OFF!

  28. Anitacska

    I had the morning off today and went shopping, so I now have a nice long list. :) Today I bought both Dior eyeshadow quints (new LE ones), the pink lace powder and their new face primer (not sure what it’s called), and the new highlighter from Lancome (from the O my rose collection). The primer was free with my Boots advantage card ponts (£28!) and she also gave me 4 samples incl. a 15 ml Capture total cream . Nice. :)

    Yesterday I ordered a make up set from The Body Shop which was reduced from £70 to £25 and includes a vanity box, 3 brushes, mascara, eyelash curler, two glosses and a blush. I also ordered 3 lipsticks from Mac: New York Apple, Show Orchid and Sequins.

    I bought a few things from eBay too, incl. the new Chanel quad – yep, I gave in, lol. :)

    Phew, that’s it i think. :)

  29. anissag

    I just ordered the whole china glaze up and away collection and i also got OPI’s Mad as a Hatter

  30. Kelly

    Just got home from a little Friday makeup shopping! I used my back-to-MAC returns to get lipstick in Politely Pink, and then I got Cranberry, Beauty Marked, Showstopper, and Carbon eyeshadows (how did I never have Carbon before???). Earlier this week I picked up Benefit’s Sugarbomb blush and Smashbox Photo Finish primer. I can’t wait to play with all my new toys!!

  31. Aisha

    I was doing really well with not hauling. Until yesterday ><

    MAC Lillyand Cremeblend Blush in So Sweet, So Easy
    (everything below was on sale!)
    Body Shop Body Focus Toning Massage Oil
    Body Shop Cocoa Butter Everyday Summer Body Lotion
    Body Shop White Musk Midnight Iris Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel
    China Glaze Nail Laquer in Cruisin' (My first CG! Hard to find around here)
    Lise Watier Professional Correctors Concealer Wheel (half off!)

    I didn't do too bad I guess, under $50 for everything. But I'm heading to the mainland over the weekend. God knows I won't be able to resist the shopping in Vancouver. My wallet is doomed, haha!

    • Good work on getting the Concealer Wheal half off :) Where’d you find CG?

      • Aisha

        I found the CG at Winner’s for $4.50, I was so excited! I can’t wait to give it a try because I’ve heard nothing but good things about their polishes.

    • Brenda

      What are your thoughts on the Lise Watier concealer/correctors?? I look at it every time I’m in Shoppers.

      • Aisha

        I like the consistency of the concealers/correctors, they go on so smooth! I’ve only tried the paler peach and the green so far but I really like them. I was also oogling this bad boy for ages, so when I saw it for half off (at the Shoppers, actually!)I had to get it. Maybe you should check out your Shoppers? They had some Benefit for half-off as well at my store.

  32. Sylvie

    Well this week, I bought 6 China Glaze nail polishes from the Up and Away collection, D’Nouveau lipglass and By Candlelight MSF from ebay, a 15 palette from mac and the 165 brush (they still had it!).

  33. Colleen

    I had some returns/gift cards, so I hauled on Wednesday! I purchased:
    L’Occitane Rich Face Cream (crossing my fingers that this one works!)
    Fresh Rose Lip Treatment
    Dior Addict Lipstick in Pink Embroidery (perfect MLBB color!)
    Smashbox Heartbreaker Soft Lights
    MAC Lucky Green eyeshdow
    MAC Lillyland Shift to Pink Gelee (these last two are thanks to your reviews/swatches, Christine! They are amazing!)

    I’m a Girl Scout leader and cookie sales start this weekend, so my weekend will consist of picking up/dividing up/handing out cookies. Weee!

  34. Mary

    I just ordered a few things from Sephora: The new V-day lippie set, the Stila Illuminater set, A Too-Faced Flatbuki, and the Kat Von D eyeshadow duo in Air Guitar.

  35. Montrese

    UMMM…lol…I bought so much crap this week! Here it goes:

    -maybelline eyestudio palette in Sapphire Siren
    -maybelline eyestudio duo in Navy narcissist
    -hard candy shadow palette in temptation (came w/primer…interesting to see how i like it)
    -hard candy shadow duo in backstage pass
    -HIP gel liner in teal
    -L’oreal Color Riche l/s in Fairest Nude (love it!!)
    -Maybelline l/s in Nearly there (still on the fence about this color)
    -Hard candy l/g in dolce vita (love the thickness & scent!)
    -Nivea A Kiss of Shine l/g (doesn’t have a name on the tube, but its a pretty peachy type color)
    -MAC Love Nectar l/g
    -MAC C-Thru l/g
    -2 Sonia Kashuk brushes
    -Sally Henson nail polish in Sheer Vanilla
    -2 hairbands from H&M
    -3 pairs of earrings (2 from H&M & 1 from F21)
    -1 necklace from F21
    -2 rings from F21

    Gonna start spring/summer shoe & clothing shopping this weekend…i’m tired just thinking about it. lol

  36. AnGeLwInGz

    I received my U/D Alice In Wonderland book of shadows today :) I’m in heaven! It’s so pretty I’m afraid to touch it. Anyway, I’m currently rockin’ my Absolutely Alice nail polish and have received so many compliments.

  37. Well, I returned my clarisonic!

    But in it’s place I got BeneFit’s silky finish lipstick in “good to go” and I love it!!! =) I feel like bella!

    This weekend my nephew turns 2 months old!

  38. Nene

    I didn’t buy any make up this week. However, I want to buy Cremeblend Blush Joie-De-Vivre which I’ve tried recently. What I bought was a pair of Zara red shoes that I’m in love with! So happy with my new purchase.
    Talking about dogs… my dog is such a sweetie! She understands everything we tell her, never barks and always giving us love. She’s 14 years old now and in a great shape. By the way, she’s been to five different countries!

  39. I was pretty good this week! I went to Nordie’s and Sephora twice to try and find something nice as a 3rd anniversary/vday present for SO to pick up for me, but I didn’t cave on anything myself. I did just agree to purchase a gently used LM Warm Eye palette though, since I thought it would be nice to have something compact and low shimmer for upcoming grad school interviews. =)

  40. LiLi

    I’m deployed overseas and had the darling boyfriend pick these up for me back in the states. Bless him. Probably odd for a straight, non MA male to have the following on his shopping list:

    Operation Make LiLi Happy included…
    Coconut ice and Light Affair Polish
    So Sweet, So Easy and Joie-De-Vivre blushcremes
    Feelin’ Good TLC

    I’m really eyeballing Stila’s new Jewel palette, after Christine’s review. Anyone else try it?!?! Tell me ALL about it, pleeease???

  41. Cherie

    Twas a good week…

    – I B2M for Love Lace e/s and Lush & Bright lipgelee (love this)

    – Lancome Le crayon khôl eyeliner in Pop Petrol (teal)

    I actually went with my mom for her Lancome makeover and they ended up givnig her a $40 gas card for her purchase and me a $20 one so my liner was almost free!!!

  42. Ruth

    I bought 2 Lancome La Laque Fever Glosses.

  43. kippeydale

    I received my latest MAC order today:
    Lovin’ It lipstick
    Utterly Discrete lipglass
    All Races & Banshee eyeshadows

  44. Emy

    I received a MAC gift card for christmas so this week was madness!!
    Studio Fix NW15, Dazzlelight and Warm me Up (I gave in) are all mine! yay!! As a result there was my first week of full-On make-up ZOMG!

  45. rowan

    i bought strike nail varnish by illamasqua (beautiful metallic aqua)
    i haven’t left the house all week because i have a cold.

  46. rashmi

    hey wanna tell u what i bought
    sugarbomb yeapeeeee and coralista both from macy’s online and got 2 free gifts …. lets see when they will ship
    m dying to try sugarbomb

  47. Nicci

    I am going to go pick up Nars Dolce Vita lipstick tomorrow. I tried it out last week but didn’t purchase because I told myself I need to use up what I have now. So much for that idea! :)

    This weekend I am going to go check out condos…I can’t wait to leave my apartment! The guy below me has 2 very loud dogs and the people across from me has 1 dog that cries every morning when the owner leaves for work. I want a dog in the future, but I really can’t stand dogs that must bark at any moving object…ugh!

    • Fun! Hey, my theory is, if you’re STILL coveting it a week later… :)

      Good luck house hunting! We pretty much don’t let the dog bark. He knows he’s not supposed to. He does this cool alert bark… like literally, one big bellowing bark, and then he goes into his cage (that’s what we trained him to do any time the doorbell rings). Can totally understand about the noise, though, as an apartment dweller, LOL.

  48. Miriam

    I bought the Cuddle Sadestick (Warm and Cozy) and I like the color so much, but I don’t really like that it applies kinda bad, a 15 MACpalette, a charry Labello chapstick, Mythology, Honey Lust and Amber Lights refill…well not that much, but I do have to get a new Armani LSF soon
    have a good day

  49. Cherokee

    I hauled a lot this week. I had a bad case of breakout which I attribute to stress, not drinking enough water, not getting enough sleep and possibly Neutrogena moisturizer. So I bought organic and natural skincare to try and combat it. Here we go.


    OPI Nailpolish Let’s Do Lunch
    Boscia 1-2-3 Preservative Free Set (not really loving)
    Two Face Eye Shadow Insurance Eye Primer

    Whole Foods:

    Jane Carter Solution Condition and Sculpt (Hair)
    Kimberly Sayer Moisturizer
    Earth Science Clarifying Facial Wash
    Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick
    Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm


    Essence of Beauty Powder Brush


    Warm Soul Mineralized Blush
    Expensive Pink Eyeshadow
    Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
    Preppy and Lush & Bright Lipgelee from Lillyland Collection

    I am going to CVS today to pick up Lash Blast and Lash Exact from Covergirl. They are on sale. Also, Sally Hanson nailpolish. They have a color (can’t remember the name) that is what I wanted Metro Chic (OPI Sephora) to look like but didn’t.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  50. I got 2 bottles of OPI nail polish. I got Mad Hatter and You don’t know Jacques. That’s not too bad for me when I usually haul lots. :)

  51. Luisafer

    I did something great!!! with hubby, we just found our we’re pregnant, so we checked lots of cute stuff for the baby, most of them didn’t get because we don’t know the sex of the baby, but got bottles, album, cloth… fun and exciting!!!