Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Recommend your favorite book or tell us what you just started reading; share a great dessert recipe or a photo of your pet (which is sure to be the cutest, yeah?).

First, I’ll share mine!

I’ve been very good — my last beauty haul was last Thursday (Chanel Rouge Allure Laques/MAC Style Black)!

Now… have at it!

And from me, pictures of Mellan in his Halloween costumes

As Superman… (Superdog?)

Or the devil?

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73 thoughts on “Free For Haul Friday, Volume #004

  1. Alexis

    ha ha – love the devil horns!

    black grease paint stick
    Violet grease paint stick
    Feline pencil
    Nars Cream blush
    Chanel Laques Rouge

    and I’m still searching for a good neutral brown lipstick for Fall and to accompany more of my smokey purple/teal eye looks!

    • I think he’s more of a devil than a superdog, haha!

      Great haul, Alexis :) Which NARS cream blush did you get?

    • cmferrets

      check hout macs f/w trend collection , which had some lippies/ lipglass and a blue quad. their was a nude brown color in their that i think is what your looking for. i forgot the name, but its the only nude brown l/s. the other 2 are a coral and a purple color.

  2. Jeri

    I love love love your blog.

    Your dogs eyes are so red, is he ok?

  3. My latest haul is on it’s way to me now. It’s Stila’s new holiday smudge pot collection, 24k smudge pot and I also got the charmed eye shadow palette.

    Not sure what Chase is going to be for Halloween yet this year. Mellan looks fabulous in the devil horns :)

  4. Jollene

    Haven’t picked up anything yet. Might stop by MAC on my way home from work. Mellan looks so cute in the Superman costume. ADORABLE.

  5. I just got back from town and bought

    young punk eyeshadow
    baby goth girl nail varnish (LOVE THIS, but it needs 3 plus coats)
    volcanic ash exfoliator,

    YAY for mac style black collection!

    Mellan looks very proud in the superdog outfit :)

  6. lesleykat

    i actually purchased nothing this week, for once. although i was thinking of hitting mac later today for a backup of VAE and VATM. hmmm… not sure.

  7. I got…

    blackware glimmerglass
    black knight lipstick
    midnight media lipstick
    night violet lipstick
    do it up cremesheen dazzleglass
    luscious spark cremesheen dazzleglass
    sublime shine cremesheen dazzleglass
    lip erase
    black greasepaint stick
    volcanic ash exfoliator (2)
    volcanic ash thermal mask

    … ahh I think that’s it? I also bought some new steve madden shoes if that’s also related 😀

    I think I want to dress Jack up as a bumblebee! He’d be so cute and funny looking :)

    • Whew, very nice haul, Lindah!! :) Hope you enjoy the mask and exfoliator!

      OMG, a bumblebee. That would be so cute. I saw a kid’s shark costume today… I was like, I WANT THAT FOR MY DOG.

  8. Tattoo Girl

    From MAC: Orb, Sketch, and Quarry e/s, love nectar l/g, Viva Glam V l/s, & 2 feline e/l.

    Love the Superdog costume! Clover is gonna be a chili pepper this year! He’s a chihuahua so it just seemed appropriate!

  9. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Mellan is adorable 😀

  10. Aimee

    Cute doggie! :)

    I got my Style Black haul last night:
    Midnight Media Mattene
    Blackfire Glimmerglass (I love those two together!)
    Young Punk MES
    Baby Goth Girl nailpolish
    Feline kohl
    Samples of VAE and VATM

    I’m planning to go back and get full sizes of VAE and VATM assuming they don’t freak out my super-sensitive skin. I’ll also probably pick up Amorous and Creme Allure
    Dazzleglass Cremes. They are so pretty and sparkly!

  11. Nicole

    I got new hair products from Kenra which Im loving and a new brush holder.. oh and not to sure if this counts but getting my ahir done tonight woo hoo, have too many grays comin in and Im too young for that haha

  12. LUCY

    I GOT:
    Nars nico
    Nars zen
    Nars Irresistiblement bronzer
    Dior Diorskin Shimmer Star in amber diamond and rose diamond( LOVE :D)
    NYX orange soda lipstick
    Mac Myth
    Mac the perfect cheek

    im on a blush/highlighter kick this month lol

  13. tofupoo

    okay so i finally got around to ordering and receiving that package i talked about in one of the older ffhs! the 7 pc ole henriksen kit and it is awesommme i just love it so much!
    my favorite thing is the exfoliator, its called a walnut complexion scrub and it leaves your face looking amazing and really bright and white too! the on the go cleanser smells amazinnggg and you only need a tiny bit because it suds up soso much! and the three little wonders are great too i cant wait to keep using them!
    i was also supposed to order my presale limecrime lipstick
    i know i for sure want dlilac because im HOPING that its going to be kind of like fashion mews but it might have more purple in it
    it looks pretty anyway! if i had the money i would def by a lot more of the limecrime lipsticks! the packaging is soso cute and they are amazing colors!
    oh and i got the volcanic ash exfoliator! i love the way it smells!
    okay this is long D:

  14. Jennifer

    I’m getting Chanel Rouge Laque in Phoenix and DazzleCreme gloss in Do it up today.

    I also ordered Pumpkin Spice Muffin Bodywash from Philosophy.

    I have a question for those that have tried Philosophy products. I haven’t used any before just buying the Pumkin Spice one. I am thinking one of their bodywash/shampoo products would make a great gift for my female Neurologist Assistant, whom has helped me a lot. I want to give it for Christmas. So while I would dare to try any unconventional fragrant stuff, I’m not sure her taste. I was looking at their Amazing Grace/Pure Grace duo set. How would you describe either scent? Is it strong? Floral? Would it be good for some of 36 years of age? I also was looking at the coconut Frosting salt scrub as a possibility? Which works best? or which have you given as a gift or would recommend?


    • YAY! I hope you love, love, LOVE Phoenix, Jennifer.

      I don’t think the scent is too strong in Amazing Grace/Pure Grace. They are actually going to have some AWESOME holiday sets coming out, so I’d probably recommend one of those! One of my favorites is their Cookbook, which has a ton of mini shower gels in lots of scents — I think that’s already up on Sephora now!

  15. Darrien

    I only got a few things, but they were all neccesites:
    MAC 182 Kabuki because I lost my other one :(
    MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
    Nars Laguna, because I hit pan on mine
    Benefit Erase Paste, thought I would try it
    Benefit Coralista
    DiorShow Mascara

  16. Anitacska

    I went shopping yesterday and bought so much, I’m even ashamed to write it down here, lol.

    From Mac I got:
    all 4 Style Black mes,
    VAE and VATM,
    6 Dazzleglass Cremes (all but the light pink ones).
    They had a 10% off day at House of Fraser and the new collections were out already, so yay! :) (There’s still no sign of the new collections on the Mac UK website, don’t know why, I thought I might get another VAE, used it last night and wow!)

    From Guerlain I got 3 Kiss Kiss lipglosses: #820, #821, #840. (10% off again.)

    From Estee Lauder I got
    the new shimmer powder (10% off)
    the new gold eyeshadow quad
    gold and cranberry glosses (holiday collection).
    I bought the latter three in Boots and they were giving 750 advantage card points (that’s £7.50) for 3 EL purchases and as I’ve bought from the same lady before I got an extra £20 off my purchase of £53! :O Fantastic or what???

    I also got 3 Front Cover sets (really cool baked style eyeshaodws and shimmer pwds) in Boots and got another 550 points.

    Phew, that’s all! :)

    • Anitacska

      Oh and just wanted to add that I disagree with you about the mes, because I think they have a really good colour pay off, the purple and blue ones are especially gorgeous. Just my opinion. :)

    • Ohh, very nice! I’m glad you were able to take advantage of 10% off (hey, that’s a lot in cosmetics, LOL!). Love, love KissKiss glosses!!

      Such an awesome deal on the EL!

  17. Dee

    Over the past week and a half, I’ve gotten, MAC Gloss, greasepaint sticks in Black, B and V, Black Knight lipstick, 2 out of 3 glimmer glasses, Feline kohl power, Amorous dazzleglass creme, Volcanic Ash exfoliator and thermal mask, Sephora brand make up remover wipes, Barbie loves Stila palette(the 12 color thingy), Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Revolver. I think that’s it lol…

  18. daphne

    Mellan is such a sweet-pea! <3 I am so happy to see pictures of him. I really should take more pictures of my cats…I never catch them at their goofy moments :)

    I need to be good for a little while! Last week I did pick up my VAE and VATM (like them both, Exfoliator more than the Mask, but don't know if it's deep love yet), and I decided also decided to stop by LUSH and give Angels on Bare Skin a try, since I am experimenting with cleansers. (I had just finished a pot of Ultra Bland, and while I loved the feel of my skin, I was worried it was causing the increase in acne I've seen recently…and it has abated!) I'm definitely trying to identify my ideal skincare routine these days.

    My next shopping spree will probably wait until the Sephora F&F. I'm not entirely sure what I'll get, but definitely some skincare to try out (maybe one of the Korres regimen sets?) and Urban Decay holiday items, and maybe finally get Benefit CORALista. I keep thinking about MUFE's HD Concealer, as I was pretty impressed with the sample I got of it, but I don't know if I was over-$20-for-a-concealer impressed. Ultimately, I have these Middle Eastern genes and it's always going to be hard to hide my intense eyelid pigmentation :(

  19. Roberta

    From dsquared I got sculpt and shape powder, feline kohl pencil, greasepaint stick and 2 more VAEs. Since this post started I buy something makeup related almost ever week.

  20. Cherie

    awww, Mellan is so cute!!! I definately think he looks happier being superman :)

    I was looking fwd to this posting all week to read what everybody else got! :) :)

    Latest haul was from MAC dsquared – feline eye liner, naked rose & blood red lip stick. I’m in love with Naked Rose. Just gorgeous!

    I also got a Joe Fresh eye shadow just to try it out and from Winners some random shimmers from B.Vain & Oohlala Vintage (never heard of these brands but the colours were cute and for $2.99 why not?).

    I’m excited about the upcoming holiday kits – that should be a shameful/delightful FFHF post!!

    have a nice w/e all!

    • Thanks, Cherie! :)

      OMG, ahhhhh, I hauled DSquared! I was wrong! That was Monday, LOL. It completely slipped my mind.

      Joe Fresh eyeshadow… is that the brand or the color? LOL.

      • Cherie

        lol, how could you forget?!?! :)

        So Joe Fresh ( is a brand (by the designers from club monico) that’s in Real Canadian Superstores grocerystores. It started off as a clothing line that was sold within the grocerystore and now they have makeup. I saw a pretty dusty rose colour and thought I’d try it. I’m not expecting anything fantastic but if it is, I’ll definately be reporting back :)

        • Because MAC puts out a zillion and one collections and it’s hard to keep up, LOL! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it 😉

          Thanks for the link… off to check it out now! Definitely let us know how it works out!

  21. Michelle

    I got the MAC Tone: Grey quad and love it (I didn’t have anything close to the gorgeous blue colour, so it wasn’t a repeat for me :), Dazzleglass Creme in Soft Dazzle, Politely Pink l/s, Feline Khol Power, the new Zoom mascara, and a few shadows I’ve been wanting : Silver Ring, Plumage, and Patina. Now I have to stop before the holiday collections come out!! :)

    • Glad you’re enjoying the quad, Michelle! It was an OK quad, but if you didn’t have similar shades, then I can see it being a much better buy for you :)

      Sounds like you had quite the haul!!

  22. My latest haul was from Style Black, ordered this morning. They happened to have more VAE & VATM, so I ordered 4 more. On Monday, I ordered 4 more Feline’s. I had no clue that they would be repromoting it 2 weeks, then again after Christmas. Had I known, I would’ve just stock to the 2 backups I bought at the counter already.

    I also did a big order from Cherry Culture for a bunch of NYX items that were on sale. 8 jumbo pencils, dark brown eyeliner, 9 pearl pigments, 2 trios and a 10 shadow palette. They were so much cheaper online then picking them up in store, even with the shipping cost. Total damage was only $56. Had I bought it in store, I would’ve been able to get just the pencils. So my wallet is happy for the cheap NYX haul. :)

    • At least you’re covered on Feline through the end of the year… They repromote it so often you’d think they’d just MAKE IT PERMANENT already! Grrr!

      How about like… 12 kohl powers? I’d dig that launch. C’mon MAC!

      yay for NYX!

      • Yup, I think I have enough back ups for Feline for at least one year, probably more 😉 Yes, they may as well make it permanent!

        OMG, lots and lots of kohl power liners would be FABULOUS! Like in green, purple, blue and fuchsia. I still love my Orpheus. I used it yesterday with Gilt By Association, looked so hot.

        I love my NYX =) I prefer buying NYX online, they are less likely to be tested and the prices are fantastic when they go on sale.

        • LOL! I think I’m good for a few years myself!

          Sigh. Just give them to us! C’mon!

          That’s my biggest issue/fear with drugstore makeup… it’s all out in the open so I get very, very scared people have opened it/tested it.

          • I hate ‘fingered’ eyeshadows the most. I remember being at the drugstore looking at NYX trios with a friend. We wanted a cheap and colorful fix that day, so we thought it would do the trick. After paying for our trios, we realized that they had been opened and fingered or swiped. I’m such a germphobe, I soaked mine in 90% alcohol twice because I was worried about what might be in there.

  23. Jennifer

    The UPS man is like Santa these last few months.

    Although I’m sure he doesn’t like seeing me in my nightgown haha

    Anyhow just got the Chanel Rouge Laque in Phoenix. I love it! I guess I would describe it is a bright yet deep (but not too deep) fuschia…Although I’m seeing red and pink , instead of one color.. I have NC20 Skin, green eyes, and brown hair, so it really pops. I’m not afraid of bright colors most of the time, so if you aren’t either , I’d recommend checking it out.

    It goes on well and feels good on the lips. It also has a nice light scent.

    This is actually the first Chanel lipstick I really love… (Sorry I’m usually a Dior girl). So wohoo!

    I also got Mac DazzleGlass Creme in Do it up. It is another bright fuschia pink coral lol, and if you put enough on you almost get the actual color it is in the tube. I like it, but I’m sometimes disappointed in Mac’s lipglasses lack o color , but the shine is lovely.

    Do it up looks good with Phoenix actually come to think of it.

    • LOL! I always answer the door in my PJs for FedEx, because they deliver really early!

      I’m so happy to hear you’re loving Phoenix! It really is a lovely shade :)

      • Jennifer

        LOL! You too! Well mine comes after 3pm…I just hate wearing my street clothes all day if I’m just sitting around the house.

        Yea, it is definitely a great shade!

  24. Kirsten

    I recently bought feline kohl liner, lingering brow pencil (my second one), up the amp lipstick, hue lipstick, and blankety lipstick. up the amp is my LOVE right now :)

  25. I went pick-me-up hauling on Tuesday. Picked up Laura Mercier blush in Rose Bloom and Stickgloss in Cranberry, as well as some Boscia lavender blotting sheets from Sephora (they’re $4.50 right now!!). Aaaand, then today I went to Ulta to put together a nail care kit for a friend’s upcoming birthday… and couldn’t resist picking up two polishes for myself. 😀

    Mellan is ADORABLE.

  26. aramis

    a volcanic thermal mask to go w/ da exfoliator a feline eyeliner and the darker color of the sculpt and shape. sadly it doesnt show up on me. is der any other contour that you recommend besides an eyeshadow or a bronzer? im not sure if i should keep it since i want to freelance or return it?

    • I’m surprised it doesn’t show up on you! If you freelance, it’s worth keeping, but otherwise I’d return it.

      I can’t think of any other recommendations that aren’t bronzers. NARS’ has some eyeshadows that are good for sculpting, but I don’t think any of them are dark enough.

  27. Stephanie

    aww your doggie is so cute!
    my last haul was pretty small, I got
    MUFE #83, 92 and 118 eyeshadows