Friday, September 25th, 2009

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Recommend your favorite book, or tell us what you just started reading; share a great dessert recipe or a photo of your pet (which is sure to be the cutest, yeah?).

First, I’ll share mine!

My last haul was just yesterday!  I purchased the four Chanel Rouge Allure Laques I was missing (Dynastie, Imperial, Santal, and Phoenix!).  The artist helping me even said I scooped up the last Imperial & Santal!  Their stock did look quite depleted, so if you were thinking about it…!  The good news is she did confirm they are permanent! :)  After Nordstrom, I skipped over to MAC freestanding, and my favorite artist Melissa R. had my bag ready of Style Black & Dazzleglass Cremes.  One of each, please!

Now… have at it!

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106 thoughts on “Free For Haul Friday, Volume #003

  1. Eb

    Yesterday I ordered from the MAC website: black greasepaint stick, Midnight Media mattene, Faultlessly F/W, Bling Black Glimmerglass, and So This Season!

  2. Lisa

    Yesterday, I skipped over to my neighborhood MAC counter and picked up Baby Goth Girl, Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask, Young Punk MES, Grease Paint Stick, Fix+, aaand I had 2 B2M’s so I got two lipsticks in Lovelorn and Angel. 😀

  3. My most recent haul was last weekend. I picked up a few Lush items: Business Time massage bar, Sandstone Soap, and a shower jelly, also picked up a concealer from Prescriptives and Burberry Brit perfume.

    I am also currently reading Dan Brown’s latest release The Lost Symbol and for my dessert recipie White Wine Cake.

    I actually made this same recipie last night to bring to work today, everyone always loves it!!

  4. Tattoo Girl

    Over the past week I have bought
    Coastal Scents – 10 blush palette and 28 neutral palette
    MAC – VATM, VAE, Young Punk, Blue Flame, Cinderfella, Smolder, Greasestick, Myth, Totally Fab Dazzlecreme, Gesso, Brule, Scene, 214 brush.I B@M for 3 MES from STyle Black and Totally Fab.
    Sephora – MUFE e/s #92,75,99,169, palette, silver falsies, TFSI

  5. daphne

    Christine, do you always buy whole MAC collections because of the blog? Do you usually keep them all or do you return some if they don’t work for you? Just curious what doing a blog like this will do to a makeup collection 😉

    I’m going to the freestanding MAC store tonight to pick up my VAE and the thermal mask – I asked them to hold one of each for me. I wasn’t into the brand when the VAE came out last year, so I have no idea if I’ll like it…so I’m going to risk not getting a backup for now, since I’ve *got* to budget 😛 but if it’s still around in a week and I love it, I might be in danger…

    • Hi Daphne,

      I do purchase for the blog, because I think it’s really helpful to show real photographs of all the products, swatches, and lip swatches (no way I could do those in store, lol!) :) I’ve been doing it since Dame Edna back in December of last year. I love helping when I can, so! :)

      I don’t return anything, though. Since everything is used (swatched or used in a look, etc.), I usually keep it or I pass it along to my friends/family if I think it’ll work for them. :)

      Haha, my girl at MAC put 4 VAE and 2 Thermal Masks on hold for me (which I grabbed yesterday). I don’t love the mask yet, but I didn’t want to love it and have it sell out… ’cause I KNOW it will!

      • daphne

        It’s AWESOME. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it enough, but I don’t think I would have had the guts to really embrace a newfound love of makeup if not for this blog. I don’t buy anything until I see your reviews and since we have very similar coloration, they are SO helpful. (And your taste has rubbed off on me too…I’m such a coral fiend now!) I mean, I’m sure buying lots of fun makeup isn’t exactly a sacrifice 😉 but I still am so appreciative that you do it.

        I’m kind of crossing my fingers I don’t love the VAE products, haha. I’m sure I will, but man, why make skincare LE? That’s so cruel 😛 But you know, at least I’m not interested in anything else in this collection, so if I decide I need a backup or two I can pretend to justify it 😉

        • Aww, really, thank you SO much, Daphne! :) It is so heart-warming to hear that my reviews are helpful! Haha, aren’t corals great? I have heard murmurings that MAC will be doing a lot of corals come spring… I’m crossing my fingers!

          I think if you just use the exfoliator once or twice a week, one tube can last you about six to eight months. Just for reference 😉 I 100% agree with you about LE skincare… LAME.

  6. inuchan

    Sounds like a lucky Chanel haul indeed! :))))))

    My latest haul was some of the latest Maybelline lippies , and even, omg, a red red lippie!!! I got 5 lippies in total ^^

    As I am about to enjoy my weekend with my hubby (and lsiten to our favourite podcasts at TWiT and TWiF (I dunno if i may post a direct link here), here is a book that touched me a lot.

    It is called “Cher Amour”, by Bernard Giraudeau.
    the book is in French, and is a beautiful rendition of some of the journeys that the author himself did. The writing is beautiful, and if you chance to pass by it, please give it a go :)

  7. makeuplover514

    Sadly nothing from MAC for me. There’s just too many launches I can’t keep up. Dazzleglass creams are next on the list though=)

    My haul this week was Nanette Lepore perfume and some Beauty Rush lipglosses from Victoria’s Secret (bubblegum, strawberry fizz, and sublime). Love these, totally lipsmackers for adults;)

    My other haul was shoes: one pair of sequined flats from Wanted and another pair of purple suede flats with ruffles from Me Too. So cute! I actually clapped when I found them at Winners. Ony a girl could do that, lol!

    Just finished reading Tuesday’s Child by Louise Bagshawe. Totally cheeky chic lit, very easy peasy read and just fun.

    I am SO looking forward to the weekend, TGIF!

  8. Erica

    2 VAE,252 brush,viva glam vi l/s, viva glam v gloss, big kiss gloss,c-thru gloss, mac fast response eye cream, Femmi Fi e/s,100 strokes e/s magnetic fields e/s, subline culture lip liner and mellow mood l/s…scored the shadows and lip stick at the cco! Can’t wait to try the VAE this weekend!

  9. lesleykat

    last weekend i got a bunch of stila stuff: 3 eyeshadows: kitten, diamond lil and cloud, the barbie es palette, barbie smudgepot in cobalt clutch. i also got urban decay es in s&M and strip.

    my mac haul yesterday: style black blowout! both volcanic ash products, all 4 MES, the two mattene lipsticks (‘m rocking violet night today!), 2 nail colors, 2 of the dazzleglasses in date night and get rich quick, a platinum pigment, 2 feline kohls pencils and a greasepaint stick.

    AND i placed a HUGE order on that includes all of the NYX pearl powders and a few eyeshadow singles.

    other non-beauty related stuff. i made a FABULOUS pasta sauce last night for dinner out of mushrooms that i sauteed in butter and white wine, then pureed and thickened with butter over slow heat. my bf couldn’t figure out what is was because it had such a deep, earthy flavor. YUM! leftovers for lunch!
    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE! i’m going apple picking!

    wow… i have a pretty big problem with beauty shopping.

    and my boyfriend wants to go to the outlets this weekend… i’m going to TRY to avoid the CCO store. :(

    • How are you liking the Barbie palette?! Ohh, I hope you love, love, LOVE it!

      Are you wearing Night Violet alone or paired with something?

      Yummy! That sounds like a very delicious meal you made 😉 I’m jealous!

      Is it possible to avoid the CCO?! LOL. In what world is that possible?!

      • Alexis

        I made a disclaimer comment in your original Barbie thread. I dropped my palette last night and the pans easily come out. I lost the blue trio as a result. Luckily I saved my favorite pan – the teal/charcoal/purple one. I thought they were more secure in the palette but it’s just held by magnets. So it’s cool that it’s reusable but it sucks that it pops out soooo easily! I didn’t even get a chance to use the blue trio either! =(

        • :( I read! And so terrible! I am at least relieved to hear you were able to save three of the four!

          • lesleykat

            OH NO ALEXIS! that’s terrible. i’m pretty good about being careful with my palettes (i don’t do my makeup in the bathroom… also, knock on wood) but i’ll be extra careful with that one. the magnets holding the pans in are strong but not THAT strong.

            i haven’t worked much with the palette. i swatched a bit just to see payoff and i love a lot of the colors. it’s a little overwhelming because there are so many. i have to plan my attack!

            IF i set foot in the CCO it will only be to find some of seasons’ past little darlings pigments. they are the perfect size. i already have both of last years and the cool of the year before’s. wow… improper sentence much. haha!

      • lesleykat

        oh and i’m totally rocking night violet on its own. i call it “office noir” haha!

  10. Alexis

    My Style Black stuff:
    Blk grease stick
    Blue Flame MES
    Bat Black CCB
    oh and I exchanged my NARS gloss at Sephora and paid an extra $10 for a YSL lipstick – what is wrong with me? I’ll end up exchanging that one too because it’s not the color I fell in love with instantly – trying to replicate the Dior shade they ran out of. I’ll probably go back and exchange for the Dior Creme de Gloss shade that was my second runner up!

    I’m wearing the bat black ccb with smut on top of that – coquette in the crease – black greasepaint as liner – smolder on the waterline. I’m on the fence with Blue Flame – I don’t mind that the blue glitter is subtle but I keep thinking of the blue greasestick/feline/brush coming out on Monday…ugh…this sucks! I’m so glad my husband understands my priorities…and obsession! =)

  11. Christina

    Yesterday, I went straight to Macy’s after work and I picked up two tubes of Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Cinderfella mineralize eye shadow, Young Punk mineralize eye shadow, Blue Flame mineralize eye shadow, and two tubes of Dazzleglass Creme. I cannot wait to play with my new goodies this weekend!

    • Very nice! Let me know what you think of the VAE!

      • Christina

        I definitely will. Normally, I do not buy MAC skincare products, but the lady at the MAC counter said that they will probably sell out of their Volcanic Ash items by this weekend, so I jumped on it and picked up two!

        Is the VATM a new item? i did not even give it a second look since I have only heard raves about VAE.

        • Oh yeah, definitely. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least! The Masks is new in a way. It was *supposed* to come out with the Exfoliator originally, but it never came out (I imagine they had some production or formula issues), so though we’ve heard about it before, this is the first time it’s been on the market.

  12. abbyl

    Oooh yesterday I got 3 dazzleglass cremes (My Favorite Pink, Perfectly Unordinary, and Soft Dazzle). Yes, I am addicted to pink lip gloss…. Oh and I meant to pick up a Wildly Lush plushglass, but instead the MA gave me Nice Buzz, which I actually am liking! Umm, I think I might have to go pick up a VAE today though, can’t wait to try this!

    Christine, I am sooo jealous that you have all the Chanel Rouge Laques, they are so beautiful!

  13. Torie

    Let’s see on Tues(my bday) I bought Too Faced Lip of Luxury l/s in Living in Sin and Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls in Pink Bling at Ulta then went to Sephora and bought Nars l/s in Sexual Healing, some Sephora ‘Tricks of the Trade’ loose powder, some l/g from tarte(can’t remember the nm), The Balm ‘Mary-Lou Manizer’ and a Laura Mercier creme blush brush. I went back to Ulta(diff one) and bought UD 24/7 eyeliner set and then yesterday I went back to the first Ulta and bought Smashbox l/g in Radiant and today I have ordered the UD Book Of Shadows Vol II and their deluxe e/s in Sting and oh yeah I’m waiting for my Bliss Youth Trio which s/b here on Monday. I love bday money!!!

  14. Macaddict

    My last haul was yesterday too!!
    First to MAC where my Black Style (all of it except Smolder e/l and penultimate liner – which I already own. Plus all the new Dazzleglasses! Came to $600!!!
    Then, I was an even worse “bad girl” and went to the Chanel counter (which happens to be right across from the MAC counter…) and bought the Coromandel lip laquer (I already own Dragon, whichI love)! The sale lady (who didn’t work for the Chanel counter btw) made such a rude comment as she was ringing it in the till: she implied that I was stupid for purchasing such an expensive lipstick!!! She said that she would never buy something that expensive and then she she went on to say that I must not have children for being able to afford such a high price item!! What a b***ch! Like it’s any of her business in the first place. Second of all, it’s because of addicts like me that she earns a salary (and commission, I might add). Second of all, I’ll be putting her kids through college, if she has any, so she should,be thankful for people like me! LOL
    Well, I do have a child but being a beauty addict, one prepares/budgets for such splurges. Next time I’ll go there, I will refuse to be served by her …

    • Christina

      I highly doubt a $32 tube of lipstick will put the SA’s child(ren) through college, even if you purchase all your makeup from the same SA with the cost of college tuition these days; but I digress.

      It sounds like an amazing haul!

    • Alexis

      That is pretty rude since you are helping her make her numbers for the day – if anything she should be grateful for people like us that will drop serious money on lip gloss. Because YES we love it THAT much! I have a baby of my own and luckily my husband never says anything about my makeup spending habits. He knows I can pay my bills on time and I do know when and when it isn’t appropriate to buy makeup…i.e. our daughter needs milk and diapers.

      I am impressed, if not jealous, over your $600 overhaul. I am pretty sure if I add up all my purchases over the last couple months it would be over $600. Yikes – I hope my husband never reads this hahahaha

    • I like Coromandel, too, but not as much as Dragon! I love the Rouge Allure Laque formula, but I think Dragon is still my favorite shade!

  15. Christy

    Ok, it was a lot this week, but I’m loving everything so far. =) This week I got the Chanel Noir Obscures palette (exchange since the one I received was cracked), Chanel Mousse Exfoliante, and Chanel Gondola nailpolish. From MAC, I got VAE (3), VATM (3), black greasepaint stick (3), Black CCB, Night Violet mattene, glimmerglass Bling Black, Glimmerglass Blackfire, Seriously Hip nailpolish, Baby Goth Girl nailpolish, Black Knight lipstick, all 4 MES for Style Black, Creme Allure DGC, Amorous DGC, and Luscious Spark DGC. After Dsquared, I’m on a serious no buy restriction until the holiday collections are out. 😉

    Also have to say, I <3 <3 <3 the VAE and VATM! I've had so many acne scars from the stress of the last month or so due to moving and buying a condo. (Which I almost didn't get! The seller walked out on the lawyer and almost didn't sign. I got it in any case. =) VAE and VATM have made my scars fade so fast with 1 use each of both products. It's gone from noticeable to almost gone. I'm considering ordering 2 or 3 more of each so I don't run out until the next release because its so AMAZING!

    • How are you liking the Noir Obscurs palette? I don’t love it :( In fact, I’d say I was VERY disappointed in it!! Ahhhhhh.

      Just a heads up, they might not be scars but just hyperpigmentation :) Better than scars, lol, even if they’re still frustrating.

  16. Macaddict

    Oh, BTW; I’m glad that I placed my Black Style order 3 weeks ago on hold bcuz as it turns out, some of the items they only received 3 of! MY fave MA told me that 1 is for display, 1 for tester, which leaves 1 left for selling (which, incidentally, I own now)… No wonder MAC sells out within a few hours after release!!!…
    Today I’m rocking my new “babies” too: Night violet mattene (on top of Night Moth l/l) with the black/pruply l/g, blue flame MES on top of the grease stick and blackground paint pot. Love it all!!!

  17. Shanna

    I was a really really bad girl yesterday and bought wayy to much.
    mac-star nova lustreglass,blackfire glimmerglass,dubonnet lipstick,night violet mattene,greasepaint stick
    origins-nude and improved foundation
    Lush-T’eo solid deodorant,porridge soap,bohemian soap,ring of roses buttercream,businesstime massage bar

  18. Annie

    I went to my MAC store, and bought the VAE and the mask, as well as Baby Goth Girl nail polish and Young Punk MES. I am returning Young Punk because it’s an exact dupe of one of the new smudgepots from the Barbie Loves Stila collection (the Little Black Dress). It’s black with purple shimmer. Same, same thing. And since it’s easier to work than the MES, it’s just not worth it.

    I then went to Sephora, and got the new Lip Enamel Trio from the Barbie Loves Stila collection. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I love all three colors, and that hot pink one just ROCKS!!

  19. Chrissy

    My Style Black stuff should be at the mailbox today! I ended up getting more than I had planned…

    Black Greasepaint Stick
    Blackfire Glimmerglass
    Night Violet Mattene
    Black Knight Lipstick
    Blackware Glimmerglass
    VAE and VAM (cant wait to try them, I bought both because of your raving about the VAE when it came out the last time).
    I also picked up Amorous and My Favorite Pink dazzlecreames

    Ive never tried black lipstick before but Im curious and think with some layering/combos I can do some fun vampy lips!

  20. lia

    I havent bought anything new in a very long time, but I out of foundation so Ill need to make a trip to Sephora to scope out new shades/brands. I need some fall lip colors too, but Im picky about them, so I might pop in to mac tomorrow and get suggestions. Im trying so hard to save money, but I love all the fall collections! Im going to do a haul from Etsy soon, need soaps and lotions!

    It is my birthday today, so Im not doing any homework and just being a slob around the apartment. Having drinks and dinner with friends tonight so Ill get all dolled up – they never see me with my makeup done beside the basics :)

  21. Jennifer

    Wow, expensive haul Christine! I still cant get those chanel laques out of my head. So much so I dreamt about them last night , seriously! I think either I couldnt find it or they were half off and I felt an urgency to buy them lol

    Anyhow my haul online (so still waiting to get it)

    Benefits one hot minute
    Dazzleglass creme in Do it up
    Mac e/s in Brule and Satin Taupe
    Mac Lipstick brush
    Mac Milan Mode lipstick
    Mac Red Full Stop and Resolutely Red lipsticks

  22. Jeye

    I splurged on Guerlain.. its like a new taboo for me. I bought the tsarina e/s palette, a rouge G l/s, two kisskiss glosses, the parure gold foundation, a kisskiss l/s, and the precious light illuminator. Lucky for me, le boyfriend bought some of it for me as gifts since ive been going through a lot of bad juju this past week. I also ordered the large e.l.f. palette for 20 bucks(half-off!), and got the stila barbie all dolled up palette and the purple heels, and little black dress delivered today! whoo hoo! later i may hop over to MAC to check out the new collections. Thanks christine for posting all the swatches otherwise i may be at the counter for hours trying everything on one at a time!

    • Oooh, which Rouge G, Jeye? Great formula! I love the lipstick itself, the packaging is okay, but more of a novelty… I’d rather pay less, LOL.

      • Jeye

        I know what you mean about the packaging. As pretty as it looks, I’d rather pay less for the packaging, but the mu there mentioned that Guerlain will start to come out with refillables, so at least it wont be as expensive.

        I absolutely have fallen in LOVE with the formula and staying power of these lipsticks. I picked up 04 Gentiane, but I definitely want more..

  23. Emm

    Last haul was from Stila. I got All dolld up palette, kitten and black kitten eye shadow and Petunia convertible color. Nothing too much this week since I am trying to save up for a Macbook Pro.

  24. Jennifer

    Ok Ok I just purchased online the chanel rouge allure laque in Phoenix !

    *Takes a deep breath* Im done with make up till Christmas… lol

  25. virion_butterfly

    I just got a whole bunch of stuff!
    Red Full Stop
    Faultlessly F/W
    44 Lashes
    Night Violet
    Young Punk
    Blue Flame
    Gilt by association
    Baby goth girl

  26. Lily

    STYLE BLACK- went to macys yesterday morning to pick up the VAE and VATM, Young Punk and Gilt by Association, these two are soo pretty, more so in person im so glad i have them!
    later that day went to my local MAC PRO to pick up backups for my VAE ADN VATM… picked up Seriously Hip and Baby Goth Girl, then asked what colors they used for the promotional poster (the pink lips)
    so they hooked me up with Angel and SOft Dazzle Dazzlecreme, definetely not a match but they are soo pretty together. plus i dont think i like the way the dazzlecreme left behind glitter on my lips!
    will go back this weekend for more stuff!!! and plus i still am on the hunt for what they used to make those pretty pink lips!

  27. amy

    My beauty haul includes: MAC VAE and VATM, Black Grease Paint Stick, Young Punk Mineralize eyeshadow (B2M the eyeshadow), Creme Allure and Sublime Shine Dazzleglass Creme. I am thinking of getting 1-3 more Dazzleglass cremes next week. I used the volcanic skin care last night and I really like it my skin felt very clean and purified and moisturized. I was rosy and glowy from it but I havent used it long enough to see some long term benefits. I might buy a back up of each next week. From MAC also picked up the Asphalt Flower Parfum, it is a bit too floral and strong at first but I liked it better later because I can smell more vanilla.

    I picked up Even Better Skin Tone Corrector from Clinque and Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara and Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara. I havent used the mascaras yet and the skin tone corrector I have only used for one day but I have heard some very good things about it.

  28. Colleen

    I just placed a really large order from Nordstroms, though it wasnt my plan. I placed an order on Tuesday night bc they had the dazzleglass creams and the Style Black Collection available. I also ordered some other things so I could get free shipping. Well, Wed. morning, I wake up to find an email saying they had canceled all the MAC stuff because they were unable to locate it. However, they had sent the other stuff! I called them to cancel the whole order, but it didnt work.

    So, yesterday I placed an order with all the new MAC stuff, plus some stuff for free shipping AGAIN. Its a good thing I havent made many purchases in the past few months; plus, I think Ill be returning a couple of things. I ended up getting:

    -Dazzlecremes in Amorous, Do It Up, Creme Allure, Luscious Sparks, and Totally Fab (the last two are a big step for me as I usually only get pinks and berries, but they are so gorgeous!)

    -VAE (2, 1 for me, 1 for my mom)
    -Photo Realism Quad
    -Starflash shadows in One-Off, Smoke and Diamonds, and Strike a Pose
    -Philosphy shower gels in Candy Cane, Silent Night, and Pure Grace

    I am going to do a major cleaning of my stash this weekend to make room for the new stuff.

    Im currently reading Wedding in December by Anita Shreve. So good! Im also totally obsessed with Glee. Ive recorded the shows and watch them over and over. Anyone else having this problem, haha?

  29. I got WAY too much stuff… Then, of all the things – the MAC store I go to released D-Squared weeks ahead of schedule on the SAME DAY!!! What the hell are they trying to do to me? LOL. I’ll wait on D-Squared (though I did get to play with all of it), I’m only interested in the paint sticks and one of the lipsticks anyway.

    So… I bought TWO of EVERYTHING from the Style Black collection (actually, one bunch was for a friend who slipped me the cash to pick it up for him so, I can’t claim that I’m that bad of an addict… yet). Haha.

    The only items I didn’t get for myself were the eyeliners and the creme color bases (have used both before and I don’t like how they sheer down into oblivion). My two favorites from the collection so far are the silver-ish and blue-ish eyeshadows. THOSE I am going to get an extra couple of in a day or so! Woo hoo!

    You want MORE?! Hehe. I just got my furnace replaced this Wednesday! :) Three cheers for more efficient heating! It was a nice excuse to leave the house and play around in our last blast of summer weather (90 degrees and blue skies).

    Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

    • Wow, you’re lucky it came out already!! DSquared officially launches today (the 28th!) — haha. My MA already put a bag aside for me, thankfully!

      Haha, I bet you made someone’s day when you bought TWO of everything 😉

  30. lovepotion18

    12 empty e/s quads from MAC
    Patisserie l/s
    Naked Paris l/s

    ordered online

    planning on going to the MAC counter to check out the Black collection today after work.

  31. Jules

    I have a nice MAC Haul too!
    I got the eyebrow stick in ‘Fling’, the blush ‘Perfect Cheek’, the pearlglider ‘Rave’, an e/s refill in ‘Soft Brown’, 2 Pigments: Heritage Rouge and Push The Edge. And the pressed blotpowder in Medium Dark.

  32. From MAC I got 3 volcanic exfoliators and 2 masks, Blackware, Blackfire, brush cleanser, and #138 brush (I know it’s expensive, but I have been lemming it since time antiquity, and finally caved).

    From Giogio Armani I got LipWax in #2 and #6. (I already have #4 and #7. 7 is too fuchsia on my lips, but I /love/ the formula, and am trying to make it work anyway)

    Both of my packages should arrives on Thursday… *shivering like an overexcited dog at the prospect of playing with my haul next week*

  33. I hauled today!

    Got two of the Volcanic Ash Exfoliators on the strength of all the reviews I’ve seen online (so I really hope it works for me) and one of the Thermal mask… never tried one so this should be interesting! Also picked up the Best of MUFE at Sephora and got the new Kat Von D palette as the 500 pt gift.

  34. aramis

    hmm i think it was in the last week ..i got the photorealism quad and newspirit. i got some things online from avon some makeup stuff and sandals and then 2 days ago i went to da store and picked up 4 mark concealors since i am considering freelancing and a nail polish. today i got the ve and violet trance. they didnt let me b2m for the dgc until its an older collection im probably going to go back for a grease stick. im more excited for the d square collection.

    btw 2day i got a lot of complements on my makeup and when i went into mac a lady asked me wat blush i was wearing and i told her and she wanted me to get her some stuff and im like oh i dont work here. she was like oh im sorry its cuz you are wearing all black.( i guess cuz of my makeup lol) and then i was paying and she asked me if the blush she was wearing looked right and i said yes lol. it feels good that a customer consulted me first with ther being 5 or 6 other mua there.

  35. My latest haul was at Bloomingdales. I got Cle de Peau concealer and picked up the volcanic ash exfoliator at MAC along with another 187 (my 4th!), the black greasepaing stick, and another studio fix foundation in the whitest color possible.

    Then I started at Sephora, oh lord. I can’t even remember what I got there….I think I blacked it out!

    Also included in my haulage was a brand new purse from Edition, which is my new favorite store. It’s at San Francisco Centre and it’s amazing. I think they’re opening more locations soon. I could live there!

  36. Erin/Slipnslide

    I grabbed me some Ben Nye shades last – I LOVE Cherry and Aztec Gold, totally my HG red and gold eyeshadow shades.
    I also got a MAC Studio Fix compact in a lighter shade for winter, and Blankety!

  37. Charisse

    I’ve read that bold lips for fall are coming back so I decided to check out the new Style Black collection from MAC. I loved NARS shanghai collection from the past year, & I picked up Night Violet, & Midnight Media Mattene lipsticks. Also i caved and bought the Volcanic Ash exfoliator to try it for myself.

  38. Nicole

    My last haul was Wednesday, one Creme DNude Lipstick, a cool brown Esprit pullover, a White Coffee Mocha and I got on wait list for an 16 GB iphone in black.

    Next week Mac HD LE will be released in my country, is there a differene between Creme DNude lipstick and the nudy beige tone from HD, come 2 real or like that?

  39. Kacey

    I stopped by the Chanel counter on Thursday and picked up the Rouge Allure Lacque in Dragon. I’m in love with it! I’m glad they’re permanent because I’d love to try some other shades. At $39 CAD I can’t really buy a bunch of them with my budget right now. I still have to check out Style Black. I hope stuff isn’t sold out before I get to the store. I’m not interested in the skincare products, just want to check out the lip stuff.

  40. Giannina

    On Friday I went to MAC and got young punk and blue flame eyeshadow, the greasepaint stick, baby goth girl nail polish, and night violet mattene lipstick… oh and that same day I got the eyeliner I was missing from the MAC Makeup art collection, (Colour Matters) I got the other threee but this one was sold out everywhere and got it from Ebay!!