Friday, September 4th, 2009

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays!  Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like.  Recommend your favorite book, or tell us what you just started reading; share a great dessert recipe or a photo of your pet (which is sure to be the cutest, yeah?).

Now… have at it!

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108 thoughts on “Free For Haul Friday, Volume 001

  1. I’ll start us off! :)

    My last beauty buy was an Antica Farmacista candle in Amber from Gilt’s sale, which I bought yesterday. I’m hoping it is as amazing as I’ve been hearing from others!

    When I’m not reading the most boring thing ever–federal tax code–I’ve been reading historical romance novels, ’cause they’re SUCH a total guilty pleasure. Any one have any favorites? I’m always looking for new authors!

    I’m so, so craving a Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, but ever since getting a Nespresso machine at home… Starbucks tastes disgusting. As in despite paying $4 for a latte, I didn’t drink half of it, because it was so offensive to my taste buds! Anyone have any good recipes for a home-made version? :)

    Your turn!

    • jess

      Tax was one of my favorite law school classes last semester. The Code is pretty boring, but not as boring as the UCC!

    • Cherie

      Ohhh I love old novels too… not too sure how ‘historical’ it would be but I finished Anna Karenina a few months ago and enjoyed it… I’m a slow reader and it took forever! The love story is intense. I once read this book was on the list of top 10 female crazies! lol

      I also read The Princes of Ireland last year and it is more historial. The author takes you through the history of Ireland through fictional characters and real historial figures.

    • Sarah Dunant specifically writes historical romance! I read The Birth of Venus and looooved it (as much as a historical romance novel can be loved in comparison to literary fiction lol)… 😀 Deeefinitely check her out! 😀

  2. Jess

    My latest hauls include MAC–Rave eyeliner, Style Snob eyeshadow, Studio Fix NW20, On Display lipglass, and Select moisture cover NW20,
    Also Urban Decay–which I’m really starting to love–Underground eyeshadow, Naked lipstick, and Naked eye shadow.

    I just started reading “Pop Tart” a fiction novel about an aspiring makeup artist who hits it big becoming the artist of a sort of Britney Spears-esque character. Good so far! I love that the protagonist is a makeup artist!

    I’ve also been reading all my September issues of fashion mags, Vogue, Elle, In Style, Glamour, Lucky and absolutely craving fall clothes at this point! lol.

    I’m really lusting over Jess Simpson’s new fall handbags, can’t decide which one I want to get!

    My Mom just turned me onto Nutella, which is awesome on graham crackers. She says cuz its hazelnut its good for u, but I tell her it tastes just like chocolate! I freakin love it though!

    I’m also still excited for the MAC style black collection!

    • Jess, did you see Urban Decay’s new products for holiday? OMG! New 24/7 Liners! I’m in lust for sure :)

      I’m gonna have to check out that novel, it sounds like it might be right up my alley.

      I LOVE Nutella. I love it on Strawberries! :)

      • jess

        I haven’t seen the holiday stuff, I’m gonna go look it up now! How exciting! They are quickly becoming my new go to brand behind MAC! And I’m in love with the Naked lipstick too! Except mines gotten all jacked up in there, ugh! The lipstick broke off so now its wiggling around in there and its buggin me! The color is to die for though! Oh and I bought Confession but the sword broke off so I could barely get it open and I had to return it. Sad!

        I am definitely gonna try Nutella on strawberries now too!

        • Ahh, Naked!! So pretty. Ohh, you know what you should do? Lightly heat up the end of the lipstick, and then smoosh is into the bottom :) OR you can scrape out what’s in the bottom portion and you should be able to shove the lipstick back in.

    • Raven

      SEPT. Vogue is THE BEST!!!! I’ll check that book out!! Sounds like a fun read!!

  3. Tracy

    Christine – you’ll need to go to, (although I buy my syrups from – their Pumpkin Spice syrup makes delicious lattes.

    My latest beauty haul was from I got the VIP starter kit – it includes so much for only $18.50, and their vip sales have a bunch more – so I had to get some shadows too. Can’t wait until it arrives!!

    I’ll read anything by Jonathan Kellerman, (psychological crime thrillers), I’m reading “Twisted” right now – very good!

    • Thanks! I think I’ll pop by BevMo & see if they carry that Torani syrup in store. I am soooooo not paying for shipping!

      Let me know how you like the Lorac set! I was tempted… but am resisting!

  4. Anitacska

    Hi Christine!

    Well I’ve just been out shopping all day, so I have plenty to share with you all. :) I bought Personal Taste lipglass (found On Display too similar to Magnetique, so didn’t get it, although it’s very pretty), and 3 pigments: Heritage Rouge, Cocomotion and Push the Edge.

    I also bought the new Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol 2 (it was the last one in the store! and it’s only £28 (approx. $40) and has two full size 24/7 liners and a travel sized primer potion as well as 16 shades of eyeshadows!) and another UD palette (can’t remember its name) with 6 shades, a travel size primer potion and a full size Zero 24/7 liner for £17 ($25) (hugely worth it!!!).

    I also got some GOSH eyeshadow and crease brushes (love them) and a blush brush, a cute light up lipgloss from MeMeMe (great budget line) and the new Revlon quad in gorgeous autumn shades.

    Oh and I got the new Givenchy prismissime in Poetic Blues and it’s lovely. *phew*

    Gonna have some chicken kiev (breaded chicken breast with garlic butter inside – yum) out of the freezer for supper with some yummy vegetables and potatoes. I’m hungry already and it’s only 4.25 pm here.

    Have a nice weekend,


    • How fun, Anita! :) I’m so jealous that you seem to have nabbed up a lot of the new UD goodies! I can’t wait for the new 24/7 liners… they look so lovely! I just wish they weren’t in a set :(

      I love Chicken Kiev! I think I prefer Chicken Cordon Bleu, which is similar, just a taddd more, but only the way my mom makes it, LOL.

      4:25pm there already! Time differences can be so crazy. It’s only 8:36am here!

      • Anitacska

        Ooh, I haven’t seen the new liners yet! Exciting! :)

        I love Cordon Bleu too. :) I pretty much like anything with chicken to be honest.

        Wow, there’s an 8 hour difference between the other side of the US (you are in California right?) and the UK? That’s a lot. But I guess it figures, I think there’s 5 hours between NYC and London.

  5. lesleykat

    i have recently had 3 HUGE hauls. i bought about 3/4ths of the make up art cosmetics collection along with 4 sharflash shadows from the love that look collection. i really recommend the photorealism quad (i get massive amounts of complements when i wear it) from MUAC and smoke and diamonds from LTL.

    on to sephora: i bought a few 24/7 eyeliners from UD and a deluxe shadow in adore (dark royal blue) because i was looking for a dupe of Nars china blue and it was pretty comparable. i also got a ton of the new glittery sephora brand shadows. i’m trying not to discriminate against glitter. i also bought two opi by sephora polishes in dark room and i forget the name of the other but it’s a dark burgundy black. GET DARK ROOM! it’s pretty. 2+ coats though. i also thought i would try out TFSI, which i am having really great results. i really like it! i honestly just went to buy the illamasqua gold pot of awesome but they were out. :( somehow i still ended up buying $200+ but i had my VIP coupon so i got some $ off.

    my nyx haul: i got 2 blushes: taupe and angel, 3 jumbo pencils in cherry, lavender and MILK. OMG if you buy one thing ever buy the milk pencil. it’s FAB!!! i also grabbed a few single shadows and a few ES trios. i’m really digging the lake moss trio. LOVE LOVE LOVE

    in my life now, i’m participating in @heatherpark’s twitter makeup challenge for new york fashion week. i’m doing dramatic looks for daytime and i don’t care! in twitter search #NYFWMUC and you’ll see all the participating tweets. @lesleykat for me.

    oh and, if anyone wants to say i’m spending too much in a recession, please note that i’m a freelance makeup artist and i love adding to my kit. i swear… i’m not addicted (NOT)

    have a lovely long weekend ladies (and gentlemen?)

    • Hey Lesley!! Can you believe I’ve yet to wear my Photorealism quad? You are making me a bit more motivated to GET ON THAT.

      Which 24/7 liners did you get? I want the new ones UD just announced/launched on their website!

      Where do you find NYX? I can never find it in store!

      I saw @heatherpark’s challenge, and I was tempted, but I know I will fail, LOL.

      • lesleykat

        i got 24/7 in zero and deviant. i haven’t previously owned any so i only bought the two.

        i found NYX in a tiny little ma and pa beauty store on 8th ave and 35th street called beauty 35. i found the place randomly while on my way to alcone. they sell almost all of the NYX line and every other time i went they were out of the milk jumbo pencil. i’m so glad i finally found it.

        my new dilemma is whether or not to depot my NYX trios and put them into my mac palettes.

        you should at least try one look for @heatherpark’s challenge. you always rock it out. color looks great on you! :)

  6. PinkySangria

    All right, this week’s haul:

    Origins Quick, Hide concealer. I’ve heard good things about this, and so far I think I like it.

    MAC got some more of my money for a 187 brush, a 109 brush, Rave e/l, and a few e/s including: Smoke and Diamonds (beautiful!), One-Off, and Dreammaker from the Love that Look collection. Also Parfait Amour cuz I was feelin purple.

    My weekend project is going to be to revamp my vanity area cuz I’ve been looking at everyone’s stashes and set ups and have been inspired- and of course driven to an irrational jealousy. Lol.

    Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

  7. virion_butterfly

    Just picked up MAC Rave eyeliner, Brash and Bold pigment, a brush set from coastal scents as well as their 88 colour ultra shimmer palette!

    P.S. despite what everyone’s been saying on the worst brush post, I LOVE MY COASTAL SCENTS BRUSHES!

  8. soo lately, as in the last month hehe, I’ve gone crazy ordering makeup :S . I got the urban decay sustainable palette w/ full size UDPP, yes! 😀 also 2 24/7 eyeliners in zero & yeyo, thee basics. hmm oh yeah, MAC blot powder yayyy. revlon matte lipstick in nude, love it. didn’t buy it, but got my MUFE 12 color palette I won on :). couple clinique lipsticks. just ordered benefit’s coralista, can’t wait to get it. lastly, also placed order for stila ‘blockbuster’ package on the fairest. yayness.

    im bored at work.

    very bored..

  9. Well, technically my last haul was a mini one (a Gosh lipbalm and a Maybelline lipstick) but I had another bigger one last week-end: Bobby Brown gel liner in sapphire and concealing kit in ivory, 2 OPI polishes, a Benefit creaseless cream shadow and at Mac: 3 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks and a pigment.

    Other than that… I kind of got promoted at work (I say kind of because I was told of much more work and responsibility but not about more money LOL), I am scared it’s going to cut drastically in the time I spend on the web obsessing about makeup. :-( (Hopefully it will lead to more money and more hauls in the end, ha ha)

  10. VanessaMarie

    I am I totally nude lippie addict and I just bought my first red, Viva Glam I, and I’m scared to wear it! So far I’ve just been staring at it happily… Someday! I’m also addicted to right now, really cool handmade items for sale. I love looking at all the Twilight stuff (some of it hilarious some great).
    Just finished reading Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Mysteries (the books True Blood are based on) highly recommended! It’s the anti-Twilight :)

  11. jess

    I’ve been buying a lot less makeup and beauty stuff lately, but I went to Ulta earlier this week and picked up a couple Essie nail polishes (Well Red and After Sex – I like red polishes!) and an Essie base coat (I used to be an OPI girl but I discovered recently that I really love Essie polishes). I also picked up some shampoo and conditioner (Pantene, nothing interesting).

    My 24th birthday is in two weeks, and I’m planning on buying some MUFE foundation, some Korres skincare products and a couple Urban Decay lipsticks for myself.

    Three weeks ago I started my final year of law school, so I haven’t really had time to read anything non-school related lately. I read a pretty good book right before classes started called The Porning of America (it’s obviously about pornography). I’ve been meaning to go to Borders and buy a couple pleasure books but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

    I saw Inglorious Basterds last week and it was a great movie. The reviews I’ve read have been positive and my reaction to it was positive as well.

    I’m kinda bummed I have to work tonight and tomorrow, but whatever. At least I don’t have classes today or on Monday!

    • I love Essie packaging. It just seems so cute!

      Happy birthday, Jess! Mine is on the 28th! :) (I’ll be 23!) What Korres products are you looking into?

      I bet you are SO ready to graduate, but kudos to you for getting through it! What classes are you taking this semester?

      • jess

        Essie packaging is really cute, now that you mention it – I love the tiny polish bottles and the cute ‘e’ logo. Their polishes stay forever on my toes, too! I’ve had the same color on my toes with no chips or anything for two weeks.

        Happy Early Birthday to you, too! But too bad you aren’t an awesome Virgo – instead you get to be an awesome Libra. :) I really want to try the Korres lip butters and the anti-acne/complexion clearing line that they carry. My skin has actually gotten worse as I’ve gotten older – I break out like crazy in my 20’s, far worse than I did in my teens. It just doesn’t make sense.

        As for law school, I am ready to graduate but I’m also scared since the job market isn’t that great and I have all this student loan debt to pay off (sorry to be a little bit of a Debbie Downer). I am looking into L.L.M. programs, too (I just can’t get enough school, apparently!). This semester I’m taking Sales and Secured Transactions, Advanced Torts, Pleadings & Practice (a writing course), Criminal Procedure and Trial Practice. What are you taking (other than tax)?

        • I know! I also love China Glaze — that’s probably my favorite polish brand, but I love their color range :)

          Korres lip butters are nice! I haven’t tried their anti-acne line, though. My skin is worse in my 20s – much more so than my teenage years. It makes me die a little inside, LOL.

          Oh, I know about student loans, oh I know! My mom says sometimes she wakes up in a cold sweat thinking about how I’m going to repay those things.

          I am taking Cyberspace Law, Privacy Law, and Negotiating! :) I’ll also be taking a management course at the business school once b-school starts up in a few weeks.

          • jess

            Oh, you’re in an MBA/JD Program? That’s awesome. They offer that and a JD/MLS program at my school (I wish I had done the MLS/JD program) and I have no idea how the students jump from school to school. My mind would be blown, I think.

            I wish they offered Privacy Law at my school, but the one professor who taught it left last year and I missed out. Maybe they’ll bring it back next semester with someone new so I can pick it up. Cyberspace Law is offered but it’s always in the evening and I have a job, so I have to keep my evenings free. Boo.

            Ruby Pumps by China Glaze is my ultimate favorite nail polish. I have probably 4 bottles around my house. How terrible is that?

            • Hey Jess!

              Yep, that’s me! :) It’s kind of frustrating, because the MBA program is only offered during the evenings, and I’m SO not an evening learner (I do best in the morning). The MBA school is also on a quarter system, whereas law school is on semester, so I feel like I am always in school, LOL.

              I hope someone else picks it up for next semester! It seems good so far… the Chief Privacy Officer of eBay came in and spoke with us last class!

              I LOVE Ruby Pumps!! So pretty. I have four or five or maybe six… bottles of For Audrey by China Glaze — that’s my all-time favorite polish shade! So, not terrible 😀

  12. Nadine

    I haven’t had any hauls recently, which I’m very happy about. I’ve been going to school for the last 5 months and will be going for another 8 … but on to what I have gotten.

    I picked up a couple Sephora favourites last month, the pink lip and the eye ect. Normally I’m an eye person but I LOVED the lip kit! I haven’t worn the bright pinks very often, but they’re really pretty and I like going outside my comfort zone.

    I also got the rainbow stack from Calypso Mineral Make-Up ( and I LOVE IT! The colours are so vibrant, and blend beautifully.

    I picked up my first Lustreglass, in Plus Luxe (a shimmery pinky red). Its really pretty, but the other day I put it over the Mac “see Thru Lip Colour” in the red shade, and its GORGEOUS!

    I’m trying to save my money as my 21(!!!) birthday is coming up next month and I want to put together a “wish list”.

    Anyways, I love the idea of a “free for all” friday!

  13. Paige

    I can’t believe you read ONTD. I will now read this blog/website in a new, fantastic light. :)

    Haven’t really hauled in a while. I guess the closest thing was when I got two Revlon Colorstay ultimate lipcolors in Brilliant Bordeaux and Grand Garnet, Revlon Beyond Natural Primer, and Matte Blush in BLushing Berry.

    The lip colors are beautiful but stay sticky too long. They last forever though, except on the inner part of the lips. It’ll come off then it just looks odd. I don’t really use the primer seeing as I haven’t been using liquid foundation but it’s light and smells wonderful. I LOVE the blush. I’ve been only really using mattes for my evtire face and I love this blush. It’s so hard to find a good matte in most products but I think I’ve found my HG powder blush. It’s gorgeous and gives just the right ammount of color.

    Saw Inglorious Basterds recently and LOVED IT. So hilarious. Would’ve been better if my friend didn’t insist on sitting in the front row. My neck and ears were killing me afterwards!

  14. Roxanne

    Tomorrow morning I’m heading straight to MAC for the three quads that are coming out with the Makeup Arts Cosmetics Collection (finally!). That Photorealism quad is so within reach, my bank account is already trembling.
    After that I’m going to Laundry Day with a friend, a festival with lots of DJ’s and different music styles. It lasts about 12 hours and I think it’ll be fun, if the weather stays dry at least…
    On Sunday I’m going to go see a movie with my dad, either Inglorious Basters or Public Enemies. We’ll probably get some snacks after that too (because I’m just ALWAYS hungry, you know?!). Looking forward to my weekend!

    I think I might have some problems tomorrow at MAC though. I’m currently using MSFN to set my makeup but I sort of have my eye on the Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. I think it will help with my oiliness a bit more more dan MSFN does. Which do you prefer, Christine?
    Ahhh, I don’t know, I think I’ll just get some blotting papers for touch-ups. You know I’ll be needing them when I’m dancing my ass of tomorrow night! :)

    Hope you all have a kick-ass weekend!

    • Very nice, Roxanne! I am sure you will enjoy them :)

      Laundry Day… very cool. Never heard of it, but it sounds fun! I am crossing my fingers it stays dry for you!

      I prefer Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, but MSFN breaks me out :/

      • Roxanne

        OK, so quick update: I only bought Photorealism and Notoriety. Really had my heart set on In The Gallery though but oh well, if it’s not meant to be…
        I’m sorry MSFN breaks you out! Got the blotting film too. I think it’s kind of gross the way it turns transparent from your own grease though :p
        The weather is looking up by now, thanks for crossing your fingers, I’m sure it’s helping!! :)

        PS: just wanted to let you know it’s called Laundry Day because you can do your laundry there. After that your laundry is hung to dry across the festival terrain. Can you imagine? Kinda cool!

        • LOL, blotting papers are *always* gross to look at. They’re just like those Biore pore strips that you see all the black stuff on… ew!

          Wow, that’s SUCH a cool idea! So original :) Have fun!!

  15. Kaylabella

    Yesterday I received my package from UD that included the Book of Shadows 2 and a little free bag of goodies: Midnight Cowboy e/s, Big Fatty Mascara, 24/7 Liner in Bourbon, and a cute purple makeup bag!!

    I also just got Push the Edge pigment!

    Tomorrow is a day for school shopping. I think it’s one of my favorite times of the year!

  16. Erica

    Yesterday I started off just wanting the MAC 187 brush but also got 2 mac e/s haux and plum dressing, cleanse off oil(LOVE IT!) and bare canvas paint…then since i was on a roll I went to Sephora and got Murad skin treatment, MUFE matte velvet (LOVE IT!) MUFE lip liner and Kitten smudge pot! I’ve been so busy buying new shadows from the recent collections that I’m now going back for the ones that are in the permanent line. ha ha Oh Wait….Got home and logged onto Aol and low and behold…MAC sent an email about their travel kits…yes, I did, I ordered one and because i have so many shadow now…1 pallette x15 and 2 small x4 pallettes. Couldn’t stop there either….Bought 2 stila lip glaze sticks on ebay which I am really liking more that lipsticks. Man oh man…when do i get paid again?! ha ha.

    I enjoy reading Jodi Picoult books and am about to start Handle with Care… after i play with my new products! Have a great weekend everyone. : )

    • OMG! I know the feeling. It has taken me YEARS to get into MAC’s permanent eyeshadows, because they release so many freakin’ LE shadows! Grr!!

      Which lip glazes did you pick up off of eBay?

  17. amy

    My latest haul include: MAC Photo Realism Quad, MAC Lip Conditioner and MAC Push the Edge pigment. Non MAC haul is The Balm Shadowy Lady palette.

    The last book I’ve read is Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw. It is not a fiction novel about beauty, but an non fiction editorial novel about a traveler writer’s travels throughout Canada and what makes each part of Canada unique and beautiful. My favourite book of this year has to be MARLY & ME! It is a very funny and charming and bittersweet book.

    I love UD 24/7 liners, but the Sephora in Vancouver is always out of stock in colours I want, but I can definitely see in the long run owning all the colours or at all the colours a want the most.

  18. Anitacska

    Forgot to say I got 3 eyeliner pencils from GOSH too (they had a 3 for 2 offer), they’re very similar to UD 24/7, waterproof as well. :)

  19. Helena

    I went to MAC a week ago (and on that Sunday) and got Earthline technakohl (it sorta reminds me of Smoke and Diamonds for some reason?!?), Rue d’Rouge dazzleglass, Fling brow pencil, Gingerroot cremestick lipliner, Creme d’Nude lipstick, and Russian Red lipstick. Squeee! :3
    I have enough left over from that for Style Black…I’m gonna try out the Volcanic Ash products!! Ooh @_@

  20. Colleen

    I just received my Sephora order. I bought the UD Ink for Eyes in Binge (navy blue). It is such a gorgeous color! It’s more like a purple-blue on me. I also purchased two Sephora by OPI polishes (Set the Mood and Underwater Fantasy), also great. I also got UDPP, which I think I will return. It doesn’t seem to stick to my eyelid and kinda peels off. Anyone know what I could do to fix this? If not, I’ll exchange it for my beloved Benefit Lemon Aid.

    I’ve been reading Annette Blair’s new series, which is great! It’s about a woman who is a psychic/witch, and she is a fashion designer that collects vintage clothes. She sees things when she touches some of the clothing and uses the information to solve murders. They are really fun. I think the series is called Vintage Magic?

    I plan on spending the weekend trying to not die of heat stroke. It will continue to be over 100 here :(.

    • Oh no! Sucks to hear about UDPP. Have you tried different thicknesses? Maybe it’s too thick or too thin…

      I will check out the book series! Thank you!

      Good luck staying cool!

  21. Nicci

    I haven’t picked up a lot of make-up recently but I’m going to try a Lush product out for the first time. After work today Im going to purchase the Branzened Honey mask and maybe Cupcake. I’m excited!

    Nothing too interesting has been going on for me, just working too much. I still need to take my vacation that I have from 2008! I’m also excited for The Hills & The City coming back. The last thing I read that not work-related was Memoirs of a Geisha.

  22. Charisse

    I went to MAC yesterday to check out their Flirt w/ Fall collection and I bought a pair of the #45 lashes. I was looking around while the making artist went to get it for me, and the new nail polishes caught my eye. I ended up buying Beyond Jealous, Rich Dark & Delicious along with the lashes. :)

  23. lia

    No shopping for me because I just barely paid my rent this month, and don’t want to do that again. I do hope to get some beauty things (LUSH!) for my upcoming birthday!

    Waiting to start my last semester of my MA, can’t wait to be done with it! (although I start my second MA in the spring, lol) Also look forward to seeing my school friends and ranting about the program.

    Starting the countdown until I see U2 on the 20th!

  24. tabby

    I haven’t been anywhere to buy anything in a while. The closest store is an hour in the opposite direction from where I work. I think the last makeup I bought was Smoke & Diamonds, Strike a Pose online.
    What kind of espresso maker did you buy & what kind of coffee do you use? The closest Starbucks is the same hour drive. Perhaps you should start a blog on that, too. LOL!

    • It’s this one: Nespresso D290 Concept Espresso and Coffeemaker. I got it off of HauteLook when they had them, because it was $299 instead of $399. They use a capsule delivery system, so you just buy capsules (and they have different espresso strengths and stuff to choose from) as you need them. Each capsule is about $0.50, I believe — way cheaper than Starbucks. Super easy to make/use :)

  25. Roberta

    I got my Sephora order yesterday which was my last haul. It included the Kate Somerville 9!! Acne Kit (which is doing amazing things to my skin, thanks Christine for exposing us to Kate Somerville), another empty MUFE 10 pallet, MUFE eyeshadow in 80 (peacock green), more lancome bi-ficil makeup remover. Whats best about the haul is I cashed in my credit card reward points and got a $100 Sephora gift card, so that all cost my only $80 out of my pocket.

    I have a 4 day week and have nothing planned so far, but might try to convince my fiance to go to Sephora or nordstroms over the weekend, for the hell of it.

    • YAY YAYAY! Happy to hear about the Kate Somerville… reminds me I need to get more for myself!

      Enjoy your weekend, even if you don’t do anything — sometimes that’s the best!

  26. Cherie

    So I was reading the latest issue of GLOW (a mag that comes through Shoppers Drug Mart) and there was a section showcasing new looks/products and one of the looks had the model in a beauitful bronze coloured l/s (Lancome lipcolour in couture choc) that I wanted sooo bad… Not wanting to pay $26, I ended up going to MAC and getting Slimstick l/s in Cocoamour for $17.50 and love it!

    Kind of backfired though b/c I ended up getting a the Fresh Cut e/s palette from the Graphic Gardens collection (kind of late on that, I know). But I got some samples of prep+prime, creme face wash, heritage rouge & push the edge pigments. :)

    Next haul will be a bday gift to myself when the Fall Trend tone:grey quad comes out and a belated bday gift to myself when Style Black comes out. Oh and the free Sephora lip threesome pack.

    I am reading Jane Eyre right now and last read April in Paris (WWII novel). Book recommendation – Time Traveller’s Wife

    Pumpkin spice lattes are amazing. I am loving the Tetley tea liquid packs that you but into water bottles these days.. forget what they are called but the pomegranate one is fab!

    This lovely looong weekend will be spent looking for some creative ways to make a vanity area in my new place. Any suggestions???

  27. Today I bought Urban Decay’s eyeliner in Covet. I love UD eyeliners and am slowly building up my stash. I think my next purchase will be Rockstar.

    Christine, I’m an avid reader of historical romance. My fave author is probably Jo Beverly. And if you haven’t read it, check out Diana Gabaldon’s historical “Outlander”. Sigh. Its wonderful.

  28. Faheema

    Welll my haul has yet to arrive seeing as I sent off my list with dad who has gone to the states 😛

    I’m getting a few things from Make-up Art Cosmetics collection. These are; Brash and Bold pigment, Full of fuchsia technakohl liner, New Spirit lipglass. Other things are Margin blusher cause I’m absolutely in love with it and Black liquidlast liner :)

    Lol so not much of a haul really but thats kinda big for me seeing as I usually only buy like one thing at a time hahahha.

    My MAC collection is growing slowly… wooo :)

    Oh and I’m reading twilight… I think I’m way behind everyone on that one 😛

  29. Raven

    YAY!!! I’m so loving FFHF!! Like ONTD’S FFAF, but w/ makeup and other fun stuff!! Ok, the only makeup items I purchased today were @ Sephora.I picked up their “Arch it Brow Kit.” I must share w/ you my initial thoughts!! THIS IS A MUST HAVE and Sephora really impressed me w/ this product!! For the past few years I’ve been loyal to MAC’S Expresso shadow for my brows, here and there switching to their brow pencil, but it ran out much to fast!! The packaging of this brow kit is adorable!! It has everything you’ll ever need inside!!! It has a brow powder, wax, 2 cute usable brushes, a brow gel, a PAIR of NICE TWEEZERS a few stencils and a large brow brush. The only thing I don’t really care for is the big brush. All of this was $32.00!! I also picked up Benefits Perfect 10 powder box. I haven’t tried it yet, though I have a feeling it will wear nice on my pale skin. I have a question for those of you who have read any of Paula Begoun’s books. What do you think of her? Do you think she’s as creditable and knowledgeable as SHE thinks she is??? I’m a licensed Esthetician/MUA and although some of her thoughts are valid, well studied and have science and logic behind them, I’m a lil’ bit weary of some other things she has to say. This is the first book I’m reading of hers and just wanna hear some other people’s thoughts!! On a side note, I need a good read!! Someone PLEASE recommend something. I LOVE Augusten Burroughs, Grisham, Irving, some Koontz and books like Time Travelers Wife, The Glass Castle and My Sisters Keeper!!! ANY suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated!!!!! 😉

    • I will definitely check the Arch It Brow Kit, Raven! Thanks for the heads up! MAC’s Espresso is my HG brow powder, too, so now I am curious…

      IMO, Paula Begoun is pretty credible and her books are a great resource. I wouldn’t take her 100%, but she does bring up a lot of good points!

      • Raven

        Yes. I agree about Paul B. I think you’ll enjoy The brow kit cuz it’t practical and you get PLENTY of product. I think I need a “pretty” splurdge and am headed back to Sephora or Ulta for some Urban Decay!! Box of Shadows 2 anyone????? Iove your blog Christine!!

  30. Zoila

    I just got LUSH products yesterday! Yay! :)

    Ocean Salt, Cupcake Mask, Tea Tree Toner, Fresh Farmacy Soap, and Karma Shampoo Bar (I think that’s what it’s called, I’m not sure, I got it for free!) :)

    One beauty product that I just got from my friend who bought and ended up never using it is Estee Lauder’s Skin Tone Perfecter. This is my favorite highlighter now. You can mix it with foundation, you can use it alone or over a moisturizer. There’s no shimmer/glitter, which is what I want in a highlighter. I want my highlighting products to have a sheen that’s buildable if that makes sense? And this is it. I highly recommend! :)

    • Yum, yum! Love Ocean Salt & the Cupcake mask for sure! I haven’t tried the Karma shampoo bar yet. Yay for free :)

      I am gonna go check out that Skin Tone Perfecter now!

  31. It’s still Friday, right?! LOL!

    My latest beauty haul have been simple Walgreens purchases, specifically Maybelline eyeshadows. Walgreens is having a Buy 1, Get 1 FREE sale on Maybelline eye products and since I like to incorporate reviews on my blog & YouTube channel, I felt now was the perfect opportunity to stock up on items to review.

    Things I’ve been loving this week–Japanese cheesecake (making it is just as fun as eating it!), watching What’s in my Purse videos on YouTube and making jewelry. So fun!

    • Hey, it’s only 8PM for me, LOL!

      How are Maybelline eyeshadows? Give me the quick summary! I am too impatient for video :)

      What recipe did you use for the Japanese cheesecake? I’ve never had!

  32. Nicole

    My last beauty haul includes the tree Make-up Art Cosmetics quads, brush cleanser, Cleanse off-oil and the 109 brush.
    My last non-beauty haul is Jordin Sparks new CD Battlefields and the Bride wars DVD.

    • How are you liking the 109 brush?

      I haven’t seen Bride Wars, is it any good?

      • Nicole

        I like the 109 after using it for 3 days. I applied my Studio Fix Powder with this brush and it gives me more coverage compaired to my 187. I’m not sure, if it is the perfect brush for blush, because it picks up too much color or I dipped it too often in the pan. Next week I will try it using less product and i hope to archieve a better non-clowny result.

        I haven’t seen Bride wars yet, because my amazon package arrived yesterday and I didn’t had the time to watch it.

      • Nicole

        Well, after using my 109 another week for applying blush, I have to say, I love this brush. Its so easy to conture my face and create some Dame and Dollymix-Apples on my cheeks.
        I really picked up too much color using it the first times.
        I wouldnt make it a holy gral, but it is my number 2 face brush behind the 187.

        I watched Bride Wars last Tuesday and I love the movie. Perfect for a girls night.

  33. cate m

    Hello kitty beauty powder pretty baby at the CCO!

  34. Letitia

    My last very miniature haul was in a Macy’s that had a Mac Counter and at Ulta. At Macy’s, I grabbed one of the “Cool Reserve” Nail Polish, and across the aisle at Lush, Tea Tree Toner. Lush has become my skin’s new favorite thing (especially the Coal Face Cleansing Bar)! I was going to take Cool Reserve back after buying it, but after giving it a day or 4, I decided I do really like it!

    Then, at Ulta, I grabbed the new Urban Decay eyeliner pack with the two new ones in Flipside & Mildew! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!! My new go-to eye look that’s not just drab is to have All That Glitters on the lid, Quarry in the Crease, and a UD colored liner layered on top of my HiP cream liner (to darken it just a bit) so from a distance it looks so professional, but it’s a bit snazzy up close! I already owned Zero and 1999 (which come in the pack), so I gave them to a friend. Needless to say, she was happy.

    Because I’m an English teacher, when I read in my downtime, it’s usually mindless stuff. Right now, for my book club, I’m ready “Cucumbers Have Thorns, & Snakes Love Strawberries”…jury’s still out on that one though.

    • What other products have you found that you like at Lush? :) I love me some Lush products!

      I’m so jealous — I want the new shades! I just don’t want to buy them in the packs though :(

  35. Sass

    Last two days I hauled this stuff out a two CCOs…

    -Two Fafi figures (I had one of them so why not have them all?)
    -MSF Blonde
    -MSF Redhead
    -Spiced Chocolate Quad
    -HK Pink Fish (backup)
    -Viva Glam V lipglass
    -Fafi Squeeze It Lipglass
    -224 brush
    Shadowy Lady Quad
    Tempting Quad
    Silverthorn e/s
    Haunting e/s (Alexander McQueen packaging)
    219 brush

    I’m totally going through Law & Order SVU withdrawl. Netflix won’t have season 10 in stock until 9/22/09. In the meantime, I’m withering away and dying. Can’t watch current season 11 until I’ve gotten season 10 done. Arggggghhh!

    I’m still reading Full Moon (you know that Twilight stuff)…I’m so ready to see it in the movies this coming November. Bring on the wolves!!!!

    Oh and ChaLean Extreme is such a good workout! I’m loving it. Being fit and in shape and making up myself to look pretty makes me feel so so good.

    OK I’m done talking now! :p

    • Sass

      Wow. I meant New Moon. That whole wolves thing they got going on has got me thinking about full moons and stuff. LMAO!!! Too funny.

    • Those are some great hauls, Sass! Can’t believe you found all those quads at your CCO. Very, very nice!

      I can’t believe SVU is in season 11, WOW.

  36. inuchan

    LAtest haul :

    Aqualumiere in Waikiki
    Rouge Allure in Nude
    Les 4 ombres quad in beiges velous and silky satins

    Estee Lauder:
    Rouge signature in vintage mauve

    KissKiss Extreme in plus que jamais rose

    LAst non makeup haul : 2 leather jacket, one black, and another burgundy-color, I love them !!!!

  37. Macaddict

    Fall season is always my downfall when it comes to new m/u collections for me. I can’t help it! Dark purples, reds, black, those are my fave colors! I went all out as usual and might forget some stuff:

    – Oil Slick l/s
    – Confession l/s

    NARS Lolita collection:
    – Fast Ride l/s
    – Tokaido Express nail polish
    – Mekong single e/s
    – Brumes dou e/s

    NARS perm:
    – Crazed powder blush
    – Turkish Red cream blush

    – Dark Room (Sephora’s)

    ZOYA Matte Velvet Fall collection:
    – Dovima
    – Loredana

    Giorgio Armani Manta Ray Fall collection:
    – Greige duo e/s in #1 & #2

    Lancome Indigo Fall collection:
    – nail polish in dark blue
    – Indigo Royaute e/s quad

    CHANEL Venice Fall collection:
    – Murano e/s quad
    – Eye Gloss quad

    CHANEL Les Folies Noires Winter collection:
    – Hysteria l/s
    – Les Folies Noires e/s quad (I know! I said in a previous blog that it was crap, but I wanted to test/swatch it again on my own and alas they didn’t have a tester and there were only 4 quads available… I’m a sucker; what can I say??!! I know I will regret it)

    I bought stuff from MAC (I always buy from each collection).. And the upcoming ones are gonna kill me financially….

    I also bought some of the newest Fall fragrances:
    – Orange by Hugo Boss
    – Lola by Marc Jacobs
    – Go Couture Yourself by Juicy Couture
    and, a not so new one: YSL Rive Gauche

    I hate Fall because it heralds the end of summer and the beginning of the cold winter (which seems to last forever). The only things that make Fall exciting and bearable for me are all the new beauty products! I’m like a little beauty squirrel and stash tons of goodies before the first snow! lol

  38. Heather

    I bought some skincare things. I very rarely do hauls but I needed this stuff.