Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Do you follow any celebrities for their makeup looks? What’s your favorite look that they’ve worn?

Temptalia's AnswerI like seeing what makeup Kim Kardashian would wear, as she tends to wear very full makeup – not just a bold lip or something – so it’s more interesting. I wouldn’t say I follow anyone, but I don’t really follow celebrities!

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47 thoughts on “Do you follow any celebrities for their makeup looks?

  1. Even I <3 to see Kim's makeup looks…and for outfits I keep checking Victoria Bechkam's pictures :)

  2. Madelyn

    KAT VON D!!! I love all her looks, and I am always seeing something new in what she does. She is not afraid to be herself and experiment which I love. :>

  3. I’m not big into the style of modern celebrities. I look towards 20s-60s decades for inspiration. I love Audry Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot’s style. Edie Sedgwick always wore interesting eyeliner. I tend to look at advertising more too. Celebs tend to be boring or go too far with their makeup. I like MUAs on Instagram.

  4. Clio

    When I was younger, I started experimenting with dark lipstick because of Kat Dennings. I often stare with my jaw dropped at Emma Watson, but I don’t even try to emulate her looks (that would just lead to poor self-esteem, lol). And how all those celebrity makeup artists create those flawless, dark smoky eyes is beyond me! I don’t follow anyone specifically for their makeup, but I definitely do when it comes to hair.

  5. Carrie

    No. Most celebs don’t really wear interesting make-up off camera since they wear so much while on, and looks for big events are almost done by pros and not the celebs. If I were inclined, I’d follow the MUA instead.

  6. xamyx

    I don’t follow her for her makeup, but I love the way Nancy Grace will wear the *exact* same hair & makeup, then suddenly, out of the blue, it’s completely different.

  7. I am from India n absolutely adore the look our reality show judges wear as most of the TV or movie stars are not experimental …

    from that lot I loveeeee madhuri from jhalak dikhla jaa … aahhhh she is diva n allll her looks are stunning ..
    plus I love shreya ghoshal looks from indian idol junior … her smokey eyes are damnnnnnn gorgeous ..
    last but not the least …
    shilpa shetty looks from nach baliye …
    my my … her bold lips n shimmering eyes are deadly n every time a stunner …

    thank u for putting this up dear …

    and I share the same live for kim k n her sisters n always try n find out their fav lip colors …

  8. Irene

    Not really. I like to see what make-up the MUA Lisa Eldridge does on celebrities though, as her looks are always very classy and sophisticated.

  9. Kellie

    I always enjoy seeing Iman and Aishwarya Rai in their makeup.

  10. No, I really don’t care about what celebrities wear (makeup or clothes) or do. If anything, I prefer to see what the “perfect” looking celebrities look without makeup.

  11. I love Michelle Williams natural beauty looks!

  12. Nope. Personally, if I never see Kim Kardashian again, that would be just fine but generally, I don’t even notice celebrity makeup looks except for those that are often put “in our faces” for makeup mistakes (too much powder, “flashback”, etc.) I find I’m far more interested in the makeup looks of a lot of youtube “ordinary people” or makeup artists – they’re far more interesting to me and usually, because of the details provided, easier for me to do for myself.

  13. Dominique

    Not at all !

  14. zainab

    I like the makeup looks sported in Bollywood films and in the Middle Eastern media. It runs the gamut from full on to very natural, but they tend to put more emphasis on eye makeup, like I do, so they’re better examples for me to copy. Plus it means I can ogle the outfits.

  15. Veronicaa

    Dita Von Teese has always been my makeup idol. :) I am also quite fond of Kristen Stewart’s makeup when she shows up at events. She usually brings a great smokey eye to the table.

  16. Malia

    Xtina and Kim K

  17. I LOVE seeing what Jennifer Lopez wears, whereever she goes. I’m a huge fan of her and I met her last year, and my biggest dream being to come overseas and be a celebrity make up artist, I also met her make up artist Mary Phillips who does ALL her make up, press, TV, commercials, album, whatever you may count. So, whatever look J Lo has, I’ll be eagerly observating it! lol

  18. Chris

    Kerry Washington all the way

  19. TrippyPixie

    I don’t care for celebrities at all, but I do like to look at Anne Hathaway’s makeup at award shows. Her coloring is the closest to mine, so it’s always interesting to see what colors she has on. It gives me new ideas!

  20. A lot of my favorites are 90s people: Shirley Manson, Gwen Stefani, Monica (the singer), Left Eye from TLC. I like Salma Hayek’s look but she doesn’t change her makeup much. I have to agree on Kim Kardashian. I don’t like her, but I admit her makeup is always interesting to look at.

  21. Gen

    I have literally been obsessed with Emma Roberts makeup at the Versace fashion show this year. I need that lip color!

  22. Cat G

    I love seeing Christina Aguilera’s makeup on The Voice, especially her eye looks!! I like that she does full makeup, though sometimes it goes overboard. Lately though, her glittery eye looks with a crease cut are amazing!!

  23. amy

    Not really. I tend to look at beauty blogs, youtube, advertisements and magazines to see what the latest trends are. I don’t really pay attention to celebrity makeup at all.

  24. Susan

    Demi Lovato, definitely. I love the way she’s comfortable going bare-faced but doesn’t have a problem with a full face o’ makeup. Selena Gomez’s smokey eyes are always to die for. Lily Collins, too!

  25. Anu

    Aishwarya rai and salma hayak

  26. I do! I have an obsession with knowing what the celebs are using. My favorite page in US Weekly is the “What’s in my Bag” page. Love when I find out cheaper/drugstore items that they use.

  27. I don’t really follow celebrities, but occasionally I do look at photos of Christina Hendricks and Lily Collins to see what makeup they have been wearing (they are my two favorites right now). But I also love Anna Karina’s style in the 1960s, so I definitely look at old photos of her.

  28. I’m more prone to be interested and inspired by the actual artists. Perhaps it’s the deluge of celebrity images plastered everywhere that ultimately turns me off.

  29. erin

    Dita Von Teese for sure.. She is perfection.

  30. RuPaul and other drag performers.

    I generally take it down a few notches, but they always give me amazing ideas.

    • Madelyn

      I have learned so much from watching RuPaul and all his girls on Drag Race. Even my mom who only wears eyeliner and mascara (and is almost 60) looks at them and asks me, “Can you do that?” I have her talked into me giving her a ‘Ru Paul’ makeover now…

  31. Deb

    I don’t really follow celebrities, either, but I do get inspired by their looks in magazines. Recently, I saw a lovely picture of Natalie Portman with neutral, soft eyes and a glowing red lip. It’s a classic look, but this ad really spoke to me – I’m normally not a red lip girl!

  32. I read the question and mentally answered “Kim Kardashian” and then read your response… haha.

  33. Madina

    Definitely Marina and the Diamonds for makeup (don’t even get me started on her music, let’s just say she is my favorite artist hands down). Her image is a strong part of each album project, and if you look at each tour’s pics, there’s a certain look for it. The Family Jewels tours/promos were dark/gothic makeup OR naturalish-kinda smokey, and Electra Heart tours/promos were girly as hell and dramatic with cute accents. I can’t wait for what she comes up with not just musically for a third album, but also for her image 😀

  34. Kristine

    I looove seeing Christina Aguilara’s makeup on the Voice and Demi Lovato on the X Factor. Christina’s is always glam and I love Demi’s brows!

  35. Caroline

    No – they all tend to look pretty much the same ie neutral eye make up and pale, boring lips. ZZZzzzzzz!!!!

  36. Alison

    I love my Asian models, like Liu Wen, Fei Fei Sun and Du Juan – I just feel like its so great that we’re finally being represented at an international level. I also love following specific makeup artists and style icons, but I suppose that isn’t answering the question!

  37. Christina

    Amanda Seyfried is definitely a source of makeup inspiration for me–she switches off so effortlessly between bold lips and bold eyes, and she looks amazing completely barefaced as well!

  38. Natalie Anderson

    I love the makeup looks that Beyonce, Kerry Washington and Rihanna wear. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me!

  39. I pin a few looks on pinterest now and then, but like most people have commented celebrities are pretty boring with their looks for the most part. I follow some makeup artist blogs & Instagram and see the looks they created on celebrities, but that’s more about the artist and their creativity than the celebrity.

  40. Alexis

    In the past I did look at the Kardashian sisters’ makeup. Anymore I mostly look at magazine’s, Pinterest, and makeup blogs. I like to experiment on my own mostly though.