Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Five Products That Changed My Beauty World

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator>> This review was recently posted, so it seems redundant to espouse its merits yet again, but I can’t help it. By far one of my favorite products I’ve purchased this year.

MAC Mineralize Blush>> These blushes are subtle, natural, and all of them make your skin look glowy. Some of my favorites are Dainty and Nuance, both are less intense than some of the deeper ones, like Merrily. These blushes work incredibly will with denser blush/powder brushes (I use the 129 and love it!), and I like how you can build the color intensity up to your desired level. I don’t have a super dark skin tone, but I’m not light by any means, and all of the blushes show up on me.

Clean & Clear’s In Shower Facial>> Need a budget exfoliator? Try this one. It is amazing, and your skin will feel so soft immediately after. It’s quick, easy, and affordable. What else do you need to hear?

Olay Quench Mousse>> My legs don’t scare away children anymore! Instead of scaly, dry legs, I can have smooth and supple ones. Quench hydrates amazingly well, and the moisturization lasts all day. I’m terrible and inconsistent about moisturizing my legs, so Quench’s lasting power is essential for me.

Kanebo Concealer>> My undereye bags can’t thank me enough. I love Kanebo’s Concealer, which comes in a clickable brush pen. They actually recently revamped the concealer brush, and I’m eager to try it to see how it compares with the original formulation.

What are five products that changed your beauty world?

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50 thoughts on “Five Products That Changed My Beauty World

  1. My five would be:
    1) SK-II Air-Touch Foundation
    2) Etude House Pore-Erasing Peach Base
    3) YSL Everlong Mascara
    4) Shu Uemura eyelash curler
    5) SK-II Cleansing Oil

  2. Nell

    1. MSFN in light: no more liquid foundation for me

    2. PaulaΒ΄s Choice Super Antioxidant Concentrate: insurance for skin imo

    3. Mineralize Blushes: loooooove!

    4. Dior eyeshadows: divine texture, loooots of colors

    5. Paintpots: as base on eyes, as concealer (Soft Ochre is th epefect shade for me) and on cheeks (I use Fresco Rose and Girl Friendly on cheeks!)

    • Hi Nell,

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves the mineralize blushes :) I think I asked you before, but what brush do you apply MSFN with? I’ve been using the 189, but I’m not lovin’ it.

  3. Sana

    1) MAC Studio Fix Foundation
    2) MAC 217 eyeshadow blending brush
    3) John Frieda Hairspray
    4) St Ives No Frizz Serum
    5) MAC Zoom Lash Mascara

  4. cloudburst

    1. Clinique T Zone Pore Minimizer
    2. Dior Diorskin Sculpt concealer
    3. Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler
    4. Shu Uemura eyeshadows
    5. MAC Mineralize Blushes – the sleeper hit of the summer!

  5. Ashley

    1. MAC Paints – no more creasing, can’t rave about these enough!
    2. MAC Mineralized Blushes – I’ll jump on that bandwagon
    3. Proactiv
    4. Mary Kay Microdermabrasion
    5. Homemade mixing medium

  6. Zsofi

    Hi Christine,i see You love exfoliators :-)
    Here is my all-time fave facial exfoliator:

    1. YSL Instant Pure,natural action exfoliator,granule-free.
    love this one!it makes all my acne disappear in 1 week. a makeup artist reciommended it to me once.
    2.Pigments,havent seen anything this gorgeous before
    3.Studio Fix powder plus foundation: my secret to flawless even skin :-)
    4.Redken all Soft line :-) it really makes a difference in the appearance of the hair.
    5. Sisley—>the most expensive brand i have ever tried,i think its made in France…is it available in the US?
    its made of only plants,it has makeup,too,but the care line fascinates me most.
    the shampoo,conditioner…..
    and the elixir for the scalp!!!!
    once i spent all of my birthday money (around $330)
    to buy Sisley… i got only 2 products,a shampoo and the scalp elixir,both very very good!!!!!
    i can prove it: they only make 1 shampoo,this will make ALL hair problems a thing of the past :-)
    no oily roots,no dry ends,no dandruff,nothing…in one product…

    if i can say 1 more: J.F. Lazartigue hair products,the moisturizing line is fantastic!!!!!
    i was in Paris,this shampoo in one of the best things that happened to me there :-)
    so You can imagine :-)

  7. dee

    MAC Mineralize Skinfinish…does more for my skin than any foundation

    MAC Prolash…It’s the perfect in between of natural looking mascara and dramatic.

    Olay Quench Lotion…Ashiness is no longer a problem, and it used to be a severe issue(hey how would you say the Mousse compares to the lotion?)

    MAC paint…It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes for me.

    Colored Eyeliner…My sephora green liner was my easy man’s makeup on lazy days for years. When I don’t feel like playing with eyeshadows, liners do all the work for me.

    • Hi Dee,

      I haven’t tried Pro lash, I don’t think. Or at least it’s been awhile…

      What are your favorite paints?

      • dee

        Sadly I only own one. Bamboom. And I only own one paintpot. But as I get into more colors I’ll have to expand my paint collection. My original collection was basically all browns and golds, but now that I’ve got blues, purples, and greens, I guess it’s time upgrade.

  8. Stacey

    1. Hyperreal NW100. It is the perfect foundation for me… lucky I have 5 bottles!! (When it runs out I will die!)
    2. Paint pots. Now if only they would release even MORE colours!
    3. Lipstick. It scared me a lot, but when I finally took the plunge last year, I realised what I’d been missing out on!
    4. Eye cream. I really don’t know what I did without it.
    5. 138 brush. It can do just about anything!

  9. Kat

    Stila eyeshadow in kitten – my first ever eyeshadow and still my go-to
    Shu eyelash curler
    Prescriptives sight unseen concealer – think ysl radiant touch but with more coverage for badass darkness
    Laura Mercier concealers
    Clinique spot treatment

  10. Carrie

    – Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara
    – Befine Skincare coconut/jojoba pore refining scrub
    – Larenim loose mineral foundation
    – MAC 223 eyeshadow brush (LE)
    – Jonathan Product Silky Dirt hair cream

    • Hi Carrie,

      I don’t remember the 223! When did that come out?

      • Carrie

        I think with the N collection? it’s still available on the MAC site, it’s not a terribly original brush, but I looove it for the kind of application I tend to do (kind of, blended washes of color).

  11. Liz

    1. Studio Fix Foundation
    2. Prep and Prime lash
    3. Fast Response eye cream
    4. Clinique’s skin care line for oily/combination skin
    5. Brilliance hair humectant by Aveda

  12. Elle

    1. The Dr. Hauschka line (anything made for oily/impure skin). Changed my skin in a matter of weeks after trying EVERYTHING to reign in my acne problems.

    2. MAC Mineralize blushes. I am in love with Nuance, Gentle, Gleeful, and Love Thing…and fighting the urge to buy all 9 of these things.

    3. Bare Escentuals mineral foundation. I love it so far…thinking about trying out some of the MAC MSF, but for now I like this.

    4. Philosophy airbrush color correctors (concealer). Covers up my undereye circles really well.

    5. TheBalm plumping lip glosses–they gently plump your lips without stinging, and the colors are gorgeous.

    • Hi Elle,

      Ohh, now you are tempting me with the Dr. Hauschka line!

      • Elle

        Hahaha! I know it doesn’t work for everyone–I’ve read some reviews on MUA that worried me when I first started using the line–but I’ve been using it religiously since, oh, November or so, and while it is pricey (mid-range I guess?), it’s worth it considering that I’ve tried just about every other product out there (even Proactiv and Retin-A and Benzaclin…I could go on!). I still break out every now and again but usually it’s just one or two here and there (as opposed to the gross clusters of PAINFUL pimples I used to get) and they go away pretty quickly. They sell little sample kits at Whole Foods for $20, and if you go on their website ( they have this whole philosophy on skin care that actually seems to make sense…and it works for me, so eh. πŸ˜‰

  13. Elle

    Oops, that should be “rein” I think. I’m braindead πŸ˜‰

  14. Alexa

    1. dior diorshow mascara – the most amazing mascara ever!

    2. bare escentuals bare minerals powder foundation – its really light and sheer, it looks natural

    3. mac eyeshadows – amazing colors and textures

    4. clinique dramaticly different lotion – my skin is super dry in the winter (i live in NY, so its not humid here at all) and it keeps it hydrated

    5. retain-a – it makes your skin pigment even, makes the pores appear small, prevents breakouts and makes cellturn over faster which means less winkles too

  15. Jenna

    1. Avene soap-free cleanser
    2. Averine Cover spot concealer
    3. generally, M.A.C!
    4. Lancome’s Color Ideal foundation (no one could actually tell I was wearing makeup – they only exclaimed how flawless my complexion looked!)
    5. Michelle Lazar sunscreen (I got that from my facialist)

  16. Esmeralda

    1) Nivea Creme – It’s so cheap! I thought this would break me out, but surprisingly it didn’t. :) Made my skin so soft, too.
    2) Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Nail Hardener – I was skeptical at first, because it’s so thin, but it’s kept my nails from breaking for two months. :3
    3) NYC’s Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder – I didn’t expect much… but this stuff is great.It feels so natural, it’s like I’m not even wearing make up. And controls shine pretty long. Packaging SUCKS, though.
    can’t think of anything else. xD

  17. 1) Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Complexion Soap
    (Changed my skin forever!!)

    2) Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer
    (The best concealer I’ve ever tried. Covers up blemishes but still leaves my skin looking natural)

    3) Starbucks Napkins
    (Let me explain πŸ˜‰ I have pretty oily skin and I am needing to blot during the day. Starbucks napkins do the trick just perfectly. I don’t know why they work so well, but they just do)

    4) NYX Felt Tip Eyeliner
    (I’m absolutely horrible when it comes to liquid liner, this totally changed my opinion on it. This is the best product for a sharp liquid line. And it’s just so easy to use!!!)

    5) MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow
    (If I’m going to be left to use one shadow for the rest of my life, let it be this one!)

  18. 1. UDPP!
    3. 217 brush!
    4. Clean & Clear Blotters
    5. MAC moisture concealer (not sure the name)

  19. Can

    1. UDPP
    2. MAC Fluidline – Blacktrack (L’Oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner also)
    3. Maybelline Full n Soft Mascara (Waterproof)
    4. CG Smoothers SPF 15 Tinted Moisture
    5. NYX Iced Mocha, MAC Naked Lunch, MAC Coquette e/s (for my brows)

  20. DJ

    1.Laura Mercier secret camouflage
    2.YSL Everlong Mascara–for daily wear it kicks ass.
    3.Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Stash
    4. MAC eyeshadow in Ochre Style–it just seems to go with everything and look great by itself. Damn LE.
    5. a tie between:
    alpha h moisturizer with glycolic– gentle enough for my sensitive skin that turns pink from pretty much everything.
    and La Roche Posay sunscreens, for the same reason.

  21. Minty746

    Hi Christine! I’m really glad you wrote this post, as I was meaning to ask about your favorite undereye concealer!

    1. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara
    Falsie-esque, super full fringe of long, curly, defined lashes.
    2. L’Occitane Pure Shea Butter
    My multi-purpose deep conditioner. Works great as nighly treatments for lips, undereyes, lashes, and brows. (I swear it makes my brow hairs grow faster and my lashes healthier.)
    3. L’Occitane Rose Pearlescent Body Cream
    Smells clean and pretty, amazing moisturizing powers, luxurious texture.
    4. MAC Well Dressed Powder Blush
    I think I’m obsessed.
    5. Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk
    No frizz in the face of foggy humidity, super smooth, shiny hair, with no diminished volume. I think it works great on both dry and damp hair.

  22. Nana

    1. Chanel Luminous Matte Compact Powder
    2. Shu Uemura Phyto-Black Radiance Boosting Lotion
    3. Shu Uemura Reinforcing Eye Cream
    4. MAC Fluidline
    5. Brush #217