Monday, September 30th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What was the first beauty product you bought and truly loved? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerBenefit Show-Offs & MAC Eyeshadows! (I am pretty sure I bought these all on the same day.)

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70 thoughts on “What was the first beauty product you bought and truly loved?

  1. Irene

    My first red lipstick, Chanel Hydrabase in New York Red (sadly discontinued now). It made me realize that dark lipstick colors suit my fair skintone better than nudes and pinks, which just make me disappear. Life changing!

  2. stacey

    So longgggg ago, my memory is fading me. Chanel eyeshadow duo in purple and pink. Back then there wasnt an assortment of colors, finishes, variations, duo chrome etc. Today, it wouldnt look so glamorous, but I loved purple when I was in my teens. To this day, this is still my favorite item. I have many other items in my collection that I love…but this one is dear dear to my heart.

  3. Ahenk

    Maybelline watershine lipstick in ginger ice tea colour.
    I guess they are not selling them anymore but it had a nice peachy natural color :)

  4. Jen

    Sephora 55 brush. My foundation always looked a 3 year old put it on for me, no matter what I tried. My love of all things makeup bloomed once I saw how flawless my skin looked with that brush. My other was Mac Fix Plus. Never again did I look like cake face no matter how much of any kind of powderI used.

  5. Jip

    Benefit’s Silky Finish Lipstick in Breathless…

    …which has been discontinued a few months ago :(

  6. Deanna

    Australis Wild Wine lipstick! Haha, my friend and I wore it all the time. So 90’s.

  7. Haylee

    The old sephora loose mineral powder foundation! It was so amazing!! They don’t sell it anymore :(. They switched it to pressed powder and it’s not nearly as good.

  8. ProperIntro

    Hourglass’s Mineral Veil Primer – love that stuff and my Urban Decay eyeshadows and primer!

  9. Ana

    MAC Carbon, my first black eyeshadow and MAC item 😀

  10. Loreal’s HIP duo eyeshadow in the shade Saucy. Staying power wasn’t that great, but upon application is was beautiful! This was before I ever discovered eyeshadow primer ^_^

    • Karla

      Have you ever tried the dúo in sassy?? It had the most beautiful taupe color i ve ever seen, but i think its now descontinued :(

      • xamyx

        I was never able to pick up Sassy (*always* out of stock), but when I read it was a dupe of MAC Satin Taupe, I figured out why. It may be something to consider if you need to replace that shade.

  11. Oh my gosh…I really started getting into makeup around 2008, 2009…and I remember getting a limited edition Lancôme Juicy Tube in Rose Fishnets for Christmas one year. Everything from the color (a bit like MAC’s Nymphette) to the packaging to the scent is perfect. I also got my first UDPP, and I was so amused by the genie tube! I don’t have that UDPP anymore (gifted it to a friend) but I still have the box somewhere, and the memories of my eyeshadow looking halfway decent for the first time ha ha.

  12. Not exactly bought … my sister in law’s would be hubby gifted me 7 loreal lipstick .. all bought from USA … n they were not avlb in india at that time so it was proud moment for me … actually I asked him to getme 8 but 1 was spoiled … he gave me that as well little later after some threatening n pestering

    that is when I actually fell in love with makeup … :)

    11 yrs back … I was 24 then …. it was still not as passionate as I am today …

    but yeah I am pretty sure it is this is when it started :)
    till today I blame him but all for good reason :)

  13. Mac eyeshadows, Mac paints, and Paula Dorf transformer!!!! all bought on same day also

  14. Make up for ever face and body foundation, I’ve been using it for 10 years and even though I alternate sometimes I’ve never been a day without it.

  15. Emily

    MAC lipsticks Hue and Creme d’Nude!

  16. Zainab

    MAC Woodwinked. I only got it by chance too. I wanted Amber Lights, but they were sold out, so I disappointedly bought Woodwinked instead, as the SA thought it was similar. But as soon as I used it I was amazed by how pigmented and smooth it was, I’m still wowed every time I use it. My favorite beauty buy ever.

  17. Alice

    Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick and Shiseido wet/dry compact foundation, both when I was in high school.

  18. keG

    MAC’s lipglass- *oh baby*

    • CKC

      Me too! No one ever talks about Oh Baby…but that was the only thing I wanted to wear on my lips back in the day.

  19. that would be revlon ‘street wear’ nail polishes when i started working after college (instead of the no-brand, bootleg cheap bottles bought in the traditional market).

  20. Urban Decay Primer Potion.
    My whole life I thought there was something wrong with me…my application, the eyeshadows I picked, my skin, SOMETHING was making eyeshadow not apply well, stay where I put it, or show up there color it looked in the pan. And OH! The creasing!
    I had never tried a primer. UDPP was the first one I tried and it’s the only one I’ve ever used because it worked the first time and every time after. My eyeshadow applies well, has good color, and STAYS! I can finally wear eyeshadow!

  21. Karla

    It was a dior foundation and a cheek and lip balm, i was 17 when my mom bought it for me and i would feel like a princess every time i put it on :)

  22. Truly loved? Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Illusoire. That was my first Chanel purchase and I was smitten by it and I still am. I love it!

  23. Jackie

    I was pretty young, but I had a Yardley of London single shadow in a brown shade I loved, and a bubblegum flavored light pink lipstick that was Yardley. And I loved CornSilk powder & foundation. And a Mary Quant blusher. And of course the original Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, the big ones.

  24. Jane

    Josie Maran Watercolorcolor Coconut Gelee blush in Poppy Paradise
    Origins Quick Hide concealer in light/medium
    Elizabeth Arden lip gloss in Perfectly Pink
    Avon Always on Point eyeliner in navy, black, brown, violet

    All the above are my HG’s in their respective categories.

  25. It would definitely make been MAC eye shadows!

  26. A Name

    Clinique chubby sticks – the originals and intense ones, depending on how naturally pigmented your lips are make great first lipsticks, in my opinion.

  27. Michelle

    My first thing from MAC was their Lipglass in Underage! I’ve been in love with the brand ever since!

  28. Brenna

    About eight years ago when Sephora still sold Bourjois, I bought a mascara/lash primer dual-ended mascara. It made my lashes so big that they would rub against my brow bone. I think it was also the first high-end product that I ever repurchased.

  29. Christine

    Wet ‘n Wild violet quad pallet from Thrifty’s Drugstore. Early 80’s when I was in third grade. :)

  30. Nikki P

    Two Faced Snow Bunny Bronzing powder. I got it in high school and fell in lovveeeee. It was the first piece of makeup my mom actually let me have and it was gorgeous, so much so that she used it too lol

  31. Kristen

    Lorac Pro Palette. I bought it during the summer and LOVE it.

  32. xamyx

    It’s hard to say, but I’ve been buying/using L’Oreal Lineur Intense & Voluminous mascara for 25 years, and although I’ve tried others, these are the 2 I keep going back to. I don’t know if I’m “in love” with these, but they are staple products, so I’ve never thought of them in that regard.

    Max Factor also released a High Definition foundation in the early-90s (looong before everyone else!), and it was amazing. It didn’t transfer, stayed in place, and had the most natural finish ever, all while providing the perfect surface. The only problem was I couldn’t get an *exact* match, but that was something to be expected back then.

    • Jo

      Vermont Country Store will get products in if they still exist. I asked for Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara and they got it in! It is the real deal. I also tried their Pan Stick which they were already carrying and I love it. Maybe they can get some of your favs in.

  33. GloriaKate

    Sugarpill Burning Heart palette!!

  34. MAC lipstick in Up The Amp! It was very first non-drugstore lipstick and I loved it and I still do!

  35. Eileen

    Oh, my goodness! Yardley Slickers. I haven’t thought about those in years. I started wearing makeup in the late fifties, but the first product I really loved was the glossy, sheer lipstick called Slicker by Yardley of London. The model was Jean Shrimpton who epitomized the Mod London Look of the early sixties.

  36. Basema

    My first lipstick <3 I was obsessed with lipsticks as young as i can remember

  37. Lauren

    Clinique Black Honey, I think I read about it in Cosmo when I was about 16. Haven’t been without a tube ever since, and that’s a few decades ago…

  38. patsyann

    A bright orange lipstick from Dior…bought when I was a young teenager…multiple decades ago, so don’t know the proper name or number of the shade. I have been on a life long search for a replacement for this lipstick. In my more rational moments, I think I realize that the search is really a search for lost youth. I would probably look gastly in this shade today!

  39. MAC eye shadows – Mylar, Crystal and Butterscotch. I LOVED Crystal when I got it…hadn’t worn any other colors but neutrals until then. Also a red lipstick from Revlon, but I can’t remember the name,

  40. CFD

    MAC eye shadow in Vapour and lipstick in Dubonnet, purchased my junior year of high school with summer-job money. I still like both of those colors, 20+ years later.

  41. Olivia

    Naked 1 palette… I’m still obsessed with it. I had originally bought a smashbox palette, but the colors were either too bright or light and chalky on my skin. So I returned it and bought the Naked palette. It jumpstarted my love for makeup and I’ve been a collector of UD ever since.

  42. J

    Mac Underage lipglass and studio fix powder when I first started college a few years ago. Life changing!

  43. Probably MAC shadows in Satin Taupe and Smoke&Diamonds, and of course Urban Decay Primer Potion – and discovering that it made my eye shadows invincible!

  44. MAC Lipglass in Nymphette

  45. While not products from my very early years of makeup, these are products I will always recollect from my past with awe and love:

    MAC Patina eyeshadow

    Stila Tinted Moisturizer (the original, now d/c ( ⌣́,⌣̀) )

    Benefit Highbeam

  46. GUSnail

    Hmmm. This was ages ago! It was either Revlon Rum Raisin lipstick or a Clinique eyeshadow duo with a light shimmery green and a matte purple.

  47. doroffee

    The Glam Juice range of L’oreal Lip Glosses. Still favorites of mine, amazing glosses! Not too shimmery, opaque, nice!

  48. Karen

    Lancome Definicils mascara. It was the first mascara to make such a dramatic difference in my lashes that people kept asking if I was wearing falsies.

  49. Jen

    MAC lipglass in “Sugar Baby” from the FAFI collection. I even bought this on ebay for a more expensive price because I really wanted it.

  50. UD 24/7 in zero

    I was in the hunt for the perfect black eyeliner that wouldn’t fade from my waterline, and 7 years later, I found it!

  51. Jan

    The memory is a little fuzzy and so I may have the order mixed-up in my mind, but I believe it was one of the Dior eyeshadow sets. I carried it around forever even though I was actually a tiny bit allergic to the scent. I just loved, loved, loved that quint. And it represented my first “grown-up” make-up purchase. Little did I know that it was all grown-up make-up and that the correct terminology should have been “high-end.”

  52. Joanna

    Clinique Lipstick in Pearl Nude..

  53. Callie

    MAC lipgloss them!

  54. A bottle of Lauren perfume by Ralph Lauren At around when I was 19 I saved up for a bottle. I felt so pretty and grown up wearing it. My first makeup love was Maybelline black eyeliner pencils. I would burn the tip and line my eyes with it in high school . Sounds dangerous now,lol.

  55. hahaa mine is a little lame but i looooooooooooved those cream eyeshadows that i think were from maybelline and they were cooling on the eyelids.. i had a bronze and silver and whenver i wore them i thought i was sooooooo cool. =P i can’t remember what my first thing was from anywhere like sephora or mac, i usually love anything i buy.

  56. Maggie

    Urban Decay Roach Eyeshadow. NARS Amour Blush. NARS Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

    I was so in awe of the performance of these that I stopped buying drugstore makeup for years and even converted several friends to shop higher-end. I’m a much smarter shopper now and know I can find great products at all price ranges.

  57. Jane lipstick in Really Raisin

  58. Nicole

    The product I truely loved would be MAC eye shadows in Vanilla and White Frost. One product Or better said brush I still love is the MAC 219. Definately one of the best product in my stash for a really long time.

  59. Anne-Sophie Savard

    A Dior eyeshadow duo. It was yellow and pink. I was 15! And the first beauty item that I loved (that wasn’t mine) was one of my mother’s MAC lipstick… I couldn’t stop smelling it every time she would do her makeup.

  60. Emmm

    Oddly it was Maybelline Great Last Mascara. Even though today I doesn’t do anything for me.

  61. natalya

    the original naked palette, my first high end purchase, I couldn’t believe the difference between drugstore shadows and these!

  62. Ann

    I liked many products but the first them I fell in absolute love with was a lipgloss from Maybelline called Shinylicious in “Crushed Candy”. It is a clear lipgloss with little glitter bits in it and it smelled amazing. It reminds me of my teen years. My second thing I fell in love with was Freckletone by MAC. My first nude, went through the tube in 9 months!

  63. Alexis

    The very first eyeshadow that I truly loved was gifted to me, by my then sister-in-law, was Urban Decay Kiddie Pool. I had never used an entire eyeshadow before. That was the beginning of my love affair with Urban Decay.

  64. “helena rubinstein” a coraly pink colored lipstick and an “avon” blue kohl pencil paired with a blue mascara….